Monthly Archives: December 2007

December 14

Report card time!

Hey there. Jenny here.

Wow! This has definitely been a crazy week at Joyce Kilmer Middle School. It’s the end of the semester, and that has everybody stressed out. It’s not that we have more work or tests or anything, it’s just that we know our report cards will be coming out soon, and that kind of freaks us out, know what I mean?

Report cards are going to be especially weird for us sixth graders. We’ve never had actual letter grades, like As, Bs, or Cs. The elementary schools in our area send out reports from the teachers, but they’re written in paragraphs, and there are these grids with places for check marks. The grids say things like: Hands in homework on time, works independently, participates in class discussions, respects others, and stuff like that. That way you and your parents have an idea of how you’re doing in school, but it’s not nearly as intense as getting a letter grade.

I think I’m doing okay, especially since it’s my first year in middle school. It took me a while to get used to moving all around the school all day, having different teachers for different classes, and juggling all my homework and projects and stuff. But now I love it. And besides, it feels good to switch classes every forty-five minutes – you get to see your friends in the hall, and move a little.

Speaking of grades, if I were grading my life in middle school so far, I’d have to say that it started out as a D- (it was no fun eating all by myself in a phone booth after Addie dumped me), but it’s now an A- (not perfect, but real close). I have lots of great new friends, I’m president of my class (I get extra credit points for beating Addie out for the job!), and I’m doing okay in all of my classes (I just got back an English pop quiz with a huge 95% written at the top of the page!). It took a while, but I guess you could say that I’m surviving middle school pretty well these days.

How are things going for you this school year?