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January 8

Taking a Vacation from Myself

I had the best winter break this year! My parents took me out
West to this amazing ski resort. The snow was perfect and the trails were
amazing. Best of all, I finally learned how to snowboard. I had to take a lot
of lessons before I felt comfortable on the board, but there were some really
amazing instructors at the resort. Now I’m trying to convince my parents to buy
me my own snowboard for my birthday this year.

There were a lot of kids at the
resort, which always makes it a better vacation as far as I’m concerned. There
was this one girl, Larisa, who I got really friendly with. We’re both in sixth
grade, so we had a lot in common. We listen to the same music, and we watch the
same shows. We even read the same book in English class last marking period.

There was one big difference
between Larisa and me, though. I’m pretty sure she’s a Pop at her school—and
(as you know) I’m definitely not. Larisa never actually came out and said she
was a Pop (they never do that!), but there were a few telltale signs. For one
thing, she wore makeup, and pretty much the only sixth graders who wear makeup
are Pops. She also had this incredible camera phone, with a keyboard that slid
out from under the phone for text messaging. Only a Pop would have the latest
model of cell phone. After all, they’re the ones who set the trends.

So now you might be asking yourself what a Pop would be doing
hanging out with a non-Pop like me. I would be asking the same question, except
I know that I kind of let her believe that back at my school I was a Pop. It
wasn’t that hard to do. For starters, I asked my mom to buy me a pink-tinted
Chapstick in the gift shop at the resort. That made it look like I was wearing
lipstick. And I made sure to mention the names of makeup brands I’d overheard
Addie and her friends mention, because I figured those had to be the coolest
ones out right now. As for my clothes, I don’t usually have the newest styles
at school, but on the ski slopes I was totally up-to-date. I’d just gotten a
brand-new ski jacket for Christmas, so to Larisa it seemed like I always
wore the newest and coolest clothes. And whenever Larisa mentioned a scary
movie she’d gone to see with her older brother or her friends, I just said I
hadn’t seen it yet because I’d had a lot of tests to study for at school. (I
didn’t mention that my mom and dad never let me see movies like that.) As for
my phone, I just kept it hidden in my pocket. That way Larisa never saw that I
have one of those regular old boring phones you get for free when you sign up
for cell phone service.

When we left, Larisa and I
exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses. And we’ve been e-mailing back and
forth, which is a lot of fun. The only trouble is, now she’s saying she might
want to visit me sometime in my hometown. It would take a lot of planning,
since she lives pretty far away, but I’m not sure I want her to come anyway. Then
she would find out I’m not a Pop. How embarrassing would that be?

Have any of you guys ever done something
like I did—you know, sort of pretended to be someone you’re not? I’d be curious
to know if you, or any of your friends, ever got caught, and how you handled it
if you did.

Anyway, here’s wishing everyone a
really great 2009. I hope all your wishes come true!