September 2

Decision, Decisions

Okay, I think I might just be the
worst decision maker in the entire world. You should see me in a restaurant. It
takes me forever to choose what I want to eat. And even after I choose
something, I usually change my mind as soon as I hear someone else at the table
order something that sounds better.

leads me to my latest problem. Well, it’s not a problem, really. It’s actually
a very good thing. My mom is finally going to let me wear lip gloss to school!
Up until now, I had to use chapstick, which is definitely not the same
thing!I went to the makeup store
yesterday to buy my first lip gloss. But there were so many! I couldn’t decide
which to get, so instead I left with nothing. So I need your help. Do you guys
have a favorite color? Do you like the lip gloss with sparkles? Or maybe the
flavored kind? And if you do like the flavored kind, which flavor is your

you think I have trouble choosing lip gloss, you should have seen me in the
library during English class today. Ms. Jaffe told us that for the next two
weeks, we get to choose our own books to read. All she asks is that we keep
reading journals where we keep track of what’s going on in the book, and how we
feel about it, as we read.

first that sounded like the best project I’d ever had. But then came the hard
part. What book should I read? I know that whatever I pick should be something
I’m really going to like, especially since I’m going to be writing about it
every day for two weeks. I also want to pick a book that kind of makes me sound
smart. You know what I mean. It’s the same reason I always used to buy the
fattest book I could find at the school book fair. It just seems impressive,
you know?

friends don’t seem to be having any problem choosing books. Felicia went right
for the romance section in our school library. Chloe chose a biography of a
famous actress (of course!). And Marc is reading some science-fiction novel
about evil robots that look like people and try to take over the earth.

I, however, left the library
empty-handed. So I was hoping you guys could give me some suggestions on what
to read. Do you have a favorite book? A favorite author? A favorite series? Let
me know. I can use all the help I can get when it comes to making decisions!



654 thoughts on “Decision, Decisions

  1. Tina

    Hi Jenny:
    wow, i think I’m the 1st one to comment! as for your problem, i think you do know which book/lip gloss you want, but if not, then ask your friends for suggestions. also, which kind of fruit do u like the most? u might find that that will help when you choose which flavor lip gloss u want!!

  2. Maddie

    I think u should read the Harry Potter series.Or the Among the Hidden series.Both are good.As 4 lip gloss,use something light.the trick 2 wearing makeup,is 2 make it look like ur not wearing makeup at all.Hope this helps!!!

  3. Sadie

    I say my favorite lip gloss is strawberry and I love the Twilight Saga it is really good and I did it for my book report and got an A+ it is a really good book and I think you should do your report on it!

  4. Claire

    Hi, Jenny! First, for lip gloss, I LOVE anything strawberry-flavored or pink/red. And for books, some of my favorite series are the Main Street series by Ann M. Martin, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (it’s really long, but also really good!!!) and The Clique series by Lisi Harrison. Hope this helps! :)
    Soon 2 b a star!! :D

  5. manga eyes

    how bout the hunger games?its a -to- read easy and a good book!!!

  6. basketballgirl22

    First of all, about the lip gloss dilemma, you should try one with your favorite fruit flavor. My favorite is watermelon or strawberry, and i like the shimmery kind. Just try a kind of lipgloss, and im sure you’ll like it!
    Second of all, try a book that almost everyone finds fun to read, like a mystery! Mysteryies are exciting and easy to write about, and almost always have a great storyline!
    Good Luck picking out books and lipgloss! :)

  7. anonymous_kitties_rule!!

    Well, the flavored one always makes me lick it off, so that ones a failure! I would suggest the sparkly purple one because that looks good with your hair.
    For the books… Hmm. Maybe the “How I Survived Middle School” series! That’s a really good one.
    No I don’t think you should pick a book with you in it because you might look conceited.
    If you haven’t read Moby Dick, try that one. Or a teen/ science fiction book like “Wings” by E.D. Baker. That’s the one I’m reading.
    Hope it Helps!

  8. Mollywog

    Hey Jenny! I think that you should get a pale pink lip gloss, nothing to bright and shiny. Don’t get the flavored ones, they’ll bug you too much. If you’re wondering what book to read you might try and pick a book from each section like fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi and historical fiction, then you could see which was your fav. And remember, just pick one. It doesn’t really matter. Hope this helps!

  9. Katrina

    I bought pina coloda flavoured lip gloss. I tastes sooo good! Kenneth opel is a good author too!

  10. Renesmee

    Hi Jenny!!!
    I think u should go with a sparkly pinky red lipstick. Ask ur Mom if u can go to Sephora it has the best lip gloss ever!!!
    As 4 a book well i sujest The Twilight Saga. The series is sooo amazing!!!
    Luv u Jenny
    P.S i used the name of one of the chracters in the book 4 my name!hehe

  11. Haddiyyah

    i usually use a combo of lipglosses. one for taste, one for color, one for gloss and start with chapstick so ur still mosturized. u should read either a mystery or Twilight

  12. Charr

    I like lightish pink type of lip gloss, maybe cherry favor (hmmm..cherry)

  13. 77Grace289

    that was great kay what i think you should do is for lip gloss i would pick flavored and for book try jeff kiney

  14. Angelina

    I like the flavored lip gloss. My favorite is probably watermelon or strawberry. But, lip gloss isn’t big at my school, so i stick with the ones that aren’t shimmery. so…yea. bye

  15. Britney

    Im a really bad dicision maker too!!!!!!
    But Personally i like the sparkly kind that tastes like ice cream… YUM!!!!

  16. Britney

    My Favorite Book is May-Bird.
    For my b-day the pops gave it to me.
    Well cuz i am one of them.
    IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. I f there are any problems you can

  17. Leena

    Hey Jenny!
    I have a lip gloss tip for you. Instead of buying one tube of a colour you’d HOPE would work, buy two or three. I’d suggest a light pink, a clear & sparkly, and maybe dark brown/beigey colour. But that’s your decision. I’m going into seventh grade and don’t wear lip gloss yet. I’m just starting my first year of middle school (elementary goes up to grade 6), and I don’t know if the seventh graders wear lip gloss, so I’m not going to push my luck and feel all “girly girl” if I wear it. But I am SO nervous for school, I’ve never had a locker before, I’ve never had more than two teachers in one year, and I just don’t seem ready yet. I’m a nervous wreck.
    As for your book problem,I think fantasy is SUPER cool! I love magic and sorcery and anything that has to do with that type of stuff. So, go to the library and check out Harry Potter and the Philosopher/Sorceror’s Stone, the 1st book in the Harry Potter Series. I would also recomend Magyk, but that book is a little thick for a book report. If you like mysteries, my 1st choice would be any Nancy Drew book you can find (awesome books!). There’s also the Hardy Boys, if you can’t find Nancy Drew. So hop on over to the library and get reading!
    xox Luve Leena, 12 & 1/2

  18. kelly

    1st comment! I have a fav author itz nancy krulik & stephenie meyer. make a random desicion. pick the 1 tht suits u. k? hope tht helps jen. u rock!

  19. Bubbles

    I have that problem to! Just be a bit more adventureous! When you go back for lip gloss randomly look around, the first shade that catches your eye grab it and befor you see other things buy it. For books if you see something you like read the description and try it out. Do the same for anything else too! But remember your buds will always help you out in tough times! Good luck!

  20. Lauren

    I know what you mean! At the library I always pile on the selections. I generally like to read historical fiction or teen realistic fiction. One idea is to get book recommendations from a librarian, teacher or friend.

  21. sammy

    i think you should get a nice shade of pink lipgloss. and for the book just something youll enjoy reading and youll see that it will be the best choice.

  22. Hannah

    It doesn’t matter what books make you seem smart all that matters is that you think about what kind of books you enjoy.I suggest you make a list of kinds of books you like and cross off some of the names. Or try reading the back of some of the book te authours usually give you a hint of what the book is about.And for lip gloss ask the managers for help.

  23. Hallie

    Um i think i might be able to help . I am a total bookworm . The project sounds really cool . But if you want to pick a really good book . try “ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD” BY Judy Blume . Its the only book that dosnt have things that are for older kids . Its my favorite book . Its about a girl who’s parents get divorced and the way she goes through with it seemed very cool but also weird . I loved it . I have two copies of the boook my self . Or you could look up TWILIGHT . Everyone reads TWILIGHT .
    I hope my comment helped you figure out what book your going to read .

  24. katie

    jenny my favorite kid of lip gloss is cotton candy without the sparkles.My favorite book series is acediintaly faboulus books by lisa papedimetriou i think though you should think of your favorite subject or genre of book then choose a book revolving around it.

  25. nicole

    my favorite lip gloss is vannila my favorite book series are dolphin diaries those are great but only if you like dolphins.I also like the the hardy boys especially who won the war.

  26. ghf

    ur my favorite book series

  27. dannyphantomsuperfan

    I don’t know really about the lip gloss, but bookwise you show see if the library has Hear My Sorrow The Diary of Angela Denoto, a Shirtwaist Worker. It’s not the biggest book around, but it has a ton of info about the Triangle Waist Company Fire, which for some reason, even though pretty much everyone has heard about the suffragists, they don’t know about the Triangle Fire which is actually one of the major events that changed factory conditions. Hope this helps!

  28. piegirl

    i think you should read twilight by stephanie meyers or stargirl by jerri spinelli. also, i really like a clear, chocolate flavored lip gloss that makes your lips shiny and not colored. sparkles draw too much attention and add too much to your face.

  29. Kristin

    Okay so I think you should read Fablehaven. It’s amazing I read the first sentence and I was hooked It’s so amazing, but the best thing is…. it’s series YAY!!!
    AS for lip gloss I’d go with a shimmery peach color.

  30. kittia101

    Hmm… I’m not very good at making decisions too- but I’ll try.
    For lip gloss you should try lip smackers- kool aid or skittles. They smell so good (and usually some in packs of three or four so you can see which is your favourite). They all so smell SOOOOOOO good.
    As for books you should try the hunger games- its fat enough to use for 2 months (aboout 4 hundred pages- even though you’ll probably read it in like 2 days!) and also the second one came out like 3 DAYS AGO! Its good if you like science fiction books like ‘Uglies’ which is also a good book.
    You might also consider trying a report on different genres- you could take out historical, realistic fiction and a mystery on something and then talk about which one you like the best.
    Hope this helps!

  31. Karate_Girl

    Well,I wear a light pink shiney color.Lay off on the sparkle!
    As for books,I like the Maximum Ride: The Angel Experament. Please post what you choose so I can read it! B.T.W., DOWN WITH THOOSE MEAN ‘OL POPS!!

  32. Maddie

    Hey jenny! For the lip gloss, you should have different colors, like magenta, pale pink, clear, and red. I don’t think flavors really mtter. As for the book, I think you should choose a book you can really relate to, like a book about middle school girls. I would recommend from the files of madison finn by laura dower or the amazing days of abby hayes by anne mazer. Bye love the books!

  33. Shelley

    Wellit doesn’t realy matter about makeup?when everyone else is wearing something,you could look in a classroomans say, gosh,no creativity. Jen,i think you should stick to chapstick. But my opinion is to choose a good smelling flavor. a good book,how about your series? lol!!! and don’t stick to the lastet styles!

  34. Zarina

    Jenny, if you wannto choose lip gloss, my big sis uses 6 kinds. Sugar cookie,pepermint, cotton candy or vanilla. although, i don’t always like wearing the latest trends. Some times i wear skinny jeans,and aeropostale shirts, but i feel like being my self. the book, well there’s millions!!! it’s not hard at alllll to fing a good book! hey my english teacher still reads us books like they did in elementary school!!!

  35. ann

    I wonder if any of you guys are pops? you should stop. you’re hurting other peop;s poor feelings and disobeying her for seceretly puting on makeup, and texting so much!!!! hey jen,you should make like an email, or avatar for this website!choose any lip gloss you want!!! just choose one the is your lip color that matches well! and any book in the world!!!

  36. Desiree

    you should definataly read the clique books by lisi harrison !!!

  37. Rachel

    Hey Jenny,
    I just bought lipgloss and it was I think peach or tangerine. It tastes really good. As for the books, I love reading. I suggest the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer it’s wonderfully written. Or, My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult, it’s wonderful, but also very sad. I highly suggest the Twilight Saga tho. Hope I helped!!!
    xoxox. Rachel

  38. Angela

    I love fiction books that are girly.

  39. RACHEL

    i think you should get pink lip gloss and read the jane blonde spy series it is fat and will make you look smart and it is so interesting and it shows GIRL POWER!!!!!!

  40. Daniel

    Hi Jenny, I don’t know what to do about the lip gloss (I’m a boy), but as for authors, my favorite is Gordon Korman, who has over 65 books out for young adults, I’m sure they’ll have some in your library. Thanks.

  41. L

    First the lip gloss. I think you should pick one that smells like watermelon or strawberry and the glittery kind. I have a lot of those kind. Second the book. I think you should pick Artemis Fowl series. I’ve read a lot of those books. But I don’t know what the author is though. Or you can pick your book series.

  42. cc

    im gonna be an 8th grader this year and my fave kind of lipgloss is prolly strawberry kiwi with no sparkles. i love twilight it is awesome!!!! and to all u guys just starting middle school relax! its a breeze! I LOVE MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!! and hopefully u will too! good luck!!
    luv cc

  43. Jamician

    i don’t know what lip gloss to use, but for a book to write about, pick the Red King Series (a.k.a Charlie Bone Books)
    You will love them! I did. The last story in the series comes out this December, can’t wait!!!

  44. Jackie

    Jenny, for books you should really read The Tale of Desperaux and for the make up, I suggest you use clear lip gloss that smells like watermelon. It makes you look more natural. I always use clear lip gloss.

  45. Emma

    u should totally get a subtle red\pink gloss that you notice but it doesnt stand out for books if you want something to make you look smart read the classics like little woman

  46. Gabi

    dang gurl u got some big problems but dont worry super gabi is here 2 hlp!!!!!!!!!!! ok for ur lipgloss problem, i suggest that u get shiny cherry lipgloss becuz the redness off it will go w/ ur green eyes and make them sparkle!!!!!!!!! as for ur book problem, dats rele easy 2 solve!!!!! go 2 the liberry(lolz) and pic out some books that look rele good 2 u!!!!!!!!1 then go home and look through each of them and decide which one is the best. then u could just return the books u wont read!!!!!!! see??? easy peasy lemon cheesey!!!!!!!! hope this helps!!!

  47. Erin

    THE NOTEBOOK!!!!!!!!

  48. Tristan

    Hey Jenny!!! I’d say you should get the strawberry sparkly lipsmakers lip gloss!!! It’s soooooooo yummy!!!!! You should really try it out!!!

  49. JUliA

    LOL lip gloss?? i have tons! ur in 6th grade and u dont have any?? LOL i luv strawberry lip gloss! and a great book, that is pretty impressive is inkheart, THE BEST!!!!

  50. helper

    Cherry or Strawberry lip gloss rocks! They stay on long, look great, and taste amazing!!! As for the books, I absolutely LOVE the percy jackson series!

  51. Taylor

    I LOVE sparkly lipgloss.My FAVORITE! For the books i like SCAT by Carl Hiaasen it’s a really thick book but it’s really good!

  52. Gwyneth

    For your lip gloss “crisis”, I think you should go for a light pink one. Those kind of shine in the light. If that doesn’t sound good, coconut or Dr. Pepper flavored lip gloss is good.
    As for the books, I really enjoy the Harry Potter series. It is a thick book, so it will make you look smart, and it will last for two weeks. If that doesn’t sound good, another series I enjoy is A Series Of Unfortunate Events or Artimes Fowl.

  53. Erica

    I really like watermelon or strawberry flavored lip glosses. You could always close your eyes and pick one, or narrow it down to three. As for your second problem, I like books by Lauren Myracle or Rick Riordan. The series called “Percy and The Olympians” is awesome! I LOVE your books!

  54. ptgirl

    suggested books:
    -try the twilight saga,athough it’s more for teens….
    -what about hunger games?
    -the house of many ways
    -oh, and also try the harry potter books, it’s good for kids
    as for lip gloss….it doesn’t really matter, cauz i hav, like, 10 different types of lip gloss, and they areb’t very special. but if u REALLY want to, get and type of lip smackers.

  55. MacKenzie

    Dear jenny,
    If you want to read a book that makes you look sophistacated but is also interesting you should try to find a good mystery book. But make sure it is a hard covered book to make it look bigger. I gets exciting as you read on and you will have a awesome report on it, which will get your classmates to pay attention to you. And as for lip gloss I usually get a strawberry flavored lip gloss. But you should get a soft color that goes with anything ou wear. Ps. Again if you don’t like mystery books, you should get a book called Molly Moon. It’s about a 11 year old girl who go on crazy adventures all because she learned to hypnotize people!

  56. Gabbi

    TWILIGHT SERIES!!!!! THE FOURTH ONE IS THE BEST, BUT U WONT UNDERSTAND IT UNLESS U READ THE 1ST ONE. for lip gloss, i personally HATE the stuff with glitter. Go with a yummy desert falvor like Chocalate Strawberry or Cotton Candy! Peace Love Gabbi

  57. awesomegirl555

    hey jenny. i think for your book project, you should do the harry potter series or the percy jackson and the olympians series. both are great. as for lip gloss, i have a candy flavored one that i like ALOT so you could try it…… it’s just the gloss but i like things simple!

  58. Anna

    Well Jenny I think you should try using the purpule sparkly one! Or maybe a watermelon red one!

  59. Jessie

    hey jen, this is my first time doing this so it might not be to good. Anyways, i would go for a pale pink color that shimmers but doesn’t blind everyone, and for the books, I like Spiderwick. It is very adventurous and it is supposivly true but i don’t beleive it is. Well, i hope this fixes ur prob, bye! ;)

  60. Jessie

    Hey Jen sup? I am getting better and more comfortable with posting stuff now, and posting my comment helped ALOT!!! I LOVE ur series, and i have bought like 5 now!!! Nancy Krulik is an awesome author and absouletely ALL of her books rock! I like that it blends with people’s real lives, I know in The New Girl i had like a million conections! U ROCK!!! ( to nancy and jenny) : )

  61. Maddiegirlfun

    I like sparkily lip gloss. It looks really pretty. You should try reading the Max Remy Superspy series if you like adventure and mystery. It’s really good.

  62. Carolina

    Hey Jenny,
    I have the best color for you!
    It’s neither peavhy pink or clear but has sparkles. And you should buy the type of lip gloss that is kind of expensive. Cheap kinds are not as glossy as expensive kind.
    And for books, I love reading Harry Potter and some books that are written in diary from. But sometimes, I like reading poetry books to relax myself. Thanks Jenny!
    Love, Carolina XOXOXO

  63. Similey

    Hi Jenny i think you should pick a sparky lip gloss they really make your lips shine and sparkle. And for the book thing i think you should choose a book from the candy apple series they’re really good. g2g lots of love similey

  64. Natalie

    1.Lipgloss: I absoulutley LOVE strawberry flavred,light pink,glittery lipgloss!
    2.Books:I love Harry Potter books! I really HATE Twilight books(sorry to all you crazy obssesed fans!)! I would read the Harry Potter books in order:Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone(Philosiphers Stone),Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix,Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Trust me,If you don’t read all the books,chapter,sentences,and words in order,YOU WILL BE LOST! Well,I hope this helped!

  65. Amy

    Dear Jenny,
    I think you should chose the Milani brand lipstick in snow pink. For the book you should choose Little Women by Louisa May Aclott. Please tell us what book you chose.

  66. Addie

    Hey Jenny!
    My fave lip glass is Watermelon, it smells so good! My favorite series is yours, but I also like the book Eleven by Lauren Myrcale. Its about how hard it is to be eleven. Its sooo good!! I hope you find a good book from the libary!
    Your Bud,
    (Not Addie Wilson!!)

  67. Erica

    I like watermelon or strawberry flavored lip glosses, with sparkles. For the book, I like books by Lauren Myracle or Meg Cabot. I love the series “Percy and the Olympians” by Rick Riordan.

  68. Cheyenne

    Get kiwi lip gloss! It’s awesome! And for the book get The Cry of Icemark! Very good book!

  69. Emma

    USE a Very Light Pink Lipgloss. Always look good! And Red The Twilight Saga By Stephanie Meyer. It’s like, the only book i read now!It’s a mix of alot of Generes! YOu will love it!

  70. Chassidy

    Dear Jenny,
    I wear Bath and Bodyworks Lip Gloss.Minty and Mango are my favorites. My fav book is THE TWILIGHT SAGA! I AM A HUGE TWI-HARD!!!!!

  71. Anna

    I think you should wear lipgloss that matches your skin tones. Or your favorite flavor. For books i would go for the Candy Apple books. they are about girls in middle school too.

  72. readingstar5

    I think you should go with a shimmer peach. It makes your lips look shiny, but it doesn’t make you look like you’re trying too hard to look good. About the book thing, you should read Thirteen by Lauren Myrical.

  73. Abby

    I don’t really like make-up but I wear chapstick and vaseline. I think that if you are so influenced by peer pressure and u just MUST get lipgloss, I suggest clear lipgloss that makes ur lips look shiny. And if u hav a certain flavor of artificial flavors u like, get that (grape, orange, buubblegum). Sparkles are nice, but only for formal stuff. You look like a girly girl pop if u wear sparkly lip-gloss.
    About the book, I suggest the Uglies, Pretties/Specials series. They’re not too thick and they’re pretty easy reads. The Inkheart trilogy is pretty nice too. Although if you’re not into Science Fiction and you like more realistic types, I really liked Alphas by Lisi Harrison.
    Hope this helps! -Abby

  74. lily

    u should use lip gloss that has a really good smell like strawberry or coconut flavor. also for books,i think u need to read all american girl by meg cabot. it is a totally a great book!! u got to read it jenny!!

  75. Alexa

    Your lip gloss problem is easy,you need to get a strawberry,shimmering gloss it is so cool.Now your book problem is pretty hard.I say you get a medium sized teen novel that you will enjoy!Like I love Chicken Soup for the Pre~Teen Soul.

  76. Cynthia

    I love all lip gloss especially mango or strawberry-banana flavoured. You should get more than one so that if you don’t like one you can wear a different one. Ask the store manager maybe they will know what looks good on you. As for books middle school survival books are my fave. Maybe read twilight because it’s popular and that means it’s good.

  77. Melissa

    I have brown hair and my sister tells me that it looks nice with pink lip gloss so I wear that a lot. My favourite is cotton candy lip gloss. You should think about the colours that look nice with your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. My favourite book is Great Expectations and I think you should read it because it’s really famous so it must be good.

  78. Survivorof6thgrade

    ok my favorite lip gloss is cotton candy flavored hot pink with sparkles and a great after taste and smell lol. Book wise i like fiction fairy tales beacause there’s always a happy ending.
    Hope this helps

  79. Abi=)

    Ok, first of all, i really like the pink lemonade flavored lip gloss but maybe you should choose a light pink or tan colored lip gloss. For the books i really like madison finn and Trading Faces by Julia Devillers and Jennifer Roy. Although those books are pretty thick:P
    hope you think of something!

  80. I Love Books

    You should definetly try going back to the store again and just looking at colors that you might like.Personally I like scented strawberry lip gloss. But anything with sparkles just isn’t me.Don’t try to decide right away.Just kind of glance at the colors and names.For books I definetly love your series.It makes me feel like I am actually in the book with you.

  81. Dayna

    I think you should get a bit shiny, pale pink lip gloss. I have lip glosses too and it’s very good. I did a book report on Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and got an A+. It’s an awesome book!

  82. Rochelle

    hi jenny!!!
    I think that red/pink lipgloss with sparklers would look good, its my fav.
    and as for the my fav book its: twilight saga.
    i hope this helps you!
    p.s your books rock!

  83. Corinne

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

  84. ♥♥Serena

    hey jenny i think it.s kinda lame that you can.t wear lipgloss 2 skewl untill now wow your parents are strict that really sux 4 you jenny ur lame, i like addie better.

  85. Panda

    I just started middle school. Anyway, about the lipgloss, I like light pink with a lot of glitter. They have some at almost every girls/womens store. Try to find some at Justice, Claries, or The Body Shop. Any advice on all the homework? Thanks!
    : ]

  86. Beaglee47

    I think you should read books from Nancy Krulik…she’s the best!!!

  87. fatimah

    as for books i would recomend harry potter or series of unfortunate events i saw a lot of people said twilight that would work only if your a romantic id say its more felicias thing.
    as for lipgloss i recomend either a pinky red color or clear.

  88. Jaci

    I think u would look awesome in a light pink and sparkly or I just got this plum mint stuff it tastes and smells very minty which makes ur breath smell good and its pretty too. U can also get it in lipstick or other flavors.

  89. Lindsay

    well i really dont know about the lipgloss, i am having the same problem my mom said i can start wearing eyeshadow, mascara, and lipgloss 2 skool, and i dont no wat 2 pick 4 any of them!? i really dont no wat colors match my hair, eyes and complexion!! i have dark brown hair and eyes, and im medium tan. any advice any1?? 4 books, i say any harry potter

  90. Terri

    Hey Jenny!
    I think for lip gloss you should buy the clear one with sparkles that is candy flavored but hey i always use chapstick. I like it a lot better then lip gloss.
    As for books you should read some of Kate Brain stuff. Like Megan Meade’s guide to the McGowan boys or the Twilight Saga Series.
    Hope this helps :]

  91. JeNnY

    My favorite author is Ann M Martin.
    I even wrote to her and she REPLIED!!!!!
    About your lip gloss problem, choose your favorite candy, fruit, and colors.
    See if you can get a lip gloss with all three of these things. Maybe this lip gloss has a sparkly side and a non-sparkly side. Also, try books by Paulina Danizer!!!!! Good- luck!!!!!!!!!!!1

  92. Chloe

    maybe the book Charlotte’s web.
    It is my favorite book.
    For lip gloss maybe cherry or strawberry.
    hope that helps!

  93. I love DOGS!!!!!!!!!

    Well Jenny I am Just like you, i really like strawberry flavored lip glosses or you could just pick like a really cool Pink Color I love sparkly lip glosses!!!!!!!I love the books by peg Kethret I also Love the book called “Toys go out” it’s awsome!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

  94. kathryn

    hi jenny!i was lookin at ur blog and thought i could help!when u first start wearing lip gloss,make it go with lip the have a bunch of flavors.but the best one is pink lemonade.for the book i think u dhould go with something different to make u seem more exotic.try the book hatchet.there will be lots for u too write about!u should be garenteed to get an A+!!!i really hope this helps and tell Sam i said hey!!!!

  95. hailey

    My favorite author is jodi picoult but im a major bookworm so it might take you longer then it would take me anothor good book is the grim hill series by linda de meuleester or the 11,12 or thirteen books by lauren myracle.
    about the lipgloss i sugest you choosea vinilla on with spakles or a pink one with spakles.

  96. Twilightlover01

    Lip gloss- sparkly, if you like showing off or shiny vanilla is my fave. Books- Twilight all the way!!!!!!!

  97. maire

    hi jenny! for your lip gloss problem I like raspberry,watermelon and cotton candy.Or shimmery purple that would look great on you. For your book problem I love the Harry potter series.

  98. Taylor Swift lover

    Dear Jenny,
    I think when chooseing lip gloss you should find something closs to your natural lip color or clear so that it doesn’t look like your trying to hard.
    As for the book I am not going to tell you that you should read Twilight like everybody else. I think a good book is the Sister Hood of the Traveling Pants.Its a thick book but not too thick. Somthing that might help you decide what book to read is to find a section in the library that you think you would most like. (It seems like thats what your friends did.) After that choose a book and read the back of it. If it sounds intresting give it a shot. If not choose a diffrent book. Hope you get an A+! Good luck!

  99. Hannah

    My fave. lip gloss is creamy mint. It’s clear with spakles in it but it rocks!

  100. NoKelli

    I love Lisa Yee, and her books! I also luv sparkly lip gloss that is candy or soda flavored! I also like creamy pinks and go for colors that match your skin tone, or a clear gloss over sparkly chapstick!

  101. Nyomi

    my favorite lip gloss is sparkly pink my favorite book series is the boxcar children

  102. Kayla

    I know what Addie and Dana will pick. For lip gloss and a book. Jenny pick a sparkly one and a flavor. A book should be a book about Middle School.

  103. SingStarSammy

    Jenny,well i think you should have a great smile so u should get a color that maches ur eyes andwith sparkles nothing says hello more than ur mouth.If u dont want to do this take it from someone els. ;)

  104. mickaela

    for lip gloss flavories try choosing Lip Smackers it’s really good. Most of them have sparkle and flavor even the lip balms!( just in case your mom suddenly changes her mind.)
    For the book section i suggest to go to your libiran ( if she isn’t to grumpy) and ask what she/he suggest then go from there.
    hope this helps

  105. Amber

    To begin with,as everyone has said,sparkling pink is the one that suits you.And btw the tip for make-up is for it to look like if you are not wearing any (its suppose to look natural). And the book should be one of the Twilight books because it has romance,action,also it will make a good report,and since the book is huge,it will look like your a student that is willing to go for the extra mile. BUT IT IS YOUR CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Natasha

    jen, because i’ve got brown hair, like you, i suit pink lip gloss. silver sparkles on lip gloss isn’t really my thing, though. strawberry lip gloss tastes great. my fave books our How I Survived Middle School, and I’ve got others like, Twilight series, Blubber by Judy Blume and The Sisterhood of the travelling pants series. hope this helps! good luck! and don’t let the pops get to you, they’re only harsh because they’re insecure themselves, and what to make them look cool by gossiping and being mean.

  107. Laura

    My suggestion for books is Lord of the Rings they’re hard to read but you have the movies to help you plus they’ll make you look impressive.

  108. Britney<3

    hey jenny um first of for lip gloss i absolutely love cover girl amazemint gloss and yes amazeMINT (it’s minty) and i prefer the peachy pink color and as for books i love marley and me by john grogan and beach blondes by katherine applegate.

  109. Sk8Tr GrL

    I love natalie ghent’s book No samll thing and her other one all the way home, oh and for the lip gloss do not go to show offey or anything like that you could try some meduim glitter or shine plus pink and red is a classic, me myself Ilike daring like purple or blueberry colours.

  110. gjc

    i love ur books, and with the lipstick i would go with cherry pink colour

  111. Carly

    I think that you should read the Twilight Saga or if you want a small book, you can read books by Louis Sachar, he is a nice author

  112. kelly

    hi jenny,
    for your lip gloss u should totally pick which u r comfy with i as a matter of fact dont use lip gloss because i like my self the way i am :)

  113. someone

    ur werent allowed to wear lip gloss?

  114. macy

    ok, I know it may be hard picking out lipgloss, because I take forever too. Just get a fruit flavor that seems nice and tasty, and for your first lipgloss get something pale pink. I’m no lipgloss expert, but I do know al ittle about which kinds are good and what’s not, considering I have like 50 lipglosses!!
    Books….hmm…I love just about any book I read, but why don’t you try the How I survived Middle School series? It’s awesome, and its the most popular series at my middle school!

  115. Cathy

    Wow, hi jen.
    this is my first time posting a comment. First, your only getting one tube of lip gloss?! lipgloss is usaully really cheap i think u could get more. try a flavor that you know you enjoy for real. Also, get a color that isn’t to noticable. lip gloss isnt supposed to show as much as lipstick! its just a shine!

  116. Ashlyn

    My favorite color is green! My favorite flavor is orange! I love it!<3
    A great book is My Name is Eva. It is about a girl from the Holocaust that gets taken to a new German family. That is a GREAT book!!!! You should check it out!!!!

  117. Ashlyn

    Sorry about that. The book is entitled “Someone Named Eva”. I put “My Name is Eva”. MY BAD!!!! plzz forgive me!

  118. sa3m

    It think you should either read the twilight series or maybe read the invention of hugo cabret. there both really long but really good books.As for lipgloss i like wet’n'wild by MegaSlicks. theres a light pink thats seethrough and regular bright pink.

  119. Jenny (Hehe!)

    Do not get flavored lip gloss! I love it but I always lick it off! But you should try either the swirly lip gloss or the kind you squeeze on. In any flavor that sounds good. I have lip gloss that is sparkly pink and tastes like cupcakes!
    For a really good book, (the kind you remember when your 100) I say try The Great Good Thing!Read the sequel 2! It’s the best book ever! I take forever 2 make choices 2 so I wish us both luck!

  120. Eve

    I have no idea about the lip gloss thing… I hate lip gloss! Perhaps strawberry would fit you?
    As for the book, maybe you should try the “Book of a Thousand Days” by Shannon Hale. It’s pretty awesome. I personally like anything that is fictional, perhaps with a bit of magic or romance in it. Hope this comment helps you!

  121. Roxxanna

    I kinda like the book called “Strange Happenings” by Avi. It’s kinda short, but it’s a good book.

  122. Hannah

    I like lip gloss that looks almost natural. It makes you look good, but not too flashy, like you’re trying to stand out. Also, I love to read the “Diary of a wimpy kid” books.

  123. Jenn

    wow, u really need to STOP WORRYING!!!!!!!! Ur lik my friend, just chill. if u always read fat books ppl mite think ur a nerd, so just read wat ur friends suggest. if u dnt lik it, mayb ur teacher will let u change books. i lik clear or lik a sorta natural look for lip gloss. mayb shiny, but no sparkles, and mayb pink. if u still cnt decide wat to read, read TWILIGHT, or HARRY POTTER!!!!!!! and if u cnt decide for lip gloss, go w/ something similar to ur friends.

  124. Sasha

    My fave lip gloss is sparkly pink, raspberry, lemon, and holly wood which is a mixture of vannila and chocolate. My fave series is Canterwood Crest because it’s horsey, it’s about my school, and because I know some girls who have the same name as some of the characters in the book. You’ll love Canterwood Crest. Read books 1-4 which are the only books available so far.

  125. theevilwhitewitch

    i love the Narnia series, Prince Caspian is my favourite and my favourite lip gloss is sprite. hope this helps.

  126. AJ

    LIP GLOSS- i normally just get lip smackers. my fave flavors are strawberry and vanilla.
    BOOK- read twilight! it is long, like you wanted,and it has romance, action, and a little bit of mystery! the perfect book!

  127. Jenny

    Hey Jenny!
    My name’s Jenny too!
    Cool huh?
    Well fot the lip gloss,
    choose a pink sparkly one!
    Somebody will want to kiss you if you wear that!

  128. Blondie

    Hey Jenny wats up? just wanted to say u should totally read twilight. it is ah-maz-ing!

  129. a.j.

    u rock jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE UR BOOKS. I LOVE THE FIRST ONE.

  130. N

    Ok…I love non-glitter lip gloss! Pick something that makes your lips shimmer! I love watermelon, blue rasberry, and sour apple flavored lip gloss. My favorite book is “Every Soul a Star”. My favorite author is Nancy Krulik… of course! How I survived middle school is my favorite series. My favorite colors are lime green, hot pink, and purple!
    Peace Out Homies!
    - N :)

  131. vannessa1889

    for lipgloss i love the color Pink. i think baby pink would look good on you. and my favorite book series is yours

  132. Alyssa

    Dear Jenny,
    I would read Ruby Holler it is a very good book!!!!!!!! Enjoy!
    Your #1 fan

  133. jessi

    dont worry jenny. go with what u like. something that smells nice for lip gloss thats really ur style. for the books chose what u like. dont care about anybody else. if u still need help though my favs r mysteries

  134. whisper

    vanilla flavored lip-gloss. NO SPARKLES!! waaayy to fake. Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer, The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison, Generation Dead, The Secret Life of Bees, and Elephant Run

  135. Evaline

    how about you try watermelon? and i know the harry potter series are old, but why not the classics?

  136. Elizabeth

    For the lipgloss I think you should use a light pink with sparkles because it won’t be too much but also giv you shine.
    For the book I would recomend Beacon Street Girls. It’s kinda thick, but very interesting. It’s about 5 girls who go on adventures. It’s a seires and Kinda life like(It could realy happen).

  137. Lara

    Hi Jenny!
    I know you’ve probably read tons of the other comments, but hope this helps anyway!
    On lip gloss, I would stick with, well, none! I think a girl’s most appealing feature is natural look. On books, you should go with any book by Jerry Spinelli or J.K Rowling! Hope this helps you!
    Peace! Lara

  138. Rebecca

    For the lip gloss, I like sparkly gloss, but don’t put on too much, the sparkles will get in your food!
    As for the books, I like a book called Eleven. and if you like Eleven, Their is also a Twelve and Thirteen. Hope this helps!

  139. Katlynn

    The book you should get is a Nancy Drew book. Those books are awsome!! as for the lip gloss, you should go a clear gloss with a shine. thats what i go with.

  140. Katelyn

    the best book u should read is How i survived middle school its awsome and i would co for a pink or clear lip gloss

  141. Michaella

    Hey, i really love orange flavored lip gloss. And my favourite series is The Clique.

  142. Joy

    or if you’d like, you should try watermelon
    depends what brand you are doing
    (i’d have a hard time to choose to i mean there is also vanilla… m&m is great to)
    a great book would be every soul a star by wendy mass. that book is WONDERful for our ages

  143. stargon

    Jen. I think you should wear a light shade of pink or purple.As for the book , you should read Harry Potter or some sci-fi book.
    Or ask Sam, she has fashion.
    Best of luck!!!

  144. Selenaanddemirock77

    Harry potter or diary of a wimpy kid and choose salmon pink lip gloss

  145. Samantha

    Dear Jenny,
    I like a light pink colored lip gloss with sparkles and strawberry flavored. As for the restaurant… I do that all the time! Well…. for the book series project, it doesn’t have to be impressive just be yourself. You’re my favorite author! =)

  146. Anna

    I think the lip gloss you should get is something that is shiny and nice but not too flashy. Like a natural one that’s the closest color to normal lips. And maybe you should chose a book that you can relate to a lot? Like The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes!

  147. Melissa

    my favorite lipgloss is vanilla or strawberry in bright pink or red colors and I like the Twilight saga

  148. Laura Z.

    Hey Jenny! If you are having trouble with choosing things like lip gloss or books just think of things you already like. If you wear a lot of the same colored clothes that look good on you and you like just find a lip gloss that complements and doesn’t clash your look. I wear a lot of bright colors so I don’t wear bright lip gloss or the look is too… overly bright. Usually natural but shiny colors look good with anything so that is probably the best choice. As for your book I would say almost the same concept. What do you like to read about? What do you like to do for fun? What is interesting to you? Try to find a book that relates to you and you wont always have to make tough decisions.

  149. horselover

    whats your fav fruit what ever it you could get that flavor lip gloss for the book i really the auther terri farley, and i really like the series canterwod crest

  150. Miranda

    I love pink color lipgloss! My newest color/flavor right now is Pink Dimonds. My favorite books right now is Kingdom Keepers 1 & 2. If you love Disney World, then you will LOVE these books! I hope that helps!

  151. addy

    as for lip gloss the glitter kind is too showy. try pink! and for books the sisters grimm all the way!!! hope i could help!!! – addy

  152. Kayley

    Hey Jenny!
    One suggestion for lip gloss, don’t buy anything that tastes good!! You’ll be tempted to lick it off! Also, a good color on you would be a light pink!
    As for a book, unless you wanna be just like the pops, try something other than twilight…. What are you interested in? What are you good at? FInd a book that has those things in them and yoú won’t be able to put it down!
    Good luck with your report! :)

  153. lynette

    sorry i don’t wear lip gloss but i’m a bookworm! i suggest the sweet valley series or some classics. i have a tiny idea of lip gloss, i think u should take the light pink a little sparkly kind. it SUITS u, believe me.

  154. lynette

    the dear dumb diary series or ur middle school survival series

  155. girl1

    hey jenny,for lip gloss my fav is stawberry.and as for book mebye something about school or crushs hope this helps rock!

  156. Katie

    What’zup Jenny,
    The first thing you need to do is make sure you know what you’re mom will and won’t let you read (just ask her). Then think about what you like. I’m a big fan of the main street series. I also like the clique, Hannah Montanna books based on the tv-show, and high school musical tales from east high books. Have fun reading!

  157. natalia

    hi jenny since ur lips are light pink u should go for colour like dark pink to see the difference, don’t choose red it isn’t suitable for you. As for the book,u should choose something like mysteries or harry potter dun choose books that are too thick it will just confuse u and u might even get an F just keep it simple and interesting,they call that short and sweet!

  158. victoria

    Hey Jenny! I think you should read The Clique or Twilight. I ♥ both! And about the lip gloss delima, first I think you should figure out if weather a lighter or darker shade of lip gloss would look better on you. If you can’t tell then ask your mom, a friend, or even a professional. I wear lipstick and then put gloss over it. Even though I like darker shades, I think you’d look nice with light pink lip gloss. Hope this helps!☺☺☺

  159. chrissy

    hey jenny i think u shoul use pina colada lip gloss u can buy it at walgreens for 1.99 and for the books i think u should get the twilite seris and if ur library doesent have it get the harry potter books

  160. emily

    i can’t really decide what i want for a lot of things. what helps me is that i choose something that goes with my personality, and once i lower it down to that, i choose my fave out of that. i hope this helps you, if it doesn’t, shame on me

  161. Taylor

    My favorite color lip gloss is red or cherry flavored, and I will read anything by Gordon Korman.

  162. Jordan

    Hi Jenny! Your books are AWESOME! For the lip gloss issue, try asking your friends, and if you like a certain smell, try that. As for the book, I would pick something from Gail Carson Levine, Roland Smith, or, of course, your books!

  163. Meghan

    I LOVE the Pink lip gloss! it is so wonderful and mostly just makes your lips look shinny.
    my favorite book series is Main Street. it is about sisters whos parents have died and they live with their grandma. it is so awesome!

  164. Lauren

    hi jenny,
    well my fav lip gloss is anything that tastes like mint! so i suggest that you go to bath and body works cuz they have yummy mint red lip gloss that shines your lips and makes your breath smell delious!
    i dont really have a fav book series but i do read the candy apple books and they r da bomb! i hope i helped! ttyl
    lauren 6th grade

  165. julianna

    hi jenny i think that u probably shoul’nt get a sparkly one maybe just a nice color pink or red with some sort of flavor for the book try “leo and the lesser lion” or “call me hope” both r awsome!!!!! :)

  166. cuitepie11

    i luv cherry lip gloss i also luv twilight sanga it is so kool

  167. Morgan

    Hey Jenny for your book report you should read Eragon by: Chritopher Paolini. For the lipgloss you should choose one if you like it go with it if you don’t choose a different one. Peace!:P

  168. Samantha

    u know what i do,just close your eyes and pick a book,if you are satisfied ,bravo,if not try again

  169. djann0149

    hey jenny I sugest the cronichles of narnia series and for lip gloss I like pink sparkly

  170. pam

    i like to ues a sheer but sparkly lipgloss as for the book prooblem i could give you a million book titles(i love to read)so here goes first all the harry potter books rock the twilight saga was very good too i read it like a million the vampire kisses series is fantastic i stayed up til one in the morning reading the first book then the blue blood novels are good too(another vampire series) time stops for no mouse, the tale of desrero tilling the mouse and the motor cycle was just fantastic!my fair godmother,bridge to teribithiea, all the nacy drew books, and any judy bloom books

  171. Priya

    Jenny, your lip gloss problem, EASY! Have what you want ready, and then find something that is low price and most alike! Your book problem, what topics to you like? Then find something your level about stuff you like or stuff that osund interesting!

  172. Lindsay

    Hey Jenny!
    Get a pale pink lipgloss, so that way it won’t be to shiny.
    You should read the Galagher Girl Series. I forget who it’s by, but it is awesome!!
    Good Luck!!

  173. Kara

    Hey Jenny!
    I have the perfect solution to both of your prblems. First, the lip gloss. I have this amazing roll on, sparkaly, vannila scented lip gloss I think you should try. It’s called Heavenly Vanilla Scented Roll on Shimmer Lip Gloss. As for the books, I highly recomend the Harry Potter Series and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians. See ya!

  174. Taryn

    Just relax.Personally my favorite chapstick flavor is cherry or peppermint.Something is just so refreshing about them.And for my favroite series that is defintetly your series.It just explains everything so nice and clear and makes me feel like i’m there.
    xoxo Your #1 Fan,Taryn

  175. emily

    i am no t in t olip gloss yet but i know about books. some of my favourite authors are j.k rowling, gail carson levine, jeff stone, and eriq walters you might want to try some of those

  176. Camila

    my favorite book is twilight. and my favorite color is pink.

  177. carrie

    hi jenny!i think u should pick a lip gloss that is very glossy and is flavored like a fruit. I am like a total bookworm and I think you should read:Ida b. and her plans to maximize fun, avoid disaster, and (possibly) save the world. It is the BEST book!

  178. Hannah


  179. Me_MeHappy

    you should just choose a book you like. if ur into romance. u knw wut if yu can t decide then just fail the class. ur sucha weiny

  180. Amanda

    Hi Jenny,
    I hope I can you you with your decision making, I’m not that great myself.
    For your lip gloss problem try pink it looks great on lips and still has a natural look. I enjoy sparkly and shimmery I think it has a great glow and I know it would look just great on you! My favorite kind is Lip Smackers if they have that were you are. There are 1,000 different flavors I tend to like them all but whatever works for you since you don’t want to have a gross smell on your lips, so usually a fruit flavored it best to start.I hope this helps.
    For your book situation, I love the Middle School Survival Books by Nancy Krulik, The Main Street Series by Ann M. Martin is awesome, and The Mother Daughter Book Club series is the best. My favorite genre is fiction beacuse you can get different perspectives from that. Another great author is Lauren Myracle. I hope you find a good book!!!
    Love you!!

  181. Sarah

    Hi Jenny,
    My favorite lip gloss is straberry,and sparkle or no sparkles it still shines.I would try a pink kind of color. If your looking for magic,read The Magic Half but if your looking for a story on middle school survival,Miss. Popularity or Thirteen is best.

  182. Pretty Princess

    OK, for lip gloss do NOT go too dark such as red or purple. Also dont go to bright. Hot pink, orange, and green lip gloss just looks cheap. Use a soft pink or tan colored to give you some shine and a tint of color. I recomend Mary Kay or Cover Girl lip gloss. Also for a little concealer or even skin tone, try some mineral powder. Its not truly makeup, just a powder that evens skin tone, covers zits, and is good for your skin. You cant even tell its there! For these I recomend Mary Kay and Bare Minerals. It will give you a natural look.
    For book recomendations, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Pretty Little Liars” series and the “Princess Diaries”. Hope I helped ya!

  183. Meg

    hey Jenny,
    i like to use a clear gloss, it isnt much but its still really cool. it actually makes your face look fresher!you dont even need sparkles cuz it just reflects really pretty. as for the book report,I’d go with a book called Marked. it’s really good, and super interesting.

  184. Yumna

    4 lip gloss y don’t u use something that compliments you? use a book 2 find out. pale pink gos realy good with dark hair and brown eyes. As 4 books, how about the Harry Potter series?U face a lot of feelings in that & theyre absol great!

  185. Jennifer

    I love Laurene McDaniel’s books. The words are kinda small and it’s pretty fat! But her books makes you cry!

  186. Suzy

    I love pink lip gloss with sparkles. The liquid kinds are my fav. My fav flavors are bubble gum, watermelon, and cotton candy!

  187. llkkdd7/lily

    strawberry pink lip gloss, dear america

  188. Mary

    O. M. G! U sure have a problem. if U want 2 know, purple, pink sorbet (lip gloss that tastes like candy), my fav book is SCHOOLED by Gorden corman, HISMS is my fav series. but stay away from grape lip gloss, and stay URself. Oh! and get gloss, ultra gloss, sparkles, candy, & GET THEM ON SALE! let me know when you can wear eye shadow! I can’t even wear mascara!
    Peace out!

  189. 4ever_Gone

    Youshould get a strawberry flavored. It’s my fave!

  190. cindy

    hi jenny! I like the flavored one because its really good and i could go all day if can with a watermelon or strawberry one. It takes really good.

  191. marie

    i love books

  192. Natalie :)

    hey jenny,
    so when u go to the makeup store ask the clerk if you can have a sample of a few flavors. then choose the best one. I personally like the pink ones from victoria secret…..
    And for the books,,,i get trouble too. I try to find a few favorite books, and then i choose the best ones. good lucke on finding lipgloss and a book! :) lol
    your biggest fan,

  193. Lauren

    try a blueberry or blue rasberry lip gloss

  194. Anna

    I think you should get lip gloss that matches your skin tones. Your skin tone is pink so a pink lip gloss would be perfect for you. For the books I really like Candy Apple books. Especially The Babysitting Wars.

  195. Anna

    I think you should get a lip gloss that matches your skin tone. Your’s is pink so a pink lip gloss would be perfect for you. As for books I really like the Candy Apple books. Especially The Babysitting Wars.

  196. cassie

    ok, for lip gloss, i think that you should go with something that is peach or coconut flavored. colors? definently sheer or a pale pink.
    for the book series, i would do the clique series. it can help you with problems and your make up issues. btw, i can put make up on in my sleep!

  197. cassie

    i usually wear a clear coated lip gloss. i also like to read your book series, twilight, and the clique becuase it helps me with my fashion questions. speaking of fashion, skinny jeans are so in right now. except mine dont fit too well. :)

  198. Eileen

    Hey Jenny!How’s it going?
    Well,i think you should go with a flavored lip gloss.I always choose that.
    If you end up licking it off(lol),then go with a pink sparkly one.Not too many sparkles,though.:)
    As for the books . .I love to read!I think you should choose Stargirl by Jerry Spenilli.It’s really interesting.
    Or you can choose a dramatic book.Those types will keep you wanting to read it all the time.
    Well i hope our advice has helped you.
    Good Luck!!

  199. soccer4life

    well what i think u should do is ask ur friendz 4 advice. also when chossin a lipgloss i thimk dat u should consider ur skintone and wut colors u wear da most. 4 findin a book to write bout ask ur friendz 4 advice ps i luv ur bks u should make more new ones there very exciting

  200. hi hi

    twilight is THE best

  201. MerryGrace

    Hey Jenny!
    I just logged on today and saw your predicaments. But first things first, for lip gloss you should get something that will express yourself. Maybe you could get a purplish pink since you like purple. It’s your choice, I just go with the simplest. For the book,maybe you should get a book about school. It depends on your favorite interests. Please tell me on your next blog.
    Hope You’ll Make the Right Choice,

  202. Anna

    I think you should get a lip gloss that matches your skin tones. Your skin tones are pink so get a pink lip gloss. For the book I really like the Candy Apple books. Especially THE BABYSITTING WARS.

  203. Kennedy

    I think you should use the food flavored ones like Resse’s Puffs because they smell SO GOOD!! For books, I would recommend The main street series.

  204. wahida

    hi jenny,
    if you want a book you should read the twilight series. It’s about romance.
    for the lip gloss you might want to try the flavored i personally LOVE the watermelon kind or the cotton candy kind.
    love ya!:)

  205. jb

    Hi, Jenny~ I think you should use the flavored kind for your first lip gloss (you know, solid color) and i love cherry or vanilla – either is good. I love the Percy Jackson series by Rick R. and they’re comedy and myth altogether. :) Plus a little hint of romance. :)

  206. Courtney

    Well my favorite lipgloss is strawberry and my favorite books series are twilight and harry potter plus how i survived middle school lol………..

  207. sian

    4 the lip gloss u should try a light shade of pink cuz that would match ur hair.u should even ask ur mom 2 get u a light tan eye shadow with a brown mascara. also, 4 the books, u should try Beacon Street Girls by Annie Bryant try the 1st one: worst enemies/best friends theyre really good i’m sure u’ll love them cuz it’s similar 2 the how i survived middle school series.

  208. Sarah

    You should get pink sparkely lip gloss thats my favorite one. And for the book just get something you like.

  209. sarah

    You should get pink sparkely lip gloss thats my favorite one. And for the book just get something you like.

  210. middle school girl84

    I think you should read Island of the Blue Dolphins. It’s truley a good book. And a lipstick you should get is nice and sparkly.Also it should be flavored like your favorite. like strawberry or vanilla.and get something that will make you stand out,but not too much.Hope you like my ideas,Jenny!

  211. Claire

    Lip Gloss: sparkles, pink, and i love ALL flavors.
    Books: the Twilight saga (fairly long books, but you’ll love them all so much that you’ll finish them in no time) for a romance novel/s, Miles to Go by Miley Cyrus for an autobiography, and My Sister’s Keeper for a realistic fiction novel (it’s based off of a true story and it’s also a long book, but you’ll like it s much, you’ll finish it in no time!)
    Hope i helped! have fun in school!

  212. Brandy

    Hi Jenny! I really really LOVE LOVE LOVE the TWILIGHT SAGA by STEPHENIE MEYER also i think u should try plum mint it makes ur breath smell super!! LUV Brandy P.S. THE TWILIGHT SAGA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. Quinlyn

    OMG i know how you feel. i looked at all the 1,000 books in the English library at my school. when i came to probably my 500 book i saw deep down popular. you should read it. and for lip gloss i like smackers or lip lights. or any thing strawberry or this Kind called Watermelon ice. but i still have trouble deciding. see what the pop’s are wearing. they are normally in on fashions. or ask Sam what they are wearing in England.

  214. Beatrice

    I think you should wear cherry lip gloss. Don’t use sparkles, they make your lips like disco balls unless your a diva who wears sparkling dresses along with those sparkling lip gloss.
    Hmm…I kinda get a liking to adventure books or maybe something about fiction. I also suggest books about friends, friendship and anything related to school things…you know…Addie.

  215. Tara

    my favorite lip gloss is not flavored…
    its not glittery…
    i like the kind that are plain but abit shiny.
    as for the book, i love novels about troubled teens

  216. Paige

    Hey Jenny,
    About the book you should read….. maybe the Among the Hidden series. That’s my favorite and I’m reading it right now. About the lip gloss….. maybe peach or pineapple. I like the exotic types and I thought maybe you do,too. Well, hope this helped!
    Paige =)

  217. anniekate

    clear is the best!!!!

  218. Katie

    Yo Jenny!
    Ask the sales lady if she has any idea what colour would go well with your skin tone. Mosty likely (if she works at a PROPER makeup store) she will have some experience in that area. Also, most cosmetic stores have lipgloss that you can sample.
    Also, you could ask the librarian which books she would recomend. Just tell her what kind of books you’re interested in and she might be able to help you pick out some good ones. (After all, she would know which books are the most popular and best after working there for several years!)

  219. Maddy

    First, Lip Gloss, i’d go with watermelon or strawberry/kiwi. :) (:
    and for the book i know what you mean because i have a hard time choosing them and stuff but if any i would choose Harry Potter, its big and awesome (if you like fiction and wizards and witches)
    XoXoXoXo :) (:
    Maddy :) (:

  220. Britney<3

    hey jenny!! First off for lip gloss i say you should go for some thing fruity like cover girl fruit spritz or something like that and go for light pink,anything to dark would look out of place. and as for books maybe the middle school survival series! haha just kidding a good book is the year of secret assignments and i dont remember the author. any ways ttyl

  221. MC

    Hello Jenny!
    First of all, my fav lipstick is flavored. I love cherry and watermelon flavor! I love your book series! :)
    Your biggest fan,

  222. Mallory

    I think that you should go with a flavored lip gloss. If you do, you should go with “Ice Crystal”. It’s a really good tasting flavor with just the right amount of sparkle and shine. Good luck!!

  223. Rose

    Hey Jenny,
    I think you should go for lip smackers. they keep ur lips moist if u bump lips with a special someone know what i mean. maybe a jade green or a clear blue.
    I would suggest Eclipse for the book.

  224. hannah

    you should read eragon/the inheritance series as for the lip gloss go for fruit there shiny and smell nice

  225. Amanda

    Lip gloss: Personally, I like the kind of lip gloss with flavors because it smells (and tastes) so good. My favorite flavor is peach.
    Books: Hmmm… I actually do have a lot of favorites. One of them is Eclipse from the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. The other one is the How I Survived Middle School series. They both are so good!
    Talk to you soon~

  226. if_u_knew

    i do not like sparkles but do like shimmry pink fruit flavor lipgloss! also my favorite books are by Lisa Yee1

  227. Meggie

    I think you should go with a fruity taste, or maybe a chocolate taste. That’s what I would go for!! As for books, I would go for “To Kill A Mocking Bird”. It is a very good book, and I bet it would make a great book report. I hope this helps you!!!

  228. grace

    hey jenny i love middleschool!!!

  229. SurfingNinja

    I think you should go with coconut fruity lip gloss. it tatse good, and its kewl (i spell cool like kewl.) And for the book, i think you should read Inkheat by Corneilla Funk. Its my FAVE!

  230. Zoe

    I personally think clear flavored gloss with sparkles in it are the best because you can match it with any color clothing and because a little bit of shine can’t hurt, can it? Oh yes, and if you do choose flavored gloss, choose strawberry or wild berry… cuz they taste the best!
    As for your Book report HW, I think you should choose a book with a genre that interests you. That way, you can easily read it:)

  231. Aubrey

    I think you should ask your friends or going around you friends and asking for votes me personally like pink or like anything bright!!! And for the book thing I think you should read Twilight! My great aunts neice is Stephanie Meyer!! HOPE THIS HELPS!!! P.S. I really like the book can you get an F in lunch? XoXo

  232. popgirl

    Dear Jenny, at my school i am one of the what do you call it…… oh yeah, pops. for lipsticks definetly get mix or shuger line. Ruby red or perfectly pink of course. As for the books, candy apple or anything written by Lisi Harrison.
    hope you take my advice, popgirl

  233. Shannon

    My favorite lip gloss is the clear one that makes my lips shine. I love flavored ones! Right now, I’m wearing Pina Colada! I also love Cotton Candy and almost every flavor! Hope I helped!

  234. Karen

    I usually don’t wear lip gloss but when I do I like really, really sparkly or shiny lip gloss. My favourite flavour is cotton candy. I think you should wear pink lip gloss because it will look nice with your eyes and skin. My favourite books are romance novels. You should pick a book based on school subjects you like. For example if you like history you can read a historical fiction book, or if you like science you can read sci-fi. Or you can take a quiz on to help you decide! (since you use it for everything)

  235. Ali

    hey Jenny. ok so lip gloss, something that smells good. I use cotton candy or vanilla. For books I get why you can’t choose, there’s so many out there! But if you LOVE cats like I do you should SOOOOOOOOO read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.

  236. peaceperson13

    i8 love cherry flavered lip gloss and if your a history geek like me you should totally read”King Gearge what was his problem?”. I’m reading it right now it soooooo awsome.Peace out

  237. angel

    For lip gloss i’d use pink strawberry lip gloss from lip smackers and for books you should read clique books by lisi harrison or books by ally carter

  238. jennifer

    yea ok jenny heres the deal ive been using lip gloss ALL my life. i like the 1 that makes my mouth look red and its clear lip gloss. its flavored peach no sparkles which is good. so since my mouth color is RED like blood i just put it on and voila! perfect 2 go on ANY high tops and it looks like me

  239. Winnie

    ummmm,you should really pick one that you really like,any color you like,I did it,and it turned out to be pretty good.

  240. miley

    i like the book twilight
    i like cherry lip gloss.

  241. samar

    hey jenny
    for lip gloss i always liked subtle colours,like light pinks and reds.As for a book you should definately read the harry potter series! amazing books ….good luck Jenny:)

  242. Ciara

    You should go with the glittery/shiny lip gloss with strawberry or cherry flavor.
    As for books go with Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat. It is SO good!

  243. Hannah

    Jenney My favorite lip gloss is the flavored kind strawberry kiwi! I love your books defintly my favorite!!!

  244. Amanda

    My fav. lip gloss is mint, it feels very refreshing on my lips,it looks pretty, and it matches w/ all oufits. I really like “How to Steal a Dog”, I’m not sure who the author is, but it is really good. Don’t worry it isn’t a guide book on how to steal a dog. Hope this helps !!! Good luck!

  245. noa

    clear lipstick looks great also read becon street girls series

  246. Jessica

    Well, the key to chossing the right kind of makeup is to look at your skintone and hair color. If You have a slight tan and brunette hair you should probably stick with earthier tones such as a light brown or dark red. As for a book I think you should read Sleeping freshmen Never Lie. That book is fantastic and it talks about the woes of high being a sophomore myself I can relate, but since since you are in middleschool you would find it entertaining:)

  247. Madie

    Lipgloss there’s this really good one… it’s mocha flavored and it works really well… makes your lips all soft and awesome… sadly i lost mine *sigh*
    As for books, you should read either The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins or this other book Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen. They are both soo good it just depends on whether you like more real life books or action/adventure books. But you can’t go wrong either way!

  248. Shannon

    Well Jenny, I can honestly tell you that choosing lip gloss is very easy once you know what to look for. First of all sparkles are too much when you’re wearing it every day. Parties are what sparkles were made for! Anyway, flavored lipgloss is the best, non-flavored can be groos to have on your lips. Try strawberry. Make sure that your lipgloss is shiny and buy a nice, slightly darker colour than your lips real colour. With these tips, lipgloss is simple!

  249. blake'sgal1191

    For books, I’d go for Lauren Myracle’s Eleven or ttyl series.

  250. me

    hi jenny!!
    u should buy a shimmery lip gloss without sparkles. as for the book dilemma, i also have a hard time choosing things. u should pick a mystery or a really funny novel. hope my advice helped!!

  251. alice

    hey Jenny
    whats up? :P
    u should try the bailey city kids series I just loooooooove it. I think u will looooooove it too

  252. Caitlin

    I don’t wear lipgloss, but sometimes I perfer aa light violet with asome shine to it. Also, my fave book series are The Sisters Club and Candy Apple books. I hoped this helped, Jenny.
    XOXOX, Cait

  253. Koby

    Choose a color to match your skin tone start out light and graduly move up 2 a dark color!

  254. brooke

    With your first problem with the lip gloss I think you could/should use something that brings the real you out. With your second problem with the books it’s the same althought do have a favorite serie”twilight” if you haven’t heard of it i will ive you some info onI will give you some info on it : Bella swan moves to the small town of forks at her new high school all the boys are trying to get her attention.But their is only 1 boy she’s got her eye one :Edward Cullen.she will find that her choice is more dangerous than it appear.she ends up chosing between life or death with will she hose?what will you cose?

  255. Nikki

    i like sparkles on lip gloss!!!!!

  256. Caitlin

    Hey jenny. I don’t usually wear gloss, but I prefer a light violet with a little shine to it. My fave book series are The Sisters Club and Candy Apple.

  257. Julia

    I think the best lip-gloss is the one thats clear and smells like cherry-bubblegum. Your lips are right under your nose, anyway. You also don’t want to look like you try to hard to look good or flashy, so do’t get a bright red or something.You should also read the Harry Potter series. Those are some big and interesting books, you know.

  258. liz

    well i like the lipgloss that’s shiney and a little tinted but not to much. light pink is the best color for it.
    hey! why dont you read the middle school survival series? lol. good luck! ;)

  259. Jenny

    I think U should pick a clear shiny lipgloss that taste like candy. It has to match the color of your lip, though. I suggest pale pink 4 U. My favorite flavours are mint, vanilla ,strawberry, and raspberry. It should last all day and all afternoon, be4 and after school. As 4 books, don’t pick one just because you think will sound smart. Pick one you think you will like. I think fantasy novels will benefit you as well as mystery novels. I recommand TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD for you. It’s about a girl and her father and a courtroom custody battle that changed all their lives!

  260. Jenna

    Try some skin colored or pale pink lipgloss. It doesn’t matter shineywise. Try reading the Frenimies series. The’re good books. Try the How I Survived Middle School series to!

  261. Rosie

    Hi my favourite lip gloss is called AmazeMint by Wetslicks. It smells like mint and the colour is perfect for me.
    Have you read Ella Enchanted? Or Fairest? Or Just Ella? Those are some of my favourites but I’m a big reader so I have a million other choices.
    I’m not supposed to be in middle School but I skipped a grade so some books are waayyy too old for me, but I like Kit Pearson’s books, like A Perfect Gentle Night or The Sky Is Falling.
    I hope that helped you.

  262. Bianca

    Hi Jenny!
    Personally, I LOVE flavered lip gloss. I have no favourite flavour. I suck at making desisions to, so I normally ask my friends for help.
    Hope I helped YOU

  263. Ellie

    I love lip gloss, and I wear wat ever looks yummy! My fave flavor is pink lemonade, but I like somethin’ that shines, not sparkles.
    My fave books are the percy jakcson and the olympians series, but I like the city of ember, a time for andrew, goddess games, and a bunch of other books, including the newer nancy drew books. Oh, and the cheetah girls is actually a good series!!
    P.S: yer parent sound really strict!!! :-O

  264. iddy bee

    hi jenny
    before i say enny thing else i want to let you know your how i survived middle school books totally rock and by the way my real name is isabel but my nick name is iddy bee i think tht you should definitley get the flavored kind of lip gloss and you should most definitely get a a vanilla flavor type i have some and i wear it every single day i never leave the house without it as for the book descision i have two books that i have read and loved my first would be inkhaert in is really interesting even though it is the hugest book i have ever read my second would be something by jodi picoult i think she is a graet athour i hope you like my advice your friend ,izzy

  265. lyna

    hi jenny :)
    about the lip gloss i think u should takes a few minutes 2 look at the lip gloss u want then if u could not pick 1 then go in deep in yur heart 2 think about wat kind u want(hope this iz good advice)
    and the book u should read r bout horses
    like shadow horse or heartland they r really good books but easy 2 rit about bye 4 now i hope this helps u :)

  266. Hope

    okay well I would choose the how I survived middle school series “The new girl” and “PS I like you” are really good and for lipgloss well see the thing between lip gloss and chapstick are just they have more colors, DONT get the flavery one cause all you will be doing is licking your lips and then they will get chapped and DONT get the sparkely one cause it feels weird I would recommend a nice light and or dark pink, maybe a brown with a tent of red or you can go the easy way get red strawberry flavored glittery chapstick that way your mouth will feel to weird to lick and if you were to lick it you have chapstick so it wouldn’t matter!That’s my advice!!!

  267. Stella

    For the lipgloss, since you’re just starting to use it I recomend something scented and light colors such as pink or peach.For books, Harry Potter is the best. I always do my book reports on them. I would also recommend Magyk if you want something thicker.

  268. Rachel

    Hi Jenny! I really think you should try wearing a sparkly light pink lip gloss. Those kinds are so cute, I personally hate the flavored kind. Anyways, the candy apple books are really good. Try them. But it’s your choice

  269. Annie

    Well,I really like the flavored kind,Liplicous is the best!How ’bout Fresh Mulberry?
    As for books,go for The Ghost Children.It’s really good!Or the BSG.
    Good luck deciding!

  270. Kiana

    I like flavor lipgloss-try coconut!!! I like the book Ella enchanted it took me 2 days 2 finish good luck!

  271. Hannah

    jenny my favotite lip gloss is probably strawberry but no sparkels kinda makes ya look like a pop (no affence)!! Oh and read any book your into or what you mlike to read!!

  272. Megan

    Try reading the back or inside flaps of a book that has an itereseting cover. I do this and sometimes I find really good books. As for the lip gloss try some in differnt falvors, some with and with out sparkles and some in colors that match your skin tone. Don’t wear purple…. It makes you look like yuo have been outside in the winter, for hours.

  273. Julia

    My suggestion for which book to read would be the Hunger Games (continued by Catching Fire) or the Guardians Of Ga’Hoole series. (I instantly became addicted to both series.) Hope this suggestion helps!!

  274. Annie

    Oh,and also,Main Street by Ann M. Martin is really good,or Deenie.Really good books!
    Oh,and about the lip gloss,Liplicous is a really good brand.
    Hope I hepled!

  275. Aubrey

    My favorite lip gloss is red and tastes like coconut. I love the sparkles. My favorite book series is your book series!! The books are awesome especially Who’s got Spirit? That was the first one that I got. I think their awesome!!

  276. Bethany

    I personally like the Strawberry and Cream lipgloss. For books I like Nancy Drew, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Camp Confidential and Harry Hotter, Harry Potter is the BEST though.

  277. Taylah

    Ok Jenny,
    First of all the lip gloss.
    I usually go for a pinky peach or something because something too showy. Something natural and nice. By the way a nice flavour would be good.A fave book. Well I absoloutely LOVE Cathy Cassidy her books relate to an event or problem in your life. Even though it’s just a book she gives heaps of tips. I actually use them!! It worked though my like is all straightened out and clear.

  278. Nikki

    Okay: wow! That’s hard. My favorite Lip gloss would have to be..anything that is strawberry, lemon, orange, blueberry. I don’t know-anything tangy! My favorite books are the newer Nancy Drew or Hardy boy’s books!

  279. Maria ;)

    Hey Jenny!! I think that 4 the lip gloss u should NOT get sparkly lip gloss because it is 2 noticeable. U should get rasberry or pink lemonade.
    For the book you should definetly read Life as We Knew It, by Susan Beth Pheffer. It is SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!

  280. Kelsey

    I think a carmel or pink color would work.

  281. Laura

    My book choices are:
    1.Princess Academy.
    2.The Wedding Planner’s Daughter.
    3.Any of the beacon street girls books(best book series EVER!)

  282. Mrs.Evangelist

    I am a bookworm 2 hannah. Jen you should try the “A Series of Unfortunate Evenets” books or the books Extras, Uglies, and Pretties (its a series). Uglies is really good, but I haven’t read the others( we have slow readers at our school). For lip gloss i like the Smackers brand. Strawberry or grape.GTG

  283. Erica

    Jenny, I would pick either candy flavored lip gloss with sparkles, or any type of fruit flavored lip gloss. I have a pink one called ‘Vanilla Sugar Pink’ and it’s one of my favorites. As for the book, I love books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Lauren Myracle, or Paula Danziger. Have you ever read any books by Nancy Krulik? They’re really good! Seriously! You really need to read the ‘How I Suvived Middle School’ series!

  284. Tiffany

    Wow. Sometimes I have trouble picking out lip gloss AND books,too. But what I usally get is either a light pink or a hot pink lip gloss with sparkles. I usually get realistic fiction books. Hope that helps!!
    -Tiffany :)

  285. Alexa

    Hiya Jenny,
    i absolutly luv my cherry lipgloss! Its clear but its shiney and smells great! And my favorite book is baby sitting wars its a candy apple book.

  286. lindsey

    I think you sould use pink sparkle lip gloss. I also like the lightnig theif

  287. Cristy

    Deer Jenny:
    i have to live with your peoblems!!! cuz i have the same ones!! for choosing lipgloss you have to try them, you can choose one but you can also buy like 3 or 2 to mix them up ITS GREAT!!
    for the book problem, if you want a big fat sophisticated book i recomend The Harry Potter or the 39 Clues saga,they are awsomeeee

  288. franchesca

    dear jenny i think u should choose something with glitters cause it will make feel sophistcated!my fave book is how 2 survive middle school!

  289. Maddie

    I like the good-smelling vanilla lipgloss and I LOVE the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Ranger’s Apprentice.

  290. Zoe

    read your books

  291. Elsena

    A really great series is the ruins of gorlan. the first book is the rangers apprentice. its really a really good book a reasonable size and something that might as well make you ssound smart but dont worry about sounding smart.. if the riuns of gorlan isnt for you just choose your favorite book that you have already read and sounding smart doesnt matter either. just choose the kind you like. it does not matter what other people or even the teacher think! so good luck now.

  292. Elsena

    twilight isnt something for kids exactly so i dont reccomend it even though it is a big book, you migt be able to a report on that when your older. but for now, the hunger games is good and the ruins of gorlan is good and the dragon prince is good. even though the dragon prince refers to some things its really good and there is alot more than 2 or 3 books in the series. it’s conviently smaill but thick.kay, if anything else comes up just ask me k?

  293. Rose

    I’m like that too.I can’t make decisions
    I think you should try the shimmery Purple lipgloss it’ll look awesome on u!!
    And the book dilema………
    You’ll probably like the Inkheart Trilogy, It has Mystery, suspense, magic and love! I’m on the last book Inkdeath.

  294. Chloe

    You should try reading the Beverly cleary serieS.Or maybe you could read magic tree house series.they are both great.

  295. Olay

    Pick something with merit.Not trying to offend Hallie,Kelly,and the others,but Twilight is a fad.The Pops read it so now everyone is.Try Anne of Green Gables.Or How To Kill a Mockingbird.My favorite book is Maximum Ride: The Angel Expirament.
    As for lip gloss, I’d choose something that reflects you,like Pops wear bright,show-off-y lip gloss,cause they wanna show up.Shy people ought to wear light,almost florecent colours.Please respond.
    Will you fellow coment-ers comment on this and help me?I have to go to boarding school,and I can only bring a computer OR my phone.Some of my friends only have emails,but some only have phones!

  296. .


  297. Amber

    Haha!!!!! Your problem is soooooo funny!!! i think that ur lip gloss should be a shine, not sparkle, and watermelon flavor. the gloss tints your lips so they look awesome!!! the brand, it doesnt really matter what brand.
    and for that book assignment, Rachel Hawthorme is really really REALLY good!!! =) her fantasy books are the perfect kind for us middle schoolers!
    i hope u do a good job on your project and hope that u pick the right lip gloss for u!!!

  298. kaitlyn

    I think that you should go with your favrite’s(color and fruit)for your lip gloss.As for books pick up books that have instrosting covers on them.Then,read the back.

  299. Sunny

    I love the smackers watermelon kind, and for books I would go with The Wedding Planners Daughter , by Coleen Murtagh Paratore. I also love the Allie Finkle’s Rules For Girls series by Meg Cabot, all of those rock!

  300. Marie

    I’m not mrs. lip gloss, but i do like strawberry flavored (yum!). For your book thing, try a classic. To kill a mockingbird, moby dick, (wait… no don’t read those, i hated them….) just think about what you look for in a book, like talking dinosaurs, or knights, or even books about real kids. After that.. well, i bet anything that your library has a system for finding books. One good series i know is the lightning theif by rick riordan. If you get sucked in, though, and forget to do your chores, then it is not my problemo. ;-) Have fun!

  301. Aszkara

    My favorite lip gloss is a light pink with sparkles. It goes with any outfit! How about something like that? As for a book, I’d try twilight. It’s my faveorite! Good luck with everything!

  302. sarah

    hi jenny!my fave lip gloss is definatly chocolate mint!as for books,i think u should read twilight by stephenie meyers.

  303. a suh-weet person

    i really like some candy flavored gloss in a sheer color, and i suggest reading the clique by lisi harrison!!

  304. Lani5

    Jenny, I think for the books you should go with the Percy Jackson and the olympians series.I love it. About the lip
    gloss, do you really want it or do you just think it will make you popular? If you really want it you should go with light pink.

  305. Madison

    I think u should read the I Heart Bikinis series, it is a drama and a romance.And about the lip gloss I like to use Beauty Rush lip gloss, my fave is Sugar High,(it taste like cupcakes) you can buy it at any Victoria Secret store. Hope you choose the book & lip gloss that makes you happy. xoxo<

  306. Sheyanna

    Hey Jenny!As far as lip gloss goes,something light and sweet is all you need.I’m open to a lot of different kinds,but strawberry is my favorite.Books are hard to decide on,but mysteries and romance are my favorite.Dolphin Diaries and Animal Ark are really good,as long as you love animals.Hope this helps!

  307. sarah

    hey,Jenny you should try reading inhaert. It’s a really good book and it is prety big.

  308. sarah

    #1 you know about the lip gloss,if you have a dark skin you should try to put on pink lip gloss, but if you have light skin, then i prefere you buy one thats kind of a flavord tan one.
    #2 don’t pick any sparkles because there not smooth.

  309. Hannah

    For your lip gloss delema,I suggest vanilla,it tastes good^-^
    as for books,well I suggest Harry Potter or Inkheart!

  310. Alexa

    hi jenny,
    i think you should read the twilight series they are very good. my favorite kind of lip gloss is the flavored ones, and my favorite flavor is strawberry.You should really try it.

  311. Jojo

    Hey Hey Jenny, JoJo here. For lipgloss, trust me, i know what looks good. I suggest M*A*C Lipglass- their colors are AMAZING. Sephora has great ones, too. You just have to know the right ones to pick! The most flattering ones will be the shades one or two darker than your natural lip color. If you’re fair skinned, nudes, apricots, light pinks, and corals make you look fab. For mediums, rosy shades, mauves, and berry colored shades look best. Dark skin looks great with chocolates, plums and purple-ish shades, and reds.

  312. jessica

    hey jen,
    i think u should get a light-coloured lip gloss. maybe pink-ish or red.
    4 books…..u should definitely read ‘the wild girls’. its AWESOME~! i love that book.
    p.s. i love your books 2~! -jessicaa

  313. dannielle

    I think you should use cherry lip gloss,and totally you should read the Harry Potter series.

  314. Niki

    Don’t use sparkly lip gloss. It hurts when the other part of the lip gloss sinks into your lips, because the sparkles will try to do that too. Also, it makes it obvious you’re wearing make-up, instead of it looking natural. I would go with Lip Smackers. Try not to get unusual ones though, like banana or cotton candy. Get one like Dr. Pepper or something. Also, for your book, maybe try what your friends are doing? Or maybe you’ll want to try Harry Potter? It’s my favorite series.

  315. jade

    i really like clear lip gloss. or strawberry flavored lip shoulf get something like that!

  316. Grace

    Okay, for the book dilema i say that you read the harry potter books, the camp confidential series, OR the pretty little liars series, which might be a little bit mature for you though. As for the lip gloss problem you should try coke or cherry coke or Dr. Pepper, they are DELICIOUS, and TASTY!!!!

  317. Erica

    I think you should try ‘Strawberry Snowflake’ flavored lip gloss. It’s really good! I’m wearing it right now! LOL. As for the book, you really should read ‘The Fashion Disaster That Changed my Life’ by Lauran Myracle or ‘Twilight’ by Stephanie Meyer. Some of my favorite books ever are ones I just yank out and borrow from the library without even looking at the title.

  318. Rhonda

    I think you should get a sparkley pink lip gloss or just plain Pink. As for a book read The Nancy Drew series.

  319. pinkpanther1740

    Hi Jenny,I understand ,it takes me FOREVER to type!!!Beware of typeo’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  320. katie

    hi well you have a problem watermeleon and strawberry are good for lip gloss the clique is a good series and how i survived midlle school:)

  321. Vanessa

    I LOVE WATERMELON!You should get watermelon kiwi mmmm bt you might just lick it off cause it tastes so good:) For the book part i think you should read harry potter their really good!

  322. korin

    hey jenny!
    ive been in this delema before so just pick two lipglosses!pick one light pink and some sort of hot pinkish red color!for the desition,chơose babysitters club by ann m.marin!its really gơod.

  323. Gemma

    Hey Jenny, try reading “from the files of madison finn” they are the best books in the world and they are very addicting. also, choose a light pink sparkle, or jello grape flavor thats a very good one.

  324. Mimi

    i think a whitish tinge is super cute. my favorite lip gloss is actually called whipped cream! its actually sort of flavored (but don’t lick it off). for books, right now i’m OBSESSED with Roald Dahl (the BFG, charlie and the chocolate factory. etc.) and i also think the baby sitters club by ann m. martin is FABULOUS!

  325. Jenn

    I like watermelon flavored lip gloss and i dont like that stuff with the sparkles, I go for the simpler look.
    I love the book Miracle on 49th Street, it’s a good book if you like sports!

  326. lana

    first of all i like light pink lip gloss.try out all different colors and ask someone witch color they like best. about the book problem harry pottor is a great series even though it is very long.
    hope i can help!

  327. Ally

    Your mom didn’t let u wear lip gloss? I got to wear lip gloss starting in 1st grade. I also wear mascara & other make ups. Are you serious?

  328. Myspace//Lover

    Hey Jenny, you shouldent stress over what lip gloss color to get there is always one solution get clear its easy and still glossy
    And I like reading goosbump, and girl talk I usally just go for a cover that looks intresting and I end up getting realy into it.

  329. Ivy

    I suggest strawberry-flavored lipgloss.
    book I suggest is the Twilight series.
    If not the Cathy Cassidy series, which is not as thick as twilight.

  330. Valentina

    i like the kind of lipgloss that tasts like candy. i read anything funny that isnt too thick. also, i dont have problems making desisions.

  331. Emily

    my fav author is Nancy Rue try some of her books

  332. Bella

    Pink Strawberry lipgloss with a hint of glitter and a good Adventure Romance Mysery is the best

  333. Isabella

    I’m really indecisive too. I never know what I want to buy when I go shopping either. Usually I ask my friends or the store staff what would look good on me. I really like strawberry and watermelon flavoured lip gloss.

  334. Hollinda

    Hi Jenny! For lip gloss,don’t go with flavored because you’ll lick it off,trust me,I think a light pink would go well with your skin tone.For book I recommend The Clique series by Lisi Harrison, or maybe the Twilight or Harry Potter series.

  335. sabrina

    definaltly sparkly and light pink the darker lipgloss the worss you look trust me been there done that but for desions just do what your heart tells you to do oh and for the books check out royal woods matt dugans.

  336. chipalinka

    hi! if you are having problems with choosing lip gloss then go to victorias secret.I know its kind of spendy but the lip gloss is awsome or go to bath and body works,there they have samples and you can try them out to see wich one you like the best.Me, i like to wear either brown,pink,or clear lip gloss. the one with the sparkles doesnt look so good.i have pink lip gloss but when you put it on its just clear and it has some tiny sparkles.
    About the book,i usually look at the cover,then i read what its about if i like it i take it and read it. thats my suggestion for you!
    well bye!
    p.s. love your books!im a big fan!
    good luck

  337. torrey

    i dont really like to chose either, so i usually bring 30 dollars to walmart, and get twenty different flavors at a time. i hav like, five hundred by now.

  338. eliza

    i like strawberry and vanilla lip gloss. i like the harry potter books are good toy:)

  339. Colomiklia

    You should totally go with SPARKELLY!

  340. Razz379

    THE BEST lip gloss in the world is sprite or other sodas! they shine but don’t make it so obvious! Plus, they’re delish! :0)
    THE BEST book series ever is Lord Of The Rings-Try one and you’ll fall in love!

  341. koalabear...

    ok so WHEN is your next comment coming!! YOU R TAKIN 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZZZZZZZ just hurry up! THX! BYEEEE say hi to ADDIE 4 me!!! thx LOVE YAH ADDIE AND DANA!!! ok so comparison! Addie is so me and dana is my BFF MILEY!!!! !!!! !!!! So no wonder i love you guys!! remeber jenny i trust you to tell them all this!!

  342. shannon876980


  343. a

    I think the Clique sries would be good. But choose whatever you want, I would want to get a combination of things that are goodfor school and you’ll enjoy reading. Also you may want to read a little bit of the book before you get it. Or ask one of your friends for advice about what book to get. Don’t just choose the thickest book or something to make you seem smart. Also pick something you’ll know won’t be too advanced or adult book. I remember when my teacher was retiring and giving out her classroom reading books. I normally finish a book quickly and as soon as I get my hands on it. My mistake I chose an adult book that lost my interest immediately and never made it past page 5! so be wise on you books – A

  344. Lolo

    i think you should read the twilight saga or the clique series. its really good. im in 6th grade and everyone, including me( im obsessed) reads it. ive read it about 5 times each. as for lip gloss, you should go for no color and with spf. it protects your lips and it shines!!!!

  345. Mags

    Id go with a fiction series called “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”. They are a very good book series. Ive just started reading them and they are great.

  346. maxine

    hey jenny i personally like purple lip gloss dat is flavored but its really hard to find purple lipgloss dat tastes like watermelon or strawberrys :(

  347. Kika

    I loooooooooove coconut lipgloss and the strawberry one is great too. You should try reading the Twilight saga it´s great!

  348. Stella

    U should read Middle School Survival Series I love that series

  349. Nicole

    My favorite lipgloss is Maybelline’s Shiny-licious strawberry tart!!
    As for books, I like Violet on the Runway by Melissa Walker and Please Stop Laughing at Me by Jodee Blanco.

  350. Leandra

    Hi Jenny!
    For lip gloss flavors, try watermelon, strawberry or cherry. Those are the ones I like best. And for the book report, try reading Harry Potter if you haven’t already. It’s a really great book, I’d reccomend it.

  351. theevilwhitewitch

    You should try Sprite flavored lip gloss. It’s sooo good. For book reading think about something u like 2 do and find a book on it. I love to sing and 2 day I found a book called Fame School

  352. Julie/Danie

    Frist of all, our favorite series is the middle school survival series, but since that is pretty much useless to you, we like Lemony Snicket books and 4 truths and a Lie. Both books are pretty thick and really!!!! good. We also like spear mint, barry, and vanilla lipgloss. Read ya’ later:)

  353. Izzie

    Well, I <3 cotton candy and lemonade lip gloss,as for books, READ THE WARRIORS SERIES THEY ARE AMAAAAAAZING!!!! :D

  354. BOOKLUVER930

    Personally I’m picky with my books and a lot of things(food, clothes, etc.). I like realistic fiction, fiction, and fantasy. Maybe you would like the series of Unforuate Events. I finished it in 3d grade(im in middle school now). It’s sort of big. It’s about three children who lost there parents in a fire and go around to diffrent relitives. There first one is Count Olaf and is very cruel to them. How cruel? You will have to read the books to find out! I also like the Harry Potter Series(I’ve read them already) and you have probaly heard of them already. They are really big and will probaly make you seem smart. I also the like the series The Cliuqe. It’s about a girl named Claire and a mean girl named Massie and her Clique, The Pretty Committe, Alica, Dlyan, and Kristin. You would think they would be like Addie but there WAY meaner. I have every single book(that’s out anyways) but you mom may not like it(it has some mature condent) but I’m around your age so it’s not too bad.
    Now, about the lipgloss.
    I like cherry sent.
    Like for example…
    Black Cherry and Pink Lemonade are good.(There @ Bath and Body works)
    First I would just try smelling the sents then try them on(there is sometimes free samples). See how they look on you.
    Hope this helps,

  355. lashanti

    First for the book i think u should pick the series of Angel books by Judy Delton. If you don’t pick that one you could choose a Harry Potter book. As for the lip gloss you should get a regular red and a glittery pink so that you can mix it together. It’ll be really cute cause i tried it before.

  356. Takoda

    hey,think you should try,strawberry kiwi
    or coke flavor like dr pepper cherry vanilla.For your book report try “The series of unfortunate events”.Yes it`s sad but it also has happy times,never solved mysteries,love,even bone chilling life thrilling events!

  357. Kasey

    Jenny, you should go for a classic, good-smelling lip gloss. I’d go with Cotton Candy, because it smells fresh, fun, but at the same time, sweet. For a book, I wouldn’t go with the Twilight saga, because everyone will be reading it, and it wouldn’t seem too original. I’d go with a more classic, like Pride and Prejudice, or maybe Little Women. They make you seem smart and classy.
    ‘Bye for now, Kasey

  358. Cara

    I personally do not wear lip gloss to me it’s the fact that lips help you eat so why cover them up in goo also i would read A Wrinkle In Time

  359. Lily

    Hey Jenny!
    If I were you, I would go with a ligt pink or a medium pink. As for the book you should read, I would suggest the Inkheart trilogy or Twilight saga. I gaurentee you’ll love the books and lipgloss. Luvs,

  360. areauna

    Hey Jenny,basically my favorite lip gloss is either cherry,watermelon(even though I hate watermelon!)You should really tell your mom how you feel,tell her your not a baby anymore.I mean I may be in the 5th grade but I still let my mom know how I feel.Try crying that works for my mom all the time! For your book problem I think you should read get a book about a teen story.

  361. nia

    use lip gloss that has all of it in it smuckers has ones that are flavered,sparkels,and your fav. color. it gets guys for books i hate twilight so dont do that do realistic books like the ones by the candy apple series.
    love ya,

  362. megan

    Hi Jenny
    I think you should get pink/red sparkly lip gloss. don’t buy purple or something because people’s lips aren’t purple so it looks really weird.
    For books, try the harry potter series or the hunger games.
    The Clique is good also.
    Hope this helps,

  363. jessi

    Dont think that you care what someone else thinks. this is ALL up to you. for books i like mysteries and lip gloss i love doctor peppor flavored. Hope this helps

  364. amber

    jenny i think you shoud get strabary lip gloss mack shure it bleands in with your lips so the pops dont mack fun of it.
    i think the book you shoud chouse harry pouter

  365. haley

    My fave lip gloss is pink, non glittery, and tastes just like frosting. Its so yummy. Smackers is the only kind I get. My new fave book is Twilight, but Evermore comes in a close second.

  366. haley

    Hey Jenny. I love a lip gloss with flavor, but I use tons of different lip glosses. First put Burt’s Bees chap stick for moisture, then a strawberry frosting Smackers lip gloss for taste, light coat of hot pink for color, just a little bit of clear shiny gloss for shine, then last but not least, a coat of vanilla to tone down the clear gloss (if you have too much of the shiny gloss it will drip). All that makes a delicious shiny hot pink vanilla-strawberry frosting lip gloss.
    As for the book, I love Anything preppy teen realistic fiction or vampire fiction stuff like My Life is in Pink and Green or Evermore. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series is amazing though! Good luck with your decisions. I hope this helps.

  367. Annalise

    My fave lipgloss is chocolate covered strawberry flavored and my favorite book series are the Christy Miller books by the author Robin Jones Gunn.

  368. Maggie

    I thin you should go for lime! :) I love Twlight. :) )

  369. audrey

    JUST PICK ONE!I would do a flaved one with my favorite food.

  370. kristiyamaguchi22

    Well, I’m pretty bad at making decisions too. Ask yourself about what you want to read and ask the librarian. I did that once and she gave me a shelf full of books I like! Also be sure to check out the new authors. You might like the books! As for lip gloss, I suggest you try to ask yourself what kind of fruit or flavor you like and what color you like and pick one. I for one started out with a natural lip gloss. It was almost the same color as my lips but just a little more pink. Buy two or three and try some different colors. Ask the lady if she knows what color would look good with your eyes, hair, and skin tone, and try some samples to see what you like.

  371. Shaylynn

    Hey,Jen this “problem” your having,I can totally fix,the book you should pick is a Pops book.Like maginziens,so you could have less problem on your lip gloss.But if you don’t have any maginzies pick a book Addie might get,but get it first so people will think Addie copyed.And your lip gloss,pick a brand the Pops might get ok.

  372. Ally Whited

    My fav lip gloss color is light pink and you have to read the Twilight series, I did a project on it and got an A+:)!!!!

  373. Zoe

    You should get a pink lip gloss with a little shimmer thats my favorite. and you should read the twilight saga!

  374. Kealy

    Hi, My fav lip gloss is strawberry but I like to get really light pinks. As for the book I love the clique novels and The beacon street girls.

  375. Liana

    I love your books! I think you should read Life As We Knew It. It’s really good! For lipgloss you should pick vanilla. Anything vanilla is usually good!

  376. Jamie

    hey jenny sorry i am a little late :) lol well i think u should go for something u like to read like what types of books do u usually enjoy? as for ur lip gloss……….well i like the flavored kind cuz they smell good :p but i usually dont go with sparkles cuz i dont want to look like i am trying to stand out just plain gloss is plain but cool and u dont look like ur trying way to hard to look awesome well i guess that is all i have to say so see ya! and i hope this helps lol bye!

  377. Alissa :D

    Hai Jenny!
    Hm, i think i like the Lancome makeup selection but they’re pretty $$$. aside that…i think you shoud read Harry Potter or the Twilight series. :D -bestsellers!!- other lip gloss suggestion>> the cotten candy kind :D YUM. idk rlly…cuz im rlly an emo person. >:) twilight recommendation.
    Meh ;D

  378. ayriana aka:ak

    HEY JENNY!!!! first, why do you even want to wear lip gloss? If its to impress boys I totaly understand. But girls useally wear makeup to become popular, and I thought you did not want to become one of the poops(yeah i know I call the pops the poops)! But if you want to impress a boy get flavored lip gloss(try a flavor you can stand tasting all day!). second, you should a a book with a bunch of books in its series, I particulary like mystery books becuase you can take a lot of notes on them. or you could find a loop hole and read a magazine or comic, I don’t know?! anyways,Cya!
    ^,^ *,* T_T

  379. ap.

    idont really wear lipgloss because well the fad here is sorta chapstick but it is the opposite for you where you are s i would go with your favorite candy, drink or fruit those are always good.But about the books i really liked the clique books by lisi harrison they will make you look smart yet the are a enjoyable read for girls!!!

  380. Heylee

    hi Jenny,
    i think you would look great in a light pink glossy lip gloss nothing big but i like glossy.
    For your book hmm that is trickey…. well with your personality and everything i would go with…. the vanpire siter sereis. good luck!!!!!!!!!

  381. Hermione67

    You should ABSOLUTELY read Harry Potter!!! They are AWESOME!!! Oh, and for lip gloss, probably pink. I like the sparkles, too.

  382. Andie

    I think that you should get some glossy lips gloss. Just the normal kind that makes your lips look a little plumper. For books i Would Recommend Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I love twilight but since alot of people posted this, i got with Percy Jackson. He’s a regular boy who turns out to be a demigod! Which means one of his parents are a god! You know like greek mythology? Reading this you will get lots of action! Some romance alot more the deeper into the series you get, and you could learn a whole lot about mythology! They will make you sound smart because you’ll know alot about mythology which could be one of your classes, and you’ll get a kick out of the book. Hope this helps!

  383. Rosalie

    Hi, Jenny! I don’t wear lip gloss yet, but I think you should get a semi-sparkly one that’s a light bubblegum pink. It doesn’t need to be flavored, but it should taste okay so if you accidently swallow it, nothing major will happen. I love this book called “The Faerie Path”.

  384. amanda

    i think you should pick whatever u like!!! i personally luv YOUR books!!! and whatever your favorite flavor of fruit is then pick that… or try pink sparkly!!! luv sparkles and u!!!

  385. Brie

    My faveorite book is called The Boxcar Children. As for the lipgloss my favorite flavor is strawberry and cherry. Sometimes i wear clear lipgloss to school.

  386. Riley

    u shud get marshmallow lip smaker! it rocks! its my fave lip gloss ever!

  387. ally

    i like plain sparkly lip gloss it doesnt stand out to much and still makes your lips favoirte autor is ann m. martin ,her main street books and carlon b clonny the book wanted!!!

  388. Addiewilsonfan

    For lip gloss I love SPARKLES! It doesn’t show to much color and it makes your lips shine. For books, I love books like gossip girl and stuff like that. I think you should follow your style. If you want flavor lip gloss I have some advise from my BFF that you might not agree with: Don’t choose your favorite flavor. You end up biting you lips and licking it the whole day. I hope I been help to you.
    <3 Addiewilsonfan

  389. Mary

    Hey Jenny,
    With lip gloss I think you should start out with a clear shiny gloss then gradually move up to color and if you’re a risk taker like me move up to sparkly shiny and colorful.
    As for the books I suggest the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. Their romantic but also have action. You’ll cry at a certain part and squeal at another. Their very awesome.
    Your Friend,

  390. Maggie

    i really think u should do Percy Jackcon & the Olympus

  391. terry

    Hello Jenny!Sorry but I know nothing about lip gloss….wait,I do know that flavors like stawberry,cherry,watermelon,and cotton candy smell good and I know that colors like light pink are good.Also I like funny/romantic books but I say you should go with the clarice bean series by Lauren Child.

  392. kaitlyn

    Dear Jenny,
    I would reccomend for a book to read the Harry Potter series or the Series of Unfortunate Events. Hope you read one bye.

  393. rhiannon

    lucky you!ok…for the book problem,i suggest the percy jackson set.its a super funny might just enjoy it yourself!as for the lip gloss problem,as i’ve tested,the coloured ones NEVER color your lips.go for a flavoured one.but you have to try the watermelon!dont wear ones that smell(i speak from expreince.)they etract bugs.hope this helped!!!:-)

  394. Laura

    hey jenny for your lip gloss problem choose the one that taste candy for the book i suggest the percy jackson and the Olympian series and Allie finkles rules for girls.

  395. Meg

    OMG I have the same problems. I find it hard to make decisions. I have to record what I read at school, too. To start off, about your lip gloss situation…think about some of your favourite scents, and tastes…maybe that will help. Do you like sparkles? Now, about the books…My absolute favourite Books is DEFINITELY the Twilight series! They are thick, and good, which can help you cover both situations. And, it doesn’t matter how big a book is, as long as you enjoy it. Sometimes thin, childish looking books are actually really good! Maybe try reading different genres and pick ur fave! I also like Cornelia Funke. She is a good author! I hope I helped…and don’t worry…i have trouble making decisions, too!!

  396. Kendall

    Hi Jenny I love lip gloss that is pink or light red. But for books I would read the Twilight series they are some of the best books in the world.

  397. Demitria

    For lip-gloss, no glitter! The lighting would make them sparkly and stand out too much. Use a light tone. If you use dark you will look terrible. Been there, done that, don’t wanna go there again. For books, I suggest the Twilight series. I am almost done reading them too. It is a sweet story about a lonly girl who meets a handsome vampire. They fall in love but, he leaves her…then the rest, read to find out. Hope you use my advice. I’m not to good at it.

  398. dominique

    hey Jen
    first of all with the lip gloss i know how u feel there are WAY too many choices out there just to choose one. UGH PRESSURE.
    and about the book just chose something that intrest u thats on ur level. ask the libraian for seggestions and do ur best and u’ll do fine.
    lol good luck;)

  399. townsend

    I truly beleive that you should not wear lip gloss. I mean you dont want to turn into another addie. As for the books you should proboly read how I survived middle school that is the only book i really like.

  400. Kymberlee

    Hi Jenny,
    I’d prefer to read The Babysitting Wars by Mimi McCoy. It is so awesome. My fave lip gloss is Candy curl. I got before it stopped selling. I’m a major lip gloss owner. You rock.\m/
    Love your books,

  401. KAYLA!!!

    hey jenny read all ur bookz!!!
    love u girl!!! i think u should definetly get like watermelon or something (of course unless u r alergic 2 it!!)but for books do like where the red fern grows or something k!!
    ur’s truly

  402. Rosalie

    Hi Jenny!
    I think you should get one that’s flavored watermelon or strawberry or whatever tastes good to you. It could be sparkly, but not over-sparkly. Maybe it should be light pink to match you and it should be edible just in case you eat it. But try not to!

  403. Christine

    For lip gloss you should get a light or dark pink with sparcles. You shouls totally read the TWILIGHT SAGA. the best ever!!!!

  404. Larisa

    i really love the co bigelow lip gloss. its flavored like various sodas and has a minty taste, too. As for books, i love the harry potter series by jkr and the magyk series by angie sage. i love fantasy, and i also love the clique series. Hope this helps!

  405. Bubbles

    Hi Jenny,
    I like lip gloss that compliments your skin tone and your eyes. I would go with a sparkly pale pink or cherry red lip gloss. A couple of my favorite book series are: Heartland by Lauren Brooke, The Twilight Series, or Grim Hill. I have read either most or all of the books in the series. Good Luck!

  406. ana

    dont get the sparkly stuff i really like the molly moon series

  407. T.C

    Hey Jenny,
    If your gonna choose lip gloss,just go with a hiny one with fruity flavor!Less deciding!I CAN’T EVEN WEAR lip gloss yet! And try reading Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself by Judy Blume its a REALLY good book!

  408. Lauren

    Hi Jenny I think you should read the Harry potter series, boxcar children (easy to read mystry), but what takes your fansy? I like mystry, fantesy stuff to do about magic, dragons, witches, and wizards.

  409. jacquelyn

    ok to answer your first “help needed” situation I would suggest a light pink lip gloss. And I think that its better too have like alot of gloss, you know! Glossy! and I would suggest the book Room One by Andrew Clements ….. soooooooooooooooooooo good ! so yeah I hope you get some good ideas from your fans!

  410. maddy

    i luv skittles flavored yummy!! :) i also love twilight. go jacob!!

  411. Kaitlyn

    Well, my favorite book, is, “How I Survived Middle School”. I like all of the book series! The one i’m gonna read is, “How I Survived Middle School-I Heard A Rumor”. I hope it’s good. Now, on the lipstick, well, i don’t really have a favorite lipstick. I use chapstick, aslo. But, i think mabye cherry would look good on you. Comment if you can, please.

  412. Katey

    My favorite lip gloss is anything light and shimmery! I’d go with a shimmery peach or shimmery pale pink. And, about books, if you want to go with something you like but something impressive, try writing down a topic that interests you, then searching for it at your library. Then get the thickest book there is! If you don’t like the book you chose, try again!

  413. Katey

    I recomend the Liplicious brand of lip gloss from Bath & Body Works! Any flavor will do, but my favorites are Sheer Cherry Vanilla and Fresh Mulberry, which is shimmery. As far as books go, try Paint the Wind by Pam Munoz Ryan!

  414. gabs

    Hi jenny i so hate middle school.

  415. Arleen

    well i would go for the flavored lip gloss and you should chose the soda flavored and the book you should read is the tail of emily windsnap

  416. maureen

    Hey Jenny, I think you should pick a green,watermelon lip gloss because green is my fave color plus it’s the color of nature and cause i really like the taste of watermelon or you can choose anything you think is what your into.

  417. Bronwyn

    Hey Jenny! I think that you should pick a pretty pink lip gloss that has a little bit of sparkle. You should also pick a flavour like cotton candy or bubblegum. I have been wearing lip gloss since 5th grade and I think that those 2 flavours are awesome! Now onto the books. I think you should try reading the Nancy Drew series or Main Street. My fav authors are Carolyn Keen, Ann Martin and of course, Nancy Krulik! I hope you try my suggestions!
    P.S. I love your books so much! Can’t wait to read them all!

  418. Jennifer

    I don’t really like lip gloss. I’m a more of a Fall Out Boy and Green Day person then a Taylor Swift or Kelly Clarkson person. I think that dark eye make up is the best form of make-up, but I do like some bright red lip gloss. And if all else fails, go for clear. It’s prettier than you’d think.
    As for books…I’d go for 1) the twilight series 2) the clique series (the girls are mean but funny, and I love reading all about the fashions.) 3) Jellicoe Road (Note: this is VERY mature, if u get my drift.) 4) The Book Theif. It’s about the Holocaust in Germany and is one of those great, insightful books that changes your life. Those are my favorite books. Hope you like them.
    Pete Wentz is my hero. :)

  419. stupidbraces

    Hi Jenny! My favorite book series is the nancey drew book series. I like it so much because I’m into adventure suspense and all that other stuff.

  420. stupidbraces

    I also like the harry potter series.

  421. Lauren

    Hey Jenny,
    I think u should go with cotton candy lip gloss it is my fav just smells so good. A good book well i suggest the Secert Garden it is awesome and your book are so good to.

  422. Taylor

    my favorite book is The Black Sheep, its about this girl that hates her parents so she does this contest and moves across the US to live with a different family and be on reality tv show. she learned it wasnt the best thing but learned to get along with her parents oh and then she lives with this really hot guy name Mitch.
    fave lipgloss- watermelon, but i like a peach color. not pink but not brown in the middle!

  423. Jazel

    Well i used to read the Madison Finn series and i found those good, and also i read a book called We All Fall Down by Eric Walters. I couldn’t put that book down. But i don’t really reccomend reading other books from him. Its not that great. If your looking for a true story try underground to canada. You’ll like it. The beginning is kind of boring but in the end you get so into it. The last book i reccomend is a book called Holes. Its such an amazing book! Its also a book that you won’t be able to put down. Hope this helps

  424. Rene (french frie)

    well, 4 lip gloss i say… watermelon, stawberry, or cherry. im more into lipstick. u choose. ask ur friends too.
    as 4 books my fav is My fair Godmother. it has romance, adventure, comody, magic, friendship, and will leave u guessing whats gonna happen ’till the end!!!! i LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEDDDDDD IIIIIITTTTT!!!!!! i told ALL my friends to read it. and my sisters and cuzins!
    ive read it 6 times already. and it still makes me want to read it again!

  425. Geacie

    Hey Jenny! My favorite lip gloss HAS to be my vanilla lip smackers! mmmm ( it taste good too!)

  426. Stacy

    I think that you should get strawberry flavored lip gloss. My favorite series of books is the Magyk series by Angie Sage. It has at least 400 pages.

  427. Danelise

    my favorite lip gloss is hot pink sparkles and flavor strawberry

  428. tori

    Jenny, i think u should just get a simple clear sparkly gloss so u don’t look like ur trying to hard

  429. Lindsey

    Hi Jenny!!!!
    I have the same problem! But my favorite series are the Harry Potter’s. My favorite kind of lip gloss is all of the skittles all of them are so good or you can try making your own.
    Hope this helps!

  430. Kaitlyn

    Hey Jenny, You should continue to wear chapstick. I know you don’t like it, but it doesn’t make you look too showy, but it still makes you look cool. The “How I Survived Middle School” book series is the best! The author can really show off the main charecter’s feelings. (which is you) But, really, those series books are the best! Really, read ‘em.

  431. Karlie

    I say strawberry or watermelon flavores are the best and if you go for solid color i would try something your style like glossy or something and for the color either Dark faded pink or faded pink Or just go with your gut!!!
    I hate making decisions it’s so hard !!!
    Looking for a good book is hard but here are a few: Number The Stars or The Clearing or Where The Red Fern Grows or The Courtyard Cat!!!!! Have fun with a good book I can’t put my book down I’m reading it write now!!

  432. Sofia

    Hey Jnny , if you want my advice for lip gloss i would buy a lip gloss that has a sparkle to it and is a light color because people who wear dark lip glosses usually get caught by a teacher and are told to take it off .

  433. Becca

    Okay as far as lip gloss i like anything pink and has a good scent. Good Luck!
    Books oh I like Dear Dumb Diary books i also LOVE candy apple books and are addicted to your books!

  434. Addy

    I think you should go for cherry flavored lipgloss,it`s the best. Alot of the boys like me just for it! And I think you should go for the twilight series. It`s awesome! The books have at least two hundred pages and it`s really enjoyable!

  435. the best girl

    Dear Jenny,
    Oh that is easy my favrite lip gloss is bubble gum it smells so good and my favrite book is Nancy Drew And The Clue Crew i’m on my 8th bye bye

  436. Nina

    I have to say that my favorite lip gloss is a combination of sparkly and tasty…
    SMACKERS watermelon. My favorite author is Eva Ibottson and her book The Star of Kazan and Journey to the River Sea
    hope it helps!!!:)

  437. Mimi

    I think you should get sparkly, dark pink apple flavored lip gloss. Or whatever other fruit u like. Hope this helps!

  438. Breanna

    hey jenny,
    i believe that you should go witsparkly pink lip gloss that goes with everybodys lups and i think the best book to pick is How I survived middle school lol

  439. Ellie

    For the book thing i recommend the “How I survived Middle school” series! Awesome!

  440. Eva

    you should try the harry potter books they are fantiastic i like strawberry lip gloss that is pink with lots of sprakles in it

  441. Mikyla

    My favorite lip gloss is berry flavoured and my favorite book is the twilight saga

  442. Monica

    4 your lip gloss I would ether pick a clear shiny 1 or your fav type of flavor that they have. As for your book I would say that the “Madison Finn” series. It is about a girl going through middle school!! The author is Laura Dower! She is great! Good luck!!!





  445. Athena

    I don’t wear lip gloss, but you should read Percy Jackcon and Harry Potter. The book Troy is very good too. I wouldn’t reccomend Twilight, because I tried readind it and it was too boring. The characters were very alike to stereotypes that are about that group of people. So to summerize my comment, read Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Troy, but not Twilight.

  446. Athena

    Historical fiction is good to read. (If you haven’t noticed, I am a booklover!)

  447. Jennifer

    My fave books are Gone With the Wind (but that might take 2 long)
    and Airborn and its sequel Skybreaker. All very good books. A good series is the Charlie Bone books and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books.

  448. juliet

    wow jenny i have the same problem. for lib gloss try a light but shimmery shade but that is for u decide. u rock.

  449. : ) Alissa : )

    Jenny,im just like you,but i have to say my favorite lip gloss flavor is Dr.Pepper, you know the soda,my favorite type of brand is lip smackers.My favorite book is,well its a series but its called the 911 series there really cool!!!!!!
    - :) alissa:)

  450. N girl

    Hey Jenny,
    OMG, My mom lets me wear lip gloss anytime. I’m kinda surprised you just started, anyway. My lip gloss is purple, tastes like Skittles. It’s one of those mini lip gloss things with a key chain.
    My fave book is your “How I Survived Middle School Books”, but, I reccommend you read anything you’re interested in. Maybe realistic-fiction.
    ~ Love N girl
    p.s. Good luck!

  451. Dayna

    For the lipgloss, I would choose lemonade flavored. But I cant use lipgloss because of my braces, so im not too sure. Oh ya, and Marguax with an X is a great book!

  452. NatureGirly

    Try minty flavoured gloss. Also my favourite books are The Uglies series. :)

  453. eliz

    romace or comedy, then wear lip gloss that really sticks out. why wear it if you can’t see it? by the way romance is they best choice

  454. Destiny

    ok!!! The lip gloss thing, NO sparkles!!!flavored!! watermelon or kiwi!!! mediam pink!!! or a clear!!! or light brown!!! no dark colors!!! but the books i LOVE your so read your book and do a report on yours!!! or maybe find a series!!! like twilight!!! that is good!!! ummmm… i cant really think of anything else so!!! ttyl

  455. victoria

    i ussaly like the kind of lipstic/lipgloss is a shinny kind, not tht cheapy kind that has that ” last forevor” stuff! ick! get some signacher lipgloss that is gananted for shine.
    about the book, do you like romance? vampires? if you do; read ”Vampire Kisses” really GOOD!! thae auther is Ellen Schreiber. GOOD LUCK,

  456. victoria

    get that garented to last stuff, yeah, that i’ll work. i don’tlike to get that preppy girl suff, but me, a tottal gothic rock star, i like see through, or slightly collard lipgloss, thats really attractive.
    do u like romance? vampires? yes/no, if you do, get vampire kisses, the auther is ellan schreiber, but if you dont, i cant help you
    good luck,

  457. Sarah

    Ok well im only going to answer the last question, whats your favorite seiries? my fav is the Fairie Path seiries because its funny full of adventure and romance.

  458. Sree

    Well for the lip gloss I would recommend either coke flavor or bubblegum flavor. For the book series I have 2 suggestions, The Harry Potter series:The sorcerer’s ston=1, The chamber of secrets=2 the prisoner of azkaban=3,The goblet of fire=4, the orderof the pheonix=5, The half blood prince=6, The Deathly Hallows=7, all by J.k. Rowling or the Beacon Street Girls=there are so many books that I cant name them all. series by Annie Bryant. Or you could try the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series: The lighning theif=1, The Sea of monsters=2,The Tiatan’s curse=3, The battle of labyrinth=4, The last olympian. there are only five books.
    See ya

  459. ophelia

    heyyyyyyy omg when u typed this…hehe,It was my birthday and sadly my first day of 5th grade!What is so cool about my parents are that I can wear lip gloss anywhere but can’t have nail polish doesn’t that stink? I love to read all your new books!Anyway…… I am so like you! I’m a pop but I’m so kind. I love to hang out with everybody and I love candy apple books and defenitly How i survived middle school books!!!! My favorite lip gloss flavor is cotton candy from lipsmacker.Talk about delicious!!! I think you should totally make a book about first day at 7th grade! I think it will be a hit!

  460. ophelia

    sorry missed something…..
    xoxo lol ophelia,10

  461. ophelia

    My favorite lipgloss is cotton candy.Omg it’s totally weird that the day u wrote this it was my birthday and my first day of school!!!
    Anyway my favorite book is Matilda.I think you should write a book about Jenny’s first day of 7th grade,Nancy Krulik!!
    xoxo luv,Ophelia 10

  462. EMILY


  463. -Lucy

    Hi Jen! Ilove lip gloss. I even wear it to school somtimes. If I were you, I would choose one that is sparkly and hot hot pink.
    keep up the good work.
    Later Jen!

  464. Ivana

    I like the Lip Smackers Lip Sparkler in Vanilla Frosting. Or if you’re allowed to get REALLY expensive but REALLY good ones, try Mac Dazzleglass in Smile or Like Venus. Those are really, really good. BTW, the Vanilla Frosting is around $2, and the Dazzleglass is… well, $16-$18.
    As for books, go for Island of the Blue Dolphins.

  465. Carely

    Jenny.. I really don’t like sparkles on lip gloss. I just rather wear and sweet sparkly color with a nice scent. And OMG! I love the book question.. it’s all I do! I only read. Ok well not like 24/7. So I think you should look up the ”Twilight” series by Stephanie Mayer. But.. I know something even BETTER! Check out books by Mary Downing Hahn! The writes the absolute BEST horror books for kids :)

  466. Wendy

    Hi Jenny,
    I like a lightish color lipgloss.But i dont really like the sticky ones though.
    My favorite flavour hmmmm it strawberry or vanilla which are not too strong smelling stuff.
    My favourite book hmm i dont really have one actually i just choose one that looks interesting and the cover’s colorful. :)
    I think you should go for books about things you like. Like your friends. Maybe something on Student Government would be cool and impress your teacher since you are the President of six grade/
    Sorry i typed alot.
    I like to write and this is only my second comment.
    PS im a really big fan.

  467. *Tina*

    2 words ROAHD DAL (wait is that how to spell it?!?!)

  468. cheyenne

    i HATE lip gloss or anything that is close to makeup,but,if i have to wear lipgloss i wear one that u can barely see

  469. alli

    I think you should use something pink/red cause u don’t want people to think ur crazy if u pick out purple 4 the color. and flavored is the best cause if u get some in ur mouth it’ll taste good

  470. baleria

    read someone named Eva It so sad but a really great story about WW2

  471. Georgia

    I think you should try cotton candy flavored lip gloss or watermelon. as for the books, try reading something that seems interesting.

  472. Luna

    hi jenny for lipgloss try cherry with a red tint to it if you don’t like cherry try rassberry or orange. NO sparkles or your friends may think your a hypocrite.
    for a book try “leo and the lesser lion” or “call me hope” and my best (my 2nd fave after leo and the lesser lion!) the american girl book “changes for kristen”!! :) by Luna

  473. Julianna

    try orange for lipgloss i <3 it
    the for a book try leo and the lesser lion its great. or the accidental cheerleader or miss popularity. bye

  474. kursten

    i totally agree with u about the decision making im bad at it to its horrible

  475. talia

    well read twilight and get sparkly natual pink lip gloss that smells like strawberries

  476. anna

    You should read the Percy Jackson and The Olympians. It’s SUCH a good series! But only if you understand greek gods and goddesses. YOu know, Zeus, Poisiedon, Hades? It’s by RIck Riordan.

  477. regina

    i think you should pick strawberry flavor lip gloss.i have a lot of them at home all in strawberry flavor!then the book you should read are “Goosebumps” books they are the bomb i have read every book so far from that collection and i love to read!you would find me reading every day nonstop

  478. bamariley

    well my favorite lip gloss coler is a shiny,sparkle pink and the flavor is strawberry,cherry it all depends on ur fave flavor if u have 2 u can buy like even 5-10 thats what i usally do! & dont get 1 that retracts animals cause 1 time i was at this secret river on my land and i always bring my chapsticks and lipglosses in this make up bag and these squreills & chip munks ate every bit of it

  479. Chocolate

    Okay Jenny,
    The best lip gloss you should take is Vanilla Minty. I sya that becuase first of all it smalles like vanilla, second of all it gives your lip a nice shine.

  480. kk

    me too desion are hard i have the same problem every where but i love clear and brown lipgloss about the books read one of urs hello

  481. Elissa

    HEY Jenny!!
    OK I have 2 words for you. CHILL OUT!! I know choosing your first lip gloss is HARD but you don’t have to leave the makeup store EMPTY HANDED!! Go for a pink, maybe strawberry?? As for your book problem, can’t help you (sorry)
    <3 Your Biggest Fan <3

  482. Alexa

    First for the lipgloss thing, you should get a soft pink cotton candy flavor, it’s light and easy to wear and appliy and you will always feel like your at a carnival. well your lips will lol.
    And for the books you shoud try the HARRY POTTER series witch is my favorite, other than HOW I SURVIVED MIDDLE SCHOOL. good luck!

  483. purpleelephant123abc

    Hi Jenny!
    I love mango lip gloss! try the Candy Apple books! They’re the best!
    C U soon! P.S.- I love your books!

  484. Kaleish

    Hi Jenny!
    about the lip gloss. i love to wear light pink sort of colors, with a bit of sparkle. it would look realy pretty on you. about the book. i dont know if you’ve read the twilight books, but maybe you should read those. im just suggesting.

  485. Allie

    I think you need nuetral colors- light pink, clear, or pale brown. And a sparkly or shiny clear coat to go over that.

  486. ana

    if you’re a bad decision maker then maybe you should ask friends and family for opinions. for the lip gloss i think a coconut one would fit you because it has sparjles but does not look too sissy like and instead more casual and pretty. about the book you should try this series called the zodiac girls which i love and i know you will too. the lip gloss ain’t my fave but i do like it and you know what the best lip gloss might also be kiwi because it has a great smell/flavor but doesn’t look green it looks sort of natural pink and i doesn’t have too much sparkles which i think is very important because you’ll defenitely look pretty and down to earth at the same thime so that will make you stand out and addie super jealouse and green with envy.

  487. Elly

    oh yeah choosing one from plenty’z sucha hard thing to do….especially when it comes to makeups and books! Me, I just can’t buy stuff even with my money ’cause my mom don’t let me to. Plus, i don’t get my allowance….
    you’re lucky you can even BUY stuff, Jenny.

  488. KATrina

    my favorite book is my sister the vampire by Sienna Mercer it is a whole series it is very exciting to read books. my favorite color is blue. i like lipgloss with sparkles my favorite flavor is cotton candy
    Bye Jen you ROCK!!!!!!

  489. liah98

    Hi jenny first i want to say is your really awsome.And about the lipgloss i think you should choose the one that smells the best,looks the best, and the one that is glossey because it really catches someones eye

  490. someone

    hey jenny well with the book problem i cant really tell you wat books to pick or series wat kind of things do you like animals romantic comedy and do you like thick or books in the middle? thats all i can tell you

  491. someone

    well i think the best thing about a tv might be that u can go into ur room and not fight with ur parents about wat shows 2 watch or wat movies 2 watch

  492. katie

    I would really reccommend the twilight saga. its soooo great! and 4 lip gloss try something kinda dark kinda light for school save the dark stuff 4 party’s. also if u want flavored & its ur 1st time then you shud make shure that you buy a little tube or sumthing. that way if you dont like it you wont have wasted all of ur allowance! (trust me it sucks it mappened to me once! and it was like 12$!!!)always try different brands 2. sum r cheep and sum r really awsome! gud luck!

  493. Lauren

    The Madison Finn books are GREAT!!!

  494. anne

    hey jenny first of all 4 the lip gloss i like the ones that make ur lip shine and flavor candy,strawberry,cherry,and watermellon those r my all time favorates second of all 4 the book lets see since u wanna get a good grade and look smart i suggest u should get a harry potter book or a twilight book sinnce those book r big and fat u should at least read 1 hr a day i know that seems alot of reading but 2 tell u the truth u might actully finish the book a few days erlier
    ps i love ur books

  495. Kiana

    Hi jen,
    I like the twilight saga series, and I like strawberry lipgloss! Just like sadie… hey,sade, wanna be bff’s? tell me!

  496. anne

    hey jenny
    4 the lip gloss u should get 2 or 3 lip gloss i suggest u should get one that makes ur lips shine then 4 the flavor u should candy,strawberry,cherry,and watermellone 4 the colors u should get pink,red or tan thats what i would get im a seventh grader and im pretty much a girly-girl
    4 the book u should ask the librarian on the what books u should get or look at the section that u like if u like fary tales then go to the fiction other than that look at the back of the book and read it, it will tell u what the book is about i like reading and i pretty much get good grades on my english subject hope this helps
    ps i really love ur books

  497. Megan

    Hi Jenny!
    I’m a big fan.Are you into scarey books?Well if you are, read some Goosebumps for starters.When you’re done and you want scarier stories, read Fear Streets.By the way,blue is my fav color, but you should get red.Cherry or strawberry flavored!
    your friend,

  498. Lauren

    Hey Jenny! Srry this is SO late but anyways for the lip gloss dilemma you should try this : what is your favorite fruit or flavor? This well help you decide that problem. As for the book dilemma think about the books you have already read and who was the author? Maybe that author has other great books out! I like Nancy Krulik, Lauren Myracle and Stephenie Meyer the best. Good luck!

  499. Tessa

    To jenny,
    First of all i wear pink sparkly tinted lip gloss to school SOMETIMES. I think you should get a book something like your books. Because your books are the best!!!
    Tessa :p

  500. ali

    choose a naturak lip gloss with some
    for the book i say any book from the spiderwick chronicles or harry potter series

  501. brasilsoccer10

    You should try the Mysterious Benedict Society series. The books are really good. Maybe even Nancy Drew, and the candy apple books are good. Also Once Upon a Marigold is really good. Well I like lip gloss that brings out your lips, but looks pretty natural. I’d get a pale pink or if you want a bright pink depens on your hair, eyes, and skin color. Then let it dry and put a coat of clear lipgloss, but has sparkles in it. It will really catch everyone’s attention and you’ll look great. Also I’m a big fan of flavored lipgloss. Get like a strawberry or watermelon. Anything pink or red so it goes with your lips. NEVER GET ANYTHING BLUEBERRY BECAUSE I’LL TURN YOUR LIPS BLUE. BAD!!!! Also when you’re talking people think that’s cool when you smell fruity. Well that’s what my friend’s boyfriend told her, so I’m juding on that. Also I take a long time to decide too!!!!! It’s ok, but my parents think it’s a pain. Well hope you take my advice to heart.
    ps. Soccer ROX!!

  502. someone

    DO NOT i repeat DO NOT pick the twilight saga…..try the hungers games or the city of bones….night world….the 39 clues

  503. JohnnyDeppFan

    For lipgloss, get something that looks a little pink. I’m not a girly-girl, but when i have my bf around, i’d have my lipgloss ready, and when you lick it, you have a nice, fresh breath! Check out “The Penderwicks.” Really good! Or, “Coraline.”

  504. emily

    i have the same problem too i have tons of lip gloss i don’t know witch one to put on

  505. kaila

    hi jen! i absolutely would not choose ones with flavor! 2 reasons!!! THEY ACTUALLY TASTE BAD AND THEY ARE FOR LITTLE KIDS!!! the sparkly ones would be perfect for you cuz they would match you. YOU WOULD LOOK ADORABLE!!!! and especially better loooking than dorky Addie!!!!!!!!!!!! hope this helps you pick out the lip gloss!!

  506. sadie

    get bubblegum lipgloss and read mother daughter book club its a excellt book

  507. Kayla

    My brothers and sisters LOVE the books John R Erickson writes.

  508. Julia

    Hey, Jenny
    My favorite lip gloss is shiny vannila its not sparkle but its shiny and its smells SO GOOD! MY favorite book is A Candy Apple Book its all about girl stuff its the best they give you tips on a lot of stuff one book I read was Miss. Popularity Goes camping And how to be a girly girl in just ten days!
    Trust me Vannila shiny lip gloss is the best and candy apple books are the best!
    -Julia :D

  509. Jayla


  510. Sarah

    I love something pink or natural…and twilight is the best!:)

  511. finkle91014

    well first take a moment to think what interests you? is it facts, fantasy, history, or sports. if you can’t pick one make a list of all the subjects in reading you can think of then make a list and slowly cross out ones that don’t interest you. if you are still having trouble thenwith the ones you narrowed down do somthing like randomly put your finger on one while your eye’s are closed if you like what you have on the list you shouldn’t be upset with the outcome

  512. Snoopy

    Hi Jenny if you ask me for the lipstick thing I would go for the pale pink or apricot. With NO Sparkles because if you do people will defintely can see that you have lipstick on. I think lipstick is only for people to see how moist and what a pretty color your lips have. And now for the book I would pick the Unfortunete Events,b ut if you don’t like sad and scary (gross) books and try Princess Diaries Series it is love to die for!!

  513. ana

    You should read a book series called How to Survive Middle School. for lip gloss just get your favorite flavor in clear (I suggest Cotton Candy)

  514. kasey

    On the lipgloss thing,if you want to seem girly,choose the sparkles.if you want to seem like a tom boy,dont get any.but for you,i would choose a plain color.nothing thats too bright!and my favorite author is robin on the third book of the chasing yesterday series.the last book of the series!(no offence nancy)

  515. Zoe

    Hi Jenny, My fav lip gloss is vanilla sparkles lip smackers and my fav book is the candy apple series.Hope this helps.And when you make decision listen to your heart.

  516. Jenny

    Hi Jenny, whats up? I think you should pick a cherry color lip gloss. I think you should read the twilight saga. I read all of those books. Bye.

  517. mia

    hi jenny
    i think i might help your book problem try this book TWILIGHT it’s great t have read the 1st& 2nd book still on the 3rd

  518. lizzy

    Hi Jenny you should get pale pink lipstick and 4 a book i reccomend Harry potter

  519. Cloe

    Hey Jen!
    I’m not picky about lip gloss but my favorite book series’s are Percey Jackson and the Olypians, Main Street by Ann.M.Martin and the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyers. I like your sereis to.
    Love YA!

  520. Jenni

    I’d suggest the type of lip gloss that tastes good, unless you lick your lips too much. Only use a light layer if you’re nervous about standing out too much. My favorite lip gloss is a Vanilla-Coconut flavor, and you can actually taste a bit of cinnamon flavor too!!! Yum! Anyways, fantasy books are sooooo good! I recommend the authors Nancy Krulik, J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Cornelia Funke, Liz Kessler, Trenton Lee Stewart, and Pseudonymous Bosch. (BTW, Pseudonymous Bosch isn’t the author’s real name! Maybe u figured dat out) Hope this helps. Love, the next Nancy Krulik and your twin, Jenni

  521. Stephanie

    Well, for your lip gloss problem, i’d go with a sparkly redish one, but it’s your choice. As for the book thing, try a book by Jane Green, or Kenneth Oppel. They’re my fav authors.

  522. Isabellla

    For the books, I like The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer,also The Year the Swallows Came Early. For the lip gloss, use something that is as close to your lip color as you can get.

  523. Book Worm

    Hey Jenny,
    I’m a total book worm, so maybe i can help. The Twilight Saga, the Alice Series, Zen And The Art Of Faking It and The Hunger Games are all really good. But that’s want I like, You should pick something you like!
    For the lip gloss thing I think you should go with a light or clear colored lip gloss. I also like the flavored kind, but i sometimes lick it off. Just nothing to fancy.
    Hope this helps
    Book Worm (a.k.a Rachel)

  524. Sue

    I’d pick any pale orange lip gloss so as to not stand out and I’d choose any Bianca Bradbury books. She’s not very famous, but I heard of her because my uncle’s dating her granddaughter. I like all books except Twilight though.

  525. Yun

    I think you shoud pick thee Boxcar Chidren Series. Even though they are not diary is is very intresting

  526. Bryanna

    for lipgloss, sparkles are too much for me. get flavoured that kinda shines. but dont glob it on, it looks to fake. watermelon lipgloss is my fave!
    for books, ive read so many! i like the Twilight Saga, Bridge to Terebithia, Narnia Chronicles. My faves- Beacon Street Girls, Series of Unfortunate Events, Inheritance Series (Eragon), The Door Within Trilogy, and How I Survived Middle School. u may be familiar with the last one ;)

  527. Teyanna luvs lululemon!!

    Something that you might like will be Lip Smacker lip gloss. It comes in cute tubes and fun flavors, and it’s not too old or too girly.
    If you want to fit in with the Pops (which you probably don’t, but still), try lip gloss brands you might find at the drugstore, like Covergirl, Revlon, Maybelline, etc. Don’t go with the really flashy colors, try clear or beige or light pink.
    As for books,I really like the Clique series by Lisi Harrison and the Ashleys by Melissa de la Cruz.
    P.S: Luuuuuhv your books!!!

  528. hffffffdkdfkdsg

    I don’t like flavored lip gloss.I have tons of lip gloss.You should pick out a hot pink colored lip gloss.It should have hot pink colored sparkles.You should pick out a nonfictional diary of a biograghy called ”The Diary Of Anne Frank.”

  529. stephanie

    well, i would go with something natural for lip gloss, like red, sparkly, and cherry flavored. as for books, i recommend a Lord of the Rings book or a Narnia book (who doesn’t like books that are also movies, right?)
    p.s. do NOT get anything in blue for lip gloss because then it looks like you have hypothermia…

  530. eyzjae123

    this is the best website in the world but i do not like it some times but it is fun when u have nothing to do.

  531. kaykay

    dear jenny,
    to be honest i dont like lip gloss that much i like strwberry bublisious chapstick it smells amazing and for books i like horror avi or edgar allan poe
    later kaykay

  532. Delaney

    I really like coconut. I also like the BSG(Beacon Street Girls) book series.Try both of em’ out!!

  533. Delaney

    ps. you’re awesome!!

  534. Lissiedoll16

    Well jenny first thing for the lip gloss go with red, no sparkles, and peppermint flavored.second thingfor a book read the twilight seires.those are my fave books.

  535. naima

    My favorite lip gloss called Sparkly Pink. It’s light pink, and it sparkles! It has flavors too! My favorite is strawberry and vanilla they BOTH pink. Ang umm.. my favorite book is Dork Diaries. It’s about a girl named Nikki, whose a Non-pop girl. There’s this most popular girl at school named MacKenzie, who threaten her EVERYDAY. Even MacKenzie liked Nikki’s crush, too! It’s a lot of fun!

  536. Quentine

    Hey Jenny,
    I lovve the sparkly strawberry lip smackers lip gloss. you should try it.

  537. Chrisya

    I think you should buy the sparkle lip gloss. It also depends on the color you like. Maybe pink or purple. Or maybe also red. It’s the famous color that I know. As for the books, I read many kinds of books actually. The best book I’ve ever read is the magic tree house series books. It also have the website. It’s an adventure book. It will not cost much, but it’s a really famous books too. It’s very interesting even I couldn’t sleep at night to reading that book. It can be find in many places. Thanks. I hope this comment will help much.~BGU~

  538. Katey

    Hi, Jenny!
    My favorite lip gloss is the Liplicious brand from Bath & Body Works, either pink lemonade or pina colada. But, I also like Clinique’s VItamin C Lip Smoothie, in either Pink Me Up or Mangothon.
    As for books, I love the A Series of Unfortunate Events books, along with Twilight.

  539. sarah

    i love your books and maybe you should try reading ragweed its not to hard not to easy to read and is very funny. also, it is easy to keep a reading journal for!

  540. Sunshine_girl_3231

    For the books, most definitely Harry Potter. You will love it. I am sure. Also, the best color depends on the way it looks with your skin. Try putting different lip glosses up to by your lips.
    Have fun!
    (PS: Just FYI, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is the first one of the series.

  541. Sunshine_girl_3231

    Oh yeah, there’s also Maximum Ride, which is by James Patterson and is (quite literally) THE BOMB!! It is about kids with wings who escape from a lab where they got their wings. They are 98% avian (if your confused, that means they are 98% bird) and the other 2% human. It is really great. If they have it in your library, then you should definitely choose it.
    Hope I helped!

  542. Lauryn

    I love strawwberry and glittery lip gloss it’s flavored and it shines! It’s really awesome.You should try it. If you don’t like that, you could always try a vanilla kind, or just go with your favorite fruit! As for the book dilemma, you should read ” A Dog’s life ” it’s by Ann M. Martin. It’s about a dog named Squirrel who was born in a wheelbarrow along with his brother Bone. This book tells about Squirrel, Bone, and Moon and their adventures as strays. Ann M. Martin tells about births, deaths, and Squirrel’s whole life, from being born as a puppy named Squirrel to an old dog named Addie. Ann M. Martin sure can write a good story!

  543. RC

    Lipgloss: I dont think u should get a flavoured one or else you would use it as food, not as lipgloss! I like a shimmery reddish-pink colour of lipgloss.
    Book: I reccomend the mel beeby: Agent angel series. I love it! I reckon if you had to choose one, you should choose book number five, fogging over.

  544. Kathryn

    i kinda lyk cheery or vannila. no sparkles. and i lyk the twilght saga. the first is really good.

  545. Annie

    How I Surrvived Middle School (it’s all about you!) and get 7-up lip smackers lip gloss! You pucker and you taste 7-up!

  546. BigWheels

    hi jenny!i think you should read “Luv ya Bunches” ,which is a really good book.It’s by Lauren Myracle ,1 of my fav authors.Plus , it’s new so it’ll be easy to find at borders or something like that.My fav flavor is banana cream pie BTW

  547. Dziko

    Well First 4 the lipgloss i think u should pick somthing Strawberry Or Cherry flavored because when u kiss a boy your lips would be very juicy n tasty lol n for the book u should pick anything u think what would be very interesting 2 you
    my favorite book is Sassy-The Birthday Storm And Sassy-Little Sister Is NOT My Name By Sharon M. Draper

  548. doggynoodle

    a good book is the indian in the cupboard. it’s my fav., but it might be a little thin for you.
    i also enjoy the harry potter series and candy apple books.
    also ask your bffs about what you should read!
    good luck,

  549. Pugsley

    My favorite color lip gloss is pink or red,no sparkles just a little glimmer,and favorite flavor would soooo be chocolate.With the whole book thing I suggest u try Bill Wallace it’s not a series and the best book of his I like is No Dogs Allowed.His best books r about dogs,horses,and bears.Enjoy Bill Wallace.

  550. coolkat

    lip glosses that are good coke flavored or your flavor softdrink or fruit. As for the book Harry Potter or dolphin diaries

  551. goldengirl1

    Hey,Jenny!!!I think you should get a soft cotten candy sheer lip gloss,that’s what I like!
    You should read the “Ghost Stories” Nancy Drew book.It is made up of four really intresting short stories!
    or you could read,”September Surpiries” in the Main Street series.Or “Keeping Secrets”,which is also in the Main Street series.I read it…it was great!!!!!!
    Have fun reading!!!!!!

  552. Darina

    Hi! well, i think you should totally get sparkly pink, its nice, sparkly, and it looks fantastic!!!!I love your books, and, well, I know that Addie is a jerk now, but mabey you two somehow should get back together? Well, you WERE best freinds, thought!deep in your hearts somewhere mabey you two are still bffs?After all, she did help SOMETIMES!

  553. Makenna

    About the lip gloss i am no help.But revolving the books,i know every thing in that category. i am a huge book worm. The Twilight Saga is a great series but a few other books I like are Eleven,Twelve and Thirteen. It is a series and it is about a girl who thinks growing up is exciting.They are great books.

  554. Lilla

    I think you should choose sparkly strawberry lip gloss.As for your book I think you should choose from the Fantasy section.

  555. Catherine

    i might be able to help my favorite color is red i dont like sparkily lip gloss i do like flavored gloss though i like peppermint
    my favorite book is New Moon
    my favorite author is Stephine Meyer
    my favorite series is the Twilight series

  556. JAYBIRD

    WEN IT KUMZ TO LIPGLOZZ GET WATEVa smells good to u because the 1 wit da taste iz most of da time naste but u choose wateva book u interested in wateva u lyke da most

  557. Faith

    Okay,just chill Jenny.For the lip gloss,go for the non-sparkles,the color should be your favorite. Kelly green, right? Also, go for the flavor(cherry).As for the book problem, there is a book series called The Lightning Thief that would be perfect for you! It is my absolute favorite! The author is Rick Riordan. I think the series is so good, I’ve read it four times! You HAVE to read it.It’s thick but you’re looking for that. There you go. Problem solved. Bye Jenny!

  558. Gillian

    You should read harry potter,geronimo stilton or jane blonde.i read those type of books. -Gilli

  559. Claris

    Why don’t you try the tester lip gloss in the shop? It may help you decide. And you can always buy another one if you found something better after that.

  560. Kelsey

    The lip gloss I use is rose quarts

  561. Kelsey

    I think you should go with the Apple Candy books the books are awesome

  562. Leslie

    Hi Jenny! It is December and I am commenting for November! For your lipgloss problem, I suggest that you either choose your favorite fruit flavor or what looks best on you.
    For your book problem, I suggest read ¨How I Survived Middle School¨ or ¨Katie Kazoo Switcheroo¨ or¨Magic Tree House¨ or¨Nancy Drew¨

  563. gigglegirl

    i like purple. but defenitly NOT dark purple. that just looks freaky. maybe a light lilac color. no i dont like sparkles. it makes u look 2 girly(at least i think so) um,twilight is pretty good. i hope i helped!
    ps. u could read one of ur books! they rock

  564. Marissa

    Hey Jen!
    luv ur books! im going in2 6th grade but i cant wear lipstick. but i can wear lip gloss! flavored makes u lik it all off so i dont suggest that. i dont really think sparkly is good either because the pops will make of it. trust me. there are pops in my school. been there,done that. mabey a pastel pink?
    books? I liked ‘SNAP’by Alison McGhee. its short and simple.
    hope i helped
    luv u jenny! XOXOXO -Marissa

  565. kelsi

    My favorite lip gloss color is a shiny, light shade of pink. My favorite flavor is vanillalime. It tastes really good. I like Nancy Drew books and Harry Potter books. a Harry Potter book will probably take too long to read though. If you don’t like those, I also like Candy Apple books.

  566. Sarah

    I have decision problems too! But,I love flavored lip gloss!!!!!!!!! My favorite flavor has to be strawberry kiwi. My favorite book series is the Main Street series by Ann M. Martin.
    Good luck & i hope you try the books

  567. julia

    don’t make your lip gloss too poppy. go for pale pinks.flavored lip gloss rules!

  568. Karina

    my favorite lip gloss is well i dont have one but i got some like 9 days ago my favorite book is perfect and lush the author is natasha friend so thats all i have to say make a choice thought byebye ttyl

  569. julianna

    hi jenny
    for lipgloss try one to four colors you like if you think sparkles are cool
    then get ‘em i for one think they look to pop- ish if you know what i mean
    for books try “angus,thongs and full frontal snogging” if you are into ‘teenager’ like books i liked it!
    if you like historical fiction try “leo and the lesser lion” if regular books intrest you how about “miss popularity” trust me its not what you think!
    i really love your posts
    keep making more in the new year!
    love an hugs,

  570. Parise

    Hi Jenny.Hmm. Well, if you want the lip gloss to stand out you would probably want one with sparkles, and maybe a dark look. As for books, try Harry Potter. Its fun and pretty thick. And since so many people like Twilight you might want to try that.

  571. ////

    hey jenny. I love this lipgloss flavor winter vanilla. besides that, i love chocoholicks (chocolate flavor) and pearly pink. hope this helps!

  572. Vivi

    Try on the lip glosses on your fingertips. Pick the one u like best.
    Books, the Candy Apple series are SO good

  573. Shir

    U should do ur (your) report on any of the book TWILIGHT!!
    My sister read it and said it’s really good! I didn’t read but I saw the movie New Moon!
    IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  574. Lulu

    I personly think you should try the light pink sparkly lip gloss. Maybe try the City of Ember Triology! (Im on the 2nd book) its really good!
    i hope i helped!

  575. abbey

    hey i think i can help.first for lip gloss me and my friends all like different kinds we like mostly strawberry,vinilla and chocolate.And for books we all love TWILIGHT.hope this helps.

  576. alana

    Jenny I LOVE reading. My fav book series is 39 Clues and it’s not like any old book. My fav lip gloss color is maple sugar and I think you should buy strawberry kiwi.There both at Bath and Body Works. See Ya!

  577. angela

    you should read the kingdom of fantasy. its so good.
    try watermelon lipgloss with the sparkles. my freinds say it looks cute on me.

  578. Kat

    Hi Jenny,
    1,for the lip gloss,u might wanna try
    Vanilla flavor and a shimmery pink, but not too dark. just a light pink looks totally chic, otherwise just ask you friends what color they use!
    2,for the book, there is a really cool series called The Penderwiks and the other book is called The Penderwiks On Gardam Street. they sre soooooo cool,really!!!
    thanks, Kat xxx
    P.S Ur books are awesome!!

  579. Kat

    Double P.S I’m 11 1/2

  580. Haley

    4 words: Wings. by. Apprilynne. Pike. best book EVER!!!!!

  581. Cindi

    Hi Jenny!!!!
    I think that you should use a light pale pink lipgloss because that will look really good on you. And for the books, you should totally use “How I Survived Middle School” series! I love those books. I hope you write more.

  582. Meghan

    how could you be in gr. 6 or whatever grade and not have ever bought lip gloss.
    Anyways, instead of BUYING lipgloss, you should make some. just go to and search make your own lip gloss.
    I know, I have GRRRREAT advice…

  583. kayla

    my fave book is ice. it’s about a girl who lives in Antarctica and has to marry the polar bear king.
    it’s soooooooooo good!!!!!!!
    my favorite lip gloss flavor is straberry.

  584. briana

    My favorite lip gloss is tropical flavor

  585. briana

    My favorite books are all the harry potter books. i dont really like book number 2 because the hat doesnt sing like in the other books

  586. Hannah

    My fave lip gloss is either clear pineapple flavored lip gloss with silver sparkles or red lip gloss that’s dr.pepper flavored. I suggest that you read the Warrior Cat Series by Erin Hunter. Best books i’ve ever read! There are 24 books out right now in 4 diff series. And there are still alot more to come. Hope this helps Jenny.

  587. Erin*

    Lip gloss is the BEST THING EVER, I know! I love Vanilla Frosting. That’s my favorite. Also Pink Lemonade. Strawberry Kiwi is also okay. There is lots and lots of different kinds, so figure out YOUR favorite flavor and look for it in Lip gloss. Also, when it comes to books, I’m absolutely nutty. Just think about certain things you like. For instance I enjoy historical fiction and fantasy.

  588. Kate

    Hey jenny!!
    Ive heard about earlier the pops treating caroline like their slaves, so bad, But this is another case, AHH!
    If i were you i would wear a cool beanie or get makeup and put it on the top, But if its a hot day…….. well thats another matter!!

  589. Selena

    Hey Jenny,
    I used to work at a makeup counter at the mall for a summer job. So, because you have brown hair, i suggest you try red or shimmery pale pink lip gloss. Light purplish pink would also look good.
    I’m a bookworm by nature, (I read like a book every night!)You should pick a book according to your favorite genre. You should totally try the Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling(Fantasy) or the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan(Fantasy also, I’m a sucker for Fantasy). The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzzanne Collins(Sci-Fi/Romance) are also great titles.
    Selena M.

  590. LEAH<33333

    leah here and i justt wanna say tht i luv the school tips, they rock!!!!!!!!1
    thanks for the help!!!!
    LUV U,
    LEAH <3333

  591. LEAH<33333

    HELP ME!!!!!
    i have this totally awesome
    boyfriend and i think tht he might like another girl =(

  592. angelina

    Hi, Jenny
    i simply just love this book written by rior riodan. and ofcourse, your books,too. it is about greek mythologys. the 2nd generation.i hope you’d read this book. it is really interesting.

  593. GG Girl

    Okay, when your buying lip gloss you want something that realy brings out your lips!
    So,I am looking at a picture of you right now and your lips are a really pinkish color.
    So,I think a really soft pink would be good for you!
    TIP: You may want to buy a stick of lip moistourizor.(Just in case a SSSSSSOOOOOOO cute guy asks you to kiss him!)
    And if your ever looking for a lipliner I would reccomend a dark pink for you!
    Good Luck,
    GG Girl

  594. Veronica

    Jenny,you totally have confidence in yourself.I’m sure you can make it to ur dance without getting embarrased by Addie.Good luck dancing with Max.So happy 4 u 2!LOL

  595. Terri

    Hey Jenny~!
    Personally I’m a total Chapstick person,but thats me. For lipgloss, you should use the hollister types or just a normal pretty clear or pink that taste like mint (: It just has the right amount of sparkle and gloss! Perfect combination! So use chapstick and then layer it with some gloss, don’t over do it because you’ll look like a clown and the Pops will surely make fun of you.
    As for books i recommend Sarah Dessen Books, Harry Potter Series, Percy Jackson Series, Twilight Saga, Kate Brian books, or go to the bookstore and browse you’ll surely find something you like to read.:D
    Hope this helps

  596. natalee

    okay…just to let cha no…no one honestly wears lip gloss anymore. expecially not colored. try shiny chapstick like blistex or something. can’t help ya with books. i don’t read. try one thats kinda relates to you.

  597. hally

    hey janny never tell acrush you like him

  598. Tess

    you should read fiction so you can relate to your main character

  599. Sugarmagi

    I think u should use your favourite fruit for the lip gloss.You could also buy 2 or 3 lip gloss, one lip gloss one day.Then for the books,I kind of like reading adventure books.

  600. sophie

    hi Jenny, as 4 lipgloss my favorite is guava berry it tastes so yummy and I luv it, its also shimmery.
    as 4 books i think the hunger games series they rock
    (they will rock ur socks off)
    hee hee

  601. Jessica

    I’m not sure that I can help you by giving you my favorite series because I’m a big reader and love all different kinds of books. Especially books about you,Jenny!You should try the ‘Heartland series.’ My friend thinks they are great!!!!!!!
    Sorry that i am not being a good help but, hey, at least I tried,Right?

  602. araina

    first 4 the lipgloss. i have a tip 4 2 different types.a glossy,clear,and sparkly 1.then buy a flavored 1. choose something u think u
    really like. i prefer watermelon,vanilla,or a soda flav
    now 4 the book.if you like stories about the whitehouse,president lincoln,or ghosts this is totally a perfect book for u jenny.The Ghost,The White House And Me by judith st. george. hope this works.(and 4 other middle schoolers 2!)

  603. Daniel

    WOW!Thats a lot of stuff.And all that stuff inspired me.And i think that ill be able to help you with that beacuse i love books and i read books like your problem

  604. Lauren

    I LOVE strawberry flavored lip gloss!!!!! You know,you really dont know what kind of book you’re going to choose? do you have a favorite kind of genre you know fiction, biography, and non-fition.i hope you choose your book!
    good luck!

  605. Lauren

    i love strawberry flavored lip gloss. i would also choose the light pink sparkly ones!
    i really would choose a fiction book if i were you. my favorite book are the main street series. i know its your choice to choose your book. i hope i really did help you with choosing your book and lip gloss! good luck~

  606. Elise

    i love these tips <3

  607. Caitlyn

    im so fat that my friends arent even my friends any more i only have like 2 bffs so wut im10 yrs old and way 140lbs.!!!!!!WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  608. Caitlyn

    i like the flavored kind but it does make it lik it off ur lips go with the flavored kind Flavor: Grape but with sparkles

  609. Sara

    I think Judy Blumes BFF is a really good book it is really long. As a tip only read Twilight if you are into vampires and romance. ALso I love Cherry lipgloss or a light (but, not too light) pink.
    P.S. I LUV your books

  610. kaykay112

    dear jenny,
    As for the lipgloss i luv cherry with sparkles it adds a bit of pazzas. The books i would chose would be accidently fabulos, twilight series, spelling bee. or anything fiction.
    hopes this helpes!
    luv kaitlyn

  611. Nikki

    My favourite kind of book is Twillight(: Also my favourite lip gloss is strawberry.I think you should choose your favourite lip gloss :D

  612. jenny

    try peach ligloss it tast good and it s
    a really light pink that would look good
    with your tan and hair
    for book try theauthor nancy krulik
    love u jenny
    u rock

  613. :) happy

    You should get lemon and pomegranate lip gloss!!! it’s clear but smells super good and it won’t come off easily. it makes you look pretty without making it look like you’re trying 2 hard. o ya my favorite book is devon delainey and the “How I survived middle skool series!!!

  614. twinknb

    I read “Harry potter” and “Twilight” I love them both. [go team Edward!]

  615. Jessy

    Well, for the lip gloss, get something light, because that way it’s a more natural look and people won’t think that you even have make-up on. As for the book, all people talk about is Twilight, and I’ve read them both but T*Witches is SOOOO much better!! You should really read it. And they made it to a movie, but the book is SOOOO much better, and soooo different!!!

  616. destiny

    Hey jenny i’m destiny and i was wondering do your books have messages because i haven’t read them but they look cool.Kind of like tips.

  617. Madeline418

    Ok. First of all DON’T read Twilight! It is the worst book ever. Does a story about a VAMPIRE even sound interesting?!?!?!? I didn’t think so. Come on people they BITE peoples necks!

  618. Alicia

    My fav lip gloss is coconut, it taste good sometimes

  619. Marrissa

    For the lipgloss, do a light/dark pink and for the book, Harry Potter, Nacy Drew, Clique, or any thing BUT TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!

  620. Pablo

    I have a tv plasma HD in the room.

  621. Saphire

    Hey jenny!!!! try hot pink sparkly lip gloss or maybe cherry flavor. You should read the Maximum Ride books!!!!There r 5 but in march 2010 the 6th comes out!!! they r awesome about Max and the flock. They r awesome!!!! They have wings and can fly and have super powers!!!!!! P.s. Angel, Fang and Total r the best!!!!

  622. Joy

    Hi, Jenny
    I think you sould try a colour lip gloss that is a bit brighter that your lips or vannila. I love the beacon street girls books.

  623. crazycute12

    Hey Jenny,
    since u dont know wat lipgloss 2 buy
    do wat i do
    buy three then see wich 1 is better with the help of frends ofcourse. we dont need
    a repeat of wat happend in the girls room
    now do we?

  624. Allie

    Well on the lip gloss I like myself as the natural look. Make up just covers your beautifulness. I like reading the “Candy Apple Series”

  625. valerie

    I can totally understand. whenever I go ANYWHERE i have the worst time trying to pick something. As for the book, try to pick a topic that interests you. Do you like dogs? Ty a Bill Wallace story. Evil scientists and brave kids? Maximum Ride by James Patterson is the best pick. Geniuses, a girl dealing with her parent’s divorce, and a boy who flunks English and has to turn down an offer for a prestigious basketball camp for summer school? The Millicent Min trilogy, by Lisa Yee.Hope this helps.

  626. Aimee

    Hey Jenny!
    When it comes to lip gloss, you should NEVER go to far away from your natural
    lip color, or else it will be totally
    obvious that you’re wearing lip gloss.
    Find a color that’s just a little darker
    than you lips, with some shimmer or sparkle.
    When it comes to books, don’t listen to those girls. Twilight is NOT a good book. I would suggest reading historic fiction, because it’s interesting and makes you seem smart.

  627. HelpfulHannah

    like most of the other comments are saying try your favorite fruit flavor. Mine are strawberry and watermellon.Or you could get a clear or sparkly kind, just to start out.
    As for your book delimma.
    Try the Harry Potter Series, The Percy Jackson Series, The Series Of Unforuate Events,The Clique, and maybe How I survied Middle School series is pretty good.
    Hope this helps,

  628. Amber

    Well i think im a little late awnsering this. But i really recomend the twilight series. The movies are good too. I bet u will really like jacob. I kow i do. And the watermellon lip gloss us really good. You can try lip smakers.

  629. Madeline

    Hmmm Jenny for you Id go for a sparkly purple or sparkly pink for the lipgloss.And for the book I think you should read the candy apple series!Its alot like the book series you re in accept it dosent make you look conceited cause you re not in it! (no offense) :0

  630. rannaban

    purple sparkled andsprite flavoured at clairs

  631. rannaban

    and for a book i recomend how to survive middleschool

  632. Shirley

    Yo! Jenny!
    I think get a glossy lip gloss. I perfer Strawberry. Oh and for your book check out the Clique by Lisi Harrison. But if you don’t like it find a book you really really really really like and chose it.

  633. you and i

    i like apple with white cherry. It looks and tastes good to

  634. addie

    i like struberry lip gloss, oh and i LOVE the twilight saga!

  635. valerie

    for books, choose a genre you like best. Fantasy? try brandon mull. mystery? sir arthur conan doyle. and for lip gloss, choose your favorite fruit (mine’s watermelon) or dessert (hershey’s chocolate, vanilla cupcake, etc.) there’s even some soda flavors! (cherry pepsi) and a wide variety of color. dont worry about looking different. try to look for lip gloss that will bring out your best features, like your eyes or hair. also, you can wear your favorite flavor of chapstick and just put a clear lip gloss over it for some shine. hope this helps!

  636. Brittany

    I suggest you get some flavored lip gloss! I really like ones that taste like strawberry or vanilla! Here’s a hint: DON’T buy sparkly lip gloss; it’ll make you look like you’re overdoing your make-up and in my opinion in causes chapped lips! It’s also not too pretty on lips! And for books….well I’m not much of a big reader so you could try Middle Shool Survival….oh, nevermind I don’t think you can if you’re in the book. Um…oh yeah you can read the new Miles To Miles book. It’s Miley Cyrus bioograpiy and it’s really good. You should also try the book about Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato’s friendship. I don’t know what it’s called!

  637. Lily

    2 things for u! I luv the sparkly, shiny and glossy lip gloss!! I also like the Dave Berry books. Try them!

  638. Caiti

    Hey! I agree w/ basketballgirl22. Shimmery lip gloss is a go! I<3 shimmer! Alot of boys like it,too! *Wink,wink* If you want a showy kind of lip gloss,get a red.Not to bright,though.
    Books though,of course Percy Jackson series.They are amazing books and easy to relate to(other than mythical creatures!!).You need a wonderful book? I reccomend these!

  639. Amy

    Hi Jenny!
    Ok First things first:
    Lip Gloss Prob:Well,for your skin texture,you’ll look great with light pink!Pink is TOTALLY your shade.
    Book Prob:My fav book series are The Babysitters Club.Each book is about each babysitter and their clients.If you decide to read this book,you’ll need a head start.Choose “Kristy’s Great Idea”.It’s about this girl,Kristy,who’s parents are divorced and she has three other brothers.It was a hard time for Kristy’s mom ’cause it was hard to find babysitters to sit for her younger brother,David Michael.Then she gets an idea to start her own babysitting service.So she recruits her best friend,Mary Ann,and the others,Claudia and Stacy.This book is from Ann M. Martin.

  640. Remi

    I love lipgloss, though my mother doesn’t always like it when I wear it. I like the flavored and sparkly kind. I like grape,pineapple,cherry,apple,bananna
    and more. Coconut isn’t so good, in my opinion cause I despise coconuts deeply. :< ( I say MiddleSchoolSurvival books rock, so how about you get those, huh? ;)
    ~Rockin’ Remi~

  641. Chloe

    you should pick 5 lipglosses:orange(color) frutti tutti,a clear and sparkly,1 thats your fave color,1 thats your favorite flave,and a strawberry kind.i like a amazing days/abby hayes:super special 2,i like anne mazer and i like abby hayes.

  642. Chloe

    and actually agree with katie.i love the accidentally books my fave is accidentally famous,but watch out!fiona is a jerk!

  643. Chloe

    my fave lipglosses are sparkly,a light strawberry flave,and an orangy gold.i love lisa papedemitriou and anne mazer who write accidentally_(lp) and amazing days(am)

  644. Gabriella

    plain, maybe a bit of flaver lip gloss [no muss, no fuss!] as in the books, Harry potter is good. also the boxar children, also long comic books are great!

  645. raven

    If you see one that is like a light purple with sparkles I like that one AND for my favorite book is HOW TO SURVIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL!

  646. Emma

    Jenny my favorite kind of lip gloss is strawberry or pink without sparkles. For the book I like the twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I hope you picked out something good!:)

  647. GiGi

    I world suduest the book Kira Kira. It is a bit sad, but the events will be easy yo keep track of. As for lip gloss, pic the shade the is chosest to your lip color. Also do not get the one with sparkles. I looks a bit bold on some people.

  648. abbey

    hi jenny for starters it think you should get a narural colour of lip gloss you know like pink,light brown and red but not too dark.also i think yo should read the engish roses or suddenly supernatural.

  649. Talia

    CHEERY ROCKS. For books try The clique
    Addie is like Massie (the mean girl in the books) and theres a movie

  650. abster

    Hey Jenny!
    I really like the author Lauren Myrcle. She’s really good. As for lip gloss, I like Lipsmackers. They come in great flavors.
    I hope this helped!

  651. Emma

    OK so heres what you do:
    For the book take a recently red book that you loved. Go to the genre of that book. Pick the first book with an interesting cover, read the blurb. If its good then head STRAIGHT to the librayians desk. NO STOPPING!
    For the lip gloss what is your favorite dessert? If you dont have one….. pick the first good one you see…like the book!!!!!

  652. Fashionita pop in school

    i like middle school survival books
    lip gloss is hard with the flavors and textures and colors. i think you should get purple or pink, sparkly that smells good.
    (0) (0)

  653. Ashlee

    I love the Twilight Saga!!!!!!! They r the best!!!!!!!

  654. Harmanpreet

    for lip gloss. i suggest a pink and sparkly one.
    for books, my favorite author is judy blume. her books r funny

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