Monthly Archives: July 2009

July 8

Crush Alert!

so I just found out the HUGEST secret! One of my friends has a major crush on
an eighth grader. I only found out because I saw her scribbling his name on one
of the pages of her notebook. I swore to her I wouldn’t tell anyone. And I’m definitely
keeping that promise. I’m not telling anyone which of my friends has the crush,
or who she’s crushing on.

think my friend’s crush is going to stay secret forever, mostly because she’s
not willing to let this guy know she likes him. She says she doesn’t want to
let him know because it would be way too embarrassing if he doesn’t like her
back. I totally understand how she feels. I can’t think of anything worse than
letting a boy know you like him and having him reject you. (Wait, there is one thing worse than
that—having the Pops find out that you like a guy who doesn’t like you back.
Now that would
be embarrassing! The Pops would make sure the whole school found

wish I could help my friend get this guy as her boyfriend. But since I’m sworn
to secrecy, I don’t think there’s much I can do. It’s not like I can just go up
to this guy (who is actually really cute, by the way) and tell him. I really
would like to help her though. Has this ever happened to you or one of your
friends? What did you do?