June 27, 2011

Summer Writing Prompt: Tongue Twisters!

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Writingprompt_genericSUMMER TONGUE TWISTERS

Howdy Splotters! Are you a fan of tongue twisters like the good old-fashioned “She sells sea shells by the seashore?” Well, I was thinking since summer is here, it would be fun to do some non-traditional summer tongue twisters. For example. . .

Justin Bieber bakes brownies by the beach. (Say that fast three times!)

Can you think of any wacky summer tongue twisters? Write yours in the Comments below. Bonus points if you use a celebrity name.

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Ashly

    Once a upon a time three witches wished three wishes but which witch knows which witch wished which wish
    Say that 3 times really fast

  2. werewolfcat5

    Hannah Montana makes moles mad. (I said that 3 times fast but I didn’t get my tongue twisted.It’s bad so,yeah,let’s see if you can try it.

  3. purplebutterfly355

    1.she sells seashells by the seashore
    2.three thrifty sisters went to three thrifty stores
    lol ♥ :) )))

  4. lilyPad123

    Peter Pan pets pipers pots and pecks purple plums
    winnie the pooh…winnie the pooh…just kidding!

  5. adorablemonkey6

    Avril lavingne actully likes apples and ally ants! (say 5 times fast!)
    here is a nother one!!! cary underwood counts camers and cocanuts!! (3 times)

  6. bearblue90

    i love toungh twisters.
    who can say this three times purple peter piper picked a purple peck of purple pepers

  7. dragondolphin23

    I feel a feel a funny feel. A funny feel I feel. If you feel the feel I feel. I’ll feel the feel you feel!
    Now try saying that 2 times fast or even more! say 1 if you love it! say 2 if you don’t! Say 3 if you could say it! say 4 if you couldn’t say it!

  8. uniquegorilla1

    I’ll put he tounge twisters (they are capitalized)in a story:
    I was playing with my TOY BOAT when SHE, SALLY SHIVERS SOLD SQUISHY,SWISHY, SOUP SALADS. i went to buy a bowl when a KLEPTOMANIAC FROM CAIRO passed by.

  9. Andrea

    Kate carefully conserves carrot cakes. If, Kate Middleton doesn’t count as a celebrity, then here’s another one. Mitchel Musso muches munkins monthly.

  10. polarbearcute3

    betty bought butter but the butter was bitter so betty bought better butter to make the butter better!
    - i know its complicated but try your best!

  11. Percy and Harry fan

    Lying on a loveseat in the lounge, Logan Lerman listened to Lucky leisurely

  12. dolphincheerful11

    kei$ha went to sea to see what she could see but all that she could see was the bottom of the deep blue sea[say that 5 times]

  13. amethystarms5

    i love tongue twisters so that looks like a good book. i also love the justin bieber tongue twister!

  14. funnyswimming

    Newts never knew nuts need neighbors Usher uses used unicorn unbrellas upside-down in the U.S.A.

  15. Autie

    peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers….Try saying that 3 times fast… i can’t!!!!!!
    that was funnnnnn!!!!!!!

  16. loudwave2

    The one that says Poppy pops poppy seeds and plays pool is hard to say and the one that says Michael
    Jackson is hard to.

  17. I love unicorns

    Michael Jackson makes microphones while making members mad. (say three times fast :D ) that was fun!!!!!!
    I love unicorns

  18. sewingadorable2

    Haha! I tried it, and the as I was beginning the second time, I said Jake, and not Justin… I am so weird!

  19. DorkQueen

    Gaga’s grouchy great-grandmother groans and gags while gulping glistening grapefruit and gobbling green grapes.
    (now say that 3 times :) )

  20. Shadow Princess

    Pippa perceptually persecutes problem pursuing pepperoni pizzas with pincers.

  21. crushonjustinbieber

    Justin Bieber buys bread by the bakery
    Ke$ha can cook cornbread
    Taylor Swift swiftly sings songs

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