Monthly Archives: December 2009

December 17

My New Year’s Resolutions

This year, I’m making a whole list of resolutions for the
new year. I did that last year, too, but I wasn’t too great at keeping them!
This year’s going to be different, though. That’s because I’m not making any
promises I can’t keep (or at least try to keep, anyway!).

Here’s my list of resolutions:

1. Make time to listen to my friends and help them with
their problems

2. Work harder on my schoolwork

3. Clean Sam and Cody’s mouse cage more often

4. Spend more time helping out with community service

5. Ignore the annoying things the Pops do.

That last one is going to be the
toughest one of all to keep. For some reason, the stuff Addie and her friends
say and do really gets to me. Of course, that’s why they do it. Maybe they’d
stop being such jerks if I didn’t let them upset me. It’s worth a try, anyway.

Okay, those are my resolutions. Are you guys making any this year? What are they? And
how successful do you think you’ll be at keeping them?

Happy Holidays!