January 21, 2013

Writing Prompt: Nothing Is More Annoying Than . . .

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Writing_prompt_rainbow_penWriting Prompt: Nothing is more annoying than . . .

You know how your parents are always saying not to complain? My mom used to tell me, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." It would drive me crazy! Well finally, there's a place for you to air your grievances, because in today's Writing Prompt, we want you to finish this sentence:


Can't wait to see what annoys you guys. Let it all out!!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. korkie

    nothing is more annoying than a book that says to continue… right at the good part and you have to wait a whole year to read the ending to the book.

  2. skiingghost1

    Nothing is more annoying than when you are getting stuff out of your locker, and this kid you don’t know walks up to you and asks you out, and when you stare at him like he is crazy he blushes and runs away.

  3. BEAU

    Nothing is more annoying then when you are in the middle of a football game and a team mate misses an easy pass.

  4. lisa

    Nothing is more annoying than people who are chronically late! I hate it when you rush to get ready for something on time and then end up waiting around for someone!

  5. Joanna

    Nothing is more annoying than when somebody repeats the word they’re saying, to show you that they’re in a hurry of frantic. For example sometimes my parents repeat the word quick, like this: “Hurry up, come on, quick-quick-quick! they make it sound like one word. UGH!

  6. Livi

    Nothing is more annoying than a book with an ending you don’t like. You love the rest of the story, but then the ending comes and you’re just like, “Nooooooo….”.

  7. Happypuppy116

    Nothing is more annoying than a ringtone that has a bad words that can wake you up. i mean you can just shut that thing by delete it and then change it to a new and then you can rest and peaces for a abbreviate R.I.P…. that makes me crack up…. You see that I crack up myself up again…. Will I hope everybody in the state read this because it will crack you up just like me this week i love staying home today…. Even without watching kids today too….. Also don’t doing my chores when my said so…so i just put that in the side and crew while watching some TV and listing to music without nobody today plus when everybody is sleeping and i have school tomrrow even dough i hate it so much i have to do the work that my teacher have to tell me what to do….. Will I have to go hope you all like it!!!!!!

  8. Katie

    It is so annoying when someone lies to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Emma

    Nothinh is more annoying when your sisters decide they want to use all of your make up to dress a doll!!!I hate it.

  10. Meredith

    When someone talks and talks and never listens, or is disrespectful and calls me cuss words even though we are Christians, or talks about innapropriate things. There is NOTHING more annoying than those things.


    -when my teacher sees my hand but doesn’t call on me.
    -when my computer is sooo slow, and I have to keep restarting it.

  12. Leslie

    Nothing is more annoying than your parents nagging you a thousand times to pick up ypur room or some place right when a new show starts on tv and you have never seen it before and you try to tell them that but they don’t listen and say it’ll be on later again and again but you just wants to watch it at that time.

  13. pinkagent25

    Nothing is more annoying than… someone to keep interupting you when you are trying to read a REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY good book

  14. purple pandas

    nothing is more annoying then when you are sitting down and your shirt is a little up and the person behind you pretends to whispers but really says very loudly “pull up your pants!” just to humiliate you:(

  15. CelebrationRabbit10

    Nothing is more annoying than, when someone takes your credit or when someone says, you’re mean. But the most annoying thing ever is when someone won’t leave you alone!

  16. Katniss Everdeen

    when people say that they don’t like the hunger games and they haven’t read or seen it!

  17. Maxine

    …..when people say you are an encilopedia when in real life you just get all the knowledge from books. Go Percy!

  18. greenelf73

    …when it sounds like finger nails aginst a chalkboard or stacks is not working trust me its the worst not seeing new posts cause I go on at least twice a daily

  19. Abby

    nothing is more annoying than when you remember to go get (insert name of object) and you go to go get it and you totally forget

  20. Abby

    It drives me crazy when I get into a fight with my brother, and my parents say,”figure it out yourself” because they wont help me stop the fight >:(

  21. Thalia Grace

    reading the end of Mark of Athena and seeing house of hades dosen’t come out till Fall of 2013

  22. Kec222

    When your parents remind you for the umpteenth time to do this or do that, because the truth is, you just want to do nothing all day!:-)

  23. raevynstar

    When you can’t decide what to read and it’s the beginning of a marking period when you REALLY need those quiz points…>:(

  24. joyfulblack18

    when people use texting lanauge when they talkin.
    like u,ur,lol,brb,ttyl,
    omg. that aches my inter glastic soul.

  25. bestangelina123

    when people come dressed and dont match with eather there shoes with there shirts or don’t look into a mirra(spelt wrong)it takes like 15 different people just to tell them dat they look rediculus(spelt wrong)

  26. joyfulblack18

    when you ask somebody a question and they say huh you say nevermind
    then they answer the questionm.
    they aches



  28. indigowizard3

    When people crunch their water bottles, or just make annoying noises, When you forget something, When your favorite shirt shrinks in the dryer, Books that you forgot the name of and really want to read, When people change rules in their favor, Forgetting to set your alarm….

  29. bloodhoundblue405

    the most annoying thing is you are playing a game or something on the computer and your computer freezes or does weird things and you just want to throw it at the wall and hope it smashes into tiny littel peices that is so annoying.

  30. Adventurepegasus10

    …when people underestimate you or misunderstand you and don’t bother thinking about it
    …people who or selfish or think they are so good
    …loads of homework you don’t know
    …poeple who don’t care about the enviorment
    I can’t think of anymore even though there is more

  31. elfheroine1

    When someone says, BREATHE!
    I talk a lot and very fast. And that is annoying and hurts my feelings.
    Also, when someone gets something wrong about Star Wars, like spelling Ahsoka, Asoka, and spelling Anakin Anikin, and not knowing who shot first!
    (it was Han)

  32. harrypotterisbeast

    Okay, I got another one:
    Absolutely NOTHING is more annoying than when the STACKs is NOT WORKING and every time you try to click the “Buzz Board” or “Harry Potter Boards” it sends you to “General Error – could not get style data”.
    And you can’t talk with all your awesome fellow STACKers. :-(
    When will we be able to read and post again???

  33. cerberusdog3

    When you teacher makes you show you work on an algebra problem an dont know how because you already have the answer

  34. stonefairy

    …when people act like their opinion is fact, or that everyone should have the same opinion as they do.

  35. harrypotterisbeast

    …your little bros trying to attack you with mini basketballs.
    …raising your hand and your teacher pretends not to see it.
    …trying to tune your radio and it won’t cooperate with you.
    …when people don’t finish their homework when the teacher gives them an extra day to do it.
    …when all the teachers pile you with loads of homework and they know that you already have a garbage truck-full of it.
    …when my parents tell me to get a move on on whatever I’m currently doing. Drives me NUTS.
    That’s all I have now, but they’re all true!

  36. Phoenixsong3

    Nothing is more annoying when someone is sitting behind you and wont stop kicking your seat.

  37. Magentadolphin21

    When people I haven’t seen in years notice my braces that I got last summer. Never my new glasses, which are bright purple with rhinestone paisley on the side and I bought specifically to overshadow my braces. Always the braces.

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