December 17

My New Year’s Resolutions

This year, I’m making a whole list of resolutions for the
new year. I did that last year, too, but I wasn’t too great at keeping them!
This year’s going to be different, though. That’s because I’m not making any
promises I can’t keep (or at least try to keep, anyway!).

Here’s my list of resolutions:

1. Make time to listen to my friends and help them with
their problems

2. Work harder on my schoolwork

3. Clean Sam and Cody’s mouse cage more often

4. Spend more time helping out with community service

5. Ignore the annoying things the Pops do.

That last one is going to be the
toughest one of all to keep. For some reason, the stuff Addie and her friends
say and do really gets to me. Of course, that’s why they do it. Maybe they’d
stop being such jerks if I didn’t let them upset me. It’s worth a try, anyway.

Okay, those are my resolutions. Are you guys making any this year? What are they? And
how successful do you think you’ll be at keeping them?

Happy Holidays!



185 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Christy

    My New Year’s resolution is always not to eat so much chocolate. I never succeed,though:).I aalways end up forgetting two weeks after i make the resolution. I am a chocoholic and proud!!

  2. Angela

    I’m still thinking about them. I’m not really good at keeping them either. I wish you good luck. MERRRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. Abby

    Whoo hoo first to comment!! My resolutions are to make more friends and get a better algebra grade! I have a B in algebra rite now, so I HAVE to get it up by end of year. Yeah, I think I’ll keep these. I’m pretty outgoing so I’ll make new friends almost for sure. And yes if I study hard before tests I’ll have an A in algebra again!!!! Good luck with your goals, Jenny.

  4. natasha

    great ideas good luck

  5. MichelleMB

    Hey Jen
    I can’t bealive I’m the first person to post!!! Well this new years my years resaloution is to make a difference. I say “you can change the world, or you can watch others do the dirty work for you.” LOL! : )
    Sincerly Michlle
    P.S LOVE your website I love your books and I can’t wait to read the next one!!!

  6. franchesca

    well i have not made any resoulutions yet,but i don”t think i am very good at keeping them too .oh and happy holidays!

  7. Maggie

    My new years resolutions are very simple this year. Maybe get strait A’s this year and clean my hamster’s cage more often. Well that’s all I can think of right now.

  8. Shelley

    Well, my new years resolutions is to be even smarter, more studying and reading, and try to sign up for clubs. I will try to keep it up.

  9. JUliA

    HEY what’s up jenny?? my new year resolutions is going to be quite tough! its trying to stop fighting with my older brother! your really lucky that you dont have a brother! Im pretty darn sure im going to break it! good luck to u to, your last one does seem hard!

  10. Bonnie

    I have 10 new year’s resolutions:
    1. To get my ears pierced
    2. Let my hair grow out so I can wear braids
    3. Stay up all night
    4. Have an all-girls sleepover
    5. Get cooler clothes (not skirts and blouses)
    6. Join the following clubs and programs: Science Fair, Spelling Bee, Science Club, Math Fair, Math Club, Geography Bee, Math Bee, Science Bee, Mythology Bee (that’s a lot of Bees), softball team, basketball team, photography club, and literary magazine staff
    7. Get better grades
    8. Make more friends
    9. Not get in trouble too much
    10. Sing, sing, sing!
    I think my resolutions will work.

  11. beccz

    1st to coment yes! My new year resaltion is to be nice to my sister! I WILL BE BAD AT THT!

  12. kristy

    i am making new year resoulutions they are not to wait to the last minute to do book reports,working harder on schoolwork and being neater and more organized.I think i can keep at least 2 out of 3 of these like the book reports and neatness but i really CAN”T DRAW and thats what most of my work is good luck keeping your resoulutions and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!! p.s.i love your books

  13. Lindsay

    My new years resolution is to participate more in class, becuase i am really quiet.

  14. addiefan1

    hmmm…theres nothing i need to do better because im already perfect! :) and btw i am THE #1 Addie Wilson fan. Shes so pretty, and i look just like her. i have curly blond hair, baby blue eyes, and im super-popular. Addie<3 but i lyk Jenny too btw. XD laters~

  15. shelliehann

    2: Everyone
    <3, ShelliehAnn

  16. sara

    hey guys! i really need help. i’m not an lbr at my school but im also not a complete alpha. i’ve never been asked out but i really like this one guy who is an alpha. what should i do?

  17. Gwen

    Hi Jenny,
    Making new year resoulutions aern’t hard, and we can make a lot of them. But the real one is that if we’re able to keep that or not. We must have determination. Good luck at keeping them!!!

  18. Hannah

    O yea! Im first! anyway, mine is tokeep my locker clean(hard 4 me)

  19. jkessiah

    I haven’t really thought about my New Year’s Resolutions, but now that i think about it, the most important New Year’s resolution for me is
    ~stop procrastinating!!
    I procrastinate all the time, whether it’s school work or checking my email or cleaning the litter box. So my most important New Year’s resolution is to stop procrastinating! I’m sure there r some others, but i can’t think of them right now. But maybe I should just stick w/ the one and see if i can even accomplish THAT one!! :)

  20. loveksm90

    1.get better grades in science to my friends more
    3.dont gt mad so fast everyone so much
    5.4 meant for me to love everybody in god name.

  21. Skylar

    I’m going to try to keep my room cleaner, which is pretty hard considering I have a younger sister I share a room with.
    I’m also going to try to write more letters to my friend in Florida. I know I will definatly keep that one.
    I’m going to e-mail my BFF more often too!

  22. Kristen

    so far i havent made any yet, but i think one of them will be to take the initiative to be more outgoing. another one i might say would be to be more dedicated in terms of practicing my trumpet, and going to Tae Kwon Do more often.

  23. Andy

    good for you! I think your doing the right thing. my new year’s resolution is to be nicer to my little brother. he deserves some slack….

  24. lol4life

    hey love your books. own #1-9 but i can’t get a hold of the rest. i hope you make more .(p.s not every school has pops. mine dosn’t because we wear a uniform and no makeup allowed so pretty much we cant have pops.)i’m in middle school and use many of your tips your friend cloe is lol really funny.

  25. Hudda

    Jenny, I have Pops at my school and they bug me alot! So I no how u feel!

  26. Delaney

    Omg 1st 2 comment! Anyway, my only resolution is to bump up my grade in math.

  27. nebbye

    The one about the Pops might be hard to keep.

  28. Cass

    Just ignore the pops…be like Chloe!
    She doesn’t let them get to her

  29. Cass

    Well…Just hang in there Jenny!

  30. Addie

    Well I want to get strait A’s on my report card. i got a b in pre-algebra this time!Good luck with your resolutions!
    P.S I never even met you so how could i have been mean?

  31. Annie

    you know I think My resolution is to try to bear my brother.

  32. Hannah

    Just go for it, i know you can do it!! i can ignor them, so can you!!! Merry Christmas!;)
    <3 Hannah a.k.a godlovin’girl!!!

  33. Bippy2u

    My new year resolutions are:
    1. To actualy study before a test
    2. Try to reach out more(I’m wayy to shy)
    3. Do all my chores without my parents reminding me
    That it!:D

  34. Can't tell

    YES IM THE First to write something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah I have a very long list of resulutions.
    1.Read More
    2.Be more calm
    3.Turn in all my homework
    Sorry I had 83, so I only put 3.
    I have to read who’s got spirit?

  35. Fumie

    I think your new year’s resolutions are great! But it might be better if you work out a time schedule for it- or wear something that you can see at all time to remember it. A ring for exsample if you want to wear it in school and remind yourself about the pops resolution. It should help. Don’t think negative, always positive- there is always one for everything!

  36. jillian

    I wish I had freinds

  37. sarah

    cool i wish i had a pet mouse i think your books rock and the way i found out about them is my menter gave me books 1-4 and know im on the 4th book and i think addie needs to listen to this song that is by one of my fav singers and shes like telling some kid how you might think you are all that but really this kid has no friends and shes like “so were are friends now baby arent they the ones who are there for you” so i now need to buy the other 8 book s and i cant wait

  38. Saranyaa

    Happy Holidays Jenny! I think your resolutions are absolutely awesome and simple. I haven’t thought much about my resolutions but here we go:
    1. Keep my room clean
    2. Be a bit more organized
    3. School work
    4. Help my brother more
    Love ya!
    BTW, 1st Comment?

  39. Hannah

    My rsolutns r 2 keep my locker clean but i donno how successful ill b cuz iv been promising mself that i will lk every day 2 clean it and i hvnt!!!

  40. maya

    mine is to not go to space……hard rite :-) hehe <3 maya

  41. Hannah

    Hey jenny, i think im the first one to post which is cool. my new years resolution is to keep a clean room. i don’t think ill be very good at keeping it though, because i had the same on last year and 75% of the time you could barely walk in my room.

  42. Bronwyn

    Hi Jenny!
    I think I’m the first one to post on your blog. About the new years resolutions: I actually don’t make any. I go by month so that I remember them and since there is 12 months in a year I usually have accomplished a lot by the end of the year. Sometimes it is hard though to keep them when you have so much on your schedule. I hope you have a good winter break and lets hope to see some snow soon!

  43. Yazmyn

    Those are some cool resolutions.
    I have some too:
    1. Focus on school
    2. Practice dances

  44. <3 Hannah ;-)

    Mine is to get cooler clothes lk the other pops (hehe im a pop)nd to read more of ur boks (rly <3 addie wilson! i look lk her 2! blonde hair and super popular!looooooooove jenny mcafee even more!)<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ;)

  45. kascea

    hey jenny lol i feel u girl!!!! i make plans Nd sum how 4 the first few weeks lol,i do good but i den lose it Nd go back to being me because that’s what i do best lol but yes everything that u put on Ur list except 4 the pops thing, i’m already popular because of who i am so to all my ladies just be your self’s because no one better than u Nd u make more friends when ppl see that Ur not fake so be yourself!!!!!!!! HAPPY Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shine!!! 2 all my ladies!!!!!!! lol

  46. Me

    hey sara! u shouldnt worry about statuses or w.e in ur school. if u lyk him, u lyk him. Why not? just dont get obsessed. now THATS scary.
    n hmmm…i have quite a few resolutions.
    1st:- to exercise more. im turning into a blob. of chocolate. D:
    2nd:- to eat healthier. have i mentioned that im a blob?
    3rd:- to not let the pops bother me as much. yeah, so im not as skinny as a stick, and i dont have a wardrobe filled with Hollister and Abercrombie clothes. And so what, im not completely ‘developed’ yet, and im not so ‘popular’? And who cares that i dont have a boyfriend, or i didnt have my first kiss yet? Big whoop. Im only 12, for pete’s sake. But i dont know..sometimes the pops can really make me feel…bad. REALLY bad. Help pl0x!
    -ur friend, even if i dont know u, ur awesome anyways. -kari

  47. marilyn

    hey jenny. im going through a really hard time right now. my parents are splitting up. i wanna get into the christmas spirit and cheer, but i just cant. how can i stop feeling so sad all the time?
    thanks. love, mari

  48. amanda

    hey guys. i really need help.
    i have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. everything about me is so…blah. regular clothes. nothing special. a typical outfit for me is jean shorts and a pink-and-white striped shirt. i have medium-dark skin. asian. have small, almond-like eyes. have a HUGE nose. have shoulder length frizzy, wavy, (boring) hair with some bangs.
    now the pops.
    they are all white or 1/2 white 1/2 asian. i TOTALLY wish i could be that nationality. their hair is long, straight, silky, smooth, shiny, GORGEOUS, and either blond, light brown, or black. THEY are allowed to wear makeup, and they always look cute. super cute. they wear these tight clothes from popular stores that are too expensive for me and besides, my mom says i cant wear that. its ‘too old’ for me. :( . and ALL the guys pay attention to the pops. me? no ways. THEIR funny and girly and cute and friendly and popular. IM shy and quiet and a wanna-be pop. i REALLY wanna be a blond haired, blue eyed, Juicy Couture buying, girly, cute, makeup wearing pop. i keep telling myself, ‘no, u cant. no, its not possible. just forget it.’ but i cant.

  49. Chrisya

    I want to be a kind and a humble girl everywhere. I also have POP in school. But they are very kind to me. Cause I am POP too.

  50. munchkin

    im really mean to my sisters…oops:)!and also to be more open to my crush cuz…we’re getting there:)…lol

  51. nerdgrl!!! :)

    good luck w/ the crush!!

  52. Hannah

    1.Work hard for school
    2.start working on my audition event though it’s not until the following year lead my soccer team to victory
    4.try to find out who i’m going to be and work on it
    i think 3 might be hard because my school is horrible at sports, but they are good are good at academic competitions. one good goalie (my friend)and one good mid-fielder (me) won’t be very helpful

  53. shaela

    1get good grade 2pass 5 grade 3 get in the magnet school

  54. Ginger

    i dont really do the resolution things. Some advice about the Pops….act like u dont care…..there is a boy in my class who annoys me soooo much but then i tell him it doesnt bother me and he stops what ever he is doing! ta-da! lol….so try that with the pops…i just got finished reading ur first book! i already rad the ” caught in the web” one and i loved them both! im reading the second one now! and this time with the pops no food fights! lol
    hey g2g..good luck with the pops! bye! xoxo

  55. kelly

    well jenny, try not to let the pops get to you. i am shy. it would be hard for me. my resolution is to get over my shyness. (hopefully i can keep it!) well, keep your spirits up and wish you a great Christmas while i spent mine in boredom, and a happy New Year, i’ll be bored then too! LOL :) )
    Love you Jen,

  56. Catherine

    # 5 might be hard i have pops @ my school they are anoying i know how u feel

  57. lauren

    Hey Jenny I have people at my school that are just like the Pops. IT must horrible that your best freind dumped you over the Pops.

  58. Sananda

    I have no idea what my resolutions are going to b but I think that I’m going to have at least one. I’m still think about it. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

  59. Lara

    My only new years revalution is to stop biting my nails.Good luck.

  60. Devon

    OK, so im new 2 this. is Jenny an actual person? srry, couldnt help but ask. :)
    but i have 1 resolution:
    To be myself (if I can find who that is…), & not try 2 act different 2 fit in.

  61. Devon

    & i do have Pops & my school, but only 1 of them is mean. though theres only 1, shes as bad as 10 mean Pops. worst thing is that she acts like shes my friend, & invites me 2 her parties & stuff, but always talks about me behind my back & sometimes comes up 2 me & says/does something mean out of nowhere.

  62. Jodie, popular but nice :)

    Luv ur resolutions and I have some too but I wouldn’t show mine on my blog, my blog is about Club Penguin. I’m sure not afraid to admitt that I like Club Penguin even though most ppl don’t!

  63. tayswiftfan123456

    Hey jen!I totally know how yiouy feel about Addie,i have some mean girls at my school too.Anyways,here are some of my new year’s resoulutions: nicer to people 2.keep my room more clean 3.get better grades

  64. chrissy

    Het Jenny i thought your resolutions were great so hear are mine
    Play with my pets more
    try at math more (im like super duper bad)
    Clean my room more often

  65. Adiladia

    To: Addiefan1
    I don’t think it is all about being popular. Their are people who are starving dying and being abused in many countries. I think you should give back and not be conceited. My name is Addie and i totally know i am not an Addie in any way.
    Good Luck and try to enjoy the holidays!
    Who agrees with me?
    But for my resolutions i would like to help my parents more, volunteer more, and ask for an allowance or convince my parents to let me have a job(babysitting,picking weeds, or watching)

  66. Adiladia

    To: Hudda
    Just ignore the pops the treat you mean because they are jealous of you!

  67. Adaladia

    TO: Sara ask him what he is doing this week but do it casual. If he says nothing tell him your really want to see ____________(movie playing) at a local theater asking him if he would like to go.
    If he is unsure say a few friends are going even if you know they aren’t and he will feel it more like hanging out instead of a date but i think u want a date.

  68. HISMSbooksLover


  69. HISMSbooksLover

    Oh and our skl doesnt hav pops. well, i am kind of one so its funny to read the books from a outsider point of view. but our pop is not mean. we dont tease ppl… we just wear a bit of make up, knows the trends… you know…

  70. Naima

    Jen, I’m one of the popular girl at my school, but me and my friends don’t like bugging everyone whose a non-pop. But we did try to flirt with the hottest guys at school. Of course! Who doesn’t?

  71. icutie

    Jenny you aren’t by yourself!! I have so many ”pops” at my school!! Im only in 5th grade

  72. malgiritha

    Hey guess what at my private school we have 3 pops the head pop is the one who wears the most makeup and they all are so mean and annoying! Uhhhh!

  73. i <3 farrets

    I am going to make a new years resolution to stop bitting my nails. Eeep idk how well that will work.I have been trying to stop for a few months now.hahaha. well bye
    P.S. I love my farrets and armidilloes!!!!
    P.s.s. hey is for horeses amd chickens and fish

  74. megs

    i dont have any new year resolutions, but i,ll think of some later, i guess. i hope everybody had a Merry christmas and will have a Happy new Year! God bless!

  75. jessie

    my new years resolution is to
    1. BE NICER
    wish me luck!!!!!

  76. Colleen

    hey jenny! i hav a friend JUST like Addie. She used to be my best friend. She isn’t mean to me, but she just doesn’t really want to hang out anymore. my school doesn’t really hav Pops. just poplular ppl (and I am one of them) but im not snobby and nor are the others. At least i think so! :)

  77. Madi

    Well that is what my mom says all the time they are only doing that cuz they know it will get to you so i think it will work trust me i have a brother and a younger sister ~Madi~

  78. Jenny

    Hi Jenny
    Is`int it cool that we have the same name!
    My New years resolution is to stay in touch with my friend that moved to Kamloops, shop less to save money and make my own cards.

  79. Dyalga

    One day I was at the mike in the auditouriam and I farted so loud it echoed across the building and the person behind me fainted.

  80. shaela

    hey jenny i love your books well my new year’s resoltions are to get better grades i have good grades right now but i want them to be better also i would like to lose weight an be more active and join the vollyball team learn spanish try to get a puppy go to a magnet school stop fight with my sister so much get a phone and text very fast ok this is a lot but i will try to do it ps jenny never stop writing ur books

  81. julia

    My new years resolution is to stop biting
    my’s really gross and i can’t seem to stop

  82. Shreya

    Heyy Jenny<
    u no pops arent alwayz THAT bad… i guess im saying that cuz im da most popular girld in da skewl.
    Newayz so mi bday is on Jan 1…. n im havin dis huge prty…. den were goin 2 a spa. awsome rite..
    so mi resolution is 2 get more makeup deigner clothes… n contiue bein nice 2 very1.
    ill b able 2 stick with it!
    oh n hope u can keep ur resolutions!

  83. Jannelle

    Mine is to lose weight and to stop eating so much junk food.

  84. Franchescaven

    oh, im so ecsited!this has been great year!i wish ya a merry christmas and a happy new year!btw- this is my first year being connected to jenny and her crew (and the Pops, of course) and i elect all of you to my #1 fans. i love ya!!!!:)
    <3 Franchescaven to all ya!!! see ya next year, mr friends!!! God bless ya.

  85. Caitlin

    I wish the pops would stop trying to get me mad at my BFF.

  86. Emily

    My resolutions are simple. They are:
    #1 Turn all asiments in on time
    #2 Keep my grades up
    #3 Keep getting staight As,A-s,and A+s. (But mostly As.)

  87. Erica

    My New Year’s resolutions are to stop biting my fingernails and to have a daily devotional.

  88. Cassiefromportland!!!

    Ok mine is to try to be everybodys friend…thats gonna be hard because of the girls at my school(3 girls)there so rude!!! They made fun of my hair. And one of them was my best friend like you and Addie. She always told me she loved my hair. There not Pops because no one thinks they are (except them)

  89. Ashlyn

    Hey, Jenny! I thought really hard on my New Years Resolutions for this year and I came up with alot. In total, I came up with about 30. But here are a few of the ones I’ll try really hard to keep:
    1.Eat healthier.
    2.Excercise more.
    3.Stop saying,”Oh my god”
    Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

  90. Raihah

    Hope all your resolutions happen ! This is mine , :) :
    1.Better relationship with my family and friends.
    2.Better life
    3.Defense me and my friends when the mean
    gals struck.
    4.Doing MORE chores. (I do too less chores.)
    5.Get good grades.
    6.Collecting How I Survived Middle School
    And that’s all (maybe) :D
    Speaking of the books, I’ve collected them from 1 – Xmas Special Edition,well except for Who’s Got Spirit.
    That’s all.Cheerio mate ! :D

  91. Laura

    My New Year’s resolution is to read more. I used to read alot, but then I got this computer. Now, my mom’s always bugging me cause I use it so much!

  92. Lilia(LYLA)

    My new years revolutions are 1.Stop kicking my so called “best friend since 1st grade” and also stop teasing her.2.To get better speak up. get my home work finished because its due the end of winter vacation which i didn’t start it yet, and it’s due 2moro!!!5.To have a great year duh!
    Lilia 7th grader

  93. Nectaria

    My new years resolution is not to be as emmotional as I am, It will be hard but You won’t get far if you don’t try, right? so g2g BYE!

  94. kitkat

    i have read your books 1-3 i just discovered them!!!!i do have something to say…….i’m only in fourth grade!!!!!

  95. Clarissa

    my news year reaslloution is to stop letting people walk all over me and thew next time my bully hurts my feelings i just stand up to her!and to spend more time with my dog cocoa anyway have a great new year ;) :) !

  96. Seoyoung

    Hey Jenny,
    Don’t worry about the pops too much. What do you think their new years resolutions will be? Put more makeup on, to be cool? (I really agree with your last resolution!)

  97. Th3FR3AK5

    Hey Jenny! I’m a HUGE fan of your books and your website! Same as you, I have a type of Pops clan in my school called the A clique. The whole clique is called the ABC clique (A being the highest most popular crowd, and C being the worst). I also am trying to ignore all the annoying things they do to other people, and I hope you keep writting tips because they are definately helping me!

  98. dallas

    my new years resolution is to convince my parents to get me a phone. im in 7th grade i think i can handle one lol

  99. Savannah

    My new years resouloutions are
    1. sTOP Biting my nails!!!!
    2. get a 100 in Science,
    3. Be A better person
    4. Don’t let the Pops at my school bug me… (even though I do NOT like them… at ALL)
    5. Be nicer to my siblings.
    Hey Jenny! I LOVE ur books!!!

  100. Keara

    Those pops were mean in the Christmas Special, you’d better do good at your fifth resoulution or they’re gonna do worse than steal your invitation!!!

  101. Loveksm90

    1.clean my room more
    2.keep making a’s and b’s mom with new baby more more kind to others harder than ever
    Thats my new years resolution!

  102. Areauna

    My New Year Resolution is 2 try my best 2 tell d truth d whole truth,and nothing but the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll let u no how it goez lol
    P.S. Sorry I’m so late on riting!!

  103. Jessica

    My resolution is to stop procrastinating so much. i always leave things till the last minute is kinda annoying!!

  104. Jenni

    OMG, my hardest resolution is this year’s resolution (Be nicer to sibling and stop taking revenge on people who annoy me.) Seriously, it’s hard! I always thought that if somebody was mean to you, you have to balance things out by doing something mean to them. HELP! -#1 fan, Jenni

  105. amy

    my new years resolution is to be nicer to my bro (not that ill ever succeed) its so hard not 2 be mean to him when he trys to take advantage of me.Im going to have a tough time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;c ;c :c ;c :C : C

  106. Priyanka

    Hey Jenny,
    Im going to year six next year and my new year resolution is to just get through the year! :P
    That is because i was elected to be school captian and i dont even know what to be prepared for! I mean what am i supposed to do as SC??? i have no idea!? I hope i will be able to live through the year :D

  107. hi jen jen

    hi jenny i want to ask does addie always try to look like a princess of fashion and lke to boss around my frend is same as her too. :x

  108. Jenni

    @ my school, we don’t really have Pops but there are some pretty mean girls who think they know it all, but aren’t really that popular. At my school, we know that the NICE people are the popular ones, so the mean ones are always so angry and whispering and doing really nasty stuff. :| Oh well.

  109. ana

    thats kewl i havent made a resolution yet. should i?

  110. Maddie@st

    my new years resolution is that I will get better grades in science and in boys:).

  111. Breanna

    My new year resolutions are:
    1. To ignore the Pops at my school
    2. To not get bucked ff my horse, Koko
    3. Find out where my horse, Heidi is buried
    4. To go to “the barn” more often
    5. To get ribbions at 4-H
    6. Read more!
    7. Get all A’s all year!
    8. Not text so often
    9. Convince parents I am capoable of doing things on my own
    10. Do my best at tennis tryouts!

  112. rhiannon

    i resolved 2 get rid o’ my bad habits (there r SO many…) so far i have gotten rid of only 1! *sigh*. o well…. got 2 go! need 2 get rid of my bad habits….wish me luck! ;-)

  113. ce ce

    Cool. I hope that you can keep that last one!

  114. Ileana

    I never keep any of my resolutions. Good luck

  115. bakers02

    I love the Middle School Survival books!!
    I made a list of New Year’s resolutions, but I figured I wasn’t gonna keep them!! So, my New Year’s resolution is to not make a resolution!! That’ll be really easy!!

  116. Ladygagya

    Dear Jenny,
    I have made it my New Year’s Resolution to read a lot more and become a better student at my school, home, and swimming lessons. I hope that you find my resolutions interesting in so many ways and have a good year and happy holidays which are spent with family membvers and friends.

  117. winnie zhou

    1)try 2 play da flute
    2)try 2 get a dog
    3)try 2 hang out more
    4)try 2 make a pop group!!!!=)

  118. lolgal

    my new year resolution is: (drum roll plz!) BE MORE ACTIVE!
    so many kids are not healthy enough and do not get that much excersice, so I want to help encourage girls and boys my age to do heaps of sports, drink plenty of water and eat healthily!
    love ur books jenny!!!!!

  119. Charis

    Well, my resilution is to help other ppl with there resulutions so… yeah, and abby? (my sister) if ur reading this, hi!
    - MN

  120. lolgirl

    hey i love your books ! there great!

  121. lolgirl

    i love the book can i get a f in lunch

  122. lolgirl

    hi Jen i like your books !

  123. Michelle

    My resolutions this year are:
    1.Try to convince my mom to STOP making me wear more than 5 shirts everyday
    2:Try to type faster,i type so slow
    3:Try to keep in touch with my bf everyday or so
    4:Play with my dog more
    5:Become an excellent anime artist-right now my rating on drawing anime is amazing so it wont be that hard

  124. camila

    it already passed new years so i didn’t make any soooooooooooooooooooooo yeah

  125. Yeiur

    I love your books. I can’t stop myself from reading your books. Anyway I’m a Pop. But I don’t treat people the way Addie Wilson and her friends.

  126. Addie


  127. Addie

    I love your books. It’s just that, your books should have another mean Pop, like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Addie

    Your friend Chloe is a spacecadet.

  129. Hudda

    Don’t let the pops take you in, Jenny!!!

  130. Marzy

    I don’t belive in resolutions. but I try to make it a better year! I’ll play soccer in 7th grade (6th graders arent allowed to play sports) I’ll ignore my one friend thats ‘pioson’ and be the best friend I can be to my other awsome friends, I try to make them laugh thier faces purple! :-) people sometimes get to me to! but once I stood up to my one friend. you should try standing up to them! in front of a lot of people is good too. good luck with it!

  131. alexandra

    even i am toatly healthy iwould love to lose aruond 5-10 lbs. i would also like to start to eat healther.

  132. Koolkat7857

    Awesome jenny! Well you know what, I have Pops at my school, but the leader is actually my BBFL! Technically, Im a pop too , but we are NICE pops. Not like Addie and Dana.

  133. Katie

    Well, I’m going off topic a lttle, but Jenny brought it up. i’m a pop (5th most pop in my school :D ) and we aren’t all rude they way Jenny describes them as. me and my friends are regular people, need to have good grades, like to just hang and have secrect chrush’s. Just because we like to dress cute and good (we have the money to) doen’t make us bad people, and a lot of people like us, or want to be us because we dress nice and wear makeup and tons of jewlery and do our hair nice, and prob cause boys like us. I know, I was a “wanna be” once, in my old school. it got soo bad I only wore sweats and hoodies!BTW, Now i wear mini skitrs, cute girly t-shirts and skinny jeans and cute uggs. AGGGG I still can’t beleive I dressed like tht. but all I’m sayong is not all pops are rude, adn u should give them a chance!

  134. Josie

    Hey! Those are good reolutions. I started this thing called the Current State of the Union. Heres todays CSOTU(current state of the union):
    In Out
    Teachers Subsututies
    Clipped Bangs Loose bangs
    Quizzes Long Tests

  135. Ashley

    hey jen i have pops at my school one is alexis and one is sabrina the other is chrissy so i know how you feel good luck though and reading all your books we have alot in common sabrina was also my former bff then she started to dress cool and became one of them…………………..

  136. Christina

    You have some good resolutions( I’m in 5 grade) my resolution are to be stutdent of the month. I also want to be more organize. I can’t wait to go to middle school later on this year. I know how to help you wiht your last resolution. When my mom was in high school the made fun of her name Sunshine. She just laugh with them like it is funny. You should try that

  137. Grace

    Don’t let them get to ya!!! :)

  138. Hannah

    great resolutions jenny
    my resolutions r 2 listen 2 my freinds more and b more respectful 2 every1

  139. Lexie101

    Hi Jenny.
    I’m in seventh grade, and i love your stories.
    In my school, we have POPS, but they aren’t as mean as Dana, Sabrina, Maya, Claire, or Addie. But they still think that they’re, well, all that…
    I’m pretty popular, and my frendz aren’t like the pops at my school, and my frendz are sorta like your frendz.
    I am sorry if the following is my personal info. It just felt good to get it off my chest…
    Also, my bff has a boy friend in eighth grade, and she told me that they kissed a lot of times.I am SOOOOOOO jealous of her.I mean, when is my BF not gonna just hang around and start telling me he likes me as much as I like him???

  140. white-and-nerdy

    Omigosh!!!!!!!!!! My new years resolution was to stop talking so much!!!!! But I haven’t been able to keep doing it!!!! :-) So how have you been doing keeping your new year’s resolution??? I bet it’s tuff!!!!!

  141. Kelsey

    your the president so boss Addie around

  142. CD

    Hi my new years resolution was to stop my bad habbit and i m doing a pretty good job at it! Hope yours is going well!

  143. Chanel

    Hey gal! U shld ignore the pops. I noe a girl who’s really mean, just like Addie and Dana. My mum told me to ignore her and I gave it a try. U noe wat? It worked! Now, she doesn’t disturb me anymore and does these stupid things to get me to be her friend again. (BTW, I used to b BFs with her, like you and Addie.) Gd luck wif the pops. And just to let you noe, I think that you and ur gang are cool and awesome!

  144. Victoria

    Hey Jenny,
    I guess I have some resolutions for this year, too. Here they are:
    1. Feed my dog every morning and night without being asked to do.
    2. Give it all I got in dance.
    3. Get first honors in school.
    4. Help out my brother more.
    5. To not forget to take my dog a bath every Saturday.
    6. Listen to my friends and give the best advice (that one I mostly do already!).
    7. Be a great daughter, sister, and BFFL!
    Well that’s all I can think of right now folks. Talk to you soon Jenny.

  145. Ana

    i have made one to ignore the pops in my school and try to talk less often in my classes. my teachers all seem ti give me a b in conduct and my mom starts to freak out. i also made one to bathe my dog myself more often. ignoring what the pops do at my school is really hard because my friend’s boyfriend is a pop and the guy who i like who likes me back but has a girlfriend which is my ex friend are pops. i have school so the dog thing not so much but i could stop taliking if i wanted too.

  146. Madeline

    I think you should be a pop your stylish and fun.

  147. hannah

    My new years resolution is to work on getting a guinea pig or a pug.good luck on yours!

  148. Emilea

    my new year’s resulution is not to think about my wieght but still try and look good.

  149. mackenzie

    the pops at my school are verry nice and funny but i would never hang out with them and lose my tru freands

  150. natalee

    my new years resolution is probably to win the dance competition this year. i won first last year and im hoping to do it again. wish me luck
    p.s love the books

  151. Suzanna

    Dont let pops bug u! they r only dumb peepo who thinks fashion and coolness is the ONLY things in the WORLD!
    Ur lucky ur not a pop!

  152. Brianna

    if i did do it though i would probably go to Tae Kwon Do more often and dedicating more time to practicing my clarinet.

  153. Monica

    I have made a couple,
    Here they are:
    1)To try to stop fighting with my brother (or do A little less!)
    2)Be in class BEFORE the second bells rings
    3)Get home work done before I do anything actually ENJOYABLE (lol!)
    Hope you enjoy them!:):):P
    ttyl lol bff gtg bye bye!

  154. kam

    Good luck with that.

  155. bri

    i didnt make one,but i hope u stick with urs! the last one will be hard! :)

  156. MARY


  157. MARY

    thanks jenny u rock!:)

  158. Sarah

    Hey Jenny,
    I had a question. Or two.
    1. What would you do if the Pops invited u and all your friends to join them?
    I am your biggest fan! Please answer my questions!
    Your biggest fan,

  159. jamie

    I am like you I made a resolution and I am having truble keeping it!!! :)

  160. Geneva

    My New Years Resolution iz 2 make more friendz and get grades listen 2 my parentz more often.

  161. laura

    Wow! I like the last one!

  162. Abby

    DO NOT ignore the pops! Show them you have more power than they think. Try to set them off gaurd with a comeback like this, “If I actually cared about what you thought of me, I would be upset right now. Perfect for Chloe!

  163. Sarah

    mine is to stop fighting with my sibilings!:):)

  164. aubrey

    advice for the pops go up to Addie and say to bad you don’t have a zit it might help your face and it’s make up problems

  165. rose

    My resolution is to ask my best guy friend (also my crush), who has a girlfriend, to dance at the 6 grade dance.

  166. meme

    im suggesting a comment for your resolutions .the one i wanna i want to suggest is to keep on rocking on and be the cool ,popular(your popular to me!) self you are and i want a pet mouse to.

  167. sami

    jen our school has a group of queen bee’s.but do ignore them. or tell an adoult!!!! it helps.
    p.s you rock jen

  168. Megan

    My resolution is 1 goal:Don’t have any goals!

  169. Shirley

    I have a resoultution
    plant more trees!
    i have pops at my school and they tease me about my friends don’t worry they will get bored of it because you dont say anything!

  170. Brittany

    It’s alright Jenny! Pops pick on people because they’re jealous of you. Pops always like drama, so if you get sad or mad about what they say or do to you; the more they’ll bug you. I wish you good luck! Anyways, here’s my New Year’s goals!
    1. Be at least in one play (I love acting!)
    2. Make more friends
    3. Decorate my room (Trust me, it’s a total bore!)
    4. Hang out with friends or family more often

  171. --brandi

    I am the person that hangs out with the pops, so i guess you could call me a pop too!!! YaY me!!! But im NOT the mean type!!! c-ya l8r!!

  172. Claire

    My resolution is to be nice to my brother. It sounds silly, but he is just so annoying sometimes! Thanks, Claire

  173. alice

    LOL!!!!!:) i like your ideas and for me the las one would be hardest too. but your right if you don’t let them bother you maybe they will stop good luck!!!!!:)

  174. Jenna O'dell

    I have mice too! Cool. And a good idea for cleaning the cage is to vacume up the dirty wood chips, or whatever floor you have, once every 2 weeks. I find it alot better than dumping the chips into the trash bags. So I really hope I see your books in Chapters this year. My best friend, Julia, and I love reading your storys. Happy New Year!

  175. izzy

    i am trying to stop talking in class!!!!!
    AT LEAST FOR ME IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. chloe

    my new years resolution was to exercise a lot.and dont let the pops words get to you theyre just jealous because youre awesome

  177. Sasha

    yo peace i suck at them but one of mine is to get B or higher and to go on a date. plus i used to have one that was to get the lead role in a play and i did :) :):) it is Wood stock and my crush is snoopy!!!!!! i perform oday wish me luck! ahhhhhhh neverous

  178. Yasmin

    Hudda, do I know you? And Hey, Sara, I can just tell by your lingo that your a clique reader, and a Massie fan.
    FYI- If you didn’t already know, LBR stands for loser beyond repair
    and Alpha just is basically the same thing as a pop. I reacommend to you The Clique series.
    I Heart You.

  179. lizz

    the pops at my school bug me soooooo much when i started reading theese books i felt more comfodent you helped me my friends sooo much I have got sooooo many new year resoloutions if i named them all you would die before you got finished one is to get my ears picered can you please help to see if it is right for me or not sincerly lizz

  180. carol

    hay jen, if you can’t do all of those resoulutions try to do 2 of them this year and next year try to keep doing those 2 and your other 3 resoulutions. it makes it easyer than doing 5. i have a list of resoulutions and i pick 1 or 2 to do each year.

  181. carol

    p.s. i know i’m a little late i found this site a week ago.

  182. sasha

    jenny, i am a pop at my school and mine is to get better clothes ! hey and your books are offending i am a pop so stop writting them or i will make you ! i am sasha obama the presidents daughter so i can ue you so stop writting or make the pops take over the school in one of your books! this is a warning

  183. abbyzippy

    you go girl, ignor them pops ;)

  184. PrettyPrincess19SS

    Hi Jenny, LOVE UR BOOKSSSS……THEY R AWESOME!!!! i have a problem… BFF is moving to toronto and rite now she has a broken ankle as well……but we made her a card! do u think she will love it????

  185. Harmanpreet

    mine is to lose weight! i eat toooooooo much!

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