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October 16

TV or not TV?

Okay, so get this. Sam just got her own TV! It’s in her room
and she can watch it whenever she wants. How cool is that? I’m psyched, because
I’m sleeping over at her house on Friday night, and we’re going to stay up
really late watching movies in her room. I’ve never done that at any of my friends’
houses. No one else I know has a TV in their room, not even Addie Wilson,
although I bet she would say she did if you asked her. I know better.

I’ve wanted a TV in my room forever. We only
have two TVs in our house. One is in the living room, and one is in my mom and
dad’s room. I watch the TV in the living room, unless my mom and I are having
one of our lie-around-in-bed days, when we sit on her bed and watch old movies.
That’s usually a rainy day thing.

problem with only two TVs is that I usually have to watch TV with someone else
in the room. My parents are really into do-it-yourself kinds of shows. That
means we watch a lot of shows about fixing up your house, or sprucing up your
garden. That’s not exactly my idea of a great way to spend an evening.

tried asking my mom and dad for my own TV, but they weren’t having it. They said
they don’t believe in that. And they didn’t seem to understand why I would even
want one. So here’s my question: Do you guys have TVs in your rooms? If you do,
what’s the best part about having one? And if you don’t, do you mind not having

wait to hear from you!