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April 15

Dress Distress

Okay, here’s a question for you. Does your school have a
dress code? Mine doesn’t. At least it doesn’t for now. But some parents are on
a committee to start a dress code at our school. I don’t know exactly what they
want the dress code to be, but there are a lot of rumors going around. Someone
said they don’t want us to be allowed to wear jeans or t-shirts anymore. That
would kill Chloe. All she has are her wacky t-shirts with all their funny
sayings on them. And then I heard another rumor that if these parents get their
way, the guys will all have to wear ties everyday. Somehow I can’t see Marc and
Josh wearing ties to school.

if my friends and I would be upset about a dress code, can you imagine what the
Pops would think? They don’t let anyone—not even their parents—tell them what
to wear. They think it’s their job to tell the rest of us what’s cool enough to
wear to school.

If this dress code goes through, there are going to be a lot
of angry kids at Joyce Kilmer Middle School, that’s for sure.

the dress code like at your school? And how do you cope with it? Is it possible
to follow the rules and still be unique?

wait to hear from you!