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May 8

School Scaredy Cat!

We are doing the coolest thing in
science class. We’re studying how roller coasters work. Okay, I know that
doesn’t sound particularly cool. But when you consider the fact that the entire
sixth grade is going to an amusement park next Wednesday to ride roller
coasters, it definitely rises on the coolness meter.

can’t wait to go to Seven Wonders Amusement Park! There are some really awesome
rides there, like the carousel, the frog hopper, and the bumper cars, all of
which are a lot of fun. But people don’t go to Seven Wonders for those rides.
They go for the roller coasters.

have lots of different kinds of roller coasters at Seven Wonders. There’s the
Coney Island Coaster, which is a wooden roller coaster that makes this wild clacking
noise when it climbs up the track. There’s the Lunatic Loop, which goes
completely upside-down…twice. And then there’s the Black Hole. That one’s my
favorite. It goes upside down three times and turns on its side almost
constantly. And the whole time you’re in total darkness!

just one bummer about next Wednesday’s trip. I don’t think Chloe’s going to
come. It turns out that my brave friend Chloe (she never has trouble standing
up to Addie, Dana, and the rest of the Pops) is a big chicken when it comes to
roller coasters. I tried to tell her that she doesn’t have to go on them. She
can go on the more mellow rides, or she can try to win a stuffed animal at some
of the games. But she doesn’t want to hear it.

think I know what’s bothering her. Even though Chloe acts like the Pops don’t
bother her when they make fun of her clothes, I know sometimes it bugs her. And
if the Pops figure out that Chloe is afraid of the roller coasters (and they will figure it
out—those girls can smell fear 100 miles away!), they’ll never let her live it
down. Chloe can tolerate being told that she’s not fashionable. What she can’t
tolerate is having the whole school knowing she’s afraid of something.
Especially because this time it would be true.

really hate the Pops. Even when they’re not actually doing anything, they still
manage to ruin everything. That’s because everyone else in school is always
trying so hard to wear something that will impress them, or say something
they’ll think is smart or funny. Deep down, we all want that Pop approval. Or
at the very least, we all want to avoid their cruel disapproval. I know it’s stupid to be
that way, but that’s the reality at our school. Is it like that at your school,

you guys have any ideas on how I can convince Chloe to come on the trip with
me? It would be such a bummer for her to miss out. And I know I’d have a lot
more fun with her than without her.

for your help.