March 4, 2013

Writing Prompt: Nothing Is More Beautiful Than

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Writing_prompt_genericWriting Prompt: Nothing Is More Beautiful Than . . .

Silly or serious. Today’ s Writing Prompt wants to know what YOU think is beautiful. Maybe you’ve been on a cool vacation and seen something amazing. Maybe you’ve been affected by a loved one, a new sibling, or just the everyday things in life. Whatever it is, we want to know what is the most beautiful thing in the world to you!

So finish the sentence:Nothing is more beautiful than . . .

Leave your responses in the Comments. Can’t wait to see what you guys write!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Michael

    there is nothing more beautiful in my life than life god family & my lovely girlfriend.

    Please comment below , thank you

  2. epicghost102

    there is nothing more beautiful than nature , life , family and my beautiful girlfriend.

  3. maddy

    I agree nothing is more Beautiful than God. I believe he created me and everyone else. books r not more beautiful, in my opinion.

  4. dolphincastle374

    The sun setting on a beautiful summers day whilst the waves are lapping at your feet as you sit on the beach relaxing and thinking deeply about the great things in life.

  5. The Hindu

    I would not say myself because I think that is selfish. In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than God. I believe I should be humble and thankful to God for everything he has done for me. I believe that my family, best friends, nature, and everything else were created by God.

  6. sunrisehorse39

    A black stallion riding across the fields


    seeing a giant panda eating in a bamboo forest

  7. energeticpuppy77

    unicorns baby mama and daddy i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE unicorns and they have to be dancing on rainbows ok thats how i like them

  8. angelina pigs and potatoes

    nothing is more beautiful than an island filled with pigs and potatoe munchkins.

  9. j

    Nothing is more beautiful than the feeling you get when you’ve acheived something you once thought was impossible.

  10. Aubri m

    who is dan and phil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. SJ

    Everything in the universe has its own beauty , its own uniqueness. It just needs a proper vision to be noticed :D :D

  12. Dawn

    Nothing is more beautiful than a friend on the saddest days when everybody leaves they are the person who stays

  13. Purpledragon2401

    the flowers and the light of the beautiful sunlight sparkling with rainbow sunbeams and water moving in the moon light. AWESOME!

  14. y

    i totally agree i thick your response is the best one yet , the explanation was just great . your feeling poped out when i read that . i wanted to cry . i am just saying that is so nice or beautiful .

  15. y

    Nothing more beautiful than love . Love is a meaningful it can be a pleaser or plain love , my parents and i love to play which is plain love but ,when a boy in school that likes you and gives you presents like chocolate that is pleaser love . Thats what i think . Nothing is more beautiful than love .

  16. Anonymous

    not is more good then school and my dad and mom life i think that good becuase we love there. mom or dad mom is some time mad or happy or sad.our dad get money get for us to eat .

  17. Anonymous

    Nothing is more beautiful than a newborn puppy snuggling with its mother happily together.

  18. Kaitlyn

    “beautiful” is a different word to different people. To some people it can mean love,friendship,or even just a smile on someones face could be beautiful to someone. To other people it could be the sun set,dogs,the beach,or maybe a waterfall. To me, something “beautiful” is something that makes someone happy, so all the things that make me happy are beautiful to me! – sincerely Kaitlyn

  19. Jessica

    What I think is beautiful is the sunset. I like the colors red,orange, and yellow illistrated the sky and the clouds. And then, the colors slowly fadded, and the night began.

  20. Aubri

    nothing is more beautiful than love because love has a strong bond and will always be around things like money won’t.

  21. Princess Fluffy Butt

    I think the most beautiful thing in the world is pets. I like rats and dogs the most. To narrow that down, I like Huskies (Dog), and I like Fancy rats and Hairless rats (Rats). To narrow that down even more, I like Fancy rats the best. That is because I have one right now.

  22. Liz

    Nothing is more beautiful than friendship, friends that will do anything for you, and you will do anything for them.

    “True love is to die for one’s friend”— Jesus Christ

  23. Ella G

    What I think is beautiful is having a secret garden and flower patch at my house to myself.

  24. cameran

    i am the most beautiful-est person in the world…………….wait never-mind i’m not!


    Well….this is a hard question. I think books, my family, the clear night sky, and a bunch more. Everybody has a different opinion in the word “Beautiful”.

  26. catcode168


  27. fairylavender263

    Nothing is more beautiful than life. Think of life as an oppurtunity. So many chances. You can take risks or play it safe. Life is one big ball of wonder. We grow, live, learn, and love! NOTHING IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN LIFE!

  28. LilBoop

    nothing is more beautiful than my best friend Cailee. i don’t think she wants to be my friend anymore. I wish we would’ve never gotten in a fight. I love her like a best friend

  29. ivorydolohin214

    Nothing is more beautiful than the smile from a person who you just cheered up.

  30. Jaime

    Seeing people that are so much different getting along and working together. I also think nothing is more beautiful than someone helping others through tough times and insecurities.

  31. catcode168

    To me nothing’s more beautiful than the outdoor’s. Think about it birds chirping,the wind blowing,the russling bushes you wonder what could be behind it and then a cute little bunny appers or even a baby deer and his mother. How can anything be more beautiful than that?

  32. Taylah

    Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi I am so beautiful to me can’t u seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  33. Taryn

    I think nothing is more beautiful that God like Devotee Lord Krishtna because he created all of the beautiful things around us. I believe that every tree, flower and animal was made by him.

  34. artisticbutterfly226

    I think nothing is more beautiful than life. I think this because you can steer your life in the direction you want, and that’s what makes YOUR life so beautiful.

  35. Spaghettieggs12

    Nothing is more beautiful than my family. They help you and take care of you,and that is beauty.

  36. bookamazing38

    Nothing is more beautiful than nature. You never know when you will find something mind-blowing or maybe a beautiful rose. It all just is something surprising and natural. You will find whatever is in season, your town/state/country, or maybe where the temperature is.

  37. Caitlin

    I realy love this game it is fun and i am Caitlin and i LOVE meeting new people and i would love to say HI to Carolyn bacause that is my aunt name. So Hi Carolyn

  38. Samhita

    To me,nothing is beautiful than a flower.Flowers are in many shapes,designs and colors,though they all are pretty.

  39. Devotee of Lord Krishna

    I beleive that nothing is more beautiful than God, the creator of all things beautiful.

  40. Maddi

    Nothing is more beautiful than yourself! Believe in yourself, dream big and live your life! You are all beautiful.

    “Believe in yourself, and you’re halfway there” ~Theodore Roosevelt

  41. GhostWolf1798

    rainbows, pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows, baby animals, and flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Carolyn

    Nothing is more beautiful than having a BFF. They’ll always support you when you are having a bad day. Of course, you’ll get into fights sometimes, but that never changes who you are together. My BFF Delaney, is preppy, and full of excitement. Let me say it… BIG FASHIONISTA. But that doesn’t change how kind we are to each other and others. Also, a friend is supposed to feel like a relative. Getting along is the friendship key.

  43. Carolyn

    Hi, everyone! I’d like to announce that I have found a new writing prompt that is sure to be a blast! If you find it anywhere on Scholastic at any time, please tell me and I will let you in on a little secret. I won’t tell you what the prompt is called because that would give away the challenge.

    P.S. Ha ha! April Fools!

  44. Rachel


  45. Rachel

    Nothing is more beautiful than red roses, blue violets, and large red, white and pink carnations in front of the imaginary cottage with the 15 cats in my home purring and meowing.

  46. Rachel

    i love to write too and what think is beautiful is what you think too, even though I said a different thing than you. I agree very strongly with you.

  47. Sparkle

    I do not agree because I think what is beautiful is inside and what you see around us and what we feel!!

  48. Sparkle

    I am a super nerd to basically a GEEK all the kids at my school call me a GEEK just because I have glasses.

  49. Sparkle

    Nothing more is more beautiful than Spring. Spring has puddles, trees are blooming and then you start to smell the well-cut grass. I also love when it starts to get warm.

  50. galaxycat208

    nothing is more beautiful than anime, online videos, social media, and dan and phil

  51. davina

    what beautiful to me???? well i will have to say my boyfriend! because he understands me for who i am and he loves me to the end of the earth. so imma say our relationship is beautiful to me. i wish that people could understand what a perfect relationship is because I’ve been through a few relationships where I’ve been cheated on so many times but i swear this one is a keeper any one who agrees reply to this below

  52. Hi My Name is Ra

    Personally I think nothing is beautiful than… Than yourself because your are you and if some is judging you by your style i think you need to tell an adult because dont want to go back and forth with them and if they are judging you ….Reply back and talk to me about it

  53. Sarah

    Nothing is more beautiful than when I sit down on the couch with my mom, and feel the warmth of her robe and her loving smile. She gets up to get me hot chocolate, and we sit and watch TV. She pulls me close to her and I lean on her.

  54. Brooke

    Hi, my name is Brooke and I love to writing!! this maybe long be I do not have a lot of time now to write anything. :*( but what I think is beautiful is the inner you because noting is more beautiful then you if you are tall or short cute or not who cares I know I don’t do you and why? Please tell me why do people judge other people we have ben together for 2015 years now is why do you judge or fight with others??

  55. elbowdragon69

    nothing is more beautiful than salt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  56. Brookleigh

    Nothing is more beautiful than owl because its my favorite animal.and i think they are pretty because they are pretty because they have pretty colors and their really awesome.And i also like them because they come out at night and they are really cool..

  57. felicity

    Nothing is more beautiful then waterfalls. Well everyone knows black waterfall all you see beautiful blue, white, an a little brown waiter just enough brown water to make it perfect. waterfalls are amazing an beautiful. I love all waterfalls. Its amazing when you get to go behind it could be a hundred bregreeses out side an it will always be cool there is nothing more beaitiful then water falls

  58. Jared

    Nothing is more beautiful than a garden. I think it is a beautiful,because I like to see stuff grow. I also like to see nature. I love it when it turns it to a seed into something you can eat and something beautiful. That is why I picked a garden.

  59. Sierra

    A dinner with family. The family gets together and chats as they cook food for dinner. After we finish cooking we all get together and eat. As we eat, we tell stories and chat. After dinner we hangout watching tv, go outside, and maybe go some where. There is nothing more beautiful than dinner with family.

  60. Niya

    Nothing is more beautiful than seeing everyone getting along with each other. I like seeing people of different races boy or girl get along with each other. The school I go to many people are hateful to each other. To me that is very painful to see it happening, and I wish I could do something about it. But it is none of my business even if it’s something you shouldn’t do. What I’m really trying to say is stop being hateful towards one another, and no matter what race because we all are apart the human race. So please learn to get along with everyone instead of hate everyone.

  61. Chris

    The sunset on a moutain top and it is many colors. I like the summer months because you can see all the sunsets. The one I like the most is pink and orange sky. That is a beautiful sight for an eye. I think this is the most beautiful thing ever.

  62. Caleb

    Nothing is more beautiful than the beach. I like the beach a lot beacause it is hot and it is fun to swim there. At the beach you can ride jet skies and go out in the ocean in boats and explore. At the beach you can also sea animals that are in the water like crabs and other stuff. You can also get lemonade and smoothies at the beach. it is fun to ride beach boards around the beach. you should have your parents take you to the beach this summer you will have a blast.

  63. Makaila

    Nothing is more beautiful than the beach. I like the beach a lot because it’s a good place to socialize and have lots of freindly fun. You can do a lot on the beach like, volleyball, surfing, swimming, playing in the sand, building sand castles, boating, flying kites, getting tan, collecting sea shells, and much more. Although I have not done all of that stuff like surfing cause I can’t seem to figure it out it is all still a lot of fun. My favorite part about the beach is the part where you can gget socialy active and do everything you can. At the beach you can always try new things, like me I have alot to try yet. Well theirs my story on what I think is a beautiful thing.

  64. Haley

    Nothing is more beautiful than the nature in fall. The leaves are pretty reds, yellows, and greens. I love looking out the window and watching the leaves fall to the ground. It’s also beautiful when you’re taking a walk and there’s leaves all over the ground. I also love playing in the beautiful colored leaves. But then winter comes and all the leaves disappear. Then all the trees are bare and there’s no more pretty leaves.

  65. earsbird7

    Hey i think no one is beautiful because there can not be one beautiful person every person is beautiful.

  66. Emily

    Lam spa, what happen if aliens took over earth and everyone was bald. Then they destroyed boys and we wore lizard scales? What would happen.
    PS I think earth is beautiful .Until someone comes and mess it up. I hate it when people do that..

  67. Dia

    Nothing is more beautiful than love. It has mostly all emotions tied into it. It’s tied into life so well. Without love, we won’t know one of the most important things in life: how to love.

  68. Rhea

    Nothing is more beautiful than turks and Caicos. The sunset is so pretty and thats what i think is beautiful

  69. wizardmonkey146

    Nothing is more beautiful than seeing yourself in the mirror. When you look at yourself, what do you see? Do you see an interesting face that everyone wants to know? Or do you see a bookworm? It doesn’t matter what people think of you, it matters of what you think of yourself.

  70. platinummermaid59

    Nothing is more beautiful than life. All the twists, turns, ups, and downs. They can lead to joy or sadness, excitement or nothing at all, but you need to keep in mind that all the paths you can possibly take, lead to something. When you think your at the end of a path, go through the woods and find something amazing. Even if you get cuts and bruises, tree branches in the face, or bug bites, remember that life is an adventure, an adventure of you.

    (hope u like it! its a poem made by me, its called life.)
    xoxo platinummermaid59

  71. fearlessactor30

    Nothing is more beautiful than…The woods. I love the woods, they are beautiful and full of Gods beautiful creatures. I love all the tree’s and I love when the sunlight hits the leaves on the tree’s just right and turns the whole forest green. I love taking hikes in the woods and exploring deep into them to see what i can find. I like climbing the tall tree’s (or at least trying to). So for me there is nothing more beautiful than the woods, except God who made them.

  72. Abby

    There is nothing more beautiful than God and the Heavens. Many people around us who worship him. Fellow brothers and sisters through Christ when we all meet, that will be beautful too. As we fellowship and thank God for all the blessings he has given!

  73. Anonymous

    Nothing is more beautiful than… Your self because without you, there would be one less person in the world

  74. BrilliantCobra54

    We, as human beings, cannot decide on 1 beautiful thing, instead we think many things are beautiful. For instance, family,friends,sky,or even books! Nobody can say one beautiful thing. Even if you think one thing is most beautiful in your life, as you grow up,you realize there are so many beautiful things in life. Enjoy them while they last!

  75. angelbashul44

    Nothing is more beautiful than history. History is how we were MADE!! If history hadn’t happened, our lives wouldn’t be the same. History is the most beautiful thing.

  76. Noah

    That is a great answer Gabby! You also don’t have to be beautiful to be popular great job…!

  77. Noah

    Nothing is more beautiful than a brand new, cheap, long, interesting, book. That is the most beautiful thing. Especially classics. Lemony Snicket, Harry Potter, John Carter of Mars (not a children’s book series?), Sherlock Holmes (not a children’s book) classics, etc. The great thing is that I’m a preteen and we are usually cooped up playing video games I love curling up in the warm sun, people having fun all around me, everyone making BEAUTIFUL memories, I do that with books. Maybe more people will discover that they make their best memories with books as well. read you’ll always cherish the time you spent.

  78. Samantha

    Nothing is more beautiful than the glass bottom boat in Georgia. My family travekd to georgia to gold pan at a campsite. While we were there, we got tired. So, my mom looked on the G.P.S. for attractions and found two that were across the parking lots from each other. Those two attractions were a great water parrk, and of coarse the glass bottom boat. First we went to the water park for about an hour or two. After then we went to the boat rides. I was pretty scared at first because there were alligators, a recked ship, and what if the glass broke. After I got over my fears, it was really exciting! While on the boat, the guide told us a few interesting facts. There were three statues underwater that were used to film a James Bond movie. There was also an underwater cave that stretched for more than a mile. THere were so many different colored fish, with different shapes and sizes. THe water was so clear that it made everything look so beautiful.

  79. Jake

    Nothing is more beautiful than a nice, cool, summer day. All friends hanging out and getting along., no parents in your face. Lay under a tree in the shade with a special friend. sit back relax, look at the clouds, and enjoy what your given, and earn whats not.

  80. r

    nothing is more beautiful than a day when you feel like you can do anything
    Oh! I almost forgot! nothing is more beautiful than sweets…and my family and the world and the library.. and my life and……

  81. Antony

    Nothing is more beautiful than art. Art can express your personality and emotions in many ways you never known about. It’s beautiful because you can be creative when you draw. Art is fun and everyone can do it, because we’re all creative in many ways.

  82. Jacky

    Nothing is more beautiful than my mother because I love her so much. When I do something like making the Honor Roll she please’s me. She is very pretty to.

  83. Abby

    In my opinion nothing is more beautiful than dancing. Dnacing is beautiful because you can move slowly or fast. Dnacing also is fun and most people like to dance.

  84. Harmony

    Nothing is more beautiful than the sun set hitting the the mountains and shining through the trees. When your on the mountains and you see the sun set its just so amazing. The colors of the sky are so pretty most of the time its like a deep red and an orange. The trees are black which make it look creepy but that makes the expeirence even more beautiful

  85. Nothing is more beautiful than....

    you are totally true. I believe many things are beautiful in the world.So many things that you cant even count! :)

    -User Dragonfog284

  86. Nothing is more beautiful than....

    Nothing is more beautiful than my family and beautiful sunsets! “Life is never settled until you look up and realize how beautiful the world really is.” :)

    – User Dragonfog284

  87. Anonymous

    nothing is more beautiful to me than jesus and god because I believe he made our world and taught us to use and do alot of those things they are more beautiful than anything in the entire world

  88. adventureart1517

    Truly the most beautiful thing is when you open your heart to another, helping those who need the help. And when your not afraid of what people think when you help is just considered being a loyal and Real friend and it’s the simplest thing to the beginning of a long list of beautiful wonderful things!

  89. Neda

    Nothing is more beautiful than the way that you believe what your life is or how much you appreciate the fact of life.

  90. Sabrina M

    Nothing is more beautiful than God himself and the earth we are one today….. and its all thanks to the big man upstairs (God)

  91. Vtom

    Nothing is more beautiful than myself! For Iam one in the world, and God made me special and unique. No other person within this 7billion radius is identical to me!

  92. Christopher

    Nothing is more beautiful than my baby nephew. He is soooo cute. He is only 4 months old when he was 2 months old he already had a tooth coming in and i felt sorry for him because he wouldnt stop crying.

  93. Hannah

    Nothing is more beautiful than the bright blue sky. When the sun is shining bright, there are no clouds in sight, and the birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing.Everyone loves a warm sunny day to go have a picnic down at the lake looking up at the wonderful blue sky, drin=nking some lemonade. Maybe even have a cookout and go swimming with some friends and than afterwards go and sit under a shaded tree and see who can sight a cloud sculpture first! I love the sky!

  94. Taylor

    Nothing is more beautiful than siiting on the country side watching the sunset. I like soing that because it is peaceful and the sun is beautiful to watch it go down. It would be perfect to go on a picnic. If you have stress this can reduce it. If I could go do the evey night I would, it would aslo perfect to go on a date with that special someone.

  95. shane

    nothing is more beautiful than nature and the person who gave us nature because without nature who would give us fresh air to breath or the birds that tweet in the morning to wake us up or the bears and deer that we hunters hunt to have food. Nature has given us so much like the rain that keeps out the drought or the animals because what would we hunt for food, and the trees because they help us breath and its more than a forest of rain or nature its also for the animals its a shelter and a home like up in the trees like birds, bear, snakes, and bears and deer because that’s nature right there nature is everything i just mentioned not just a rain forest its more than that and that’s why there’s nothing beautiful than Nature.

  96. Sagesparkle10

    I feel like I’m going to fall asleep. Love the personification and comparison of of all the beautiful things about the ocean.

  97. Sagesparkle10

    There are many beautiful things in this world, but I think that Spring on a sunny day is the most beautiful ever. Right when you step outside, the birds are singing, butterflies and bees fly around, grass is a luscious green no one can beat, flowers bloom in every color, you know this is just going to be the best day ever. Plus, you can wear your favorite, coolest shades, now that the sun is shining really bright. :)

  98. Kam

    My little brother when he looks at me with his sweet eyes. It makes me love him even more than I already do.

  99. Anonymous

    the ocean on a calm and rainy day. It is full and slow, a blue-grey blob swallowing the shore, back and forth. It’s ripples and dimples highlighted by slivers of light leaking through the billowing clouds, seem like giggles and smiles. Empty of people and pleasure craft, it is alone and happy like a well fed baby drifting off to sleep. Rhythmic breaths without thought, contentedness.

  100. wicky wicky yaa


  101. wicky wicky yaa

    your right because we live in a beautiful world and we pets to have fun with when your down and your family is the most wonderful thing to happen to us and always stay posotive not negative:) smile from. wicky wicky yaa

  102. happypenguin179

    Nothing is more beautiful than a true friend. Here’s why:
    They cheer you up on bad days
    They play with you when you want
    They understand you
    They listen to you when you
    They aren’t mean
    They try not to miss a club meeting or playdate

  103. happypenguin179

    I think Yellowstone and Yosemite National Park. I also think the beaches and mountains are beautiful. In my imagination, the places I visit in books are also beautiful.

  104. Amana

    Nothing is more beautiful than being a good friend. Here are the reasons why:
    You can always use a friend to cheer you up when you are unmistakably sad.
    You can have support when you get picked on.
    You don’t have to stand alone at your locker while other girls are in a middle of a group.
    You always can have a good laugh at something even if it isn’t that amusing.
    If you grow up and get in to a serious problem as a divorce, a friend could be there to drag you out of the situation.

  105. dogart

    I think that (pink,red,and yellow) roses are beautifullest things that I ever saw in my LIFE!!!

  106. chattydolphin237

    Popular can be mean sometime and sometimes they look beautiful on the outside but inside they can be a whole different person.

  107. Marids

    Nothing is more beautiful then my family because they love me and i love them and there always there for me.

  108. Mallorie

    Nothing is more beautiful than watching Wisconsin get crushed by Duke and Duke winning the championship. Duke is awesome.

  109. unicornwizard248

    Nothing is more beautiful than everything this world… no this GALAXY… has to offer, besides all the man made dirty things that are terrible for the environment, everything is beautiful that you can see if you have the right environmentally friendly, beautiful eyes. friend me if you agree and like harry potter. thx to everyone who protects beautiful earth!!

  110. Claire

    Being inside wrapped in blankets with by favorite books [Harry Potter series] on a cold day!!!!

  111. Nicole

    Beauty is to me is when someone is good to others, has a nice personality, has confidence in themselves, polite, and has good manners.

  112. Olivia

    something more beautiful then flowers is ”The sun and a lady bug and the moon”that is what I think is more beautiful then flowers.

  113. crazymonkey150

    i definitely agree on this one, if your a believer of any religion, theres always God.

  114. Taylor

    Nothing is more beautiful than the power of God and the oceans, The ceatures, the sky, And everything else he controls! He is magic.

  115. Figgyjuice

    Nothing is more beautiful than a person in life that accepts the facts that they must overcome difficulties, strive to achieve, prevail over pain, and remember that, above all, they only live once, so they must make the best of their life, and help other people to make the best of their lives, a person who loves.


  116. Gracie

    Harry Potter is the prettiest thing in the world. Nothing means more to me than my friends, family, and Harry Potter (but who are we kidding? Harry and his pals are family!)

  117. catdress128

    nothing is more beautiful than an early morning and its misty outside and its a Saturday. No school. just the perfect time to curl up with a book and read till breakfast.

  118. merdista

    beautiful is what you want it to be. nature is very beautiful.Being lost and confused is normal

  119. Best friends

    Taylor Swift and Megan Trainer All about that bass I would die if did not have that son and Shake it off

  120. Anonymous

    nothing is more beautifull then god and all of you men and women out there love the world and have a good day :)

  121. Anonymous

    i’m tired making fun of me stuff just because of the people i dtae i loe ashlee and she loves me !

  122. adventuredragon1044

    same here. I believe that without god, none of us would ever exist, nothing would exist. But im glad. Because of Him, I have such awesome friends and many more to meet.

  123. adventuredragon1044

    wow, that was an awesome lesson basically. I know some people who are different at school than at home. me, I don’t really care about my school apearance, I just come home from school happy, as always. Some people want a date, so they try to look nice. I understand that, but don’t change your nature acts, just be you.

  124. Kyndal

    At this point in my life, I am so lost in this world that I am confused. Normally I would say that nature is beautiful, but I just don’t know anymore.

  125. crimsonhorse189

    OMG YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!! I luv one direction too bad my second fav left though Zayn. I love Harry

  126. crimsonhorse189

    I will be your friend. so i’m in 8th grade im 14 and i’m only nice to ppl if their nice too me

  127. crimsonhorse189

    aww… yur so sweet I never change for a boy if a boy doesn’t like how I am im like okay, i’m so not into you! TTYL

  128. crimsonhorse189

    OMG is is my website im mostly on quizzes or middle school survival for tips and hints bc im in 8th grade well ttyl bye

  129. DARKDRAGON2907

    Nice to meet you Nihya . I am kinda mean to people if i dont like them ,but i think i am ganna to like you, because you seem like a nice person.

  130. DARKDRAGON2907

    Nothing is more beautiful than being able to meet your dogs puppies after their born. nothing is more beautiful than life itself. Nothing is more beautiful than our Galaxy. And nothing is more beautiful than Earth.

    I am twelve years old.

  131. purplevampire241

    To me, beautiful is being yourself. A person shouldn’t have to change just to get certain people to like them; especially a boy. Beautiful is being you, and you should like YOU. People shouldn’t think that make-up will do you good in everyday life. It could be acceptable for something such as a date or even a wedding…but for school? You should like your face, not try to hide it.
    Beautiful is also a nice day in the woods and away from the life of technology and fast time. When I;m out either hunting or hiking, I am able to clear my mind of any stress, and just think about peaceful things. It doesn’t have to be a sunny day to be beautiful, it can be snowing or raining and it would still be beautiful.

  132. mermaidhorse18

    I <3 BOOKS THEY ARE MOST BEUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHY IM STILL ON THE COMPUTER I SHOULD BE READING BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. mermaidblue78

    there is nothing more beautiful than a robins eggs i love the turquoise color that those birds lay!!!!!!!!

  134. nihya

    i want some friends please. at home one of my ex friends ignores me.
    i got a new pet. do you have a pet? How was everyones day?

  135. Ally

    Nothing is more beautiful than….. the moment someone tells you “congratulations”. When someone says this, you know you’ve fulfilled goal, and others see it too :)

  136. Brendan

    Nothing is more beautiful that a warm summer evening. Its the perfect temperature and everyone is outside. You are hanging out with your friends. It is beginning to get dark, and you are ready to play some night games. Staying out late and having so much fun. Those are the things I really remember from summer.

  137. sr123

    Nothing is more beautiful than a hot day at the beach. The warm sand,soothing waves,and interresting seashells all make up the beach. When you go to the beach the first thing you see is the beautiful blue ocean. The water is like a hypnotist,hynotizing you to come to it. The warm sand feel great on your body as you walk around. The seashells are very interesting as you see hiding under the sand.After the day is almost over you can enjoy watching the sunset as it goes from morning to night. NOthing is more beautiful than the beach.

  138. korkie

    Nothing is more beautiful than reading books, being with your friends and family and the WORLD.( look up Micheal Jackson Earth song!)

  139. allisblog

    Nothing is more beautiful than nature. Walking outside and getting that first breath of fresh air, nothing beats it. No matter what the weathers like or what animals might be running around, nature is a beautiful sight!

  140. Megan2420

    relaxation. Warm summer days make everyone forget all the worries in life, and it lets them be free of distraction. Summer, please come faster!

  141. britaney

    nothing is more beautiful than…life its self with colors of characters and the story of passion ..for life is beautiful

  142. wonderfullywanderingalone

    Nothing is more beautiful than space; how space can be as terrifying as beautiful. Space can go on forever. It has no boundaries. There is so much more other than our little solar system. We are a minuscule pin point on an everlasting map. Space is beautiful because of its mysteries, leading us throughout time and showing us things human beings have never imagined before. To see the galaxies and stars, nothing would be more beautiful than that.

  143. windstopper

    Nothing is more beautiful than spring. When the flowers start to pop out of the ground and bloom it is spectacular. They fill the air with the most beautiful fragrances. On top of that all the different colors make each garden a scattered rainbow. Although each flower is a site all its own together they really pop. The flowers of the spring also attract beautiful wildlife. Some wildlife can irritate the gardeners but are fun to see. In conclusion spring is the most beautiful site.

  144. fashionista2237

    Nothing is more beautiful than having a best friend. Best friends are people you can tell anything to. People who will accept you for who you are. They are always there for you. You don’t have to worry about them talking about you behind your back, because they are like your sister. No matter how much you may even fight, you can’t live without one another. They are simply the best blessings of our lives, like a gift that keeps on giving. I love my best friend because she looks out for me. She will always stick up for me when I’m not around. I don’t know what I’d do with out her!

  145. Dragon

    Nothing is more beautiful than poems. It touches everyone’s heart whether it’s a love poem or regular poem.Nothing is more touching than writing a love poem for your loved ones. Like your mom, family member, or your crush.

  146. Mia

    Nothing is more beautiful than having a close friendship with someone. Everyone needs that one person who will always be there for them. A friend can help you through situations that you may need an opinion on. If you are down in the dumps one day a friend can help you get back on your feet. Friends will never leave each others sides, they will always be there. I love my friends more than anything in this world. Do you have that special friend in your mind while reading this?

  147. moon

    Nothing is more beautiful than nature. Nature is not recognized as the most beautiful since it is seen everyday. But many people don’t see the beauty and that needs to stop. Nature is a gift that we are lucky to have. Over populated places don’t have the beautiful nature like we do. People love nature and want more of it. So anytime you are walking and see nature stop and admire it.

  148. s00

    Nothing is more beautiful than spring. All of the plants are starting to grow back. The sun is out more. The wildlife is amazing, the birds chirping, the ice melting, and the breeze on your face. I love the smell of spring. It is a warm, fresh feeling inside of you. Therefore, nothing is more beautiful than the spring.

  149. Ash

    Nothing is more beautiful than my 151 Pokemon. The first generation is always the best. The secound was alright with Totadile and HOho. The 3rd generation was like alright when it came it being pretty.01. Bulbasaur-grass/poison type-evolves at level 16
    02. Ivysaur-grass/poison type-evolves at level 32
    03. Venusaur-grass/poison type-no evolution
    04. Charmander-fire type-evolves at level 16
    05. Charmelieon-fire type-evolves at level 36

  150. Jordan

    Nothing i s more beautiful than the sunset on a cool summer day. Just sitting there watching the sun as it lowers down into the valley. With all of the beautiful oranges and yellows. It can bring your day to a beautiful ending. It just warms the human heart. It makes you feel as if everything is gonna be okay. You feel comfort and relax and it ends your day, and starts a wonderful night,

  151. smitty

    Nothing is more beautiful than me. I am just so adorable. Everybody wants to be me. I am the best at everything. I am just too cool. I am amazing. When i grow up, I will win the best person award.

  152. Finn

    Nothing is more beautiful than a winter day. If there is snow, the land looks very cool. When the icicles start to form on the roof, the view just gets better. With all this factored together, the scenery is awesome. I love cold weather. Winter is the only time when it actually gets cold out. A winter day is truly beautiful.

  153. Swimmer1127

    Nothing is more beautiful than love. Knowing that you are loved gives everything a brighter side. No matter how bad the day was or what happened, the feeling of love makes you forget about everything for a little while. Your mind kind of just slips away with all of your worries. If there was no such thing as love, the world wouldn’t be the same. Imagine being all alone. Imagine never knowing what love meant. Love is the most beautiful thing, and nothing tops it.

  154. moonlax12

    nothings is more beautiful than scoring a goal in the fourth quarter. And breaking the tie score. Its like you can almost see the game ending in your mind. But your goal can possible win the game for your team. While in the back of your mind there still is time for the other team to win. And the leadership role falls upon me to keep the team under control. To keep your team from taking a dumb penalty or bad play. Beautiful is scoring a goal in the fourth quarter.

  155. Jason

    Nothing is more beautiful than…nature. You see something different everyday. A squirrel could be running in your backyard. And the same tree could be next to your house for 20 years. Nature brings such a huge display of colors well. Green on day and orange the next. Its beauty is incomparable.

  156. Dragon

    Nothing is more beautiful than me. I am awesome. I nice. I am responsible. I am athletic. I am loving. I am me.

  157. Jackie

    Nothing is more beautiful than being with family. Family is the closest thing to you when you don’t have anyone else. They have been there for you since you were born, and until you pass away. They can completely change your mood. Family will make you laugh on your darkest days. Family should mean the world to you. You should always want to be around the people in your family no matter what the circumstance.

  158. xCARLOSx

    Nothing is more beautiful than someone lending a hand to help someone in need. People all around the world need someone to lift them off the ground. I think that person that helps someone is really special. We all need help sometimes. We should all come together so everyone can end up with a brighter future. You don’t have to do a lot. Just don’t stand there when you see another person struggling.

  159. Hannah

    Nothing is more beautiful than the sun! The sun is so pretty, but it hasn’t been out for a long time. I miss seeing the sun out and the weather being warm. I cant wait for spring to feel more like SPRING! The sun should come out from the clouds. It makes everything brighter. everyone is always happier when the sun is out.ALL I WANT IS SUNNNNNN!

  160. Sally

    Nothing is more beautiful than standing on the beach with the tide coming in. The sound of the waves coming in and pulling back is so beautiful. Also the great feeling of your feet sinking into the sand that feels like a cloud. The slight breeze that blows through my hair. It slightly brushes up against your face. The warm feeling of the sun rays against your skin. Nothing is more beautiful then the ease the beach puts on your mind.

  161. Andy

    Nothing is more beutiful than an ice cream cone. A round ball of heaven balanced on a delicate cone, so pleasing to the senses. Who doesn’t love an ice cream cone? No one, that’s who. What’s you’re favorite?

  162. Karebear

    Nothing is more beautiful than a little puppy! They are so fluffy and cute. They’re soft, warm, and like a little ball of fur. I would do anything for a puppy. Their eyes are like twinkling stars. They are so tiny i could wear one as a hat! It is so cute when they play in the snow. I love dressing them up in sweaters when it is cold outside. I love both of my puppies to death!

  163. softballslider00

    Nothing is more beautiful than my puppy. He is a German Shepard, which is a great breed for a family or guard dog. He loves to bark, but i am able to put up with it. I am so happy I got him about a year ago. He was just a little baby when we got him. His coat is so pretty. It is a dark brown and black. My point should be proven about how there is nothing more beautiful than my dog.

  164. frank365

    Nothing is more beautiful than a small town in Italy. I love the old and delicate buildings with painted walls. I also love the look of a fresh Italian market full of fresh food to take home with you. Then when you get home to your pretty natural lit kitchen with your garden in the backyard, You will make a homemade pizza. The you go to your back patio that overlooks the town and set a table to eat. Then you dine like royalty then watch the sun set slowly into the night. That to me is the most beautiful thing in the world.

  165. LoveyDoveyBird2011

    Nothing is more beautiful than music. Music is inspiring, in fact I write my best stories while listening to music. Music helps you weave details and other things into a story like an amazing tapestry. Music can help you calm down, help you sleep, and do lots of other things. Music can help you accomplish a lot of things. It’s beautiful, sad, or just good to pump you up. Music is the best.

  166. SourSkittles

    Nothing is more valuable than… LIFE . life is a beautiful thing because you have people that love you and you can also do many things in life like going to a 1 Direction concert, hanging out with friends, going shopping etc.That’s what i think is beautiful in life. :)

  167. skipday99

    Nothing is more beautiful than 5 inches of snow outside my house in the END of Spring. This is something that just warms my heart when I go to get the mail in my shorts and it’s freezing outside. That is something that has never happened. I don’t get cold that easily, but not even a Shamrock Shake and cup of coffee could help. Today, the concern is global warming. Try global freezing.

  168. soccer03

    Nothing is more beautiful than summer time. The bright, warm sun shining down. the tall trees providing shade are great. Green grass growing all around comforting your every step is magnificent. I like the flowers growing all around. the colors of summer are pretty.Summer is very beautiful.

  169. Kay80

    Nothing is more beautiful than the sun rising in the morning. Can you imagine sitting outside with a cup of tea, watching the sun rise in the morning? You hear birds chirping and singing, full of life and happiness. Pinks, blues, yellows, and purples, all surrounding the sun in a perfect setting. Yes, this is the life. Life is beautiful, just like the beautiful sunrise.

  170. kiki2299

    Nothing is more beautiful than music. Music can describe how you feel. It makes you happy or can make you sad. It is the one thing that is always there and you can listen to it to bring you up when you’re down. There are so many reasons why music is beautiful, but to me it is always there. It is beautiful and my inspiration.

  171. Lexy

    Nothing is more beautiful than snow during Christmas time. Waking up and seeing the white snow glisten off the ground. Being able to sit inside with hot chocolate and Christmas movies. Seeing the red glare of the fire in the fireplace, keeping you warm. Knowing that soon you’ll wake up to presents under your tree. The animals hibernating and the days getting longer. Nothing is more beautiful than winter time.

  172. Shirly

    Nothing is more beautiful than waking up every morning. Everyday is a blessing and some people take it for grantid. Waking up to birds chirping and seeing the sun is better than most things. Live you life, but no matter what you do, make it good. Make your life count. I believe God put me on this earth for a reason.

  173. Rachael

    Nothing is more beautiful then seeing snow for the first time. Watching the flakes race each other from the sky to the ground is so amusing. Each individual flake is so unique and there is no other like it. The sun hits the mounds of snow and creates the perfect glimmering scenes. However, At night the snow twinkles brighter than the stars. Sometimes it looks like you are trapped in a snow globe!Especially when the wind blows and the snow all blows around you like the glitter in a snow globe.

  174. Glueman

    I think the sky is beautiful. I like how it is a clear blue color that is always there. It also has the white billowy clouds blowing in the wind. There are birds soaring through the air, and chirping everywhere. Planes fly through it transporting people everywhere. I think the sky is beautiful in every way. It is over our heads every day.

  175. blogger3000

    Nothing is mare beautiful than going outside after a winter storm. When you wake up and you look outside and it is all snowy. It looks beautiful. The trees in the woods have a light snow on them. The roads are all covered and there isn’t a car on the road. Its so nice when everyone is out playing and sled riding in the snow.

  176. Megan2420

    Nothing is more beautiful than a warm summer day. The warm sun beating on your face as you are relaxing at the swimming pool helps you feel calm and collected. The long drives, that are totally worth it, to your family’s favorite vacation spot are the most exciting. The feeling as the warm sand on the beach shore runs through your toes makes you feel like you are at a five-star spa. My favorite is when you feel your skin getting kissed by the sun as you stay outside all day, applying more sunblock. The summer season lets everyone feel relief and

  177. caplipspit

    Nothing is more beautiful than mascara. It is so amazing how it can make a person with short eyelashes have long eyelashes. With it’s black texture that reflects off the sun is amazing. I use tons of mascara everyday because love it. It makes anyone more beautiful than they already are. I love how it comes in all different shades of colors. Nothing is more beautiful then a tube of mascara.

  178. black ranger ;0

    nothing is more beautiful than this lovely poem. it makes my heart very happy and i love to see this type of stuff on here. and the person who made this is a very good person in life.

  179. redranger

    nothing is more beautiful then that feeling when youre really happy. Like anything can happen. you have confidence. it feels good. sets you free. i feel this sometimes not often. though but it feels good and hopefully you can feel it.

  180. dramaqueenz28

    Nothing is more beautiful than a fire. The colors are so beautiful. It not only warms your body during the winter, but also your soul. The fire making your house feel more cozy. I believe fires can bring a family closer together. The way the fire shines against the moon light is beautiful. Nothing is more beautiful than a fire.

  181. Jake

    Nothing is more beautiful than the island of Bahamas. It is an amazing place in the Caribbean. I love taking vacations there. The crystal clear water and warm weather is fantastic. The waves are fun to play in, and there are crazy water slides. Not to mention, the food is great! It is so beautiful!

  182. Gabby1998

    Nothing is more beautiful than just being you. If you just be you than people would like you for you. Your personality is key to being you. Just do want you want! Wear different clothes, act different, just be different. It’s better to be you and only you. Try it sometime.

  183. niy99

    Nothing is more beautiful then being beautiful on the inside. It doesn’t matter what you look like! Personality is worth so much more. Doing a good deed can change someone’s life, and yours. Think about how good it feels to do something for someone else. Don’t be selfish!

  184. squirtle

    nothing is more beautiful they Pokemon. They make you feel loved and many more. They are the prettiest thing ever. sometimes they are overaggressive but if you teach them well they will turn out to be wonderful. It is also the best T.V show and movie. Pokemon should be the best selling game.

  185. Sophie

    Nothing is more beautiful than a sunset. A sunset is almost like a painting in the sky. The sky is the canvas and the clouds are the medium. You can see a sunset from anywhere in the world. A sunset is something that you can just sit back and enjoy. A sunset is relaxing and soothing.i think a sunset is the most beautiful thing in the world.

  186. B

    Nothing is more beautiful than than you coming outside on that first REAL day of spring. And you’ll finally hear the birds chirping outside, and you could go outside, not to shovel snow, but to play football, or soccer, or something that can get you some exercise

  187. LukeN43

    Nothing is more beautiful than showing kindness. It shows that you care, and that you want to help. In any situation, you always show kindness. It can come back one day, and help you. Kindness is a trait that everyone should have. When people are feeling down, just show kindness. They will thank you, and it makes us better as a person.

  188. Ron B

    nothing is more beautiful than seeing people be kind to others. in the world we live in today, that has become a rarity. imagine if everyone was kind to each other. we’d live in a world with no conflict. there would be no war. everyone would get a long. there would be more humanity.

  189. Gene

    Nothing is more beautiful than a fresh blanket of snow in December. We’re all sick of snow now but imagine if it were almost Christmas. The first snow fall still makes everyone stop class and look out the window. It’s even better if the snow covers everything like the tree branches, roofs of houses, and especially the roads for a 2 hour delay. Admit it, a bunch of us still sled ride when there’s enough snow on the ground. Plus, when I wake up on a Saturday and look out the window, it amuses me to see my backyard all white. If only it were December again.

  190. brennen

    Nothing is more beautiful than your family. Your family is the only one who will never give up on you, even if you did something really bad. Even if we think that there being “mean” or “stupid” there just trying to help us. Our family will help us in the end.

  191. big boy1234

    Nothing is more beautiful than a nice warm summer day. It makes you feel so alive. Also it makes you want to the happiest person in the world. I believe it is because of the smell of warm flowers. It might even be the smell of fresh cut grass too. A summer day is truly the most beautiful thing. I cannot wait for it to come.

  192. Marlena

    Nothing is more beautiful than Happiness!
    Laughing with your friends and just being happy is the best thing in the world!

  193. Untamed

    Nothing is more beautiful than… a relaxing fun day with our friends. This is beautiful because your with people who like you and you aren’t in a rush. This can be beautiful because if your in a bad mood your friends will get you to laugh and have a good time. Nothing is more beautiful than people having a good time with others. Many people have that one friend that you can turn to in need turn to them.

  194. Sarah

    Nothing is more beautiful than the sunset. The sun is something that is seen every day. It comes and goes but when it is here it is beautiful.It brightens everyone’s days with its color. The sunset is the most beautiful time to see the sun. As it slowly sinks down into the horizon it says goodbye one more time before it goes away.This is truly the most beautiful thing.

  195. Sarah

    Nothing is more beautiful they riding horses on a Saturday morning when the sun is rising the birds are chirping, and everything is perfect.

  196. turquoisekitten1

    Nothing is more beautiful than fresh snow. The white blanket covers the ground and shields the grass from the harsh cold. As they touch your bare cheeks, they cool down your temperature, but not your heart. Fluffy like cotton balls, but cold like ice: snow is a beautiful thing. The majestic crystals ascend from the sky like fallen angels. They light the way, then melt away. Nothing is more beautiful then snow, except more snow. ;)

  197. Basketballbabe23

    the most beautiful thing in the world to me is my family i absolutely couldn’t do anything without them they are the best in the world

  198. greenelf73

    o.k. i have a few nothing is more beautiful than …… my bffs…soccer…me…baby sitters club (scolastic book)…books…music…TALOR SWIFT…and finnaly STACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. DarkMagic31

    Nothing is more beautiful than music. It fits every situation and can make you happy when you`re depressed mad. With so many instruments and combinations, music is perfect. So in conclusion, nothing is more beautiful than music.

  200. purplewizard50

    Nothing is more beautiful than stretching out in the garden, listening to music, looking at the sky and watching the birds.

  201. mara

    the most beautiful thing is memories. you don’t need an album to store them. you use your mind and your heart.memories can be anything,from trips,love,emotions,friends,family ect. one more thing. for memories,you don’t have to see to belive,you just belive.

  202. redmonkey146

    nothing is more beautiful than A BIG GAINT PANDA BEAR P.S. I LOVE PANDA BEARS and MONKEY’S there BEAUTIFUL

  203. Joanna

    Nothing is more beautiful than a warm, peaceful day when the sky is blue, a soft breeze is blowing, and I’m outside joking around and having fun with my friends.

  204. Cat

    Nothing is more beautiful than the wonderful feeling that your loved. Like you can fly and forget about everything that ever happened to you. And music, it’s the one thing that has ever been there for me.

  205. Ally

    Nothing is more beautiful than.. peace. If war didn’t exist, and people got along, we would never be harmed, internally or externally.

  206. Happypuppy116

    Nothing is more beautiful than love couples and love birds together and also dogs and cats but the most beautiful thing is when you like yourself like my sis who always take pics of her self and not me also when she grows up she told me that when she has babies one of her kids might be like her. But that’s all i can say bye!!!

  207. EmeraldGlad7

    Nothing is more beautiful to me than, candy. nothing is better than that sugary sensation.

  208. Aliyah

    oh, i have a ton of them here’s a few:
    …BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
    (last one)

  209. Maddie

    Nothing is more beautiful than….LIFE!!!! Life is a beautiful thing that we must cherish. Because once it’s gone it’s gone, you can never get it back.

  210. amber black 678

    nothing is more beautiful than your favorite book series sitting right on a shelf

  211. amber black 678

    nothing is more beautiful than a library filled with fascinating books where you can cur up and read one

  212. Cutie3500

    Nothing is more beautiful than music. The way it can express more than one emotion in just a few notes. The way it can make you feel happy, or sad. it can make you angry, it can calm you. It can be soothing, like classical music. It can be empowering, like rock music. It can help you get through a rough day, and it can help you block out the aggravating noises of the outside world. Music tells a story, just like books do. Music just expresses it differently. The most beautiful thing in the whole world to me is music, and I couldn’t live without it.

  213. Livi

    Nothing is more beautiful than nature. The world around us is full of so many strange and wonderous things. The skies change colors with the seasons (Like tree leaves) gray in the winter, a dazzling blue in the summertime. The trees stretch their limbs to the horizon, strong and majestic. There are creatures everywhere, unique and lovely (especially butterflies). There’s a world out there that’s not artificial and man-made. You just need to look. <3 <3 <3 Livi

  214. Megan

    Nothing is more beautiful than…this poem:
    Every night, someone thinks about you before they go to sleep.
    At least fifteen people in this world love you.
    The only reason someone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you.
    There are at least two people in this world that would die for you.
    You mean the world to someone.
    Someone that you don’t even know exists loves you.
    When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.
    When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look.
    Always remember the compliments you’ve received.
    Forget the rude remarks.
    Remember that you’re loved.

  215. bookwormgirl45

    nothing is more beautiful than….. a beautiful world in a beautiful book written by a beautiful writer!

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