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August 13

D.C. You Soon!

it took me so long to blog, but I’m on vacation, and I couldn’t get on the
computer until now. My parents are pretty strict about how much computer time I
have when we’re taking a trip. At least this year they let me bring my laptop to
use when we’re in the hotel, which is almost never.

in Washington, D.C., right now. Today we visited the Washington Memorial, the
Jefferson Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. I’m kind of memorialed out, I
think. I also got to see the White House from the outside. It’s huge! I bet it
would be really fun to live in a place like that!

like going on vacations, but now that I’m in middle school, I feel like I have
to keep in touch with my friends at home as much as I can. I know they won’t
forget about me or anything, but I can’t help feeling left out of all the fun
they’re having back home. When I was in elementary school, I didn’t worry so
much about being left out when I was on vacation. But back then everyone hadn’t
split up into different groups the way they do in middle school. And of course,
there’s the fact that Addie dumped me while I was at sleepaway camp. I know my
new middle school friends would never do that to me. At least I think they
wouldn’t. But then again, I didn’t think Addie would either. So just in case,
I’ve been texting my friends whenever I can.

My parents HATE when I text on vacation,
so I have to hide it. So far I’ve only been caught once. My mom spotted me
texting Liza from the National Gallery instead of looking at the paintings, and
she was not happy about it. The funny thing is, I was texting Liza about the paintings.
I knew she would have loved that museum—or at least appreciated it a whole lot
more than I did. I get kind of tired in art museums after a while. But Liza is
an artist, and she loves museums. So I bought her a few postcards of some of my
favorite paintings.

you feel left out of what’s going on at home when you’re on vacation? Where are
you going on vacation this year? Are your parents as strict about computer time
and texting while you’re on vacation as mine are? Do you sneak your texting as
much as I do?

G2G. My mom and dad are bugging me to hurry up so we can visit another museum.
See, I told you I get very limited computer time when we’re on vacation. But
I’m definitely going to be logging on as much as I can. So please zap me a