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May 12

Flower Power!

Don’t you love class trips? I do. What’s not to love? For starters, you get out of school for a whole day—and it still counts as being in school. Second, you actually get to do some pretty cool stuff. Like today, for example – the whole sixth grade went to the botanical gardens. I think it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. There were flowers and trees from all over the world there. And because it’s spring, everything was in bloom. You could smell the flowers from the parking lot as we got off the bus.

Walking through the gardens, I felt like I was in the middle of a bouquet. Unfortunately, I shared this with my friends Chloe and Sam. Ordinarily, that wouldn’t have been a problem, since Chloe and Sam would have understood what I meant. The problem was that I didn’t know Addie Wilson and Dana Harrison were right behind me. For some reason, they thought what I said was ridiculous, and they didn’t let me live it down all day. Dana said I smelled like I was in the middle of a bouquet of stinkweed, and then she kept on calling me “Stinky.”

But I wasn’t about to let a couple of Pops pop my bubble! I had a great time despite them. (Okay, it wasn’t so much fun taking notes on the parts of a flower or on how pollination works, but the rest of the day was great.) After we toured the gardens, we had a picnic in a Japanese-style pagoda, surrounded by plants and flowers that were from Japan. And then we got to play Frisbee on a big lawn. That was especially fun because I’m pretty good at Frisbee, and Dana is definitely not. So my friends and I tossed the disc in her direction every time we could.

Tomorrow, I know things will be back to normal. But I am so glad that I had today. Sometimes you just have to take a break from your routine, you know?

What’s the best field trip you and your friends have ever taken?