April 26, 2013

Writing Prompt: Ways to Irritate Me

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Writing_prompt_shout-outWriting Prompt: Ways to irritate me!

Making those annoying farting noises.

Borrowing my stuff without asking.

Talking about me behind my back. (Oh no, you didn’t!!)

These are surefire ways to irritate me. What about you? We know you wanna get it off your chest . . . so go on! I’ll bet we all have a lot more in common than we think!


Leave your answer in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Arwen

    OMG I am the same age and I have the same exact pet peeves but my brother is 8 and I am 10 too!

  2. Allison

    I hate when my friend always gets all these things in a game called Minecraft. First she gets all this OP stuff, then she gets too many dogs. What else?

  3. Ghostwolf1798

    Everytime at my viola class my music teacher yells at me saying you need pratice. Can’t you give a girl a break!

  4. amazingsinger25

    I’m stressed out. My name’s BLURRYFACE and I care what you think.

    If your a fan you will know what I’m talking about :D

  5. amazingsinger25

    Well, I get irritated easily xD especially when my little brother is bouncing his soccer ball inside when I try to read, or watch TV! URGHHH! I also hate it when someone talks behind my back. That’s not cool. I also hate it when someone does not capitalize their I’s or the first letter in a sentence. I know it is a weird pet peeve, but it is just annoys me a lot! I hate when people tap me. Once there were a lot of people talking and my friend tapped me and I don’t know how or why but I just yelled “SHUSH!!!!!” I did not see that coming. Well since this comment would be an essay or longer I have to stop here, no one wants to read a billon paragraphs.

  6. unicornfreeze86

    i really hate when people
    -fake sneeze to draw attention
    -fall off chair on purpose
    -pick their nose and eat it!!!
    -talk about peoples clothes,actions,size,and how athletic they are,in a mean way
    -brag about something like skin color even though it wasn’t their choice!!!

    i know this makes me sound snobby but it’s true!!

  7. Jacqueline

    Things that irritate me. First and most annoying of all is when people think they know every single moment in my life more than I do.SERIOUSLY!


    You know what irritates me, when my friends try to make me jealous!!!! IT IS SO ANNOYING!!! I don’t get why they do it they just do.

  9. Tyler

    OMG! Same here girl! please reply one other. Just saying I know how you feel even though I’m the older sister.

  10. Carolyn

    I know! I have tried to change my old avatar to a new avatar, but it stays the same! I keep trying and trying and TRYING but it just NEVER works!

  11. Carolyn

    I know! Cause usually, my brother asks me if he can use my laptop, except, I can’t trust him with MY most prized possession.

  12. Carolyn

    Me too! I am in the middle of my favorite book and…. what do you know? ” Carolyn, can we play a game? Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Game, game, game! Carolyn, play a game! That is ANNOYING! This is Carolyn signing off.

    P.S. I have my own pink laptop which I am using right now and I have a LOCK on it!

  13. Carolyn

    Right now, I am soooo irritated because my 5 year old bother is in the shower singing ” Washing myself. Washing myself.” Also I am soooooooooo irritated when………. everything is GROSS!

  14. 4th grader, T.P. (Initials... NOT FUNNY!!!!)

    I have a BILLION things that IRRITATE me. And I HATE when I see one of my PET PEEVES! One of my pet peeves is when I receive an email, or a letter or a written paragraph, and there are no capital letters, punctuation marks, or there are grammar errors. What irritates me is when my brother teases me…. he’s 13…I’m 10. Or someone won’t stop making sound effects and fidgeting. AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!I I also get irritated when I don’t understand something, because I am not used to being challenged. I HATE HATE HATE when someone interrupts my reading. When people say stuff like HI HI HI HI HI HI …….. or repeats my name over and over….. xx An there is more!! Told ya that I have a BILLION things that irritate me.

  15. laylannie

    things that irritates me is my lil bro taking things without permission entering my room wiyout oermission

  16. Tyler

    You know there are A MILLION ways to irritate me! The first REALLY big way is to tapping my shoulder and saying ” Tyler, Tyler,Tyler” that makes me so mad.Another way is when people keep texting me when I’m watching a move with my family. Last but not least is when my sister bugs. Okay…. I know my sister is six thats what she’s for …… to irritate me.

  17. Awesome

    When I don’t WANT anyone to talk to me and they talk to me for NO apparent reason and I asks them to stop and they just TALK OVER MY VOICE

  18. dolphinaqua4007

    trust me people are rude becaues they want to talk them and that is what irritates me the most.

  19. dolphinaqua4007

    the things that irritate me the most is when people tell romers about people and when they lie to me and other people .

  20. Chloe

    I don’t get why the do that.
    Why do they do that?
    Why do they do that?
    It doesn’t make sense.

  21. Chloe

    Me too!
    And my friend can read a 250 page book in a day, no lies!
    We are both in common!

  22. Chloe

    My sister copies what I say, and when I tell her to quit being a copycat, she tells on me.

  23. fashiondrama805

    when i take to my sister i make her talk to me but when i am on the phone she keep on talking ans i said shhhh but she hit me

  24. Olivia

    Something that irritates me is when I get a word wrong on a spelling test because the test giver uses the word in a sentence wrong and I don’t understand!

  25. pumablack305

    what irritates me the most is when I hear people say bad things to other people just for who they are.

  26. M2311

    When people bother me while I’m reading…
    Turning a simple matter into a big race problem…
    People singing when they have a horrendous voice…
    When someone says they can’t find something when they didn’t try looking…
    Not giving me privacy…

  27. Ghostwolf

    Only one thing irritates me is when someone says the same word over and over FOREVER! Like this… hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi. See how annoying it is!

  28. Lucy

    What really irritates me is when boys bug me and wont leave me alone. Also when people don’t ask when they use my stuff.

  29. kylie-age 10

    what bugs me is when my brother says some thing that don’t make any sense but if i say something he says “Oh that don’t make sense” he’s 8 years old.

  30. DressFashion298

    when my sister bugs me

    Talking behind my back
    Mom and dad telling me to do stuff over and over again

  31. maroonbreeze44

    what irritates me is whenever i feed my guinea pig and then about 10 minutes later he starts squeaking again.


    What IRRITATE’S me is when my brothers make to much noise and when they fight with me. i also get really annoyed when that happens

  33. Talus

    Things that irritate me is HOMEWORK, SCHOOL, and BULLYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    What IRRITATE’S me is when my brothers make to much noise and when they fight with me.

  35. TEALHORSE233

    do you mean? _ and _ K .I. S.S.I.N.G first comes……………..next comes………………………last comes ……………………………….

  36. Emily

    When my friend brags about her bf, also when my sisters get me in trouble for something I didn’t do, and ALSOOO how my friends brag about how they get everything they wanted.

  37. Carolyn

    It IS hard being famous. But lucky for you I know every single little step it takes. First you have to decide what you want to become famous for. Done that? Good! Okay next, you say to yourself, ” Am I good at what I want to be famous for? Am I a good entertainer?” Ask yourself that question. Think about it. Done? Already? Wow you’re fast! Okay then. Now comes the step where you should walk done the hall and ask your parents this: ” Mom, dad, I have thought this over VERY carefully and I want to be famous”. Go ahead. Don’t be scared. Walk down that hall of yours and show your parents your skills. Your parents will probably give you a round of applause anyway.

  38. blueelf1399

    That is exactly what my sister does to me,then tells on me if I don’t share but she never shares with me!!!!!Friend me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. blueelf1399

    The writing prompt is about what”IRRITATES” you,so why did you put “I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooov books”?

  40. blueelf1399

    Soooo true!!! I do not have to study thouggh(I’m Homeschooled)but they are always up in my business messing up my room and not helping me pick the mess up!!!!UUUUUGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. catchingblue425

    what irritates me is how my brother keeps on winning for things he wants. It makes me want to scream.

  42. pantherdetermined68

    i never have problems with that, my teacher always tells us when a test is the starting of the week.

  43. pantherdetermined68

    back at you girl. how many books do you have? by me counting all my books that would be ……………… oops I forgot my new books that would be 3000 books

  44. pantherdetermined68

    little brothers, little sisters, and little cousins messing up my room,
    annoying rhymes about kissing in tree with some boy, there is lot’s of ways to irritate me.

  45. pantherdetermined68

    just like dracula on hotel translyvania blah blah blah i do not say blah blah blah hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahh

  46. pantherdetermined68

    right at you sister, or brother, people bully me all the time at school but I take care of it with adults.I am in third grade and I am 8. How old are you and what grade are you in?What are you a boy or a girl?

  47. Jair

    What really irritates me is when I tell someone something but they dont hear me and they keeps say “what” and I hate keep repeating every time. Also, when someone keeps telling me to do something but they dont give me time to do the first thing they told me to do then when I get to it and do what they say they said why havent you done this or that.

  48. Eman

    What really irritates me is when someone asks you if you need something, you say no thx, and they keep asking you, and the other thing irritates me is school…..grrrrr! and hate it when people fights with you and irritates you, and they enjoy it!

  49. coolcat83 bb


  50. S

    test that the teachers don’t tell u about like big test we got big test coming up so yea that really irritates me

  51. coolcat83 bb

    1.When my sister jumps to conclusions.
    2.Parents walk in room without asking.
    3.When I stub my toe.
    4.When a uninformed test is due.
    5.When people BULLY me.

  52. Hello

    When the person next to you keeps clicking their pen in class, or when they start humming, or when they start tapping their feet. And when they always say, “Like, so I was like, like, like likelikelikelikelikelikelike.” I mean come on!

  53. dancing dolphins1390


  54. dancing dolphins1390

    Something that irritates me is on the OLD show Wheel Of Fortune (I watch it with my mom). They aways say BLAH BLAH BLAH I want THE a (or any other letter) but they don’t know that there is that letter up there……. Instead of saying BLAH BLAH BLAH I want a a (or any other letter)………….. It is so irritating to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Angela

    When people don’t look where they are going, bump into you, and keep walking. No excuse me or anything.

  56. Carolyn

    Same here! My brother literally screams right in front of my face when he doesn’t get his way. I am soooooooooooooooo irritated when that happens I just wanna……………. SCREAM! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Carolyn

    Tonight at a restaurant, two girls who looked about my age were at the table beside mine and whenever I peeked over to look at them, they whispered to each other. How rude! And IRRITATING!

  58. Carolyn

    I don’t get that problem, but tell me about it! I have seen it happen to my brother MILLIONS of times! And other younger people too!

  59. Andrew

    Dog people that trash talk cats. homework, boredom, people that sing ALL THE TIME, people that think that they’re intimidating, advertisements, aaand people that lie to be “impressive”.

  60. Carolyn

    Here are a few reasons why I get annoyed: My 5 year old brother Kevin steals my stuffed animals! Especcialy my stuffed animal Curious George! I also get annoyed when my mom doesn’t let us go out for dinner. There is always something good on the menu! I will tell you one more reason I get annoyed. The others… you would loose your appetite! Okay! The last reason I get annoyed is when my brother BEGGS to do something with me. He wants to get a petticure with me!

  61. galaxyamused22

    What irritates me is when you open the door for someone and they don’t say thank you , they act like royalty ! And also when a great author gives you the worst cliff hanger of the century!!!

  62. Cendall

    I hate when my friends talk behind my back and I can see it.Don’t they know I will eventually know what they are saying?!

  63. Spaghettieggs12

    What irritates me is when my siblings jump on my bed and when my little sister puts her feet on my pillow. It is so annoying and I hate it! Come on, germs!! Ugh!!!

  64. oOShadowbonnieOo

    Well…. A game or program that is pointless,girly or childish irritates me and a book with short sample in kindle. But mostof all, STUPID FROZEN IRRITATES ME!!!!

  65. jg12345

    i hate when people whine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Spaghettieggs12

    What irritates me is when people refuse to wash their hands, braggarts, and Donald Trump. He can’t make one good speech!

  67. Kitty

    I have never been able to understand how people can go to another persons house or store or place, make a huge mess, not tell anyone, and leave without cleaning up in any way.

  68. Mhargoux

    There is a lot of things that annoys me a lot. The thing that annoys me is that when someone is bragging (well unless if they are only joking and if it’s funny). The other thing that annoys me is that if I forget my homework, people talks about humors of me ( unless if it’s a funny one I’ll let that go). The last one if people bullying me.

  69. Carly

    It really irritates me when people hurt animals. What did animals ever do to YOU???!!!!!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!! WHAT’S THE PROBLEM???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. nicole

    they say I don’t really brag but then when I say why you bragging they say you do to so don’t say anything.

  71. Spaghettieggs12

    What irritates me is when people take my stuff without asking, getting in trouble for doing something that I didn’t do, bullies, my sister constantly making fun me and singing.

  72. Robin

    Slurping your drink or food
    not washing your hands
    hinting for a compliment
    bad body odor
    not admitting when your wrong
    lazy people parking in handicapped spaces
    bad teeth
    teeth bleaching to the max
    consistent nervous coughs
    people who expect a reward for helping
    bad hair days
    shoes that hurt your feet

  73. Naomi

    to correct me when I’m not done talking, when I tell you what kind of food I don’t like and you give me what I truly do not like

  74. Lois

    Navigating your website is irritating me! Very difficult to find books appropriate for my daughter’s age. Not a user friendly website at all. Disappointing and will go to Amazon for my books in the future.

  75. hatbasketball3

    Taking stuff out of my room

    talking when im talking

    when my cousins mess up my room

    changeing diapers

  76. RingDancing4

    Things that irritate me are………when my siblings climb over the couch while im sitting now please tell me thats somthing that wouldnt irritate you. Also they play in the house running every where while im reading. Something else thats irritates me.Its really irritating when no ones lisetning to you and when someone gets hurt its UH OH to them but to you its I TOLD YOU So!!!

  77. zzzzzzzaaa

    I’m always sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Mallory

    What annoys me when people bully other people or even me and tell everyone about it makes me mad .When people look through my I pad I mean yea I have nothing hide but ask first for real.

  79. Madelin6789

    When people just take my stuff.Or when someone says can I see that then they take it and brake it when I just fix it.And when people keep telling me the same thing when I say okay.

  80. Madelin6789

    o my gosh i forgot to write that but so true seriosly what did animals do to you it just makes no sense

  81. lilly

    my sister always blackmails me she says im going to tell mommy on you if you don’t get me somethimg

  82. pinkwitch56

    When some other girl tries to steal my (boy) friend!
    also, when my brother plays with my friends when they’re over for a playdate!

  83. pinkwitch56

    my brother singing… he sounds like a howling gorilla mixed with the sound of crying baby.
    also, my sister when she’s crying.

  84. Crystal

    I hate Mondays
    I hate the song Gangnam Style
    I hate people talk behind me back
    I hate getting in trouble
    I hate homework
    I hate pranks on me
    I hate bullies
    I hate my parent speeches so boring, i understand already Yeesh! :(

  85. dressfashion79

    It is irritating when people are jelous of you or your property and they say ‘EW!’ and they act like it. These are the people you never want to meet

  86. jessica

    One way to irritate me is that I can get annoyed by continuous poking on my shoulder. Second way is that
    When someone says blah blah blah over and over in a funny voice it gets in the way of my learning
    And I don’t lime it when someone is distracting me from my learning. Last way is that when I am
    Reading and someone is talking because I really love to read and if someone is talking while I am
    Doing my favorite hobby then it will irritate me. These are ways in why these things irritate me.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  87. Hannah

    When marshmellows end and I have to go and buy some more. I get so little pocket money! And it’s not great to step into the blizzard.

  88. dressfashion79

    It irritates me when I am talking and the inturrupt me and the I forget what I want to say and no one pays attention. THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. PhoenixFearless71

    It irritates me when people don’t listen. They don’t even give you a chance to explain your viewpoint. I hate that.

  90. Jasmine

    Wearing my clothes, without asking
    Acting like you dont hear me
    being mean
    telling jokes over and over
    playing annoying music
    always trying to touch my hair
    everybody talking all at once, where you cant hear yourself
    giving too much homework

    I have way more but that is just a few. Bye. Comment on this post Please?

  91. Anonymous

    I hate when people borrow my stuff when I’m not there or without asking like for example my brother is always taking my stuff without asking me and my parents say to let that I take his stuff too but I dont .

  92. DreamtimeDinosaur30

    What Irritates Me is when i get told on or bother by someone at school when its not my fault or they just wanna have fun…..but in class no way


    1. bullying but not just me, and other people.
    2. weird things/inappropriate things people post
    3. people bragging about how smart they are
    4. talking about me behind my back

  94. darkkitten135

    1.annoying people
    2.showing chewed up food in ur mouth
    3.people talking about other people
    5.scary movies
    6.my sisters putting there hands on me
    7.getting in truble
    8.4 girls at my school

  95. bearfairy224

    1. barging in to my room without knocking
    2. turning off my alarm clock
    3. spying on me
    4. keeping secrets
    5. not leaving me alone when i want you to

  96. elise

    I think it is irritating when there is a very large amount of pulp in my orange juice I think it is irritating when a friend cancels her or his plans with you I think it is irritating when I have to repeat myself over and over again
    I think it is very irritating when someone chews with there mouth open
    I think it is irritating when my friends grab all over me when they are scared
    I think it is irritating when people take my things without asking
    I think it is irritating when people do stupid dances

  97. Jocelyne

    Things that irritate me are:

    When someone steals your things without asking and never give them back.

    Repeating what the person just said when you heard it.

    People who don’t pay attention in class.

  98. happyfoot96

    There are many different ways to IRRITATE me. You could be chewing with your mouth open and you will irritate me. You could be tapping your pen and you coukd irritate me. You could be just breathing out loud and irritate me. My irritation level is very low when it comes to certain things.

  99. vampireteal13

    When anyone at home barges into my room suddenly, shout their wits off and don’t close the door despite my warning them repeatedly…..


    My sisters, homework, not getting a bunny, loud noises, tomatoes, not understanding something, and sleeping when I don’t want to.

  101. darkbored11

    What irratates me is when im talking someone always got to INTRUPTS ME IM LIKE GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  102. darkbored11


  103. werewolfdog299

    when people play dumb

    when people ask the same question like very day!

    when my mom cleans my room so i cant find anything

    when my younger older brother doesnt orginize his legos into good guys, bad guys, and extra pieces piles.

  104. bookworm

    ways to irritate me:
    1. touch my stuff
    2. use my stuff without permission
    3. copy my homework or schoolwork

  105. DolphinTide52

    When people don’t listen to what I’m saying
    When people keep bossing me around

  106. Desila

    I think this book is really good and fascinating. Please send me author copy author(mys got wet).thanks for reading.

  107. Lily

    I get irritated when my brothers lose my stuff it just makes me feel bad.
    Whenever my Cats run away.
    Whenever I fail a test
    When i have to go to bed instead of staying up all night reading my great books.
    Whenever I am alone


    GRACIE WHY DO U HATE MINECRAFT?!?!?! I think it’s amazing. AND ANDANDANDAND Other than te mc thing I totally get you


    people* I spelt it wrong. And when people dont make their ‘?!?!’ have the same number of question and exclamation points

  110. A

    1. Rude behavior/ disrespectful attitudes
    2. Know-It-Alls
    3. Complainers
    4. The condescending attitude of superiority

  111. Ithra

    People called me a liar too, and to make matters worse, behind my back. By the way this is not my true real name either!

  112. Ithra

    Talking behind my back, and back-stabbing friends are very irritating. For example, when someone doesn’t play with me and my friends because she chooses some boys over our (and my other friends’) friendship. What to do think about that?

  113. Kalilovesyhu123

    1.) When people in my class try to be funny whe the aren’t.
    2.) When my mom calls my name when she walks in the house and i answer then she asks if i’m home( No mom have a twin Duhhh)
    3.) When people talk about me behind there back( And don’t say it to my face)
    4.) When a new person comes to school and suddenly everyone loves that person.
    5.) When people are about to tell me something then say “NEVER MIND”

  114. kirto

    hey guys whats your favoret anime,okato and shone book like tsubasa and naruto, bleach , fruit baskit thanks

  115. HopefulDancer13

    There are many ways to irritate me like talking while i’m trying to explain something or are talking. Trying to make me fall into a trick that i already know, chewing food with your mouth wide open (that also grosses me out), and thinking you know something when you don’t know the full story. These are the ways to irritate me so don’t try them.

  116. Hailey

    same here once someone said that i told them that i hated 1 of my most trusted and the best,best friend ever.i was so mad!!!!xD

  117. Hailey

    yeah i know u could be about 2 dib something and then someone yell ”DIBS” .Now that stuff realy irratate me

  118. Hailey

    Things that irratate me:
    -when i say i want something and someone else gets it
    -when this people try to follow me around tring 2 catch up onthings i dont care about

  119. Alana

    Well the things that irritates. Me is people who try to get the last word I’m going to get it any way it goesbi got it duh

  120. outsmartingpolarbear2

    Things that irritate me:

    - When people interrupt me while I’m listening to music
    - When a website takes forever to load
    - When people call dibs on something I really want

  121. Lily

    When I’m, talking to someone and another person just starts poking you and calling out your name. They obviously see that your talking to someone just don’t care. That is what really annoys me.

  122. Tristan

    If music is on in a car but no one says anything. It irritates me because i don’t like awkward silences.

  123. vampireblack280

    What irritates me is when some one is screaming and there right next to you. Especially when its your brother or sister.


    When people talk to me when i’m watching Attack on Titan ,because there is english subtitles bc its in Japanese..
    Waking me up
    Touching me
    Breathing on me
    When people jump scare me
    Give me food and not answer when i ask “What did you do to it”
    When you ask me random questions
    When pople dont say please or thank you to others

  125. Kitty Bones

    It irritates me when people click their
    pens multiple time when they are confused.
    Ok, i get you are confused, but don’t annoy
    other people because you are having troubles.

  126. Trinity

    Top 5 things that IRRITATE me……….
    - When my sister steals my stuff
    - My dad singing very badly in public places (the mall)
    - My mom borrowing my clothes
    - When my boyfriend and his friends make farting noises
    - Anytime my teacher talks

  127. dancingtiger237

    Also when my parents see me in school… IT DRIVES ME NUTS!
    Also math… I am in the gifted and talented program at my school for that… how I got in… I will never know… I mean seriously, I DON’T LIKE MATH
    And when my brother blabs all my secrets to everyone else.

  128. dancingtiger237

    Homework itself
    Interrupting me while I am reading a good book

  129. Artrabbit97

    When ppl ignore me.When they tease when i get a low score on a test. And boys the boys at lunch…

  130. Lana

    The best way the someone irritates me is by talking behind my back, bothering me when i clearly want to be alone, borrowing my stuff without asking permission and changing my options without my consent when we sign up for a club/class/etc.

  131. dolphineyeyebrows1

    I love that poster did you get it in real life if you did tell me want price it is and tell me where it is

  132. Alice

    The ways to really get under my skin are when you talk about me behind my back and change my ringtone from Amazing Grace to something else

  133. tigerelf355

    When people say well you can’t play because I”M the boss and you have to give ME that toy car or a candy to play. Also when I go into a room, forget what I want, go out, and remember.

  134. asleen

    when i am in class and i am reading a book and i really get into and then someone asks me a question

  135. m

    when people pretend to be something their not.
    when people tell
    when people make you do something you don’t want to do

  136. Imani

    a way to irritate me is when people make annoying noisese
    they talk when i dont care
    they dont know how to take a hint

  137. Aashna

    1. talking behind my back
    2. reading my diary without my permission
    3. betraying me
    4. making fun of things I like
    5. calling me a ‘kiddo’

  138. Racingblue3

    -Saying mean stuff about me
    -Being mean to my friends and/or family
    -Asking me questions at random times
    -Annoying me when I’m focusing
    -Trying to be better at stuff then me

  139. Anonymous

    1. bullies
    2. Justin Beiber
    3. 1D
    4. 5SOS
    5. Non-aggies
    6. creepy stalkers
    7. borrowing my stuff without asking
    8. stealing my stuff
    9. mean teachers
    10. people who snore
    11. slurping sound
    12. people bugging into my business
    13. people who get in my space because I am very claustrophobic
    14. spiders


  140. Gracie

    My top ten BIGGEST pet peeves are (starting with 10):
    10 Singers like Ariana Grande
    9 When people sing “Let It Go” wrong
    8 Xbox(grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
    7 Minecraft
    6 When my friend goes on a dinner date with my sister ( LONG story)
    5 When people call me a nerd, dork, know-it-all, tattletale, and goody-two-shoes
    4 When I’m in plain view, I’m upset, and my friends walk strait by me. I don’t do that!
    3 When people think they’re perfect and they’re not
    2 Non Harry Potter fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Gracie

    My parents would not let me read Harry Potter without a battle. I like to call it “The Battle of Hogwarts”. Now, I’m Harry Potter’s number one fan. ;-)

  142. Bookrabbit22

    1D! ( to all the fans, please don’t hate me!!! I used to like, but now people change. I like 5SOS much better.)

  143. Bookrabbit22

    I hate it when I see animals, the environment, and people being disrespected. I hate bullies, bossy and mean people, ( such as someone in my school) who thinks they are the best. I hate it when people call me the best. I hate it when I see someone, or something suffering. I hate it whenever I feel like I’m standing in the shadows for too long. I hate it when I can read my favorite books. I hate it when I see someone, or me being laughed, teased, etc. at.

  144. Sophia

    It is hard to live my life and is very inoing. I feel like a dork because I am so weird and I am so funny.

  145. waaattttttt

    what irritates me is taking my stuff talking about me behind my back and yelling in my ear

  146. Leven

    1) Justin Beiber, 1D, 5SOS, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, “Iggy” Azalea (Why on earth would someone want that name?) others…..
    2) Music that degrades women, race, people (In a violent way) Why can’t we all be friends!?
    3) People thinking Beyonce is the Queen.
    4) Making fun of other people’s music just because the musicians look weird, or haven’t heard their music, etc
    5) Re-said jokes, lines, etc. I can not stand hearing the same thing, over and over again (Which is why I don’t listen to pop music very much)
    6) Chewing with your mouth open
    7) Talking with food in your mouth. I don’t wanna see your sandwich!
    8) People making fun of people with different names for example. My name is Leven, not “Eleven”.
    9) Slang words that aren’t even words. I get the ones that have a relation to an actual word, and shares a meaning, but ‘Fleek’? Seriously?
    10) Talking about me, or anyone behind my/their back. If you have something bad to say about me, say it to my face!
    11) People asking me to speak in my secondary language. No, I will not say ‘There is potato salad in my pants’ In German.

  147. aquaactor57

    -Potty Humor
    -Using words like “totes”, “bestie”, Adorbs, LOL” in real life.
    -Saying you like a band just because of their looks.
    -SInging icona pop loudly
    -too much swearing

  148. aquafashion634

    1. people talking bad about me behind my back 2.people doing insane things just to get attention 3.people making annoying noises in class 4. someone playing “I LOVE IT” by icona pop on the radio over and over 5. when someone spoils the ending to a movie I’ve been waiting to see for a long time 6.people swearing when little kids are around

  149. ridingdetecting11

    also my sister ran screaming around the house yelling who my crush is (thank god my friends weren’t over if they were I would curl up somewhere and die)

  150. ridingdetecting11

    one time I let my friend borrow 1 of my books about a year later I asked her when she’d give it back she was like, “oh I thought you said I could keep it” then she gave it back and it looked like it had been sabotaged.

  151. mermaidhorse18

    when people call me midget or when i try to help my bff and people say “what you gonna do shorty!” it makes my mind explode!!!

  152. presidentdreamer8

    ways to irritate me:copying what i say (kids do that A LOT to me in school),people saying i am gross,people say i am crazy because i like to joke around,and people talking or singing when i am doing a test or doing math. that make me SO irritated so DON’T do those things to me!

  153. Mia


  154. kt

    When people annoy me
    *when they scare me
    *when they annoy me
    *when they try to sing but they cant

  155. bandastronomy152

    things that irritate me……
    #1 people that act cool when they are not.
    #2 putting on music i hate.
    #3 messing up in front of my crush.
    #4 when people scream the word naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    #5 people swearing at me.
    #6 when people talk when i am reading.
    #7 making annoying fart sounds.
    #8 people bragging.
    and there is a lot more things that irritats me

  156. emeraldheart385

    #1. eggs (i hate the smell, look, taste, mostly the smell and sight) #2. friendship is magic (bland, boring, WAY too popular)

  157. dreamtimepink9

    FROM, dreamtimepink9

  158. kneeswhiskers8

    Most things that annoy me are: Sneezers, Spoilers for books,movies or anything, messy rooms(that my sister makes), When people diss anything I like… I can’t even list everything!

  159. bella

    what annoys me is…
    my sisters bugging me
    when my mom sings out loud
    my sisters pretend i am invisible
    my sister and her friend hide my stuff
    AND MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. anubislamb1

    things that annoy me are…
    my sisters bugging me
    when people try to act cool
    when my mom sings out loud
    AND MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. Sarah

    What REALLY gets under my skin:
    1.When people kiss in public.
    2.When people make fun of readers
    3.When people say, “You? An author? Like that’ll ever happen”

  162. rachel90kitten

    when my pug sneezes in my face.
    When my dad snorze at night.
    When people spoil things.
    When people tear my things up.

  163. Neal

    When my dog gets on my bed and messes it up.
    When my sister wakes me up when I’m sleeping.
    Waking up for school.
    Too much school work.
    When people/animals sneeze on me.

  164. bookwormgirl45

    I really get irritated when someone tells me to stop reading or not to read so much And I also hate it if someone comments something about my favourite book character and the comment is totally wrong. also I hate it if someone makes stupid grammatical errors

  165. Aliyah

    make fun of me,
    talk about me behind my back,
    just plain annoy me,
    and touch my hair!!!!

  166. athenagirl25

    ways to annoy me:
    book spoilers
    mixing Greek and roman gods
    when people say they hate someone and they dont
    asking me why i am mad repeatedly because i am quiet
    calling me a nerd because i read
    making fun of the books i am reading
    hiding my stuff

  167. Geek.Chick

    I am usually a very calm person but there are some things that REALLY tick. me. off!
    - When people decide it’s ok to hold a conversation with me while i am obviously trying to read
    - When people snatch my book away because they want me to pay attention, you could just ask!
    - when people invade my bubble and think it’s ok
    - when people are inconsiderate of introvert feelings
    - when people hate without knowing the whole story
    - when people skip books because of their size
    - unreasonable vulgarity
    - littering
    - obnoxious laughing/giggling
    - racism/stereotyping
    - when people go through my stuff and aren’t decent enough to put the stuff where it belongs
    - when people deny their intellectual abilities without even trying
    and finally
    - repeating something on purpose when i specifically and seriously asked them to cease.

  168. dreamtimepink9

    FROM, dreamtimepink9

  169. Brandon

    What irritates me is when people laugh when you are being funny and they take it the wrong way and make fun of you when you say or do somthing that you thought was funny and realise how bad it was.

  170. John

    Things that irritate me are, people not spelling things correctly, kids that talk during a test/quiz, and having something on the tip of my tongue but I cant remember it.

  171. Logan

    I like making farting noises.
    I also don’t care if people are talking about me behind my back. I do go along with not liking when it when people use my stuff with out asking though.

  172. S

    When my mom makes me clean on the weekends. Also when my dog goes to the bathroom on my stuff! I get so mad!

  173. Shyleah

    waking me up too early on a weekend to a loud noise and farting while i’m eating

  174. climbingbloodhound61

    #1 talking loud
    #2 chomping loud
    #3 taking my stuff
    #4 acting like they like someone i like

  175. IsisPegasus6

    Oh ya telling me to stop reading is like telling me to stop breathing. Seriously, don’t ask me to stop reading. I hate it when your friends get all sacked out just because of a guy I like. Not that big of a deal. I also really hate it when ppl insult 1D and Taylor Swift. Or when directioners insult swiftness or vise versa. It is really annoying.

  176. IsisPegasus6

    Thx u to all he ppl out there who said it irritates you when ppl get Greek and Roman gods mixed up. That is really annoying. I also really hate when ppl say shush when they’re the ones talking that’s not cool.

  177. Zaynab

    Here are some of the most TERRIBLE things to me, if I even THINK about them, I cringe:
    1. When people say bad things about One Direction
    2. Bad acting
    3. When people act sensitive
    4. Girly stuff
    5. Nails on a chalkboard.
    Okay, that’s all I can think of right now, BTW, the first two are the two WORST ONES OF ALL TIME.. lol just saying.

  178. baseballsoftball22

    making annoying noises and getting in my face. Acting like you know everything , being a brat ,being dramatic, being a pain, and being mean.

  179. wolfcat69

    .People taking stuff that don’t belong to them
    . Boys annoying me (and some girls)
    . Getting bad grades (you should get good grades)
    .people going through my stuff without my permission
    . people barging into my room without my permission
    . people bothering me/ nagging me

  180. pearpearthe14th

    Ways to annoy me:
    -come into my bedroom and then leave the door halfway open when you leave
    -insult Vampire Knight
    -say anime and manga is “weird”
    -tell me my clothes don’t “match”
    -bother me when I’m trying to read a book
    -reply to a nice long text I sent you with one single word
    -say/do/sing anything to do with One Direction
    -bother me about my vegetarianism
    -stand too close to me
    -interrupt me
    -judge me
    -if someone hunts/eat meats/abuses/generally just don’t respect animals . . . that will probably annoy me
    -long jean skirts.

  181. midnightheart6

    for me its:
    ♦when parents embarrass me in front of alot of people or especially my friends
    ♦when someone is explaining something to me and tries to use smart words and act like she is 5 years older than she really is
    ♦when my friends are keeping a secret on who i like but when he passes by me they always say Hi….they make it so obvious because he is not friends with my friends :l
    ……i guess thats not it but all i can think of

  182. Amber

    I really agreewith him accept I really do not care if people talk about me behind my back,but what irritates me is when people makes fart noises that is disgusting!!!

  183. Brooke

    The way to irritate me is:
    #1.yelling my crushes name to other people (behind my back)
    #2. singing a song that i don’t like
    #3. saying that my bad things about my crush
    #4. Finally saying bad things about the BEIBERS
    P.S. I’m not a fan of JB

  184. Devin

    Ways to irritate me:
    Trying to speak to me when I’m reading
    Singing/playing/talking (about) One Direction and/or Justin Bieber
    Being racist
    Swearing unreasonably
    Bringing up embarrassing moments from my past
    Being obnoxious
    Book spoilers
    Seriously. Don’t do it. :D

  185. chloee

    Making fun of my accent.
    My brother bothering me.
    People making fun of me.
    People calling me a liar.

  186. Ashley

    Ways to Irritate me:
    Get Roman and Greek gods mixed up
    Touching my hair,seriously don’t do it
    Giving book spoilers
    People judging my writing because of my age
    People not pronouncing a word right.Then I point it out and my friends PURPOSELY keep saying it

  187. annonyumus

    alarm to ‘Gangnam Style
    armpit farting
    insulting Harry Styles
    people get roman and greek gods mixed up
    book spoilers
    when it seems like other girls like 1D more than me
    my bro trying to push me
    parents telling embarrasing stories about when i was little to my friends

  188. clubyellow20

    Ways to irritate me is when people try to be the teacher and act like their smart.AND MANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. quack

    Complain about the Beatles.
    Be egotistical.
    Be really loud during lunch.
    Steal all the balls at recess.
    Hide my stuff.
    Make fun of me.
    Play pop music during gym class, especially One Direction. I wish they’d think of everyone’s ear health.

  190. stonefairy

    It annoys me when people:
    Say Alfred Hitchcock makes horror films. He does SUSPENSE!! Big difference.
    Talk about stuff they don’t know much about as if they know everything.
    Say classical music is boring.

  191. Adventurepegasus10

    Ways to irritate me…
    When people:
    Make annoying sounds
    Talk or make noise to me while I’m reading or writing
    Be sloppy
    Be uncreative
    Try to be a teacher’s pet
    Try to act like they’re so smart
    Try to act like they’re so cool

  192. birdcandy128

    if you wont the most epic
    thing ever read ‘Beast Quest’ its the most epic book of all
    times totely epic

  193. IsisPegasus6

    um maybe when people get Roman and Greek gods mixed up on no when people say a trombone is a trumpet oh that infuriates me!!! People should GET THEIR INSTRUMENTS STRAIGHT

  194. IsisPegasus6

    um maybe when people mistake Roman gods with Greek gods oh when people say a trombone with a trumpet oh that infuriates me!!!!!!!!

  195. bearemerald42


  196. dreamtimepink9

    FROM, dreamtimepink9

  197. Jenna

    Spoiling books for me (La-la-la, can’t here you
    Interuping me
    Keep books I let you borrow for WAAAAY too long
    Touching my neck or feet

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