October 29, 2012

Writing Prompt: Jump Into a Story

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Writing_prompt_bookWriting Prompt: Jump Into a Story

Today’s Write On Writing Prompt is a good one for all you guys who have always wanted to jump into your favorite book and affect the story. It comes to us from Ley56 who asks:

If you had a chance to go into your favorite story as yourself, what would you do? 

I love it! I would go into The Diversion (Book #49 in the Animorphs series). I would kindly explain to Ax that saying out loud to the cash register guy that you’re a juvenile delinquent is not the smartest idea.  I wonder if Ax would take my advice . . .

Let us know what story you would jump into and what you would do. Big moment or small moment – it’s totally fun to imagine. Drop it down in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Lindsay O.

    I would also want to pet the Professor’s pet rainbow rabbit Sneezewort, ask him why he named his pet Sneezewort, hug Sneezewort, pat Sneezewort, ask the Professor when he won his Nobel Peace Award, ask him when he won it, ask him why Sneezewort is rainbow, curtsy to The Whangdoodle (he is a king), ask him how he changes color, ask him how he grows slippers, ask The Whangdoodle’s chef how to make The Whangdoodle’s favorite candy, ask him what is in The Whangdoodle’s favorite candy, ask him if I can eat it if I know I can have it, tell The Whangdoodle that Roald Dahl thought you were a terrible creature who ate 10 Oompa Loompas (a short orange man in the book and the 1970′s movie, a short man wearing all black and sunglasses in the 2005 remake) for breakfast, ask The Whangdoodle if he wants a hug, tell The Whangdoodle that I think his castle is beautiful and attend the coronation and christening of The Whangdoodle’s wife.

  2. BTS

    I probably would go into the grisha series (age 12 and up) as a really good fighter that no one knows but fears.

  3. Lindsay O.

    They said favorite book, not favorite books (or maybe it was too hard to choose………)

  4. Lindsay O.

    New Hatchet or Old Hatchet? Old Hatchet said that it was for ages 11-14 but New Hatchet said that it was for ages 10-14. There are two Hatchet books but they share the same story. Hatchet is not a series. You can reply a reply but not a reply reply.

  5. Lindsay O.

    If I could jump into my favorite book (The Last of The Really Great Whangdoodles) I would ask the Professor if I could help him with his big experiment (the experiment near the end of the book where he is trying to give the Whangdoodle a wife.)

  6. DragonDreamer19

    I would jump into Wings of Fire by Tui T.Sutherland and become a sixth dragonet of the great dragonet prophecy! I would be the long lost Skywing named, Feather(don’t laugh at the name… I like it.)

  7. greenelf73

    I would jump into Claudia and the phantom phone calls by Ann M.Martin because I love mysterys and its from my favorite book series baby sitters club.

  8. Ley56

    Yeah I don’t think Ax would listen. He gets sort of jerky at the end. I would go into Animorphs 33 The Illusion. So I could tell Taylor off. Or in Animorphs 20, 21, or 22 and do the same to David.

  9. ghostblue21

    If I could jump into a book, I would have to pick The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan and stop Percy and Annabeth from falling into Tartaraus in the end. :)

  10. beastlymerman6

    It all sounds good but I HATE math it is my worst subject in school all but one of my math papers are bad! I just hate math.

  11. witchunicorn5

    I wud go to the mortal instruments by Cassandra clare n convince Jaca n clary to be togather…den i wud go n tell them where the mortal cup is. then i wud go to the infernal devices n tell them that Nate is evil n that he isnt Tessa’s brother n to throw Jessamine cuz she is total traitor.

  12. werewolfcat5

    If I had a chance to jump into my favorite story,it would be The Hunger Games.I would help Katniss win,without pain.

  13. sarah

    I would dive into all the Pecy Jackson books, espically book 2 and 3. the books are by Rick Riordan. I L-O-V-E the books and movies!!!!!!! they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. VexedAthena5

    I would go into The Heroes of Olmypus: The Mark of Athena and I would go to the last chapter and cut the string of spider web from Annabeth’s leg so that she and Percy don’t fall to Tartarus.

  15. i don't know

    if i could jump into Hatchet, By Gary Paulsen, i would choose the part where brian catches hhis first fish

  16. taco b

    Anyone who has read Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet 1999 revised cover adition. Does anyone know on page 152 why there is a hammer at the bottom of the page and if they do could you please tell me

  17. taco b

    Hatchet: Gary Paulsen. If I were to jump in a part of the book I would jump into the part when he retrieves the survival kit, because after that he dosnt have to fight for his life and shortly after that he gets saved.

  18. Chatterbox

    Hatchet Gary paulsen
    If i were to jump nto the book i would of jumped in when he dived in the water for the last time to retreving the survivle kit then being so happy and proud of yourself to have done something so great to help is chance of survivle

  19. cobz247

    If I was in Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen, I would be the fish in the box thats going to get eaten BECAUSE I LIKE FISH…And also it gets eaten by the main character, Brian Robeson.

  20. Bones725

    If I was Brian Robeson in the book Hatchet by gary paulsen, I would have grabbed the survival pack as I swim out of the crashing plane and would have tryed to save the the dead pilot and ressucitate him.

  21. i don't know

    If i could jump into Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen, i would jump into the part where Brian finds the survival pack because Brian is so rapped up in his glory that everything is so important and the survival pack is a huge part of that.

  22. Mrs C

    I would dive into Hatchet, It would be cool to encounter a bear in the wild, but I would only want to be there after Brain has recovered the survival pack!

  23. galaxymoon10

    I would go into Harry Potter and convince Luna and Neville that they are meant to be together!

  24. Dancecat153


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