Monthly Archives: April 2008

April 30


Okay, I admit it – I have spring fever in a big way. It’s getting harder and harder to do the things I’m supposed to do—like homework, for instance. It’s light outside after dinner now, and I’d love to be shooting hoops in Marc’s driveway or with my friend Chloe, walking her dog Bingo in the park. Instead I’m working on my history paper about the Great Wall of China and figuring out a page of math problems. I’ll bet you can see what I’m not exactly springing up to my room each evening to get to work.

Spring is my favorite season, because it’s when the whole world comes alive. The daffodils in my mom’s garden have just popped up. They look like little suns shining brightly all over the yard. (Can you tell we just worked on similes in my English class? LOL!) And I love not having to wear my ski jacket everywhere. I feel so much more relaxed without all the heavy sweaters, boots, scarves, and gloves I wore all winter.

Speaking of clothes . . . I’m working on convincing my mom to take me shopping today. I tried putting on my old jean jacket, and the sleeves practically stopped at my elbows. (Okay, so I didn’t grow that much since last year, but most of my spring stuff is really way too small.) Besides, all of the fashions have changed, and I don’t want to be out of style. Shopping isn’t just something the Pops love to do, you know. The mall is a meeting place for all middle schoolers. We all know that there’s nothing like a new shirt or pair of jeans to make surviving middle school in the springtime just a little easier.

How do you celebrate the arrival of spring?



April 29

Just Got Home a Few Minutes Ago…

Hey there, Jenny here! I just got home from camp a few minutes ago, and I raced right to the computer (well, not right to the computer. I played with my pet mice Sam and Cody first. I had to. I missed them so much. I think they missed me, too. No one else gives them as many treats as I do!) So far re-entry into civilization hasn't been too tough. My parents and I stopped at a really good diner for some real food on the way home. I don't think I've tasted a yummier cheeseburger in my whole life! What a change from camp food. (They don't call the camp cafeteria a messhall for nothing!)

Tomorrow is going to be so exciting! It's the sixth grade orientation at Joyce Kilmer Middle School. The new sixth graders who go to the orientation will get to meet the teachers and take a tour of the school building. They're going to give us a whole handbook to read, too. It's supposed to tell us all about going to middle school. I'm going to read every single page of that book so I'm totally prepared on the first day.

After the orientation my mom and dad are taking me shopping for school supplies. I want to pick them out really carefully. After all, these are middle school notebooks! They can't look babyish, you know? I wish I could call my best friend, Addie Wilson, and ask her to go shopping with us. Addie and I have always gotten matching notebooks and bookbags—ever since we were in first grade. But Addie's on vacation until the night before school starts. I really miss her. I wrote her a few times from camp, but she didn't get a chance to write back. I guess she got busy at the day camp she went to at the community center here in town. It's too bad Addie won't be at the orientation, but I’ll fill her in on everything when she gets home.

I'll bet your school starts soon, too. How are you getting ready for the big first day? Did you get your school supplies yet? What are you wearing the first day of school? I think I'm going to wear my sleepaway camp t-shirt. How cool will that be?