January 25, 2010

Writing Prompt: Super-you!

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Writingprompt_superpower Faster than a speeding bullet; able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Or what about . . .

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's . . . you!

It's Monday, which means we've got a writing prompt for you. And today I want to know:

If you could have a super power, what would you want it to be? And what's the first thing you would do with this newfound ability?

Leave your answers in the comments!

image from kids.scholastic.comCarly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. me

    I would luv it if I could read people’s minds when i want to and be able to make sure tha people don’t starve and also be able to make wishes that come true when i want to.

  2. Ley56

    Well first some how I would have to get the morphng power. Then I would fight those yeerks and vikings? I have nothing wrong with the vikings from the olden time because I’m related to some but the football? They cheat my father told me so!

  3. Sylvia

    Everyone, you got it all wrong! I have the ultamite cheat-to be able to replicate the powers of people near you! i’d be all-powerful! MWAHAHA!(evil cackle)

  4. suel67

    If I would have superpower I would have flying,streching, and invisible powers so I could fly invisible while I strech my arms to the fresh air

  5. angelica1051995

    if i cud have a super power………………ummmm…..let
    me think……..cmon……give me some time…….kkk
    finally decided!!!
    i wud like to get the power to convert all the waste that r harming the enviroment….like CFCs, pesticides nd all into usefull things nd thereby try my best to save the enviroment!!!!

  6. bekah159

    i would like to have the power to be invisible. the first thing i would do with it is sneek up on my brother while invisible and tackle him!!!!!! -evil laugh-

  7. Josephine

    If I had superpowers I would be able to fly and have super speed. I would fly around the world in eighty days and run on water ;)

  8. 100plusmint

    I would want invisiblity. Then I could go to someone’s house and borrow their IPOD and Wii. Also I would fly to Europe and California.

  9. tootisepop18

    I would have invisibility. Because i am always embarassig myself. The first thing i would do with it is scare my brothers and sister.

  10. Bookworm1199

    If i could have any superpower it would be the power to read minds.The first thing I would probably do would be to go to school and see when a pop quiz was coming so I would be able to study the night before.

  11. ishuffle

    My super power would defnetly to control people’s minds!! That would be the coolest thing!! Just think if you could change my mom’s mind to get em out of my school!

  12. kellbel98

    if i could have a super power i would want to have invisability. i would want invisability because i could do whatever i wanted to and no one would see me. the first thing i would do would be to sneek up on robbers and criminals and put handcuffs on them and they wouldnt even know that i was coming. that would help cops when they were chasing criminals because when the criminals thought that they were alone they wouldnt be and then i could arest them!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahah

  13. BaconB

    If I had a superpower, I would want to be able to read and control people’s minds. Sometimes when people look at me, I can’t read their expression, so why would i not want to be able to read their mind and see what they were thinking? And if I could control people’s minds, then i would basically be able to decide what people think of me, and other thing that they would normally decide on their own.

  14. PinkGirly97

    I would choose invisibility. The first thing I would do would go to spy on my friends and family. It would be so fun to be invisible!

  15. Sydney

    I would say invisablity powers because, I would be able to sneak up on people behind them and spook them. It will be cool because, I have always sneak up on people and spook them some time, so that is why I would pick invisable powers and never to be seen.

  16. madababy4

    I would like to have invisibility. So I could listen to other people without them knowing! It would be awesome!!!

  17. bella

    my name for a super power is twilight freak my friends would be time girl lol she has a power to telaport

  18. bella

    if i were to have a super power it would be dont now so every power wait no its not fair how about talk to people in there minds and when i talk its my memory of wat happened

  19. Amara

    I would want to turn into any animal, because then I could fly, be really strong, or be almost invisible all in one super power. :)

  20. Missmazy

    Well, I would totally have the power for all of my wished to come true in less the 20 minutes because than I could wish for all of the other super powers… Just hope no Karma comes back to me!

  21. STACKS alifan1

    I would want the power 2 talk 2 animals & read peoples mind. I would talk 2 animals 2 know if their hurt or 2 c what they need.I would read peoples mind 2 know what their thinking about me or gossiping about someone els.

  22. emzizzle

    well the super power i will have is mostly every single one.the first thing i’ll do with super powers you ask well i’ll fly to school so i don’t have to go on my loud bus going home and to school.maybe i’ll have powers to transport pizza right in front of my face.

  23. this_is_me_33

    I have a power! I am a worier.I have the ability to make wepens and stuff out of things people through away!

  24. danelle

    this is an awsome site love snookie goooooo hahahahahahahabhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  25. imaginarytodd

    I would have flying abilities and mental power to move things!
    Ta ta taaaaaaaa!(my tv show music theme ;D) Here comes imaginarytodd! Flies faster than a speeding bullet! Can move things with his mind like if there was no gravity! Can He stop the “Bad” guys? Oh wait! He might be one!
    The show would be based about me, a good hero or villain… :)
    But in actual life I would… Keep my powers secret.. And when something is wrong.. I go.. With special clothes :) Oh oh! Crime calls! Its time for… homework :(

  26. Matthew

    I would like to have teleportation. It would be fun to go anywhere without wait, and, on the plus side, No gas bill!

  27. Ranger C

    i would love to fly and the first thing i would do is fly to Australia and meet one of my favorite authors John Flanaghan

  28. PolkazDot72

    If I could have any super power I would choose invisisbility so I could walk through walls and go places for free and when I pick things up it’ll look like its floating!

  29. Rachel

    I think that the best ability would be able to make no one in the world able to lie, because I think a lot of problems would be stopped if people weren’t able to lie.

  30. aly

    the ability to transport things from one place to another. that way if I forgot my homework, I could make it appear at school.

  31. m

    I would like to have control over the elements like water earth fire and air. the first thing i would want to do is help the earth

  32. harryobsessed

    I was actually asked this question the first week of my online writing class two years ago. I decided that I would be able to fly, control time, and become invisible. I’ve actually got a story about that going; she’s pretty much my alter ego.
    Defy gravity!

  33. Sinder3lla

    If I had a super power it would probably be to be able to be abgle to turn into anything I want to be(animalk, vampire, etc.). The first thing I would do is write a story about it. What a great story I could make out of that!!!

  34. Elf Princess

    I would love to fly! I could save cats up in the trees or just fly for fun with all the birds in the sky!

  35. Abby

    What superpower would I love to have?
    I think, if I could have any superpower out there, I’d probably pick the ability to manipulate and absorb energy. Then I could just touch somebody who was doing something bad and suck out all their energy.

  36. wordygirl

    I would so want to be able to transform into any animal. Then I could run at inhuman speed, jump far and high, plus find out what goes on in animals’ minds.

  37. anna

    i would fly to minnesota to watch the VIKINGS just cause they ROCK and any way i love the vikings!!:)

  38. Candysplash

    Is it allowed for me to have two super powers? I mean,I want to have the ability to turn invisible and I would also want the ability to fly! I would want to be invisible so if I get really embarrassed I can just disappear! Also, I’d want to fly so that if want to go somewhere, I can just start flying. Also, if I’m invisible,I can walk through walls and when a movie comes out,I can see it for free!

  39. Tonks Lupin

    I would want shape-sifting then i could turn into someone else who has those powers and use them

  40. MarianasTrench10

    If I could have one super power it would to be to read minds! I would search my friends and my crush’s mind to see what they really think of me. :)

  41. paintandcolor

    if i could hav 1 super power it wood beeeeee……………..uuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmprobably to be able to control nature. like where trees grow and where rivers flow. plus all that other stuff like talking to animals. im a BIG sucker when it comes to nature. GO NATURE YOU ROCK!! hey has anyone read the “percy jackson and the olympions” series they r awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. stuffedmudkiptoy

    If i was a super hero the would call me FLEXA GIRL! because i am really flexible.My friend and i had this same talk and we decided that she would be DOUGHNUT GIRL! and that she could shoot frosting from her fingers.

  43. JaylaRocks

    I would like to be invisibility
    and the first thing i would do is get back to my ex. boyfriends for breaking my heart!!!

  44. Katelyn

    I wish I could blow things up with my mind. I think it would be cool, but I have know idea how I’d use it.

  45. Millie

    I would love to have the power to read minds, because then I could be able to read all my friends minds and I could test them, so if I ask them a question I would read their mind to see if the answer they gave me was true.

  46. Jaclyn

    I would have the power to fly. The first thing I would do is rescue a cat from a tree. I love cats and would do anything for them.

  47. Angelica

    I would want to be able to turn invisible whenever I wished. Then I could walk around without anyone knowing I was there, and I could scare people by standing right in front or behind them, and re-appearing!

  48. HeroineHiding

    If had a super power i would be able to turn transparent/invisible. I would probably using my power to complete one of my life long goals: to scare the pants off of my sister. Then I would use my power to get to class faster and to see what is in the teacher’s lounge. Then when the Percy Jackson movie comes out, I could go to that for free. Plus i could walk through walls and stuff

  49. Andy

    If you could have a super power, what would you want it to be? And what’s the first thing you would do with this newfound ability?
    Hmmm, I would like Invisibility.
    And the first thing I would do would be to brag to my friends. Lol!

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