November 23


Okay, I admit it. I’m feeling pretty stressed out. I thought
I had everything under control, but now, not so much. And I’m not sure how to
straighten myself out.

all started at a student council meeting two weeks ago. (I’m the sixth grade
president, did you know that?) Somehow I wound up volunteering to plan the
Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, which is this big dance they have on the Saturday
before Thanksgiving every year at my school. Actually I know exactly how I
wound up on the dance committee: Addie Wilson volunteered, and started talking
about how she and her friends would be glad to work on the dance, and how no
one knew how to throw a great event like they did. For some reason that really
made me mad. It was like she was saying the rest of us could only create a
mediocre dance or something, and there was no way I was letting her get away
with that.

now, not only am I on the student council, I’m on the dance committee. And I
could have managed both of those things just fine if Chloe hadn’t asked me to
help serve lunch at a shelter on Thanksgiving. I said yes right away.
Unfortunately, what Chloe didn’t
tell me is that before Thanksgiving there are all these meetings you have to go
to where you learn about the shelter, and the food program, and what we’re
supposed to do when we serve the people there. I know that helping out at the
shelter with Chloe is a good thing, but it’s taking a lot more time than I
thought it would.

then, just to top things off, this morning my English teacher, Ms. Jaffe,
assigned us a big paper on this book we’re reading in class. It’s due the day
before Thanksgiving break, which is like two weeks away. I’ve barely started
the reading.

you look at all that, and then add in that I’ve got homework in all my other
classes, plus my chores around the house, I’ll bet you can understand why I
started this blog with a loud AAAAHHHHHH! Wouldn’t you?

have any of you guys ever found yourselves overloaded? What did you do to fix
the problem? If you had to drop any of these activities, which ones would you

. .g2g. I can’t spend any more time on my computer tonight. I’ve got to get
going on reading that book for my English paper.



169 thoughts on “AAAAHHHHHH!

  1. ashlee

    dear,jenny I have been overloaded with things before for starters i had a huge report coming up and i hadn’t started i had after school chourus rehaersal and band rehersal and i had to help my sister take care of animals i ended up going to chourus and sectioning my time i had to drop the animal sitting thing but you could drop the dance comittiee because addie isn’t your friend and serving thanksgiving at a shelter is really sweet GOOD LUCK:)

  2. maddie

    i know just how u feel. but i think you should do one thing at a time. What needs to be done first? if your english reading is due before the dance, you should probably finish that first. urgency and commitment r very important. hope this helps l8r.

  3. Shelly

    I’ve been overloaded alot, because of my advanced courses. What I do is basically work on it while doing things such as eating, or walking to my friend’s house. You should probably drop your chores, and explain to your parents.

  4. Jamie

    Well, I suggest you finish probably should do your work during free time

  5. Lindzey

    If I were you, I would definitely create a list/ schedule like,
    Thanksgiving dance
    Food shelter
    English book report
    Then I would write all the time you have left for everything and what times you are suppose to do them, for example
    English book report-11/14-11/25 or something like that and then plan, If I were you I would get a calander or make your own and write down all the food shelter meeting dates.
    If I had to do this I would also say “Addie, your so good at planning dances, why dont you get all the decorations and snacks” that way you have less to do.
    I would definitely see if I could take off 4 classes 2 times a week to plan for the dance, do my chores when I get home then do my homework, then if there is a shelter meeting go to that, and then every night before you go to bed read 20 minutes of your book and when winter comes everything will be good and you will feel better.
    hope this helps.
    PS-I would stay off the computer if I were you, because you probably spent 20 minutes writing this when you could of planned some of the dance or read.

  6. Lauren

    Well, Helping a shelter is great. I would probably do my HW then do report everyday for 1 hour. Then work on the dance that way u get all the things done. I get overloaded a lot have church, HW, and many more things. All I am saying is you can get all things done if you limit your time and if u have time before you go to bed then get on the computer. You could drop the shelter even when it is really great u can explain.


    heyy jenny dear!
    I would tell chloe NO I CANT DO THIS IM SORRY YOU DIDNT TELL ME IN FULL DETAIL! and drop the addie competion thing cuz addie will win u no it! CUZZZ shes ammazinn!! <3 luv her too much! its not very cool to try compeat with someone u no will win. I ahve experience. soo yeah.. listen to my advice if u want to not be the biggest loser at ur skool! say hi 2 ADDIE 4 mee! thx u rock if u do that :) LUUV EMILAY

  8. Mara (Ember-my nickname)

    Jenny, maybe you and Chloe could do the volunteer work over the weekend, or you could do it over Christmas instead. As for the dance, you should not try to upstage Addie, too bad shes a mean person! The book report, you could read like 30 pages every night instead of trying to do it all at once. Good Luck with the homework & chores! Don’t forget to leave time for yourself!
    A.K.A. Ember

  9. purefun21

    well i thing you should drop out of the dance their will be another time when you show the pops who is boss and besides some people are not as lucky as us so you should help Chole.

  10. Bronwyn

    Hey Jenny!
    I think you should finish your homework early. That way you can help out with the school dance and the food shelter. If you give the dance committee your ideas and help during school, you can help out the food shelter after school and have your big english paper done in almost 1 week. Does that sound like a good idea? Also, I have been in a problem like this when I just wanted to yell: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! It was when I had 3 projects due all on the same day and we only had one week to do them! It was pretty hectic but I got great marks on all of them!

  11. Selena

    Yea, I feel overloaded all the time! I have swim practice,tennis practice,piano lessons,church,saxophone lessons,another afterschool acivity,and student council too! Plus, I have all honors classes so theres loads of homework! Something that helps me is that I listen to music and work on the same pace as the rhythm. It really helps me concentrate,as long as its not a dance song =). Sometimes, after I finish something, I treat myself to a break or eating my favorite snack. If you keep a positive attitude,stay on task,and be steadily productive,you’ll finish it in no time!

  12. Zoey

    Hi Jenny!
    This is what I think and hey!, you don’t have to listen.
    1. Homework-I don’t like getting in trouble or benched
    2. give your self a break, everyone needs one, you don’t want to get to stressed
    3. Thanksgiving dance
    4. Food shelter
    5. Chores- save chores for the end
    6. RELAX!- you need a rest! you have been working all day,go rent a movie, go to the pool, just at least have a rest… :) WISH YOU GOOD LUCK :)

  13. cecilia

    here is what you do you plan out a paper of what you want to be done on your behave at the dance committee but only give it to someone you trust so someone doesn’t “acidentally” throw it in the trash (allie) and while you are waiting for the meetings to start try to read a few chapters of your assigned book and ask chloe if maybe you could miss a few meetings

  14. alexis

    i think you should focus on the shelter cause that is a really sweet thing to do and you should focus on the english report, maybe you might even finish the paper so you might get to work a little bit on the dance.

  15. mary

    wow, tough. i wud finish the english paper first, ask ur mom to let u drop the chores for 2 weeks while u finish the homework, i think u shud drop the dance cuz it’s much more important to be at the shelter…. that’s it! hope it helps, :)

  16. Maud

    just do a homework plan
    theres a magazing called DOLLY
    that can help u

  17. Ashley

    I know exactly how you feel, and I always get overwhelmed when this happens. Maybe you can ask your parents for a little help.

  18. MichelleMB

    Hey Jen,
    I’ve been in that type of situaction so many times WOW! I say first to check in with teachers and see how many points the project is worth then it will give you an idea how much time to put aside for it. Then I would drop the dance committee and ask if you can skip a couple of meetings for the shelter thing. Get your parents to call the school to get the teachers to hand out less homework. Last but not least if you tell your parents whats goin on I bet they will cut you some slack with the chores.
    Sincerly Michelle
    P.s I should take my own advice wow good luck

  19. MichelleMB

    Todays my 1/2 birthday! LOL laters:)

  20. Hollinda

    I have! I had:
    *A powerpoint due
    *And a math test
    I just tackled it one at a time.I would go to newspaper meeting and soccer practice at their assigned times, and I finished the PowerPoint, and then I studied.Just take it one at a time and you’ll be fine.Start with the thing that’s due first.

  21. Chloe

    dear jenny,i tottaly know how you feel,I’ve been feeling like that since i started middle school.As i have guitar cca along with other classes and homework,i’m tottaly stressed out!
    But although you feel (whatever your feeling is)it is important not to work too hard and get yourself sick,It is much worst then feeling stresses out!
    Although you are feeling (whatever your feeling is),remember to have some fun too!
    P.s.Why don’t you try making your own timetable?I done it lots and now i don’t feel too stressed out!

  22. Lola

    I know excactlty how you feel!!!!!!!!
    Yesterday I was freaking out because I lost papers that we turn in next week, there’s 20 of them! So, my advice is to relax and take it easy do a couple of things at a time then take a little break then start working again.Don’t stress and you’ll be fine.

  23. Hannah

    Dear Jenny,
    Yeah I’ve felt this way before. I once had this competition that I was training and rehearsing for, Girl Scouts, soccer, and Hebrew school. The competition training thing was all the afternoons except for Fridays. Girl Scouts was on Tuesdays, it didn’t affect anything, but it was hard to get to. Soccer was all over the place. I had to skip some of the rehearsals/trainings. And with soccer, I always got to Hebrew school late.

  24. Areauna

    Jenny,I know what you mean trust me!! I had a book report,a thanksgiveng dish 2 make,and babysitting. I did it all 2 seem helpful but it comes 2 show it was all 2 much! So i told my mother what i did and trust me she understood! Next i told my teacher y i volunteered 2 do the book report and she understood 2,then i didnt have 2 do it! Next i told the babysitter y i volunteered 2 baby sit her 3 kids and she waznt upset at all! Finally i told my auntie y i volunteered 2 make the dish and she wuznt upset either,she was happy i told her the truth! After all of that i felt like i had jusr dumped a big load of work off my back,and i had! So maybe u should talk 2 sme people in ur family and then ur teacherz and let dem kno y u volunteered 2 do the whole dance stuff! And you never kno if u do all dat smtng good wil happen like me!…maybe Addie wil get in trouble r smtn

  25. Chloe

    Drop it all. Who has time to finish everything? I don’t. I know you can’t quit on homework and chores but you can quit on the dance and food. Maybe not the food. Nevermind. Quit the dance. You know Addie can’t do everything herslef and she will just come begging you to come back. If she says your whimpy, fight fire(her)with rain(you). Who cares what she thinks. Only pops would listen to her.

  26. kiwikzz

    Hey Jenny! Wow! That does seem like a lot, and I’ve been feeling like that lately too. But maybe you should ask Chloe if you can skip a few of those meetings, or you could do a little bit of your homework, then have your mom write a note about how busy you’ve been. That way, you’d have more time to do your reading for your report and planning for the dance

  27. victoria

    Hey Jenny. At the begining of the school year I was really stressed. On monday, I have student council and three dance classes, on tuesday I have three dance classes, on wednesday I have piano and girlscouts , and on thursday I have one dance class. The way I coped with it is I took some time to relax and then got to work. Having a busy schedule just takes some getting used to.

  28. Gabi

    hey jen im feelin ur pain!!!!!!!!! dude i have like TONS of homework and its stressin me out and wats even worse is i get so tired and then i feel like i dont feel like doin any of it!!!!!!!!! as for the book report, work on bits of it each day like read a section and then start usin wat u already kno for the report!!!! it usually works!!! ive never been on student concil b4 so i cant help u w/ that….srry….i gtg work on my homework!!!
    later tater!!!!!

  29. alexis

    This is the order i think you should be focused on.
    1.the shelter
    2.English paper
    3.the dance
    4.your other homework
    5.your chores
    Hope it helps. And hey you don’t have to follow what i would do.

  30. hailey


  31. Ashley

    Wow your life is just like mine! You go Jenny!

  32. Hannah

    Don’t worry, chill out. The same thing happened to me like two days ago. I’m friends with one of the main pops but I think it’s ended after what she said. I have to plan the thanksgiving dance this yeaer too, but they changed the day, so nw it’s totally inconveniant for me because I have a load of hw this week, plus we’re having a thanksgiving party 3 days early on the day of it! I am way too busy for this. I would just try not to worry

  33. Lauren

    When I get really overloaded, I usually spend many, many hours sitting in front of the computer to do homework and stuff. I guess it’s not the most creative but when I’m busy I just buckle down and get to work, taking 10-minute breaks every so often to re-energize. Maybe you could spend your lunch period doing homework and stuff, and try to get your other friends to help with the dance and the shelter. Talk to your parents and maybe they will let you drop your chores for awhile, then make it up when you are less busy. Good luck!

  34. Angela

    I’ve heard of these situations before.I’ve had them before but didn’t know what to do with them so I’m sorry I can’t help you.
    your #1 fan,

  35. jessiie

    haii jen
    ohh yeah ive been overloaded be4!! its supah-hard!! once i even stayed home because i didnt wanna go to school! p.s. that was totally dumb of me and thats not one of my ideas! anyways i think you should try to organize everything you have to do. maybe u should also get some friends to help you! good luck! p.s. ur books rock! <3 XD

  36. nebbye

    Make a schedule, and if you must drop something, drop the dance.

  37. Joshua

    Drop H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K. DUH!!!!

  38. Jocelynn

    I think u need to tell addie off because she is such a loser. She’s so jealous ov u its not even funny. But i think u need to sort them out by their importance level: like homework first, then the thanksgiving meetings, then chores. Hope that will help!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  39. jenny,

    guys, thanks for all the advice, but i don’t need any now.

  40. ANA

    I would ask Addie if she could help out for the dance and read your book for an hour every night and explain your problems to your parents.

  41. Josie

    I do get over loaded sometimes. You cant ovously quit on school work. i and i thing you should stick with the shelter thing. In think you should quit dance commitee. So you let the pops have a victory. Its just a dance. The pops will get over it and so will you. Hope you get everything sorted out.
    By the way i read your other post about how you can’t pick out lip gloss. I prefer grape or chery flavor. And i like in in a little tube. Lip Smakers is one really good company. they have thousands of flavors
    Hope this helps!

  42. Hannah

    Oh, i’ve been overloaded several times! I’d tell Chloe that i’m really sorry that i can’t help. I’m soo busy that i have lots of homework. Mabye next year.
    Love, Hannah :)
    P.s. i hope this helps!!

  43. sriya

    work to hour . ok, jen. it works. its boring…i know but what if it turns out there is a party the night before and you left it to the last minute?

  44. Danyel

    I think it is great that you are workin at a shelter. You are a great person Jenny! I think you should do whatever is due first, then do what is due next then next then next. Keep up the good work Jenny your great!

  45. Kewlgrl1322

    ik xactgly how u feel. i’m alwas overwhelmed. Just take a deep breath, cry a little, take a shower,and then be read for whatever comes to you. Just relax, stay up a little late each night, and you’ll be fine.

  46. Rebecca

    what i would do is drop the dance. i mean whats the worst Addie could do? but i really don’t know

  47. Bianca

    OMG that must totaly suck! All you have to do is prioritize. Get the things that really matter done. Maybe if you spend a weekend and all your spare time working on your english, you can finish it early. Finishing things early always gives me a sence of accomplishment. Then use your class time and lunch hours to get your homework done. I know giving up time with your friends sucks, but if you want to get things done, you might have to sacrifice a few things. If you get most or all your homework done in class, you’ll be free to focus on all the meetings you have to go to and all the planning you need to do. If you manage your time properly, you might even score yourself some free time! Good luck and remember, soon it will all be over and you will feel amazing for getting it all done!
    Hope I helped
    A Helpful Fan!<3

  48. Mariana

    I’d come up with a list of things to do each day. Here’s a schedule of what you can do from 3:00 to 10:00 assuming your school ends at 3:00.
    Thanksgiving Dance: 3:00-4:30
    Food Shelter: 4:30-6:00
    Dinner and Break: 6:00-7:00
    Chores: 7:00-8:00
    Book Report: 8:00-8:30
    Homework: 8:30-9:30
    Free Time and Get Ready For Bed: 9:30-10:00

  49. Maggie :)

    Yeah, I would say to quit the dance. Those Pops are nasty enough.

  50. Lacie

    Dear Jenny,
    I have been overloaded with tons of stuff before. What I would do to fix the problem would probably be this: Do the food and Dance. But before all that read your book well probably read a lot a day so you can get it done and the report. back to the dance and food figure something out to help you. After that help Chloe with the Thanksgiving thing.

  51. Makayla

    I feel sorry for you…i know how you fell,too.

  52. BECCZ

    i think u should take it one step at a time

  53. Lizzzzzz

    Fake a sickness, or stick with it, Addie is mean but don’t let her put you down, make that the best thanksgiving dance ever…make everyone thankful for it!

  54. Nirvanaa

    um…i dont know if ur real, so i’ll just give you my thought anyhow. You have to quit one of them. That’s all there is to it.

  55. rhiannon

    woah girl!Chill!first things first,take a deep breath!Wat i would do is make a schuledue!work out times to do your stuff!chose times to work on your english assimenent,your dance commitee,the thanksgiving lunch,your chores time,and homework.It’ll help you sort your stuff out!;-)
    peace out!

  56. julia

    omg i have actually never had 2 do so many things! it must stink! i really think you should just try all you got! who doesnt like a nice challenge! LOL dont make a fool out of yourself and give up! TRY!!

  57. leyssyscool1999

    hey Jenny i know how you feel about the pops i have the same problem.And i know how you feel about all that stuff you have to do for school just remember always do the most important projects first.gotta go bye!!!!!!!!

  58. RUNRUN4


  59. RUNRUN4

    dude i no someone like addie!i sit next to her and its like living hell i swear!! i try not 2 think about iit but its hard. try to ignore her!p.s. she likes my crush but i think my crush likes me!!

  60. Brooke♥

    yeah i would TOTALLy drop the dance. I mean people who are hungry are more important than a dance. and besides, since addie’s so smart and tough she can handle it herself. I mean cumon! It’s addie we’re talkin’ about. she has her so called friends to help her. ☺ *chuckles*

  61. LIL T

    HI! Umm well i have been overloaded but im not in 6th grade yet. It happened in 4th grade i had the hardest teacher and i had about idk 10 things? I did work on the weekends and breaks. I was pretty sure i would get a B (I almost always get As)but i ended up with the HIGHEST grades and I finished the stuff. Like maddie said urgency and commitment r very important.

  62. LUCKY

    OMG! That`s WAY too much going on! I`ve been in a pretty tough situation, too. Our teacher made us in to groups, and we had to resarch something, but our group was totally out of controll! I was made the leader, but nobody listened to me, and we haven`t researched anything about the topic. And we had to have a presentation on the next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Although I learned to take things one at a time, HOW MUCH IS THAT?!

  63. LUCKY


  64. Emma

    I know how you feel, I feel overloaded sometimes, too. your 1st concerns should be homework & chores. If you don’t do those, you could get grounded and then it wouldn’t matter how much time you put into the other stuff, you wouldn’t be able to do it! Do your chores right when you get home from school. After that, concentrate on the dance. Set up a very specific list with Addie ASAP of what each person will do, then give a copy to everyone. That way you know what you have to take care of. Buy/make/design things for the party after chores. Maybe Chloe could come over and help you before you went to a meeting. Then go to whatever meeting you need to do. If you don’t have a lot free time that day, skip the meeting & have Chloe tell you what happened. As for reading your book, do that right before you go to sleep, read for maybe 20 minutes. If you start right away with all this, you should only need to spend 10-15 mins on the dance, 20 mins on chores (or less!!), and 20 mins on reading. That adds up to be 45 mins a day on that!! Not much, you’ll have plenty of time for other homework, food meetings, and free time!!!!

  65. emily

    if the food shelter thing isnt that fun or you dont wanna do it then tell chloe you have to much on your plate. Addie is helping with the are 2. you hate her very much and so just quit before you guys start fighting. something will happen and then she’ll look like an idiot. if the dance goes great congradulate her and then she’ll be very confused. focus on your homework and chores, and get started on that book report! Did you get that tv yet? <3 Emily

  66. Karen

    OMG I tottaly know how you feel. Once I had 4 reports, two essays, 2 math worksheets, study for a math midterm (which let me tell younow my best subject), and I only had like 2-4 days to do it (Kind fo a long itme ago Don’t remember much) And to top it off clean the bathroom, clean my room, vacuum the living room. Let me tell you thank weeken was not MY weekend. What I would say is make some time. It’s kind of easier than you think. Well thats all I got. CHOA!! (P.s Good luck :-) !!)

  67. addie wilson fan226

    my real name is darian i love reading ur books i want allof the ones i
    dont have!!! tell addie i said hi, well NOT!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!

  68. Lindzey

    okay there is a comment below, I wrote it and somebody coppied it and posted it as tere own!That makes me really mad, Jamie whoever you are!

  69. priya

    You bet I found myself overloaded! I had tutor and violin and hmwrk and i always end up promising my cousins i would help out with some party or something.

  70. Gwen

    Hi Jenny,
    If it were me, I would quit on the non important things and work on the more important things instead. Anyway, getting good scores on english is better than helping out the dance commitee since Addie would not even compliment you if you are her life-saver when she encounters a problem. Hope this helps!

  71. Amber.B

    Hey Jenny if I were you would see when every meeting is and if you have two on the same day say you cant make it because you have an other meeting but skip the one that comes after like go to the dance meeting instead of the thanksgiving meeting with cloe because it comes first gtg ttyl

  72. madi

    ive been in that situation before…its not good..maybe u should just make a list u wont be so stressed out :D well ttyl bye

  73. Eva

    I definetely have been overloaded. It’s really stressful and I totally understand what you’re going through.
    Ok, first, ask your mom to drop the chores for a week or so. I don’t have to do chores so if your mom says no, go to Ms. Jaffe and ask her to let you off the hook. If that doesn’t work, go to Addie and get off the commitee. No matter what, always drop the shelter thing LAST!

  74. Bryanna

    ok u HAVE to do the student council and your homework. and u CANT let Addie and the Pops boss everyone around, u gotta be there!! but try to get ur friends to help, so theres less work for u. the shelter is really sweet, but u may need to drop that. try asking chloe to get other friends to help out. and read the book whenever u can. breaks during dance comitee, evry night before bed, every morning before school, even at lunch if u have to. ur friends will understand.

  75. Cassidy

    Dear Jenny,
    you know, I sometimes get so overloaded with stuff i feel like I’m gonna explode!
    You should let Addie plan the dance, you have way too much on your plate. You should on homework 20 minutes and read 10 minutes after you get home from school but before you got to a shelter meeting. That way, everything gets done!
    Good luck with the overload,

  76. cheyenne

    i always get overloded i try not to panic and get my work done during my free time. you should drop a few chores and not spend so much time doing the dance. don’t get to stressed out ;)

  77. Ali

    I was in this situation once and had to drop an activite but I think instead you should plan when you can and can’t make a meeting or class. If you can’t make more then 2/4th of the meetings you have to much on your plate. So I advise you to check your schedule and if you can’t make about a 4th of the meetings or classes see which one is less important and drop the class. If you like both then maybe you can ask the teacher or supervisor if it would be alright if you miss the classes or meetings you can’t make.Just an idea if they say it is ok then maybe you can have a friend write important things you talked about. Good Luck!

  78. Joanna

    Dear Jenny,
    I’m having a huge proplem. I just found out that my BFF started a rumor about me and the whole school knows. I don’t know what to say to her but I was hoping you did. Can you please help me?

  79. Meliha

    Of course I have! I’ve got more things to do! I have
    * Newsletter
    * Lots of homework
    * Chores
    (my mom is lazy!)
    * School Reserch REPORT!
    I am stressed out!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Readingstar5

    First, finish the homework. It shouldn’t take you too long. Then, do the shelter thing, but ask to not have to do the meetings, just help the shelter. Then, work on the dance.
    Wallah! There you go!
    Love ya,

  81. zaslam753

    Dear Jenny,
    I think that you should quit the comitee dance because if you serve lunch at the shelter you will be considered very nice. Plus Addie is not even your friend anymore. She’s just trying to make you jealous.

  82. Favorite

    I understand how you are feeling. Because you had began with the school Thanksgiving’s dance, though you want to help Chole, because she didn’t give you the information. If she complains, offer her to decide a suggestion so you may do both activites you can both agree on. But that doesn’t give you an excuse to skip the homework, and you still have to do it…

  83. Emily

    jenny, i no how u feel i have had these problems MANY of times but if u just work though them then EVERYTHING will be fine!

  84. theresa

    Hey Jen!(if i could call you that=-) )I’ve never been in a problem like this before,but I think you should take some deep breaths and work things out slowly.You should probally do your English report daily.Maybe you could study with some friends.If any of them are in your english class.You might want to plan things for the dance when you have time too.If you always have hope in yourself,then you’ll suceedI hope this helps you!PEACE OUT HOMIE =-) =-) =-)

  85. Redlips

    Hi Jenny
    well first of all I would get my Homework done. Take a weekend and do that maybe, so that it is done and out of the way. Next focus on the shelter and Chloe, then your chores. Since you are not the only one on the councel it shoule be ok to miss one meeting. For the turckey trot have your firends help you. Knowing them I am sure they would be willing to help. Hope this helps good luck!!!

  86. Kelsey

    Don’t drop anything. You need to do the dance to get back at Addie, you need the shelter to help the unfortunate, homework for education, and the report and chores to stay out of trouble’s way. Just make a schedule like this, Jenny:
    1.)Council meeting- 3:00
    2.)Shelter meetings- 4:15 or 12:00
    3.)homework time- 5:00
    4.)chores time- 6:00
    5.)report reading and writing- 6:30

  87. Myco43

    I know how u feel! I am always stressed out!!!! I am always sick from stress and i really mean sick! One time in third grade i had so much stress that i had a flu for almost the whole week! I had a fever everyday! One time i couldn’t even talk! What i would do i would of just calm down! here is another tip. Don’t fight fire with fire or you will only get burned. Ok?

  88. chrissy

    Dear Jenny
    sorry how you feel over loaded and stuff like that why dont you ask if you can skip the meetings or have the book report extended a day or two one time i had 5 100 point projects due right befor exam week i nearly died bu i asked 3 of my teachers if i could pospone them for like 2 day explaing that i had 4 others and i was in way over my head studing and stuff



  90. Naima

    Dear Jenny,
    I think you should drop that dance comittee thing. Because your friends and you’re score are worth better than a dance, right? Well, I hope that’s helping.

  91. Naima

    You really should drop that dance committee immidiately. Trust me, Addie can’t do EVERYTHING at the same time, too. Soon, she will be exhausted, and maybe just drop the Thanksgiving dance like she never volunteered. And if she’s mad at you. Just let her. Who cares what she think? Only a Pop would care her sly mind.

  92. Delaney

    Okay, Illadmit it,too. Last night it happned. Ihad to finish my homework, do the dishes, get my pj’s, ana finally I took a shower. I hated it!! Also, dump the dance!!!! It dosn’t matter what Addie does. Just do the food with your REAL friends.

  93. Laura

    I agree with some of the other people on here-drop the dance committee. There must be a dance at Christmas or something so maybe you could plan that. Am i right?

  94. McKaylah

    I think you should do your HW, then your dance, then the shelter, and ask if you can drop your chores until you get things under control. Hope this helps!

  95. Chrisya

    Hey Jenny!
    I am very happy that today is Desember!!! It’s almost Christmas! Today is also my mom’s b’day! (It’s very special eventhough there’s NO party) Hehehehe…I suggest you must beware of the POPS!
    Your dear fan, Chrisya.~Farewell till the next books!~

  96. Mollie

    Don’t worry Jenny. I’ve had a ton of homework, soccer, piano, and student council. I just keep telling myself that this is only middle school, and that i shouldn’t get myself stressed over it. Don’t listen to addie. You know she’s just trying to egg you on. She always does. Stand up to her. I know you can.

  97. shankari

    sucks, you know its your fault right? you have to learn. if only everyone were perfect like moi. you would be never askin for advice. if i were addie, i would have done the same thing she did. who cares about some dorky kid like you? i would aim for the pops!

  98. Anna

    Hey Jenny!
    First things first, take five deep breaths before every activity. Then start. I would do the English paper first of all. Next would have to be the dance. You want everything perfect to show the pops they aren’t the only ones that can throw a party. Then do the food shelter because everyone needs food! About the chores, talk to your parents,they have felt this way before. Ask them if you can set the chores aside for those two weeks.
    I hope this helps!!!:-)

  99. Jenny

    Hi Jenny! …I’m not gonna say that since my name is Jenny too… I feel overloaded almost everyday. I don’t really have a technique, sorry, but I usually just try to finish a. most important b. soonest due c. longest thing first. Hope it helps!

  100. kelpycrosscattle

    Hey Jenny. I know exactly how you feel…its every morning and afternoon, etc that im overloaded (well almost every one). My advice to you is to take one step at a time aka Do 1 thing at a time.
    If this doesn’t work out then have a talk to the school and tell them how much you’ve got and see what they can do.
    Hope this helps.
    TTYL ♥

  101. Mitchie

    Dear Jenny,
    I admit that I had not really experienced stress but I would advice you to do this:drop the dance.Nothing’s worse than backing out of a promise to your friend.Spend 1/2 of the time on your homework and the other half on other things.Draw out a timetable to help you,if you need to.Remember:School and homework’s important but they are not everything.Hanging out with your BFF is the best way to chill!:)

  102. Chrisya

    Please add me to your friends list! Could u also give me a shout-out? Thankz…I’ll make sure I’ll be very nice 2 u.

  103. Chrisya

    P.S : Dear guys that in this blog, could u give me a TIPS for my face?
    I mean, a “face fashion”. Please add me on your friends list. Tq all.

  104. Chrisya

    YAY! Christmas is almost come! Today is December 14, 2009. I can’t believe it! 11 days before Christmas! Christmas is the day when Jesus was born! Anyway, I have an activity called a “silent helper”.We will be choosen for our secret pal. My secret pal is a boy. He is the popular boy in school. We will have to give suggestions in a piece of paper to be gived to our secret pal. On 17 December 2009, we have to give the gifts to the silent helper. What will I give to him?


    I’m never loaded i don’t have any chores . Ha,Ha!In your face!

  106. kursten

    i todakky agree with you jenny i am like so glad that we are like best friends for life hay i have to ask you something do you like fashion shows or wrestling better because my friend thinks that fashion shows are way better than wrestling but i think that wrestling is way more better than fashion shows because im like a tomboy and shes a girly girl and she thinks that she is way better than me and shes thinks that shes way preetyer to and she isnt shes realy not preety at all she is so rediculs and you know what i won first place in basketball hoopshoot i got 11 points and shse got like i guess 8 points she is so dumb well toodles se you nblater

  107. Jessica

    If i were u i would probablly do the homework and then come up with some ideas for the dance and i know that commuitey work is good but who did u tell first that u were goin to do this… did u tell chloe that u were goin to help her or did u offer to help with the dance first. i think u should dump the one u picked second…and i know that u have no choice for your english homework project. Just try to get trough it and i know im not the biggest help… but oh well at least i got some ideas. :)

  108. TiAundra

    I’ve felt overloaded alot. I have choir rehearsal, math homework, mock trial from pre-ap history to finish, science,spelling bee words to study etc.. So I know how you feel. Just breathe and take it one thing at a time!!!!
    Good luck!!(:

  109. Sarah

    Hi Jenny,
    Why don’t you try making a schedule of everything you need to do. It might help you feel more on top of everything. Also if you do a food shelter thing, the do a bit of homework, then continue on the dance you will feel less stressed out. I find if you do it in bits it seems easier then to cram everything in all at once.

  110. Erica

    Tell your mom about all your work, and maybe she’ll understand and lay off on the chores for a while. Then, (I’m sorry to say this, by the way, because I hate Addie Wilson and the pops,) but pull out of the dance committee. Helping people is a lot more important than trying to get your own way and get back at the pops. But first, do your English assignment. You will be grounded if you don’t, and then you won’t get to do ANY things you want and will have to stay at homne all day. Well, g2g.

  111. middleschoolgirl27

    hey jen!
    so i hear ya-
    my day was pretty rough too.First off, i found out my parents my parents got everyone in the house a christmas present except ME.
    The i tried to practice my lines before me play, and totally blanked out! and i was kissing my crush for Romeo and Juliet, but my crush was out sick and had to be kissing a nerd!
    I kissed someone lame, looked stupid in front of my friends, and didn’t get presents from anyone!
    this day can’t get any worse. :(
    oh well. later jenny!

  112. brandi

    omg ask your parents if they con do your chores for you for 2 weeks or dont serv food b/c thanksgiving spend time with the peeps

  113. Hannah

    Sorry about the pops and everything but I would quit the dance commitee because people with no food is and severing it to them and pretty nice and even though you may think you wont get anything out of it you might. Anyway everyone is gonna call it “Addie’s dance” anyway. That’s way more important to feed people that don’t get very much food. Hoped I helped you out!! P.S Keep writing your books I LOVE THEM!!

  114. Josie

    Jenny, will u writ more post. i wanna new post!

  115. jkessiah

    I think u need 2 prioritize!! Work a little bit on 1 thing @ a time. Oh, and u should probably drop the dance committee. U wouldn’t work well with addie anyways. And it’s always good to do some community service.

  116. genesis

    hey janie
    i think u should take one at a time im in elemtery and i have to do a lot of stuff look this is my list
    .student council meeting
    .plan dance
    .soccer practice
    .study science test
    see i feel that way to just take one at a time but still you have to relax OK
    RELAX!good luck

  117. sarah

    wow i feel like that lot

  118. Lauren

    Jenny, you should have done your report first. You should’nt have done it in the last minute.Don’t woorry about the Lauren

  119. Chloe

    Dear Jenny,
    It’s okay. You don’t have to help out at the food shelter, I don’t mind. You look like your pretty tied up with thing’s to do-so you’d best just drop out. I won’t mind. :)
    You friend,

  120. anya

    i would do the things YOU really want to do. then make a schedule of it to stay organized.try to follow it pretty closely so you wont go overboard again.

  121. Ginger

    i love ur books!…andwho cares what the pops think! just ignore them even if it makes u mad!

  122. Bella

    Hi this is wat i do.
    1.) Take a deep breath and focuss on what you think is more important.
    2.) Take a deep breath.
    3.) Do what you decided to do.
    4.) Rinse and repeat!
    tip: i would take periocic breaks to read your reading assingment.Then type it!

  123. JKHGFDS


  124. Julia

    Hey Jenny,
    No, I have never not been in a problem like that but i could help. First thing is do all your home work finish it, get it over with so you can put that a side. So once your done that since your president you choose when to do work on the Turkey Trot and plan it on days you don’t have the meetings and work on the Turkey Trot as QUICK as you can to get it over with and then go to those meetings with Chloe and helping her with the shelter and you would get everything done and you won’t feel bad you mist any thing!
    Your Friend,
    If you need any help ask me. :)

  125. Jayna

    Dear Jenny,
    I was almost elected secretary, but my best friend Megan won for secretary.
    G2G! bye!

  126. Haley

    Ok just do the dance.Who has time for any of this other stuff except for homework and chores stuff? Drop the food and just do the dance you could get in the school newspaper. Do the dance and your chores and homework.You’ll be better off

  127. susan

    i remember when i was new i had no idea what to do espescially joining clubs it was scary but i lived to talk about it and that is exactly what im going to do.:) BY SUSAN p.s. good luck

  128. Lexie101

    Hi Jen, i no how u feel cuz i m also always loaded wif hw.
    Some times my hw is due the next day, but theres too much hw that i forget the duedates…

  129. Erica

    Jenny, I think you should drop out of the dance thing. Immediately write down a schedule, like, as soon as you get home from school, you do your chores and homework, then work on a certain amount of your English project. you really need to help Chloe with the shelter thing. Helping people is important, and it will make you feel a LOT better than getting even with Addie
    P.S.–Addie is an absolute goon
    P.P.S.–As for being overloaded, I have school, violin lessons, piano lessons, basketballs games, and a spelling bee in Birmingham this Saturday.
    P.P.P.S.–I agree with your AHHHHHHHHHH!

  130. Kelsey

    Hey Jenny!
    I think you should finish your homework early. That way you can help out with the school dance and the food shelter. If you give the dance committee your ideas and help during school, you can help out the food shelter after school and have your big english paper done in almost 1 week. Does that sound like a good idea? Also, I have been in a problem like this when I just wanted to yell: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! So Drop it all. Who has time to finish everything? I don’t. I know you can’t quit on homework and chores but you can quit on the dance and food. Maybe not the food. Nevermind. Quit the dance. You know Addie can’t do everything herslef and she will just come begging you to come back. If she says your whimpy, fight fire(her)with rain(you). Who cares what she thinks. Only pops would listen to her and act like the pops are normal people.

  131. Kelsey

    Jenny,I know what you mean trust me!! I had a book report,a thanksgiveng dish 2 make,and babysitting. I did it all 2 seem helpful but it comes 2 show it was all 2 much! So i told my mother what i did and trust me she understood! Next i told my teacher y i volunteered 2 do the book report and she understood 2,then i didnt have 2 do it! Next i told the babysitter y i volunteered 2 baby sit her 3 kids and she waznt upset at all! Finally i told my auntie y i volunteered 2 make the dish and she wuznt upset either,she was happy i told her the truth! After all of that i felt like i had jusr dumped a big load of work off my back,and i had! So maybe u should talk 2 sme people in ur family and then ur teacherz and let dem kno y u volunteered 2 do the whole dance stuff! And you never kno if u do all dat smtng good wil happen like me!…maybe Addie wil get in trouble r smtn and Yeah I’ve felt this way before. I once had this competition that I was training and rehearsing for, Girl Scouts, soccer, and Hebrew school. The competition training thing was all the afternoons except for Fridays. Girl Scouts was on Tuesdays, it didn’t affect anything, but it was hard to get to. Soccer was all over the place. I had to skip some of the rehearsals/trainings. And with soccer, I always got to Hebrew school late.
    ps this goes wit the first half

  132. ''m''

    hey jenny wats up

  133. ''m''

    hi jenny ignore the pops

  134. ''m''

    hey jenny what grade r u in

  135. ''m''

    i think u should try to work things out with addie

  136. Unknown

    Addie Wilson wouldn’t need your help anyways, she enjoys lieing or changing the story so she could recieve all the credit. So why let her lie, because that’s wrong in God’s eyes, and just let her manage it herself. Fight fire with fire.
    P.S. still do you homework, chores, and the help organization thingy

  137. Rebeca

    Dear jenny,
    Ive had ALOT of times when Im overloaded
    like when I had 3 tests, a quiz, and had 2 do a 5 paged biography about Aberham Lincon and in one week. Then I forgot about it and had too do it all on the weekend!!!!!!! I ended up FAILING!!! Luckily I told the teacher about my tight schedule and she gave me more time.Then she put in the new grade. So you should do what you can do in the time u have then ask ur teacher/ whoever is in charge to give u a new due date bcuz of ur tight schedule.

  138. GG Girl

    Dear Jenny,
    Don’t Stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Try and relax!
    Do some stuff that relaxes you.
    Like, something that relaxes me is watching a movie.
    Or, read a book, talk on the phone.
    But, just take a 10-15 minute break then get back to work!
    Or,I know something that REALLY relaxes you… going on!
    Just take it in baby steps,
    GG Girl

  139. ???????

    Tell Chloe you cant.

  140. natalee

    wowww…wait till ya get into high school. im home sick so i got notin to do…lucky me!!!too bad for you!! haha

  141. Carolyn

    Drop it all. Who has time to finish everthing? I don’t. I know you can’t quit on homework and chores but you can quit on the dance and food. Maybe not the food. Nevermind.Quit the dance. You know Addie can’t do everything herself and she will just come begging for you to come back. If she says your whimpy, fight fire (her) with rain (you). Who care what she thinks. Only pops would listen to her

  142. sabrina

    jenny i know your a nice person but you need to tell chloe you cant help her in the food shelter. then tell addie you have to much homework and cant help with the dance. dont worry what she thinks. your a fine girl, so dont take a pops opinion.

  143. Kam

    Hmmmmmmmmm. Full plate you got there. WELLLLLLLLLLL, I think you should trie to do it all and if you can’t, tell everybody that you tried but your not supergirl and you couldn’t every thing on your plate and ask your teacher to give you more time on that report.
    Love Kam
    P.S. Hope this helps! If it doesn’t I have no more advice to give you.
    P.P.S. Good Luck
    P.P.P.S BTW, I love your books!

  144. Seungwon

    I know I’m Korean.But I really enjoy your books and I have some of them.I visited this website.If I were you,I would scream,too.But don’t worry.I’m sure you’ll get over them and get them done.I know how you feel when you said you were mad about Addie.I would,too.

  145. reileigh

    you guys rock,Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Michiie

    Plan out your days ahead that you have before the BIG things happen. Make sure to plan them when which one comes first then which comes last.

  147. twinknb

    I would drop the dance thing let them do the dance this year so you know what you need to do great on then do better the next year. I HATE it when my life gets stuffed like that!!!!!!!! so I know what you mean.

  148. aubrey

    ok for the dance just get punch,cupcakes,cream puffs,brown streamers,band and a photo booth

  149. rannaban

    write a list what’s the first thing on your mind

  150. rannaban

    make a list what’s first on your mind

  151. Shirley

    Hi, Jenny!
    I wouldn’t suggest you cram all the homework in 1 bundle. Do it for 1 hr. and if you have time do a little bit more. oh and for your dance thing don’t make Addie win!
    Your Advice pal,

  152. megan7

    I know just how you feel my life isnt going good anymore after 6 weeks ago my bf broke up with me

  153. Katerina

    Oh,wow,Jenny. That’s ALOT 2 do! You should say something. I get outta school at 3:05. (i’m in 5th grade) Sometimes, I don’t even hav time 2 finish my social studies, math and regular hoemwork. (some of the people in my class stay in my class room some go 2 the other . I GO!) So, my teacher gives us like stupid spelling homework. My Math teacher gives us divison homework and 2 top it all off, I didn’t finish my social studies! All in 1 night!
    Back 2 u…
    Um, I’m like u. I always say YES 2 a friend. I always volenteer 2. So, u and I should STOP saying YES to EVERY single friend that asks us 2 do soemthing. That should solve most of it. But u already said YES to everything so…
    OH maube u can try to get through it and tell your teacher that it was 2 much work.
    Hope my adice works!
    P.S. How r u and Addie doing? Still fighting?

  154. amorbrook59

    addie think about it if you dont drop out the pops will probley get in a fight or something (not like they were friends anyway) and put everything on u so quit the dance who really cares? the shelter needs u more than the dance they will be fine without u or if not…hey!theres a chance to make fun of addie to yourself! dont worry about all the work just deal with it and i promise it will be over soon i just delt with it myself . after all this u can relax right? try to think positive!!
    best hopes ,

  155. amorbrook59

    sorry jenny i was thinking about addie !

  156. Marina

    i know what your going through because it has happened to me before. First, try to get all your friends to help with the dance by organizing them into groups. Like have the boys get decorations, Felicia,Rachel,Marilyn,Carolyn order food and you,Chloe,Liza and Sam set everything up. Second, read the book for English. Third write the report on the book. Now that all of that is put into a list go to the meetings with Chloe. If you do all of this stuff ahead of time you’ll more than likely have less stress when Thanksgiving comes.

  157. sandy

    Hi Jenny!
    I am having the same problem as you do but i will try to help. i think first you ask your teacher some more time to do the book report and tell her about the things you really need to do.Then you start on you planning for the dance and then do the rest. But remember to stay calm and don’t panic or things will get worst.

  158. Brittany

    Oh, that’s alright Jenny! You can try doing your homework on the bus or in the car! Oh, and always bring your homework at clubs just in case there’s any breaks. I think I have a BIGGER schedule than you! I have my acting class on Monday, my play rehersal on Tuesdays and Friday which go on a long time and on Saturdays in April I’ll also be needing to practice my play, too. I also have church on Sundays and my sister’s dog training class on Thursdays. What a life! The only day when we’re basically doing nothing is Wensdays!

  159. punks r cool

    i know the feeling. i’m probably not as busy as you, but i am busy. drop one thing that you think isn’t important. nothing’s unimportant? really you should try droping something.
    go to a meeting so you can skip chores. or do homework so you can skip meetings. none of that works, ah well, i never said i was perfect.

  160. Chloe

    you should finish your homework the first day all in the same HOUR and spread out all the dance commitee work.trying to help,jen.hope it helps,love,chlo chlo

  161. Katarina

    I say you make a schedule or if you don’t have time to do everything, quit the dance planning. Addie will have to do everything by herself and who cares what the Pops say? As long as you know it’s not true! And most importantly, don’t forget to take time to relax! It helps a lot after a whole day of work!

  162. raven

    why don’t you just let some of your friends do it and help you because if they were REAL friends they would help you

  163. SuMm3R


  164. Emma-Rose

    Jenny you should do this:
    1)Do your homework & report
    2)Work on chores
    3)Take a 15 minute break
    4)Go to shelter meetings
    5)Work on dance
    You could ask your parents to take a break on the chores.Your not SuperGirl.
    Peace from,
    p.s. you are awsome and smart.You can do this!

  165. carly

    Thanks soo much for all of this it hels me a lot in middle school!!!!!!!!Thanks!!!!!

  166. RACHEL

    hey jenny
    i understand how you feel
    im graduating middle school and my teachers are giving us so much to do!!!!!
    anyway <3 your books

  167. Victoria

    I just take a deep breath and try to tackle one thing at a time.If that doesn’t work then I ask for help from family,friends,ect.
    Good luck,Victoria

  168. Sidney

    If i had to quit an activity i wouldn’t quit any of them because you are helping a friend and your school. Don’t worry you will be fine.
    I hope you make a good decision, Sidney

  169. sophia

    Just try to manage with it all.Its happened to me before and i know how u feel.
    hope u get it all done,Sophia

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