May 7, 2012

Holiday Writing Prompt

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Writing_prompt_holidayWriting Prompt: Make Your Own Holiday

May 8 is No Socks Day! You celebrate by taking off your socks and letting your feet feel free (after school, of course). I don’t know when this random holiday was invented or why, but it got me thinking. . .

If you could create your own holiday, what would it be?

I would invent Chocolate Chip Cookie Day which you celebrate by baking chocolate chip cookies and giving them out to all your friends. Obviously, they do the same, so you get piles and piles of home-made chocolate chip cookies that day!

What would YOUR holiday be? Tell us in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Lindsay O.

    I would invent Made Up Animal Day. It celebrates all made-up animals in Z to A order. So, the made-up animal that would be celebrated first would be a Whangdoodle (Really Great version) and the made up animal that would be celebrated last would be an Alicorn. You celebrate these animals by learning about them.

  2. camelotgirl

    My holiday is National Book Day! There’s no school, and everyone get’s free books that are signed by the authors, and all your library fines are paid off!!!!!!!!! You also get coupons for coffee shops and bookstores! It would be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Horsecheery11

    I’d create horsey day. Everybody can buy rent a horse for a whole year, and ride it anytime! The next year, theny rent a different horse! How cool is that!?

  4. AmazingAthena69

    My holiday would be Time Travel day, where everyone would go back into a day of their lives that they would like to change, and they could!

  5. madison

    OK my holiday would be ginger bread day you made ginger bread and then you would have a food fight

  6. madison

    I would make a holiday called cookies and cream you would have to make homemade cookies with cream and you would give it to people who don’t have anything to eat then the left overs you have a cookies and cream food fight

  7. dolphinbrain37

    My holiday would be everything is free day where everywhere and everything is free that would be awesome.

  8. tricksurgeon1

    My holiday would be Write On Your Opposite Hand Day. Like if you are right handed, you write with your left.

  9. werewolfcat5

    I would make Go Green Day! Everyone in scool or anywhere around the world would go outside and clean up outside!

  10. Julia

    Acting day! everyone would put on a show for each other!
    (look at my profile and you’ll see y I chose this)


    I would make kids day because all kids should have a day meant for them.But I still think you should celebrate your birthday.Only because it is celebrating the date of your birth.

  12. blackbutterfly301

    cool there is now a such thing as no socks day.i should post this on my page.p.s super cool.

  13. monkeystrawberry2

    I have a good writing prompt. if you can be an animal. what would it be? I would be a platypus

  14. monkeystrawberry2

    I would make a holiday called Penguin Day. everyone would have to hug a penguin

  15. Isla Silvercresent

    maybe something like health day where there are different exercise opportunities. I would probably run a marathon or play badminton all day!

  16. Anna B

    My holiday would a week you could go to amusement park for free. All over the U.S. kids and families could relax and have a day or two to have some fun. Of course, drinks, food, and apparel & toys would be included in the free week package, only tickets. If my holiday was chosen, I would make sure everybody could have a chance to enjoy Free Park Week!

  17. J

    there would be a 24 hr school day when we brought in xboxes and everybody TRIED to beat me

  18. J

    i would have a no night time so kids can stay up all night and play xbox live or so kids can play outside

  19. Anna

    The power of wisdom and magic, like Athena. Wisdom and magic help in many ways.Magic protects you, while wisdom guides you.

  20. Festivellama3

    I would make a day called Chocolate Day since I’m a chocoholic. Everyone would give all their friends a pound of chocolate. It’d be on my birthday. Kinda like trick-or-treating, but instead of candy, chocolate.
    Awesome, right?!?

  21. happypsyched6

    I would have a day were you would have a day were you do what you want bring in what you want. I would do a show a tell or like have a day at school were you have just recess all day long!

  22. Luna

    Worldwide Fairies Day! Everyone would be required to do fairy-related stuff (including dancing) ALL DAY!

  23. dolphinbrain37

    If i could make my own holiday it would be give everyone a present day it would be equal because everyone would get a present from someone you dont know them better and make friends that is the holiday i would create if I were to make my own holiday.

  24. browniebeastly12

    If i could create a holiday i would chose party day. The purpose of party day is to let go of the everyday stress and for everyone to just let go and have fun.

  25. moonrise2

    I think that my holiday would be pet day is a day when you do nothing exstep be with your pet and cander to thier every wim allday long that would be my holiday

  26. natalie

    If i could invnt a holiday
    it would be embrace ur inner
    self day reject the status
    quote. be true to urself!!!!

  27. cowpie7

    My holiday would be: A day where everyone gets on this website and talks about books!YEAH!

  28. J

    If i would have to make a holiday it would be Titanic Day. It would be Titanic Day to remember all the people who died. We would have first, second, and third class food that they would eat on the Titanic. Then we would make a mini Titanic model and make it sink. While it sinks we will have the song from the movie.

  29. A :)))) 8)

    i would invent a day were you wouldn’t have to go to school for a month if you didn’t want to.

  30. ripebanana500

    well as I like Miley Cyrus very much so…obviously I’ll celebrate Miley Cyrus day right on the day when she was born i.e.November.23rd!I’d real be very happy if such happens!….

  31. mintchocolatechip100

    Be a Couch Potato Day! Stay in PJs, watch lots of movies and eat lots of junk food!

  32. lightningsprinkles1

    I would do qwerty day, I would make it on the friday before the last week of school. We would get to go on the computer all day and we would get ice cream for lunch. The reason for qwerty day would be to give kids a break from school and have something to look forward too.

  33. Optimisticblue3

    My awesome holiday would be the “be in a book day”. You would get the whole day just to design a book with you as the main charters. No one would ever tell you what to do when in the book you get laser vision. And who know who your side kick would be.. if you even chose to have one.

  34. AmazingAthena69

    Well, I would make a national sleep day. You could either sleep all day or relax in your home.

  35. J&A

    My holiday would be National NO HOMEWORK YEAR, on every leap year (ex: 2008, 2012, 2016) you get absolutly no homework. You do it all in school hours. The world would like this because a kid can get enough homework a day and rest their brains after. That is why I would like National NO HOMEWORK YEAR.

  36. j

    I would have a xbox day where everday in january kids got to stay go and play xbox live for free.

  37. Sarah

    I would invent a holiday called :Friendship day… where you have to call/email or talk to your friends in person and tell them how much they mean to u and stuff hehe

  38. Kayla

    Ok My Own Holiday Would Be Teacher P.E Day Every Year So The Teachers Get To See How Painful And Sweating P.E Really Is And They Will Fell Sorry For Us And Give Us No Home work Yay!!! Lol

  39. drea

    this is okey to me i think just dont this be facted becuse this is not passing to 3rd grade just to say just be you and

  40. purplevolleyball61

    I would make Peace Day. Where all the criminals, thieves, robbers and bad people would instead of trying to hurt the world and help it. This is impossible because we do live on Earth, RIGHT?


    I would have a ( My Name ) Day , and on that holiday you need to thank me for something good I have done for you

  42. cherylann

    i would make horse day for horses. horses are awesome and they helped people since the beginning. some people dont apreciate how horses help us. p.s every animal day and goosebumps day would be good too

  43. writergrapes3

    I would make a day called Writing Day. What you would do on Writing Day is write a play, skit, small story, poem, etc. The purpose of Writing Day is to cherish the mind that we have by writing something that you put your ALL into. Not something that you slop down on a piece of paper that has a lot of errors on it.

  44. Priscila

    I would invent Be Yourself Day. You could dress with things that make you stand up and express who you really are.

  45. whiskersrabbit2

    I would invent shape shifter day where you could become your favorite animal anytime or place during that day. You can change back to a human whenever you want. I wouldchang in to a white bengal tiger

  46. midsummerfantastic2

    I would invent the movie day. Movie day would be where you would go to the movie theatre and see the coolest and latest movie. You would be a day where you you’d take a blanket and some money to buy stuff like candy and popcorn. Your class would take a vote on what movie you would see. DON’T forget the coupons!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  47. Stacey

    I would invent a holiday called…
    Baseball cap day
    where everyone would wear baseball caps and play sports all day Lol ;)

  48. chattyangel42

    Writing Day on March 20th! Everyone would have to write something that day, a story, poem, or, an essay!

  49. Magentadolphin21

    National Beatles Day! Everyone wears their Beatles t-shirts, and listens to Beatles music! It could be on October 10, or some other Beatles-significant day. By the way, October 10 is John Lennon’s (one of the Beatles), birthday. (I’m allowed to post that, right? I know birthdays are considered personal information, but you can find that on the Internet fairly easily. Besides, it’s his personal information, not mine.)

  50. doggreen418

    i would create brother and sister day because it celabrates brothers and sisters

  51. catspinx10

    well i would make a holiday where in each town there will be a book festival where you can get up to 5 books for free each person and when you’ve picked you can go to the next festival straight and get all sorts of stuff for freee also you can get a ticket to go on board half price!

  52. bluewitch30

    I know this is kind of ridiculous since I’m not even 13 but I would like No Government week! that would be utterly incredible. I’d also like Warp Back Week. Every week it’s a different time period from the pass and everyone has to dress, eat, act, and talk like you were from that period.

  53. Iyla

    I think that this is a great day, not only for us but for our students. I would make national sweatpants day, where everyone would eb allowed to wear sweats to work. I think that by giving this sort of prompt to our students it will show us what they would like and also would be able to show their reasoning for it. If we made this a question of the day for our students it would allow them to show their opinion and then maybe we can have each child celebrate their “national” holiday on a certain day in the classroom.

  54. dragonphoenix59

    I would love to have a Junk Food Day, where (obviously) everyone would have to eat only junk food!! (Even though, I’d probably be totally sick later! :S )

  55. Megan

    i would make a holiday that on that day the guy i have a crush on would have to take me out on a date!

  56. ~Fairyemerald31~

    Hmmm……..I would do Student Day. You would celebrate by having a day off from school OR spend the day at school but you can do whatever you want

  57. j

    If I made a holiday it would be no school and money
    holiday. Of course there would be no school and we got 300 million dollars. I would be rich and is celebrated every 1st friday of every month.I would be rich!

  58. EpicInk2

    I’d invent Pyjama Day. It’d be in September. You’d get a day off school, and wear PJs all day! xD
    It would be tradition to buy a movie you haven’t seen before, snuggle down on the sofa and watch it at 8 o clock.

  59. runningdrama1

    i think that this is a great idea but lets invent a holiday that can be celebrated at school

  60. flippersdecoding6

    my holiday writing promt would be to make it reading day and have everyone read for as long as they can.

  61. Megan

    The Holiday I would create would be , the National No Homework Month . The teachers from school would be told not to give the students homework for a month. I can only dream that something like that would happen……

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