December 28, 2009

Writing Prompt: New Year’s Resolutions

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Writingprompt_resolutions I’m guessing you’ve been so busy playing with your Christmas presents and enjoying no school that you might not have noticed that there’s only four more days left of the year.

Now, there are lots of people out there making their best-of lists — best songs of the year, biggest news stories of the last 10 years, favorite movies with talking animals — you name it and someone’s listed it (and as a heads up, you can catch Sonja’s best books of the year right here on Ink Splot 26).

But I’m not about to ask you to list anything. The past is in the past. I’m much more interested in all the new adventures everyone has planned for the next year.

Which is all just a long way of saying, Tell me your New Year’s resolutions!

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  1. Ella

    Read 100 books
    Get my upgrade on my phone ( I’ve been waiting for this moment
    Get books
    Art supplies
    Have more people over
    Take ballet classes
    Take gymnastics

  2. Missmazy

    1.Win the lottery
    2.Buy new clothes
    3.Buy more Twilight posters
    4.Buy more Twilight merchandise
    5.Train my dog
    6.Be better in school
    7.Make friends
    8.Act more confident
    9.Listen to more music
    10.Learn more songs on the piano

  3. Bonnie

    1 read all the books on my book list
    2 eat healthier
    3 clean more
    4 keep my all As
    5 extend my reading level
    6 write more
    7 read more
    8 train my dog learn 1 new thing every day
    9 have fun
    10 be happy

  4. COD Girl

    Save enough money for a Fossil Military Jacket. And Do better in math. All A’s, Except for math… All of everybody elses stuff sounds great!!!

  5. orangutan496

    okay,let me think…
    1.bake pie better in math
    3.make more friends less telovisoin
    5.go on Scholastic more
    thats it.Goodbye people of earth!

  6. Lilia

    1) Practice Lax more
    2) Write a book
    3) Get a dog
    4) See Harry Potter 7 the day it comes out!
    5) Think at least two good things about every person i talk to
    6) Pray more

  7. icecream

    Hey people!! I really had fun in 2009. I can’t believe that 2010 is already here. Get ready to start this year! Make the most of it!! You have only one chance!

  8. percyj99

    I know it’s already 2010, but here they are:
    1. practice the piano more
    2. see the Lightning Thief
    3. finish reading Percy Jackson and read them again
    4.stop being so obsessed with Harry and Percy (that most likely won’t happen)
    PERCY ROCKS!!!!!

  9. ThaliaGraceuberfan

    My resolutions this decade:
    2.Read lots of books!
    3.See lots of movies!
    5.Do better in school!
    And many more…..

  10. sabrina

    my New Years resolution; is to become an expert at soccer,to get better grades in school,read,i could say so much more!! peace!!

  11. Rachel

    1.Get on the honor roll this year
    2.Watch The Lightning Thief
    3.Read at least 365 books this year

  12. jumpstar3

    ok im would be………
    :not to fight with my sister
    :do things my mom ell me to do
    :to do my homework when im suposs to
    :doing better in school
    : and to be nice to people

  13. music333

    Yeah I just realized that I need to come up with new years resulotions so I’m going to work on doing better in school.

  14. obiwancrazy

    OK let’s give this a try:
    1. WRITE!!!
    2. Practice piano more.
    3. Train my dog better.
    4. Get even more into Star Wars and Harry Potter than I already am.
    5. Drink some hot chocolate (this, I believe, will be the easiest one, seeing as it is not unusual and I have no idea why I am writing it here).
    6. READ!
    7. Make more friends!
    And I could definitely go on! Happy New Year!

  15. bluecookiedough

    In the next decade I want to:
    1. Do better in Math
    2. Expand my writing/drawing portfolio
    3. Get some of my stuff published
    4. Learn to cook
    5. Meet David Tennant, JK Rowling, and George Lucas
    6. Design a video game
    7. Get a video camera and a laptop
    8. Choose what I want to be when I grow up (finally)
    9. Become famous
    10. Improve my health
    11. Stop being such a hothead
    12. Go to Italy
    13. Go to London
    14. Get my Girl Scout Gold Award
    15. Be nicer to my siblings
    and many more

  16. harryp12345678

    OK here we go.
    1. Do better in school
    2. Read more
    3. Read Twilight
    4. Get into Twilight
    5. Get into Harry Potter even more than I am now
    6. Stop blabbering
    I could say more

  17. Nancy Drew no2

    cool thingy
    my NYR is:
    doing and getting my homework done
    not fighting with my brother
    and to stop daydreaming when I should be working!
    happy new year!!
    Nancy Drew no 2

  18. Bookworm288

    My new years resolutions are:
    Spend less time watching TV or playing on the computer.
    Get better grades.
    Write a book.
    Exercise more often and eat healthier foods.

  19. bakers02

    Hey!! I am soo excited for New Years. I can’t wait to start 2010. I hope it will be a better year than 2009 was. I made a whole list of New Year resolutions. What do you guys have to tell anyone? Post it so we can read it. Have fun!!

  20. Crystal

    1. Improve my school skills
    2. Get onto the honor roll
    3. Join more clubs in school
    4. Become a master chess player and beat my cousin at a game
    5. Go back horseback riding
    6. Publish some of my writing
    7. Build my writing/drawing portfolio
    8. Learn more about computer programming and design
    9. Become an expert in… something impressive :P
    10. Finally choose what I want to be when I grow up
    11. Learn to sew and embroider
    12. Improve my health
    13. Become more involved in my community
    14. Expand my vocabulary
    15. Meet more new people and make new friends
    16. Enter as many contests as I can
    17. Read 100 books
    …And etc, etc, etc. I could go on forever! :D
    Happy New Year, everybody! :D

  21. HermioneGrangersuperfan

    My new years resolutions are to finish at least 2 more Harry Potter books. Also I want to get better at playing the piano. Happy New Year!

  22. icutie247

    I have so many!! 1. Have a better personality.2. Make better grades.3. Be more respectful than I already am. And many more I can’t even think of!!

  23. Summerlovergirl

    It’s super hard to believe that it’s almost a new decade! My New Year’s Resolution is to stop biting my nails. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. I’ve kinda already started, but that’s good! I promise myself every year that I will stop, but this year things will be different. Or so I hope! Good luck on all of your resolutions! Happy New Year!!!

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