Monthly Archives: March 2008

March 14

Being Sick Stinks!

Hey there. Jenny here.

Okay, it’s Thursday, all of my friends are in school, and I’m stuck here in the house with a fever. Not that I miss my classes or the science quiz we were supposed to have today, but I do feel bad about not hanging out with my friends at lunch or in the halls between classes. And I can’t help but feel that I’m missing something really huge that’s going on.

Of course, if something big does happen, one of my friends will definitely let me know. So far, Chloe has sent me a text message between classes, just to let me know that Dana Harrison’s chair let out a really gross noise when she sat down, and the whole English class burst out laughing. I laughed just reading it. Dana thinks she’s so much better than the rest of us, and she tries to be the perfect Pop at all times.

I’m not expecting too many more texts until school lets out. We’re not really allowed to use our phones in school. Chloe took a huge chance texting me. If she’d been caught, her phone would have been taken away and her parents would have been called to come pick it up. Our principal is really strict that way.

Being sick does have its advantages, though. For one thing, my mom made me homemade chicken soup, which is delicious. And I also get to go on my favorite Web site (, natch!) as much as I want. This morning I took four quizzes before my head started hurting and I had to take a nap for a while. Don’t you hate how being sick can make you too tired to do anything fun?

Uh-oh. I hear my mom coming up the stairs again. That means it’s probably time for me to take my disgusting orange medicine. That stuff makes the school lunches seem like gourmet meals! But I have to take it if I ever want to get back to school, which I definitely do. So I’m going to sign off here.