December 3, 2012

Writing Prompt: Poem

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Writing Prompt: Poem

Today’s Write On Writing Promptcomes to us from WerewolfCat5 who leaves the door wide open to be creative!

“Write a poem describing whatever you want. Or a paragraph.
Anything is game! If it’s your newest crush, or how your baby brother spit up on your favorite shirt, or your feelings on pizza day at school, feel free to write it up! See how creative you can get.”

This is one I did based on the huge pile of dishes that accumulates in my sink every night.

Dishes, oh dishes. How I hate doing the dishes.

If I could have three wishes, one would be not to do the dishes.

You pile up in the sink and seem to mock me.

My dish gloves are so soapy, will I ever break free?

I’m still working on a happy ending for that one. . . What about you guys? Write your poem or paragraph in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Lindsay O.

    Tsum Tsum
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, you are detailed.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, you are oval.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, you are cute.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, you are expensive.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, you have a short series.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, you have a video game.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, you have figurines based on you.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, you are soft.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, your short series plays on Disney Junior.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, you are stackable.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, your short series plays on Disney Channel.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, your short series is on Disney Channel on Demand App.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, you have tiny feet.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, you are also a screen cleaner.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum you are a plushie.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, you are Japanese.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, your name means Stack Stack in Japanese.
    Tsum Tsum, oh Tsum Tsum, I love you.

  2. MidnightAngel78

    A young deer stretches out her neck to drink,
    She pauses for a moment to think,
    Was that a predator in the grass?
    She shrugged off the thought and let it pass.
    Again her ears prick at a sound,
    Was that a hunter or just a mound?
    Lifting up she smelled the air,
    But all she smelt was a badger in its lair.
    The hunter smiled his sinister grin,
    Knowing that he would most definitely win,
    For everything was to his gain,
    Even though his actions were vain.
    He nocks his arrow and lets it fly,
    And heard the deer let out a faint cry,
    The huntsman lets out a victorious shout,
    But shoots once more for he still had doubt.
    The deer, hurt, staggers along,
    And heard the sparrow sing its song,
    “Run, run the hunter’s near,
    If you fall your fate is clear.”
    As the deer panted hard,
    The hunter ran another yard,
    Her eyes lit with a spark of fear,
    And the deer shed her very last tear.

  3. Kristina

    Check this out.
    The mountains of homework
    That I have to do
    Math and Science
    History, too.
    Piles of papers
    Big bags of books
    Forklifts too carry it
    That’s what it took

  4. happygoat12

    I wrote a poem 2!
    The story seems to be ending
    But really its just begun
    The end it seemed
    Was in the middle
    The problem, newly solved
    And up sprang one
    Confusing, huh?

  5. horsegriffin27

    Snort, snort
    Neigh, neigh
    I think of them everyday
    Horses, horses
    Gracefully strong
    They’re wonderful creatures
    I’m definitely not wrong
    Horses, horses
    Can you guess why my name is “Horsegriffin27″?

  6. elfheroine1

    Heres another one i just wrote
    Taken Away
    Why does the Darkside claim them?
    Why aren’t we strong enough to save them?
    Another battle the Darkside won,
    What could we have done?
    We pray and hope and cry,
    As we watch the old them die.
    ‘Theirs still good, I see the signs!’
    We insist, time after time.
    What were the words we did not say?
    Why did the darkness take them away?
    Every last penny, we would have spent,
    If only they’d come back and repent.

  7. Aquablue1222

    Okay i’m back i just wanna tell you don’t write your real name real problems can lead to that for your safety okay so please don’t think i am weird

  8. Aquablue1222

    Wow you guys are great with poems you should actually do something with them. Go somewhere , where you think will be a good place to find someone to publish your poem BUT under your name make sure you write it in something permanent so that person doesn’t steal it .

  9. sunshineblue63

    the toy cars
    the Barbie dolls
    the board games
    the clothes
    the money
    the hair extentions
    the shoes
    the phones
    the laptops
    the ipads
    the windows computers
    the love and care
    spending time with family
    and best of all is the winter weather but i don’t care as long as were together
    can any one guess what
    my poem is on?

  10. sunshineblue63

    the chill i feel in the morning
    the breeze i feel in the ocean
    the cold from the winter weather
    the hot from summer
    the colorful leaves in the fall
    the warm and colorful/friendly in the spring
    the rain in april
    the barks from my dog
    the fun on my b-day
    the sadness of a funeral
    the freshness of the mountains
    the freezing of antartica
    the sunniness of brazil
    the tasty food on a plate
    the hungryness of our lifes
    the homes needed
    the care/love needed
    the money needed
    the jobs we need
    the health that is required
    our life our community our worl and our recposability

  11. bullbear251

    ya i would like to have that pen. now that would be awesome.then at my house we could finily have a pen that works.

  12. MoonlightDragon15

    ~A NEW DAY~
    The stars shine brightly,
    twinkling in the night sky.
    The clouds float freely,
    traveling across the skies.
    The breeze gently nudges us,
    and the leaves rustle on their branches.
    The birds chirp from their nests,
    ready for a new day to begin.
    ~A WAVE~
    It creeps along the shore
    Up to the beach
    Gently splashing
    Droplets of water
    On the shore.
    Another one
    Comes along
    Right behind it.
    Helping it along,
    Pushing it and drowning it
    Another one tiptoes behind,
    Judging it’s time carefully
    As soon as both are drowned
    It splashes the shore.
    That’s the intelligent one.

  13. sunshineblue63

    chores are a bore
    but there is so much more
    fun is for sure
    just that chores are
    such a bore
    im lucky i don’t have to
    do so much more

  14. sunshineblue63

    life is hard
    like is easy
    life has changes
    life has a stop
    life has a begginig
    life is us we are us
    and life is life

  15. sunshineblue63

    i got more bored so i made this one
    is there pain around the corner,is there light around the sky,come closer for i tell no lie , come come show yourself no need to be scared, for i stand with respect grace and so much more, is there something wrong with who i am or are you scared , please don’t be frightened
    i come in peace not to hurt but to solve come come
    the closer you come the more you get to see me
    now you have nothing to be afraid of i am as gentle as a butterfly i cause no harm

  16. sunshineblue63

    well I got bored and made one up
    the water flows
    along go the fishes
    it says mocking me
    swim fish swim or
    you will be caught

  17. sunshineblue63

    now one I hope you guys will like and understand
    I might be dark
    I might be different
    I might not be colorful
    but who cares theres
    a part of me where a
    light shines

  18. sunshineblue63

    here’s one I made in second grade
    rainbows and unicorns so positive why I don’t understand is it because I am different iam dark and your colorful how is this
    everyone understands you but not me

  19. sunshineblue63

    that’s ok here I made one
    only the people on
    the dark can see the
    pain I feel every day
    I deal with the pain
    go away pain

  20. frostsprite2

    Early morning chill
    The gray light before sunrise
    This is the time
    When everything just…
    I don’t quite know how to describe it
    It’s almost like a dream, yet too real.
    Yet still, this time before sunrise
    Strikes me as the most ethereal

  21. aliyah

    that poem is the story of my life! i’m SIRIOUS!! =(
    I’m the only 1 that does the dishes, i HATE them!!

  22. aquacat586

    @periwinkleblue18–I think it means just write a poem and there’s no competition. It’s just being creative.

  23. elfheroine1

    I write a lot of poems, so here is one I wrote.
    Death of a Character
    By Elfheroine1
    My heart melts like the snow,
    Every time, that they go.
    My face wet with tears,
    As I’m forced to face my fears,
    That everyone dies, some point in time,
    Even these characters, that I call mine.
    My heart, a million pieces, of shattered glass,
    Every single time, that they pass.
    Each book I read, may bring pain and sorrow,
    But I’ll always read again, tomorrow,
    In hope their deaths, will be avenged,
    In hope that I, will have revenge,
    On these evil characters, that bring me pain,
    On these evil characters, that make my world, grey clouds and rain.
    But a bit of comfort, is always in,
    Knowing Justice, will eventually win.
    So I’ll pick up my book, again,
    While my heart is on the mend.
    ~Dedicated Mara Jade Skywalker~
    I wrote that after I read Legacy of the Force Sacrifice. I sobbed so hard when Mara died.

  24. periwinkleblue18

    okay so you mean you like to write poems want a challenge try to beat the district’s best poem writer and reader the first placer ever

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