August 9, 2010

Writing Prompt: Your Dream House

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OK, you know how fairy tales all have morals, like don't talk to strangers ("Little Red Riding Hood"), or don't make up dramatic stories to get attention ("The Boy Who Cried Wolf")? Well, I don't really get the moral of "The Three Little Pigs." The pig that built his house with bricks didn't get eaten by the wolf, but what are WE supposed to do? It's not like we can choose what our houses are made of . . . but . . . what if we could?! Who would choose bricks?

Today's Writing Prompt comes from goofball of fun girl on the Reading Buzz Board.

"If you could have your house made out of anything, what would it be or what various things would it be? Mine would be jello 'n Dr.Pepper."

Hmm, interesting question. Mine would be mint chocolate chip ice cream with a hard chocolate shell on top that never melts, and solar panels for energy efficiency. And the floor would be made of books that I want to read, so all I have to do when I need a new book is pick one up off the floor. I'd also have a jello trampoline in the back yard and a chocolate pond with cupcakes floating in it. And my cats would have beds made out of tuna fish.

How about you? What's your dream house? Have fun with it, and let me know what you come up in the Comments!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. werewolfcat5

    My dream house would be made out of metal.Then nobody would be able to climb or blow (if that happens) my house.

  2. deniquas bff

    my dream house would be made with white pearls and maybe a kardashian house with me and jaden smith well i dont know

  3. camoshark896

    It would be purple and black bricked.OH YEAH!A pool of Mountain Dew!ohh.couches of Marshmellows!A video game room with psps ps2 ps3 xbox360 ds dsi and a Wii! oh ya I went there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chickenpox914

    I would make my house out of water proof books and hope it won’t collapse when i want to read one in the wall…

  5. pottercrazy407

    I would make mine out of lasagna (I know, total Garfield, but it’s good!), Harry Potter books, chocolate pie, french fries, other favorite books, and posters of Harry Potter.(As you can see, I like Harry Potter)

  6. tre99

    i would make mines out of oreo icecreme the only way to get up stairs is to take the boundiest trampoline in the would have different trampolines for different floors.i would a arcade room. a pool.everything would be in my dream house.

  7. absolutespirit

    the floor of my house would be of glass n the walls too.then,i’d like to have a huge library with all my fav books,as well as a kitchen filled with everything i love to eat.there’d be a big garden with tame rabbits and a horse.i don’t wish to have any kind of insect in my garden.i would have my dream room which is too long to describe here,and just next to it,my best friends room!:-)
    forgot to mention,a swimming pool too!

  8. brooke k

    my dream house would be a mansion in California. I would a library bigger than the libary of congress.



  10. calsngrl

    I’d live in a house with floors made of books, walls covered in interresting newspaper articles, and ceilings covered in pics of people I love. In the backyard I would have lots of different types of fruit and veggie trees and a huge vegetable garden.

  11. 2010musican

    Mine would be musical.All the walls will have lyrics and the bed would have all my favorite singers on them!

  12. lollypopdance

    Mine would be completely green. Literally, it would look like the earth on the outside. With green walls and blue water painted on it. Then on the inside, the floors would be grass, not the fake kind, but it has no bugs or dirt in it. My office desk is made of reference books, so if I need to look something up, it’s right there! The walls of that room would be a map of the world. Oh yeah, the ceilings would be plaster, but would have the sky painted on it. My bed room would have the sunset painted on one wall, the sun rise on another wall, and then them again. My bed would be made of recycled cans, (yes there’s fabric made from cans!!!) that is JUST RIGHT for me. I would have a HUGE recycling bin, one for each material. My walk in closet would look like a cave. My living room would be a winter night in black and white picture mode. The couch made of recycled cans too. The carpet in that room is made to look like snow. But yet, is warm! My kitchen is a sunset beach and is always cool. Even in the winter. The kitchen has a shaggy carpet that is the color of sand and the shag materials are recycled too. The ovens are eco friendly and so is the washing machines fridge and so on. The ceiling fans look like clouds. The bathroom is painted to look like a sunny day, my hot tub that can fit 2 people, but the water is CLEAN recycled water. The faucet for the sink and bath look like huge raindrops. The shower is big and again, recycled water. The toilet is eco friendly too. The guest room is of a water fall -Niagara Falls. I have a sound affecter that makes it sound like it is rushing. And the bed is a water bed that is eco friendly. Also, my green house in side the house is filled with all round season plants that I grow and raise in my house. So every month or I change the plants in my house. THEN last but not least, my swimming pool room, he biggest room in the house. It has an ocean horizon walls. The pool when you look at it from a far looks like the ocean because, the picture makes it look like it goes on forever. I have a 50 tall water slide that looks like a water fall. The hot tub looks like a water hole. And also is recycled water. Oh yeah. And the roof has solar panels, all the rooms in the house except my room, my guest room and the kitchen are solar powered lights, the rest of the rooms are CFL light bulbs. The garden out side is filled with organic herbs and plants. AND fruits. THANKS FOR READING! I know its long but I think it’s cool. :)

  13. Zoe

    Mine would be made out of Custard, Root beer, and cookies. My bed you be peppermint candy and my pool would have gloop in it

  14. fabulouscutiepie

    my house would be made of candy,sprite,orange and purple soda,ribs,fries, chichen nugets,vinilla ice cream and pizza

  15. EDD84

    The walls would change color when hit by sun, the floor would be bouncy like a trampoline, And you could suck the gravity out of the air with a remote and then you could be light and float around carelessly.

  16. adam1513

    My house would be made of books. My room would be sorounded by water with a little island in the middle. In the back yard I would have a pool made of chocolate with a lollypop diving board.

  17. gryffindor_slitherin_girl98

    Mine would look exactly like Ravenswood Manor in the Web of Magic series, with a library with only a few ‘real’ books, all the others would be about mage magic, and what Emily, Adriane, and Kara did AFTER “Full Circle” and how to do a spellsong, etc. And it would also be right on a huge Wildlife Preserve that was just like Ravenswood! I mean, with a magic glade and all!

  18. don11

    My house would be huge.It would be a vending machine
    in every room it would be a maid and a bulter too.

  19. goaliegirl45

    My House would be just like the Hogwarts Castle ( Go Harry!!!!!).There would be the common room ,library ,and a Griffindor Dormitory as my beedroom. Plus my backyard would be a Huge Quiddich Feild.Lastly the Bathroom would be as huge as the prefects bathroom. :)

  20. chaninoodle

    my house would have lots of secret passageways,tunnels,and trap doors and it would be made out of books

  21. Lauren

    My dream house would be made out of silver,dimonds,and gold.Over the silver,and gold walls there would be green icing.Next my house would be a 5 story mansion.I would have a cheesecake pool and every time you would eat some it will aoutomaticly grow back to its regular pool.

  22. babybaby45

    my house would be made out of sour straws.I would have a root beer float pool,and my floor would be made out of cell phones.also my doors would be made out of pencils and paper.the last thing of all is that my roof will be , a microscope so that you can look up and see the outer space.

  23. Jess

    My house would be built out of bricks and wood on the outside which would hold the house together. On the inside though, my house would be made out of chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and starburst.

  24. liz22101

    My dream house? Well, thatis a good question. I would kave a big house. The living room would have 50 (green) lavalamps with oarnge funitre. my room would be all Harry Potter. I would have the replica of Hermione’s bed. My kitchen would be just like a chefs. My back yard would be a Quiddetch feild! (with broomsticks)

  25. keee8

    my dream house would consist of alot of different things like a extremely bouncy trampoline house would be like hogwarts school with a library in it and a kitchen were if you make food it never goes bedroom would be peace signs everywhere.i would have an extremely large garden full of strawberries and other fruits. i would have a dog name oreo and a cat named cookie.they would have there own rooms.i would have the biggest bathtub ever.that would be my house :)

  26. StuffedBunnies112

    My house would be made of pink bricks. My bedroom would have a 90′ flat screen, hot tub, king-sized bunk bedds, and 5 beanbags. My kitchen would have 2 freezers and 2 fridges so I can cook whenever I want. I would have a huge library with all of my favorite books! I would have a theatre the size of the Lincoln Center Mini Theatre so I can perform. My bathroom would have a TV in it. I would have one specific room for watching my previous plays on the TV. Well thats my dream house!

  27. anyasmurf

    my dream home is kinda complicated. i would have 6 floors covered floor to ceiling with books. i would have whole rooms devoted to harry potter + percy jackson.

  28. keikihollow50

    i would make my house out of chocolate… That be sooo cool! If I was hungry for something delicous I could grab a piece of my house and eat it… I would have a chocolate river like Charley and the Chocolate Factory…

  29. Summerwork :P

    My house would be light blue and white and in the inside it would have lots of fancy things in it and for the kitchen it would be my own personal chef and a jacuzzi and a pool of dr.pepper and it would be 3 story it is super nice dream house;) and it would be oceanfront with a lazy river that connects to the ocean and on the pool there will be a warm chocolate fountain with strawberries, pretzels, apples to dip it in.I will install a theme park like six flags with a waterpark with lights so it can shine at night.I would also have my private movie theater and a raging water ride in a boat with its own island lol i cant wait hahaha B)

  30. mintchocolatechip100

    I’d live in a mansion with a movie theater, swimming pool, private jet, huge library,… Now that I think about it, it sorta sounds like the White House. Well, who woundn’t want to live there?

  31. bookgirl539

    okay, my house would be be a dark blueish purple. its in a tree and partly submerged under water. my room would be behind a secret passage in the massive library, and will have a freezer full of ice cream, a purple laptop, beanbags, and a massive bed with a blanket with actual stars on it.

  32. amazinggigglytree

    My house would be made of vegetables. My family says I’m weird because I ADORE veggies!!

  33. Emma

    Aahh….My dream house would be a huge house with two floors. In the living room the ceiling would have a big TV on it and there would be a big bed so you could lay down and watch TV. Upstairs there would be a room with just bookshelves for all my books. There would be a swimming pool, and a diving board, and a tramploline, naturally, and there would be a huge walk-in closet with all my clothes organized neatly. And then there would be a walk-in fridge with a never ending supply of all my fave foods. And all the junk foods like chips and ice cream and candy would have no sugar so no matter how much you eat you would never be unhealthy.

  34. peachesandcream26

    My house would have wonderful Crunch chocolate bar walls that never get stale, and reappear whenever you eat them. My bed would be made of Jell-O and I would have a swimming pool made of Sprite, and a diving board made of a Hershey Dark chocolate bar, and an awesome loopy slide made out of water, and fish and other sea creatures would swim around on the side of the slide.

  35. Love

    My house would be made out of chicken. With an large swimming pool filled with Nestea. I would have pictures hanging on my walls made of twinkies snack cakes and the payday candy bars. My source of water will be in my bathtubs and sinks. My source of vegatables will be my potted plants located in my home and my planted plants located outside in my garden. My floor will made out of wheat bread. LOL!

  36. soccermvp

    I would build my house out of favorite books, oreo cookies, apple juice, chocolate, baked potatoes and a zebra.

  37. misbehavin11

    I love this writing prompt. I made one of my real dream house and one with this type of dream house.

  38. Josephine

    I’d live in a house with a roof made out of cinnamon sticks, walls made out of ice cream, chocolate chips and pizza and a floor made out of books. I’d have a desk made out of sugar-quills (I’d have some real pencils in my desk drawer) and I’d have a swimming pool filled with guava juice and a hot tub filled with hot chocolate that gets filled every 30 minutes by a chocolate waterfall. I’d have a huge talking minty-teddy-bear in my backyard.

  39. Sk8ter Gurl

    Id be living in a mansion made of sugar and sweets. my back yard would be full of fast foods and id have soda drinking fountain. my pool would defenitly be cotton candy and my skate park would be sour lol. And just to make it cra3y id have movie theaters and theme parks like disney land,six flags, ranging waters made of hard candy and chocolate :) the characters would be gummy worms. At night it be all glow in the dark candy. N just to top it all id have a sweet an sour huge i pod so we could dance n eat. B)

  40. cooliololo12

    My house would be made out of cotton candy (It smells AND tastes good) and Sprite (diet, of course!).

  41. Trose98

    the mane part of the house will be ribs and baked potoes that are always nice and warm. my bed is made out of cotton candy. There will be a tv in every room with every chanel ever even tvs in the bathroom Oh and i would have a pool with 6 diving boards and 12 water slides and a hotub.

  42. whatmickey12


  43. Samantha

    If my house could be made of anything it would be made out of sushi-with seaweed floors and giant tropical fishtanks on the walss. And lots of books, of course!

  44. twilighter2010

    I would have stairs made of books. a jello trampoline ,my bed would have books inside so only have to unzip it I want one .I would have a swimming pool made of melted fudge chocolate that never went bad and was always perfectly warm(even in the winter).what ever I wanted to eat would appear on my plate and I would have pet trained monkey my house would be made of the best foods in the world.

  45. bob

    wheres my mustard?!?!?!?!!!!?!??!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!?!!!!!!?!!!!!!?!?!!!!?!1

  46. s.snape2000

    I would want my house to look like the hogwarts castle.My bedroom would be the dormintory or a slytherin girl, and the living room would be the common room, and the kitchen the potions room, and the bathroom would have a GINORMAS bath like the prefects bath!Oooo!And I would have an orange fat cat named crookshanks!Ahhhh, that would be awesome.

  47. Dewdrop208

    Haha, um, my dream would be TOTALLY GREEN and help the earth. It’d have Solar panels, an organic garden, CFL lightbublbs, and I’d recylce my cans and glasses!

  48. KoolGirl:)

    My walls would be made of rainbow sherbet ice cream and my roof would be a hugee tv. the front yard would be a pool made of Kool Aid. The back yard would have a tire swing made of Red Vines and an ice skating rink made of Strawberry slurpee. Thats all. Hope you like it, Sonja :)

  49. jaiwha

    My house would be made of glitter notebooks from the outside. From the inside(which is the back part of the notebook)it will have paper so I could write anything I want like writing notes. The ceiling would be made of things i could write with, such as markers,pencils, etc. So all I could do is jump up and grab one and write my notes down on the wall. The floor would be made of books because i love reading.( but not to copy you Sonja.)Last but not least the backyard would have a swimming pool made of dr.pepper and a diving board made of hard packed jello. Thats what my house would be made of.

  50. GNOletsgo1

    Mine would be enviromently friendly with 50 bedrooms, a game room, a runway, 10 closets, a pool,and a giant tv. Tons of butlers and maids are hired for a reasonably fair price.

  51. 1jonasfanforeverforlife

    my dream house would look like .A big pink house with a pool outside and inside the house. Most of the furniture will be real silver cause i will be a zillianair. And my walls will be pink .And my house would mostly be solid pink.

  52. Autumwinds

    My house would be made out of water. It would glisten in the sun and inside the walls would be fish and sea-horses. the floor would be made out of sand and it would feel like your at the beach. If this was my real house I would never want to leave!

  53. autumnapplebelly

    My house would be made out of books. My mattress would be super soft, and my freezer would have a bountiful supply of Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Chunk ice cream and Hazen Dazz (however you spell that) Carmel Cone ice cream. I would have a huge library, and my kitchen would have all sorts of ingredients in it so I could cook all the time.

  54. qqqqqqqqqq

    i would have walls of gum, cieling of candy, floors of ice, and a swimming pool of dr pepper

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