Monthly Archives: March 2009

March 5

Party Problem

Oh boy, do I have a problem. I’m
really hoping you guys can help me out, because I’m having a tough time with
this one.

I got an invitation to a party at Josh’s house. All my friends are going to be
there. It’s not his birthday or anything; it’s just a party he’s having because
March doesn’t have any major holidays, and it always seems to go on forever
without a break. I was really excited about the party, until my parents told me
that we have family friends coming to town that weekend.

friends, Jasper and Connie, are really nice people. My mom went to college with
Connie, so I’ve known them my whole life. They have a daughter, Melissa, who is
in fifth grade. She’s
the problem.

nice, and I don’t mind hanging out with her when it’s just her and me. But my
mom told me I couldn’t go to Josh’s party unless I brought Melissa with me, and
the thing is, Melissa’s still in elementary school! And even though she’s only
a year younger than I am, if I’ve learned one thing this year, it’s that
there’s a huge difference between being in middle school and elementary school.
Not only that, but I’ll be the only person Melissa knows at the party. That
means she’ll probably be glued to my side the whole time. I know that sounds cruel,
and I don’t mean to be. I’m just being honest.

really want to go to Josh’s party. But I don’t want to have to bring Melissa.
So I’m torn. Do I forget the party and just hang out with Melissa? Or do I go
to the party and bring her with me? What would you do?

Thanks for your help.