Monthly Archives: October 2008

October 7

Hey. . .Over Here!

Hi there. Jenny here. Thanks for all the advice you gave me last month. I used a lot of your ideas to try to get my mom and dad to let me walk around the mall with some friends. I had long, heart-to-heart talks with them, I did extra chores, I made sure all my homework was done, and I even volunteered to call them every half hour on my cell phone. Unfortunately, they weren’t going for it. (Although my mom did say that maybe next year, when I’m in seventh grade, we could give it a try. Seventh grade. That’s so far away.) But there’s no sense in my whining about it. They’re not changing their minds. I know my parents.

Besides, these days I’m thinking about a whole lot more than a trip to the mall. The student council is planning our annual Halloween celebration. (Did I ever mention that I’m the sixth grade class president? Addie’s our vice president. I actually got more votes than she did in the election. How amazingly unbelievable is that?!) Anyway, usually our school has a big Halloween dance in October. From what the older kids in the student council tell me, the Halloween dance is really fun. There’s bobbing for apples, candy corn, cider, and a big costume contest where we give out prizes for funniest costume, most original costume, prettiest costume, and stuff like that.

But this year I saw in the paper that a nearby farm is having hayrides and bonfires all fall long. I thought it could be cool to have a Halloween hayride instead of a dance. We could still wear costumes, but we’d be outside instead of in the school cafeteria, and instead of having a band, we’d sing songs around the fire. So I brought the idea up at our last meeting.

Of course, Addie immediately said that she thought a Halloween hayride was a horrible idea. She said she wants to have a dance because it’s a school tradition, but frankly, I think she just wants to vote against me. Still, I have to admit that, besides the whole tradition thing, she did bring up a few good points at the meeting—like the fact that some people have hay fever, and that if it rains the whole idea will be a washout. She also said she thought the whole sing-around-the-campfire thing was totally lame. I disagree, of course, but she and I disagree on just about everything these days.

We’re going to be voting on which kind of celebration to have at our next meeting. I’m curious, which would you vote for—a Halloween Dance or a Halloween Hayride?