June 4, 2012

Writing Prompt: Truth or Fiction?

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Writing Prompt: Weirdest Thing OR What’s True?

I totally love today’s Write On Writing Prompt. It comes to us from CoolChicken3 who gives us two choices:

Write about the weirdest thing that’s happened to you.
Write 3 statements (2 true and 1 false), and we have to guess which one is false.

So much fun, right? I couldn’t decide which to do . . . but I ended up picking the second. So here are 3 statements about myself. Can you guess which is false?

  1. I have crawled through underground tunnels in Vietnam.
  2. I once almost drank a spider.
  3. I have 6 toes. FALSE

While visiting Vietnam I did crawl through the Ho Chi Minh tunnels which are now open to tourists. And once in the middle of the night, I almost drank a dead spider floating in my water glass. But I do NOT have 6 toes. (I am desperately in need of a pedicure, though.)

Thanks for the Writing Prompt, CoolChicken3! Which one are you going to answer? Leave YOUR answers below in the Comments. And if you do the 3 statements, don’t forget to leave the answer on which is false, so we can see if we guessed it right!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. Maddy

    I have SO many things to say! Oh well.
    1.I ate a leaf
    2.I almost drown in a puddle when I was a baby
    3.I hate to read FALSE
    I find books amazing adventures- espically Poison Apple books!

  2. werewolfcat5

    I’m doing the second one.
    1.I’m a boy.
    2.I love reading books.
    3.I have 10 fingers in total.
    Which one is NOT true?

  3. PurpleArtemis25

    1. I think bees are awesome
    2. I hate reading picture books.
    3. I have an adopted sister
    See if you can find the answer!!!

  4. julia

    1.I used to have a cat, but she was taken when I moved
    2.I have taken care of wild baby birds and a robin egg
    3.I have been to 3 amusement parks

  5. dragonphoenix59

    Ok, I’m doing the second one:
    1. I hate TV
    2. I have watched a bee die in glass of lime soda
    3. I have never thrown up in public
    Which one’s false?! ;)

  6. Labrador

    Why didn’t anyone do the first one? Oh well… i don’t have time for the first one now… I’ll come back later and do it. For now:
    1. I have bitten an ant.
    2. I have visited over 11 DIFFERENT places.
    3. I only read when my mom forces me.

  7. Chimeradragon

    1. I got to pet a grown mountain lion.
    2. I fell over on my first skiing attempt.
    3. I am deeply dismayed at “What Not to Wear” always trying to cut people’s hair.

  8. Dramaruby9

    I’m going to do the second one :)
    1.I have been in a musical
    2.I have been to India to worship Buddha
    3.I have eaten worms

  9. em

    -i have 914 books
    -when i was little i licked the bottom of shoes
    -i ate a pail of soil when i was five
    - my toe nails are painted pink

  10. greenathena22

    I just noticed nobody chose option #1!
    joyfulsalmon1-I am guessing you have more than 3 fingers
    silverdragon149-number 3???
    heres mine
    I have won 5 spelling bees
    I like broccoli
    I like cake and pizza
    1-true! I won 3 classroom bees, one school bee, and one at a pizza place (weird right)
    3-FALSE. I know I’m weird, i like broccoli but not cake or pizza!

  11. chartreusebird31

    1. My favorite museum in the world is the Museum de la Poupee in Paris.
    2. I have had surgery on my eye.
    3. I am skilled in papercraft (not origami) and I have made 10 bookmarks for my friends. :)

  12. dancingposeidon8

    1.i have been almost all over the world
    2.i have been chased by a bobcat
    3.i have eaten a bug ugh1

  13. survivingwriter2

    1.I have never read for 30 mins. straight
    2.I have 2 brothers
    3.I have a dog
    The false one is #….1

  14. Bella Rose.

    1. I hate chocolate
    2. I’m a Harry Potter fan!
    3. I’m an avid reader.
    Hint: Dark Chocolate is my favorite food.

  15. kimberly pinkcake 381

    i have one of the candy appels book and i love it the book i have is the boy next door

  16. Isla Silvercresent

    ok so guess
    1. I am a fantasy lover
    2. I love to eat mutton (goat meat)
    3. My hair is blond
    (#3 is a lie! I know what your thinking, MUTTON? But it’s actually good, tastes like chicken [lol jk just HAD to say that] it tasted like beef)

  17. silverdragon149

    1. I spend every passing minute of summer vacation reading.
    2. I have never broken a bone
    3. When I get stung by a bee, I can’t move that body part
    WHO CAN GUESS?????

  18. eyesthunderstorm1

    its a good book and adventeres i want the book .i just read two sneek peeks.

  19. joyfulsalmon1

    I’m going to do prompt two.
    1.I am only allergic to weeds.
    2.I have only three fingers.
    3.I have proved that hair color has nothing to do with intelligence.
    You figure out which one is false. It is not complicated.

  20. Brilliantviolet5

    1. I have a stack of books in my room about as high as my shoulder.
    2.I’ve been on the Stacks for several years
    3. I’ve done this 3 times at school already.
    That was fun :)

  21. tricksurgeon1

    1. I am allergic to nuts.
    2. I am sick.
    3. I have long fingernails.
    (Not allergic to nuts!)

  22. tricksurgeon1

    1. I am allergic to nuts.
    2. I am sick with a cold.
    3. I have long fingernails.

  23. Foreverelephant♥

    @Gface– 2
    @FairyEmerald31– 1
    One of these is a lie:
    1. I love a lot of music, but I absolutely can’t stand Coldplay… ugh.
    2. I can name at least 21 Death Eaters off the top of my head. (Harry Potter for the world!)
    3. I love Walt Disney– Fantasia especially. He was a genius! My favorites are “Dance of the Hours”, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, and “The Rite of Spring”.

  24. tricksurgeon1

    1. I am allergic to nuts.
    2. I am sick with a cold.
    3. I have long fingernails.

  25. ipodpanda6

    I own an elephant
    I live in england
    I have 9 siblings
    WHICH IS TRUE?????????!!!

  26. aquagirl28

    1. i cannot do a cartwheel
    2. i have ate dirt
    3. i LOVE shishkabobs!!!!
    Which one is False???
    # 1 hehe ikr!!!

  27. pearpearthe14th

    1: I used to like picking up spiders
    2: I wrote a novel about fruit
    3: I love lima beans

  28. katie

    okay, here’s the second one:
    I’ve had swine flu.
    i love peppers FALSE
    i was born in Italy

  29. pinkcupcake333

    A. I can go underwater for 20 seconds
    B. I want to be a doctor when i grow up
    C. I have been to florida 4 time

  30. Megan

    Hi again the lie is that “I have a state of the art computer room cuz I’m great at tec stuff”, for the record I’m terrible at tec stuff and I have an old Dell computer, not state of the art one

  31. Megan

    1- I have a state of the art computer room cuz I’m great at tec stuff
    2- I can crochet really well
    3- I want to be an animator when I grow up

  32. **Fairy~Emerald~31**

    Okay,I’m doing the second one:
    I live in a mansion.
    I have a version of statue of liberty.
    I was once allergic.

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