Monthly Archives: November 2007

November 18

Sleepover Madness

Hey there. Jenny here.

Sorry about the lack of exclamation points, but I am too tired to exclaim anything. I just got back from a sleepover party at my friend Liza’s. I don’t actually know why they call them sleepovers, though. Nobody ever sleeps.

Sleeping’s no fun, anyway. What was fun were the games we played all night long. We started with a sleeping bag switch. Everyone put their sleeping bags on the floor. Then Liza left the room. Once she was gone, we all climbed into each other’s sleeping bags and zipped them all the way up. When Liza came back into the room, she had to guess who was in each sleeping bag. She got just about everybody right—except Marilyn and Carolyn. But that’s not completely her fault. They’re identical twins, and we can barely tell them apart when they’re not hiding in sleeping bags!

After that, we did a no-mirror makeover. That’s when you put makeup on without a mirror and have a fashion show. Man, you should have seen what we looked like! I had blush all over the right side of my face. And that was nothing compared to my friend Chloe, who had red, red lipstick on her lips and her teeth!

After all the games, we went downstairs and baked these amazing buttery chocolate chip bars and had milk shakes too. By that time, we were all too sugared-up to sleep a wink.

So today is definitely going to be a lazy Sunday. I’m thinking homework, a TV movie, and early to bed. Sounds perfect, huh? Well, except for the homework part, anyway.

Hope you had a great weekend, too.

November 1

Best Ever Halloween!

Hey, there!

Jenny here! I just had the best Halloween of my entire life! My school—Joyce Kilmer Middle School—had a Halloween party. It was so incredibly cool. There was blood-red punch with dry ice, so it looked like it was in a fog. There were bags of candy corn and chocolate bars everywhere, and a place where kids could dunk for apples. But I don’t want you to think the whole party was about food and drink. We also had the most amazing haunted house! It was set up by the student council. All of the class presidents and vice presidents—that’s Addie Wilson (VP) and me (President!) for the sixth grade—got to dress up like mummies, ghosts, and goblins. Then we leapt out at people as they walked through.

I had such a good time scaring the Pops! I was dressed as a vampire. I kept leaping out of the shadows, shouting "I want to drink your blood!" Dana Harrison was so flipped out, she spilled red punch all over her orange and black tiger costume! My friend Marc got the whole thing on film—he was recording the party for this movie he’s making about life in middle school.

I have to admit a few of my friends were kind of scared in the haunted house, too. You should have heard my friend Chloe shriek when Sandee Wind, who was dressed as a zombie, snuck up behind her in the dark. I would have been plenty scared, too, if it had been me. But since I’m on the student council, I was one of the scarers, not the scarees.

The costumes at the party were great. My friend Liza, who’s an incredibly artist, turned herself into a giant paint palette. And my friends Marilyn and Carolyn—who are identical twins—went to the party as a two-headed monster. My friend Rachel went as the Joker from the Batman movies (a perfect fit for her personality), and my friends Felicia and Josh went as two m&ms. Cute, huh?

The party was so much fun that I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. We’re having a dance. It’s going to be called the Turkey Trot!

Talk to you soon!