Monthly Archives: August 2008

August 4


I’ve got a problem. My dad just came home with three tickets for this Saturday’s baseball game. The game’s not the problem, though. I love going to the stadium, eating hot dogs, drinking soda, and cheering my team to victory. (Although at the moment . . . we’re in fourth place, so I’m not sure about the whole victory thing. ☹)

The problem is that third ticket.

You see, my mom can’t go to the game on Saturday. She has plans with my aunt that she can’t change. So my dad told me I could bring a friend to the game. That’s where the problem part comes in. Who do I bring?

If this were last year, there would have been no question about who to invite. I would have brought Addie Wilson, my former BFF. We used to do everything together. But now Addie and I aren’t BFFs at all. In fact, we’re not even Fs. We travel in completely different crowds.

The truth is, I don’t have a BFF this year. Instead I have a whole group of close friends—and they all love baseball. So the question is, which friend do I invite? I don’t want to insult anyone. I mean, I know my friend Felicia loves sports, but so does Rachel. And I’ve known both of them since kindergarten. Still, Felicia does tend to get mad if she thinks you’ve left her out of anything. (Remember when I blogged about going to the mall with Liza and not asking Felicia to come, too? She really bugged out that time.) But is that a reason to invite Felicia and not Rachel? Either way, I probably shouldn’t invite Josh, because he’s Felicia’s boyfriend, and that would definitely make her mad.

Last week my friend Chloe took me to the movies with her family. So does that mean I owe her this now? Chloe’s a lot of fun to hang out with, but there’s also our friend Sam, who just moved here from England and has probably never been to a real American baseball game. It would be so cool to be the one to introduce her to the game.

And that’s just my friends who are in sixth grade like me. I also have a bunch of friends who are seventh graders. There are the twins, Marilyn and Carolyn. Would it be strange to invite just one twin and not the other? Maybe they’d like to spend a day apart from each other for a change. But then which one should I ask? And there’s Marc, too. He’s really funny and great to be around. But I think it would seem weird to invite him to the game, because he’s a boy. I mean we’re just friends, but it would still seem a little strange, don’t you think? Luckily Liza is going to be at her grandparents’ house this weekend, so I don’t have to worry about upsetting her. Thank you, Liza!

Has this ever happened to any of you? Do you have any advice for me? I could really use the help!