December 14, 2012

Zendaya Coleman Interview

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ZendayaZendaya Coleman Interview

You know Zendaya Coleman as Rocky on the Disney Channel show Shake It UpShe turned 16 on September 1, and her name means “to give thanks” in the southern African Shona language. I bet Zendaya is totally giving thanks for all the great things in her life so far! Read on to find out more about her. .

Q: What do you like about Shake It Up
Zendaya: I like the fact, especially this season that we are getting into real issues that teenage girls and families all over the world have to deal with. It’s really nice to see that Rocky and CeCe are not perfect; they have problems. They go through the same things that everyone else goes through and they have to deal with them. I like that it makes our characters real and more relatable to everyone out there.

Q: What is Davis Cleveland [who plays Flynn] like in real life? 
Zendaya: He’s hilarious. He is just like that character. Honestly, I’m 100% convinced that he is not 10 years old. There is, like, a little 30-year-old man stuck inside of him. (Laughs) I hang out with him like a teenager and any of my other friends. He is so smart. He is so beyond his years and it’s actually pretty astounding to me. I love being around him because he is such a cool kid!

Q: You and Bella Thorne [who plays CeCe] did a song in the fashion video (“Fashion Is My Kryptonite”) where you act like models. Did you like wearing all those clothes? 
Zendaya: I loved it. I’m a tomboy honestly and I hate wearing dresses. I’m like, “Ugh I’d rather stay home and be in sweatpants all day,” but I love girly stuff, so it’s kind of weird. I have my girly moments and I have my tomboy moments. That was definitely a girly moment of mine where I was like, “I feel fabulous!” I was just twirling around and having a great time.

Q: Are you recognized more now when you out? 
Zendaya: Oh yeah, definitely. I love it. I love meeting my fans. That’s the best part. I actually have a lot of fun fan encounters. There have been times when I’ve been at amusements parks and kids cry. It’s amazing. Every encounter with a fan is special. Every single fan is special. I always try my best to see as many as possible even when I’m trying to rush somewhere I stop and make sure I do that. They are why I have my job and why I’m able to do it.

Q: What is your favorite book?
Zendaya: So Be It by Sarah Weeks. I just love that book. I remember reading it in the 5th grade and I didn’t want it to end. I think it was the first time that I re-read a book. I really wanted to read it again.

Q: What are you reading now?
Zendaya: Right now, for school I’m reading A Separate Peace (for ages 12 and up). It’s a school book. Actually I thought it was going to be really boring. You know school books. . . ah, school books have nothing to do with real life, but it’s actually really interesting. It has some neat subjects and I love books that are really deep and have a real meaning to them.

She’s an amazing actress and dancer AND she has great taste in books. I would love to meet her! How about you? Leave a Comment.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Interview by Sue Schneider
Photos courtesy Disney Channel

  1. SK8ER63

    I also love your songs and I love it when your on the show shake it up. But what I love most about you, is when you play on the new show K.C Undercover.

  2. Mighty Man67

    I love how you act on shake it up. You and Bella make a great team together! I like the way you dance!

  3. Anonymous

    I love zendaya! She’s like my super hero. I kind of look like her too. I love her songs My Baby and Replay. And any other song she has written. She can dance like nobody’s business and she is beautiful.
    She’s so spunky and fresh. I just love that girl!

  4. mya


  5. cheerfulpink324

    hey i’m the same way i would read a book over and over because it AMAZING

  6. blackblack7455

    i just love zendaya
    and she is a great dancer
    and i hope she keepes
    love and app blackblack7455

  7. Syd

    I love your dancing. I am 8 years old.I watch Shake It Up on Disney channel.Somtimes i watch it on demand

  8. ashley

    ohemgheeee rockie! Im am lik ur BIGEST fanN!!111!! I acant tell u howw much i love you’re show!

  9. Ashley

    Lyke owhh emm ghee! This is lyke totaly awsome! Shake it up is like so coll i can not even tel u how obsested i am with it. i like my cat. momie said to nayme it something else but i said no momie no no.

  10. chantanyce

    i loved you bio that you wrote. it puts me in a mood right to watch it now. i love your show. it is so funny

  11. AP


  12. dancingbutterfly283

    i love zendaya we really have alot in commom like books,tom boy and girly girl moments but inside of her she is wery interesting i wish i could meeet her.

  13. Ayamey

    i like how she is and how she dances bella and zendaya do the show and how they act in it zendaya you ara a butiful singer:D

  14. jadejade478

    I love u zendaya bella.You are wonderful dance. Do you know that i can dance to i know ever move and step you do if you go fast as dance i will catch up keep dance.

  15. Rhiannon

    I love you zendaya you are just so beautiful no matter what happens you are still the most beautiful and wonderful girl I know and so is bella thorne

  16. cassidy

    i think what you said was very good i dance to just like you do and i would love to work with you one day i am going to domake your mark and i hope i get to meet you it would be a dream come true i know there are a lot of dancers but i want to win so bad

  17. Angel

    Your’re soooo cool zendaya u and bella r really good dancers i didnt know how to dance at first but i watch ur show i love disneychannel and shakeitup and u guys really taught me how to dance well through ur show

  18. nathan

    i love you zendaya..and your show…i know its weird that i watch your show and im a boy in 5th grade..but its like i can trust you with this more than anyone…thanks for listening…i know i shouldnt say this cause then the whole world will kn ow but i watch barbie and dora..thanks for listening:)

  19. LOLprettyrock

    I really really love Shake It Up it is like most times I’m like Rocky.Then I’m like Cece.This season I was really hoping Georgia would still be with Jarmia because they really looked like a good couple.But if Jarmia comes back on the show I hope they get back together.Well I think that Rocky and Lil’ Sckooter should go out and that they make a good couple.Well I hope to see more of Shake it up Chicago.Oh and Congrats Rocky on geting back on Shake it up Chicago and congrats to you to Ty.

  20. sapphirebrownies11

    OMG! Zendaya is really cool. I hope Shake it Up would have it’s own movie!=)

  21. tiffany

    hi i love you so much and would it be okay if i ask you to write me back because you never do

  22. Brynna

    Love Zendaya she is my role modle, she inspired me to dance. I wish I could meet Zendaya!! Stacks should make alot of shake it up games!?!?

  23. pretty girl got swagg

    Hey Zendaya your so awesome! I love to watch shake it up. I only like 3 people you, Bella, And Tye. He is so cute. OH and i need fashion advice.

  24. beautiful blue

    I think rocky and CeCe are really talented. they are very lucky to have the ability to move like that. both of you are my favorite disney stars. Shake it up is a very humorous show. I wish I could learn to dance like you.

  25. pretty girl got swagg

    I really need free dance lessions because people pick on me at school because the way i dance and i only dance to hip hop music.

  26. IvoryJade65

    Zendaya I love your pretty smile are you from africa your pretty I love the way you dance tell cece cece’s mom your mom and dad the host of shake it up on shake it up

  27. rubyrainbow24

    Zendaya, I soooo wish I could meet u. Just like dark said: you are beautiful both inside and out.

  28. trampoline7 april 7,2013 at 3;38 pm

    Zendaya i love you`r show. you are so cute. i love you.Do you have a dog.

  29. shayla

    wow it dosent surprise me that zendaya is a tomboy at some moments i too am a tomboy but i have my girly moments i dont watch shake it up all the time but i do like rocky and cece because they’re beautiful girls and are very talented

  30. aine1d

    I luv you Zendaya,
    And I luv you on Shake It Up Dancing.
    And Il uv your friend Bella Thorne (Cece).

  31. sweetcakes2003

    I like Rocky’s character a little bit more than CeCe but I am not trying to be mean to CeCe :) ?

  32. sweetcakes2003

    I love watching shake it up because Rocky and CeCe are great characters in shake it up and I just wanted to say I love you Rocky and CeCe! I hope Rocky CeCe enjoy famous life!Keep making all those songs yall can do it!I love you Rocky and CeCe!

  33. laptopfashionista10

    I luv their outfits sooo much! I wish I can pull off wearing those. I had the song ttyl xox in my head for a month btw. me and zendaya have the same taste in books 2. I really liked so be it and I luvvvv romance since it’s so deep (;

  34. Rosallind

    you uys are awsome do your best on shake it up i love you guy take good care of tinka

  35. corey m.

    I love the show but I love the epesode that they watch themselfs and they are not happy at what the peaple that made them look bad did!

  36. abigail


  37. purplecake394

    I absolutely love love love love love LOVE to dance. When I dance and sing I feel like I’m at home and right at place and that I fit in and that I forget about all of my problems. I want to say thanks for the inspiration!

  38. EnergeticFairy13

    First of all, love Zendaya. And second, please do an interview with Selena Gomez and ask about her new album!

  39. opalgiggly1

    i never knew that so many people knew about this website. this website could be the next big thing

  40. chocolatecherries25

    I love Shake It Up. I was so excited when i saw that STACKS was interviewing you. Zendaya is a beautiful name and I it is cool that it means to give thanks it defiantly suits you. I also don’t like to wear dresses but if I find one that I really like I love to wear it. by the way you are my inspiration!!! Zendaya Coleman ROCKS !!!!

  41. aquaart1269

    I like the shake it up show i like when they be over there dancing and they even did there own to songs and dance to it on shake it up i like Zendaya and Bella Thorne.

  42. ambergigantic7

    I so adore Bella and Zendaya’s outfits. They always look fresh everytime and they have good dancing (Its not like Ross Lynch’s moves. They are so chrographed.)

  43. carameldog41

    She is very nice. I wish I could meet her. That would be very cool.I love her name it is a very pretty name.I wish I was on that show with her.I love to dance.i hope I get to meet her one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. ghostblue21

    Wow I LOVE Shake it Up it’s like my favorite show! And Zendaya is a really inspiring person and I really wish more people could be like that. Then the world would be a much better place; there would be less fighting, more reasoning, and all-in-all, more peace.

  45. ashley

    you seem so nice you inspier me. I have ben dancing as long as i have learned how to walk. you are so kind to stop just for your fans . I am a huge fan

  46. RE 100

    I am a 10 year old girl and I love you on shake it up.I cind of dance like you.I be its amazing to be a super star.You are an amazing dancer. Are the moves hard?You are the best dancer I ever saw.I hava seen more great dancer but you are the one that I can dance to on tv.

  47. blueipod192

    Cece and Zendaya i wish i was yall sisters cuz your show makes me feel like im at home all the time.Love yall.

  48. jgal101

    zendaya sounds like a girl who i would want to be best friends with!! I just think it’s odd that she likes A Separate Piece-i just read it in school and its not that good.

  49. sunshineaqua39

    omg lol i love shake it up ppppppp i wacth ittt alll daayyy even at night i stay awke 2 c it lllooolll awsome omg lol

  50. pinkfashion770

    OMG, I love your character on Shake It Up. I think that she’s really sincere and down to the earth, she dresses very nicely, and most of all: girl you know you be rippen up the dance floor.

  51. Abbi

    Hey, If u really get to read this, I love ur show, and I think ur a great dancer. I wish I could dance like that! I’m a horseback rider, but I don’t know if you really care.

  52. Patricia

    I love you Zendaya and u are my role model I especially love how u have not changed yourself because you are famous you are still you.

  53. cleverclue11

    You are alike to me in so many ways. i dont like dresses and am sort of a tomboy but there are some moments (very few) when I actually like wearing dresses. i love books with plethora of topics though.p.s. i love your show

  54. misary

    ZENDAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry got carryed away your awsome

  55. Ariana

    i never knew that.i feel so stupid right now but i thing belle thorne and zendaya are both pretty and good on there show.

  56. Miciah

    I am a tomboy also and i love shake it up zendaya i love both yours and bellas dancing i love to dance because of you! I wish I could meet you!

  57. pinkcupcake482

    Im kind of a tomboy 2. I love shake it up… I wish my name meant faith. my name means victory.

  58. pinkpuppy220

    Her dog is Midnight, a giant schnauzer. MY DOG is a Mini Schnauzer. GOtta love those bearded dogs! ;) Anyway, she is so down to earth and normal, unlike other stars. GO ZENDAYA!

  59. melissa

    lol i am a tomboy i love the book so be it is like me and her are related.i like deep books too plus i have a bff just like cece who sings ttylxox while i sing zendayas song(i forgot the name of the song)lol lol!i wish i could meet zendaya but i cant because zendaya live miles away from me.(crys)so anyways zendaya i love you!

  60. marcellas

    what up superstar on Disney channel and tell Bella Thorne I said wat up you to rock stars on Shake it up.

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