March 8, 2010

Writer’s Block and Story Starters

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Writingprompt_writersblock Writer's block. The bane of writers everywhere. It's when you want to write, but just can't. You have nothing to say and the words you write just aren't good. What do you do when that happens? You can come here and see if any of our (totally awesome) Writing Prompt Posts inspire you.

But what can I, the Writing Prompt Post author, do when I get writer's block? I can't read my own writing prompts. Luckily, I have a hidden weapon for just this situation. The Story Starter!

The Story Starter is a machine full of mix-and-match story ideas. And since I was stuck this week, I figured I'd see what it came up with. If any of the story starters inspire you, leave your story in the comments.

If you don't like any of the options it gave me, try it yourself and see what you get. Just remember to leave the prompt with your story in the comments.

image from —Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. yellowfuzz5

    I tried this thing out and it is super fun! Here are some of the things I got:
    ”Write a folk tale about a jittery Canada goose who gets lost in the Amazon” and ”Write a brief biography of a depressed lawyer who finds a talking frog”. I also got ”Write a funny story about a young inventor who tries to break a guiness world record”.
    This thing is super awsome! I don’t think I’ll ever get writer’s block again! :D

  2. WritersBlock101

    Aaaaaaah! This helped it really did, but for the story I wanted to write. I hate writers block!

  3. Poodley90

    mine was write a tv comercial about a young doctor who wins the lottery it shouldnt be a comercial its on the tv news

  4. Jella

    This something teachers would like in their classroom .For sure she will be excited to hear about this.

  5. Koolkid

    I loveeee books and I was wondering how I could make one. Where do you send the book or tell some book company you want to make a book? How much does it cost? I know this doesn’t have anything to do with this topic but I wondered i could give it a shot. I think you should make your next story about how to publish books….if you want.

  6. Sea Maiden

    I got write a newspaper story about an octopus who rides in an airballoon and write a postcard to a stinky turkey who wers a certain necklace lol!!!

  7. Ryan

    Describe the house of an old inventor who saves the world. This activity actully works and has given me tons of ideas. KEEP WRITING!

  8. Lexy

    Omg! This will so help me. When I get writers block I normally just sit and stare at a wall. It is so helpful. I need to show this to my teacher. Thank you middle school!!!!!!! I’m so excited. Watch out world here comes your new writer.

  9. Josephine

    It’s pretty cool. I got:
    Write a postcard to a sunburned flamingo who is the worst singer in the world.
    Write a postcard to a stubborn vampire bat who has to save the world.
    (Why do I have to keep on writing postcards?)

  10. bmw3bug

    Describe the house of a sunburned spider monkey who is shipwrecked on a desert island.
    ummm if theyre shipwreked what would there ‘house’ look like?!?! :P

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