January 28

I Need Your Help ASAP!

Okay, this is an emergency. I have a big problem, and I need to fix it—fast! Tomorrow is Chloe’s birthday. She’s having a big party at the ice skating rink. I found her perfect gift—a sweatshirt that says figure skaters are cool on the front. My mom even let me get a new sweater for the party, and I just had a haircut, so my hair is all bouncy and stylin’. Everything is perfect. Or at least it was perfect until I got up this morning, and found a zit in the middle of my forehead. And not just a little tiny zit. Oh, no. This zit is huge and red. It looks kind of like a volcano erupted right there on my face. I’m telling you, it’s gross!

Does anyone have any advice on how I can get rid of this thing, or at least hide it? I’ll try anything.

Thanks so much you guys! I can’t wait to hear from you.



662 thoughts on “I Need Your Help ASAP!

  1. Jenntette

    I know how you feel. Just use some of your mom’s cover up. You said that your mom had tons of makeup. But you should ask her first. I am sure she wouldn’t mind!!

  2. Lindsay

    Ok, don’t freak out! I always get zits, its no big deal. You can,
    1.Pop it
    2.cover it with some concealer or makeup
    3.with your new haircut, cover it
    4. leave it
    whatever you do, don’t keep messing with it. Then people with notice it.

  3. Beccerz I luv money $$$


  4. Elly

    I think you should calm down and relax. It’s not that big of a deal.

  5. Amy

    OMG! My birthday is January 30th!Okay so I would ask your om to take you to a beauty store and get Johnson and Johnson conclear. And apply every hour. Then wash your face.

  6. Amy

    Oh i forgot I was first!!! LOL! Tell
    Chloe to have a gr8 bday! i am Jan 3oth. P.S my friends are having a surprise party but I found out.

  7. misscrosby

    put tooth paste on it



  9. suha

    Um,well you posted something and its says you needed help, but for what?

  10. Melissa

    I’d say the best thing to do is just put a little foundation over the blemish, and if you have bangs, just sweep them over your forehead and nobody will notice. And just remember: These people are your friends. They will be looking at you as a whole, not staring at your zit!

  11. Paige

    You need to F doesn’t make sense. Do you mean you got an F in something? If you do then talk to your parents about it. Explain that that isn’t your best subject and that you promise to work hard to improve your grades.Your parents will understand, if not work out a punishment between your parents and never let anything make you loose study time! Maybe your teacher will let you try again. Make sure you explain to your teacher that you need a bit more time to study and ask him/her any questions you were afraid to ask before. Maybe check in to getting a tutor in that subject. Chloe had a problem in ‘I Heard A Rumor’ but you guys managed to fix it and everyone ended up happy. Maybe you will have the same luck.
    Hope it works!
    I have THREE tests tomorrow. 2 science tests and a spelling test.I just finished about 3-5 other tests. I guess report cards are coming up! How come I’ve never heard of you getting reports cards in your books? I’ve already got 1 this year. My sister is in middle school. She is in grade 9. The grades changed from excellents, proficents,etc. o numbers. Are you confused by that? I understand it and i am in my last year of elementary, gr.6!

  12. Tasi

    i say just pop it and put powder on it so it doesn’t show

  13. Claudine

    Try a hat … or find some blush or foundation n put some on top of the zit… =]

  14. KD

    You need to what?

  15. KD

    Make up.

  16. Dauer98

    Jenny I think that you could put your hair in front of your zit and then in a pony so that it could work!!! You could ask your mom if you can wear her make-up and it would cover up the zit

  17. Emmaline

    You definitely need to use tea tree oil. It will dry out the “volcano” in time for Chloe’s b-day. Just get your mom to get some A.S.A.P!

  18. Emmaline

    Use some tea tree oil! It will dry out the volcano in time for Chloe’s. Either that, or wear a hat that will cover your forehead.

  19. Shelly

    Some makeup stuff can help, or use a very good acne cleanser since you have a short period of time to get rid of it.

  20. Malinda

    If you have bangs, you can try to cover it.

  21. Sarah

    Try to ask your mom for this one day to wear concealer in exchange for extra chores or so. Hope this helps!

  22. Kelsey

    pop it!

  23. Lauren, 6th Grader

    Cover your forehead with a cute hat. Besides, while skating, your head would get cold anyway.So it’s perfectly normal and fashionable.

  24. angela

    I do not know any advice about zits but i wish you good luck on trying to find advice about zits.
    Love ,

  25. Angel

    Hey Jenny
    I have a friends named Jenny too!
    anyways back to the zit…
    i saw in a book that you could use concealer to make it look like there was nothing there in the first place… so try that is might work.
    From Angel
    P.P.S. please people that is reading this don’t add me if you don’t know me

  26. Nina

    Put conlealer or foundation on it, but before that, but medication on it(clean and clear, proactive, ect..) And WASH YOUR FACE!!!!

  27. Unknown

    It’s the problem to be dealt with Jenny, because there are multiple ways to hide or cover problems or troubles depending on it. Actually, what I suggest is that you should communicate with someone you could really trust. Start like “(Name), this is really important, but I don’t want you to tell anyone, not anyone about this. Please don’t interupt me and try to help me deal with this.”

  28. deuuuur

    Use coverup!

  29. Claire

    Hi Jenny,
    I really want to help you, but sorry, I have NO idea what your talking about.
    I hope you can get me back oh and I love your books.
    Claire XD

  30. Cutie

    Okay, you should pray to God and ask him for help. I’m sure He’ll help you fast. Or maybe you should go to the doctor !!!
    ~Hope this helps alot~ May God bless u~

  31. Chaerim

    Just fprget about it, and just focus on what your doing! Just to tell you, if you can’t really get it off of your mind, you seriousley need a emergency guider!!! This is serious!!! I know how oyu feel Jenny.

  32. cherrygirl160

    just ask your mom to cut you some bangs,(long not like short in your book)then just put them over it.

  33. star

    omg omg omg shame poor u
    why dont u try find your moms concealor
    and use it, it really works that happened to me once! i was going on my first date and i woke up and that happened so i found
    my moms make up bag and used it!!!!

  34. selena

    JUST POP IT! it might hurt. but then put makeup on it then u will look cool!

  35. Kira

    jenny what ever you do do not pop it. it can leave scars after. get some cleanser and put it on daily. it always works for me.

  36. kristy

    I would get some cover up/concealer and it will really help

  37. Annemarie

    I know how you are feeling, my friend’s b-day party is tomorrow and I have this zit on my chin. What you need to do is wash your face really well with facial cleanser and water. If that doesn’t at least make it smaller ask you’re mom if you can use some of her makeup.

  38. lizzy

    what do u need help with!!!!??????

  39. * catie *

    zits alway suck but whateevr you do dont fiddle with it or try and pick it eww.
    and plus maybe using some cover-up would totally work and plus im sure you will look just fine at that skating rink and lal the guys will totally notice you !

  40. Candy

    So if all your plans are perfect don’t let one dumb zit ruin it. Just try to hide it or get rid of it.

  41. Alice

    i think you should pop it the cover it up with make up.
    I this is weird but i need your help. there is this dude i started to like before Christmas break but the after the break he started to act like a jerk. today we had gym, i was waiting for my friend to come out so we could go for recess. she was talking long so i started to read the messages on top of the shoe rack. one said that JERK (dude i use to like) and his friend was here. i yelled at him for going in there but he clams he didn’t. what should i do? i still think i like him but i also hate him. HELP

  42. Meghan

    Jenny, You shouldn’t worry about it, the more you try to get it off the longer it will be there, and eventually it will be a scar.

  43. Gloria

    1: use concealer or makeup
    2: use you hair to cover it up
    3: ignore it (if you don’t feel self-concious)
    and warning: POPPING IT IS YOUR LAST RESORT!!! if you mess with it, it’ll only get worse /:
    so good luck! :)

  44. Sophia

    Okay dont worry I’ve had about 8,000 zits myself what you do is cover it up with your bangs or wear a hat that covers it up. Whatever you do, DON’T POP IT!!!! This will leave permemant scars in your skin! Belive me that doesn’t look good. Oh and the best pimple/zit helper is Neutregina and man does that work!!

  45. lily

    put toothpaste on for like half an hour, it should go away

  46. Haley

    Hey Jenny,
    What you should do is ask your mom to borrow her cover up and if she does not have any than to ask her to go out quickly to a nearby store and get some. The zit may show threw a little but if your friends are really your friends they won’t care!

  47. pasorox123

    just try to be popular im the most popular kid in school and get all straight a’s all the time so go for the a and try to be popular

  48. monkeylover

    dear jenny i had the same problem but worse just dont touch it and itll b gone it worked 4 me in hours ps dont keep ur hair in ur eyes or ull get even more

  49. amaryce

    take a hat and put it on.if that does not work find nail polish or something that is the same color of ur skin.take the nail polish brush or the thing that is your skin color and put it on ur zit.

  50. Erin*

    Okay. I have no advice for right now, but in the future use Clean and Clear after every shower! That way it prevents blemishes AND gets rid of them slowly but surely.

  51. amaryce

    i have a god mother named jenny.take a hat and put it on.
    p.s. i like what u do in the how i survived middle school books.

  52. AS0102

    SAY WHAT?!!

  53. sammy

    hi jenny
    Maybe you can use the headband Chloe gave you.

  54. Laura

    Can someone please explain what Jenny’s talking about? For some reason, my computer cut off part of her blog.

  55. Laura

    Ok if this is a 911 zit emergency this is what you should do.
    1. Clean your face properly
    2. When your face or suronding area of the zit is clean put a tiny amount of tooth paste on it. Put it just on the zit because it will dry your skin out
    3. leave toothppaste on for about 10min than wash it off.
    4. when face is clean again put a tiny dab of rubbing alcohol on it and rubb it gently with cue tip. Wash it off and if the zit is there in 2-3 hours later at full size than it is safe to pop it.
    Plus I don’t think your friends will mind if you have a blemish on your face. Everyone gets them and they wont hold it ageint you. A zit wont make a party any less fun. Good Luck!

  56. autumn

    i think you should just pop it. youre a grown woman do it yuorself!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  57. cynthia

    be confident

  58. nobiggey

    what ev use make up get bangs ect… no biggey

  59. CD

    Hey, I would just dab a little blush over it! Problem Solved!!

  60. larissa

    Don’t worry about it. Cloe and all you other friends won’t care. They’ll just be happy your there. If your really that bugged about it you can just cover it up with a band-aid and say that you have a problem with a scratch, but I’m sure that they wont mind a bit that your head has a zit.(I know that my friends wouldn’t mind)

  61. Zunlight

    You ammeters you can NEVER pop a zit or put makeup over it or put something over it … you WILL make it worse or lead to a breakout
    1. get a hot cloth put it on the zit then put toothpaste on it overnight.
    2. get marcelle its a miracle!!!
    3. or you could keep washing your face and put hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and dab it softly :)

  62. stealthyninja

    ‘Burt’s Bees acne solution’ works great! Trust me. My sister gets really bad acne and she uses it. After she does, she looks great!

  63. Sammi

    use clean and clear blemish removal! :)

  64. LIZZIE

    Put a bande on and say you fell.

  65. Kay

    DON”T POP IT! It works sometimes but others it will leave something like a hole on your forhead! Just put a band aid on it and say you dont want to talk about it and you just want to skate.(hey you probuly don’t want to talk about a zit anyway) or like others say use cover up. I don’t believe it makeup, but I hate lieing to my friends too, but I’d still do the bandaid.

  66. Ginger

    I wouldn’t mess with it. it just makes the zit worse! trust me! Keep putting zit stuff on it like ” clean and clear or do a facial thing. All I do is wait for it to get a little big and have a sort of white head on it then i pop it but inbetween it i put clean and clear on it and mine go away in a couple of days! Hope you get rid of that sucker! LOL

  67. kathy

    Ok first of all dont be scard that people might make fun of you just tell them that when they get one lets see how they feel.this is what you could do,1.you could put makeup 2.cover it whith your hair cut and 3.or just try a hat.p.s dont add me if you dont have any clue of me oookkkkkkk

  68. Rainbow1015

    Hey Jenny try alot of make up of get front bangs and or wear a hat

  69. Rainbow1015

    angel that is very rude chill out

  70. savannah

    i will be nice, unlike the others. try to pop it or make up or zit cream.

  71. Oksana

    You shouldnt pop it, cuz it will become red. Just try washing your face with soap, that works alot.

  72. Terri

    Cover it up with your hair! Or wear a hat, or maybe get some zit cream.

  73. Isabelle

    Calm down it is no big deal with the zit you can always 1)Pop It
    2)Use Yr Mom’s Make-Up Pouch
    And Cover Yr BIG Zit
    3)Cover It With Toothpaste

  74. basma

    i know u can cover it with ur bangs if u have or cover it with makeup!

  75. Amy

    First where is the zit if it is on your forehead never pop it or you can become paralyzed. Trust me it happened to my cousin.
    If I were you I would wash your face a lot put a wet rag on your face at night. Don’t touch your face buy a cover up from the store never blush!
    Good luck and your friends really won’t care!
    P.S I am in France! Right now I am looking out my bedroom and I see the Eiffel Tower! Oh yeah and I am going on a Gondola tonight with my bf!

  76. grace

    if they are your rell freinds they shoudnt car
    from grace age 9

  77. kimberly

    I know what it’s like you can either pop it or put makeup on and if you chose to put makeup on then you will have to convince your mother to let you were makeup

  78. Morgan

    Wear a winter hat. It will look perfectly normal

  79. Ashley

    Calm down! Ok here’s what to do:
    Pop it
    Apply acene cream
    Cover it with make up
    Ta da! You can’t even see it well!
    Hoped this helped!
    Ashley :)

  80. chrissy

    OMG jenny i know how you feel that happened to me once before i tried popping it DON’T do that it will only make it worse try washing it and then either ask your mom to get you some concealer (beauty aisle at walmart)or put some toothpaste on it for about 20 minute that should dry it up good luck

  81. Delaney

    Here’s what u shouldn’t do:pop it! It’ll just get more irritated.p.s pop a Pop. Not a pimple!

  82. Scarlet

    ok this is what i do when i get big zits…get an ice cube and hold it on the blemish for about a minute 9this will bring down the swelling and the redness) hen put a little bit of of conclear (goes on better if you dab it on then if you smear it on) then put a light dusting of foundation.
    P.S. if you don’t have make up you can use your moms, but if your skin tones are really differnt the you should get your own.

  83. Genie 18

    Use cream super genius.

  84. Grandma Janis

    Ok whenever I got a zit my mother would always tell me to do this:
    1) Take a little ketchup and rub it on the zit.
    2)Take a Q-Tip and rub some urine on it.
    3)Apply “Celia’s Cosmetics Zit Remover” 3 times and then scream and jumnp out a window!
    4)Zit should be gone. =)
    -Grandma Janis

  85. pam13

    OMG! Pop it then apply cover up.

  86. Cindy

    I know this sounds weird, but if you but the decongestant nose spray on it with a q-tip, it becomes your normal skin color. it works!

  87. Olivia

    Try a hat, or some clearisil makeup coverup!

  88. Aquamarin panda

    you should wear a baseball cap and don’t take it off until after the party.

  89. 918Mintchocolatechip

    just cover the zit with your hair, or maybe put a hat on.

  90. Hannah

    Jenny let me tell you a few things:
    1.it probably isn’t as big as you think it is
    2.use a little bit of makeup to cover it
    (but don’t use too much or your face will look cakey)

  91. Austina

    Wow thats serious, just bite it off.

  92. how to survive middle school luver!!!! <3 <3

    Put a little cover up over it. That is what i always do when I get a zit. Plus,: Your friends will take u for who u r, not for if u have a big zit on ur face. If they dont take u for who u r, they shouldnt be ur friends! :)
    From: Sheryl :) )

  93. Jaidyn

    Dont freak all you have to do is pop it. And if that dosent work you can always cover it up with some makeup.

  94. vyha

    Yo Jenny Just cover it with makeup!

  95. brittany

    i was reading this book and it said that you should never pop the zit! (major no-no)anyway it said that you can try toothpaste but you have to keep it on for 7-8 hours but i read the other comments and if so many people say that you should try tree oil i would give it a try!!!
    p.s. to all of the people that said that Jenny should try tree oil, i will try that in the future(thx!!)

  96. Kim the Kat

    hey Jenny, dont worry all you have to do is add some consealer and foundation and voila! all that stress will become a little detail. just try to eat some fruit while your there. What Angel said isnt quite true. It doesnt all disapear. Some might still show but thats it.
    Frum Kim The Kat

  97. Melonee

    Well you can wear a hat and put a bandaid over it. When the hat falls off or something just said. You bumped your head on the table and i have a cut !
    xoxo ; Melonee :)

  98. Marianna

    Hey Jenny,
    I would take some ice in paper towel and keep it over your zit for a little while, it will start to shrink rapidly! This worked for me and all my friends! Concealer is an option but even though it would cover it, the zit would get bigger and worse.
    Hope I helped
    - Marianna

  99. Bronwyn

    Hey Jenny!
    I have had this happen before when I was supposed to go with with my friend to a movie! This is what you do… Get some of your mom’s make-up or your own and wipe it al over your face. If you still can see it, just go with what you can and cannot see. It has worked for me before so I hope it works for you too!!!!!! :) :):):):)

  100. omg

    omg git clean and clear i know it sounds like way to much for one zit but it works all my bff’s have it i do to my face is like soft and it keeps zits from comeing in the futur

  101. Brooke♥

    Hey Jen,
    have u ever heard of……
    ♪♫ MAKE UP!!!♪♫
    im notta fan of it, but…. yeah. ;)
    it’d help ya alot!

  102. Joanne

    I think you should
    1.Use makeup to cover it
    2.Leave it alone
    3.Use your hair to cover it
    4.Put a little toothpaste on it.
    Either way, if your friends are “true blue” they would like you for you, not how you look!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Fiona

    i get them all the time. i have a really greasy face and i touch it a lot so i tend to get them alot. no one, not even you should care how you look. know one will notice it. ok, maybe they will but still. dont do anything to it

  104. ┼Amy┼

    Ok, first off: DONT LISTEN 2 these girls that say 2 pop it: it’ll just make it more red and gross (TRUST me: ik!) 2nd: DONT listen 2 the girls who say 2 cover it with your hair! It just makes the zit bigger, and makes more appear. Go with some cover up…and maybe a hat, ALSO, but not instead.

  105. Hannah

    Jenny, i think you either shouldnt go or you should pop it. Not exactly a big deal. You are not going to die.

  106. HarryPotter23

    ok listen. in my lifetime I have probably had like 800 zits and im only 15! What u do is RALLY EASY! and it works! take a DRY towel big enuff to cover ur body with. fill ur sink with smoking water. after the sink is like 60% full put the towel under the faucet and put ur head under the towel. keep ur face VERY close to the water after the staem builds up on ur face after about 10 min. under the towel take the towel off and put moisturizing cream right over the zit. in about an hour the xit will look like a VERY SMALL pimple and u can eaisally hide it with ur hair! trust me IT WORKS!

  107. McKenzie

    go in your moms or your big sister’s(if you have a sister.)makeup bag. put this well this kind of stuff that blends with your skin and put it on the sit. If not pop it or make sure no one sees it.

  108. Nectaria

    Try your best to get people’s attention away from it. If you cover it, and it still showes, and someone says that they still see you zit, just say “It wasn’t there this morning, I can live with it because you’re my friend.” and leave it at that.

  109. McKenzie

    OMG! I had a zit i my chin(i still have some on my frohad.)and i ask if i had stuff on my chin because i felt like i had crust on my chin so she said no but you do have a bump on your chin i said “No honey it is called zit.” it felt so wead saying it.

  110. Paige

    This has happened to me 24/7! Its awful right???!! Sometimes I CANT cover it up with makeup! When you get to school hold your head up high and walk past EVERYBODY! We ALL get zits! Alot of the popular girls wear concealer to cover them up! Dont be snobby be a role model! Its just a zit! Youll get over it!

  111. Danielle

    Well first wash your face with a cleanser. Next I’d put a moisturizer on it to soften it up especially if it’s all dry.
    NEVER pop it because it’s only going to make it even redder and cause the effection to go deeper into your skin. Then apply a concealer. After that cover it up with some face or translucent powder :)

  112. H%Hgurllllll

    Don’t touch it just try to cover it up by makeup

  113. :Phappybee

    Ok mine i ingored it and people didnt really care so its alright!!! ^^

  114. KYNDALL


  115. Nikki

    Tell your mom you need some new make up and you need it asap then when you go to get the make up get maybelline new York mineral power then get mac plush glass lip gloss once you get home cover your whole face with the mineral power and cover your lips as well with it then put the push glass on your lips and then curl your hair!enjoy!by the way I’m in high school! :)

  116. Miranda

    You could use some cover-up or if you have bangs, put them in front to cover it. What you can even do is maybe put a bandaid over it if you have to. Honestly, if you do nothing, your friends will understand anyway. Everyone gets these now and then. They are your friends, they’ll like you not matter how you look. (I mean, it’s not like they’re all part of the Pops) If they laugh at you or make fun of you, then they’re not really good friends.

  117. raian

    get cream and put it their!!!!!

  118. Faith

    Hey don’t feel bad, I get zits all the time! If I was in your situation I would:
    A: Pop it.
    B: Borrow some of your mom’s conceler to hide the reddness.
    C: Don’t be to self conscious, your friend(s) will understand. We’ve all had zits at one time or another!

  119. Keykey

    ok dont freak;here’s what u do….POPIT!!!

  120. samara

    You should make up for it like, cleaning and cooking.

  121. Lizbeth

    Everybody gets zits so don’t worry!!!!!

  122. mm

    hey wat r u doin?

  123. GG Girl

    Okay Jenny,
    I get zits all the time!Just try not to worry…
    Okay,try to pop it,then if that doesn’t work put concealer on it.
    Then, try popping it when you think it looks a little bit more…popable.
    Don’t worry,
    GG Girl

  124. lauren

    omg i don’t know how to solve that so sorry that is realy bad

  125. shira

    i love your books, im on the second one now.

  126. Victoria

    Hi Jenny,
    So don’t worry about something as silly as that. You are a beautiful girl and that so does not make you want to stare at it. Your face is to pretty to focus on an details that aren’t pleasant. Do you even have something in your face that’s not pleasant? NO! Just focus on school and ask your mom for some cream. That’s all part of being a girl! You have problems and things like that…so don’t worry! Trust me, I am a great gal for advice. Even one of my best friend comes only to me for advice. That’s pretty sick!
    P.S. Let me know what’s going on! I love reading your books! They sure are amazing!

  127. lizzy

    ok, jenny there are a couple of option:
    1. use tea tree oil. if you don’t have any, use number 2.
    2. find some concealer that is the same color as your skin,and before the party put some on.
    3. Just for future reference)NEVER pop a zit!! yes it is possible, but unless you want it to get worse or come back worse, i would not pop it!!
    good luck and have fun at the party!!!!,Lizzy :)

  128. tati

    O.K. dont freak out apply lemon to the designated area. than get a bag of ice and crush it to make an icepack. put it on the zit for five minutes. really scrub your face with a bar of soap. apply toothpaste overnight. if its a biggie apply concealer in the morning.

  129. angei

    Hey, i want that shirt!
    anyway i would just wear a beanie to cover it.. your friends shouldnt even mind if they are real friends though!

  130. Fern

    Use toothpaste on your zit or google “how to remove zits”
    But the most important thing is, to stay away from what the Pops did to you (even the nice ones!). I know you’re a good girl so you can still look bad on the outside (sorry…) but your beauty is still on the inside. Trust me. I know you and I like you. You always know how to make those troubles gone like Rachel and Felicia, you and Liza, and a lot more. Concealers are OK, but your zit will look thick, so it doesn’t really work. Remember, don’t make your zit the #1 thing on the list. Always keep school, personality and family and also praying so God will bless you no matter what. He’ll always be there for you, and all of us will be here for you too. So don’t freak out till the vase broke by itself. Stay calm, and do your normal life. Try to forget the zit thingy. Okay? God Bless You

  131. Samar

    don’t worry Jenny, you can use concealer,
    or use toothpaste( believe me it works), the concealer should work…..take it to school so at lunch you retouch your blemish, also use oil free cleanser if that helps.
    good luck

  132. jenny

    whash your face and ask your mom for her makuep

  133. Areion

    I recommend Pond’s daily exfoliating face cleanser. Apply it ever morning and night and be sure to wash it ALL off. If you use it day and night for at least 3 days to a week the zit will be gone.

  134. Autumn

    You could use ointment or cleanser stuff. :) Hope you had fun at the party.

  135. meagan

    Hi Jenny,
    All you have to do is pop it, put concealer, then powder on it because it will look red after you have popped it.

  136. Rebekah

    Try puting powder then concealer then powder then coverup in that order, worked for me

  137. AshlynRocks1

    Here’s the 3 steps i follow:
    1.Wash ur face every day.
    2.If i get a pimple, i wear foundation every day until it’s un-noticeable.
    3.Don’t pick at it, just ignore it or it will get bigger.

  138. babys are CUTE

    okay here’s what you should really do so get your mom to bring you to a makeup store close by in your town and get some really good blush and cover your zit that’s all you have to do

  139. Misaki

    Just wear a hat any kind! :)

  140. isabella

    either you pop it, put concealer or makeup on it, cover it up with your hair, or pretend you don’t even have it thats what i do with my zits or maybe even wash your face a lot of times with a special soap.

  141. Lily

    If it is something like zits just use something get makeup. JUST DON’T DROWN YOUR SELF IN IT

  142. Madeline

    Don’t panic Jenny! Just put some toothpaste over it before you go to bed.When you wake up..TA DA it’s gone.

  143. Nikki :]

    Wazzup Jen
    I would sugjest that you use some clean and clear on your face and use things that when you go in the shower & wash your face and keep it from getting future zits or use some rice with water and put it on like every chance you have :P . Well i g2g cause my bro’s are going on Bai!!
    Much much love,

  144. Nikki :]

    Lol 4get my comment :P

  145. shen

    Calm down Jenny. Don’t mind the zit. There your friends! If your friend had a zit would you laugh at them? If you don’t agree with me then wear a hat. Anyway it would be cold. Hoped I helped!

  146. Angela

    Wear a hat! Or a headband would be better. You said that you got a headband from Chloe in one of ur books, right? So if your friends ask u why ure wearing it, either tell them the truth, or just say that because it’s Chloe’s birthday, you’d like to recall her generousity by wearing it, showing that you’re appreciating the headband Chloe made.

  147. Angela

    P.S. im not the angela that’s written first. Im another one

  148. selena_joe_101

    OMG!I know how you feel.Sometimes at school my not so good friends will be like:You know you have a pimple there?I hate it when they do that.Its like thanks,like i didnt notice!heres some of my ideas:
    1.If your bangs are long enough cover it with them.
    2.If you or your mom has some foundation use that to cover it.
    3.put a ban-aid over it and say you fell or something like that.
    4.(I saved my best one for last)if your friends are really your friends they wont care as long as you guys are having a GREAT time.
    Hope I helped,your BIGGEST fan.

  149. Anonymous, 6th grader

    I would get that creme stuff to make it go away, but thats just me.
    I LIKE PIE!!!!!!!

  150. Danielle

    You don’t need to worry about it because all you need to do is use some facial cleanser and you are good to go

  151. pandagrl1

    use a little cover up.Once it’s on,don’t touch it.We would all want to pock and pinch,but that can cause scarring.Don’t touh it or act like something is wrong or they will find out!

  152. LINDY

    you sould just ether dont throw away and dig it deep in your garbge or don’t talk an hide it in the dirtyest plase in your room.

  153. Samara

    Well if your going to be ice skating it probably will be cold… just wear a cool hat over it and no one will notice. Also if its just your friends its fine, they won’t care about it but do the hat thing if people like the pops are coming! :)

  154. Jenny

    Hey, Jenny,
    My name is Jenny, too!
    Anyway, back to the zit (or f, whatever)…use some concealer, cover it with your bangs or covering it with a hat.
    I’d say don’t pop it. Popping it may leave a scar.
    I get zits lots of times, so believe me!

  155. Jenny

    It’s me again. I just want to know why aren’t you in eighth grade yet?

  156. Emilea

    Don’t freak out all you need is some ance medication and about a week’s time, then you’ll be good to go!!!

  157. Rachel

    Don’t worry! You can pop it! Try some blush or foundation to cover it up. I’ve seen the answer results to your online quizzes + u r not THAT big of a worrier!

  158. Cassandre

    just put on makeup to cover the zit.easy peasy. or put on a cap and slide it to your forehead. or make your hair cover your forehead. totally a piece of cake.

  159. Delaney

    Woah! That’s dejavu!
    The other day my crush asked me to Boomers and I got a big zit, too! All I did was put on some cover-up make-up and he didn’t notice it at all!

  160. Allie

    I wouldn’t worry about the zit. If Chloe were really your real friend she wouln’d care about what you look like. But you coul put a little make-up on it to make it look a little better.

  161. kaylee

    well you should use your common sense. Haven’t you ever heard of makeup? Also, it’s your FRIENDS BIRTHDAY!!!!! not the inaugural ball!!! she won’t judge you!!!!

  162. rachel

    Hey Jenny(:
    Omg I have zits all the time.If you don’t have anything to cover it up with who cares people won’t laugh at you they will understand because it happens to everybody.
    From Rachel

  163. Girl

    Jenny I know you will freak out if I told you, but just do it! Just tell umm… Chloe? Yeah, Chloe. You should tell her you habe this zit and she’ll understand why you wont go to her party, or use lots and lots and lots of make up!
    I understand you because I got this rash and I had to go to school when I had a crush on someone! So I put lots of make up on! No need to thank me!

  164. Jasmine

    Just put some tea tree oil on it.Cover with your bangs, and go have fun at the party!!!!!!

  165. ????????


  166. haggirl

    Use tons of concealer, foundation or any makeup product you can find. Also try Clear Pores. It’s this nighttime acne treatment that works miracles for me. Just a little dab before bed, and wash it of in the morning. Trust me it works.
    P.S. Tell Clohe I said Happy Birthday. Mine was Jan 26 and now I’m 15.

  167. natalee

    relax…put tea tree oil on it and give it twenty minutes. no worries.
    P.s don’t touch it, it will be more reddish. trust me…ik

  168. seemo2

    i dont get it. What do you need to get rid of?

  169. Maniza

    These are just some ideas you could use,
    - Pop it
    - Apply some mineral powder on it
    - You just got your hair done right, then you can cover it up with your cute, stylin’ hair
    - My mom uses this coconut oil thing to help her skin and hair. Maybe you can use it. When applied, wait for a few hours and so and then take a shower with shampoo and soap. (It does not smell the best, well to me anyway. My mom loves it.)
    - Go as yourself. Have a great time. That’s all that really matters. Pretend that it’s not there.

  170. Erica

    Pop the zit and it will immediately disappear. (I mean, not like, that very second, but VERY soon.) Besides, even if people do notice, they’ll probably forget about it anyway.
    P.S.–Okay, I cannot find hardly ANY of your books in the library! ARGHH!

  171. kayleen

    well i once read in this magazine that if u take a little vasaline to it it can help and then take green yes i said green cover up eyeshawdow any kind and put it ove it it lessens the redness and then put reg cover up on it probally covers it i know it works for me and i dread wearin make up and i bet u do 2.

  172. Chloe

    Hi! My name is chloe too… anyways DO NOT use concealer or foundation.It just clogs your pores and make you have more zits. I know that by experience. Just try to cover it up with your bangs. or Just joke and tease about. Your friends will understand. they;re girls too.

  173. JennyMcAffeFan24

    Hey Jenny!
    Don’t stress. This happened to me before. Maybe try covering your zit with your bangs or wear a hat to cover it. Don’t put make up on or pop it, it’ll make it worse. Trust me, been there, done that. Next, try putting skin color moisturizer and cover your zit with it. Hope this helps

  174. orangeyellowgal1

    i think because u r not real and only in a story, and everything goes perfect in stories, u should do whatever the book tells u to do!!!! :(

  175. savannah

    get over it.

  176. Laura

    I don’t know what Jenny’s talking about…for some reason my computer cut off part of her post. Could someone please give like a brief summery of her blog? Thanks.

  177. KyKy

    All you have to do is hide it with your new awesome hair cute girlie! You know me! haha, always with good ideas! ok, hope you have fun!
    Love ya,

  178. Dawn

    Hey Jenny,
    Just to tell you, it’s not that big of a deal. I mean, it’s just a zit right? Two words of advice though. First, DO NOT POP IT! If you do pop it, all that gunky liquid in in will probably run to other places on your face, and that will create more zits, plus, it will leave a nasty scar there. It’ll probably hurt too. Second, I personnally don’t think it matters that much. I mean, it’s just a zit. Seeing that you DO have bangs, just use them to cover that zit up, or put some concealer on it.

  179. sam

    WEll I know what its like and cover it up with some tinted cream it works really well!

  180. PuffleGirl126

    i play on tootsville why dont u go there ill meet u soon ill talk my friends can help.

  181. Allie

    Don’t freak it’s not the end of the world. Al u need to do is put a little foundation or judt some kind of make-up.U still need to go to the party and have fun. Everybody will be too busy having fun they won’t aven notice- think + not -.

  182. Kala

    Hide your zit with your bangs.

  183. hi

    who cares if you dont make a big deal about it and have fun then you wont even know its there

  184. Kathy

    Am I the only one who can’t see this blog!? :(

  185. Yvonne

    Your parents had experienced this moment during their childhood, (and chances are) they know how to cover it up. Talk to your mother and explain the problem. Parents are more usful than you could expect, and they know what works and what doesn’t.

  186. marina

    don’t worry jenny use some aquafor its AMAZING stuff.

  187. ashley

    what i think you should do is cover it up with bangs if you have. or a nice stylish hat. poping it makes it worse . :)

  188. kristie

    umm… go to a doctor or wash your face with facial soap every day. make-up will just make the zits worse.

  189. Eshita

    I would make a ponytail and then let my bangs fall on the zit. Wear a hat. Try asking your mom…mom’s help a lot!!!

  190. mommy is awsome

    Hey you do not have to wory… just if you have bangs cover it up…or just ask your mom if you can use her conceler….
    add me..

  191. Brianna

    Calm down it’s no big D. Just don’t touch it once so ever or else it will be noticable and be there even longer.

  192. shepgal

    Jenny just cover with your bangs or wear any hat maybe just wear a hoodie and through the hood over your head and have your bangs cover up together I mean really I get zits all the time.
    p.s. or just use cover up

  193. Hope

    Hydrogen Peroxide.

  194. trina

    put a head band right on top of the zit so no one will notice plus it will keep you ears warm because they will freeze in an ice skateing ring. Trust me I ice skate all the time.

  195. Julia

    Well I had Zits before it was huge and right on the tip of my nose!!! My crush kept staring at it! So the next day I just put some make up, lip gloss, eyeshadow, cute outfit and he was staring at me all day (in a good day). He totally forgot I had a huge zit on my face because you couldn’t even see it! The next he day he asked me to go to the school dance with him! Boy did that zit help!!!! So don’t be sad. Some times bad things turn out good.

  196. jamia

    think you should beg yourt mom

  197. Bella

    Um… I use nutragina 360 cleaner. That works for me…

  198. Maddy

    hey Jenny,
    Calm down, everyone gets zits. if you have concealer, conceal it! Or use your bangs, if you have them. Or just let it be, everyone gets zits, its not the end of the world.
    From Maddy

  199. Luna

    hey jenny,
    just put a stylin’ band-aid on. then when someone asks, make up a fascinating story about it! then, when you’re home, use some pimple cream. Keep wearin’ the band-aid, though!

  200. tr

    just wear a hat

  201. jenny

    dont pop it

  202. Sparklingmoon

    Ok despite the other comments don’t pop it that could cause a breakout. Also dont put your hand close to it because the oil/sweat from you hand may make it worse. Just clean it evey nite with cleanser [any kind should work] and if its still noticable ask your mom if she would let you use concealer this one time if you do extra chores

  203. Sasha

    Don’t worry you’re beautiful

  204. Katie

    um… you losers do realize that jenny isn’t real… right???

  205. Racquel

    ok I know you are not allowed to wear makeup but tell your mum it’s ssoo grosse and you can’t go to a b-day party lookin like that!So explane that for only for the b-day party would you ever wear makeup because then you can relax and have some fun at the party!

  206. Kelsey

    I love your book i’m still on #9 far so good so.

  207. Kaitlin

    Put a bandade over it maybe even one the makes your sweater!! and if anyone asks what happened just say you scratched yourself!

  208. marie

    1.Wash your face.first with warm water to open pores, then with a little soap, then rinse with cool water to close pores. Works for most small pimples.
    2. DONT pop it cuz it’ll leave a scar forever.
    3. just put on some cover up.(make sure its noncomedogenic!)
    hope this helps!

  209. julissa

    whats does f stands for?

  210. Mage

    OMG! My birthday is january 28th wich is the exact same day that you posted this! LOL! Okay about the zit…
    Well, I heard that poping it makes the area more eratated and red wich will attract more attention to the area so that is a no go. But using a little concealer or makeup should do the trick. If it’s still buging you, you could buy a head band that will cover up the zit like you did with your bangs. And if all of these don’t work then concider using a face clenser and wash your face evry night like I do. (It feels good!)
    I wish I could talk2u all day but I have 2g so TTYL :)

  211. Anna

    Wear a hat or something over your forehead or use your bangs to cover it.

  212. jay

    wow dont worry just put cover up and leave it alone it will go away eventually

  213. addie

    put bandad on it and say you hurt your self!

  214. Alyssa

    First pop it be careful wait till the white puss comes out and then put cover up on if you don’t have any steal some from your mom or ask for some. If it looks the same squeeze it more it totally works have fun at the party

  215. ?????

    make-up is the key 2 EVERYTHING!!!!!have fun!

  216. dudett

    dude skip her party and stay home taking care of that zit chloe will understand! also just give her the gift at school(DONT GET COUGHT!!!!)

  217. Lola

    Okay don’t pop it or mess with it because it makes it worse believe me i learned the hard way! Haha! If you use a clarisonic it totally helps! And facial soap you don’t need to use any fancy, shmacy cleansers! Hope it gets better,

  218. margaret

    ok put some make-up on! but dont pop it or youll get even more

  219. cc

    ok dont freak and everyone who doesnt know this just put some concealer on it!! try maybelline mousse concealer it works really well and dont pop it! that will only make it worse!! seriously guys!

  220. Katie

    Hi Jenny! I really know how you feel about the zit.Here are good ways to get rid of them.
    1.I’ve heard a rumor that peppermint helps zits go away.
    2.pop it.
    3.wear a hat to cover it up.

  221. lamees

    i always do that and it works
    if anyone asks you what happened, just say you bumped your head!

  222. Angel23

    Hey Jenny!
    Well, you could always use some concealor, that always works, you could also just use some zit cream. I remember when I got a zit on my cheek (trust me it wasn’t pretty) and I used this zit cream, it disappeared within a week! Jenny I LOVE your books! I read them all the time, and I just finished two of your books yesterday!
    Love, Angel23

  223. 4evagirl

    say happy birthday to chloe for me. ok, now, about the zit. wash your face with fresh water, then, apply some concealer on top of it, that should cover it up, and maybe wear a cute hat or headband that covers up the zit. there, that should do it, but remember, remove the concealer before you go to bed, and wash your face thoroughly.
    ta ta,

  224. cara

    You should clean it in the shower with a really good cleanser or scrub. If you don’t have time, just pop it and put a bandaid over it claiming it’s a cut you got from your cat or something.

  225. Samantha

    Pop then cover it with makeup.=D

  226. sabrina

    odnt worry jen chloe doesnt care but if ur really embaressed u can:
    1. cover it with makeup (ask ur mom first if ur borrowing makeup from her)
    2. wear a hat over it and say ur 2 cold 2 take it off
    also dont put ur hand near it so that way u wont make ppl look at it

  227. rose

    use that cream to make it go away or use zit makeup. P.S. for the cream ,put it on in the morning and at night.

  228. kitty

    hey jenny i love you

  229. kitty

    do you have a lot of frinds to talk to because I have a lot.

  230. Madison

    Use burt bees lip gloss.
    I know it sounds crazy, but trust me, been there done that!

  231. emilya

    omg! if their ur real friends they wont care but just in case try to get some proactive or foundation to cover it up

  232. Alison

    First things first. Calm down.Its not a big deal every one gets zits. Just put some cover up on it. It’ll be fine.no one will ever know.
    P.S. don’t mess with it!

  233. Emily

    What you should do is make plans.Plan A.Use baby powder to cover it.Plan B.Ask your mom what you should do.Plan C.POPPING TIME(if you can’t pop with your fingers use tweezers.)

  234. Fajar

    Hey Jenny its FINE to have a zit just remember do NOT pop it people WILL notice just leave it alone everyone gets zits once in a while but there are pleanty of thing that u can do with ur zit
    1)get bangs
    3)leave it alone
    4)put some make-up on it
    5)talk to ur friends and ask them about what they did when they had a zit

  235. Kam

    Pop that sucker and get on with your life. If people notice it say,” So what? I bet you’ve had one too, before.”

  236. Suzy

    People shouldn’t judge you by your looks. Jenny, if you have a ugly zit on your forehead, ignore it. Have a awesome time at Chloe’s birthday party. If the Pops see your zit, stick your head up tall and ignore their nasty remarks on your zit. Remember, be kind and later everybody will like you even if you have a bad hair day, a massive zit, etc.
    Everybody’s not perfect. Later, Addie might erupt with a zit too!

  237. Mary

    just leave it be cool nobody will notice it. If they notice it and just laugh…

  238. Meng

    I think you should calm down. Just explain to her that you got a zit right before her birthday. I’m sure Chloe would understand. At least she would if she’s your friend. And I’m pretty sure nobody’s gonna laugh at you if it’s Pop-free.

  239. pam

    Hey Jenny.
    I know what you can do.
    You can just pull a prank on him.
    That will teach him not to mess with u.

  240. Meng

    This is Meng again.I’ve got zits before.I just got zits again last week.If I counted, that was probably my billionth time.You might want to ask Chloe even,to knit you a headband for you like she did for your bad haircut.Explain to her that you’ve got a zit on your forehead and doesn’t want to show up with a zit to HER party.She probably doesn’t want you to anyway.But if she can’t,cut bangs!You’ll look so cute you might even attract boys!But BTW, get a hairdresser.You don’t want to look like a freak.Anyway,you still have two days until her party.Fortunately,it will pop.Good luck.

  241. Sarah

    Don’t use cover up it’s actually bad for your skin. You should try using a cream called ‘acne cream. PCA skin’, you just put a little bit on and it disappears the next day.

  242. Jenny (Thats actually my real name)

    Take a shower and wash your skin. Use some of your moms make up to coer it up.

  243. Hannah

    okay pop the zit with your fingernails then add on poweder foundation or concealor o your whole face then wash it off with a rag put noxema or tea tree oil on it and it will dry up then put a lil toothpaste sleep with it over the night wake up and your face will be clear as casper thank you!!!!

  244. julie

    i think ur one cool friend chloe is very luckey to have a friend like u

  245. Arianna

    Sometimes I get zits and here is what I do:
    1.Drink lots of water
    2.Use my hair to cover it up
    And these are just a few ideas



  247. IMRAN


  248. Ingrid

    i always get zits. what i do is get any kind of asprin crush it then put a little water in it. then put it where your zit is, let it stay over you sleep then in the morning look in the mirror and look at your results.

  249. Fern

    Try to roll black eyeliner on your pimple so it looks like a beauty mark instead!
    P.S.: I got that advice from Victoria . You know her!

  250. Noelle

    Ok Calm Down!! Make sure you wash your face everyday and put special face cream on it. Or Ask you mom for PROACTIVE which makes acnie (Zits)go away!!

  251. Rebekah

    Hey Jenny I heard about your problem, if your really that worried wear something that will cover it or if you have bangs use that. But if it is only your friends you don’t have to wear anything or even try to cover it, if they are friendsw they won’t mind
    Love Rebekah

  252. Vanessa

    just go to the party and hope your friends dont notice

  253. kb


  254. bri

    its ur friends! dont worry,they will understand. if they laugh at u then maybe they r not good friends to have!hope that helps! they will understand!
    p.s i LOVE ur books!!!!!!!!!!!!

  255. ceci

    Just calm down, maybe put some cover up on it or you can pop it.

  256. Lucy

    I have a book that tells you how to do this, here it is:
    NEVER pop a pimple, it could give you an infection an leave a scar.
    1: Wash the zit and dry it.
    2: Wrap an ice cube in a washcloth and hold it over the zit for a minute.
    3: Put on zit concealer with a cotton ball, ( don’t put it on around or it will look bad.)pat some face powder on it and you’re done!

  257. ceci

    Put cover up on and or cover i with your bangs or extra hair

  258. Zack

    Pop it, or be yourself, you hottie!

  259. ashley

    You can cover it with either your hair or some makeup. Oh and don’t make a HUGE deal about it -it happens to everybody! Hope this helps!

  260. Annabeth

    Hi Jenny.Umm…maybe you could pop it or just tell Chloe that you couldnt attend the birthday.Give her the present when your zit is better at school.Owh and I have a better idea,just wear a hat,Jenny.

  261. Kienez

    I use concealer. Or i keep the zit low-profile :)

  262. Ellie and Sarah

    we know how you feel many girls go through that so calm down and don’t worry.

  263. XOXO

    I think should do bangs in front of your bangs and that way nobody would notice it :)

  264. Pie

    Just leave it alone. Playing with it will only make it worse and besides the way you look doesn’t really matter what matters is the inside not the outside. If you still want to do something though I suggest useing concealor it will make it look like there is nothing there. I know because my friend gets a lot of acne. But before using any make up check and see whether it will agitate your zit if it will don’t use it! :)

  265. Polly

    first of all, don’t put on base, i know that won’t work. Base just makes your face look better on stage. 2nd try to use some of your moms makeup

  266. rosepie7

    ok dont freack out! i will give you some tips. ok. well you can use a hat if they take it off. put too long ponytails in the front you bangs if you have any anyways. if they take your hair out. use some make up to cover it. please belive worser things have happend to me i cut my foot and could not walk for 1 week!

  267. jackie

    its just a common way of the human life style and if you wouldnt care just when people ask just say its a human life cycle but here is a way that will definitly work!(or at least it worker for me…)
    first pop it
    after that ask for cover up (fondation)
    rub an amount reasonable to the pimple
    make sure to bring it with you just in case it comes off so i hope you have good luck!

  268. Maggie

    First of all, keep calm. I know just how you feel. Take a deep breath. You can do this. Second of all, ask your mom for some concealer or some makeup item to cove up the zit. Can’t ask your mom? Ask a friend, or get creative with your new haircut to cove it up. Whatever you do DO NOT TOUCH IT, and remember, carry yourself confidently, and you’ll be just fine!

  269. Alexis

    Eh. I don’t really like talking about zits but i guess just cover it up and leave it until later. Wait am I talking to a fictional character from a book??

  270. Anna

    Well, Jenny, it depends where the zit is. If it’s on your finger, put on a ring. If it’s on your face, just leave it. When I have zits nobody said anything.
    Hope this helps!
    From, Anna

  271. lexi =)

    If it is by your hair just cover it with… YOUR HAIR so no one would see it

  272. Abby

    What I do when I get zits is abosuletly DONT touch them!! Also wash the zit at least twice a day and make sure you take a shower at night!

  273. Emma

    Chloe’s your friend. She won’t judge you by a zit. Neither will any of your friends.

  274. Mallori


  275. Megan

    Hey, no big deal. I’ve had times like that too. Just cover it up with your bangs, but if you don’t have bangs, put on a cute hat or ear band thingy. You’re ice skating, so wearing a hat is normal!

  276. cookie

    I know just how to handle this situation! Put a band-aid on it and if anyone asks, say you had a head on collision into a wall.
    Hope it works!

  277. Ellie

    Swipe your siblings makeup…if you have a sibling(I’m not sure).

  278. Kristell

    Hey Jenny!
    Use concealer. Then tie this really cute bandanna over the zit and knot it tightly. It’ll look natural and stylish! You’ll probably wear a hat, since it’s cold, but concealer and an indoor-plan is always good too. Don’t pop it – it’ll leave a scar!
    From, Kristell

  279. lw

    pop it.put mackup on it. then go to school whit your hair covering it! DO NOT MESS WITH IT!!!!!!!!!

  280. Abigail

    Just leave it alone and cover it up-if you mess with it,it could get SUPER red.

  281. Addie

    Use toothpaste. Put a little dab on and in a few hours, It will be gone! Or, at least swelled down a bit. Not a bit, a lot! But, not all the way down.
    -Addie (But, not the “Pop” Addie.)

  282. Victoria

    Really! Just ask your BFF to give you cover up. She’ll totally understand;)

  283. dogg5

    You should use foundation or cover-up makeup to hide it. It really works. Just DO NOT POP IT!!! That will make it way worse!

  284. I love to read!

    Um…I just pop them or cover them up with my hair. Maybe even put makeup on to cover. I get them all the time.

  285. Ocie

    My idea is probably different. I would just do……………………………………………………………NOTHING
    Zits happen to every one, they are not a big deal.

  286. maya

    i think you should just put makeup over it or miss your friends birthday party,tell her you are sick and give give her the birthday present at school and she will understand at the end of school tell her you are sorry for missing her birthday party and ask her how it went over the weekend or after school,your welcome for helping you out,bye bye.

  287. lilly

    just use some cover up or proactie for it and tell chloe i said have a great b-day!!!!!! ps i luv dre he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. i also luv3 mark and kevin and anthony j.

  288. joy

    Put make – up over it made you could ask addie to use hers because i am sure she has a lot

  289. lilly

    come on jenny u can do better than that. just dont pop it. use cover up. u can always ask ur mom what to do. or u can cover it p wiith ur bangs. 2 mak3 them look cute straighten the bangs and use a barret.

  290. Tatyana

    Don’t worry just cover it up with makeup everybody gets zits people will understand because you are hitting that age where you are starting to get older.

  291. KAYKAY112

    YOU CAN;
    A. POP IT

  292. Laura

    Jenny,is it me,or are you taking a very long time to blog lately?

  293. Morgan

    I think you should deal with it because
    if no one likes you because of it than that means they are not true friends.
    from Morgan.

  294. Lindsey

    put acne cream on it then until it zaps it away cover it up with make up i know i give rockin advice

  295. Taylor15

    u should use ur mom’s conclear or u could just cover it with ur hair. OMG luv u Jenny!!!

  296. Anonymous

    I’d say, “Just put some foundation on it and then if that doesn’t work magic, try concealer. If not, POP that stubborn, little critter!

  297. Amy

    either wear a headband or a hat

  298. Lily

    Never pop a zit, just cover it up with powder and cream concealer. (With your mom’s help, of course.)

  299. Liza

    Wash your face a lot and eventually they will go away lol

  300. Sonja

    Here is some tips:
    1. go have a shower and get all thew dirt out of the pimple
    2. don’t pop it makes your forehead all red!
    3. don’t pick at it it helps not to play with it.
    4. put some concealer on it if it doesn’t work.
    5. Last But Not Least HAVE FUN! don’t worry about it it’ll go away it takes time. :)

  301. Len

    Before you go to sleep,put a dab of toothpaste on the zit.It works!!!!!!!!!!!

  302. tiffany

    every day u should wash your hair good espeially your bangs. Also wash your face with warm water and then cold water. use a clean towel to dry your face. then, apply blemish stick on a thin layer. : )

  303. Angela

    Put a bandaid over it and say you got banged on the door.

  304. cute little baby

    get neutragena or practiv….SEE WHAT HAPPENS!everythingis goona be okay girl….okay….i got to stop sayin okay okay cute little baby….GOSH!

  305. loler

    listen jut feal wit it im sure ur friend wont mind plus u can use ur moms makeup =)

  306. Nadhirah

    I think u should wear a hat or put makeup over it.It worked 4 me!!!
    BTW:Tell Chloe ‘Happy Birthday!’

  307. Miss q

    cool…money comes first…if u have money u can do a party…for ur bff that is Chloe…calm dowm just relax call ur friends plan the party together…oooooookkkkkkkk……………………….

  308. Miss q

    *wrong comment sorry

  309. Miss q

    put on make-up or put powder…don’t pop it will look more worst just dont’t pop it

  310. Stacy

    Well you know Jenny that your friends won’t be staring at your zit, they shouldt notice it but any way, the best thing to do is pop it and since your mum has tons of makeup use alittle coverup and that should do you good!
    P.S If your afraid to pop it just put concealer on it. :D

  311. Angel X

    Cover it up with heavy makeup .

  312. Brendalee

    I know how you feel it happens to me all the time.
    Just use face wash every night and then put cover up on in the morning it ALWAYS works for me :)

  313. ALEXIS

    i hate zits but just let it be and it will go away.

  314. lilmunchkin23

    use concealor, thne put foundation all over your face.
    Then use facial highlight on your cheekbones o draw attention to them, instead of your zit.
    And relax,,,,everyone gets acne.

  315. Patricia

    You should cut a bang and have it cover your zit. Also drink plenty of water to have soft skin. ~_~ I hate 2 say this but u should also slow down on chocolate too. WHY!!! -_-

  316. bailey

    hey dont worry act like you dont even know its there and have a great time with chloe

  317. Lindsey

    Use some cover up or some anti-acne cream.

  318. Suzu

    What?! What is “f”? It doesn’t even say what the problem is.

  319. Selina

    Ok,I have never had a zit because I am only in grade 5 but I think u should put some make-up over it or pop it!

  320. Kim

    Omg so so sorry! :’( ily ya girl<3 I know how ya feel!

  321. Gina

    Agh! Stinky! Sorryy :(

  322. Ellice

    you said that your mum has lodes of makeup use it im shore it would be ok. And if your not aloud to use the make up then in the morning like you did last time take some of your mums makeup and put it on at your loker if you have a mirror in your locker and untill school use some of your hair to cover it up. Or befor you anter school once you have gotten of the bus put some of the make up on then no one will see it untill you get to school.

  323. Hayley

    Use Volicity by mary kay

  324. Jenny

    Hi Jenny,
    I have a big problem. I have been friends wit this guys since the 5th grade and I may be starting to actusally like him. But how do deal with it without losing our friendship? HELP PLEASE!
    Sincerely Yours,

  325. Lissiedoll17

    Hey jenny,
    all i would do is use a little make up,or use zit cream

  326. kk

    hay jenny what are you doing friday becuse i wanted you to come over.

  327. kk


  328. Michiie

    You shouldn’t worry about what you look like. Only the Pops do. Your friends are sure to look to you in the inside than what you look like outside. Just keep Rockin!

  329. kittia101

    ask your mom to take you to the drugstore and get some cleanser.

  330. twinjeb

    wear a hat.

  331. Jennifer

    Hide what jenny?

  332. Alyssa

    i know just how you feel i went to my boyfriends party and i didnt even know so i used some of my moms cover up dont worry

  333. cocoa bubbles

    Don’t worry about it. It happens all the time. Your really smart and i know you will figure something out.

  334. ciara

    well dont pop it cuz ti will cause acne so if u got bangs cover it with them or\and cover it with conceler

  335. kristy

    i think you should ask your mom if you can borrow some concealer or cover up and put a little on your zit also take some to the party just in case

  336. babygirl203653

    Hi Jenny I see wat u mean I had a boyfriend who treated me right but the second time he cheated on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  337. LOVING Laim


  338. Catie

    Use makeup. DUH!!!

  339. destiny

    Just forget about it. Your real friends won’t care. If they do, tell them that they have times were they have zits,too. It worked for me!

  340. Geneva

    u kan wear some make up and try 2 covr it and nobody wont notice ur huge zit. Itz not dat big of a deal it, happens 2 me all da time:)

  341. Jo(anna)

    OMG don’t freak! Whateva u do DO NOT cover it w/ your hair….it will make it irritated and worse! Try and pop it……..its really not that bad. But if you can’t bear to do that, try some concealer or makeup! Hope i helped!

  342. ju

    You know,in a sitch like this I would go like you are,I mean,these are your friends,not skin care pros inspecting you,right?
    Good luck,Ju:)

  343. Alex

    use ur moms makeup and cover it up but b4 u do that put some zit cream on it

  344. Brooklyn

    YOu should just pop it and then leave it

  345. Leanne

    I get zits a lot too. Don’t really worry about it. Use your hair to cover it and it’ll be fine.

  346. carolyn

    Use something to hide the zit, a concealer or something. Don’t use makeup. That will get it more oily and irratated. After the party, get some medicine on it. It’ll heal…eventually.
    from carolyn

  347. SuperSock490

    I think i know how you feel. Just put some make-up on it or just put a band-aid on it. You can tell your friend if you want to. She may understand. But anyways, just put something over it in case.

  348. Alicia


  349. Felicia

    When I had a zit once, i poped it. i knew it was bad, but if you pop it and then keep poping it, it goes down, then goes away. But kool idea Angel!

  350. Felicia

    Ellice does have the right idea though

  351. Cristina

    Pop it but not enough to make it bleed then cover-up won’t work when you poped it put on some zit cream and then the cover up when your done with that part your hair to cover it.Trust me i break out just about everyday and my little method always works for me :)

  352. Aliyah

    Ok This is wat u should do u should just tell your mom to put some hair in front of it like bangs and then u wont have any problem seing it.or just go with the Zit to her party nobody wont say anything about that who cares about that u should just go to her party.I mean im not trinna be rude or nuthin im just sayin nobody aint gonna talk about it.Just go have funn….Well sorry u gotta i know how u feel..

  353. Aliyah

    Tell chloe to have a fun a beautiful b-day i hope u have fun.just dont pay noo attention to it just pretend its not there and just have a great time and have fun…dont worry to much about it…

  354. Maya

    OK, What you should do is use your hair or Use concealer But NEVER EVER POP IT that just makes a big scar later.
    Take care,

  355. aliyah

    OK jenny these are ur friends there not gonna care how u look there just gonna wanna have a great b-day they not gonna trip off of u there not gonna mess up there day cause they gotta worry about ur zit.Its not that big of a deal.i know u probaly gonna mess up urs cause u got a zit wow who cares=well have fun..

  356. KitKat

    I think you should just put some consealer on it. It’s no biggy. Or, if you have bangs, then put your hair over it. Seriously, it isn’t that bad. And why are people asking “What?” like “What was the rest of the message?” i think they can’t see the rest.

  357. sweet pea

    its cool just use some tooth paste and wear it over night. Then, it’ll go away and you can go to Chloe’s party!! =)
    p.s. don’t forget to wash the tooth paste off in the morning!!!

  358. Sarah

    Oh Jenny.
    Wear the headband Chloe knitted for you in book #8. Remember the one Sandee the eighth grade president asked if Chloe could make her one.
    I really, really love your books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  359. Hannah

    MY mom tells me to use foundation

  360. Lauren

    Whatever you do, DON’T POP IT. Zits are no big deal. messing with it makes it worse, just cover it with hair

  361. roxygirl

    just DONT WORRY nobody will mind but if its that big of a deal to you use cover up from ur mom

  362. Krystal

    Don’t worry about it and just work it. Leave it alone and it will be gone soon. Just don’t waste your mind thinking about it and go out there and have fun!!

  363. Skullgirl14

    I think u should just put foundation on it. I do that all the time.

  364. Ivy

    Do what I do – stick a piece of band-aid over it and tell your friends you hurt yourself

  365. SC

    I think you should just pop it. Althoughwearing a fashionable skiing hat wouldn’t be bad either, since you’re going to be ice skating. otherwise you really should just pop it then cover up with make up.

  366. Kyra

    Well I never got a zit before so all I can tell you is cover it up with a bang.

  367. Jennifer

    You could put some makeup to cover it.

  368. casey

    Wish choloe a happy b day and cover it up with cream since you dont use make up

  369. morgan

    before bed,put tooth past on it,then it will turn in to a blackhead,to get rid of that,squeese around were it is

  370. kittygirl247

    chloe only cares what is on the inside, so i wouldn’t deal with it.

  371. maaya

    ware a cute bandana over it

  372. c-dog

    put a band-aid over it and say you scratched yourself trying to move hair out of your face

  373. 33Chocolate chip

    just pop it.it will hurt a little thow.

  374. Sydney

    Sneak some of your moms makeup and put it on and say its your friends and you could use it or buy some of that clean and clear stuff.

  375. Courtney

    I get zits too and i freak sometimes too but i would rather pop it cover it with cover up or even just act like its not there at all.

  376. From Kat

    Okay no biggy just if you try to pop it pop it with a pin not your fingers because if you try to pop it with your fingers than it will just get bigger… once this really, really cute boy I like came to school with a huge zit and he acted as if he didn’t care and nobody asked him about it so just act normal if you don’t have anny coverup or pins to pop it with. have fun at the party wish I could be their!!!

  377. brittney

    ok jenny,this is wat u should doo.if you have bangs cover them with it or tell ur mom to take u to the shop to get bangS… I mean i dont mean to be rude but come on who cares about ur zit.These are ur friends they aint gonna do anything..I mean clohe not gonna worry about ur zit soo she can have a messed up day Just cause yo day aint good… FROM, BRITTNEY, P.S I MEAN WISH I CAN HELP U BUT I TRIED TO GIVE U A LITTLE HELP..IF THAT DONT WORK IM SORRY BUT I KNOW HOW U FEEL CAUSE IF U GOT A BAD DAY I KNOW U GONNA BE MAD CAUSE U GOT A ZIT JUST DONT TAKE IT OUT ON CLOHE YOU GUYS SHOULD BOTH HAVE FUN NOT BE MAD…TELL CLOHE HAPPY BIRTHDAY I MEAN SORRY U GOT IT…JUST HAVE A FUN AND GOOD DAY… SORRY U GOT A ZIT… REMEMBER DONT TRIP ABOUT UR ZIT.ITS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL THERES MORE PEOPLE THAT HAVE MORE PROBLEM THEN U DOOO.SO HAVE A GOOOD DAY JENNY AND CLOHE…

  378. Chloe

    You should just wear a hat, duh!

  379. mdsnhunt

    use some blush and foundation to cover up the zit and if it comes back use some cream to ZAP! the zit away for i know how u feel for i have tons of them so girl just calm down alot of people get a zit when something is coming up and it will just keep gettin bigger if u keep worrying bout it so calm down i got one before my date one day soo i know how u feel!!
    Madde! (:-)

  380. ashley

    put white tape on it then put makeup over the tape

  381. little miss sunshine

    put a sticker on it. it IS the new fashion (at least at my middle school)

  382. love2010

    i think u should put makeup on it or put ur bangs over it

  383. Ichigo

    I’ts no big deal really, but if you are really desprite thare is some tipes of makeup that can fix it…

  384. Mia

    if you have bangs than just cover it up in a cute stylish way.

  385. Emily

    just put alot of makeup on it. if that doesn’t work, DON’T pop it, go to the party. everybody gets acne,its normal

  386. Aryssa

    chill okay? dont worry i ALWAYS get zits. first 1.)you need to chill 2.)next you can put some cream or whatev.3.)or use your hair.4.) besides, who would dare critizize you?. i know what your thinking.ADDIE. but i dont think Chloe even invited her. and if she just “happens” to be there, see 1.) and 2.) always bring those just in case + youll always have friends there to support you!:)XOXO

  387. stephy:)


  388. mohammed

    Hey jenny
    I read ‘can you get a F in lunch’ . when i read the quiz i answerd B . I think you should put a band aid over it .
    From Mohammed

  389. Girly 99

    I think that you should just put a bang over the zit then put it in a ponytail. After you do that put a really cute hat on that matches your sweater & no one will beable to see your zit they’ll just notice your cute & styling outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  390. em

    hey jenny!
    ok, here’s whatcha do- go into the bathroom, and dab a little toothpaste on the zit. leave it like that for a few minutes, then wipe it off and wash your face. it won’t be as big.
    luv ur books!

  391. Sandy

    Hey Jenny,
    Okay, so heres what you do.
    1.Check how big it is.
    2.Use one of your mom’s makeup to cover it up.
    3.Go to Chole’s party and have fun! ^___^

  392. Big Doc

    i had the same problems just take some concealer and put it on your zit or if you have bangs just cover your zit up with them if none of that works put on a hat and if they ask say I just got this hat and promised my mom i would ware it. P.S if u dont want to say that tell your friend u have a zit im sure she wont laugh or tell people cause shes your friend

  393. Eliora

    Hi Jenny,
    try some of your mom’s blush. I know she has alot!

  394. Meagan

    ok there are some ways you can handle this.
    1.) leave it alone if they were your real friends they would understand.
    2) Covor it up with make up
    3.) Try out some new products.
    4.) Cover it up with your hair
    5.) talk to someone and see if they can help.
    Good luck!

  395. flower

    just srug it off. if shes a real friend she wouldnt laugh

  396. sunfungal

    Well makeup doesn’t really help and if you cover it up with bangs it makes for skin more oily.Try not to pop it and try washing it and do not put your hair over it!

  397. Cupcakecutie911

    Hey I know how you feel… I have this birth mark on my arm. I totally hate it!

  398. Ellie

    Hey,Just use some of ur mom’s makeup and that should cover it. And if that doesn’t work, then use all ur pretty,long, brown hair 2 cover it up!

  399. ALYSSA

    Don’t worry same thing happened to me on my crushes birthday party all perfect boom a big red zit.
    3. LEAVE IT.

  400. From Elizabeth

    Hi Jenny,
    You should ask your mom if she can lend you some cover-up and if she says no, it’s okay. It’s not like your going to skate with the Pops. They’re your best friends, they’ll either playfully tease or not tease at all.

  401. deline

    Cover it up with zit creme!
    Shesh, you pops (Jamie) obsese over stupid zits

  402. Loveksm90

    Hey Jenny,
    I think that you should find a cute scarf to cover most of it.then instead of everyone looking at the zit they will be looking at the cool scarf.hope it works

  403. Moriah

    make your bangs cover it or wear a hat.I mean it’s a good idea and it expressess style! YOU LIKE IT,YOU LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  404. Princess

    Hey Jenny, Don’t worry i know a method that works, too get rid of zits. First wait till before you go too bed to brush your teeth. then get a VERY SMALL amount of toothpaste on your finger and put it on your zit don’t put it on anywhere but, the zit or you will clog more pores and get more zits. you can use any kind of toothpaste.Then go to bed, don’t roll over until it dries, when it dries go to sleep when you wake up in the morning your zit will be smaller or gone if it is smaller do it again the next night then it will be gone fore sure.

  405. Fabi

    omg im so sorry about that thats sucks but im sure cloe wont mind if she is your real freind

  406. Sarah

    i would put the make called cover up on it really helps i us for the zits i have when i need to! hope youll try it!!!:):)

  407. Jill and Danie

    Dear Jenny,try putting on skin colored makeup over the zit. After that, just forget abuot it; realax and have fun. People care abuot the inside of you, not the outside.

  408. Raihah

    I never had a pimple,y’know,not even those who didn’t cast its own shadow.
    Anyways,convince your mom to lend you her makeup.If your new hairstyle have bangs,covered it with your bangs.Wear a hat that’ll covered your forehead,just like what you did when you accidently cut your hair short! <3 Raihah

  409. mohammed

    Hey Jenny
    If you want to cover the ZIT put a band aid over it.I am sure that nobody will suspect
    From mohammed

  410. mehreen

    Hey Jenny
    How are you,I hope you are fine.
    Okay back to the zit.
    for my suspect I think you should apply some of your mom’s makeup and I am100% sure that nobody will suspect
    From Mehreen

  411. mohammed

    Hey Jenny
    Hope you are fine
    For the zit apply some makeup or put a band aid
    From Mohammed



  413. Kim

    ez! just get some concealer and conceal!

  414. aubrey

    JUST POP IT! But clean up the puss.

  415. Andrea

    If you have a bangs you could cover it with it!. or you can just apply a concealer. =)

  416. Victoria Huston

    Hi Jenny,
    Just ask yor mom if you can barrow some of her make up and no one could tell a difference!!! And if any one notices thats their problem! every one gets them! and after you having your cool hair and new swetter you will look fine!!! just have a great time and dont worrie about any one or any thing!!!!

  417. Antionette

    Ooo, a zit! I suggest washing your face before you try anything. Then just dab a little foundation on it but not too much becuase people will notice. Try to cover your zit wiht your bangs and act like everything’s normal. Don’t forget to wash of the foundation at the end of the daay or it might make the zit worse. Good luck!

  418. Emma

    ok, first DONT pop it. then it will just be worse. I would ask your mom for some cover up or just forget about. just dont mess with it cause then people will notice

  419. Ariela

    DON’T POP IT! trust me! I have this great recipe! egg whites and lemon stir them good and apply on zit or entire face. wait 10-20 min. rinse off. wait half an hour do process again. if it hasn’t gone away use a light concealer with a blush that’s your skin color. good luck!

  420. Crystal

    Get a headband, or a hat, just COVER it!

  421. Sarika

    Dear Jenny, I think you should just leave it! Everybody gets zits, so don’t cover it up. And if someone laughs at it just make a joke about a blemish they had

  422. Sam

    Heyyy Jenny,
    Personally, I don’t think you should stress too much about your zit. That’s something the Pops might do, not you. You are extremely lucky compared to other people I know because their whole faces are covered in huge zits. And since you’re in the sixth grade, it’s totally normal. Just go to Chloe’s party and rock your zit! Nobody will notice. The Pops might notice but I seriously doubt that Chloe invited them to her party.
    If your zit is really bothering you, use tea tree oil (you will find it at the drugstore). It is like the best thing to use to get rid of zits.
    Love always,
    P.S: Happy birthday, Chloe!!!!

  423. Carol

    You could use something to cover it, like a bandage or a cute hat

  424. Kaylee

    where a hat or tell Chloe about it and maybe she well understand. Or if you are really worried pop it. If you don’t wont to do that get make up or so stuff to make it go away.

  425. Jena

    I get acne ALL THE TIME so i just put cocealer on it and cover it up with my bangs but if u don’t have bangs just cover it up with your skin color type of cover up…

  426. morgan

    Who cares! It doesn’t matter. You were supposed to have fun skating, remember?

  427. Crystal

    calm down, maybe telling the truth, I mean could just tell em’.They’ll have so much fun they’ll won’t even notice it!
    Just make sure no pops, news travel fast when there’re here!!!
    <3 Crystal

  428. Ashley

    1.cover it up with some if your hair
    2.pop it
    3.don’t go to the b-day party give her the gift at school

  429. Anymous

    Hey Jenny, Here,s is what to do, I think you should just wear a hat or a beanie, anyways, it is cold in a ice rink. Or you can use foundation or blush to cover your zit. You can also use your bangs to cover it.Here’s what not to do, don’t pop it or push it , that just makes it swell.Bye.

  430. Carmen

    try using the things where they sell body shop things……….. Like maybe go to Sephora zellers Sears……. they have lotion there it’s probably expensive but for your skin TOTALLY NEED!

  431. Allie

    Okay I finally see what you wrote. Well I did say that the natural looks is better but the make up can help a little by puting on some make up that is your skin color and rub it on the bump to atleast cover it for now.

  432. iceyfire02

    if you have some make up try to use it to cover your zit

  433. callie

    cover it with a band aid and tell everyone that your forehead was bleeding badly

  434. Hannah wilson

    ok what you need is help here it is
    1.ask mom for help with makeup.
    2.use a hat.
    3.use your new hair to cover it up.
    4.pop it (i don’t like popping)
    5.your friends won’t care if you have a zit.

  435. ashleigh

    hey jenny,
    to get rid of the zit you should:
    -put concealer or makeup on it
    -cover it with a hat&its perfectly normal cuz your skating so you might get cold
    -OR if you have bangs, you should cover it with them

  436. Awesome 101

    My daddy always told me this put vaseline on it

  437. Jan

    just put toothpaste on it before you go to sleep, and the next day, hopefully it’s gone
    works for me!

  438. Hannah

    put some zap-away on it

  439. Em

    Hi!!!! I love hearing about u Jenny!!! Use some makeup to cover the zit! I saw someone say toothpaste?????????? Well Bye!

  440. Macy

    i think you should just put some concealer on the zit. Everything will be OKAY!!!!!!!

  441. marisa

    I think you should put your favorite hat on or use concealer.

  442. Danyel

    what I do is put a dot of toothpaste on it then before the party, wipe it off. Works like a charm

  443. denden1

    Well, if she really is your friend, she won’t care if you have a zit, especially all that you have done to get ready for her birthday

  444. don'tmakesuchabigdealoutofititsnotsobadyouknow

    okay, seriously, don’t freak out. It’s not a big deal!!!!!! Really, it’s not. Just use some makeup to cover it up!!!! Or, put something over it like bangs. Or, it’s a skating rink, right? Wear a hat. No one will know the difference. Hope this helps!

  445. suprax

    hey Jenny, I heard about your promblem and you could wear a hat or something. You can also ask your mom for make up and cover it up.If you pop it will swell.Maybe that will help you.Well,bye bye now I got to go now see you later.

  446. jane

    cover it with ur hair

  447. hanamai

    easy, clean it, and put some toothpaste on and go to bed… it’ll all be gone.(never touch your face and don’t pop it, it’ll leave a PERMANENT scar

  448. yvonne

    you can use some makeup or things like that, why should you bother worrying about it anyway? Just forget about it and go have fun!

  449. Aliza

    its da best!

  450. MARYGIRL111

    You should hide it with some hair or lots of Powder on your face or bye Proative it tacks it away it 1 hour! Or more! Hope this works Good Luck

  451. mommy is awsome

    ummm put makeup

  452. moneyluvr

    u didnt write a blog for febuary

  453. Happy Lover

    Hello Jenny,I think you can hide it with a hat,a beanie, or you canwear a jacket and wear the hoodie.From, Happy Lover.

  454. Sabrina

    Just cover it up if you have bangs if not no biggy ignore it and go have a great time!!!!

  455. Katelyn

    Tell your mom and see if you have any advise or solution. (Thats what I’ll do) <3

  456. kylie

    don’t pop it
    but makeup on to cover it or cleanser

  457. Alejandra

    Don’t you have the headband Chloe knitted for you when you cut your bangs? Why not were that so Chloe knows you love it and it will cover the zit.

  458. Shani

    Pop it then use make up to cover it up

  459. angela

    okay now if i had a huge zit id cover it with some make up or if you have bangs try covering it if ita at ur 4head with that if not than just put a band-aid over it a and tell da ppl that you got scratched by your cousins pet or something da ppl who dont care abt it will 4get abt it and probably wont even notice it and if u have any luck thaey wont even ask u why u have a band-aid well maybe 3 or4 ppl will ask but still

  460. ashly

    wear a cool hat over it. my bff did this once and i didn’t know about it until we got in the car and she told me. or you can wear, like, 10 layers of make up. its up 2 u.

  461. coolister 88

    you should make some bangs and then you should cover you zit

  462. coolister 88

    you should not pop it bcause more will grow

  463. Sabrina

    hey i just finsh readint he first book and i LUVED it and my name is Sabrina (like the 8th grader) well off topic but u shouldnt pop i cuz like itll leave a mark/scar and like she’ll understand everyone gets pimples and yea so dont touch it cuz it just mades it red and looks bigger *trust me i am dealing with one right now but i coved it wit mii banks well with luv SaBrInA <3 :D

  464. Laura

    Hey, Jenny.
    You can do what everyone else is saying- cover it up with makeup, but whatever you do, don’t touch it. It might get ugly. Just leave it, cover it up, and when you get home from school, just use some cream on it.
    Love, Laura

  465. Hannah

    I Get Zits ALL The Time, Its Annoying But This Is What You Can Do.
    * Put Some Makeup Over It That Is The Same Color Or Close To Your Skin So Know One Even Knows Its There
    *Use These Pads That I Use! I Got Them From The Drug Store And You Rub One On The Zit And It Makes It Less Red. Apply It Once For 4 Days Then It Will Be Gone!
    P.S Wish Chole A Happy B-Day! Also DO NOT Pop It Then It Makes It Bigger And Redder Or Will Leave A Scar On Your Forehead!!!!

  466. Libby

    Don’t worry beauty isn’t everything! But if u really want to get rid of it pop it, put peroxide on it, then put a band-aid on it over night! It might hurt a bit, though….

  467. askdjh ihnakg

    live with it!!!!!!!

  468. kiara

    make a bng and cover it with your hair.
    ps so so sorry that happened

  469. Grace

    just chill out and borrow some of your mom’s makeup to cover it

  470. La'Kendra

    hi i’m your friend i love your mash i play it everyday girl all you have to do is pop it i had it before don’t freak ok like you are havn a hardatakke.PLEASE DON”T

  471. La'Kendra

    pop it don’t freak out pop it

  472. FloralDynamite

    Yo! Just so you know, I’ve had zits before. Usually they go away in 3 or less days. But in this case, I’ll give you one of my tips. You should get a needle, (with your mom’s permission) ask her to fire the tip of the needle with a candle lighter, and ever so lightly poke the top of your skin where the zit is. Zits usually occur when your pores clog up, so by doing this you are releasing any gunk inside, like puss. After you poke it, squeeze the remaining gunk out. Easy! :)

  473. HelpfulHannah

    try not to worry about it every girl gets a zit once in a while. Maybe try to use a headband to cover it or a clip. Remember, the zit WILL go away.
    Hopes this helped,

  474. korin

    hey hust take some concealer or makeup and cover it up. or just leave it. everyone gets zits. its no big deal

  475. Mailisa

    I really think you should put a little band. It will look cool, fashion and it will hide the zip.

  476. sam

    don’t freak out ! just use makeup! then go to the store and get zit creame.

  477. lizzie

    to cover your zit put oil on it,pop it with two forks.that is two ways.

  478. sami

    don’t worry jenny. a little zit is not bad. I get zits all the time! no one has ever said anything about it.
    P.S i love the books!

  479. Lila

    First you have to wash it really well. Then you can either pop it [i would recommend not doing that] or you use some cover up. After wash it every hour for one day. Then daily this will help a lot.

  480. Sarah

    OMG! No need to worry, I have gotten one too, and i was freaked out at first. But it is not a big deal, like, everyone gets zits or is about ot have some. it is natural. Here are some tips of what you can do of that annoying zit:
    1. Use cover up, i use cover up almost all the time.
    2. Mosturise your face before bed time every day so that zit gets smaller and plus, no more zits come up.
    3. Drink about 7 cups of water every day, bad drinks aren’t very good for your self.
    4.Don’t eat bad foods, probably feed on junk foods on the week ends. Junk is bad for your skin and causes black heads, pimples, and yeah, all that bad things come up on your face.
    5. Don’t pop it! If you pop it it leaves a pink or red dot on the spot it was like forever!!
    Good luck on that zit and i hope those tips helped. xoxo
    p.s I love reading that books about you!! please write heaps more.

  481. Anna

    put a bandage OVER it

  482. Riley

    but makeup on it.

  483. Jordan

    put a little bit of toothpaste on it b4 u go 2 bed ond it’ll be less noticable in the morning!

  484. babiisophie

    i say put on some concealer and put blush over that then put your bangs over the place where the zit is that wayif your bangs fall out of place no one will notice.
    babiisophie (A.K.A sophia)

  485. Ivy

    Don’t listen to the people on top.I have a plan. I’ve actually done this a lot before so don’t worry about testing it out. First apply a non-condemgenic face lotion.non-condemgenic is actually not oily. i prefer the brand Eucerin face lotion.Then on top wear a mineral foundation(revlon)and no one will notice it.Don’t use cover-up or concealer on it because otherwise, it tends to be oily and worse.

  486. Kathryn

    Don’t worry about it…it’ll go away soon. And don’t mess around with it or ppl will notice-they probably won’t notice unless u do! Everyone goes through ur problem from time to time. Just remember, don’t panic and go on with life.

  487. Madison

    First thing: DONT POP! It will make a scar. you should buysome make-up thst matches your skin tone, then you could apply it everyday intill it is gone!
    Donts: Keep the make-up on overnight.
    Dos: wash your face boefore and after the makeup is used!

  488. lisa

    I am sooooooo sorry to hear this. Especially that my friends birthday is tomorrow and last year, the day before her birthday and I had a long scratch in my face and I asked my mother to use her make up. My advice to u is borrow some make up and cover it. Any way I’m sure ur friends don’t care how u look, they only care about who u are!

  489. lexus

    wat u need to do is put cream on it or pop it but then put your bangs in front of it.

  490. Black Widow

    just get a hat and put it on! noone willl notice that! and everyone else should be wearing a hat too!

  491. Tamara

    First of all, DONT POP IT OR TOUCH IT!!!
    heres what to do:
    1.put tooth paste on it
    2. ask your friends what to do, they always have such good ideas
    GOOD LUCK!!!
    btw Jenny, I really love your series!!!! I think the pops are awful and you’re right, pops are everywhere. also, i always use your advice that you give in your books and they totally help. I like the recipes and beauty tips that you give out.
    P.S I made fondue ( with your recipe) and it was AMAZING u should b a chef!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE—– Tamara

  492. Audrey

    Ok,ok. First things first: DONT POP IT, PICK IT, OR TOUCH IT! ur hands have oil on them so wen u touch the zit, it jst gets grosser and greasier and just grows and grows and grows.
    Wat ya shud do is:
    1. call ur bff and have her swipe her mom or older sis’s coverup
    2.wear a super stylish hat that will cover the “volcano” but…. here’s a plus: u dont wanna have to hear the pops saying mean things about your hat, right? so u take a normal hat and then (heres the best part!) u cut out some fabric and write a rlly rlly rlly fancy designer label on it….. idk, like d&g, kate spade, or…. ooooo heres a good one, marc jacobs! ok u get the point. so basically the pops will not say anything bad about ur hat…. or anything good but u kno they will be thinking tht they wished they had ur hat!!!
    Luv ya,

  493. Meagan

    Just leave it be. if you mess with it, it will only get worse if they’re your friends they shouldn’t really care

  494. jessica

    my rule fo zits is dont pop it will just get worse.My remedey is a bit of concealer and powder. You go girl

  495. Frances/Frankie (for a nickname)

    Hey Jen
    I’ve just finished madame president and its gr8.I also read your problemo and think if your going to a skating party a beanie will be best u dont want 2 fiddle now it might make things even worse.And then u can try and sort it out afterwards. P.s: Have fun and tell Cloe I say happy B-Day
    love Frances oxoxox

  496. **********

    try putting some makeup over it if that does not work put a band aid over it

  497. mia

    just like, put on cream. no one is gonna judge you… just have fun!

  498. rannaban

    leave it you are a big girl or cover it with makeup

  499. The evil bunny

    Easy. Say you had bad sushi and don’t show up.

  500. Shirley

    put a band aid on it and say you had a head butt with the wall.

  501. renessme

    what ever you do dont pop it that can leave a scar and that is much worse than a pimple

  502. Stella

    if you didn’t have any money to go to a beaty shop Amy you could put a plaster over your zit and say you fell over while trying to practice your ice skating

  503. Katerina

    You could maybe fish through ur mom’s makeup for some…uhh…cover up..? I use it all the time; for scratches, zits, if i’m 2 tan. Things like that. Cover up really works 4 zits. WARNING: MAKE SURE THE COVER UP ISN’T 2 LIGHT 4 UR SKIN TONE!!! cuz if it is…you’ll just hav a white spot on ur head. Please, Jenny, don’t do that! ur pretty hav a white BLAH on ur head! And if u do, by mistake, tell Addie, Dana, Claire, Chloe or any1 else that u need that there cuz it medicen 4 ur head…cuz it hurts..? IDK! LOL. Thanks 4 reading the adice, Jenny! Hope it works!
    P.S. How’s Felica and Ranchel? Do u still talk 2 them?
    P.P.S. How is middle school? i’m in 5th grade. going in 2 years! i’m scaaared!

  504. Patty

    Your already pretty,so no one will notice!And if they do,cover it up with some makeup but not too much.Hope you have a answer!!!!!

  505. Anna

    i think you shuold finger nit a head band and put it overthe zit peace:)

  506. briana

    for that pimple in the morning hold an ice cube on it for a few seconds then at night put tree tea oil on it.

  507. snowflake

    never squeeze azit it only gets bigger
    1st wash your skin and dry with a clean towel 2nd wrap an ice cube in a towel 2 get rid of swelling 3rd dip a cotton swab
    in somediluted tea tree oil [you can get it at any pharmacy] and put it on the zit
    4th leave it alone 2 heal

  508. Je$$ica

    O.K. don’t freak out just pop it then cover it up with make-up and if you think you need extra protection try a hat or if you have bangs just fluff them over your face !!!!
    p.s. Tell Cloe happy Bday!

  509. Faith

    I doesn’t really matter, it is just something that happens. I heard if you just leave your zits there and don;t pop it, when your older you’ll have a perfect face. I don’t bother to put all that stuff on, it is just a waste of money. but if you do care, put on a really cute hat on. At least you aren’t putting on all that stuff!
    from Faith
    P.s to the people reading this, try to not think about how you look, do what i do,THINK, i can’t explain what i mean but think how school is fun, and then you like it, but that’s just a exampal, Please :(

  510. Michelle

    Wear something around your head, that way you’ll be fine.

  511. BkwormSarah

    Just put a little cover up on it, and it’ll look fine. Oh, and DON’T TOUCH IT! That’s the worst possible thing you could do.

  512. Liza

    okay, don’t pop it! if it looked like a volcano before, it would erupt!! just put on some cream, then, once the cream is wet, put the blush on ASAP!

  513. Jade

    Sweetie what all these grls is sayin is wrong u to young for makeup
    try that new proactiv stuff
    if that does not work THRN you could ask yo moma to put on a light brush of concealer

  514. liz

    u can pop it then put cover up, makeup or foundation something like that…or concelear atleast until it goes away:)
    good luck jenny!

  515. Jaivia

    Just calmly pop it and cover it with some zit cleaner. On the day of the party, put some makeup on to cover it and don’t mess around with it at the part, just pretend like it’s not there.

  516. jhakura

    otay just put on concealer and wash off in like an hour then put it on again then put on make-up even though ur not aloud 2 you’ll mom will understand

  517. chick5432

    u should put your hair in a ponytail and take a hat and cover it with your bangs.
    don’t worry, it’ll be OK!!!

  518. Lilasha

    Hi! I would say to wear a bandaid!!!!!!

  519. Jenny (I'm serious), 6th Grader

    Get out of the blues! I get zits all the time, just stick some ice on it and it will go down, remember if that doesn’t work try some tea tree oil, you can get it in a lot of stores!

  520. anna

    i have the same thing!
    P.S. Even worst, its on my FOOT!!!

  521. Kaylee

    just cover it up magerly and make sure to bring some to the skating renk so if fall or somthing happens u can just fix it in the bathroom

  522. Jenna

    so not cool! i never had a zit but i hope you can get through with it.
    b the per

  523. Fetia

    First relax.Ask ur mom if u could use her makeup and you said in ur 1st book ur mom has lots of makeup.Or if that doesnt work use some zit remover or a gross way just pop it and clean it up afterword. -ur fan Fetia

  524. Sam

    um? Well you cold use a hat, a cute one of course

  525. Ayse

    Put some ice on it to calm redness and irritation, and if it still looks bad, cover it with makeup.

  526. Samantha

    Hi , guys , I’m not that Samantha on top , ok bck 2 the subject ! I suggest u put toothpaste on it or put a plaster over it & just say u cutted it during gym ! (: . Bye

  527. Emma

    No big deal! I get those things all the time!! All you have to do is put some of this stuff called acne gel on it, and in like an hour it’s gone!!! Problem solved!!!

  528. sandy

    i think you should pop it or put make, have bangs,wear a hat or ask you mom to take you to the beauty parlor. -Sandy

  529. Gillian

    Put some make-up on it but not too much or it will attract attention.And do NOT burst it by yourself.It might leave a scar. From,Gillian. p.s.Have fun at the party!

  530. lizzy

    dear jenny,
    get some aloe and e lotion and put it on some of those smoth,big leaves,and then strap it to you forehead and boom gone in 1 hour or just pop it

  531. pretty 1223

    all you have t do is either 1. wear a hat and thatll cover it or 2. cover it with your bangs THAT IS SOOOOOO SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  532. Emily

    dont worry tell your mom she should be able to do somethin

  533. amalia z

    ok this is what i would do get some blush EXACTLY you skin tone then put it on your zit until you cant seeit any more

  534. choc.chip26

    hey! jenny
    even i’m jenny & i wanted to tell u to try some of u r mom’s make-up.
    i hope it helps :)

  535. sammy42

    look all you need to do is pop it and then when it stops bleeding put ice and pick off the scab. then cover the little bump with concealer or makeup. if your haircut includes bangs, use that to cover it up too.

  536. Zoey

    you should totaly put on some makeup or wear a stylings hat.If the people at the party are your friends they wont be looking at it anyways

  537. xinyi

    first you should wash your face. then you ask your mom for makeup. if she says NO!you tell her that you are just getting ready for Chloe’s birthday. i know you can’t wear makeup, but tell her it’s IMPORTANT!

  538. Emily

    You should use a band aid that’s what you did say. Didn’t you?

  539. GG Girl

    Don’t worry Jenny,
    You can just put concealer on it whenever you go out in public!
    Then when you’re at home just wash your face as much as you can.
    It will be gone as soon as you know it!
    Hope I helped,
    GG Girl!

  540. Alice

    You should either cover it up with foundation or use a good cleanser!

  541. Simone

    hi jenny
    you should try some witch hazel or put some toothpaste on it. hopefully it will dry and u can scratch it off before chloe’s party. good luck !
    luv simone

  542. Brittany

    Oh I feel so bad for you! I hate it when I get zitz, so I know how you feel. You can either pop it and put make-up over it, or just hope nobody sees it while you’re skating. You also don’t need to be scared about on how you look. I mean, you need to take care of yourself but zitz happen all the time it’s no biggy!

  543. alice

    OMG!!! try to ask your mom to wear some makeup!:) P.S. hope it helps!!!!!:)

  544. ana v.

    you should cover with your moms makeup or cover it with a hat. or try to ask one of your friends what to do. just dont worry.

  545. ali

    go to any convenient store and find a little tube in the make up isle called acne treatment on the spot and it will dry it in no time .just apply it every 30 minutes.

  546. valerie

    i think you should wash your face and then put some good concealer on it. use a brand with a good reputation, because if it’s too oily, it will make it worse and cause more zits. whatever you do, dont pop it! it will leave a mark for a while until the wound heals, it might get infected, and there might be a scar afterwards! just use makeup or cover it up with your hair. Good luck!

  547. grace

    If its on your forhead cover it with your head, or wear a hat. You could pop it or cover it or cover it up with some make up, or get a special soap that helps acne. But really, your freinds arn’t gonna kick you out of the party or anything just because you have a zit. They like you for who you are.

  548. Claire

    If you have bangs since you got a new haircut, cover it with your bangs. You could also wear concealer. Hope I helped.

  549. Anonomys

    wow i have read like all of your books and they are really good and they relate to me alot i like how you are all friends ha lol great job. here is your advice just be yourself

  550. Vivien

    Since U got that fancy new haircut, just seperate them on 1 side so that yur hair covers the middle of yur forehead. Then, cover it with hairspray so it stays put. believe me it works. anyway, thst is an awesome new style that everyone admires!!
    Good Luck!!!
    From Vivien

  551. Sonia, 6th grader

    I have this really good book that helps on these kinds of things.It says to gently dab on some eyedrops with a cotton ball and the redness should fade. You should try it a couple of times to make sure that it works.

  552. Christine

    Just get some makeup and cover it up.How hard is that? Or you could just cover it up with a band-aid.

  553. Csy17

    CALM DOWN GIRL!! just put some cover up on it.

  554. melisa

    hey jenny i love all the how i surived middle school back to the zit i hear that concealer makes it look like if a zit isnt even even their

  555. Taylor

    Hey Jenny!I agree with Claudine,u should try a hat.But if that doesnt work,u shouldnt let it ruin your fun.Chloe would just pretend it wasnt there,maybe u should try that??
    Almost middle schooler,

  556. Hannah

    what ever you do, don’t pop it. It’ll just meke it more red and inflamed.

  557. Angel from above

    i say you just pop it and put makeup on it but ask your mom first:):

  558. Lily

    Try to ask your mom to get a nu haircut with bangs! Otherwise be yourself.

  559. Bianca M.

    HI PPLS! HI JENNY! U should totally use this product called clearasil. it works wonders. and i luv ur books! they are soo good!

  560. Summer

    USE MAKEUP! i tried it once, but it didnt really work, but oh well

  561. Alice

    Zits are the worst! I always pop it then cover it with consealer. Hopefully that will help!

  562. katharine


  563. Michelle

    here is what you do:
    1. style your hair so your hair hides it
    2. use makeup to cover it
    3. leave it no one will care

  564. Sally

    Dear Jenny,
    I think you should cover it up with a band-aid and tell everyone that you hurt yourself. After all, a terrifying zit is hurting yourself when you look in the mirror, right?

  565. Catherine

    Put some make up over it

  566. liet

    use some good concealer!!! good luck!! and have fun @ the party!!

  567. theprettiestgirlinthewholewideawesomeworld

    put some concealer on it, then use some of your mom’s cover up (if you don’t have your own) on top of it.

  568. megan

    just relax its going to be fine what is choles favorite thing?then buy here that and everything will be ok.

  569. megan

    get your mom to pop it

  570. izzy

    go back to the hair dresser and ask for bangs and the zit will be invisible.
    if you dont want to you can always put on cover up on it.
    P.S. u r very pretty inside and out!!!!!!

  571. Julie

    If you are really concerned, put a band-aid on it.

  572. Mikayla

    where a cute hat. That works every time. Plus its looks really cute to wear anytime so nobody will think you even have the zit

  573. Javen

    Hi Jenny! This is a guy typing right now. I love you as in love love!!!!!!!

  574. cassue

    dont worry bout it its a zit, go out and have fun

  575. julia 5th grade

    use your moms makeup but ask her first

  576. Bernice Chia

    Ask your mum to help you to cover it up using your hair

  577. Alexis

    Hey Jenny
    you can use your bangs to cover up your zit
    you may feel a little self consious just like me because I have like a ton of zits! But one thing you should never ever do is pop it. It will leave scars where you popped it and its horrible for your skin
    It may not go away in time for Chloe’s birthday but if you want it to go away then try getting an oil-free acne wash to help keep the germs should not touch the zit because it will spread oil and oil is the main thing that makes zits pop out on your skin. Try to apply the Wash every night and morning and make sure it says the wash is OIl Free . remember these are your friends that are going to be at the birthday party and they dont care about how you look.

  578. Bella

    Hey Jenny,
    I think you should wear a hat.Or you can ask your mom for makeup.Bye!

  579. Amy

    Hi Jenny
    Just wear a hat.Oh and get one 4 Chloe 2.Then say that you’ll be wearing matching hats!Haha!I love to read your books!

  580. Yaz

    ‘Kay. Don’t panic. There are a number of things you can do. a) Put a band-aid on it. b) leave it. I’m sure your friends will understand c) Cover it in make-up
    4c here are the steps:
    1. Plead with your mom. Try to appeal to her inner child. Ask her about when she was your age, and about HER first zit. This will probably work and she will let you use her make-up.
    2. If #1 doesn’t work, try to sneak some out of her make-up bag, or wherever she keeps it. Blend the make-up evenly on tup of your zit. Remember, you did this in ‘Can You Get an F in Lunch’ so that you could fit in with Addie and the pops.
    3. If all else fails, put a band-aid over the zit and say you had a head-on collusion with the door way this morning.
    But still Jen, I think your friends and Chloe will understand. Unless this was a huge end-of-the-year party, there is no need to worry.
    This is Yaz, signing off, I Heart You.
    PS: If you didn’t already guess, the I Heart You quote is from the Clique books. Alicia Rivera uses it as her sign off.

  581. 99pink

    try wearing a hat the whole time

  582. Luvyalots

    Ok. first off..
    NEVER EVER EVER wear cover-up. because then it looks like u have a weird skin colored bump…or it rubs off. either way people ALWYAS know when you’re wearing it.
    Don’t play with it. This means…
    Because then you wind up with a big, red, ugly scab…trust me I went through that!!

  583. coming from a person who's sibling gets zits often but looks great

    Ok. so u could pop it but it’s said that thats not exactly the best thing for it. you could put warm water on a cloth, and put it on your zit. It makes it loose. It does help no matter how crazy it sounds. U could also get some clean and clear. It helps, but kinda stings… You could also cover it up with ur hair. i was thinking that, and found that some other gurlz said the same thing. great minds think alike…anyways…don’t worry wat they think, even though you might be really imbarassed. If they r ur true friends they won’t make a big or small deal about it…
    —> coming from a person who’s sibling gets zits often but looks great

  584. gurlie

    I think u shouldn’t worry. They’re ur friends! they love you. if they make fun of u, then maybe you should find new friends.

  585. Singer Microphone

    Hey Jenny,
    I think that all your friends especially Chloe will be okay with the zit. Watch out on the way there for the evil pops though. You can take advice from Sam. I’m pretty sure from my background info that she knows her make up.
    Sincerely, Anonymous girl
    PS good luck with your problem

  586. Heejae

    Cover the zit with something such as hats,makeups,or with your hair

  587. marie

    hey jenny.i think you should just ask your mom for help. from marie

  588. Math-stinks

    Don’t worry. It’s just 1 zit. I have tho worst case of acne you have ever seen. just cover your pimple up with conceeler. Besides, Chole won’t care. see ya!

  589. Akansha

    pop it,put some toothpaste on it and add some moisturizer (toothpaste makes your skin dry) or if you can handle it use conceler. (my opinion of conceler-bleeugh!)

  590. Juliana101

    pop it.

  591. Anniebaby52

    you should try makeup,it can hid even the biggest zits; trust me i should know!

  592. Madeline

    My mom uses this trick on my sister:Take a hot water bottle that’s filled -up. Open the cap and and place the part that drink from around the zit. leave it like that for about two and a half-three minutes. It will make the pain go away, the swelling won’t be as big, and it’ll be gone by tommorow

  593. HelpfulHannah

    I’ve had a few experiments with zits too and I know what your going through. You think it’s such a big deal just from a tiny little zit. I think you have great friends and if they are your real friends they should even notice or laugh about it. So relax.
    But… if you really can’t relax then you could:
    A)Pot it
    B)Use some consealer or makeup to cover it up
    C)Not go to the party
    D)Do nothing and just have fun!
    E)Put a band-aid over it and say it’s from riding your bike or something
    F)Cover up your zit with a cool hat or hair accsessory
    I would try A,B,D,E,or F Don’t choose D.

  594. Addi

    it just a zit get over it just put a band aid over it or sumthin

  595. monica

    hey jenny… u could just put a band aid over it and tell every one u fell and got cut and it started to bleed



  597. Ana

    HEY Jenny,
    I had a HUGE zit once to! About the size of yours. I used cover up and lots of makeup.

  598. ariel

    ok just like in the book get your best friend to help u cover it up with makup

  599. raven

    wear a hat. Hope it helps!

  600. alex

    just use toothpaste.toothpaste helps redness go away.trust me it may sound silly, but it really works.try it out for a few min. and wash it off and dont play with it

  601. anonymous

    just leave it alone. Your friends might tease you about it a bit, but overall they won’t care. It’s not like chloe invited the pops to her b’day party anyway. If you really wanna cover it up, put on some concealer or foundation. If you want, you can tell your mum, but you don’t need to because she won’t notice. That’s what foundation and concealer is for, anyway.

  602. Haley

    Hey Jenny,
    I dont even know what a zit is but i think that you should just leave it alone and if people are staring at it then tell them about it! its not like its a contaigous sickness!

  603. Evelyn

    Hey, Jenny. Worried about zits? Me, too. But I got some advice for you.
    Why don’t you cover it up with a cute hat? It’s in the ice rink, so it won’t show. Or maybe you could apply lots and lots of lotion and stuff and pray and cross your fingers???
    Anyway, good luck. And do whatever you have to do, but don’t keep touching the zit. That will be noticed.

  604. gabby

    you can use a headband to cover it hopeit works

  605. Christine

    uhhhh im not sure but i guess you can cover it up with some of your bangs if you have any.

  606. Grace

    It’s not that big of a deal. If you’re honestly that scared of a zit then try putting some makeup over it. Never pop a zit! Don’t even touch the zit because you’re fingers have oil in them, and if you touch your face with your fingers you’ll just get more zits.

  607. Bekah

    ok, wear a really fashionable and nice dress or outfit or whatevr, 2 keep peoples eyes away from the zit. and do your hair so that it wont show like mayb cute sidebangs. last, put on some foundation or concealer. goood luck!

  608. lily

    ok, either wear a hat, make ur self some bangs, or pop zitzilla 4 good

  609. GiGi

    use 24 hour make up to cover it up.

  610. olivia

    just ignore what happened you’ll be fine. Chloe won’t mind and neither will your friends

  611. Jensen

    1 its prob not as big
    2 wash it and dont touch it
    3 use concealer

  612. Addie

    Dont worry im a Pop and I know how to do makeup.
    Firstly i never get zits but i had this old friend who did.
    1. Put foundation on it, close to you skin.
    2. You get skin color sunscreen. This will help cover it and prevent it from getting worse.
    3. Dont pop it.
    4. Do you have blush or eyeshadow the colour of you skin? or close? Put it on.
    5. Put a Beanie on, your in an ice rink anyways :) . Make it stylish though, you dont want an ugly one.

  613. T.Destiny117

    Hey what’s up Jenny. I understand the problem, I get zits too. It means puberty. But don’t touch it, if u keep touching it then you will have the blemish for the rest of your life. So whatever u do, DON’T touch it. Try some makeup, or if u have bangs then cover, cause I have bangs and I always get zits on my foreheand, the bangs are really useful!!

  614. MLovgirls

    DO NOT PUT YOUR BANGS IN IT! Unless you washed your hair this morning. The oils from your bangs is the reason you have this facial volcano! Try washing your face very well… put on facial lotion, and baby powder. TA-DA!!! Your zit is unoticeable. But wait, if none of the Pops are there, you should forget about any of the above anyways.

  615. sheila

    put on a band-aid

  616. Addie

    HAW HAW HAW. Wait till I tell Dana U HAD A ZIT!!!!! This is sooo better than the email about the makeovers w/ u and Samantha! THIS IS BRILL!

  617. irfa

    don’t freak out! just go ahead if someone say bad things about you , you can tell them to shut up or you turn a deaf ear!

  618. gg

    chill go 2 the store and get skin I.D. it is the best skin stuff in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

  619. Emma-Rose

    You should put tea tree oil on it to dry the zit out then put on some concealer.I always do this to get rid of my zits!
    Peace from,
    p.s. Calm yourself,woman! Its not the end of the world.Its not like the Pops are going to be there.

  620. Marisol

    Calm urself down.U totally need 2 take a CHILL PILL.Take 4 deep breaths and get some concealer 4 d zit.Like,doesn’t every1 know that.

  621. Aly

    I know exactly what you can do Jenn you can do put a bandaid on your forhead. to cover it go to the hairdresser and get some bangs to cover it up. New hairstyles can be itchy eh? (canadian)
    Your biggest fan Aly

  622. Natalie

    Hey aren’t you going to a skating party? just use your hat or bangs to cover it! no biggie really i get it all the time. anyway if ur friends tease then there not real friends anyway!

  623. aryssa

    put on powder or something i am your number one fan i have all your books the recent one is i thought we were friends

  624. tori

    hye i think that u should go to the party and just have fun. and if anyone asks about the zit u make a joke out of it and just say that there was a volcano in haiti that flew on ur head when they had that earthquake and now it is plastered all over ur forhead. im telling u once i had a zit and i had a party to go to and i just laughed at my self the whol time and made jokes about it because no matter what ur friends wont care about a zit on ur face they will just care that u were nice enough to go to their party and give them an amazing gift and they should be very thankful to have a friend like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. remember to just have fun and if the zit is bothering u that much then u should try to just put some blush on over it k ttyl love ya……

  625. mya

    dont freak out girlfriend im telling you POP IT!!!!

  626. kylie

    super embarasing!why not put a band-aid on it,no one will ever know!

  627. megan

    I think that if you pop it you can get it even worse then befor so I would wash you face maybe twice a day.

  628. summerlucy

    Explain to Chloe! She’ll understand. If anyone tells you that you have a zit on your forehead just say that you got in a fight with your cousin Michael. I’m Pretty sure that you dont want to miss out on the party. Do you jenny?

  629. Stephanie

    Do these steps in order.
    1. Wash your face and use a face cleanser
    2. drink lots of water
    3. Apply canceler over it
    4. Drink more water!
    The water will moisturize and hydrate the skin. The makeup will cover it up. If you don’t think the zit is still there wash your face immediately! The makeup is covering it up which means making it dry under there!!!

  630. total hotty

    use clearisal,best thing ever!
    or use some of your mum`s face cream.-as u might call it (cover up)

  631. Pookernutz

    I say just get a band-aid and cover it up.Tell Chloe,Marc,Josh,Rachel,Felicia,Liza and the Pops,along with everyone else,that you hurt yourself.
    Problem solved!

  632. kayla

    dnt freak out it will be okay!!! trust me i get them alll the time! you can cover them with your hair, or put sum make-up over it, or you could jst leave it alone live ur life gurl who cares if ppl see it they get them to evry1 is human!!!!!

  633. Gabby

    Don’t let it bother you, Jen. I haven’t gotten one yet, but i won’t go insane. Crazy, but not insane.
    u’ll get through
    Gabbi ;)

  634. amy

    hey jenny use makeup or some blemish cover up.i had a big zit too but its ok

  635. kait

    i know you want to show your hair cut
    but put a hat on

  636. zoejoe

    i would were a cute hat if i were you. to cover up the zit.

  637. dani

    put make-up on dani:-)

  638. kayla

    Scrub it with a wet washcloth and ask your mom to take you to a store and find the makeup/facial section. Get a soap that ismade for facials ankd use that.

  639. Vidhi98

    Who Cares!!!! everyone gets zits. It is totally normal. Forget about it and just have fun

  640. Hiccup

    Hey Jenny,
    I know just how you feel! I used to have about 10 pimples, and you could clearly see them. But anyway you could put some medicne on it.After that put some makeup on it that matches your skin tone.Try it. Hope it works!

  641. abster

    Here’s my advice:
    1. Don’t pop it! It could leave a scar. Would you rather have a zit that goes away in a couple of days or a scar that you’ll have for a really long time?
    2. Wash your face with a good cleanser or gentle soap. It’s important to keep it clean.
    3. Don’t play with it no matter what! Playing with it could also leave a scar.
    4. Either use concealer that matches your skin tone to hide it or just ignore it. It won’t stop you from having a good time at the party if your with your true friends!
    Good luck!

  642. Lilia

    Stay calm. Pop it first. Then cover it with blush. Cover it with your new hair. Now you don’t have to worry.

  643. Melon

    ok it’s a skating party so why dont you where a nice knit cap those are so in right now any way

  644. Jane Sam Alice b l ore

    just leave it. The people at the party should be friends so they should understand if they don’t their not really friends. If it really matters to you either pop it and put cream on it or put cover up on it.Forget about it and just have fun.

  645. Emily

    you just had a haircut… tell everyone that it’s a birthmark that you couldn’t see with your old style! I do that with my weird ear birthmark… I wonder how it got there?

  646. Anazora

    Hey Jenny! The best thing to do for that zit is
    1. DO NOT POP IT (The puss will spread and then you’ll have zits all over your face)
    2. Don’t freak out
    3. Try to use some coconut oil to cool it down.
    4. If you’re desperate, at the party just apply some concealer or use your bangs( If you have any ) to hide the zit.
    Remember, if your friends are really your TRUE friends, then they won’t really care about how you look. They look at what’s inside, not outside.
    Catcha later,
    P.S. I’M A BIG FAN OF YOURS!!!!!

  647. Emma

    1.Dont worry about it!
    2.Cover it w/ concealer.
    3. Use hair spary and cool berretes to cover it with your hair!
    4. Wear your COOLEST outfit with your COOLEST accessories so every ones focused on ypur clothes!

  648. abbyzippy

    a hat

  649. Chelsey

    I also have issues with my skin, so here’s the thing. Whatever you do, DON’T POP YOUR ZIT! If you do, you’ll end up looking even worse with a red scab on your face. When it falls off, you’ll still have a scar there for a year or so until the sun can fade it. Try going to Walgreens and getting some medicated cover-up. No one will be able to see it and it will go down by the end of the day. If you want to permanently get rid of it, though, you’re going to have to get zit cream somewhere. Clinique Acne Solutions is a good line, that’s what I use. You could try Proactiv, if you can’t find the Clinique anywhere. Proactiv will probably burn your skin if it’s only one zit, though.
    Hope that helped! Good luck with everything and have a great time at the party!

  650. Annie

    You should cover it with a bandage and say u hurt ur self while taking the haircut or something like tat
    <3 u
    as always,

  651. allyson


  652. SydneyPurple789

    Yo,Jenny, chillax. Just put on cover-up or zit cream over night. Also you can POP that little sucker. These are usual stuff. Trust me, I know how its feels.

  653. madeline

    cover it up with makeup

  654. Julia

    What are you worried about?! Sure you had a zit on your forehead, but come on. It’s not like she’ll make fun of you for it. Just cover it up with your mom’s make-up, I’m sure she’ll understand. Thanx!

  655. Josephine

    Cover it by using any means necessary.

  656. A

    i think u should get a beanie cap that goes up to ur forehead. it wouldnt look wierd since its an iceskating party

  657. Kirsten

    Hey! No problem… use make up pop it or leave it! Ask your mom about it, or if you’re too scared, use a headband of some sort!! Don’t be shy! everyone gets them!

  658. Tina

    It’s O.K. You could cover it with your bangs, put on hairbands, or just leave it. Well I hope you find a way to cover it up.

  659. Melissa

    I would cover it with make up and then use your bangs to fall slightly over it. Then you look fashionable and nobody can see the zit.

  660. Runa

    Jenny, I think you should a lot of cream on the zit or just think that it doesn’t matter how you look it’s what matters what’s in the inside.

  661. Hannah

    well, you could cover it with a band-aid and say that in the morning you were so sleepy that you bonked ur head on the
    dresser or something

  662. crystal

    wear something like a hat or something like that as long as it covers your head

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