June 20, 2011

Writing Prompt: Virtual Yearbook

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Writingprompt_genericSign the STACKS Yearbook!

Now that the school year is over, and summer vacation is here, today’s Writing Prompt is a perfect time to reflect on the school year gone by. (Do I sound like a yearbook editor?!) Maybe you made your first best friend, took a special trip, won an award in school, or made it to the championships with a sports team. Or maybe you had your first crush, got a pet, did volunteer work, or won a hot dog eating contest!

Is there any one thing that happened this year that you will remember for the rest of your life? Or maybe something you are super proud of? Something that made you learn a lot, or cry, or feel on top of the world?

Let us know in the Comments below, and we’ll try to collect the most comments we can to create a virtual yearbook. Then you can scroll through, and see what other kids found most memorable from this school year. Let’s see how many we can get!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Mia

    To have friends but then getting mad at them. I would say the because is that I fought a lot with my friends and when we left school we didn’t even say goodbye to each other

  2. readingbrainy

    Well-I learned to play mallets, got my oboe fixed, got all a’s, went to a school dance(and spent most of my time crying), etc

  3. Grass Picnic (Malaak)

    Many things happened this year , such as I lost one friend and I got one better friend,I was the best in the class , and I was the monitor of it for the whole year!,and we went to the zoo with my friends and we had a lot of fun there,it was so fun.

  4. Emma Kate

    One thing I’ll remember is my friends. I miss them all, and we got separated because now i’m homeschooled. they keep in contact with me, but not lately anymore. They seem to have forgotten me. I already know that they have bonded closer, leaving me out. I haven’t seen any since last year. They probably won’t recognize me if I see them…

  5. andrea

    omg my year ended perfect. it was like i hugged every boy and girl i saw. il like thay me and my best friends walked all tthe way home. the best art was that we went home at 10 in the morning

  6. Gopherchess4

    4th grade was really cool I had 2 friends named Taylor and Christina even in the Summer i still keep in touch with them!I can not wait till 5th grade. :)

  7. boldeagle33

    I am home schooled so I get days of all the time most of the time we go to disney world. This year for my birthday we got to go. the best book I EVER read was a book called the missing manatee.

  8. butterflypistachio6

    2nd grade was a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very fun year.Alot of my old friends from first grade were in different classes.In the summer reading challenge I can not believe its only the 9th week and I already 9,999 minutes.

  9. FashionCupcake48

    This year was the BEST year of my life!
    I miss it so much that I actually wish that it never ended!! (no kidding)
    > So first of, my friends and I tried to make a pH scale but we were unsuccessful so we named it SHLUSH!
    > We got into our very first detention for running in the corridords. (lol)
    > We directed, wrote and put together a play ourselves as a class.
    > I printed a standee of the Chuburji Gate (for our play) on flex and at the end of the year everyone signed it with a special section for the Poterheads!
    > When we were in the middle of a math test and a junior student outside shouted to her friend in Urdu “aren’t you my friend?” *breaking the silence*
    > When our class beat all the other classes in the grade six baseball matches.
    > When I got selected for the inter- house reading competition. ( and came in third)
    > When i Got a certificate for Best Overall Acedemic Student
    WHEN I HAD THE BEST YEAR EVER!!!!!!! Goodbye grade 6 and have an awesome summer!

  10. BubblyBookworm

    ~I started secondary school.
    ~I made loads of new friends.
    ~Moved up to senior choir.
    ~Sang in a national concert hall.
    ~Stayed overnight with my choir.
    ~Won two competitions there.
    ~I learned loads of HTML
    ~I went on an amazing trip with my school.

  11. greenelf73

    i became a junior (girl scout) i got 2 5s on my state test which is really impreseve met some really cool friends

  12. creativegoat8

    This year in 7th grade me and my friend entered a poem writing contest and I think I got in second place.

  13. brigadiercaring9

    sorry, i have been posting a lot, but this year in my school out of everyone who ever does math olympiad i got in the top 50% and i won a badge for it. Also i got a letter saying i qualified for pre-algebra!!!

  14. brigadiercaring9

    one of my favorite parts of the school year was 5th grade camp. My cabin mates and counselors were awesome! one of my counselors taught a song that no one can stop singing! i wish i could go back!

  15. brigadiercaring9

    i was so sad because today was my last day of elementary school, but i know that i will see everyone again, but i will miss everyone so much! i hope middle school goes well!

  16. Anna

    I survived 6th grade and am moving on to middle school! I survived the dreaded ALGEBRA and am no longer scared for middle school…

  17. Lightningthief3

    Hey! Have a Great Summer and follow me on the message boards!

  18. pigletbird

    I think most memribal thing that happened this past school year was when me and my to friends were picking up garbage.Then one of my friends picked up a white fuzzy thing with bare hands”what is this”she said gestering to my hand. I told my friend what it was and she screamed and threw it in the garbage. After putting layers and layers of handsanitizer and soap on, we laughed about it from this day on we call it a”Marsmellow”
    p.s. it wasn’t really a marshmellow

  19. masterbreeze8

    I broke my arm. :( I got into the spelling school spelling bee. I got new friends. I moved from one state to another. I had my 3rd Feild Day. I studied the human body, as well as the Native Americans, and made a dieramma.


    I’m home schooled, so I go to co-op and get together with friends. I really liked this year. It was fun my first year of homeschooling. What I liked most is we get to do a yearbook for co-op. I think I’m going to sign my crush’s yearbook. I’m nervous.:)

  21. aquacat586

    My band won first place in two categories at a festival with many other bands.

  22. angelbulldog25

    I won first prize in a spelling bee the final word to determine if I won or not was politician I am happy

  23. history23

    I got a high national ranking in math league (can’t say exactly what because of privacy) and I was picked by my teachers as best student in all of my reading teacher’s classes, as well as most outstanding girl in sixth grade choir. I was also one of two sixth graders to make it into Women’s Choir after school, and I made the advanced choir for next school year. So excited for seventh grade!

  24. Allison

    I got had do a charity marathon. It is when we run 3.5 miles. Luckily, i was sick that day!! :-)

  25. werewolfcat5

    I remembered when it was the first day in fifth grade.How I wished it would be over.And now guess what? I do NOT want to be in middle school! Be happy about what you don’t like or later you will miss it.

  26. SmartyPants101

    My goly gosh! The best year of school so far! Went on camp, made up with some friends, got runner-up age champion at sports carnival, went to touch trials and my team came runner-up! Can’t wait for 7th grade!

  27. Gracie

    Some funny things that happened in 5th grade (my last year *sniff*) was the whole 5th grade goes on a overnight camp. And while we were canoeing, SOMEBODY (you know who you are!) spashed water on my bottom! And we had to have a slow dance at camp too. It was funny! Most guys and girls ran to “Use the bathroom” or “Get a drink of water” (me being one of them). My (used to be) friend ended up dancing with my mortal enemy. And most girls and ALL guys plugged their ears and groaned when Justin Beiber came on (me including).

  28. purplebutterfly355

    i miss my classmates so much! i also do not even get to see them next year because i am gonig to a different school sadly :( but i wanna go camping with my bffb (best friend forever beyond) and we could tell ghost stories, roast marshmellows (TOTALLY!), swim by the ocean and more! its gonna be so fun me and my family might camp wih my bff and other peeps so ya :)

  29. Onyxfairy5

    1. my 6th grade Graduation
    2. I started liking KPOP
    3. sad to see all my friends go
    4. I regret not getting signatures fron everyone
    5. I can still saty in touch with mah peeps!

  30. Sadie

    The only good thing that happened this year was my bff told my secret crush I liked him. The good part is he liked me back!!!!!

  31. kaykay112

    Well I really enjoyed my first year of middle school. I found out it is much easyier to be friends with guys, but I have a lot of friends(boys and girls). I skipped a grade of math and I feel very proud of myself for making it through the year with good grades in that class… Next year I’ll be in 7th grade so my math level goes up to 8th grade algebra. So I’m very proud of that. Great memories to cherish this year.

  32. alywrites

    I started high school! So only three more years of school…!!!
    Also, I managed really good grades! I also made a ton of new friends, and I am totally excited for the next year! …save for math. XD

  33. Katie

    I made lots of friends but when we graduated, I was this close to tears. They played Graduation: Friends Forever-Vitamin C. There were a lot of pictures for Spree Day. We had Tai Kwon Do, Tug of War, and a lot of other stuff.
    In one of my volleyball pics, I was in mid-hit and I looked hilarious. The photographer made CDs of the slideshow and now whenever I watch it, I cry.
    I won’t see anyone from my class besides two of them and I miss the others so much. I cried through the end of school, the whole busride home, to my grandmother’s house and finally calmed down in my cousin’s room. That is called loving your enemies.

  34. surviving antennae3

    I entered my school talent show with my friendand before we even got to the stage, the whole amudience started clapping for us.It was a real surprise because I was new this year.I guess I made more friends then I thought!!

  35. Diamond

    i finnaly got out of elementary school how happy iam to be out i didn’t get a trothy but next year i plann to work on volly ball and being treated different for once and be a regular teen.

  36. topazstorm3

    This year I Made My First holy
    communion. It is unforgettable!!
    I also had my best teacher ever!

  37. Jenna

    6th grade was awesome!!!!!!!!!! the best part was my ski break. i drove up to the resort with one of my best friends and that started it all. one day we were in line for a lift and we were randomly put on it with these two guys from school that we were really good friends with. after that day the four of us skied together and had sooooo much fun!!! when we were done skiing we always went and ice skated and made smores. on our last day there for three us of it started to snow super hard. since we had all checked out of our cabins we ended up staying with the one family that hadn’t left over night. there were many other amazing parts of 6th grade but that was by far the best!!!

  38. Rachel

    i had my first best friend- Skyler.
    and i got a passport to go to the Bahamas -my first cruise- and i had the best year ever mostly because of my new friends, exciting feild trips, my amazing family and my great friends

  39. bluepuma2

    i was at a hawaiian luau dance and my bofriend of the time kissed me on the cheek at the end o and i won highest science average for my class but sixth grade was kinda hard

  40. tricknervous1

    I wanted to say if I made it this far with out doing bad. How do you think I’ll do next year?

  41. Angela

    I made commended performance on ALL of my tests, and acheived all 6 of my AR goals in the most difficult year of school-5th grade…

  42. gerbil duke1

    i got an a+ all school year!!!! i had to go on the gym stage and get an award in front of my WHOLE SCHOOL!

  43. Linda

    i survived the sixth grade, making new friends, having different classes, and just adjusting to the way things go in middle school.

  44. Katya

    Last week my parents and I took a summer vacation to Florida.I earned the chance to be a dolphin trainer for a day at the Dolphin Research Center because I earned all A’s this year. I worked super hard for my goal to be a trainer for a day. It was awesome. The Dolphins I worked with were named Molly, Santini , Louie, Rainbow , Pandora , Tanner and Kibby and Jax. These dolphins were all born at the center or rescued. Jax survived a shark attack and Louie survived the BP oil spill. When I swam with Santini and she pulled me around the lagoon I felt exhilarated.I learned how to whistle train. Now I am using this on my dogs.

  45. dolphinyellow11

    i can’t forget when i did a science project and my lemon i was using had a bug in it i showed my teacher and she yelled hahaha it was funny

  46. magicmagic7

    wow thats so cool many kids in my class includingme are making our year books two.isn’t that funny we have so much in common you should friend request me and we shall talk eather about this or something else like this.

  47. gracey

    my teacher is so funny so many laughs and she is gone for ever shout out to MRS.M love u

  48. miniartemis

    I won two artistic awards in my school and have made THE BEST FRIENDS EVER!!!!! I also survived sixth grade!! (yay me!)

  49. astronautsnake2

    I made some new best friends, got some awards, played on a soccer team, did some cool art projects, got a new art teacher (I really miss my old art teacher! :( ), got a new principal (also miss the old one!) , went on some field trips, learned A LOT, and had a cool end of the year party with my class! :)

  50. pinkbeastly9

    this summer i did alot of things like one thing i go skating with my friends on friday and saturdays ya heard.well gotta go and remember go hard or go home

  51. supersatr

    WELL i survived 4TH grade writing i am the best writer of the schoool i reasived a level(4) i thot i was luky

  52. purplebutterfly215

    This year I went to middle school,got my own locker,& I made a couple of new best friends!

  53. catchingblack26

    I won an award once or twice during the school year and I think I should be in the Hall Of Fame for how much work I did.

  54. authorfiary1

    I graduated from Middle School with all my friends and got High School Credit. I’m planning my future to go to collage and be an author…not to mention a mother some day.

  55. Noelle

    My grade went canoeing, hiking, and other fun stuff! for 3 days. The food there was REALLY good too. I also graduated from elementary school this year.

  56. screamingdomogirl

    There are a couple things I’ll always remember. This year was 5th grade, my last year in elementary school. We had a huge graduating ceremony, and I got 7 awards. Also, I was a patrol this year, and we had a patrol thank you party, for our services. We went to a carnival. It was so much fun!

  57. pinktwinkle

    (this is something i would write 2 my friends)
    WOW! we made it out alive. hey , we lost friends made enemies were in the musical together, almost when insane on our teachers but hey don’t u wish we could do it all again . THAT WAS FUN!!

  58. Annie iPad

    I am home schooled and made that new friend someone in the neiborhood that was also home schooled. Yay me!

  59. dolphincheerful11

    my shool year was a very quick one and this year i actually graduated from elementary school so it was alot of tears about leaving a school that i have been at for six years but also tears over my school being torn down to build something else whitch is sad because it was alot of good people at that school and i will miss that school with all my heart and also this year my step team at school won second place in the compititionbut my cherrleading team won first so that was amazing and i won most creative witch is amazing.

  60. aquaunicorn34

    I also won a spelling bee and went to a high school to compete with other schools. There were 51 people and i won 13th place.

  61. stephanie

    i loved last year i was so proud of my grades. And the best thing was my dream boy likes me. Follow your dreams!!!

  62. haymaze44

    i had my fifth grade grad and all my friends are going to the same middle school which is awesome!
    i went on a camping trip wit half of the fifth grade and it was so fun! :) :P :D

  63. prettygurl09

    Omg my fave year 4 sursies i hav awesome friends a wonderful family and wonderful boyfriend.:) who could ask for more?:)

  64. mememememememe

    i won 3rd place in math olympiad again but last ik won 1st place
    ~~ memememememmemememememememe

  65. SFGIANTSFAN283855

    The Giants won the World Series!!! I also got bullied for the second time. It was NOT fun. I experienced my first year of track I am awesome at the 800 meter dash.
    GO SF GIANTS!!!!

  66. redwolf31

    i survived sixth grade without my elementary school friends (they went to a different school) and done mock trial and newspaper

  67. Surfrockgirl

    I played Prospera in The Tempest, which we did for our school. The costumes and set were amazing! I’ll always remember it!

  68. Ember

    4th grade was a fun year. I made my first best friend named Jessica. She was in battle of books and won 2nd place out of EVERY SINGLE TEAM in the archdioseice. I can’t wait for 5th grade!

  69. Lily Luna :)

    … I have part of a song… “Don’t wanna see you go, but it’s not forever, not forever/ And even if it was you know that I would never let it get me down/ Cause you’re the part of me that makes me better, wherever I go/ So I will try, not to cry, but we don’t have to say goodbye!”- A Very Potter Sequel, “Days of Summer” … it’s not a memory, and really the whole song works, but I like it :)

  70. launchingkey3

    this year i accomplished many things. The one i will remember most is getting straught a’s all yeatr. this was very hard to do but in the end i know it will pay off. Another major accomplishment is getting first place in the science fair. At school we hav a science fir and i got first place. The school then asked me to go to county which i did and i got third place. This took alot of time and dedication and it really paid off

  71. paco.haley

    My gosh, of course.
    This year, I had the best class ever. We were so close and ended up like one big family.
    I have so many amazing memories. This one kid had his own anthem. You know the song “Magic”, which was covered by Selena Gomez? Well, he ALWAYS used to go, “Oh,oh,oh it’s ADRIK!”.
    Another time, I swore that Disney Channel was spying on us (I still claim that! Mason’s dad in the Navy? NOT A COINCIDENCE!).
    This year, a guy told me he liked me. That was a really awkward part, and it messed up our friendship.
    We had a 5th Grade graduation, where our class almost did a flash-mob, before the DJ found out and terminated the plans.
    5th Grade was definitely the best year so far. I could write more, but it’d be the length of a book. My class was so amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

  72. justaprincess

    I performed for the first time in a talent show. My whole class danced to I like to move it, move it! Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. dancingdolphin36

    Well… This year was a really big year for me. My teacher got a grant and received a class set of iPod touches that we used for education throughout the year and it was just really fun!!!

  74. Ellie

    I made lots of new friends this year that i didnt know before i moved into a new school for 6th grade. Being in a different school and new people made me realize how many friends you can have and that you dont need to limit yourself to just a couple. :)

  75. legendarySong

    I finally made truly great friends whom I really trust, and that feels better than anything else.

  76. Uglybookworm

    When my classmate showed a picture to the whole class of what happened if you had no boens or skull.

  77. Caylie0519

    my faverie year so far !!!
    first year for saftey patrol, awesome teacher and classmates!!!!!!!!
    I hope I enjoy 5th grade. :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)):))::):):):)

  78. camryn

    well i was in battle of the books for the first time and it was a greate 3rd grade experiance and im gona do it again in 4th grade

  79. ladysquecky13

    My best friend kinda stoped hanging out with me for a couple of months.
    I got my first crush
    I fell in love with the band Panic! at the disoc
    I got to see the midnight showing of Harry potter 7 part 1 on a school night

  80. llamas11

    this year was my last year of elementary school!i was so sad to see all of my teachers go but i’ll go back and visit them!<3

  81. chattytoes3

    Well, I had my first EOG. For those who don’t know what a EOG is, it is a BIG test. It stands for End Of Grade test. I got 4′s! (YAY ME)I found my favorite teacher. And met new people that I REALLY LIKE!, like Tori, Jackie and Holly! (And Joe(smile))

  82. owlgirl

    This year we had our fifth grade graduation. It was super sad because I am going to a different middle school than the rest of my buddies. But it was also happy because it means I AM GOING TO MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! I am so excited( obviously).

  83. Shanna

    My favorite memory of my last year at my school was our week trip to camp it was my Favorite!!:)

  84. SophieGrocks

    I had a luau at school and the teachers went up on stage and danced the hula!My best friend Emma and I laughed so hard!

  85. Amberwolf1

    We got a cute little pomeranian puppy!!! She grew up so fast ’cause this month she turned 1-year-old!

  86. moneymoneymoney

    i was standing in a art room. the girl scouts lined up. it was our cermonie. first we did the pleadge. then we went up 1 at a time and said a line of the law.i was third. i said my line and took a candle. i was grauted.

  87. lavendersoftball2

    I won second place in a competition through-out my school district. We won second place out of 13 other schools!

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