April 2, 2012

Writing Prompt: Who Is Me?

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Writing_prompt_rainbow_penToday’s Writing Prompt is inspired by 10th-grader Annakai Geshlider, who won a Gold Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for her Poetry. This excerpt is from the poem titled “Page for English 2B/Drinking Words Out of the Corner of My Mouth” (inspired by Langston Hughes’ “Theme for English B”).

Who is me? I am . . .
dark brown ratty curls on my head and bracelets on my wrist, a
backpack that pulls me down when I ride the 24,
hard bones and skin on a scraped hand to hold my pen or tap on
a keyboard, ragged eyes after no sleep,
stretching my mouth wide to laugh roar sing sharp
with guitar.

Pretty awesome, right? Now we want to hear about YOU! Write your own “Who is me?” poem and leave it in the Comments. Only, please don’t include any details that would reveal your actual identity, like your address or school or anything like that. Also, don’t include more than 1 detail about what you look like. We want to keep you safe!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. indigowizard3

    I am…
    Poised, a writer, hands covered in ink, pianist, older sister, book reader, blogger, chocolate lover, and a dreamer…

  2. werewolfcat5

    Who is me? I am…
    Black smooth hair and silver heart earrings,likes to wear a shirt and pants,skinny with warm skin most of the times,staring at the computer screen,and droopy eyes when I’m tired,and has a little sister.

  3. Dakota

    Believing in fairies
    Watching the stars
    Lover of libraries
    Hater of cars
    Dancing to anything
    Pokemon trainer
    Hunter of Artemis
    Honey-colored hair

  4. Jessica

    i have blue eye i love math and swim , roller skate and read mymsties like Among the Hidden the seris my favtorie color is teal but i like all color people say i am bright and that is who i am and i am prond to be me

  5. writergrapes3

    Who Is Me…?
    I am beautiful, golden, short, wavy, hair,
    eyes that mesmerize any boy that sees them,
    A voice that’s not too high, yet not too low pierces the air as I speak not loud, but not low either,
    I am sitting and talking with my friends at a table,
    The smell of the cafeteria has already settled,
    I am at school, wishing that lunch would hurry up and be over with so that I can get back to what I do best,

  6. dancingunicorn31

    I am..
    glasses on my father’s face,tan skin representing my race,love for my bestie, in 5th grade im super smart,top of my class with that girly brain ,i love to bake and dance in the rain,this is me, just to let you know,hope u like so my smile can show!

  7. Carly

    Right now, I am……
    A fourth grade girl,
    An athlete,
    A musician,
    The biggest Hunger Games fan!!!!
    A girl with blue eyes like the sky,
    An animal lover,
    and a great friend.
    Now some of these may seem kind of braggy, but it’s just the truth!

  8. keutiepie

    I’m a dancer, a hyper energetic girl. I can sing. I can dream. I can write. What more do you want to know? I’m short,I’m teased. But I keep on going. I’m a talented girl and no one can hold me back. I can find something in technology in a flash. Don’t tell me I’m perfect even though I’m pretty. I’m who I am and no one is perfect.

  9. butterflyangel87

    Who is me?
    regular girl, plays the cello in the back, book worm, writer, clutch pencil in left hand.

  10. Claire

    Who am I also
    I am a girl who has many friends
    I am a girl who loves to enjoy smelling the old pages of a book
    I am a girl who is loved by her lord Jesus christ
    I am I girl who loves to run in to my Dad’s arms
    I am a girl who appreciates my step Dad’s kindness to us
    I am a girl who loves to hug my mom every night so that i can tell her how much i love her

  11. Claire

    Who is me?
    i am a writer, reader, actor
    I have brown hair that looks too thick for my small head
    I am someone who’s a loner always surviving on my own without anyone’s help
    I am sad because i feel like i am someone who doesn’t look pleasing to the eye
    And I am sad because my family breaks apart starting with my parent’s divorce and my mom and step dad fighting with my her mom

  12. kelsie

    i dont get it does anyone else cuz i dont at all not on little bit and its kinda boring but ADD ME

  13. kelsie

    I am a very very very very very very very + 10000000000000millon more verys,
    preety and im the preeties girl youll ever meet me and my 13 year old sister is you were to put us on a scale to see how preety we are we would brake the scale we all that we dont just act it we are all that and we awsome cool fun and entertaining

  14. jewel

    i am….
    Filipino, brown skinned,proud of my identity,talented,a dancer,writer,journalist,lover of books,ad a person you can cry on when you have problems.

  15. dragonphoenix59

    Who is me?
    Wavy brown-black hair,
    Quiet and shy,
    But with my friends I’m LOUD
    A reader, a writer,
    A chocolate lover, a DREAMER
    That is me.

  16. EpicInk2

    Who is me?
    Glasses and books and pencils and paper.
    Computers and Microsoft Office Word.
    So everyone calls me obsessed
    And a geek.
    So I say some witty insult at them and laugh
    But every time they insult me
    I die a little inside
    And when I get home
    I press my face into a pillow
    And cry my worries away.

  17. greenbrownie

    Who is me,
    I love best friends,
    But i’m shy at scool,
    Thats why i have no freinds except for 2

  18. Unknown

    Who is me? A writer, a singer, a dancer, a dreamer. A christian, a friend, a daughter, a sister.

  19. Pinkgiraffe10tothe5thpower

    Who is me,
    I am not all that you see,
    Shy at school,
    Somewhat cool,
    Hiding my true self within.
    In that case,
    I would be,
    That I cannot be me,
    When everyone can see.

  20. Alexandria

    Who is me…
    Curly, long, blond, curls and waves small and tall. Tiny hands stretched to reach the keys on a keyboard. Calluses on finger tips from my guitar. A voice loud when by itself, but shy, sweet, and soft when with others. Clothes covered in animal hair and a face that anyone could recognize if you you’ve seen it once. Unforgetable personality, unique, smart, strong, and me!

  21. justaprincess

    Sometimes I don’t know who is me,
    Torn between land and sea,
    Quiet and loud,
    Shy and proud,
    I’m the girl in the picture,
    Never crying,
    Who will I be,
    Who is me,
    Will we ever see?

  22. Fairyemerald31

    Who is me? I am….
    blue-green eyes
    a pretty violet dress
    a headband in my hair
    That is me.

  23. catiouscat5

    I am…
    Cat lover, bike rider, story writer, excitment causer, fun in the sun, I am ME!

  24. Danielle

    dose any body have a udraw or am I the only person that has one, if u don’t u should go get one ecause they r relly cool!

  25. galeforest2

    dry hands clutch a
    pencil like a life support
    clay collored hair falls
    in my face
    laugh fakely, the sound
    peirces the day like
    a hawk
    people look away from
    me and my
    rapid-fire words but
    I just keep laughing
    and then
    I turn away and keep

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