December 31, 2012

Writing Prompt: Word of the Year 2012

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Writing_prompt_rainbow_penWriting Prompt: Word of the Year 2012

Have you ever noticed that the way people talk changes over time? Words that used to be popular start to sound annoying after a while, and new words that you never heard of before start to sound cool and fun. So today's Writing Prompt is a question for you. What was the most popular new word of 2012?

The American Dialect Society chooses a word every year that highlights what's prominent in the world of grown-ups that year. In 2011, the word was "occupy" because everyone was talking about the protest movements around Occupy Wall Street. In 2010, the words was "app" because apps were a new thing and everyone was going crazy for them.

The word of the year should be:

  • new or newly popular in 2012 
  • widely and/or prominently used in 2012
  • OR about something that's popular in 2012

What's YOUR word of the year for 2012? Leave a Comment to tell us what word was on everyone's lips at your school in 2012.

Have a happy new year!!!

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  1. korkie

    I think the word is epic because grownups use that word and all the kids stare at them and say that was so last year. the word of this year is definitely Gangnam from the song!!!

  2. c

    I think the word of the year was OMG because i used it other people used it even my mom used it so peple everywhere use so it yhink OMG WAS THE WORD OF THE YEAR


    I think that the word is DISASTER because of how many disasters have happened so far this year. I also think it could be STORM because of all the storms so far this year.

  4. me (brainyathena :P)

    Basically anything that goes around the internet….like Mitt Romney and the Olympics had a lot of stuff about them going around.
    on the stacks a lot was siggy or ‘oh no the graphical editor!’ and stuff :P

  5. calmsunset

    I think now that it is 2013 that we should make the world a better place.Not going crazzy for apps.We should reuse ruduce and recylce more than last year.

  6. grace


  7. ambergigantic7

    I totally agree with PERCYWISAWESOME and FASHIONEYES58!! and I thought it was just our school who says stuff like that!!


    I think the Word of the Year for 2012 should be word. I mean, do you know how many times we have said “word” on this comment page? Think about it peoples.

  9. Angelica

    Apocalypse. Because everyone thought the world was going to end and frequently used it saying,”When’s the apocalypse?”

  10. SapphireDragon185

    I think it would be what or it but that wouldn’t work. I personally say the word awesomeness a whole lot, but my friends would say awesome. Go AWESOME!

  11. M

    The word of the year should be “epic” because although it is not technically a new word, we have reinvented it. It is a widely popular word and therefore should be the word of 2012.

  12. ghostblue21

    I think the word of the year should be One Direction (I know that’s two words, but so many people like One Direction!). They got pretty popular this year and got voted one of the most famous people on Earth this year. Therefore, I think One Direction should be the Word of the Year.

  13. emily

    I think it should be swag. Many people in school say that and I saw some shirts with the word swag on it.
    Another word could be awesome-sauce. Many people I know use that phrase to describe something great.

  14. amberblack111

    I think IPhone’s should be word of the year because It was used a lot and it is very popular. My final reason this should be the word of the year is because The Iphone5 was just released and it was new. In conclusion, I think Iphone should be the word of the year.

  15. Indescribeableauthor3

    I think the word that was popular in 2012 was cray-cray. Cray-Cray means crazy and everyone would use that word.

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