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August 13

First Day Dress Mess Dilemma

thing I love most about summer is that I don’t have a huge schedule to follow.
I don’t have to be anywhere at any special time. I don’t even have to go anywhere if I
don’t want to. I can watch what I want on TV and read any book I want without
having to write a report about it. Summer rocks!

summer is also almost over, and that means I have to start thinking about what
I need for school this year. The first thing I have to get is the perfect
back-to-school outfit. That takes a lot more thought than just deciding whether
I want to use the red binder for English or the green one for math. After all,
the outfit you wear the first day of school can define the way people think of
you for the rest of the year.

year, I made the mistake of wearing my camp T-shirt to school the first day. I
thought people would be impressed that I’d gone to sleepaway camp, but I was
wrong. All anybody thought was how dorky and uncool my shirt was. On the other
hand, my former BFF, Addie Wilson, was wearing a totally styling top, which
guaranteed her a spot as one of the Pops.

don’t get me wrong—I don’t want to be a Pop. I like my group of friends a whole
lot better. For one thing, they don’t judge me based on how I dress. And for
another, they’re never snobby or mean. But just because I don’t want to be a
Pop doesn’t mean I don’t want to look cool or stylish. I definitely want to
make a statement with my first day outfit. But what statement should I make?

I guess I could go for a
sophisticated look and wear my black skinny jeans, a black oversized tee and my
silver and black cowboy boots. Or maybe I could go a little hippy-like and wear
my faded jeans with my new peasant blouse that has embroidery around the neck.
Then again, maybe I could convince my mom to get me one of those new pink,
white, and black zebra print 80s retro shirts and wear it with my black

What do you guys think? Which
outfit do you think I should go for? And have you planned out your back to
school look yet? Drop me a note and let me know.