April 23, 2012

Writing Prompt: Swallowed into a Book!

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Writing_prompt_rainbow_penWriting Prompt: Swallowed into a Book!

This week’s Write On Writing Prompt takes a spin into the supernatural.

AthleteGirl4 writes:
You are sucked into one of your favorite books and you can’t get back to reality. What will you do?

Ooh, it’s just like Inkheart! Maybe you would become part of the story. Or change it all together! Inquiring minds, like AthleteGirl4 want to know. Tell us your answers in the Comments below.

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. Lindsay O.

    If I am sucked into one of my favorite books and I cannot get out, I’d follow the heroes and talk if I wanted to and/or needed to.

  2. DragonDreamer19

    Wings of Fire Series! id be the 6th dragonet in the prophecy, the long lost skywing named Feather!

  3. frostsprite2

    Well, I’d get sucked into THG so…I’d be from District 7 or District 11 and would hope that I wouldn’t be reaped. But if I was I’d basically use a “Foxface strategy”.

  4. bookwormgirl45

    My fav books are percy jackson and harry potter so i guess i’d try to get the characters of these to books to meet each other so that their tales get combined and become a whole new story in itself

  5. challengerheatwave2

    I would get sucked into How I Nicky Flynn Finally get a Life and a Dog. Nicky’s parents are divorced so I would try to bring them together again. Its a sad book.

  6. V

    I would want to get sucked in to A FAIRY TALE book because its adventerous. You never know whats gonna happen!

  7. =D J

    IF I were to be sucked in to a book it would be a manga book called naruto cuz i would be a ninja that can jump 200 ft high and jump from tree branch to tree branch. I would get a type of power called chakra and i could have a move called sharigan that will increase my speed and it will allow me to see things before they happend. And then i will gain the second sharingan called mangekyou sharingan and will allow me to make illusions and then I can defeat my enemies.

  8. dragonphoenix59

    Wow, tough one!
    Um, I would totally LOVE to get sucked into Artemis Fowl! I would join Artemis , Holly and all the others and defeat Opal Koboi. She’s evil!!

  9. D

    I liked the book where there was this girl and two guys got stuck on this island. I forgot what it’s called. But they crashed in an airplane and had to survive. In the middle of the book, they had a shelter and saw a plane but it didn’t see them because the guy was asleep and couldn’t light the SOS sign. So at the end the other guy made this thing with exploding coconuts. And they saw this helicopter and he shot the coconuts and they exploded and the guy saw them. So they all lived and went back to normal.

  10. alexandra

    ok it is really good but the part about is that it has alot of detail going over the same things and details and the topic is just not something we have in common but to many othere people they most likely love hate like it or what they fell about it.

  11. Isla Silvercresent

    I would get sucked into Harry Potter or Hunger Games, and well, I’d probably stay there and
    -Harry Potter: be on the order of phoenix as Snape’s niece and then act like a double agent to the dark lord and in the end be with George after deserting Voldemort.
    -Hunger Games: I would be a tribute form District 1 but (being a career in the 73rd hunger games) not want to go and in the end I live and then team up with the resistors and District 13 and I become the army general with Gale!!!!!

  12. Awsome Person

    i’d finish the book and not read another one of there book so i don’t get sucked into another one :)

  13. Ley56

    The book series is ANIMORPHS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would find the blue box before David, and touch it. Blah blah blah. I’ll be an animorph, and attack the Yeerks, and save Rachel from her terrible fate. :{D

  14. Hiphoph

    I was reading my book of fairy tales. I flipped to my favorite one.
    “The Seven Swans.” I said and started to read. Out of nowhere, I fell over. Brushing myself off, I stood up. I was outside a little cabin. “What happaned?!” I looked around. Hearing a rustling noise, I hid.
    “Brothers? Brothers? Dinner’s ready!” The star queen? Did I just…? I looked around untill I found my book. I skipped to the part when she’s at the castle…and there I was! I was in the crowd of people surrounding her.
    “Wait! She didn’t do it! Your mother set her up!” I yelled. Was it right to mess with a story? Oh, well. I explained it all to the prince and the star queen was released. I wrote in the sand my own story:
    “There was a girl sitting in her house, reading a book…” I read outloud. POOF! I was back home. I threw the book across the rome and ran downstairs. Maybe I’d go on Scholastic instead…

  15. chattycat116

    I would so love to go into the Twiligt books and I would just sit there and watch it all go down

  16. Dom

    Well my favorite book is about a rich person. So if I went into the book, why would I want to get out. I would buy a butler and a porsh. And by a pool to swim in. That’s why I would be happy.

  17. A

    I would probably stay into the book! If it’s a great book, why would I ever wanna go back in reality? But in a odd scenario. I would go through the adventures of the book… Then, hopefully get out of the twist of being trapped in the book!

  18. EpicInk2

    Ooh, this is a toughie. I’d go into the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins! Yeah, I’d be a District 3 tribute. I’d go and team up with Cato ;] And actually, I’ll have it exciting – I’ll be killed by a poisoned kiss ;)

  19. pegausathena1

    I would fight to protect myself (considering that happens a lot in all my favorite books it does not matter wich one I say.)

  20. Emily

    HI! My favorite book is The Sisters Grimm. *SPOILER ALERT FOR ALL BOOKS IN SERIES* I feel that I would be scared, but then, like Sabrina, I’d fight back. In the last published book, Granny is possesed. I would help get her back to her, and get someoneelse that burden, such as a weak hungry man on his deathbed.

  21. j

    ive been reading the Percy Jackson books.I love the book and i wish that they were real and I could be a demi god. It would be an amazing adventure with live or death. If i was a kid of the big three, that would be a even better adventure then anything i would ever do in a normal life.

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