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November 23


Okay, I admit it. I’m feeling pretty stressed out. I thought
I had everything under control, but now, not so much. And I’m not sure how to
straighten myself out.

all started at a student council meeting two weeks ago. (I’m the sixth grade
president, did you know that?) Somehow I wound up volunteering to plan the
Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, which is this big dance they have on the Saturday
before Thanksgiving every year at my school. Actually I know exactly how I
wound up on the dance committee: Addie Wilson volunteered, and started talking
about how she and her friends would be glad to work on the dance, and how no
one knew how to throw a great event like they did. For some reason that really
made me mad. It was like she was saying the rest of us could only create a
mediocre dance or something, and there was no way I was letting her get away
with that.

now, not only am I on the student council, I’m on the dance committee. And I
could have managed both of those things just fine if Chloe hadn’t asked me to
help serve lunch at a shelter on Thanksgiving. I said yes right away.
Unfortunately, what Chloe didn’t
tell me is that before Thanksgiving there are all these meetings you have to go
to where you learn about the shelter, and the food program, and what we’re
supposed to do when we serve the people there. I know that helping out at the
shelter with Chloe is a good thing, but it’s taking a lot more time than I
thought it would.

then, just to top things off, this morning my English teacher, Ms. Jaffe,
assigned us a big paper on this book we’re reading in class. It’s due the day
before Thanksgiving break, which is like two weeks away. I’ve barely started
the reading.

you look at all that, and then add in that I’ve got homework in all my other
classes, plus my chores around the house, I’ll bet you can understand why I
started this blog with a loud AAAAHHHHHH! Wouldn’t you?

have any of you guys ever found yourselves overloaded? What did you do to fix
the problem? If you had to drop any of these activities, which ones would you

. .g2g. I can’t spend any more time on my computer tonight. I’ve got to get
going on reading that book for my English paper.