October 22, 2012

You Know It’s Football Season When

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Football130x130You Know It's Football Season When. . .

When I was growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, there was one thing our Sundays revolved around: Steelers football. We'd go to an early church service, make sure the grocery shopping was done, and all our homework was completed. This left the rest of the day for our most important task on Sundays: rooting for the Steelers.

Not much has changed with my family in Pittsburgh, and I'll admit — I still drop whatever I'm doing to catch the game (sorry Jets and Giants!) just like many of you guys all across the country. Whether you're a college ball fan, or NFL afficionado, you know it's football season when . . .

  • Putting on your makeup means painting your face in team colors.
  • You think the lunchroom should have stadium seating.
  • You never leave home without shoulder pads.
  • When you get a raise in your allowance, you try to body slam your parents and slap them on their butts.
  • You break down play-by-play of a bug crawling across the floor.
  • You don't feel silly wearing a big block of cheese on your head (Green Bay fans!).
  • You ask your parents if you can tailgate before you do your homework.
  • You feel the sudden urge to throw your mother's favorite vase across the room for a touchdown.
  • When your teacher is done giving your class a classwork assignment, you yell, "Hut 1! Hut 2! Hike!"
  • You don't even THINK about doing anything else when the big game is on. 

Do you guys go crazy for football season? What are the telltale signs for you that it's football season? Tell us in the Comments below. Until the next game day!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. werewolfcat5

    I know when it’s football season when:
    -It’s warm outside.
    -I hear whistles at the stadium because I live close to it.

  2. CandyArcade25

    I love football, hockey, and baseball!
    Its football season for me when i start screaming TOUCHDOWN! when i get one on NFL12 (I WANT TO GET NFL13 SOOOO BAD!)
    P.S Alex-ya the giants won 2-0, i wanted the Tigers to win though!

  3. bluebasketball471

    This is awsome . You must have a great lif style I AM A AUTHOR may we should chat on here some time :)

  4. elfheroine1

    I know it’s football season when we’re all looking forward to the Superbowl! I love the commercials! Tee hee!
    -ElfHeroine1, over and out


    We go CRAZY for football season!!! We know it is football season because football starts with F and fall starts with F too! Every day we play tackle football in the house and outside. We put on our “fake” pads by wearing sweatshirts, vests and jerseys from all the places we’ve been. Good thing the games don’t last too long! We don’t watch our favorite team anymore because every time my mom watches the game, they LOSE! That is why they are winning this season! We catch the scores from our friends at the end of the night. We recreate the games when they are done.

  6. midnightartemis2

    STEELERS 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! You know how they have that saying ‘ they see the world through rose colored glasses’ ? I see the world through black and gold colored glasses.

  7. Kaiden

    I love your book Because of winn-dixie.Especially the part where you talked about pinch faced Amanda Wilconson. sincerely Kaiden

  8. Alex

    Most of our class goes crazy for football season. We know it is football season when we want to “tackle a test.” We paint our faces. Our favorite teams are: Cowboys, Falcons, Texas Longhorns, Texas A&M, New York Giants, Pittsburg Steelers, Saints.
    How about that MLB game last night?

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