April 15

Dress Distress

Okay, here’s a question for you. Does your school have a
dress code? Mine doesn’t. At least it doesn’t for now. But some parents are on
a committee to start a dress code at our school. I don’t know exactly what they
want the dress code to be, but there are a lot of rumors going around. Someone
said they don’t want us to be allowed to wear jeans or t-shirts anymore. That
would kill Chloe. All she has are her wacky t-shirts with all their funny
sayings on them. And then I heard another rumor that if these parents get their
way, the guys will all have to wear ties everyday. Somehow I can’t see Marc and
Josh wearing ties to school.

if my friends and I would be upset about a dress code, can you imagine what the
Pops would think? They don’t let anyone—not even their parents—tell them what
to wear. They think it’s their job to tell the rest of us what’s cool enough to
wear to school.

If this dress code goes through, there are going to be a lot
of angry kids at Joyce Kilmer Middle School, that’s for sure.

the dress code like at your school? And how do you cope with it? Is it possible
to follow the rules and still be unique?

wait to hear from you!



263 thoughts on “Dress Distress

  1. kristy

    For starters I THINK THAT IS SO STUPID NO JEANS AND TEES BOYS IN TIES WOW.well my school isn’t that stupid {i hope.} The only rules are no open toed or no back shoes.Also no clothe that show to much of your arms like tank tops spagetti straps etc.Also no shorts,skirts or dresses that are over fingertip length when you stand or nothing shows when you bend over good luck with the dress code jenny.

  2. Casey

    Our school has a dress code. I don’t like the no tank top rule. So I wear my tank top, but I put a cardigan on top.
    Hope this helps!

  3. Madina

    We have a dress code and it isn’t that bad! We only have a feww rules. 1. if your wearing a sleeveless shirt the straps have to be atlest three fingers wide 2. if you are going to wear a skirt, shorts, or a skort(a skirt with shorts underneth) the have to be as long as your middle finger when ur arms are at your sides and you are standindg straight up and 3. your shirt/ tee cannot be see through. And thats pretty much it! I kno you guys can live throught this!!!!

  4. Hina

    My school has a dress code. It is a blue shirt that says KEARNY SCHOOLS and tan pants. Itz soo dumb.

  5. Charlotte

    I know!!!! I cant imagine having Dress Codes! Good Luck

  6. Alyssa

    All the dress code we have at my skool is no strapless shirts mini skirts or spaghette strapes yay 1 of the first to post

  7. Alyssa

    although most ppl dont listen to no mini skirts

  8. christina

    yes my school has a dresscode but i found ways to my outfit look tottaly differnt by wearing differnt belts undershirts and hello jewlery and differnt hairstyles

  9. hannah

    as far as i know we don’t have one. and you can deffinetly be uniques even if you end up having a uniform. there is the hair and the shoes, deffinetly.

  10. kim

    my school dosen’t have a dress code YET ,but i think the leader of the pops at my school would kiss up to th principle(her mom!)jus not to get or make every one but her friends wear uniforms. I just think that is’nt fair i mean she gets what ever she wants when ever she wants.
    (p.s. I Think addie is still your freind)
    your freind,
    kim (54cream)

  11. mylifeasamovie12

    I can wear whatever i want and pops will be embarrased about there clothes for a change.

  12. comeey

    first, you need to think about if the parents are voting on accessories. no one said you couldn’t add your own flair. wear some cool jewelry and hair things and that way you can show off your individual style

  13. MLovgirl

    At our school, we have only have one dress code rule. No cleats. But I know you wouldn’t wear cleats anyway— You can still be fashionable with a dress code! If you wear a certain shirt, let’s say a black one, can it have a few glitter stickers on it? A cute dog face sewn in? As for the Pops, forget about ‘em. They S-O SOOO deserve it!! No trendsetting for anyone, anymore!

  14. Victoria & Erica

    Just because you have a dress code doesnt mean you are in uniform, and even if you are in uniform you can add acessories, hair things, and your own spin on it.

  15. Maria

    No, my school doesn’t have a dress code…but there are a few rules regarding skimpy clothing. lol. i’m far from being a “pop” so I don’t know how upset they would be…honestly I wouldn’t mind having a uniform! It would help kids get to know each other w/o fashion getting in the way hahaha(:

  16. Zayba

    At my school, we have uniforms. It’s hard,but it’s manageable. Occasionally, we get a free dress day where we can where anything we want, just not tank tops, and no mini skirts or very short shorts are allowed. A way you can look unique, though, is to wear funky hair accesories or jeweley. That is something you can do at my school. And if you think about it dress codes/uniforms aren’t all too bad. Do you ever see the Pops wearing a cool outfit and stop to stare at them during class? Or feel as though your clothes are too nerdy? Or feel bad if they insult your outfit? That is what a dress code/uniform tries to prevent. Hope this changes your view of things!–Zayba :)

  17. gem

    well lots of dress codes aren’t that bad at my school we don’t have a uniform but a few rules like girls shorts and shirts have to be a certain length and no spaghetti straps, and guys can’t wear there pants low.

  18. Angela

    My school luckily doesn’t have a dress code too. Having a dress code or not is a big debate in this country. You will probably be getting alot of responses.
    Your #1 fan of all times

  19. Angela

    My school luckily does not have a dress code. You will probably get alot of responses because this topic is a popular debate issue.
    Your #1 fan

  20. Maggie

    Hey you don’t know the half it. I went to a Charter school 3rd through 5th grade and we had a dress code. We had to wear a collared shirt of any color but it had to be solid, AND we had to wear khaki or navy blue pants,skirt or shorts. It actually wasn’t that bad. You get used to it.

  21. Snowy

    usually they make you all wear the same thing.
    Girls: usually skirts and a school shirt/ business-like outfit
    Boys: mostly school shirts and black pants or tie, collar shirt, and business-like pants

  22. Rubes

    HEY AGAIN!!!
    i think u shood stand up for yourself and do what u think is right

  23. Melissa

    OMG! That is kinda bad… I mean a dress code?!?! I’m not a pop (Nope, I’m rlly not) but I do care about clothes a little. I like 2 go 2 school in whateva im comfortable in. I wear jeans, t-shirts and sweaters all the time! I would not like it if we had a dress code! Well we do have one… But only 4 PE class. Then ur all suposed 2 wear the same polo t-shirt with any pants or leggings u like. I guess u and ur friends should get some signatures from ppl who agree with u guys. Then maybe u can stop them from doing that. Anywayys, Im the first 1 2 respond! Bye!

  24. seemo2

    We can’t wear tanktops or mini skirts or short shorts. You could wear a tanktop with a sweater. Or a skirt over leggings. as for shorts Just get longer ones!

  25. irfa

    hey! this world is a freedom! why do they have to do a dress code? fashion does not need code isn’t it? well good luck!

  26. felicia

    i go 2 a private girls school and we have 2 wear a black pleated skirt and white shirt every day so i feel really bad 4 you.

  27. Juliana

    My school has a uniform dress code. I help jazz it up with unique accessories and my upbeat attitude. Woo! First to comment!

  28. lana and lucy

    there is no dress code at my school, but jenny your class president you can talk to the principal about it. Also you can ask your parents to join the commity and have themstop the dress code. the way you get them to join the commity is to tell them that they would have waisted money on t-shirts and jeans. If they do get on the commity tell them to say how they waisted money on their child’s t-shirts and jeans. Wow we can’t believe that we were the first ones to answer this!

  29. DJ

    my skool has uniforms.we cnt even wear sneakers i hate it!!!!

  30. Fiona

    i think it is… if the parents get their way, you should still follow the dress code. BUT just add something to it…. something thats… u-nique!!!!

  31. Laurel

    My school do have a dress code andi dont like it. But we signed a petition and one of out teachers even signed it.

  32. Aubrey

    you shold tell your princable princable gold that if you dress like everyoneelse you will not have a personaloty and that not everone has anofe money to get the unafoirms hope it works

  33. Lindsay

    Those are all rumors. Dress codes are not like that, it’s mostly you can’t wear revealing clothing and hats and stuff like that.

  34. Jazzy M

    My school’s dress code is good and kid friendly and almost everyone loves it. In the girls book of Glamor it shows you how to customize school uniforms and things like that.

  35. Valerie

    at my school they make us wear white, blue,ar black shirts but they have to have the school logo. kaki, grey, and navy blue shorts or pants no jeans.if you dont have your uniform they call your parents to pick you up and bring cloths. the id counts too! you get a 15-30 detention if you dont wear uniform.

  36. Maggie

    At our school, we had to wear uniform of our school color and some pants. We also have to wear a belt to school everyday.However, we can wear T-shirts of our school on days that we have ball games. Sometimes, they will let us wear jeans for a dollar to school. Which is totally uncool.

  37. kelsey

    At my school I have to wear uniform it is so unfare!

  38. ayana

    first comment!our school ,every school I’ve been to we always have to wear uniforms. you don’t really cope with it. you can be unique and still follow the rules,Jenny.

  39. Haley

    Well, at my school we are not allowed to wear flip flops or spaghetti strap shirts. SO, it’s not THAT bad. And we can not wear things inappropriate.

  40. Mara

    Yes, my school has a loose dress code. Skirts and shorts have to be longer than our fingertips and tank tops have to be at least two fingers wide. We can’t wear bandannas or hats in school, unless it is spirit week.
    -Mara :-D

  41. emily

    My private school has a dress code every Monday (or Tuesday) we need to wear (for girls) a white blouse a tie and a plaid dress! :( i hate wearing dresses :( !!!!

  42. sammie

    OMG!That’s terrible!We are lucky,we don’t have a dress code,but my friend does.She makes herself look different by putting on jewelry,makeup and anything else she can find!

  43. Magie

    Cool, i think I’m the first 2 comment! Anyway, Yes I sadly do hacve a dress code and it’s annoying. On Mondays I have 2 wear a green tunic with the school logo in the middle and after that u get a choice of wearing a tunic or grey pants with a white shirt and a belt with the school logo on the shirt. It may sound horrible but it’s actually not that bad! U get used to it and it can be a good thing because than the pops can’t criticize u on what u wear because they’ll be wearing the same thing! 2 show off ur uniqueness, use stylin accesories like earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pins!

  44. Violet

    i think ur dress code shud b simpl mine is just notn 2 reveling!!!

  45. julie

    My school doesn’t let us wear anything too short or has inappropiate words on it and no hats or sunglasses Besides, at least now you won’t have to worry what the say about your clothes, even though they might look pretty bad

  46. Alice

    At my school all the kids from age 2-4 wear whatever they like. Kids 5-11 wear polo t-shirts and khaki skorts/shorts. Age 12-19 the kids wear shirts and pants. we can wear whatever we want on our feet. We’re not allowed flip-flops, though. I don’t seem to notice that we wear uniforms. I think that’s because we’ve always worn uniforms (apart from when we were little- but we don’t remember then). I think It’s easier to wear a uniform, because you don’t have to worry about what’s cool or not.

  47. Natalie

    i don’t have a dress code so i have nothing 2 say. hope ur OK.

  48. Tierney

    Yeah I have a dress code. But the cool thing is are shirts are our school colors so were always keeping the spirt. It’s easy to be unique with a dress code. But it only works if you have a unique personality. So have fun and ROCK OUT.
    PS: The Pops will be suffering way more than you and your friends
    PSS:1st to comment YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Maria

    Our dress code is only no short shorts/skirts. Also we cant wear tank-tops. I only wear jeans to school and if I wear a tank-top I wear something over it thats light.

  50. Lizz

    I have a dress code at my school and its horrilble. It is pretty hard to express your self if you dont even get to wear the clothes you want to. At least one thing is seeing how the pops attitude really changes its kinda like a wake up call that they are like the rest of us

  51. a p p l e

    no dress code

  52. Emma

    oh my gosh first comment
    poor you my school dosent have a dress code at all

  53. Margaret

    Yes! First one to respond! At our school, you have to wear red, white, or blue, only…skirts and shorts must reach the tip of your fingers when your arms are hanging down, or longer. Shirts longer than your fingertips have to be tucked in!
    If you can’t live with these rules, your parents have to sign this weiver so you may wear T-Shirts, Jeans, etc…

  54. Emma-Rose

    Jenny you can have a dress code and still be unique.You can wear jewelry and cool shoes.The world wont explode if you have a dress code so chillax.Oh and IM THE FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT!WOO HOO!
    Peace From,

  55. brinda

    our dress code is horrible blue and white in boxes i wish our school let us wear anything we want

  56. Jaclyn

    Well, my school has a uniform code and I hate it! :O

  57. Fumie

    Hi Jenny. We have had a dress code- or rather uniform every since my school has been founded. You could suggest that uniforms arn’t very comfortable and if they would like a dress code, could it just be only for very short skirts, baggy jeans or things like that. But the most important thing is to keep calm when you are debating, or you’ll be the only one who is upset in the end. Good luck!

  58. Simone

    Hi Jenny I have to wear a school uniform everyday and it is pain!How I cope with it is I iust think okay the minute I get home I get changed into normal clothes!And anyway don”t feel ugly coz you are not the only one who has to wear it!Thanks 4 the great books!Xxx Simone from South Afrika

  59. dani

    there is no dress code at my school and jenny, just chill

  60. Brooke

    Yay! I’m first to respond! Anyways, the dress code at my school is simple. You can wear whatever you want as long as the sleeves are two adult fingers wide and doesn’t show your belly button or other part of the body in that area. Shorts cannot be cut-offs or shorter than how far your arms reach on your legs (depends on different people). It sounds like parents are trying to get the principal to make you guys wear uniforms. Uniforms normally are simple and color coded on your school’s mascot colors. Don’t sweat it, its not like you are going to be blamed for this.

  61. Hannah

    My school has a dress code & uniforms.I got my choice of style so monday teusday &wednsday i wear the uniform & other days my style.For the uniforms,i asked parents to sign a pad so the school will get patterns and or plain.If you can like i did find a pattern you look good in.As for chloe she can wear the school uniform & get it costumized with funny sayings.

  62. Zayba

    My school has a uniform. But it’s okay. You can wear fun jewelery or hair accesories and sometimes we have free dress days, where we can wear whatever we want. Also, do you ever find yourself staring at ssomeone’s clothes and feeling down about yourself? This can distract you from class, and that’ really what school is all about:leaning. It doesn’t matter what you wear, and it’ll show the Pops a thing or two. See what you can do to still express your style, and those rumors are probably fake.

  63. aly

    mine doesn’t but my brother does he wears a tie with balck shoes and a blue thingy on top. I can’t beleive I can comunicate with you! Your awesome I love your books its like a diary!
    Aly xox

  64. Amy

    Well at my school, its not all bad. If you have a dress code, at least your clothes won’t get made fun of. That’s the way I look at it.
    ~Amy :-)

  65. Len

    Hi Jenny! My dresscode is 2 wear solid color shirts with buttons and collars or school T-shirts. On friday if we attend school all week, we can be out of dresscode! Love Len PS I am the first 2 respond!:)

  66. <3 Hannah ;-)

    of course its easy 2 b unique w/ a dress code. my schools dress code is not that bad. we dont allow inapropriate words or subjects on shirts and stuff. the skirts and shorts have to b at least past ur fingertips (thats the worst 1 there is) tank top straps have 2 b at least 2 fingers in width.platform shoes or RLY high heels arent allowed, and neither are tank tops for boys. we also arent allowed 2 sag but only the boys woukd do that anyway. its not lik we have 2 wear ties everyday!! i mean come on!! we also arent allowed 2 wear extremely low necks on the shirst or extremely tight shirts but its not that strict were allowd 2 wear jeans and t-shirts…if werent then 95% of the school wouldnt no whtat 2 wear for pants…cuz every1 wears jeans and lik everyday, too.
    kk bye!!!
    -hannah ;)

  67. Kennedy

    Hey Jenny! Be on the bright side. At least you don’t have to wear a uniform! Don’t worry. Every school has a dress code. Don’t listen to those rumors. They probably aren’t true anyway. Remember Madame X? Hope this helps,

  68. :)

    We don’t have much of a dress code. If you can’t wear jeans and t shirts, wear cool skirts with leggings and blouses with vests. I mean you may not be able to wear t shirts but you can dress even trendier than now!

  69. Crystal

    Yes, I have a dress code in my school but it really isn’t a private school. I don’t really want a dress code but i have to deal with it. You can like put a shirt under it for color so you can have your own kind of style. My dress code is a blue shirt that says our school icon on it and khaki pants.

  70. Jaidyn : )

    Yes my school has a bit of a dress code but your only not allowed to wear revealing clothes. If your school does end up getting a dress code there’s nothing to worry about. You can express your individuality by accessories or your hairstyles.

  71. Court.

    omg that really sucks…i’m glad my school doesn’t have a dress code!!!! If it did i would die not being able to wear my choice of clothes!!! Well, hopefully there ends up not being a dress code in your school!!

  72. maggiesam16

    My school DOES NOT have a school dress code and I hope we NEVER get one cause that would really sink!!!!!

  73. sterling luva 18

    Hello Jenny!It says you have zero comments so I must be the first one to post a comment!Yes,unfortunately my school DOES have a dress code.It’s…………
    1.No speggeti straps
    2.Your dress or skirt or shorts can not be above the knee
    3.No revealing shirts
    That’s all so l8er Jenny!

  74. jenny

    ok like no way!they shud like definitley not change the dress code!like @ my school,theres a couple rules that r senseable like no wearing a shirt without straps like just in case u kno?but wen my mom was young, they cud only hav hair the length of their ear,ur hair cud only b parted,no bangs(4 hair,again),no jewerley,no makeup,no peircd ears,and no othr clothing except really bland uniforms with that strange hairstyle,same goes 4 boys.and absolutely no bling…outrageous…so noway.u shud definitely keep no-code system.i hope wat wrote down helpd.besides,watll happen evry1s taste,and sams?like no offense but her clothes r ttly cool…way not worth 2 b thrown away cuz of a scool rule like that

  75. Marisol

    Jenny like if u do have a dress code, u should add belts,jewelry,hats,shoes,and other kool axcessories.oh and if u have code I would luv 2 imagine Addie’s face when she finds out!!
    Ciao from,

  76. Felicia

    i don’t have a dress code at my school. I think you should talk to your parents about it, and tell them you don’t think it’s a good idea and tell them you would die. it always works forme. hope you can do it.

  77. Jessica

    My school doesn’t have a dress code. But I know that you can still be unique by wearing different hair styles, wearing cool hair bands and clips, maybe even pins and little things if it is allowed. I’m not sure about dress codes, because my school doesn’t have one. But dress codes may be a pain, if you don’t like what you have to wear.

  78. Aryssa

    Okay if you have a dress code i know how you can still be unique. put on a cute belt or earrings!they cant ban that!for, chloe, you can advice her to wear someething like a jacket that has sayings on them so chloe!

  79. Hope

    Hula Jenny,
    We do have a uniform at school. It’s a white shirt and a black and white checked pleated skirt (black pants for guys) and a black tie. We also have black blazers and vests and stuff but it’s optional. we can wear it if it’s cold if we want to. we just have to wear the uniform. Personally I think the dress code is necessary because it gives us a sense of unity, like makes us realize that we all belong to the same school. We are allowed to accessorize and try out new hairdo’s and all. So it’s no big deal for us. We always come up with cool stuff to do with our hair or chunky accessories to brighten our outfits.
    Luv u,

  80. 5108vanillacookie

    Hey, Jenny! We have a dress code at our school too. Actually, we have uniforms but is it really different from a dress code????
    Anyway, here’s my advice. Even if we have a dress code, we still show our style. We wear fashionable jackets, hide golden necklaces under the jackets and talk about shoes!!!!!!!! Some of us have our uniforms cut short, or very long.

  81. Mary Kathryn

    This year, we have to wear uniforms they are either green navy or white polos and khaki or navy pants it stinks no one can express themselves but next year i am moving schools and we can wear pretty much everything except for the pretty much obvious…

  82. Emilea

    My school has a dress code but only for tank tops and short shorts/skirts.

  83. Daria

    well guess what, i also have a dress code in my school! :( the uniforms are ugly! come on, everybody wears jeans! whats the problem with jeans?! i love them! the uniforms are so uncomfortable! its like you cant even move! and yes its the rite size of my clothes! well jenny, good luck with the dress code!

  84. Ashley

    Wow, that must really stinks. At my school I don’t have to wear uniforms(thank goodness!). But of course there is the no short shorts and no thin straps on tank tops. But I’m sure the rumors are bogus. At my school the rumors are NEVER true. Besides, if you do have to wear uniforms, won’t it be fun to see how the Pops react? LOL!

  85. Heather

    No spagetti straps and shorts and skirts have to be longer then your palm. And thats it. (:

  86. Ashley

    My school has a dress code.
    But the one that most people don’t care about is no hats except for our school ones.
    But LOTS of people wear them anyway and they don’t notice.
    If they do make a dress code maybe the rules won’t be so bad. :D

  87. kristina

    I dont have a dress code we can wear what ever we want.;]

  88. Kelly

    Well, our school doesn’t have a dress code. It’s just no opentoed shoes. I can’t imagine having a dress code. hope u don’t have to get one. good luck!!!

  89. avery

    clothes don’t make who you are, so even if you start having to wear uniforms, you’ll still be your unique selves, and besides, what was nail polish for?

  90. Megan

    I have a dress code.1,Wear Uniforms or PE attire.2,Come to school in a neat way.3,Do not wear black shoes or black socks.4,Always wear white socks and shoes.That’s lot,right???

  91. Lily

    My school has a dress code too. All shirts have to have collars, and can only be light pink, light blue, red, navy, white, or black.
    Skirts can be khaki, navy, or black, but at finger tip length.
    Pants are khaki, navy, or black too.
    No open back shoes or heels over 1 and 1/2 inches.
    We’ve had them for 3 years!

  92. emy

    Hey, it might not be that bad we have to wear a uniform
    girls: gray knee length skirt, collared shirt, tie and blazer
    boys: what girls wear except trousers

  93. steph

    We have a stupid dress code. We can’t wear halter tops, sandals (even thought the teachers do), flip flops (same thing as the sandals) mini skirts, mini shorts, our tank top straps have to be the width of 4 fingers, tube shirts, muscle shirts, or skimpy shirts. The last one I can easily do without, but the others? Come on school! No fair!

  94. lil princessa

    my school has a dress code they were going t make us wear uniforms but we didn’t. last year they made us tuck in our shirts it was the worst.but now they changed it im so happy. but we can’t wear leggings and lots of other things that sucks.oh well bye.

  95. Maria

    Our school kinda has a dress code. It’s no tanktops really, but I don’t even wear tanktops that much! I also think it whould be VERY interesting to see how the pops react to a dresscode!

  96. xxxangelaxxx

    The school i go to has uniforms.NOT COOL
    thats not even the bad part we HAVE to wear white sock!

  97. Kelly/Caitlin

    heyyyy, omg! we dont have a dress code, we have a real uniform. we have to wear the EXXXACT same thing. its nawt cool. thats why im gunna go to public school in two years

  98. ani m

    i have a dress code and it sucks! i feel sooo bad for you jenny! mine is stupid!
    good luck!

  99. awsome

    we dont have on so it is cool

  100. jadekiss

    i think taht is just crazy if my school ever did that i woyld go nuts and all the ppl in my school ould also …wee would all go to diff schools just cus of that….but hey i never anything like that in my school sooo im not worried

  101. Amy

    I think boys in ties look OK.Not awesome.But wering uniforms aren’t that bad and dress codes are not only for uniforms there for like “No wearing skirts that are above the knee”.Any way once IO wore my uniform I tought it was horrible! but I grew to like it and it’s not like you can’t were accesories or hoops.Anyway Dress code aren’t the worst thing thats going to happen to you. Good luck!

  102. Piper

    I don’t have a big dress code, but the Pops at my school make it look like I have a pathetic dress code!!! It wouldn’t be so bad to have a dress code, though. The Pops can’t judge you for bad clothing choice! They’re wearing the same thing as you! And the dress code is broken by the Pops anyway. And they get away with it! God luck!

  103. ANITA

    are school has a dress code no one follows it and we have like a whole page off stuff :D ahah

  104. erin

    I have to wear uniforms. I know, not fun. They don’t even match! Yellow shirt with a green plaid skirt. So at least you get to wear some kind of cool clothes. As for the dress code,no T-shirts or jeans? What’s the point of that? Anyway, if the parents get their way, make the best out of the clothes you’re allowed to wear. Good luck!

  105. irfa

    hey! this world is freedom! why do they have to do a dresscode? fashion does not need a code isn’t it? well good luck!

  106. Tatyana

    i don’t really have a dress code where i go to school now but in first grade i did we had to wear white tees navy blue shorts,pants or skorts (since we were so young)it really bothered me and because of it i didn’t have really any friends and it also MADE me paid more attention in class so i was extatic when my dad and i moved again.

  107. Tatyana

    oh and i forgot u should watch Legally Blondes (it’s a movie) the twins have to wear uniforms but what they did was dressed around the code so they fallowed the rules yet still looked GREAT.Hope i helped

  108. sandy

    Lucky for me, my school doesn’t have dress codes. But you could write a letter to the principal telling him/her how awful the school would be and how angry the kids will be.

  109. edward hates bella and loves emily

    my school doesnt have uniforms and if you do get them then you can wear it in your own unique style. And if you get uniforms the pops will be pretty funny to watch! remember people dont likeyou for how you dress but for who you are!
    Love, Emily

  110. anqiee.

    my dress code at school is soo lame. yu guys should be luckyy ! well, idnt really think any school should hav a dress code. well, my advice is you guys should protest against tht dress code. well thanksz for hearing my advie.
    Dopey. [nickname)

  111. 16bell

    OMG!!!!!!!! A dress code?!?!?!?! I feel so sorry for you. My school has a dress code and it is sooo not fun. We have to wear collard shirts with no design on them just a plain color. Then we have to wear like dress pants that are brown black or navy. Then we can only wear shorts if it is 82 degrees outside. It is not alot of fun. No one can wear anything cool, no fashion statements can be made, and everyone looks like a dumb dork. I really really hate my school dress code. It’s not really fair to the students because no one asked us if we wanted a dress code, the they just made it up for us.

  112. rachel

    we have a uniform and its horrible!!!!!
    blue blouse with navy blue buttons, collars, and cuffs
    navy blue pleated skirt that must be 5 inches below the knee
    and, if we want to wear a sweater, we need to wear their navy blue one with the scholl logo on it
    and thats not all, we need to wear SOLID socks and black shoes ONLY!
    for ur sake, chloe’s sake, everyone’s sake, i hope u odnt get a dress code of any sort!

  113. Miley

    Don’t worry about the dress code thing! i mean it hasn’t happened yet. what if it isn’t true? and if u get a dress code you can always add your on style to it.

  114. Estefania

    well I don’t think so, but anyway i love ur books im in ur third boook heard a rumor i cant wait to read it!!!.
    to Jenny!!^_^

  115. Tammy

    My school’s dress code is anything, except no spegetti straps, no mini skirts, and not sandals without a backing to it.

  116. gaby

    hi jenny! ur the most awesomest person ever! and luckfully i dont have a dress code but the teachers are talking about it im going to cooper middle school next year so ill be in 6th grade! cant wait to hear back!

  117. stylin rere

    yes i do!i don’t really follow them!that’s impossible.Our dress code is to wear school clothes. its boring so sometimes i wear what i want to.

  118. Marina

    Poor you!!! My school has a dress code, but it’s just “no tank tops,” and “no torn clothing,” stuff like that. Hopefully,yours will be the same! If not, you can sill be unique!!! I’m talkin’ ’bout ACCESSORIES!!!!!!! XD :D :)
    PS:Most of the time, they’re allowed.

  119. Kayla

    hey first of all i got used up about the dress code thing cause the school that I’ve been before and the school I’m in today are in dress code system for me when you get used to it it’s ok but the thing is the students that are in our situation that has dress code system we want to be cut out cause you wear the same costume again and again and THAT IS SO BORING dress code should not be allowed at all schools in the whole world we should have the right to pick our clothes and what to wear. IT IS OUR LIFE SCHOOLS ONLY TEACH US LESSONS.Rules are just so lame. EVEN THEIR ARE RULES THEIR ARE PEOPLE BREAKING THE RULES. GUD LUCK ABOUT THE DRESS CODE BE READY.

  120. Meghan

    That is super crazy.The same thing would probelly happen to my school if it wasn’t for the sixth graders.[I am a fourth grader.]They made a petition and made it free for us to were any thing.Also this world is a freee place so I think you should start a petition.

  121. Meghan

    OMG!!!!!I just checked my school web site it didn’t work.Now are dress code is:no tank tops.black pants.blue shirt with sparkels[for girls].green pants.black shirt[for boys]

  122. Mimi

    I don’t have a dress code, but Pops can’t criticize you if you do.

  123. MacKenzie

    My school has a dress code. We have to wear white or blue shirts with collars and black pants. It’s nothing horrible,really, but I hate wearing a uniform. It’s like-horrible!!!

  124. francesca

    my dress code is really dumb. it is so long i cant type it out.wen it comes to dress codes,i think the teachers and others are out to get us. good luck on your new dress code!

  125. miniv.hippo

    i so couldnt imagine if my school had a dress code! my style represents who i am and the way that i dress is a style that i havent seen on anyone else!

  126. nehadrew

    my shcool doesnt have a dress code .It sounds horrible.

  127. Chante'

    My school doesnt have a dress code either.Most parents want there to be a dress code because its easier and you don’t really have to worry about shopping for school clothes (which would be much easier).As long as the children arent happy neither are the parents.So you can tell that there will be some angry parents along with their children. No way can they pass that rule!

  128. Maya

    Our school’s dress code is no tanktops really…. but I never really wear tanktops! I wish I could wear cool clothes but my mom says no way are we going to redress your wordrode! I guess I’ll just have to stick with the clothes I’ve got for now!

  129. Ciena

    We dont have a dress code, but if we did wear uniforms or something, you could wear pretty jackets and lots of colorful jewlrey. That’s what I would do.

  130. Lovely girl

    Ok, listen in my other school there was a dress code and it was sssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo bad i hated it!but right now in the. school i am in now we get to wear anything we want. What you can do is if you don’t want a dress code talk to your parents about it. Then, make list or a petition for kids to sign. Then, get kids who don’t want a dress code to sign it. Finally, show the princible it and tell her why you don’t want a dress code. That’s the advise I have right now.(if you liked this advise send a comment in this blog saying I liked Lovely girls advise and want some more)

  131. kylie

    OMG,iknow!My school is even WORSE!!!!!!!!
    we have a UNIFORM!!!Itz sooo much worse!!

  132. Mariah

    We have a dress code. I so hate it.! We have to choose between navy or qray polo shirt with our school logo. “The Green Magnet School”. A lot of people don’t wear it. But since we have 2 more months until school ends the principal is going hardcore on us. Who ever don’t wear it, gets detention or their parents will be call up. I think Im starting to hate the school.

  133. Marta

    Ok ,I live in Lithuania so here all elementary schools (1-4 grades) wear uniforms. That is a dress and jacket for girls and pants, suit for boys. They are very ,expensive about 100 lt so that’s about 200$. Middle school starts at 5th grade (that’s were I am now) and no one wears uniforms and no dress codes! Hurray for us! Though no one wears tube tops or anything like that because it’s very cold in our school.

  134. GiGi

    One thing that you can do and still be unique is your hair. You can use lots of cute assories.

  135. breanna

    we have dress code at our school we have to wear navy blue shirts and khaki skirts or pants and i cant stand it.my mom says they have dress code because the poor wont feel so bad about wearing inexpensive clothes. well thats all i got 2 say bye jenny i am a huge fan.

  136. Lauren

    My school’s rules are like Madina’S(3RD FROM THE TOP) school’s rules.They aren’t to bad. Anyways I have a question for all of you.There is this one girl at my school who is like TOTALLY my best friend at my house but at school she hangs out with other girls and becomes a POP!!!!!!!!!!!!Should I continue being her friend or not. also my other 3 friends really dislike her!Good Luck!

  137. Ella<3

    No, sorry no dress code…well, i think we do but it’s something not as bad. We’re not allowed to wear something too revealing.If we did it would be something horrible like uniforms must be worn every dat or something like that. Love you, Jenny!
    Thanks, Mikaela

  138. Peacegrlz101

    I go to a private school so I wear a uniform. Trust me, it’s not as bad as it seems!! There are still pops, but they just don’t brag about clothes. They just brag about how much they can afford and about how rich they are. (wich I don’t get cuz we r all kinda rich. Ir we weren’t would we be here?!)

  139. raven

    my dress code is that we have to wear a red,white,or blue shirt and we have to wear a skort or some pants

  140. Maddie

    I have a dress code 1.No spegetti straps
    2.no short shorts or mini skirts(kids usually break this rule cuz its not infored)
    3.no flip flops or crocs(also not inforced)
    4.Nothing see-through or skimpy
    but thats nothin compared 2 my old school where it was all girls and ugly navy blue jumpers,peter pan collar blouses knee socks and MaryJanes.

  141. mina

    we have a dress code at my school. I always add colorful leggings to my skirts or wear a funky tie.i also put my bangs into a ponytail at the top of my head. It makes me feel special!

  142. Sabrina

    Our dress code is pretty simple
    Girls- no see through shirts,no spagetti straps, but we can wear as short a skirt or shorts as wanted.
    Boys-No gang material, no baggy jeans shorts etc.
    Dress it up with some jewelry or a fancy hair style.
    Hope this helped.
    So TTFN! Your friend,

  143. ash366

    i have to wear blue and white,all the kids look like zombies!lol xoxoxo,ash

  144. rachael

    PROTEST the parents at your schoolhave forgoten that clothes don’t hand in projects ,take tests or ,do homework and who in the world is t-shirts and jeans hurting and ties will just be distracting i get no short skirts and width of straps but getting into telling kids what to wear and uniforms that’s going over the top. and i am a pop not a mean one one that helps around school all the teachers love her friends with pretty much everyone pop and i really do care about clothes and i love to wear somewhat off the norm clothes and i’m trying to get on the honor roll for the next forever so i can get into design school.so i would start with a petion then if they don’t go with that start a hunger strike they will most likely not let you starve hope i could help

  145. Mimi

    We wear t shirts and jeans. But if we wear a dress it cant be strapless.

  146. Anis

    My school has a dress code.All the boys have to wear ties and short-sleeved t-shirts.All the girls have to wear a long skirt and a long-sleeved t-shirt.Plus we all have to wear only white shoes!We can only wear our hair short or in a ponytail.

  147. Sarah

    I have a dress code at Trinity and it’s always polos, plade skirts and kaki shorts or navy.
    Good luck Jenny.
    - Sarah

  148. Alaa

    wow:o ur skool better not do that or no student would like it and they would always break the rules. at my skool we have a dress code shorts cant be shorter than arma length and tops must be at least 2inches no sagging no pjs and nothing that advertizes alcohol

  149. Anna

    First, my school doeesn’t have a dress code. Second, don’t worry Jenny! You can get comfortable sweat pants, and swaetshirt, or short-sleeved dresses in Spring.( This is better than wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts in warm weather). From, Anna

  150. Mrs Lautner

    My school has a dress code and i hate it!!! U have 2 wear a collard white top tucked into navy blue bottoms. And ur not supposed 2 wear ne shorts/skirts shorter than mid-thigh but evry1 duz neway ;D!!!! I mean im not a pop or nething but i luuuuuuuuuv clothes!!! So…ya…thats it

  151. Sunshine_Girl_3231

    Well, I don’t have a dress code (yet!!), but it doesn’t seem all that bad. And you could accessorize with maybe a nice necklace and some cool earrings.
    Signing out (not out of Scholastic!)

  152. kayla

    our school has a dress code. you can,t wear colored jeans and u have to wear polos or schhol t-shirts, but don’t worry you can always dress it up with cute jewelry and shoes… hope this helps :}

  153. emily

    my school has a dress code but it is so long i can’t tell you.

  154. Erin

    Ya we have a dress code and i think it’s really not so bad… WAIT WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT! IT’S HORRIBLE! We have to wear these cute skirts (LOL) But polo shirts and we have to wear NAVY BLUE With no hoods on ur fleece!!! And if u do, or wear pink or something… U GET DETENTION. This stinks. And the pops dont care, but i do…

  155. Cate

    ARE YOU KIDDING?! omg iif my school does that i will DIE! i love JEANSSS! YOU CANT BE YOURSELF WITH A DRESS CODE!!

  156. kait

    find students that agree with you cause
    if the parents do not have the majoraty
    you win (or a vote)(parents and kids)

  157. Becky

    At our school, you have to have sleeves.
    plus, wecan’t wear shorts that don’t go past our finger tips. I guess I don’t mind having a dress code. but i would hate if we had a uniform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. ME!!!

    We dont have one. I love to wear short shorts even when it rains. I think I am the most popular girl in our class

  159. Danica

    Ok, so you think that not being able to wear jeans and a tee is bad? At my school you can’t wear anything above your knees and no sleeveless shirts. It sucks because our uniform is scratchy and uncomfortable. And they also make you look 10 lbs more than you actually are! OMG! I hate it!

  160. Michelle

    OMGOSH! i can not see myself wearing a icky school-girl skirt, and to top that off… i would def. not like to wear a depressing shirt! i wonder what my boyfriend would think of me in that outfit… well, my school doesn’t have a dress code, but if your school does get one Jenny, i would totally be there to support you and attract a crowd :) we would find a way to have to wear the uniform but we would wear it in style.:)

  161. Marisa

    Jenny, i already consider you as my Best Friend Four Life:) (even though i only read about you in the books… i deal with the same situations that you are dealing with… like the situation with addie)
    i would totally be there for you if your school got a dress code. hey, by the way, who don’t you talk to your school principal about the top 10 reasons you shouldn’t have a dress code, and why you think you should have a school dress code. That’s what i would do.

  162. dunnomeatall

    I hate my school’s dress code. Especially the ties we have to wear during the winter. The shirt has our school’s badge on, plus a black skirt (just below the knees – UGH!). We wear long, BLACK socks in the winter (even when it’s a hot day) and black buckles shoes. The ties chooke you to practically DEATH in the winter, when it’s HOT during winter. Oh, Jenny, I feel SO sorry for you! But you’ll survive – trust me.

  163. jennymcafeefan#1

    sorry, jen, i can’t help ya there. i dunno 1 thing bout dress codes. what r they? school uniform or something? sorry. i’ll try my best l8r.

  164. jamilah

    our school has a dress code and its stupid we have to wear plaid skirts and cross ties and the boys wear khaki pants and ties

  165. jamilah

    hey i just posted im a pop and i care about how i look i hate the dress code

  166. Emma

    I have a dress code at my school and we have to wear jumpers. You know like dresses kind of. They are soooo ugly. It’s plad and I hate plad so be greatful that you don’t have to wear jumpers.

  167. <3 Hannah ;-)

    ok wow

  168. emma

    My school has a dress code-sort of. We aren’t allowed to wear spaghetti straps, and where clothes with inaropriate words on them. And my advice for the Pops… I think that they can survive without their fancy clothes. Good luck!

  169. brazil

    we cant wear tanktops-thts about it!but if we did have some sort of major weird dress code other than tht,my guess is,my whole school would totaly go over edge!i dis-agree with dress codes where everyone has to wear the same outfit!i think we should wear what we want as long as its not discraseful!i do not agree with the idea!look on http://www.middleschoolsurvival.com for the answer!good luck!-brazil

  170. Star

    OMG! we have to wear pathetic uniforms becuz the teachers don’t want the more popular people to make fun of people’s clothes!! Its also very weird to be wearing the same outfit as someone else! Especially a boy??!! That’s Twisted Wicked Intense cuz i always wear the cutest things according to how im actually popular! But hey! i don’t make fun of people that just LOW! ;D

  171. Mary Jane ;)

    OKAY…. dress code soooo not accepted wit me i very much dislike uniforms…. I ONLY PREFER YOUR OWN CLOTHES YOU WOULD ACTUALLY WAN TO BE SEEN IN! I mean it would be soo weird if u show up wearing the same thing as everyone else! I for one cannot deal with dress codes i mean its not like ur gonna wear just underwear in school!!! Sure ur straps will show sometimes but its like a tank top to me, and short shorts ugh please it wont show ur underwear! And last but not least Logo T-shirts seriously its not like ur gonna do anything bad with wut it says or wut it shows on it! I cant even wear a black shirt with a cross on it! THATS SOOOOOO MESSED!

  172. Mary Jane ;)


  173. Sam

    My middle school dress code is horrible: We have to wear our shirt tucked in, and we have to wear a belt ontop!! IRKES!!! Anyways, you also can’t have any print on your shirts, and pants have to be below the knees… this really sucks:(

  174. Kristi

    That’s so dumb!! We have a dress code at our school and it’s not that strict. I mean we can basically wear anything we want as long it’s “school appropriate.” But no t-shirts and jeans??? Wearing ties?? Now, that’s too far!!!

  175. Cathria

    our dress code is very unique !

  176. cheyenne

    when i was in 1-3 grad, my school had a dress code. your shirt had to have a collar, no deecorations, and it had to be plain white. my pants/shorts/skirts/jumpers all had to be navy blue. our socks had to be navy blue or gray, and thats pretty much it. yeah, it was really lame

  177. Lilly

    Yes my school has a dress code [but without including ties for the boys!] as long everyone wears something approiate without anything that says drugs or abuse sayings on it… all I do is I wear stuff with clever sayings but not too weird [I know I'm like Chloe!].

  178. Rachel

    Even if the dress code is passed, you would be so lucky compared to me. I go to a private school, and we have to wear uniforms. It might be okay if these three things didn’t happen:
    1.) We had some varitey. We have to buy our clothes from a place in which all the profits go to our school. Therefore, they don’t want us wearing anyhing else, even an open hoodie. My friend once wore an off-white tank top UNDER the uniform, and she got busted for being one shade off white. Not even an inch of the tank was visible.
    2.) Thier reason. At first they told us it was for our “safety” (which I really don’t get, because no matter how far away we are, they always say, “‘Insert name here’ take your jacket off’” thus proving they can know who we are by the backs of our heads.) What really ticks me off is that I overheard from the administration is that they used the uniforms to make parents who visited the school think we were all proper, so they would send thier kids there. That’s not word for word what they said, but you get the idea.
    3.) The teachers and director. They literally stand in the hallway, eyes so scary. Then they stand and listen to everyone’s conversations, and follow them everywhere, an inch behind. And what they do about the uniforms…they hate you for even having another shirt IN POSSESION. Even if you have a non-school jacket hanging on your hook.
    So, consider yourself lucky you don’t go to my school. Besides, boys look cute in ties ;)

  179. abster

    My dress code says things like: No skirts or shorts more than 4 inches above the knee, no tank tops thinner than 2 inches…. On hot days, it’s almost impossible to find anything to wear.
    I bet the Pops would get soo mad if the school had a dress code like mine. And I bet Chloe would be really mad if those rumors are true. Good luck!

  180. kaitlin

    My school has a strict dress code. No denim, spaghetti straps, words on shirts, graphic tees, logos bigger than an index card, heels, and open toe or heel. Sometimes I wish my school was uniform. Good luck with your dress code!

  181. Orangie

    OK Jenny. WOW! Well in my school (So far until I leave) we wear uniforms. Jumpers,skirts,shorts,pants,and special shoirts. They made stupid new rules though! Like no bandans or colored sock!Only white. ANd kneehighs have to be navy blue,creme,white,red.Although they added something good!You can wear black bottoms!

  182. yanch57

    Yeah my school has a dress code, it is as plaid skirt knee socks and a polo shirt that HAS to ba either blue, forest green, or white. i gotta twll you that it is the worst but with a dress code no one feels lik they hav 2 b kwl and every1 looks the same so there r lik no pops in my skwl that i kno of

  183. Abi

    we don’t have a dress code (yay!) We could come to school in just our bathing suits lol!

  184. Carly

    My school has tons!!!! 1.no hole jeans 2.no tanks or spaghetti straps 3.dresses or skirts must be above the knee 4.no leggings without a skirt or dress!!!Ugh….It is miserable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i agree with all of you! why do we need a dress code?!?

  185. Emily

    there is a HUGE dress code at my school… no shoes without backs, no short-shorts, no tanktops and ESPECIALLY no straplessess. They said no shoes without backs. Doesn’t mean no flats, or even heels! Ok, short-shorts are out. How about long-shorts? those are cute. And just deal with the tanktops.

  186. MK15

    Hey Jenny! I’ve been reading your books lately. Sorry about Addie.Anyways my school is not even close to a dress code. U know y? My school hates dresses.

  187. pfff

    I’m too old to be on this site but oh what the heck.. tell you what in Aus you kind of get use to wearing uniforms all day.. We kind of ruled the ‘freedom’ thing out in like year three. It’s easier but I seriously don’t think wearing a uniform is that bad.. but my uniform’s pretty ugly so yea that’s one bad thing bout it…

  188. Angelskye

    Oh we have a dress code alright…Uniforms!!Costs lots of money and very unfashionable.Collared blouses,knee length skirt,tied up hair and ankle lenght socks!!Argh!

  189. pinkgurl

    my dress code aht my school is that girls cant wear things that expose thee skin and we cant wear destess jeans we cope with it by just wearin it so that they can shut up

  190. Morgan

    My school has a dress code and I have to wear a unform everyday. Except for my cheerleading uniform. Which, if you haven’t guessed, is also a uniform!
    Good Luck Jenny!

  191. Brittany

    bassicly my school dress code is no tank tops or speghetti straps or any thing that shows.YOUR SCHOOL IS CRUEL!no jeans!

  192. abbyzippy

    i’m home schooled i wear p’js

  193. Kelsy

    Jenny you totally rock. i have read Can You Get An F In Lunch and that was totally wrong for what addie did to you. Cant wait for wish upon a star comes out. i wonder wat addie will do this time

  194. kayla

    you know what it really doesnt matter if you cant dress the way u want
    P.S my school has a dress code

  195. Jenny

    We have to wear a uniform. we can only wear 1 piece of jewelry. we can only wear shorts when they that we can start wearing shorts. we have to wear dressy shoes with pants and have to wear blue socks. we have to wear white socks and sneakers with shorts. girls have to wear a vest without a sweatshirt stinks. we can only wear regular clothes on free clothes day and picture day. it stinks!

  196. Chelsey

    I don’t have a school uniform that I am required to wear daily to school, but we do have limmits on what we can wear. For example, no clothing that advertises gangs or drug usage. Your shorts have to be knee-length unless you plan on wearing tights underneath, and there can’t be any holes in your jeans, even if only at the knees. And no tank tops are allowed. Other than those regulations, you can bascially wear whatever you want.

  197. Heylee

    We have a dress code it isn’t so bad Jenny, ours is no spaghtti strap shirts you can have a tank top but it has to cover 80% of your shoulder we can not wear flip flops i don’t listen to that rule i wear them everyday excpet when we have gym and no skirts without leggings and no shirts that are strapless or the sides hang down and no dresses that don’t go below the knees when you sit

  198. Njeri G

    our school has a dress code but i look really cute in it it is a mini kilt (with a pin the principle gets really mad if you dont have one)
    a blue t-shirt and a hoody witch is awesome i cant live without it anyways and for little kids a dress and a sqort a sqort is a mixture of short and skirt short back skirt front and the other is pants well PEACE OUT !!

  199. Jessica

    Oh my school has a dress code and a uniform. We are supposed to wear uniforms that say ‘International Community School’ from Monday to Thursday. On Friday we can wear our own clothes, but nothing to skimpy or the prefects will book us. (I’m a prefect)

  200. Mary

    Our dress code isn’t that bad, just no tops that have straps of ANY kind, skirts have to be at most 3 inches above the knee (tiresome to measure!), tops must go further than your belly button, and skirts shorter than 3 inches above the knee should be worn with tights. Oh yea, all make-up is aloud, except for lipstick.

  201. fangirl3/4

    ugg!!! our school has a dress code. we have to wear a teal or black tee, and,. . . oh, kakies!
    oh by the way, how do you spell kakies

  202. tyler'sgirlfriend

    we have a dress code, but our school principle doesn’t even use it. so dumb.

  203. allyson


  204. Madeline

    at my school we have so many dress code rules 1.) tanktops have to be at least two inches wide 2.)our shorts cant be any shorter than midthy 3.) no holes above the knee 4.)no mid drift and the list goes on and on but it’s not like i follow them if you get caught what’s the worst they can do? make you wear your gym clothes? well watevs sucks for you

  205. RACHEL

    In my school there is a dress code, it’s not really bad after all. We use the same clothes for everything, even the classes . We can use any kind of shoe we want, but we cannot use crocs when there is sport classes. Sometimes some people even use T-shirts under the dress code.

  206. CC246

    Pur school says we can’t wear shorts of skirts longer than our fingertips!!!! We also can’t wear lower shirts or tank tops to school! You hve to wear something over them.

  207. Molly

    ya my school has a dress code. UGH… it’s a yellow blouse with a plaid jumper! could it get any worse???

  208. CC246

    I feel bad for your school seemo2!! :)

  209. SydneyPurple789

    Actually, my school doesn’t have a dress code. Okay, btween you and me, all fifth graders through seniors can’t wear shirts tht have words or pictures. And shorts. So when you tell Chole this, she wont be happy if she went to my school and if she got caught waring one of her silly shirts, she would go to the office.
    SYL (See You Later)

  210. Lyra

    i go to a private school wear the boys have to wear ties every day and you can’t wear jeans and tee-shirts. But after awhile you get used to it, and we have special days once a month sometimes more when we can wear anything we want. I know you guys don’t want a dress code, but if you get one just remember that it’s not so bad. And btw don’t get so stessed you don’t want frown lines:)

  211. Sara

    There is a dress code, except it’s not that bad. You can’t wear SUPER short shorts. That’s pretty much it.

  212. Hudda

    that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!!!!!

  213. Julia

    My school doesn’t have a dress code ( and glad) because then we wouldn’t have to express our style and creativity. The only things we can’t wear is Tank tops, short skirts/ shorts, or see-through shirts. My school doesn’t really have any “pops” there but there ARE people who usually wear cute clothes but there nice and not mean. :]

  214. melody

    well we cant wear tank tops or shot shorts or skirts. we also cant wear flip flops.

  215. Charlotte

    We have to wear a gold top, a black and white dress or Black shorts, leggings, trackies or skorts.

  216. Angel

    Why do you need a dress code?Dont follow!
    BE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  217. Riley

    I have a dresscode. no pants with holes, no tank tops.

  218. sparklingwater

    Ok. At my school we cant wear shorts dresses skirts or skorts above the knee. We also cant wear jeans with holes or rips unless you wear shorts or leggings or SOMETHING that covers the skin underneath. We have to wear belts and tuck in our shirts. But the teachers are pretty leaneant with girls on tucking in our shirts. Our shirts can be sleeveless unless the strap is two inches in width. No spaghetti straps

  219. sparklingwater

    srry i meant cant on the last comment i posted

  220. Mirabella

    dat is not cool at all really the ‘rents need to mind what they do not da kids dat will really stinks best of luck on what happens jenny

  221. A jenny fan

    Jenny, you are so lucky… my school has a uniform… :|

  222. Julianne

    Having a dress code is fun cos u can see how far u can go without violating the dress code. Well, I guess with the dress code the pops won’t look like clowns anymore. Good for them, bad for u. At least they won’t be so proud anymore. But I can’t imagine boys wearing ties.

  223. Isa

    My school is aprivate school, so (obviosly) we have to wear a UNIFORM. ANd get this: elementrary school (I’m in 5th grade)has to wear this HORRIBLE jumper and for Phis Eds days a short and a Tee, with the school’s emblem. But, (SO UNFAIR!) middle school up gets to wear a cute shirt and skirt (it can be as short as you want!) for the girls! So next year, I’m ready to rock!

  224. Sarah

    We have a dress code, and it gets really annoying sometimes -.- , but it’s possible to wear what you want and still follow the rules. Like shorts have to be a certain length and that is fine with me!!!!!

  225. Natatlie

    Oh that stinks. I think you can tell alot about a person by how they dress, their personality for example, I am sorta hippie-ish so I would hate having to dress like everyone else. Good luck! ciao.

  226. Adriana

    Our school has a dress code. We wear this uniform shirt that we have to buy from the school and we can only wear blue jeans that are not folded.

  227. Len Rocks!

    At my school we r only allowed to wear solid color shirts or school t-shirts.But if we r in school for the whole week we get to wear wat ever we want!

  228. Artemis98

    I used to go to a school that had a dress code. It was HORRIBLE!!! We girls had to wear skirts and close-to-see-through blouses. We had to wear only white socks and white tennis shoes and if your hair is over shoulder length, it had to be tied up unless you wanted a haircut from the principal.

  229. liza

    hmm… well you could always ask teacher/principal if you can add stuff to your uniform like rhinestones,beads,or something. if you dont have to wear a uniform there could just be some rules like no mini-skirts and that wont be so bad.

  230. Framiley

    Dude, in my old school I had to wear uniforms but I guess you can’t say it’s horrible because sometimes I just can’t choose which clothes I want to wear…you rock Jenny!

  231. Malu ;>

    Yes we have a dress code…
    But our school’s it’s SO free.
    Girls must wear a HORRIBLE skirt I hate, but we can also wear gray trousers. None of the girls want to wear trousers ’cause they’re afraid of the teachers saying something to them ’bout it. But I do (I’m a REBEL haha)
    Well we must wear a white t-shirt with our school’s logo, but it’s comfortable
    And we can wear almost any sneakers we want to :D But they gotta be black :/ LOL
    Well try to find if there would be any way of legally breakin’ the rules, like I do ;P
    Hope it helps!

  232. Alice

    I have to tuck in my shirt how tacky!!! I would laugh at the pops if they HAD to follow the dress code!!! hahahahahah!!1:)

  233. Lissiedoll14

    hey Jenny,
    sorry can’t help you there.im homeschooled.my dress code is my pj’s.

  234. catie

    hi we can’t wear tanktops or spaghete straps and it would be funny to see the pops get embaresed

  235. Haley

    Hey, Jenny just let me say that you are my hero when it comes to advice! But I have a huge problem. The POPS I told you about on my last comment, well they struck at me and this time I cried so I went to the guidance office and it still didn’t help! The POP said that she would change and that she was sorry. Well, just let me say, last time she said that, she LIED! I need some advice when it comes to this girl! I hope you can find a way to answer back.

  236. Rachel

    I have a dress code at my school. :( its not that bad bcuz we wear collared shirts but they come in almost EVERY color!! :) From lime green to yellow to navy to purple to pink to teal. and we get to wear black, tan, or navy bottoms with the school logo on it. :( i wish we didnt have uniforms tho.

  237. madi733

    Our school has a dress code and this year people have been breaking it a lot!! The girls are wearing skinny straps on their tanks and wearing short shorts!! Just respect the rules and go with it.
    Hope this helps,

  238. violeta142

    if you can’t be yourself who CAN you be?NO ONE!!!! dress codes are the things that should be bande!!!!! :) PEACE !!!!

  239. violeta142

    at least thats what i think ;) !!!

  240. Mackenzie

    School dress codes are really annoying. All you really have to do is try and add some personal items. Like maybe add a really cool pin or hair accessories.You are being yourself and following the rules.

  241. fiona

    my school has a dress code and i HATE it! we should be able to wear want to wwant!

  242. Jenny


  243. Megabite

    We have to wear colllered shirts everyday except on Thursday when we have to wear slacks, skirts, or dresses for girls and salcks for guys. Then on Friday we can wear a Christian T-shirt. ( i go to a Christian school)

  244. KIM

    My school has a drees code! We wear the same tees everyday and there only in purple and gray and our schools name is on it but when u see everyone its like a pool of purple and gray tees amd me and my friends hate it! We hate that drees code is taking some of our true selfs! our school can only wear dark color jeans and no designs and it totally stinks! Everyday I wear the same thing the t-shrit and jeans and so does everyone else. If the kids at my school could change it we would but are princible is super strict and she wants things her way! I wish we didn’t have a dress code but I guess we just got some bad luck. Were learning to live with it but we still wish we didn’t have it

  245. Cassie

    Hey Jenny!
    It is completely possible to be unique and have a dress code. Wear cute bracelets. (Plese don’t wear those Silly Bands everyone is wearing! Unless you wear one or two rare ones:).) Also, find a hairstyle that is cute and stylish on you. Then find some ultra cute ribbons, hair ties, clips and scrunchis to dress it up.
    Another thing you could do is find some cool shoes or dress up your old ones. For example, with sneakers you can buy charms and colored shoe laces that you like to put on them. You can also get permanent marker or fabric marker and a few stencils to draw on them and make them pretty.
    Hope this helps! Be your self!

  246. Kirsten

    Gosh I hate dress codes!! We have to have shirts that’s straps are at least 2 fingers wide and our shorts have to be at our fingertips. Also no short skirts alone and no nail polish and makeup!! Wonder how the pops would feel with no make up!! Some people still do it but oh well….

  247. shannon

    i have a dress code it not that bad we only have to do is to wear light blue tops or dress and light blue bottom but in 7th grade you can wear red top and navy blue bottom but in picture days you can wear anything you want but in a very grown up way hope this help shannon

  248. Hannah

    Hey,it would be funny seeing the Pops not getting their way for once.My school has a dresscode, and if they make you where uniforms,just load up on accesories!

  249. Rosemarie

    My school is kinda stricket. Tank tops are 3 adult frings wide, shorts and skirts are an index card turned horizontal above the knee, no heels over an inch,no see through tops(undertops are acceptional)no shirts with bad meanings or skulls,no spikes(earings are ok)no holes above the knee,etc.(ok there realy stricket):P

  250. Hope

    We have a very strict dress code at our school. We no tank tops, flip-flops,saddles,only long shorts,and lots more rules!!!!

  251. Tina

    In my school there’s a dress code and I think it dosen’t change every year. I wish I could wear sandals at P.E but he won’t let us. I thought this was a free country.

  252. amazingsinger101

    I am sure that the dress code stuff is all rumors. If there will be dress codes they will be fair and just say like short have to be 5 inches below hip or shirt straps have to be three fingers long. None of these are a big deal. Don’t freak about it!

  253. momma'sgirl42

    OMG our dress code is kind of fair. No spaghetti straps, no flip flops, shorts longer than fingertip length, and no bare midriffs. its about it, but i wish we could have shorty shorts and spaghetti straps :(

  254. Melissa

    We don’t have a dress code. Why should we wear uniforms? That would be no fun. We need to have our own looks and fashion or nobody can tell our personalities.

  255. londonlove

    my school has a dress code and we have to wear these ugly uniforms we can choose the pants but it cant be patterned or it cant be jeans. Its pretty horrible but i bet the pops would disobey the dresscode like some people do in our school teachers r too busy to notice

  256. Londyn

    That is so stupid .We express our pesonalities through our clothes .I think you should organize a protest if that dress code goes into effect!That’s rreally lame.Don’t parents have something better to do than ruin our lives!?Oh wait I forgot that’s their job.

  257. sar5ah

    i go to a private school and we wear uniforms. usually they give you options like you can wear pants or a skirt. but it is miserable. you cant express your self if you wear uniforms. stop it while you can.

  258. Kate

    First I would like to say rumors are rumors and unless there going total uniform at yor school i dout it. Also,i was looking at the dress code at my middle school that i will be going to after summer and they have some werid rules like we can only have white and black shoelaces and they can not be mix mached and i do that a lot but i’ll have to deal with it because you get in SOOO much trouble if we don’t go by the dress code

  259. Harmanpreet

    i have a dress code in my school ( it’s an all girls school ugh!)
    anyway, everybody has to wear the school shirt and either black pants or skirts. i hope u don’t end up in this mess!

  260. Brittany

    We do have a dress code and its not bad! Just no skimpy clothing rly. So I rock out starpless tops with a plain shirt underneath. Its simple stylsh and knocks th popular girls out the door! :) not literaly:)

  261. Brianna

    okay if you have a uniform i do to. it is uncomfortable and you don’t where one day you got detention for the rest of the year.

  262. Isabella

    We don’y have a dress code but if we did i would be really upset! but i think i would probably mix it up a bit. Like…wearing leggings underneath the skirts and wearing jewelry. Also, i would wear the collar up if i had a collared shirt.

  263. Naraesa

    The girls have to wear bright blue pinafores and white short-sleeved shirts and boys white short-sleeved shirts with olive green pants and for prefects girls: long sleeved shirts and green skirts with green ties and boys long sleeved white shirts and white pants with green ties…and don’t even ask me about librarians…

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