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June 8

The Long and Short of It

Have any of you ever argued with
your mom over clothes? I didn’t used to, but now it seems like every time I go
shopping with my mom, we get in a fight. Mostly it’s over how long (or short)
the clothes are; and that’s exactly what we argued about yesterday afternoon. I
was trying on skirts for school. I thought they were really cute. But my mother
insisted that every skirt I tried on was too short. And in the end, I didn’t
get anything!

not sure how to explain to my mom that everyone in school wears short skirts.
(Especially the Pops, not that I’m trying to be like them or anything.) If I
tell her everyone else is doing it, she’s sure to say no. She absolutely hates
when I say, “But everybody else is.” She usually says something like, “If
everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you jump, too?” Which is totally
beside the point.

so you know, it’s not like the skirts I was trying on were so short. In fact,
most of them were a lot longer than the ones Dana and Claire were wearing in
school today. They were just normal length skirts—at least normal for middle

how can I convince my mom to let me be a little stylish once in a while? Is it
even possible? Or should I just stick to wearing jeans for the rest of my life?

for all your help!