March 2

Food For Thought. . .Or Your Thoughts on Food

Hi there! How’s your winter been
going? We’ve had four snow days in the past month, so mine’s been great! Don’t
you love when you turn on the computer and see the word CLOSED next to your
school’s name? I think that may just be the best feeling in the world.

But actually, I’m hoping we have
school next Friday, because that’s the day of our sixth grade banquet. It’s
this tradition we have at Joyce Kilmer Middle School where every sixth grader
in the school brings in a dish, and then we sell the food in the school
cafeteria. The money all goes to charity. This year we’re giving the money to
help out all those people who were left homeless in Haiti after the earthquake.

I want to cook something really special, partly
because I’m the class president, and it’s important that I bring something a
lot of people will buy so we can earn a huge amount for charity. The other
reason I want to make something spectacular so that Addie and Dana can’t make
fun of my cooking. I know that sounds ridiculous, but you guys know that the
Pops can make fun of anything. And they usually do. I don’t really want to
spend the whole banquet hearing what a dork I am for making something Dana
thinks smells like the girls bathroom. You guys know what I mean, right?

I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions about what I
could make for the banquet. Do you have a favorite dish?

Thanks (again!) for the help. I’m
so glad I have friends like you.



433 thoughts on “Food For Thought. . .Or Your Thoughts on Food

  1. shira

    hi jenny!!! i am the first one 2 respond! i really am ur true friend! u should make wat u think is best. it doesnt matter wat the pops think! go get em with ur amazing dish! thanks for asking 4 my advice! im always here 4 u! bye! -shira

  2. Diana

    First of all y r u worried of what the pops think:( Thay only make fun of u because they are jelous.That may sound silly but its true. By the way I am the second 1 2 respond! Bye

  3. Samar

    Hey Jenny! Make whatever you like and make sure not care about what the pops have to say, because their opinion doesn’t matter in this case. How about trying to make something healthy but but tasty too like, smoothies or fruit salad,its easy and tastes great.
    good luck!

  4. Sam

    I think you should bring cookies or brownies. You can’y go wrong with that! And if they do make fun of you, tell them if it’s so bad, they shouldn’t have any then!

  5. Emma

    I have a few ideas for you.First,i think that you should either make brownies,they always blow the crowd away. Or you could make yor basic sugar cookie.It might be original but i’m sure you can add an extra WOW to it.Lastly you can make something that you found on this website such as those popcorn balls… and those cookies.I LOVE your series! by for now!!!

  6. Laura

    I think that u should ask your parents or grandparents or other relatives 4 old family recipes. That way,it really WILL be u,at least. :)

  7. Danielle

    Jenny, Iwant to wish you lots of luck in the kitchen. Anyway,you won the election with sugar cookies, so make those. And,my school is going crazy 4 Haiti,too. I’m vice prez of my school service club. Good luck!!!!!!!!

  8. Maya

    Hey jen, um i think that u should make so awesome chocolate cake! Besides you cant go wrong with CHOCOLATE!!! right??
    ur bffl,
    MJ :-)

  9. Hudda

    love ur books and gave alot of money to haiti

  10. Jesscia

    Hi jenny! You shouldn’t pay any attention to the pops, try to be like Chloe. By the way you can search on the Google for recipes. Also, you might want to bring ice cream (new flavored). Anyways, who doesn’t like ice cream? Also make sure no body is allergic to any thing you bring, because it is going to ruin everything if someone’s symptoms stat to happen by eating your food!
    your #1 fan

  11. Carol

    Do NOT be worried what the pops think.
    Just bring anything you like, just as long its not stinky tofu!

  12. Gabi

    Jen you have to listen to me and all the other chicks that are telling you this too!!! the pops are just dumb girls and you shouldnt worry about what they think! their opinion isnt important at all!!! you need to just live your life to the fullest and ignore them!! thats what i do and always laugh when they make fun of you it works!! they are just jealous! Anyway about the food, you should make something that everyone likes like pizza, tacos, burritos, brownies, spaggetti, or something exoctic like hmmm fried guinea pig? jk lol Later taterz!

  13. Alexis

    I think you should bring whatever you think you should. Maybe the pops are jealous of your cooking and that’s why they make fun of it! You should make what’s special to you; maybe a family dish! You can do it Jenny! Good Luck~

  14. Mikah

    Hey, I am the third one who cares about you! I think you should make a great dish that will make the pop’s mouth open wide and their eyes pop out of their eyeball sockets. I was looking on google for recipies and they have some great ones. Type in ‘Yummy Recipies’ and it will give you great ideas! Love you sooooo much, but I really have to go. It’s dinner time. Have fun cookin’ up a storm!!!!!!!!

  15. Kaitlyn

    Try making what your good at making, maybe smores!

  16. Shelley

    If your really worried about what you bring, bring a really popular food like something everyone likes. But remember, don’t always get so worried about the pops. It can take over your life.

  17. Happy Lover

    Hello Jenny, I think you should make something heathly and tasty. If I were you, but I’m not, I would make a smoothie.Or you can make something special,like a family tradion.I’m also the third person to write here,hurray.From, Happy Lover.

  18. valerie

    maybe u should make something really delicious but kinda unusual but really tasty, like indian food or something, people will like it and they will buy it! the pops will be soooooo jealous!

  19. amtu

    hey Jenny im reading one of ur books right now its called caught in the web.U r so awesome dont be shy of me.And to tell u the truth i think ur more popular than the pops.Also i hope anther book that u have writen will come out and maybe u should search on wat types of food the people from haiti like and tell ur class why u picked it the pops will be so jelous thnx for readin see ya

  20. Shelby

    Hi! This is my first time on Middle School and here’s what I think you should make. You were Addie’s best friend right? Make her favorite food!(Unless it’s too outlandish.)What a shocker that will be! And don’t worry what the Pops think, you’ll do a better job if instesad of worrying about them you concentrate on what you’re doing.

  21. Kyler

    Hi Jenny! I think you should make a dessert. Like brownies or cookies.And if the pops make fun of your brownies, shove one in their mouths. By the way, I’m the 3rd person to comment!!

  22. Sabrina

    Who cares what they think they are the POPS. The POPS are their own people they only make you feel bad because they feel bad about themselves. by the way why don’t you make a chocolate cake or sugar cookies like you did in your books.- Sabrina 6 grade

  23. jazmin

    I think u should cook what u r use 2.Like what your mom cooked when u where little -from your #1 fan Jazmin

  24. hannah

    well make something others most likely won’t make. so, there are going to be a lot of brownies, cupcakes,and cookies. but u don’t want to make something too hard that if it was squished a little it would mess it all up. how about salsa? i love salsa, but that’s just me. people are gonna make sweet stuff, how about spicy. also, i had 7 days off of school. i live in Pittsburgh, and we had a huge snow storm. and we have been doing a Haiti drive at our school.

  25. Tami

    Hey Jenny! I know I wasnt the first one to respond but it doesnt matter who responds first it matters about the advice they are gonna give you. I think that you shouldn’t let the pops get to you. You should think of something to make though. Make a list of a few recipes that are really fancy and then another list of simple but tasty recipes. By the way how old are you Jenny because I am 13 but even if you are younger it doesnt matter because I would still want to be your friend. Anyway talk to you later and remember dont let the pops get to you because if you let them take advantage of you then they will distract you from thinking of food ideas. See you later

  26. Aimee

    Forget what the Pops think. Who cares about them, anyway? They’re just a bunch of jerks who care to much about how they look. If they make fun of you, pretend you don’t notice. They thrive on hurting people’s feelings.

  27. kristy

    Well in my opinion you should make the cookies you made when you were trying to persuade people to vote for you to be class president! Everyone Loved those! But really I think you should make anything you like it dosen’t matter what the pops think. Half of them probaly won’t even cook somthing they will ask their parents or go to a bakery they won’t put any effort into it when you will!

  28. Carly

    You should make lasagna because it’s my favorite

  29. logan

    well, i suggest making sweets! that always wins people over! then no one will listen to the the pops when they make fun of your food, because you’ll already have them stuffing your mouth with the food you made. i hope you’ll listen to my advice!

  30. Sarah

    Yeah I’m second! Anyway, try middle school, maybe they have a recipe for something. Or you could make my favorite dish Grapefruit Ice Pops. It’s so easy. First take about 8 grapefruits’ and a friut squizzer and get all of the juice out. then put the juice in a single square ice tray. Then put polyethylene over the juice. Next stick popcicle sticks in the top and put in the freezer for about 1 hour or until the party. That’s it.

  31. Annemarie

    You could always make apple crisp. I think my mom’s apple crisp is the best in the world and is perfect for a cold winter day. Hope this helps!

  32. Sarah

    I am the thrid yay i think you should make want you think put something all my friends will like and i am sure every else will like too they are these amazing pretzal ( or however you spell it) but you could put cimmion (or however u spell it) or salt and i am a pop at my school but we r not mean there are these other people who thinks they are pops but they are not and they r real mean so you should make those our brownies hope this helps peace:)

  33. Scarlett

    Best thing ever. If I went to your school, I’d buy a ton!!!!
    If not pasta, why not s’mores??

  34. Ke$ha

    Hey girl. Don’t worry about what those pops say,,,,btw,they’re jealous of you, because you’re pretty and have lots of awesome friends and they don’t.
    btw, I’m Ke$ha

  35. Savannah

    Don’t worry about what the Pops’ think. It doesn’t matter. Have you tried like Baked Ziti or something like that.?

  36. Abby

    Cheesy potatoes! Or mashed potatoes! You can never go wrong with potatoes.

  37. Kathy

    Hii Jenny! U can bring in some snack. TRUST ME cuz EVERYONE LOVE BROWNIES, CUPCAKES, CHIPS, AND COOKIES PARTICAULLY IN LUNCH TIME! i suggest brownies with cimmion in there cuz it taste really good!

  38. Catie

    Hey Jenny,
    Try making something like cookies or brownies. Something that really is attractive to hungry 6th graders. Try to make it look fresh and and just out of the oven!
    your bff Catie

  39. Chante

    hi jenny.i was thinking that maybe you could make something like cookies or some type of cake because those things can’t get don’t want to make something that would need to be heated up. :)

  40. K-Kay

    The is and easy thing to make. Apple and cinnamin cookies. easy and good smelling!
    O( ^.^ )O

  41. brandi

    hi jenny i think u should do what uant o do and show the pops thatu are uniqe and that they are not worth the time for anyone. they willl oneday want to be your friend one day once they have none cuz no one likes them cuz they have been jerks
    love brandi

  42. anonymous

    Hey! I don’t know what you should make. Don’t worry about the pops though. Just make what you want to make. Maybe try making some of Sam’s pudding that she told you about? Or chili?

  43. ashly

    you should make a triple layer fudge cake like they have at weddings, but add some of your own spice to it. it is sure to impress the pops. wait until they see your creation!they will totally freak out. i am your #1 fan, even though i answered 3rd.
    BTW i might sound mean but im not trying to be, its just my opinion
    LUV U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Princess Natalirose

    you are so mean to addie. if your nice to her, she’ll be nice to u. i’m like, her twin! just like her!!
    LOL, PRINCESS********

  45. Hannah

    Just Make Something You Think People Will Like, And Forget What The Pops Think…. There Jerks Anyway Right? I Just Think Its Cool Your Schools Raising Money For Haiti! Our School Did That To But For Chocolate Bar Sales

  46. Lori

    Can’t ever go wrong with baked goods!

  47. Maggie

    First of all, I just want to say that I’m so excited! I am the 3rd one to respond! Anyway, about your cooking problem, it dosen’t matter what the pops think! Just make something that you like, people will buy, and something you would buy. And when you make your final decision, aon’t even think about the pops. Whatever they think about you, your food, or your cooking is NOT important! I hope you raise a lot of money for Haiti! Good luck!

  48. MEAGYN

    SWEET POTATOES DEFINATELY. THE ONLY Reason the pops dont like you is because they are JEALOUS of you.

  49. rachel

    ok you should bring this awesome dessert my mom and i made . it has this fruit filling and can be blueberry or cherry. i guess you can use any fruit filling. then you put cream cheese on top and then you put cressent roll dough on that . the thing is you unroll it so that it is like a rectangle. bake then put in fridge until ready to serve . i won a baking compitition with this . good luck. and its not about what the pops think its about raising money for haiti.

  50. Ronda

    You should make chocolate chip cookies or brownies! You can never go wrong with those, everybody loves them!

  51. Angela

    Hi!I’m your bff too I hope you find something to make. If you can’t it doesn’t matter what the pops think anyway!!!!!! Love your books.

  52. Leanne

    Try something like macoroni and cheese for a snack. It might sound babyish but mac and cheese is really good tasting!

  53. Sheila

    Hi jenny! don’t worry about the pops. Just let them do what they want. And you can too!

  54. Nicole

    Hey Jenny!!
    I am so glad we are friends!! You should make anything with choclate because even though sloppy joes,pasta, or any other fancy food is good nothing beats the tradition of brownies,cakes,or any other sweet treat and people love homeade things. BTW I am the 3 to respond!! Bye

  55. erica

    Hey Jenny! I think you should find a recipe for cheesecake or key lime pie. those are, like, my favorite desserts!
    p.s.-i hate Addie

  56. Lia

    You can make gingerman cookies.Dont wori what the pops think.Your friends will still think you have the best dish.

  57. quen

    Dont wori about the pops.make what people like in yur school the most.The pops will make fun of anithin.

  58. maria

    hi! you should make you fav. dish it not matter what they think it is what you think and what you think is the best have fun and good luck.

  59. Beccerz I luv money $$$

    3rd to coment! YAY but u can make like mac and cheese! Or well desert cookies or cake! Ummm Vegie Soup since its cold or shrimp i ♥ shrimp

  60. Lauren

    Hye Jenny I have some ideas like baking cup cakes in the shape of Haiti so people really get into the fund raiser and ignore the pops they`re just doing that to get atiention ( I am soooooooooooo exited to be the 3rd person responding 3 is my fav #) BYE(:

  61. Addison

    Hi jenny! I persinally think that u should make whatever ur heart wants. I mean its 4 a good cause. I hope my comment helped.

  62. Liz

    Cook what u think is best not what the pops think.

  63. 101emma

    Hi Jenny! I just wanted to say u should make wat ever dish u like. Dont care wat the pops think! they r just mean!! lol. well i like all cookies, cakes, culvers custard. food like that. hope u find a dish! Bye-emma

  64. Abby

    Hi Jenny
    i think you should make some cookie squares. They sound yummy!!
    Your friend,
    PS it dosent matter what the pops think i am student council pres and my friend is a represeitive and we have fun. I have some Pops in my school i cant wait untill middle school(our school goes up to 6th grade)so i can get away from them!
    i know sounds rude but Ugh they are realy mean

  65. meme

    i suggest that you make somethig sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet to serve at the banquet.everybody looooooooooooooooooooves something sweet to satisfy thier sweet tooth.bye jenny!!!!!!!!!!!email me back.later!!!!!!!

  66. victoira

    ya it should not matter what pops think their just jelous of you thats all. i bet you will bake a great dish.

  67. Ruth

    if you cant think of anything to make try macaroni and cheese. its easy to make.

  68. Amel

    i just wanted to tell you that my birthday is on march 15!!!!!
    i can’t wait.
    oh and i think you’re awesome.

  69. NY

    Make pizza and do not listen 2 them. they are jerks

  70. Genny

    So far my winter stinks. We have NO SNOW!try making your fave dish. I have a person who will feel bad if they dont tease me

  71. Sophie

    Ok, firstly, who cares what the Pops think? They are a bunch of idiots, and to let them bother you would be showing that you are weak in that respect.
    Secondly, you should make a batch of those chocolate chip bars in your book. They would be delicious. Also, have your dad make some chili.
    I’m the third to comment! Hope you consider my advice! Thanks!!!

  72. Haley

    Hey Jenny!! I am 3rd response!!! Oh and you should probably make cupcakes!! I mean, who doesn’t like cupcakes? Well, hope you like my idea!

  73. nathalie

    hi.i think u should do what u want doesnt matter wat other people think.the pops r just mean and jealouse dont pay any mind to them.their just mean because their jealouse of make wat u want.GO GET THEM!

  74. zumascooby10

    well you shoudn’t care what the pops think it. maybe you should look in a cook book or ask your mom or dad for help.i am the 3rd to respond:)

  75. cheyenne

    who cares wat the pops think? the r snobs i have a LOT in my class.ignore them. u should make carrot cake coockies w/white icing

  76. Kaite

    i really like what you’re doing for the people in haiti. maybe you can give some money to the people of chile, too! make a really good dish called chocolate chip cookies!!! or maybe make some peanut-butter balls! u LOVE those things, but I am sorry because i don’t remember how to make them. maybe a cookery person does. sorry i must go. but remember to provide drinks as well. that way when people get thirsty they’ll have something to drink, too!

  77. Kaite

    sorry i meant I love those things! dumb keyboard – i’m always making mistakes!

  78. kara

    one time me and my friends abby and jaquie made mixed licorice and pudding and chocolate cake from the store and jellytots all toghether. it sounds gross but it was yummy!

  79. Mary Louise

    Make choclate death cake it as delious as it smells and looks

  80. Mary Louise

    Live and Love it .Go girl

  81. korin

    hey jenny. i think you should just make somehting you like i doesn’t have to be amazing. all that really matters is haiti right? so just make something you like.

  82. Kathryn

    Hi Jenny!!! I think u should make whatever dish u want to. It dosen’t matter what the pops say. They aren’t as powerful as they think they are! I know u will think of something amazing! TTFN

  83. Caitlin

    I think that you should make anything that you want! Who cares what the Pops think? It doesn’t matter what they think. It’s only for helping Haiti. It should be fun. You shouldn’t worry about the Pops. They are just jealous. Cook anything that you want to!

  84. rather not say

    cookies are always a big hit so go for that i bet tons of kids will but
    P.S. good luck
    P.P.S. sweets are always good

  85. Angie

    Spaghetti Taco’s….Not the kind from ICarly..The kind from my actual recipe!!I totally forgot how to make them but here’s the easiest way without the mess!Get hard taco’s.They really work best because the spaghetti wont fall out!Then boil some Long string spaghetti.Then get tomato sauce and your favorite type of cheese.Then put the sauce and cheese,Did i remind you that it has to be grated,Put that on the spaghetti then get a big scoop and put it in the haed taco…The end!I always do this when my family from canada comes over!!

  86. Riley

    I have a really good recipe for you. pizza bagles!they are very deiisous put the tomato sauce then put chesse on then put the toppings. [make sure you have different toppings on.]

  87. Franchescaven

    wow, jen! how nice of you to volunteer! why dont you bring in a chocolate cake? its really easy to make and taste really good. the pops cant beat you with that!

  88. Emma

    who cares what the pops think?! it’s ur opinion that matters! ;) ur’s and ur friends! 3rd to respond!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Emma

    p.s. cheesy potato soup is really good.

  90. Breanna

    Hey Jenny!!!!! First of all, the Pops only make fun of you because they can. If you ignore them( act like they not there!!!), they’ll get bord and leave you alone!!! Second, make your favourite food!!! other ppl mite like ur food and it WON’T smell like the irls bathroom!!!!!!!! BTW, I’m third and I’d rather b 7th!!!TTYL!!!! :) :p

  91. Kayla

    Hi Jenny! I can’t belive the Pops would slam u for not being the best chef in the world! ( Well, I can belive it, but ya know…) You should do either do something like coffee fudge or a classic pasta dish with bow ties and cheese sauce and garlic bread. Every one will love it!!!! :)

  92. Hannah :) <3

    hey jenny!! <3 im actully sad cuz i dont have snow days. :( i dont live near the snow so it duznt snow but im RLY happy for the next dance!! its this friday!!! i got a really cute outfit(im a pop) and im gettin ready @ my friends house!! yay! im gonna ask the guy i like i hope he says yes!!

  93. Lila

    Hi you should look through your mom’s cook book and find a really eye catching dessert. Make it look really fancy and and a whole bunch of decorations! By the way I am the 3 person to respond!

  94. Kyla

    We had something like that too!!!What my friends and I baked was mini Lemony cupcakes with whipped cream.A LOT BOUGHT even before we sold it to the cafeteria.It was awesome and we earned a lot.Hoped that I helped!!!

  95. Rachel

    Try to make up a pretty simple dish or something nothing to crazy. Do NOT worry about the pops if it tastes good maybe they will even eat or it will be gone before they can smell it

  96. sam

    jen I know what you mean! there is a group of pops at my school. but….. they are not that great. so i say stand up for your self!!!!!!!!!

  97. Skye

    I think you should make pound cake cupcakes with lemon curd on top. it’s delish! or make rainbow cake. use angel cake batter and put in food coloring. say hello to sam for me. bye

  98. Geneva

    Hi! there r alot of amazin dishes dat u can make like lasagna btw who cares wut da pops think just make wut evr comes 2 ur mind. BTW im da 3 1 2 respond…….. Peace!

  99. Sophie

    Hi Jenny!
    Firstly, I don’t think you should worry about what the Pops have to say because they are just mean. Second, you should have your dad make some chili and then you should make those chocolate chip bars that you found on your fav website. I hope you like my ideas!

  100. keely

    I love pastries! Everyone does! Make a cheesecake or eclairs.eclairs are french.Sam probably knows about them. And with them have a chocolate fountain.

  101. Anna

    id do some kind of dessert. something yummy
    and chocolaty!something like that would sell well! don’t worry about what the pops think!

  102. lisa

    Hi, Jenny! I am 1 of ur fans. I am so happy to give an advice, it’s like u are a real person, in other words the most famous celebrity. I think u should cook a cheese cake, ice cream cake, or chocolate cake. I mean 99 percent love sweets. You could also cook what you cooked, when the pops were in the carnival and tried to make people feel like pops, by puting make up on them. you beat them! I mean you always beat them. I would be so happy if u take my advice! That would be a dream come true

  103. e

    hi jenny! i love ur books… ur a breat writer! do u ever think about being a journalist or even an author? anyway… don’t even pay attention to wat the pops thinks just think or find a recipe that fits your personality. By the way, i have one: face cupcakes.

  104. Hayley Nicole

    Gingerbread cookies with vanilla are REALLY yummy!!!

  105. Megan

    Jenny,do what YOU want 2 cook.It doesn’t matter if the Pops make fun of your cooking.You’re making money for Hati,and that is really nice of your school.



  107. Amy

    Hello Jenny, I think you could make a meal that’s a family tration.Bye.P.S. I am the third person to respond.

  108. Kimmy

    Make or bring apple pie! DELISH!

  109. Kelly

    there r many things u could make. like spaghetti. p.s. do u have some tips on how to win an election? because i was running 4 4th grade vice pres and lost. thanks!

  110. Tamara

    I think that you SHOULD care about what they think and make something that wont stand out 2much cuz then they will tease u for the whole time ( thn u will NOT hav a good time) make something cool but not 2 showy. like…..brownies. something good but not something that will make them crack up. o and also, if dana makes fun of u , u should TOTALLY OFFER HER A BROWNIE and if she says no, thn stuff 1 in your mouth and smile, act like u dont care. and get ur buds to do it to. trust me it will work and u will have an awesome time!!!!
    luv-ur pal-tamara

  111. samantha

    I tink the pops are just jealous of your cooking so do what ever you want

  112. Samara

    When we have things like that at my school chocolate covered strawberrys are always REALLY popular. They are so yummey! Also hot chocolate is always great!
    Hope I helped!
    PS.its not you that has something wrong the pops have something wrong with them. Your to good for ‘em!

  113. Mahnoor

    Hi JENNY!
    You know I understand how you feel. Know what? just do what you want ? kay? Cook your best and they will just be amazed. Of course, they won’t show it (duh!) but actually they may not make fun of you for atleast the whole day or even if they do that will just prove that they are jealous.
    By the way, I’m the 3rd 1 2 respoind
    See ya!

  114. Annie

    Hey! what abt making some cookies or chocolates. YUM! Maybe the pops will like it too!
    Um…Jenny I’ve to tell you something. You know I have a feeling Addie still likes you. But she can’t do it now, i think she thinks that If I become friends with Jenny again the pops will start making fun of me too.Also, that she thinks that you don’t like her anymore either. As of the girls bathroom thing if Dana actually says so tell her it is because of you after all you are found in the bathroom! actuallly it isn’t probably a nice thing to say. Maybe you shouldn’t say that.
    BYE! see ya soon!

  115. teresaa

    u shudd bringg inn pitsaaa tht iss an ahhhmazingg dishhh
    loveee biggteresaa

  116. sophia

    hey jen is it OK if i call u that but u have to be a leader not a follower start something new like anything try a couple of samples and give to some friends and ask which one they like best

  117. Sarah

    there are so many things you can sell,
    try these: cookies chili, mac & cheese, caramel apples, popcorn balls, and chocolate covered strawberys.
    Addie and her gang can’t beat that!
    yours truly
    P.S. I LOVE your book

  118. serafina29

    I have a secret recipe I’m gonna share with you.
    Snowstorm Milkshake
    -Vanilla ice cream
    -Wipped cream
    -vanilla extract
    -sprinkles [optional]
    You can make a chocolate version too like this.
    Brownie Scramblers
    -Chocolate ice cream
    -chocolate powder
    Do the same and watch Dana’s envy. MUAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  119. Oriana

    Hey! You know what always helps me? Just forget the pops are even there! And people would just LOVE something funky and un-American and traditional. You never know. Good Luck!

  120. Brianna

    I think food is cool exept that when there is gross food. But who realy cares what the pops think anyways all of us are pops in our special way there is more pops than the pops at your school.JUST USE YOUR IMAGINEATION AND POPS STINK BECAUSE IF THERE IS CHILDREN OUT THERE WHO AGREES WITH ME YOU MAY BE A POP SOMEDAY!

  121. Diana

    u can make a huge layer cake!!! i always make that for school publishing parties, and i always hear that it is awosome! or u can do ur fave. dish and just don’t worry about the pops, pertend they don’t excest! hope that helps:-)

  122. stase

    don’t worry about the pops. make the best dish ,I know you can. I’m your biggest fan.-stase

  123. susan

    just make a cake

  124. Casey

    I think you should bake cookies that spell out the words, ‘Help Haiti’. It’d be great inspiration and very creative. See what the pops think of that!!!

  125. jessica

    Pops should pop causewhen go ur own they will fear so go with a classic favorite like sugar cookies. Great in taste and good with any one.

  126. mia

    hi!!! i think you should bring pasta which is my favorite. try alfredo sauce so cheesy! thanks

  127. Shaylynn

    Im not a big fan of the Pops,but you should make a bunch of cookies and put some brownies in the middle and make the cookies really gooey and cocolaty with candies in it. Good Luck

  128. Chrisya

    Well, 4 the recipe, maybe u should open and find an EXCELLENT recipe. That’ll work. ~ Btw, don’t hear what the POPs said. Just ignore them. Maybe they just make fun of you because they thought u’re a baby & can’t cook. Well, SHOW THEM THAT U CAN! They’re so much like a jerk. They keep on making fun of other people. I don’t have a favourite dish ’cause I like every dishes. They’re awesome! Expecially when my mom cook it 4 me. Homemade dishes is better than buying!
    Better you cook healthy dishes 4 the people in Haiti. I’m sure that the people will getting better.
    Hope this long advice helps & make you feel better. <3 your books! GO JENNY 4 THE BEST CLASS PRESIDENT!
    God Bless you Always…
    ~ Chrisya~

  129. Melissa

    Hi Jenny,
    mmmm…. I don’t really know. You gave sugar cookies at the election between Addie and you right? Maybe you should do that again if that was (sort of) a hit…
    Anyway i guess i am the 3rd one to respond!

  130. six-grader-girl

    hi jenny!you dun hafta think about what the pops will do.its their own matter not hafta stay strong always can cook anything you want.BTW im the 3rd commenter.-Monica

  131. amanda

    well, like most people would say it doesnt really matter what those girls think. but if u really want my advice, there is these amazing cookies called russian tea cookies. they may sound gross but i can assure you they are great. Also, you can make or buy cheese balls. they were a big hit in my class and everybody LOVES cheese ball. Hope i was a help! good luck :) ~amanda

  132. jackie

    well i thing you should make apple pie.i mean who doesnt like pie?

  133. Krista

    Don’t worry what the pops think
    3rd one to respond:)

  134. Amanda

    Hey Jenny. I think it’s really nice that you’re making food for people in Haiti. They really have suffered a lot. I know what you mean about Addie and Dana. You know, I always try o give people advice, but i just learned how hard it is to really follow that advice. My only advice is don’t take anything personally. Also, in your next book, you could stand up to Addie and Dana and actually win! By the way, I am the third one to reply to this!!!

  135. Allison

    yay i am likeone of the first 2 respond! well, about the advice – i think u should make brownies.! we had a banquet last year in 5th grade, and im serious, everybody ate like 3 and they were all sad when they were gone and a lot of people thanked me!!!!
    ✿ Allison

  136. rannaban

    my family raised $60 for haiti we also just adopted a 3 year old girl from there

  137. Maya

    Hey Jenny I think you should make a really good chocolate cake I mean everyone LOVES CHOCOLATE right
    ?? Good luck

  138. The evil bunny

    Do something u know Addie can’t resist. How would she make fun of it if her mouth is watering?

  139. Maya

    Hey Jenny I think you should make a really good chocolate cake I mean everyone LOVES CHOCOLATE right
    ?? Good luck

  140. Hillary

    Hi Jenny! Don’t worry what the pops think about.They are just jelous of you.It doesn’t sound true but it is.Also, my favorite dish is sushi.Yum!!! By the way, I’m the 3rd person to respond!Bye!!! :)

  141. Sammy

    Hey Jenny! First off I’m a huge fan of your site! Yeah but I’m still in elementary!(6th, but my Elementary goes up to 6th) Anyways…um I say you cook a dish that actually tastes good but then again is unique! Like for example a traditional Mexican meal like; spicy toquitos or something. Or better make your OWN dish! I really love the hall of shame and the rest of your site. but the Hall of shame makes me feel better due to all the embarrsing things I do!
    -Your friend Sammy

  142. ALEX B.

    Hey jenny i totally love the how to survive middle school books!I am a pop but i am not a jerk like addie. I think u should cook something u LOVE to eat!!!
    First choose what kinda of meal u want to make ( a breakfest meal, lunch meal, a dinner meal, or my favorite a DESSERT MEAL!!!). Then look in cook books that have the kind of meal u choose. Or just ask your mom.
    your bffl ~ Alex B.

  143. renessme

    i am new to the blog and i just want to say my fav. food is chili i dont know how to make it but you could google it

  144. jessa

    hey i luv ur books i think u should make s’mores! i no u guys luv makin them and sam luvs them so they would be perfect!
    BTW i am the 3rd 1 2 respond! cya-jessa

  145. Candycane

    Cook something YOU like. It doesn’t matter what the pops think. Besides, Addie stinks.

  146. TiAundra

    haha 3rd to respond:)
    well dont worry what they think. make something you like such as cake or cookies.
    people make fun of other people because they’re intimidated by you! believe me :)

  147. summergirl475

    go get’m girl the pops r just jealous becauz u r so cute . [knock 'em down at the sale :D i'm root'n 4 ya ]

  148. Sam

    Hi Jenny!
    Why don’t you bake some cookies. Make sure that you bake some different types though. Also, if you bake cookies you’re sure to have an instant hit. YUM!

  149. Desiree

    The pops will get over it. they just need to move on. u r my favorite person in the world. and i am the 3rd 2 respond! Bye!!

  150. alinah

    cake yumm good

  151. Electria

    Here are some suggestions:… UG I just forgot all of them! Well, I’ll be back.
    But just in case you’re going for snacks, you can make s’mores (of course you know that,) butterscotch kiss cookies, or pretzel sticks put in a gallon-size paper bag and pour melted vanilla chocolate over it, mix it up, take it out, and leave it to dry. Might sound weird, but still good.

  152. Joy

    Hmm . . . Agreed with Shira & Diana ! Don’t care what the Pops think ! They are popular for the wrong reasons ! Remember , you are not alone =) Try to brainstorm session with your “mates” ! Maybe you could try to find something yum-tastic recipes from here !! BTW , I’m the 3rd ! Yay ! Love you books ~

  153. kristy

    i think you could make brownies their always great! but don’t worry about what the pops think they probaly won’t even cook somthing they will be to lazy or worry they will get dirty.So they will probaly make their parents cook somthing or get somthing from a bakery and say they cooked it.Also it dosen’t matter what they think THEY ARE NOT UR FRIENDS WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE WHAT THEY THINK

  154. Katerina

    I just finished 1 of the books 2day. And y r u even interested in being a Pop? I mean, I would wanna b a Pop, but not if it included being mean, walking around like u own the school, or acting soo selfish. And if it didn’t include my bff, I would say no.
    I loved hearing about ur dish! It sounds great! And I bet every1 will love it! If u hav anymore quentions or ask 4 our opinions, we’d be happy 2 help u, Jenny!

  155. Sophie

    Hi Jenny!!!
    I hope you take this advice. IGNORE THE POPS!!!!!! Try to be like Chloe and say something just as sassy back to one of their insults. If things get really out of hand (this doesn’t only apply to you) tell an adult.
    I think that you should have your dad make chili and you should make those yummy chocolate chip bars. That would show the Pops!!!
    By the way I am the 3rd to comment!! :)

  156. Lauren

    hey Jenny*i have read all of your books and i am still looking for a new one!i think you should bake something with your friends.if the pops make fun of it i’m sure Chole will stand up for you!ta ta for now!

  157. Melanie

    Like, i think u shouldn’t worry on what the pops think cuz they are just ridiculous, they are just making fun of people because they are hurt and they take out their anger on other people. Or, they have nothing better to do. Well, so that u can get a lot of money for charity, i think u could make ceviche (a delicious Peruvian seafood dish) which has fish which most of the time is “bonito” i believe (my mom says she “thinks” thats what its called) and it has shrimp and octopus and snails i think. It is the bomb! (trust me it tastes way better than it sounds!) and it has red onions and lettuce and corn… mmm! And it has like this lemon juice at the bottom with aji (a spicy chili from Peru) and it is the best thing i have ever tasted!! Oh! and let me tell u 2 feel free to take out any of the ingredients cuz i KNOW that everybody will get scared of the octopus and snails! But, i advise you to always give those ingredients as an option to ur customers. Also, those snails r snails from the sea NOT from ur backyard! Allthese ingredients can be found at ur supermarket ( i know my mother always makes ceviche at home )

  158. Melanie

    Oh and i forgot to tell u, to please look up the recipe online or in a Peruvian cook book because i really am not sure exactly how its made. (the ceviche)

  159. KRISTEN

    sup!i think u should make a food that u love. don’t let what the pops say bring u down! u rock and u know it! so show the world what u can do! my favorite dish is brownies for dessert or cake.then u could make a cassorole or just hot dogs. u rock! by the way where can i buy some more of your books cause they rock of course! i’m 3rd 2 responce! can’t wait to read your books! KRISSY

  160. Michaela

    Hi Jenny!!!!!!!!! I think for a dish you should bring in a plate of cookies all different kinds!! And you can decorate them with licorice, hershey kisses, sprinkles any thing!! Thanks 4 asking me 4 advice!!!

  161. chrissy

    hey jenny i think you should make something like cookies that are decorated really fancy or something like that and beside it dosent matter what the pops make becaus its probably going to be store bought

  162. Zoe

    Hi Jen, well my fave dish would definitly be spaghetti bolanase!!! But maybe u shoud just stand up 2 da pops? i guess u could look @ da pops dish and say it’s bad-but don’t get 2 competitive wif da pops! from ur new pal Zoe. P.S. i’ve just started reading ur books and going on da website-it rox!!!!!

  163. kuh-laire

    I’m 3rd ! YAY ! Hmm …. maybe you’ll find something yum-tastic here ! The no.1 website on the net ! I agree with shira and Diana ! Who cares what the Pops think ? I bet’cha you do but i would too . It’s a total waste of time ! Relax and you’ll figure it out ! You got plenty of “mates” that would back you up anytime & day ! =)

  164. Hadassah

    Hey Jenny,
    I’ve got 2 things 4 u!
    1. DOes it really matter what the pops think? I mean, like they’re not nice, (trust me, i know.)but wut matters is that you’re making all this 4 a good cause
    2. Some amazing dishes r right in yur house. take stuff and put it together! (It works for my sister, and her food is GOOD!!!!)
    So go get em Jenny! Kill them w/ yu rspectacular dinner!!!

  165. Hadassah

    When I say that I don’t mean really kill them!?!?!!!

  166. Hadassah

    Hey Jenny
    Cooking is fun!!! So cook and bow them away!!!

  167. Sanjana

    Hey Jenny! Don’t worry about what the pops think. They are only pops. And second, I think you should make something simple, like sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies. Hope this helps!

  168. silly gal

    you should make something really super yummy, that those girls shouldn’t make fun of. really, to be simple, everybody loves dessert, and everybody loves smores!!!! if you can’t bring that, then perhaps spaghetti? it’s one of my favorites. tacos? lasagna? maybe even making your own kind of sushi! i love all of those things i just suggested! so who cares if it smells like the girls bathroom? it only matters if they taste good. so who cares if they don’t taste good either? you would have still tried to make everyone happy for what you did! and if they don’t buy any, and it tastes good, well, you got some left overs for yourself girl!!! i wish you the best of luck! go get ‘em girl! <3 :)

  169. danielle

    hi first dont be worried about what the pops think just be yourself they only put people down so they look cooler. you should probably make something with chocolate cause everyone loves chocolate

  170. kelsey

    hey i think you should make smores! i know they’re one of your favs! or you could make a cookie pie! w/ m&m’s…yummm! WAIT! you should make a chocolate truffle cake! those are the best! and i’m not just saying that either! now you’ve made me hungry! gtg…SNACK TIME!!!

  171. snuffles

    you should make cupcakes everyone loves them and you can carry them around everywhere!!! third one to respond!

  172. snuffles

    i know you will do the right thing! you rock!

  173. ANA

    make a pasta or smores or make tarts

  174. Massie

    Hi Jenny!!!!! THis time i’m asking you for advice, see, i just finished my first novel!!! But, people,and the Pops, keep making fun of me,and say my book stinks! I had my 2 best friends in the world, and they said it rocked!(And they are sometimes cruelly honest). How do i ignore the haters?
    HELP!!! My social life is sinking!!!
    Best wishes,

  175. Faith

    You make something you think is something is best, and if they do think it smells like the girls bathroom just say ‘Well everyone else thinks it taste and smells good besides you so everyone isn’t going to say it is bad just because of you!’ I think you should stand up for yourself! :)

  176. Eileen

    Hi Jenny! I am the third 1 2 respond! U should not care what the POPS say. Just believe in yourself…

  177. hayley

    hi! dont worry about the stupid pops its just a clique. u shou ld make blueberry and cinnimon muffins with cherry punch

  178. lana

    hi jenny i think you should make cookies, something everyone likes{or something like that}can not believei am the 3 to respond!Bye jenny

  179. Samantha

    Hey jenny i`m third to respond and if u care about wat the pops say that just means u r giving them wat they want btw about the food how about making cookies that say help for haiti??

  180. Julia

    DONT CARE WHAT THE POPS THINK!! just make anything u want, and be happy with it, show them who the REAL boss is! :) p.s third person 2 respond!! LOL peace

  181. rubyanne

    i suggest something elagant but something that taste good too!!! maybe you can also try some chocalate covered can also try something that are little bit more like the lunches kids have at home.

  182. L chick <3

    PIZZA! ( No one in their right mind will make fun of pizza! ) Hope it works!

  183. UNKNOWN

    Umm, of course I have a fav dish…..
    I love brownies, you can find the recipe just about anywhere, check online. Kabobs, well most ppl don’t know about these juicy stuff. They can be made out of chicken, or potatoes. They’ll be an alltime favorite, once you introduce ‘em to your school. Don’t worry about the Pops, enjoy yourself. Write another blog soon. Thanks!

  184. Cassie

    Well, I thinks that you should make cookies, or some kind of sweet thing. They always sell. Or, if its a main dish, you can sell pizza, because EVERYBODY loves pizza! to it. And about the Pops, I have girl or 2 in my neighborhood, and they ARE just jealous of you! It’s because you are beautiful on the inside and you have good friends who will always be there for you. I think that you should just ignore them. Who cares about their opinion? You shouldn’t care about what they think

  185. Addie

    Make cookies, any kind!
    You shouldn’t care about what the pops think, it all food,and food is good, and beside it is not like there is a prize for the most fashionable food? it is for Haiti!

  186. Jayd

    Jenny you should not care what the POPS think they are just stuck up and they are not cool and anyway tell them stop tryin so hard. And tell addie forget you i dont need u or dana or claire cus i have true friends.
    another thing tell them if they wanna put on the makeup they might as well go to a pro circus

  187. Linkee

    Make something original, like mac and cheese or cupcakes. Something everyone will love! And dont worry about Addie or Dana, that is their prblem if they think it smells like the girls bathroom. If they something mean, just laugh it off. They will stop when they hear you laughing!

  188. ladygurl123

    dont be worried about what the pops would say.I would make something like dessert like chocolate chip cookies or something from other cultures!!!!!

  189. JennymcAfferocks!

    Hey Jenny. Here is a good idea. why don’t you make a really cool cake. Or make some brownies and decorate them. I would b psyched if u used one of my ideas! My family does it all the time. Good luck!

  190. Meng

    First you should look on Look for some delicious recipes and ask some of your friends which one they think is the best.Who cares what the pops think anyway? Once everyone tastes your delicious food,there won’t be a piece left for Addie or Dana to make fun of.

  191. Carmen

    Hm…….. cheese cake? But i don’t know if they will laugh maybe and say thats soooooo FAT! Iunno something you like! and love to eat

  192. lcfun98

    good job, for sticking up for your friends and you at all times!!!(=

  193. Mara

    Hi Jenny, I think that you can make somthing like chocolate or fudge. I mean, who does not like chocolate?! And if the pops make fun of ur cooking, just ignore them and hang out with your real friends (Chloe, Felicia, Liza, Marilyn and carolyn, mark, and josh) Just don’t care what the pops do.
    Hope this helps,
    –Mara :-D

  194. brookie

    Guess what, u know how u have had snow days in March, here in Arizona we have too! Its crazy wierd! Anyways, who can resist fudge brownies,everyone luvs them!Well, see you.

  195. Jenny

    Can you make a dessert? You can’t go wrong with a dessert.(who doesn’t like a cake or cupcake or cookie) If not I think mini sandwiches would be cute. (like you would have at a tea party) I definetly agree that you shouldn’t worry about what the pops think but why give them something to make fun of you about?

  196. Brit

    Firstly what the pops think doesn’t matter!!! They are only mean to make themselves look better. But if I had to bring a dish to school I would bring Snicker Salad. It’s my favorite snack!!! You can’t go wrong with whipped cream and chocolate!!!

  197. alice

    hey jenny!! this is my first time talking or commenting on your blog lol
    but u should make something that u would like dont worry about the pops make something everyone will like maybe cupckaes so everyone can have one
    or cake i did that at my school bake cakes and give them to the students ok ummm wat else oh sugar cookies i make them all the time there sooooooo good
    but make something that u feel comfortable making!!!!! byeeeeeee]
    talk to you bye jenny :D
    xoxo :P

  198. rena

    If you want lots of people to buy your food,you should make cupcakes.

  199. Sara

    Look Jenny, my advice is like everyone else’s… don’t worry about what the pops think of you. They probably are just jealous because they don’t have all the cool friends you do… :)
    No need to worry, whatever you make, you know you tried your hardest.
    Best of luck! :) Bye.

  200. Eden

    i think that u should make ur fave dish or something that u and ur friends like. forget about what the pops think

  201. Reed

    Hey! my bff loooooves your books!anyway…i love dirt cake! its just creame cheese whipped creame and smashed oreos! its AWSOME!!!!!!and if the pops are like,”omg why did you bring DIRT?” just say,”maybe i LIKE dirt. whadda think of that, huh? HUH?” ya know get funky wit it.and @diana, i totally agree!

  202. kira

    hey jenny! l am the 3 1 to reply! l think u should make a cake! no one can make fun of cake! lt is soooooo good!

  203. carly

    hey jenny first of all i love ur books and i think you are so much cooler than addie and the other pops but make something sweet i mean everyone loves sugar much love-carly

  204. Lilasha

    Okay, you shouldn’t be worried about what the pops think, but I do know two awesome dishes you could make!
    1) deviled eggs
    2) frog eye salad
    I know the second one sounds gross, but it’s not made of real frog eyes and it tastes awesome!!!!!!!

  205. Jessie

    hiiiiii jenny ok so u should make anything u feel comfortable making i guess thats the key to baking and dont worry about the pops i bet their worried cuz ur going to bake some awsoem and better than what their goign to have bet their goignt to be jelous haha oh i wish i could see their face when u have the best dish ever!!!!!!!!!
    anyways i better go bye oh im the 3rd to respond woot woot!!! :D
    BYE JENNY U ROCK!!!!!!! :)

  206. Rose

    I say u make ANYTHING u like!

  207. Emily

    Hi Jenny! You should avoid those pops and go right for it. I personaly think you should make Fired mac and cheese balls. yes, FRIED!! They are really good and would wow the pops. I hope you like the idea. when ever i want antoher person to like my stuff i make what I love the best. :) -Emily

  208. Amanda

    Maybe you have a special family recipe? I have a few but I cannot reveal them here. They’re secret!
    P.S. Be sure to blog and tell us what you eventually end up cooking!

  209. Sarah

    Well, you should make what ever you want it doesn’t matter what the pops think. But my fav dish is my French Silk Pie, it’s really good! By the way, I’m the 3rd 1 2 respond! :)

  210. maddy

    Hi Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE you books SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I don’t think you care what the Pops think about your dish. Just because you have your own friends that you know will compliment you on everything. And besides the Pops just try to make fun of you for the fun of it, basically they look for a reaction out of you. BTW, im the 2nd one to respond :) BYE!!!

  211. Val

    I am the third one to respond! Anyway, Jenny, DON’T WORRY ABOUT THEM. It’s likely they’ll make fun of everyone. Make whatever YOU think people will buy. BYE

  212. Grace

    I think u should make lefse. It’s really good, and I don’t c y anyone would make fun of it! All u have 2 do is:
    Make a dough out of potato flour, water, and some other ingredients (you will have to look up the ingredients on the internet). Then roll the dough out into very thin, flat pieces, kind of like giant tortillas, but thinner. Then put the pieces on a special griddle called a lefse iron — it’s a flat, round, heated surface. It’s VERY hot, so you have to be super careful. Using a special lefse-making stick, you turn the lefse over once it starts to get brown spots on it, then cook it some more on the opposite side. When it has brown spots on the second side, it’s done. You take it off the griddle using the special stick, and carry it to a table. Put a dishcloth over it to keep it from drying out, and stack more on top, with cloths in between. When you’re ready to eat the lefse, you cut the circular pieces into 4 triangles. Spread a thin layer of butter on each one, sprinkle some sugar on it, and roll it up, starting with one corner. Then eat it. It’s the Norwegian way. And it’s VERY good!

  213. Ashley#5

    i think that you should get one of your favorite recipes off of this site and my favorite dish is hashbrown casserol!! first time ever comenting!!! :D

  214. shaniah

    well i think u should do whatever dish u want because the only way the pops feel good about them self’s is by making u feel bad about yourself so make the best dish

  215. Anushka

    I think u should do what your heart tells you to do other wise you should try Indian Food everybody will like it and Dana and addie will bejelouse so don’t worry about it.

  216. Natalie

    Hey Jenny!!!!! You should make what YOU want to make not anybody else and dont worry what the pops think cause theyre not as good as you.

  217. Bronwyn

    Hey Jenny!
    I don’t think that you should worry about what the POPS think. Who cares? I wouldn’t. My favourite things to cook are cookies, pizza, manicotti and ckicken parmasana. Those are all really spectacular. I can make those things all by my self too so it makes it funner to cook. Hope your banquet goes well!

  218. Rachael

    I think you should make a secret recipe, thats only in your family! Than, if they make fun of you, just say “My __________ made this recipe up, not me. So, technically, your insulting my _______ not me.” LOL. Good luck! I’m homeschooled and I’ve never been to school :( . Good luck!
    Love ya!

  219. allissa

    Hee Hee im third well everybody loves chocolate chip cookies! Or even the sugar cookies u made for class president everybody loved them!If u ever need advice ask me thanks!

  220. Edward loves Me

    jenny, u shouldnt care about what the pops think, because u have true friends who will back you up. For the food you should make a really cool desert like brownies with ‘we <3 haiti on it ttyl!!

  221. Fetia

    Jenny, i think u should make something many people enjoy eating! It doesnt matter what the “pops” think ,all that really matters if people buying ur food think it is helpful for Haiti! I hope u think this is good advice from ur 3rd person to respond!!!! -ur fan Fetia

  222. Jenna

    hello jenny!
    well u could make like a bunch of cookies and cupcakes. remember sweet it the best. or u could get like molds (like stencils but it can hold stuff like water) and put pretzels in it. heat up some chocolate and squeeze it out into the molds. chill it and wallla
    it is like a lolipop. but it isnt! and everyone loves choco exspecually since you cant find much choco at school.

  223. jenny

    hey i have the same name. i cant believe the pops are so mean they are jurks i cant believe you were friends with addie good luck.

  224. Pim

    I think you should make those cereal snowman treats. They are delicious, I’ve made and tried them! Sure, they aren’t really food, but they are edible, and I guess that’s all that matters.

  225. Laura

    Uh Hi! I’m the third to resond and it’s a bit late i guess to tell you what I think but I’ll tell you anyway. What does every middle schooler love? Sugar, Chocolate, and unreasonable amounts of calories. Now if alot of parents are somming to this thing than I would keep the sweets and bad stuff to a smaller amount but my advice would be some chocolate mouse or delectable cookies. Cookies are hard to mess up but they always taste great but that might not be special enough. i would say choclate mouse too because it’s always amazing and not something youd expect at a choo event. Good luck!
    P.S. I think you should stop caring what the Pops think of your cooking. I bet they are trying just as hard to impress everyone too. They always try to look the best so they are always struggleing.

  226. Samantha

    Hi , Jenny . Don’t care bout what the Pops think , THEY’RE the losers ! We’re always here 4 u , like what Shira said . (: . Hmm , maybe u could bring egg with crossiant or a small blueberry pie ? ^^

  227. Claudia

    hey Jenny
    Cook whatever YOU want who cares about the pops i bet u they will be REALLY jealous of what you make.
    BTW I’m the 3rd to respond yay
    bye bye

  228. Lauren

    Well, I think maybe you should make deluxe french toast. It’s quite easy, really. You just get some thick bread, put it in a tray with cracked eggs, fruit, and whatever else you can think of, and then refrigirate it over night. Then, sometime before you bring it to school, cook it for like, an hour in the oven at 400F. Then, I know this sounds weird, but bring a hairdryer to school and blow them over before serving.

  229. Maria

    You should make something that YOU want to make not something the pops want to critic(is that how you spell it?). If want to make sweets make them some other food don’t be afraid!

  230. Madeline

    Hey Jenny!! I am the 3rd to respond!! I think you should make the chocolate cupcakes that when you are about to stick them in the oven you put a full size reeses peanut buttercup right on top then when they bake they sink to the bottom. The icing is just softened peanut butter with chocolate. They are DELICIOUS!!!

  231. curlygirl28

    make something that you know you and your friends like. try something that isn’t too risky. you know: chocolate cookies, mac and cheese–what foods do you love to eat?

  232. Mickaela

    You know what Jenny you shouldn’t care what the pops think, just make what you love!
    my suggestion is that you make cupcakes and pasta!
    yumm! :)
    hope this helps

  233. Tiffany

    Hey jenny!!!!!! Diana is right, they r jelous. If somone (like a boy) teases you or makes fun of you it is because they r jelous or they like you. Anyway I am your #1 BFF right? Or do you just say that to get more publisity. i don’t care, anyhow I have got a CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My volleyball team won our 2nd to last game of the season, but my crush asked me out on the same saturday as our last v-ball game. I can’t let the team done or they will hate me forever and I can’t cancel on my crush either. I NEED advise please HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  234. hannah

    Hey! I may be the third, but my advice still counts…haha! I think homemade doughnuts would be a big hit, they’re really simple and don’t take a whole lot of time. Also, they’re DELICIOUS!!! talk 2ul8r-Hannah:)

  235. sandy

    I think you should ignore the pops because if you believe the pops your feelings get worst. You should do what is best for you.

  236. Mahreen

    Hey Jenny,
    I think you should make what you really love best, it doesn’t matter what the pops think…just show what great talent you have and amaze the pops. It’s super that you’re helping the people in Haiti. Well, good luck and enjoy your evening. :)
    Sincerely, Mahreen.

  237. Brea

    Hi Jenny, i just got a book – how i survived middle school madame president. I think you should go with your heart or make a little bit of every thing like some sugar cookies,(like what you made for trying to become class president)salads and you know Ummm….. maybe a bit of rumbels or cupcakes! its up 2 u!! bye xoxo – im here 4 u when eva u need me!!

  238. Addie

    Hi jenny, i dont know but i cant belive you go on this website!! (even though i go on it to)

  239. Cherry

    Hey Jenny!I think you should go to for sweet recipes cause everyone likes sweet food and not to mention Sam’s sweet tooth.By the way,I’m the 3rd one to respond.Xoxo!!

  240. audrey

    go on middle school survival .com
    you always fond wath you need to survived middle school ignore the pop there just jalous 3 response and are you going to right after book number 12 and are you going to go in 7 grade.
    love audrey

  241. Charmaine

    Hi jenny! I think u should cook the dish u can cook best. And also, y do u even care about what the pops think!? it’s not like they are the queens of the world or something, just ignore them. What really matters is that u are helping to raise money for the people of haiti.

  242. katie

    hi jenny, i’ve heard about ur crisis maybe u should cook something addie likes maybe one pop likes the same the other does.hope this helps u.

  243. pretty1223

    i think you should take a couconut pie filling and bake that mixed with a cake mix then you sprinkle dark brown sugar and if you want mabye even almond chunks that way they toast in the oven

  244. pretty1223

    its delish

  245. Alicia

    Hmmmm… tough one, how about s’mores? or cheesecake? I luv all of them. But most of all is what you think is best. Think about the people in Haiti and don’t worry about the pops opinions. You are great enough to take part of this charity and just do your best! Good luck!

  246. guardian_angel2000

    i like all italion foods but try something like cheesecake or something that involes seafood,cajian(the word origanated from louisiana which im not from there)american,or chinesse ok? i hope it works if you pick mine.

  247. olivia

    make steak

  248. Kiana

    ok, im the third person. don’t even think about the pops just make something that looks good and taste good. i know don’t judge but it might get the pops to eat it. posion the food they eat lol kidding.

  249. McKenzie

    Hello Jenny. I may have some good advice for you. Go with what your heart says. It doesn’t matter what the “pops” say or think. The only thing that matters is that you and only you think your dish awsome. Good luck.

  250. Claire123

    I think you should sell popcicles because is almost spring and it has the word pop in it so the pops will like it

  251. Snowy

    I think you should try to make a Double Chocolate Layer Cheesecake. Nothing could go wrong with old-fashioned chocolate cheescake! :P

  252. Allison

    Make brownies! I did that for a 5th grade banquet and everybody loved them! If they pops don’t, just ignore them… it’s just not worth it.

  253. GG Girl

    Dear Jenny,
    You could make like really cool cupcakes that some have a dollar in them and others don’t.
    That would be really awesome!
    And Addie and Dana wouldn’t make fun of that because it has to do with money!And make sure you give all the pops ones that don’t have a dollar in them
    GG Girl
    P.S.(Hope I helped!)

  254. Alice

    It doesn’t really matter what you bring-but bring something you really enjoy eating!

  255. Carolina

    I suggest that you bring a dessert. Everybody has a sweet tooth right?

  256. Brittany

    Hi Jenny! Don’t be worried on what the pops think. When pops say the “don’t like” your dish they’re actually saying they love your dish! It might sound silly, but pops never want to give compliments to other people! I always love to hear from you! Bye!

  257. Lauren

    Hi!this is my first time on here so im not really farmiliar with it.I know how u friends(or at least their SUPPOSED to be my friends!) call me a smart alec but i only said it 1 time!!don’t ask me why im still their friends;its glad to be 3rd!l8er!-lauren

  258. Cherry

    Go find recipes for sweet food as everybody likes sweets and Sam’s sweet tooth.Dont care too much about the Pops.They’re just empty vessels that make the most noise

  259. Dana

    Bring something super cool.

  260. lacey

    dont worry jenny youll think of something and dont worry wat the pops think cuz your dish will be better than theirs and they will just be jealus of you and make fun of your dish.tell me how it went

  261. Victoria

    Hi there! Please don’t be worried about THEM (the pops). My best suggestion would be a pie. Apple, pumpkin, peacan, or something. I would say pumpkin. It’s my favorite!

  262. michelle

    Hey jenny!
    here’s my advice
    I mean seriously the pops r just annoying girls who r girly and werid becus they think they r cool!
    Plus I think Diana is right and I like her advice. They just want to feel like they r better thatn others so they won’t feel lonely and be popular.
    Plus im pretty sure the website u found will help u with the recipe or just find a tradtional one that does not smell yucky or taste yucky but one that will peoples favorite.
    - michelle

  263. Emily

    i think u should make something that u think is good for hatai children and adults.

  264. daniela

    im third to respond and thats my favorite number.i think that u should make a dish that u and your freinds love to eat. so wat if addie and dana don’t like it?i would like to see them try to make a better dish!

  265. Katie

    maybe u could make some sort of dessert thing. everyone luvs sweets.

  266. Lily

    Dont worry. Pops just like 2 be the center ov attention. U should call every1 and find out wat their fave food is. Combine their fave foods and ull have something awsome. (It might turn out gross so dont use every1s.m Like if someone likes tomatoes but very1 else likes pizza.Do pizza! Its got tomato sauce.) Good luck,(the pops will be soooo jelous ov ur food)

  267. Brandi

    HI Had an idea for you!! you should bring in cookies, doughnuts and any sweet things that you can think of!And i wanted to say, who cares what the pops think! Its just an opinion!

  268. Claire

    You should make whatever you want to make. It doesn’t matter what the pops think. Just because they are popular, doesn’t mean you have to listen to them. Listen to what your heart thinks.

  269. Jojo

    hey jenny!:)
    dont worry about the pops they’re just jeaulous like diana said
    make whatever you like
    i presonally think you should make s’mores, because nothing beats smores

  270. coolkidgroup1

    hi its me cool kid 1 im your ture friend dont be worried go get them with your amazing dish

  271. Silvia

    OMG!!! You are just sooooooo amazing. I want to be you! Your pretty, smart, nice pretty. Your the best Jenny!

  272. amber

    you should do my favorite dish its croissants with gouda cheese.
    What you need is gouda cheese and the croissants.
    First pre-heat the oven at 375 degrees then you get a pan. Next you lay the croissant on the pan flat.Cut the cheese bigger than a quarter and lay them in the middle of the rectangle that the croissant need to get all 4 cornners and fold them to the middle so the cheese doesnt spill out then fix any openings that there are. last put it in the oven for 12 minutes and the your done.

  273. Christine

    i think you should make noodles and rice asian food is sooooooooooooo yummy
    your friend Christine
    p.s. the pops tease you because their jealous

  274. Dancin4Evah16

    Hi Jenny!
    I know Diana has a point, but you should try vanilla coated strawberries with some cinnamon. Healthy abut sweet. Sorry I have a sweet tooth that’s why. Say hi to everyone for me! :)

  275. syd

    hi i think u need to blow there socks off with this dish, that way they will no not to mess with u i think somethiong sweet will do good and if they dont lik it who cares rite? THERE JUST PEOPLE!!!!!! :) i am the third to comment!

  276. mandy

    i so think u should make spaghetti or something, i would eat it!!! so u could make sugar cookies, or u could have them make their own ice-cream sundaes!!!!!!! so bomb! anyway i think whatever you do, it’ll be deeeeelish!!! g2g

  277. Jordan

    You are worried so much about the pops that you don’t have fun.You should just stay away from them so you won’t get into any trouble.

  278. Jordan

    Almost forgot never ever tell anyone their fat or you will be in a lot of trouble.

  279. 10gal

    you should make chocolate cake!MMmmmmmmmm!!!!

  280. Taylor

    Hi Jenny!I love the middle school survival books.And about the food thing,I dont think u should care what the pops think….but if u do u should go with something simple like pie or something.Your one of my bffs
    Almost middle schooler,

  281. Lexine

    I understand how u feel about the pops,but u should believe in yourself,not them!Besides,I bet the pops would comment on ANY dish u brought,they just want 2 look cool.And u have tons of friends 2 buy ur food!Y not try pizzas?

  282. Joyce

    I think u should make whatever you think is the best anyway there just the pops who cares about them. Also I really think u should just make whatever makes u happy. (I’m the 3rd 1 who wrote 2 u)

  283. naika

    DEAR JENNYif you have a friend you were in a after school bus i was in the bus walking to my sit she have a friend name nudline and nudline was my friend to i was walking in the line in front of her i was sitting by her when nudline come she was like yelling she said “nudline come sit by me” i was mad at her is she is my friend i’m sorry about stupid pop they are jealous of you

  284. Ginny

    just tell ur crush that you can’t go out with him that day. If he likes you enough then he’ll go out with you another time. Or you could make sure to meet him like right after the game. Or, u could even invite him to come to the game. Just don’t let ur friends down.

  285. Lily

    I have a couple. Well if you want a dinner
    dish, fried rice. If you want a lunch dish,
    a cassarole. If you want a morning dish,
    breakfast sandwiches. If you want a sweet
    treat, chocolate chip, sugar or peanut
    butter cookies or pie. Hope this helps!

  286. Middle School Girl

    Hey Jenny!I think you should cooksomething your good at cooking,you enjoy making,and something you know everyone will love!I bet you can think upsomething great!By the way You should’nt think about what the Pops say just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they’re cooler or better then anyone else!
    Your Friend
    Middle School Girl

  287. Alice

    I think you should bake something everyone likes. There are tons of stuff to choose from! Sugar cookies ushally do the trick. After all everyone has a sweet tooth!

  288. katharine

    Hi Jenny you should do what ever u want.
    First make everything that u think would be good then make them. Have ur friends taste them and decide which one[ones] u should do. Remember it does’nt matter what the pops think. They are’nt ur friends and u don’t trust them. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

  289. katharine

    remember when u said that u would ignore what the pops did. look at ur post from new years!!!!!!!

  290. ERIKA :)

    I’m glad you asked for adivce and are worried about the Pops. Sometimes they can get on my nerves on how rude they can be. I think you should think of something you really like and not care what the Pops think. But if you want my opinon I would bring brownies. Mostly everyone likes them. I brang brownies as a treat for my piano recital and they were gone in probably 5 minutes. And all this money will go to Haiti which will make a big difference <3

  291. katie

    it is great u r helping people in haiti i think u could make sugar cookies or brownies.Also who cares what the pops think don’t let them rule your life.also as far as u know they probaly won’t even make anything just get their parents to or by it from a bakery because they don’t want to get messy then they will take credit for it.They are jerks.Love the middle school survival books!!!!!!!!

  292. Alli

    BRING PIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  293. Emma

    Cook chinese noodles! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  294. b baller

    omg i hate the pops at my school they make fun of me .i love your books they make me feel beter.

  295. Rachel

    you should carre what the pops think

  296. Rachel

    Jenny! my boyfriend kissed me three nights ago and our second date is tonight. I have a HUGE zit on my forehead! what should I do? i really need your advise! please? Rachel

  297. emily

    hi jenny!!!!!!
    I think you should make sugar cookies with special designs on them like: the dollar sign for the money that go to charity. OH and hopefully you beat Addie and her crew. plus hopefully this advice was good enough for you to get an idea out of it!
    - EMILY ( BIG FAN )

  298. bhavana

    Just make what you think would be best and lots of people would buy it like brownies,caake,cookies,or cupcakes!!!

  299. Lissa

    Hey Jenny! One time the pops at my school made fun of what I cooked at our school banquet. When they tryed the food that I had brought they loved it! So make what you think you should make. Have you asked Chloe and the gang? they might have a suggjestion.
    Well TTYL!

  300. Karissa

    Hey Jenny, I love your books, I read them all the time!!!Your website is awesome too!!!!You have really helped me get ready for middle school considering I’m in grade 5…..
    Anyway, you should make your favorite dish,because It doesn’t matter what others think about you…especially Addie,Dana,Sabrina…I think they’ll be jealous of your good cooking…But personally Chocolate Chip cookies rock!!!
    Your number one,

  301. Catherine


  302. liet

    bake brownies!!! brownies are delicous,and no one will make fun of them! btw: the pops are jerks

  303. Victoria

    Hi Jenny! i have the perfect dish for you! You should make peanut butter fudge. my mom makes it a lot and it tastes awesome! fudge tastes really good and i think lots of people would buy it, even the pops. Maybe. blog to you soon, love, Victoria

  304. kk123456789

    i think you should cook the cookies you baked in “thats the way the cookie crumbles”

  305. Nikkisixxgrrl

    What’s the dish you can make the best? If you find something that you can make really well, go for it. If not, just ask your mom to help you make brownies or cookies, two things you can never go wrong.
    And maybe you could set aside a few for the pops…you know, some with extreamly hot peper or hot sauce.

  306. tess

    well, first remember that whole sixth grade’s each bringing in a dish, so u wouldnt want to make chocolate chip cookies or muffins or something, because there prob will be a ton of those there.
    second, ignore the pops and just make stuff that u think will be a top-notch seller. the pops dont know anything, they just act like they do. if they’re here to make fun of other people’s food, then why dont they show how its done?
    u can do it!

  307. Amy

    Ok, the pops arn’t nice. Remember the new years party? Gosh…… I think you should make cookies. EVERYONE LOVES SWEETS! I do! So, 4get the “Pops” and focus on you and who loves you, no matter what!

  308. readingstar5

    Sweets! Who DOESN’T love them!

  309. Jenny

    omg jennyy!
    my names jenny too!!!
    oh and dont even care about the pops!
    i bet youll beat the ppops without even trying!!! oh and u should cook pancakes with chocolate in it!

  310. izzy

    i have one word for you…
    Maybe some cookies or cupcakes.
    even if you make coal you are still much more cooler than the pops!!!! TTYL

  311. Taylor

    Who cares what them pos say do what you want ignore them!! if you make a joke out of there statment then they will be totaly stunned :) make what you want!!

  312. nat

    cholcolate cake!!!!!!!!!! yummy

  313. Amber

    I love chocolate cake and you could put sprinkles on as a design.
    PS My dad went to Haiti and said that there are a lot of people helping so they will appreciate your school’s funds.

  314. Meagan

    Hey Jenny my winter is going good Y do ya’ll always say the pops as in popular in every book i have read but i have not read them all yet I Love ur books

  315. SharkyGirl11

    Jenny, the pop’s are so mean. Who cares? Remember when she was making fun of you with Dana? That was really mean.
    And for the dessert, you should make a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and blue writing that says: Help Haiti <3

  316. Nataliya

    omg it’s my daddys b-day today!! u should make chicken alfreto, brownies, or something berry yummy :)

  317. I <3 Logan Lerman

    you should make what you like making! However… people do like desserts^.^ I love your books!

  318. Mikayla

    Make pizza I mean who hates pizza !

  319. Nikki

    Hi jenny!
    i think what everyone said is true!
    If ur a great cook u could cook a lot of good food!u could make brownies with
    ice cream and choclate syrup.dont think
    about what the pops think!!!!ur awsome
    no matter what the pops think or say!!!

  320. Layaly

    who cares about those pops.

  321. bakers02

    As you can see, I am in love with baking!! But a lot of people may bring baked goods to the banquet thingy. So, I have this Indian appetizer thing called a Samosa’s recipe. It’s too long to post, but you can find the recipe online. There are many different kinds that you can make like potatoes, beef, veggies, etc. and they are super delicious, too!! Hope this helps!!

  322. Eva

    Try making a healthy fruit salad! Everyone loves fresh fruit and it’s sweet! Also who cares what the Pop’s think! Just ignore them ( I know it’s hard to ignore them but, try it!) KEEP HELPING HAITI!!!!!!!!
    LOVE YOUR BOOKS JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!

  323. Hannah

    Jenny you shouldnt care what the pops think at all. You rock1 And your friends them too. :)

  324. sofia

    make a HUGE chocolate cake with chocolate chipsand syrup then you can top whatever ther pops have

  325. dani


  326. Allie

    Cook a dish everyone likes-even the pops will really enjoy.
    -To JENNY!!! :-) :P X0

  327. Megan

    I think you should make a family recipe, thatis killer amazing. The pops only want you to care about what they think, that’s all. By stressing over this you’re giving them what they want. Don’t give in and only worry about how much money you are making to help the people in Haiti. That’s what relly matters.

  328. Alex

    Dear Jenny,
    Everyone has said this, and i’m gonna say it too, It doesn’t matter what the Pops think. They are just stupid people who don’t care about anybody but themselves.
    Anyway, who can resist brownies! I love those!
    P.S. I think it’s great that you’re school is raising money for the people in Haiti.

  329. Lainie

    Jenny, have fun the never-ending snow! Second, who can resist a pot of hot chocolate? It will guarantee cash for Haiti! Plus, we all know the Pop’s hearts aren’t in helping Haitians, it’s in showing everyone up! Just go in there confident and it will all work out. Ta-ta for now and good luck!

  330. sierra

    hi jenny! i think you should pick what you like best…even better, you and your friends should all decide together! Now that would be really tasty for the banquet! have fun!

  331. CharmingKi-T

    Jenny, i think u should just forget that the Pops are alive and carry out your lively spirits
    Go JENNY!!!

  332. Natalie

    Just go 2 ur fave website 4 a recipe. duh!hope its delicous!

  333. Pascale

    My favorite food is corn, so I think you should make that. It’s hard to mess up, so the pops can’t make fun of you.

  334. Alex

    Dear Jenny,
    Hi, I think you should bake Brownies! I love brownies! Also, make sure you put extra chocolate chips in there!
    Don’t worry about the pops, they are just totally jealous of you and you’re friends. They will be especially jealous if you make extra chocolate chip brownies! If anyone gets zits,(and blames you) tell them to use some blush to cover it.

  335. Bernice

    Think of sometin that you can cook best.Dont forget the desserts! :)

  336. lily

    hi my friend loves u

  337. Haley

    Jello always works! you can make strawberry and put strawberries in it! (it says how on the box)

  338. maria

    Jenny,dont wory abou the pops the’re just mean cuz they’re jelous!dont EVER listen 2 them and you should make somethin that EVERYONE loves as in….CAKE!Everybody loves a great piece of cake and maybe u can make a chocolate cake and a vallina cake or maybe mix them together!!And if that works make sure u get a lot of money for those people in haiti!!!!!

  339. Zucet

    Well jenny, you should know by now that the pops Are just a bunch of losers!!!&& your way better than them. so, whatever you come up with is gonna be a great idea and be proud that you are helping people that need tons of help and that you are willing to do something nice for them. Unlike the pops that are always imitating you and never do anything with love and care. Btw, you can do some chocolate chip cookies, or strawberries covered in melted chocolate, or if not do a colorful salad!!!! Either way, your gonna come out with the best idea….goodluck!!!!!(:

  340. Anna

    I understand you Jenny, about the Pops, but you should not care what the Pops say about you. Just cook the best recipe you can find in your mom’s cook books. Hope this helps!

  341. Shirley

    Hi my pal Jenny!
    I think you should make the best you can make. If Dana thinks it smelled like the girls bathroom why does she put makeup in there then huh? The only thing you should do is put your mind of the smelly buisness.

  342. Nina

    make what u feel like. I would suggest blueberry coffecake. yumm

  343. kaylee

    i LOVE yer books my fav recipe is ice cream cake you shoud make it
    love kaylee

  344. sofia

    Hey jenny i love whenever school is out i just hate missing all my friends!i think its really cool that u r raising money 4 haiti my school donated shoes and socks to them(new ones!)

  345. Valerie

    jenny u should make ur favortie dish and try not 2 think of what the pops mite think of it. so maybe the pops think that ur dish is lame and gross but who cares the fact that u made it because u are tring 2 rase money 4 Haiti is really imported.-valerie

  346. Mia

    u should make …….THE POPS LOOK STUPID!

  347. Len

    Hi Jenny.I am the 3rd to respond!:)I think u should make snickerdoodles.They r yummy sweet and easy 2 make.My second choice is Apple pie.That will make Addie and Dana jelous.I mean who doesnt luv pie:)!My last choice is Ice Cream Sunde Brownies!All u need 2 do is bake some Brownies get put the Ice Cream on top with ur choice of toppings.If the Pops dont like it ignore them and be happy!Good Luck =)! Ur friend Len

  348. Viv

    Hi Jenny!
    You should NEVER care about what the pops think! it’s what u think will b the best dish for the banquet. Y don’t you check ur fave website, for some advice for some pretty sweet dishes?! If the pops even if they make fun of it, you know that someone’s going to buy it and help Haiti. You want it delicious right? Then make something that u can make really spectacular!! That’s my suggestion! Hopefully the pops won’t make fun of you!!!!!!!
    P.S. I bet you the pops are going to make a makeover salon cake!! That would be hilarious!!

  349. Mercedes

    I think u should make wat ever u want! But if u are looking for suggestions maybe u should do something that most people want to eat. Also dot listen to Addie or Dana mayne no no one will think their foood is goo. Also if u go on maybe u can find something sweet and then something non-sweet and both just like the Basketball cafe-2 things in one. well bye!!

  350. Amy

    Hi Jenny!
    I think you should just go back to and look at the survival guide.Then,the Pops will get jealous and say bad things.THEN you say,”This is my aunt’s dish.AND she is one of the most famous cook of Paris.”

  351. Amy

    OHH!And bring double deluxe chocolate-chip cookies!!!!YUM!Then Addie will think like this,’WOW!Jenny has choco-chips!I want 10 of them!!!But I just put on my lipstick!This stinks!’.Then maybe she’ll ditch the Pops and be your friend again!YAY!

  352. Olivia

    Hi Jenny! I’m a vietnamese girl and I think you should try to either make eggrolls or fried rice because it’s a vietnamese tradition and if you want to impress the pops then making a dish from another tradition will surely impress them!
    If you don’t know how to make it maybe you could look online or in stores that have a cookbook with eggrolls and fried rice in it!Trust me! As soon as you try the eggrolls/fried rice it will amaze you Jenny!

  353. 99pink

    everyone loves s’mores why don’t you make one in a cup? put crumbled gram crackers mini marshllows and chocolate pubbing or chocolate on the top.

  354. Remi

    Well,it’s cool that your gonna help Haiti by bringing food to banquet. That’s awesome. :) Don’t worry what the pop’s think. You should be thinking of the many people your helping in the banquet. Maybe some fish, or some cool smoothies. Wish ya luck! :)

  355. Aanandini

    Hi Jenny,Just ignore those pops.They r just jelous.You can pick the best recipie on
    xoxo Aanandini

  356. Claire

    Double-choicolate brownies with chocolate chips! you can never go wrong with brownies :)

  357. Ashley

    I think you should make what you want!!!! Even though it’s hard, don’t pay attention to the pops. They are just stuck up rude girls!!!! Thanks for askinf for my advice!!!! Bye!!!! :)

  358. Yasmine

    Wooooooooow im so late at helping :S sry about that. Bring whatever YOU want, when they see how confident you are in what you brought, they probably wont even try to make you feel bad, remember confidence is always the key, and remember your friends are ALWAYS with you ;D

  359. Gina

    Hey, you should make cupcakes! Maybe with rainbow icing on top. With rainbow sprinkles! That would grab some attention. The pops might say soemthing, but only because they will be jealous!!

  360. Too cool 4 U

    Ok…first off. Make whatever u want. Second of all, u don’t have to please everyone. make somethin’ that the majority everyone would like. If they don’t like it, then they don’t know what good food tastes like. lol. so just make urself happy. Sometimes, it just can’t go everyone’s way. lol

  361. Leah

    Hi Jenny!I think you should cook sugar cookies because they are tasty and 60% of my school likes it!

  362. Riley

    A really good and eye catching treatare oreo truffles!!!! they are delicious!! try them!

  363. Lauren

    You can’t go wrong with brownies or cupcakes! (Anything with chocolate and you will be good!)

  364. Kelly

    Hiya………u shud do an assortmnt thng. u no like sum cookies doughnuts cake brownies and stuf. U cud put up a notis sayng sweet heavn or sumthng like dat. I no u wil rok. Ignor d pops. Dat’s d bst tratmnt 4 dem. V had a fundraisr thng at skul. It ws sumthng like a HUGE yrdsale and a dans aftrwrds. D sale ws fun and d dans ws suprfun. Gess wot????? I got paired up wid my crush 4 d fair so v spnt d hol day 2gethr.At d end of d day he came up 2 me and kisd me rite in frnt of evry1. turns out he likes me 2 and my frnds hd tld him i like him 2. so now v r a cupl.
    ALL D BST GAL!!!!!!!! Jst remembr……..U R A ROKSTR!!!!

  365. Priya

    Cupcakes that say HELP HAITI!!!!! You can make them in all flavours so everyone can enjoy their favourtie cupcake. I’m telling you it’ll be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know its not really a fancy dish but hey, who doesnt love cupcakes? ;)

  366. Chloe

    I think you should make something like spaghetti and meatballs or broccolis with cheese sauce with red pepper and to spice it up…..cayenne pepper and jalepenos!

  367. Haley

    hi jenny!
    try something like spring rolls or something oriental!
    give it a try! besides Addie and Dana have NO right to criticize you. they will work 4 u later on. :)

  368. Booybear11

    You should make anything you want to. Who cares wat the pops think. Its ur life.

  369. Heejae

    You shouldn’t think about the pops. They always make fun of other people. So you shouldn’t think about them. just make you’re favorate dish!!!

  370. Ashley

    Hi there Jenny, sorry about me late! Don’t be afraid about the pops making fun about your cooking, if you make something different or an old classic, and the pops laugh well if you stay proud and fight back you might actually realize they are only laughing cause they are jealous, why not trying something Asian? Search for some recipes. For example Nasi Lemak (one of my favs)
    See you… Remember be strong!

  371. Katarina

    Hi Jenny! I think you should ask your school friends what they like to eat, then most of them will probably buy it. And don’t mind what the Pops think. Just ignore them.

  372. Angelica031299

    Jenny, it think that your cooking will be great for the people at the banquet! and u don’t need 2 care for what the pops say about your cooking. u also have a great personality, because u r helping to raise money for haiti! good luck!

  373. Miranda

    You shouldn’t care that they will make fun of you! It doesn’t matter what they think, you’re you no matter what!

  374. Akansha

    don’t worry about what the Pops think (popularily known for being mean)if you want something quick and easy to cook you could try making cake (chocolate of course) with the cake mix frost it and ice it with ‘help Haiti’ and stick a few of those paper thin chocolate chunks. Besides you can’t go wrong if you follow the instructions on the box.

  375. Lindsay

    Hi Jenny
    I think you shouldn’t care what the Pops think. You should follow your heart and do what you think is right which is making food that you love! My suggestion is fruit kabobs with yogurt to dip or chocolate sauce to add a little sweetness. Theyre awesome!

  376. Lindsay

    I fall else fails then make CUPCAKES! You can never go wrong with those! :P

  377. Sarah

    Hi Jenny, first of all i luvvv ur books!!!!!! <3 Second, who cares what the pops think?! Anyway, u should make something super yummy that will hav people coming back for thirds. Something like pizza or ice cream sundaes. Hope this helps!

  378. AJ

    Shortbread is always a hit everyone loves it and even the pops will be impressed

  379. Kiki

    Hi Jenny! First off I would like to say that making cookies or cupcakes or cake is nice. The only thing is that almost EVERYONE brings that kind of stuff to a fundraiser. You should bring something like creps or flan or even sometime of really good lunch or dinner food like the best lasanga in the world! Thats what will make your stand out from the rows of cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.

  380. Natalie(=

    Make brownies with double chocolate chips!(:
    They’re sooo yummy!

  381. Charlotte

    ICE CREAM Sandwhiches rock!!!! take a cookie put some ice cream inside it and Viola! :)

  382. Lizzie

    I was thinking about the food recipe and I think you shoud do a coconut cake. Mom’s calling GTG

  383. Olivia

    I think its cool what you are doing for haiti with your school. People can Really use the help!! The pops are just evil so ignore them.
    OLIVIA-5th grade!

  384. Seoyoung

    hey jen, Maybe you can cook some traditional food like Korean food, Japanese food, and maybe even Indian food! Well, I prefer Korean food the best. I know what your thinking. ‘are u mad!? I dont even know how to cook Korean food!’ Well, go to a site and type: Korean spicy Kimchi and there you go! A recipie for one nice, hot korean dish!

  385. Kennedy

    Hey Jenny!
    I think you should make a dish of a couple things everyone likes having. That way, everyone will like your dish.

  386. OMGitsLexxie

    OMG! Jennnny, Yuuu Roccck. Yor Books Arre AWESSOOOME. its thaa BEST. Im reading it right noow. Haha, Those boooks are totally adicting. lols. x]
    ~Alexxis. <3

  387. Jensen

    i think you should make a few things, salad( for moms) cake (dads and kids and moms), and maybe some other things. remeber you’ll get more money for more things. ;)

  388. anomynous

    It doesn’t matter what the pops think! They probably won’t even bring anything. I think that you should make something that you know addie or the pops won’t like, just to annoy them.

  389. Sam

    hi you should make pasta, it taste good! but dont worry about the pops i bet they cant even cook. maybe thats why they make fun of you.well good luck!

  390. maggie

    Hey Jenny. Don’t worry about the pops they don’t matter. I go through the same things at my school.They aren’t the queens/princesses of the world.Just focus on earning money for Haiti. Good luck!!

  391. Emma

    Jenny I think you should make carrot cake cupcakes with white icing. It’s really good. My mom and I made some and they were so good everyone ate them. There wasn’t any left. You shouldn’t care what the pops think you should do what you like.

  392. Ava

    Hi Jenny! I think u should cook rice crispy treats dipped in chocholate with green sprinkles on top.I made them for a family get together and everyone really liked them!i think it’s really good that u r helping the people of Hati.

  393. Rice with milk

    Will this food is what my mom makes every chrismas and this is a sweet treat i love it and you can also take it to school because addie and dana well not make fun of it

  394. Evelyn

    Hi, Jenny. First of all, don’t let the Pops boss you around. They are soooo not the boss of you, so show it.
    Then about the food. Hmmm. What about homemade pizza? My mom makes it and I love it. But you should really make whatever you want. You shouldn’t get affected by the other kids’ comments. Show them no one is the boss of Jenny, that’s the way I roll

  395. kobe

    i think they are stupid go with your instincts cookies are the best though

  396. Delaney

    I recommend… hmmmmm… STEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know it may sound too fancy but try it anywayit’s really goood!

  397. Grace

    Maybe you should make cupcakes! They’re so good and they’re so much fun to decorate! You can even maybe put some cool fourtunes or sayings inside the cupcakes if you can. Oh, and remember to decorate the cupcakes; or bring a decorating table so the customers can customize they’re very own cupcake!

  398. Calista

    HAM!!!!!Perfect for meat lovers!

  399. Natlie

    i hav 17 pets!how many u got????????

  400. k


  401. Sugarmagi

    Cook anything YOU want!It doesn’t matter what the POPS THINK.Cook anything just to save the people of Haiti.The pops will obviously do it for fame,you do it to HELP THEM!So,you should cook anything YOU want!

  402. Ashley

    Ask your non-Pop friends!!! Today I read The New Girl in 1 of ur books and you can make candy apples, s’mores. Oh yeah and everybody will call Dana stupid is she thinks FOOD smells like the GIRLS BATHROOM. Plus, Chloe is the only girl who uses the bathroom to go like u said, so it wouldn’t stink much. I suggest hamburgers!!! WHO DOESN’T LIKE HAMBURGERS????

  403. kelsey

    Jenny I think you should sugar cookies.

  404. Claire

    Why don’t you make sugar cookies.Chocolate gives you zits. So make sugar cookies.So many people love sugar.

  405. Maggie

    Hi Jenny!! I ur books. My goal is 2 get all the books on How I Survived Middle School. Anyways, just ignore the pops because they r just jealous like some of the other had said. Make what u think is best, okay. P.S. I will always be there 4 u.

  406. Magie

    Look, r u really gonna let a few girls stand in the way of ur cooking? Who cares what the pops think! There no concern of urs! But if i were u, I might make something sweet, like brownies, coockies, or maybe caramel popcorn! Good luck, and am I ur friend?

  407. Emma-Rose

    OMG! Jenny you should make baked ziti!Almost everybody loves ziti.Plus,there is no chocolate in it which gives you zits btw.Oh and the”Pops” are probaly wishing they had such great friends like the friends you have.
    Peace from,
    p.s. Say hi to Lisa,Chloe,Mark,Sam,Josh,Rachel,Felicia,and Cody & Sam the mice. =-]
    p.p.s. Im from England like Sam and i luv Krumputs!

  408. Nicole

    Jenny you should make somthing like pasta w/ meatballs or you could make home made icecream w/hot fudge.But make sure you dont make somthing that the pops like.

  409. SK luva 18

    Wassup Jenny!
    I think you should cook like a family secret recipe or something.Maybe it would be cool to cook spegetti,ravioli,or even brownies!(if that’s considered a dish!)Anyways whatever you bring make sure it has a lot of flavor!That’s what I would say so if you ever meet a professional chef,and he or she tells you everything is all wrong then don’t blame me!
    -Teri :)

  410. aryssa

    everyone who posted comments are right. the pops are just j-e-a-l-o-u-s. you can cook something like ribs or pizza or pasta. or you could make a homemade recipe or something sweet. dont go for so much chocolate. the twins said they make pimples in the book the new girl

  411. Catherine

    I think you should ask around and see what people like so your dish is a HUGE hit!!

  412. Christina

    Hey Jenny
    you can make whatever you want to make. it doesn’t matter what addie and the snobs think. but if you still can’t think of something, i will tell you a extra-ordinary recipe. it’s easy
    first, you need to wash some chicken wings
    then, you have to cover it up with mayonnase
    lastly, you wrap the oven pan with tin foil and cook the chicken for about 30 to 35 minutes

  413. :)*****~Kaitlyn~*****:)


  414. kylie

    one word-brownies

  415. summerlucy

    Hi Jenny! What about the snowman treats? I’ve tried to make them and they are pretty hard to mess up!

  416. Alexis

    Maybe you could make chocolate chip cookies. Then, melt white chocolate and milk chocolate. When your cookies are ready and your chocolate is melted, dip half of the cookie in white chocolate and the other half in milk chocolate. After that put it in a pan on a wax paper. Put the cookies on the wax paper and put it in the fridge. The next day it will be ready to serve!

  417. soph J.

    i know it is hard when pops pick on u, but try to ignore them. if u r afraid of something they might say maybe u could think of some comebacks before hand.
    i think u should make chocolate mousse. i made it for one of my school’s bake sales, and it was gone in 10 minutes!!!!!!!!
    good luck!

  418. sunlina

    well jenny you should not care what the pops think just be you!

  419. Morgy

    Make fudge or brownies. Either way everyone will love them. U WILL ROCK IF U MIX!!! FUDGE BROWNIES ROCK!!!

  420. amy

    hey jenny i am a pop at my school and during summer my bff went to a sleep away camp.i stayed home and went to a swim camp. me and my old friend in elementry school a year ago because i am in middle school, well we were real good so we were moved up to the higher six grade level, well we thaught we were cool so we put on make up and wore belly shirts we make fun of people and their outfits well just make something really good that will be like so awsome but i still am a pop and i put makeup on after lunch but ttyl like love , amy

  421. amy .c

    hey jenny , we do that att my school too ! i have pops at my school. they said i cant wait to make fun of her food.but they actualy loved my food and now i am popular! what we did was made cupcakes and put icing on and wrote our school name on the they had chocolate chips on the inside !

  422. Breanna:)

    hey jenny hope u r having a great time in school. anyway 2 answer youre qustion,you should make whatever u want. maybe u could look up somehing in a cookbook,or u could make something original.whatever u choose 2 make im sure u will have an amazing dish.
    anyway,hope i could help

  423. abster

    I think what your school is doing is great! I think it’s a good idea that you make something good too. Addie and Dana could be really mean.
    Well, good luck!

  424. MK15

    Hi Jenny. I think u should make something that u know people aren’t allergic to. But I also think u should make an easy recipe. Maybe u should talk about w/ Addie or your other friends u know? WELL BYE JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  425. apple pie

    Hi Jenny! i think tht u should use a hood 2 cover it up it just might work good luck!!!!!!

  426. Julia

    Hi Jenny! I think you shouldn’t care what the pops think, it’s not like it’s a cooking contest or anything. But make something absouletely spectacular!

  427. jana

    heyy jenny i really like u so im gonna tell u the name of the tasteiest food in the entire universe its called (( lemon pie )) if u cook it perfectly it will blow minds and tounges too :p

  428. Kirsten

    Don’t worry about the pops! It depends… You could do a main course or dessert….. Do whatever you like!!

  429. Hope

    Try brownies. Or some cookies. People always like that.
    Forget what the pops say. If you always listen to them they will ruin your life.

  430. Allison

    TACOS all the WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  431. Runa

    Hey Jenny! I think you should make loopia and if the pops make fun of you ignore them because they just want you to know that they’re the best when they aren’t.Follow your heart and mind and YOU think what is right or wrong.

  432. Harmanpreet

    i suggest u make indian food because all people who are not indian luv indian food. if the Pops make fun of u and they think the food is bad, tell them that they could leave the place if they don’t show respect to others.

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