May 25

Are You Friends With Your Folks?

So last week, my friends and I all decided we were going to
make pages for ourselves on a website where you can tell your friends what
you’re doing and post funny photos of you and your friends. I hadn’t actually
even thought about having a page on the site until I heard the Pops talking
about it on the way to their clubhouse (which, in case you don’t know, is the
girls room near the cafeteria, where they all hang out after they eat lunch).
I bet it doesn’t shock you that Addie
and Dana were the first kids in the whole sixth grade to be on the site.
They’re the first ones in our grade to do everything.

raced home so psyched to make my page. But then my mom told me she would only
let me create a profile if I named her as one of my friends!

so that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. I mean, I like my mom and all, but I
wouldn’t count her as one of my friends. On the one hand, I really want to have
my own page on the site. But on the other hand, it would be really embarrassing
to have my mom on my list of friends. Especially because everyone will know
that my mom is watching my page.

I’m not really sure what to do. Should I stay off the site, or should I let my
mom be one of my friends? What would you do?

Thanks for the help.


36 thoughts on “Are You Friends With Your Folks?

  1. Kirsten

    Ugh… I feel bad for you… How about you ask your mom if she could go under a fake name and tell her how you feel…. If she says no, just go for it! Don’t let your mom ruin the fun. Maybe make a deal like ok if you don’t chat with me or something… Hope it all works out!

  2. 6lovepotion_37

    I think you should join the site with your mom on there. Recently at our school they had this guest speaker who was explaining internet safety and all that…and instead of the “heard a million times” remarks, she said some pretty powerful stuff. One thing she suggested was to let your parents know your password. She said that if that made you feel uncomfortable then you should think hard if the things you are posting on there (for the world to see) is appropriate.

  3. Katie

    You should do what you want. No matter what, you’d rather have your mom as your friend instead of your enemy.

  4. Kassidy

    You should do what you want.Maybe your mom would go as a different name. Anyway, who said your mom couldn’t be your friend? People don’t have a right to make fun of you for something like that. So, just do what you think.
    Hope this helps!!!

  5. Raine

    I’m the first one to comment! My advice is to just put down a fake name instead of “mom”. That way nobody will really know that your mom is a friend. Just put her first or middle name.

  6. Mara

    Hey, Jenny!
    Sorry to hear that, but you should go for that page! Well, sure, It might be embarrassing, but if you want it, go for it! Your friends will understand, most kids have rules like that online, like me and my older sister. Your true friends will understand.
    –Mara *
    First To Comment!! WOOT!

  7. Mary

    Let your mum be a friend! Heaps of people add relatives like siblings and parents to blog pages. And if the Pops make fun of you, tell them you’d rather have your mother as a blog friend than THEM!

  8. Katie

    Just add her. If this page thing is anything like facebook or anything its normal. im friends with my mom and her friends. im friends withh everyone i now including my family. who cares what the pops say? your being more human than they are.

  9. zipporah

    This website is awesome I didn’t know about it untill I read the book

  10. Kail

    I love your website it is so much fun and i mostly love your blog.Three words for you a maz ing lol

  11. KewlGal

    Just friend her and then delete her later!!

  12. Allison

    iiightt. soo u shoulldd makeee twwoo differeent paagees. onee withh urrr fammm annothher oneee wiithh urr friendss.[= ohh yeeeahh laterrr

  13. Christina

    Maybe Jenny should ask her friends if it is O.K and if one of them says yes then tell Jenny’s mother about your friends.

  14. Tina

    I think that Jenny should tell her friends and if it is O.K with them then she should tell her mother that it is O.K.

  15. Grace

    Hey Jenny, what I would do is let my mom be my friend but ask her not to write anything dum on your site like…”Great job on your post sweetie love you!!!” and if she did I would nicley but firmly remind her not to do that. But if she continued I would block her from visiting my page. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  16. chrissa

    i love your book series
    you should make a tv show or movie!!

  17. Sarah

    you should just let ur mom be ur friend and love it. some moms arnt as close to their childs….. be thakfull

  18. Yue

    Hi! I’m a chinese girl. I thought about your problem. I think maybe you could try to tell you mom that you want your own pages and maybe your mom has to give you more private space since you are in middle school. But if it doesn’t work , I still want you to be on the site. And I have a problem too. Could you be my friends?

  19. Jojo

    I think you should let your mom be your friend! It would be cool. All my friends love my mom so why not have her as a friend? Go for it

  20. amazingsinger101

    OK. Here is what you should do. Talk to your Mom and discuss why she wants to add you as a friend. She probably wants to be on it so that she sees that you are being responsible. Explain to her that you are responsible enough to have a page and not have her looking over your shoulder. Also mention that every so often you will show her your page to prove that you are being responsible. That’s what i would do!

  21. lolo19

    say ok but make her use a teen user name.

  22. Abby

    I was in a similar situation once. My mom said that i can only get unlimited texts if she is allowed to monitor them all. I agreed, and she;s onyl actually checked my texts like twice. But I guess all moms are different. I’d say go for it! Hope I helped!
    PS Why are there never any new quizzes or survival guide tips anymore? It’s like you just disappeared.

  23. Kelsha

    Well she’s your mom so you should let her be one of your friends!And anyways who said moms aren’t cool?Who cares what the “POPS” crew thinks,it’s just your probably awsome mom.I think to be fair you shold let your mom be one of your friends so she can keep your back.
    PS If your mom’s cool enough,like mine she should be on a VIP friend’s list(if you have one.)

  24. londonlove

    i wish my mom would do that all she says is “no means no” everytime i ask. But of course i would ask my mom to be my friend she knows what is right 4 me. She might be emabarassing sometimes but what if there is somethin unsafe on there she would know exactly what to do.i know i sound all geeky and stuff but i think its the right thing to do.

  25. A

    I think you should just go for it its not the end of the world

  26. Erica

    let your heart decide and choose which is best or add her as a friend and give her the user name

  27. Hudda

    ask your mom if u can change her name you need to get working on the website

  28. sarah

    if i were you i would put my mom on there because your real friends would understand and not judge you for your mom. everyone has a mom who can be emmberassing at some point.

  29. Runa

    I think you should tell your mom how you feel if she still doesn’t agree then dont make one. I really feel sad for you if she says no.

  30. Kate

    My sister is 15 almost 16 and my mom is her friend and same with her other friends it’s no big deal it’s just so she makes sure you aren’t getting in to trouble my siter’s friend didn’t friend her mom and so she started talking with this guy and she went to see him in kentucky even though she lived in texas some bad things happened but if her mom knew it probably wouldn’t have

  31. Sydney

    Wow! I sure wouldn’t want to have my mom on the friend list that would be the schools main topic for months! I would have to change schools to get red of it!

  32. nellieforeva

    i think you should let your mom be friends online
    so if anyone teases you you can say,
    “i didn’t want my mom to get mad at me and whats it to you really?’
    they have no buisness making fun of since its not like they’re gonna do it.
    and being on the site is better than nothing right

  33. Harmanpreet

    well i personally suggest u should put a fake name instead of “mom”. that’s wat i would do!

  34. Kaitlynn

    i would just let her be my friend. cause if she wont let u make it without her being your friend that would be even worse, so dont let it get in the way of u having fun. good luck!

  35. Brianna

    Omg that is horrible but if you want a page you might as well add her and let people bother you it is your page and you can do whatever.

  36. crystal

    you should tell your mom that you want to do it alone and tell her your sorry

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