August 1, 2011

Writing Prompt

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Rainbow_pen As you know, every Monday we post a Writing Prompt for you where we ask you to write something in the Comments, a caption, a book title, or something about you.

Well, for today’s Writing Prompt, I want to hear YOUR suggestions. What ideas do you have for some great Writing Prompts on Ink Splot 26? They can be funny or serious, random or life-changing, creative or simple, or anything you want!

I promise to use every single idea in the blog – as long as they’re not, you know, inappropriate or anything!

I can’t wait to see your ideas!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Rev

    You could use:
    1. What are the most boring or commonly used writing prompts that you’ve responded to?
    Ex. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be? (Ugh, I hate that one.)

    2. Write about the coolest cloud shape you’ve ever seen.

    3. If you open your closet one day and see a strange note that someone wrote and then tried to rub out, what would you think is and who would you think wrote it?

    4. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Why?

    5. If you were told that your appearance could be changed, but only once, what would you want to look like?

  2. Andrzej

    This is the first time I have done this writing ppmrot but I found it realy helpful. I have gotten some great feedback on the post. So thanks!!I will be posting every week.

  3. Pankaj

    - Wow, very nice.A friend at work was just taniklg about something very similar.I think I would like to do one too, I just need to be in the right frame of mind.

  4. Minkadventure17

    Complete these sentances:

    If only…
    He/She was really interested in that door. A little peak wouldn’t hurt, would it?
    I’ve always wanted to fly, but not like this…

    I hope you like them!!! :)

  5. Dreamtimepig8

    You are moving into a new home , a new town, a new state , a new school and you just can’t fit in. As the family of 5 moves in, they realize the house is haunted and there are five people in the family of ghosts. You made a friend ghost who acts exactly like you but has more tips to fit in and stuff. As you take the ghost’s advice , you start making more friends at middle school but a bully named Bumper realizes you are taking advice from a ghost and made a terrible rumor of it. All your friends are scared of Bumper and go ahead thinking the rumor is true and never talked to you again and now you have to start your journey in understanding the rumor, why is Bumper a bully , and how to prove there is nothing wrong in having a ghost friend . Do what you have to and begin your quest !

  6. Alison

    Write about your life as a cat or any other animal. Make sure it’s action-filled, suspenseful, funny, and exciting.

  7. blueangel571

    an idea for a writing prompt is what would you do if you were lost the desert? what would be five things you would want to have with you?

  8. Amberfrost62

    Would you rather get sucked into a tv and meet Dora or get sucked into a video game and have to survive the whole entire game

  9. cutemorning8

    the color of hunger is magenta. magenta cause green is happy yellow is alright red is mad so magenta!!!!

  10. cutemorning8

    what would your parents say if you told them that your favorite stuffed animal could travel through time?

  11. Ley56

    If you had a chance to go into your favorite story as yourself what would you do?
    I would go into The Diversion. In the animorphs series. I would kindly explain to Ax that saying outloud to the cast register guy that your a juvinal deilinquent is not the smartest idea.

  12. Shannon

    Think of the most embarrasing/silliest thing you have ever done in your lifetime. If you could go back in time, would you change it, or leave it be?
    Why or why not?
    (Make sure that this event in your life is not inappropriate! Have fun writing!)

  13. 72pineapple

    I would love to have a spot where I could put stories out there. I <3 writing stories. Hopefully someday I’ll be an author!

  14. Skyelark Moon :D

    If you were to go any place in a book, where would you go? What characters would you like to meet? What would you like to do? Would you go on an adventure that the character went on and change the whole plot of the book?

  15. coolchicken3

    Write about the weirdest thing that’s happened to you.
    write three statements one of which is false and we have to guess.

  16. Lordofawesomeness

    If you could fill a jar up with anything you like what would those items be?
    A “Piant the picture” prompt where you have to use so many details to descibe this painting!

  17. Katie

    How about The Monkees? Everybody loves The Monkees!
    Here we come……. walking down the streeeeeet….

  18. gigglyelbow3

    well there are so manythings to write about but there should be a story about someones life that just tured upsidedown when something tragic doesn’t have to be true but it would be very interesting!!

  19. Jeremy

    The prompt shouldn’t just be on specific books. It should cover a wider variety of fun genres. For example, you may give out a prompt for asking what you liked about your favorite book… Just an idea.

  20. athletegirl4

    You are sucked into one of your favorite books and you can’t get back to reality. What will you do?

  21. SilverFairy1

    What would thy do if thy were in the hunger games. or What would you do if you owned a magical perserve and it was on the brink of go wild( like demons tried to take over ( Fablehaven))

  22. 44maplesyrup

    what tv show would you like to be in? not star in,actually BE in the story!for example a passenger in the s.s.tipton from suite life on deck or be zeke and luther’s best friend.

  23. 44maplesyrup

    if you could be in any world from any book/movie for example avatar the last airbender’s or harry potter’s or percy jackson’s,which would you choose and what would you be in it-like a waterbender,a quiddich player,a half blood son of hermes etc.?

  24. 44maplesyrup

    which book character would you like to be friends with?
    which would be your enemy?
    which would you want to date?
    which would you want to switch places with?

  25. Cheerfulsong3

    What if you got to hang out for a night with your favorite cartoon character?Pick your cartoon character and then include all details.What did you eat for dinner?Who made it?What did you do after dinner?Were u suprised to see your favorite cartoon from a book or your fav show either 1 ?And many more!I hope you like my ideas and I was so happy to share them with everyone!

  26. cutie3500

    Okay, 100 word challenge. You have to write a review on your favorite book or books in 100 words or less.

  27. GuardoftheWorlds

    What is your all time favorite book/movie character and would you like to trade places with him or her for one day?
    Who is one person you would like to either trade places with for a day or eat dinner with?

  28. magicalgriffin3

    How about a story that takes place on a made up/real alien planet. You have to say where it is in the universe and who/what lives there is COMPLETELY up to you! Say it could be Mars but living there is a colony of martian wizards who see J.K. Rolling as their leader.

  29. Yuna

    1. Write a haiku about what you think would happen today.
    2. Who’s your favorite author and why?
    3. What’s your favorite book and why?
    4. Write an essay about how you would describe yourself. Use at least 10 personifications.
    5. Write a poem about friendship.
    6. Write a poem about why reading is important in the soceity.
    7. Write about a dream or nightmare you had.
    8. Describe your dream character.
    9. If you are a character from a book, what would your role be?
    10. Write an essay containing 10 concrete nouns and 10 mass nouns.
    Are these fine? These were activities from my English class, I thought they might work.

  30. chattyaqua25

    what are your thoughts about the hunger games movie????? is Jennifer Lawrence play a good role as Katniss??? does Josh Hutcherson play a good role as Peeta???? i would be really happy if you used my suggestions!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Andrea

    My writng prompt ideas were inspired by Disney’s Phineas and Ferb and the Spy Kids series.
    1.) If you’ve ever watched the series “Phineas and Ferb”, then you’d know that Phineas and Ferb build outragous inventions every day. If you could hang out with Phineas and Ferbs for a day, what out-of-this-world invention would you build? Be sure to include loads of details!
    2.) Pretend you find out your parents belonged to a secret organization od spys and they were in danger. How would you feel? Amazed? Shocked? Or maybe even scared? Also, tell about your adventure as you try to save your parents with the help of various spy gadgets!
    I hope everyone enjoys my writing prompts! Special thanks to the creators of the Phineas and Ferb series and the Spy Kids series!

  32. ponychatty2

    I think people should write about if they could write the next book in their favorite series.

  33. redhorse20

    What happens when you go into your book? Will you fly with the Flock in Maximum Ride by James Patterson? Will you become a spy in the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horotwitz? It’s all up to you!

  34. Late Night Reader

    Out of all the books you have read, what one book character would you transport into the real world and why? What is is that makes this one character stand out, and why would you two “click”?

  35. redwolf31

    - write the title of your fav. poem then write your own!
    - who’s your hero and why?
    - what would u save in 5 min before your house burns down?

  36. zoe1

    has any1 heard of the clique series. i have. ive read some of them. if u r a girl u should read them.


    someone could post about calvin and hobbes. Its funny entertaining and apropriate for pretty much all ages

  38. moth821

    You are in the world of Percy Jackson. Who is your godly parent and how do you contribute to the series?

  39. PhoenixSong3

    ohhh i got an idea!! XD its kinda random…
    Okay so say your fighting a llama. What would you do to defeat teh llama??? :D DD llamas are yummeh!! *eats a llama* *Spits out eyeball and its hits another llama.* *screams and throws sand at other llama*

  40. polarbearcute3

    you should have us make our own characters in the books that we love to read. maybe even add our opinions if we want to change a part in a story.

  41. Gymnasticspenguin1

    You’re cleaning your room when you notice some thing under your bed. It’s a box that you’ve never seen before. What does it look like, what’s in it, and what kind of adventure does it take you on?
    I hope you like this prompt. It’ll probably be a very interesting one!

  42. karadoe2000

    You could make up a family and tell about the family’s day from each person’s point of view!

  43. amabel

    if you could be a charater in a specific book (preferably a how i survived middle school book) which charater would we be

  44. raiderthief5

    If you could be in any dimension, like a book or movie, what would it be? What would you do?

  45. lilypad123

    write about the most embarrising and funny things you have seen or done this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. legit/awsome/cool

    If you had the ability to go into any book of your choice, and be any of the character’s in that story, who would you be, and what would you do?
    (you could also mix up the stories, like Harry Potter uses the wrong spell and goes into the Maximum Ride series)BE CREATIVE!!!!

  47. princessrec

    You know,a lot of these ideas could be stories on the Fan Fiction board?And my idea is,focus on one object in the room for a minute,then write as much as you can about it.

  48. Anna

    if your pets could talk, what would they say?
    your dog would be like:you people don’t understand what these collars feel like-i’m choking here!

  49. hoolianlegacy101

    everyone could could say what they think happened to their favourite book characters after the series ended! Or, we could all say what WE would do if we were a character in the story.

  50. Annie iPad

    Ok… Here’s mine:
    Have you ever read the book Dear Mr.Henshaw byBeverly Cleary? If you have, please write 1-3 sentences describing it.
    -Annie iPad

  51. Mysterygirl123

    How about, do you have any pets, if you do, cat or dog, or any other animal, if you don’t have any pets, what pet would you love to have?
    Yeah all I can think of right now! =\

  52. ashi1

    Well,I pretty much have silly ideas:-
    You could keep a quiz on your fav. book.
    You can have a random 3 line poem thingy.
    You can give a caption yourself and tell us guyz to describe the situtation like-If the caption’s Kittens blah blah blah,then describe what they’re doing.
    Well,there you go.

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