January 7, 2013

Writing Prompt: That Awkward Moment When

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Writing_prompt_rainbow_penWriting Prompt: That Awkward Moment When

Did you ever experience an awkward moment like forget somebody's name when they totally remembered yours? Or fart in the dead silence of a movie theater? Or loudly scream "Mommy!" in the mall, forgetting you now call your parent 'Mom" or sometimes cleverly by their first name? These are the moments – those awkward moments – you will laugh about later but cringe at now!! Today's Writing Prompt asks you to finish the following phrase: 


Here’s one of mine to get you started.
That awkward moment when in seventh grade I was talking to my crush only to realize afterwards I had a large piece of, um, something (!) stuck under my nose.

Fill in yours in the Comments below. I can't wait to read these ones!
That awkward moment when . . .

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. H_squad

    that was an awkward moment when i was best friends with him and he don’t recognize me and i am sing the song we don’t talk anymore

  2. Ray

    when someone says hi while looking at you and you say hi back and some one behind you walks up and says hi to that person . the whole time they were not talking to you :(

  3. S Ghoul

    That awkward moment when…
    You move your chair and it makes a fart noise…
    and everybody thinks it was you.

  4. P

    That awkward moment when you try to look pretty to your crush and you notice that you wore that special dress backwards.

  5. allie

    that awkward moment when…
    you finally stop liking someone you’ve liked for, like, 8 years, and then u find out
    HE LIKES YOU!!!!!!!!

  6. bubblybutterfly207

    that awkward moment when i tripped over my sister in church and my crush’s mother saw (she’s a photographer!)

  7. Scarlatte


  8. Anonymous

    That awkward moment near Halloween when you see an Amish family and wonder out loud where they got their pilgrim costumes. (I was eleven, and had never heard about Amish people before).

  9. F

    That awkward moment when you try farting very quietly but it comes out like a BOMB!!!!!!!!!

    :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):););):););););););););););););););)

  10. mysteryBrilliant37


  11. Braylynn

    When I was at the movie theater watching a movie, while it was on a serious part I needed some more pop corn. So I went to get me more. As I was walking down the stairs (as I Said the movie was on a serious part) I tripped and feel down the stairs (IT WAS VEEEERY PAINFUL!!!!!!!) I didn’t get hurt so that was good. But when I got up every body was staring and shooshing.


  12. .0

    that very awkward moment when it’s dress up day at school but you get the date WRONG AND TURN UP WEARING A DRESS UP WHEN EVERYBODY ELSE IS IN THEIR SCHOOL UNIFORM!!!!!!!!!!


    yesterday, I was playing volleyball with my friends and I forgot one of my friend’s names and then corrected her when she told me her name and she dose not like being corrected :, (.

  14. kawaii~joy

    OMG!! I am the most awkward person on the planet!
    That awkward moment when you realize the cute boy from school is sitting behind you in the movie theater :(

  15. lisa

    a akward moment that i had was when I was watching salior moon on my computer and when I stoped watching I thought i was sailor murcury and i acted like her in front of my parents then they laughed it was embarasing also akward and that was my akward moment.:)

  16. Anonymous

    that awkward moment when you were supposed to tell your best friend who you like but then you forgot you are talking to your crush

    1. hurricanemermaid73

      that awkard moment when you say i love you to the boy you like and he asks you what you said and you say nothing

  17. cupcakecandy209

    well this is more of a story…….ok well my sister’s BFF her little brother is my crush and then my sister found out who i liked she told maya aka my crush’s older sister. The next day everyone was laughing at me!!!!!!!:( THE END

    1. cupcakecandy209

      I don’t think that’s so awkward moment…………btw you spelled “akward” wrong it’s awkward

    1. hurricanemermaid73

      that awkrad moment when the new kid walks in and your staring at him because you like him and he is staring at you because he likes you and your holding hands when your parents are watching you. then you get grounded, hahahahahaha lol

  18. Olivia

    That awkward moment when you have a sneeze that goes away, so you’re left looking like a weirdo with your face scrunched up over your elbow.

  19. HEY

    that awkward moment when you stare at your crush and then look away but their still looking at you then you look at them again

  20. Smellman426

    That awkward moment when I hugged and talked to a person, thinking it was my mom, but it was a stranger at the furniture store!

  21. cheesehotdog16

    That awkward moment when your mom or dad asks how was school and you don`t know what to say or something bad happened at school and you don`t want to talk about it

  22. risingwolf478

    When I was talking to my crush about Nico in the Trials of Apollo: the Hidden Oracle and I made everything super awkward……

  23. Samantha

    That awkward moment when someone in your class who you barely know calls you someone else and you don’t know what to say.

  24. GhostWolf1798

    I yelling in my head that my crush like other girl and I rasied my hand without knowing. The teacher called on me and asked “what is the matter Sara?”. I yelled “that Joe ( my crush) is crushing on Kelly. Why not me…….. I mean nothing, nothing at all.”

    1. Emily

      I know right that happened to me too, i said something funny and this boy was like omg so funny i forgot to laugh

  25. azurecat680

    That awkward moment when you tell all your friends about a upcoming party, and then the date changes and they appear on the wrong date. AWKWARD!

  26. R

    That awkward moment when me and my bother
    went on an obstacle course. I was soooo nervous up there that I did something…
    (It fell on someone below me!)

  27. Trinity

    An awkward moment i n my life was when I had drunk a whole bottle of water before I went to bed. Then when i woke up in the morning I felt very wet. Then I looked at my sheets Only to see a huge puddle of {!} sitting under me.

  28. silversparrow291

    That awkward moment when I tried to shoot a rubber band at my friend sitting across the classroom but it hit her partner instead… she was like “Someone shot a rubber band at me!”
    The teacher picked it up… luckily she didn’t ask who did it.

  29. Shady

    That Awkward moment when you think it’s a Friday so you get all excited then realize it’s only a Monday

  30. That Awkward Moment When Number 13

    Mom: “Brad… Ben… Bella!”
    Me talking to myself: ‘what did you just call me’
    Me: “Coming!”

  31. hilariousrainbow11

    when Dr who tells you this joke: dr who: knock knock ( you) whos there? :dr who: Doctor (you) doctor who? and you dont get it

  32. grace e

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  33. bandclub95

    that awkward moment when your mom calls u baby names at your 10th birthday party when your crush is there:()

  34. keira

    that awkward moment when your 3 year old sister yells that my sissy! In the middle of you high school graduation! LOL

  35. vkcdjlkd9irpoer-0r5kpgli590

    that awkward moment when someone you had a crush on ran away from you then at the end of the school year someone tells you that he likes you


    I had that awkward moment when my teacher in class this year asked the class weather we knew the word ‘antagonist’ and I shot my hand up and yelled “yes!” and then I realized that I was the only one who did- not even the smartest twins in class.

  37. Edan

    That awkward moment when you run out of toilet paper and you’re stuck in the bathroom using tissues or something

  38. Cleo

    I typed the website address exactly as in my book, but it did not go to the scholastic website. I checked again and again, and found nothing wrong.
    Until my dad showed me “scr’ should be written as “src”.
    I was happy to see the scholastic website.

  39. Miguel A

    That awkward moment when you eat a spicy food then it was so spicy that you really need to drink water but there’s no water so you drink sewer water

  40. Miguel A

    That awkward moment when you have water or food in your mouth and then you heard a funny joke and when you were laughing you spit out your food or drink in your mouth

  41. Edan

    That awkward moment when i accidentally flung a pencil at this girl and then she turned around and i thought she was gonna stab me in the eye but instead she just gave it to me and smiled O_o

  42. juno3

    an awkward moment when my friend farted in the middle of a silence bell at school and we couldn’t laugh cuz we would get punished

  43. spiritedsoftball20

    That awkward moment when… you accidentally let it slip that you like the guy that you are talking to!!!!!

  44. emeraldbutterfly973

    That awkward moment when in seventh grade I was at the movies with my crush and when a scary part came I spilled soda and popcorn on him.

  45. poseidonathena604

    that awkward moment when …..I was in gym and we were running laps and I didn’t hear the couch say ‘only the boys’ so when he said go I took off running with the boys and I thought I was first so I didn’t stop but when I did the boys behind me were laughing .and the excuse I made up to the couch was that a boy had gotten one of my bracelets and I had gone after him to get it . :( all the girls were laughing at me for the rest of the day..

  46. Raiven

    that awkard moment when in 7th grade i was talking to my crush only to realize afterwards i i had a large peice of um something in my nose!!!
    i think that she might have had a large buger in er nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Sofia

    That awkward moment when you laugh so hard at something nobody else thinks is funny. That happens a lot to me, but I have another one:
    That awkward moment when you were crying to yourself, and someone behind you heard all of it, even the words you muttered.

  48. chihuahuablue764

    That awkward moment when I saw my teacher and I didn’t recognize her, but she recognized me!!!

  49. hayley

    that awkward moment when i was practicing my dancing and my friend told me i had toilet paper coming out of my leotard

  50. amusedphoenix18

    That awkward moment in 3rd grade when I hurt myself in P.E. I was crying at first (it hurt!) but then I started laughing while I was crying. I “claughed” so much that the teacher actually had to ask me to leave the room. Worse yet, everyone who was there remembered it- even through 5th grade!



  52. Anonymous

    that akward moment when you are walking in line and someone tells your crush you like them and they ask you do you like me and you say no and he says good cause i don’t like you

  53. selena. O

    That awkward moment when: Your crush comes over to your house and your parents show him naked photos of when you where a baby

  54. Sashabanasha

    That awkward moment when you fail at something when you promised someone you were the best at doing it, and then they give you the hairy eyeball.

    1. Edan

      that akward moment when you crush is talking to your best friend and you get jealous but then your crush kisses you and your friend gets mad

  55. Kandy

    The awkward moment when you have bathroom in your 5th grade classroom, and you forget to lock the door. Then your male teacher walks in on you.

  56. Hannah

    That awkward moment when you choke on your spit in class! (that happened to me during silent reading)

  57. clarinet cheese

    that awkward moment when….
    i was talking to my crush and my friend was behind me giving us the evil eye…

  58. Tealhideout5

    That awkward moment when someone calls you there best friends name and you don’t know the person

  59. graywolf2978

    That awkward moment when you are sticking your hands into your pockets and you have no pockets.

    1. clarinet cheese

      more like your dancing ur butt of to “wiggle” and ur dad walks in!! thats what happened to my friiend!!!

  60. energeticg20

    That awkward moment when you say “Mom, the toilet is broken!” to someone who really isn’t your mom. : )

  61. blackdragon5071

    That awkward moment when you think you won so you celebrate but then it turns out someone else won so everyone looks at you.

  62. blackdragon5071

    That awkward moment when you’re trapped in the corner of the shower because the water is to cold.

  63. blackdragon5071

    That awkward moment when your listening to music (in my case heavy metal) thinking the earplugs are plugged in only to take them out and hear it blasting out loud at your grandmas house.

  64. Briana

    the awkward moment that I had was when my sister opened the door to the bathroom when I was using it.

  65. bookworm869

    That awkward moment when I was talking to my friend about something and then realized she hadn’t known I was talking to her and she walked away. “Talking to yourself?”

  66. Gymnasticsmoon12

    That awkward Moment when your sister spills milk on your report card meeting in front of the teacher and class when you are wearing you very newest dress ever bought!!!

  67. Daniel

    that awkward moment when you think you see your friend in a crowd and you call their name, but it turns out to be a random stranger who looks like your friend from behind :D

  68. Passion

    That awkward moment when you read the book loudly to someone else and suddenly realize that you missed a line, and you need to re-read all the page! (I did that for some times)

  69. aquafashion634

    That awkward moment when you pass your crush in the the hall,and the two of you just stand there,staring at each other.

  70. jadedragon49

    …That awkward moment when you start singing songs from Wicked and Les Miz in the middle of science class for no particular reason…and that awesome moment when your friend starts singing along!

  71. katelyn

    that awkward moment when you know you were going to do something but forgot what you were going to do.
    It happens to me ALL the time :)

  72. korkie

    You tell your sister to put on shorts to go to field hockey practice and she says no and tells you she is going to a singing recital and you are like whoops and you try to change the subject!!!! (that just happened to me about 2 minutes ago!?!)

  73. horsemermaid34

    when your mom comes in your classroom cause you forgot something and she calls you your silly nick name:(

  74. littleliverloo

    That awkward moment when you are out with your mom, and you see your crush, and your mom says (not very quietly) “Hey, is that the boy you like?”

  75. Livi

    That awkward moment when you answer the phone and think it’s your dad, so you say “Hi Daddy.” and then it turns out to be a telemarketer. O_o

  76. Elizabeth

    That awkward moment when everything is all of a sudden quiet during class and your secret crush says, “When there’s an awkward silence, a squirrel dies.”

  77. dancingfire8

    That awkward moment when the teacher says “Okay, class! Put all books away!”, and you continue reading your Harry Potter book because your so obsessed with it you didn’t hear her. This happens to me all the time so now my teacher says ” Okay, class! Please put all books away including Harry Potter!”. It always works, though, because whenever I hear Harry Potter, I snap into focus:) It never fails to get my attention:)

  78. kayla

    That awkward moment is when a gy that u think of as a friend says he likes (later he told me it was just to get this girl off our back

  79. Emily

    That awkward moment when you lost your parents in a crowd and when you look for them you think you found them and grab a total stranger! the stranger says “uuuuuummm hi?” haha:)

  80. neishia

    it was so akward when i thought i saw my best friend bridget (I CALL HER HONEY BUN BECAUSE SHE LOOKS LIKE ONE)
    i screamed honey bun and ran up to her but it wasnt her it was a man with really long hair. sad right ? i know. akkwwaarrdd

  81. neishia

    yesterday when i left school,my friend thats a boy put his hand over my eyes and said “guess who” i thought it was my boy friend and said hi babe and turned around and kiss him on the cheek while my boy friend was looking it was so akward.

  82. me (brainyathena :P)

    OMG 59 comments O_O ?
    that awkward moment when you open the door to a porta potty and somebody’s in there ._. at least I didn’t know them…. O_O omg that was so awkward I ran….

  83. Celeste

    My dad is military, so when he went away for 1 year and he came back i ran up and hugged someone I thought was my dad but wasn’t!

  84. dancingjalepeno

    That awkward moment when…
    …you’re yelling at someone, but accidentally call them by your siblings name

  85. jadedragon49

    That awkward moment when you start randomly singing a song in the hallway and no one else knows what it is. (Typically it’s the most recent showtune or radio song I’ve listened to…)

  86. Isabella

    That awkward wen u start clicking ir pen in the middle of class and u get yelled at to stop but u hav to click it one more time to write

  87. emeraldglad7

    I really personally think that awkward moments seem to happen alot in the library! And yeah its happen lots of times.

    1. pinkhamster431

      wow that is really cool wonderful to read the comments that yah made that is what’s up


    When….. u text a old friend 50 times nd they dont text back……. or whenur ex bf texts at of no where and asks if u wil go back out wif him after he hasnt talk to u in 4 weeks!!!!!! now that weird!!!! lol =)

  89. Morgan

    This happened to me last month. Well so my best friend did not understand that my crush had a girlfriend. And so being the nice person she is, she kind of let on infront of his mom that i liked him. His mom gave that “really?” :) look. It was really awkward.

  90. gracie

    the AWKWARD moment was when i ran in to a sigh dancing infront of a walmart parking lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. ghostblue21

    That awkward moment when you do something really embarrassing and then you turn around and your crush is standing right behind you! :(

  92. Maddie

    That awkward moment when your goofing off with you friend and a teacher walks by thinking your crazy!(happened to me in third grade)

  93. me

    @Caleigh, my name is close to yours! I just put me in the title (mine’s Calleigh) it’s awkward when the teacher pernounces it wrong,I don’t say anything but my whole class does O_O

  94. dd

    nice message I like it have fun blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. ambergigantic7

    That awkward moment when you have something on the seat of your pants and someone has to tell you…. what! actually that’s more embarrassing!!XD

  96. mcswirly13

    that akward moment when u fall of ur chair and everone is lauphing and your teacher has to say stop lauphing

    1. Bridie

      That awakward moment when I was reading a text aloud to friends and I farted!!!!!!!! Worse, my crush was watching me and spying on me for that whole day and was laughing his head of when I walked out of the room!!!!!!!!!

  97. harrypotterisbeast

    That kinda sorta awkward moment when one of your acquaintances knows you, but you don’t really know her and call her by the wrong name when she says hi to you. (Happened a couple weeks ago.) >.. At least we’re friends.

  98. greenelf73

    The awkward moment when you are speechless because your crush asked a ? and you were not listening and he says “hello are you there it is so embarrassing


    Ok, so the other day, I was going to the classroom sink to fill up my water bottle. And we have a stool in my classroom, and I leaned up against it and it squeaked. It sorta sounded like a farting noise. Then I realized people were giving me funny looks. They thought I had passed gas right in front of class when I didn’t!

  100. bryan

    the most embaressing thing is when I farted one of my loud farts in the silence of class when we were in math class january 2 2011

  101. me

    when you’re teacher goes quiet while you’re not paying attention and stares at you (then everybody else stares at you) you look up and start to erase what you were drawing on your desk O_O

  102. me

    that awkward moment when a guy’s little brother tells you that his brother likes you (seriously,twice that’s happened to me)

  103. Kiwi

    In second grade my skirt fell down when I was walking down the stairs and everyone saw my striped underwear!! Totally EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!

    1. whitebird104

      I was outside in a playground there was a net an i climb on it and i fell in a hole of the net but my feet caught the net and i was upside down with a DRESS with nothing only underwear an everybody saw my underwear.

  104. Magentadolphin21

    The awkward moment when. . . I was in math, and there was a girl in a Beatles t-shirt. When I asked the girl what her favorite Beatles song was, she told me she was kind of indifferent about the Beatles, and she was just randomly wearing a Beatles shirt.

  105. Megan

    That awkward moment when: I saw a guy that from the back looked like Harry Styles and I ran up and hugged him, thinking he was Harry, and he just gave me the weirdest look and said ” Ummmm do I know you?”. But he was cute and I got his number, so it wasn’t all bad:-)

  106. narwal truster

    when a narwal say he will catch you whith his tooth(the big long horn thing) if you fall and you realiz while your falling that his tooth is really sharp

  107. stonefairy

    This happened to me yesterday. I was going to youth group, and unbeknownst to me, the guys and girls had split into two separate groups. (I am a girl.) So naturally, when I arrived, I ended up walking into the room where the guys were congregating. They were all looking at me and kind of chuckling, and at first I was thinking, “What’s going on?” and then I realized there were only guys in the room. So one of the leaders told me, “We split up into groups today,” and I said, “Oohh! That’s awkward,” and then one of the other leaders led me to the room where the girls were gathered. It was a very awkward moment!!

    1. catmagic58

      that happened to me kind of, when a spider jumped down on me, that was on top of the roof of the house when I fell asleep, I gasped really loud and everyone looked at me