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April 7

Advice Needed!

I’m a little stressed. Tomorrow is parent-teacher conference day in my school.
It should really be called parent-teacher-student
day, because my middle school makes us come to the conferences, too.
My teachers say this is a good thing because being at the conference lets us
talk about what we’re having the most trouble with and how we can fix the
problems. But I would really rather not have to go.

not that I’m doing poorly in school or anything. I’m pretty much a B or B+ student,
which isn’t so bad. What’s worrying me is that I’ve never been to one of these
conferences before, and I don’t know what to expect. Are my teachers going to
go through every grade on every test, paper, and homework assignment? I hope
not. I bring home most of my tests, but every now and then, I mess up on a pop
quiz, and I don’t see the point in bringing those to my parents’ attention.
Have you ever done something like that? I think everyone has. Except maybe my
friend Josh. He’s pretty much a genius, and I doubt he’s ever messed up on a
test or a quiz. Anyway, I don’t do that very often, but I still think my
parents would be kind of mad if they found out.

guess the hardest part is that it’s going to be three adults and me in the
room. I’m definitely going to be outnumbered. Not that my parents and my
teachers are the enemy or anything. It’s just that when grown-ups get together,
they sort of form a team, and I’m not part of that team. How can I be? I’m only
in sixth grade.

your school have conferences with the kids in the room? How did yours go? Is
there anything you think I should do or say when I’m there? I’ll take all the
advice I can get.