April 19, 2010

Writing Prompt! If the Walls Could Talk

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I’ve been thinking a lot about space lately. Not outer space (though, truth be told, I do think about outer space a lot. . . like how much I love the stars, and what it would be like to live on the moon!), but space in general: the four walls around me at any given time, and how different rooms can inspire different feelings, depending on their color or alignment or what’s nailed to them, or how many windows there are.

For today’s writing prompt, think about the space you’re sitting in right now. What’s hanging on the walls? How are the chairs, desks or couches set up? Are you near a window? Is there sunlight streaming in, or are raindrops knocking on the windowpane?

Now here’s the twist, Splotters! Write a paragraph from the perspective of something in the space around you, addressed to YOU. If you choose the pillow you’re leaning against, for example, write about how the pillow must feel when someone (ie, you!) is all squished up on it. Is it honored that you chose to use it? Is it grateful that it’s offering you some comfort? Or is it secretly laughing at you because your breath smells?

I’m sitting in my office at Scholastic right now, and I’m choosing to write from the perspective of the carpet under my boots. I spill so much on this carpet, I’m sure I can imagine some pretty choice words it would say to me if it could talk. . .

Leave your writing prompt in the Comments!

Morgan, Scholastic Staffer

  1. WinterBallerina

    I am sitting in a chair in a library and I think that a chair would be grateful for someone sitting in them. After all weren’t they made to give comfort? And I would also think the ground would appriciate being walked on because how would we get any where? I think that most inanimate objects are there to help humans and other living creatures that God created.

  2. arw8929

    My shoes are saying, ” Hey! Lady up there!” Why in the world are you steppigall over me! Do i look like some kind of standing thing? Yeah, Yeah, I am shoes and have to let you stand on me, but why all the time!?!? I had a lot more freedom before you came to Target and bought me.”

  3. Kianna

    If the chair im sitting on could speak, and actaully feel things then i would feel sorry for it because of all the people that just cme and sit then leave it’s rude and beyond uncontrolable. If most likely wouldn’t be able to breathe!

  4. artsy9999

    If my walls could talk they would probably ask why they were stuck together.

  5. Caity

    If the hallway wall at home could talk, I bet it wouldn’t. I mean, for an artsy girl like me, my wall is boring. The one in my room is soo much better. But I still don’t know what it would say. Maybe it’d say, “Hey, Caity! Put a little more stuff on me, would ya?” in a sarcatic tone. LOL

  6. 5108vanillacookie

    If my computer could talk, it would say this:
    Aw, man! Let me sleep; I didn’t get to sleep well after being set up for hours! Why are you working me so hard? Ugh! Ugh!

  7. kaela

    well if my bed could talk it would probably say… how come she has so many posters of justin bieber? why is tv always sleeping when im always getting squished with this girl on me every night. these other room accsories like the dresser and bookshelf have it easy, but i guess im honored and annoyed that she uses me most! :)

  8. Alyssa

    Perspective of my panda bear. I’m sitting here on this thing I think it might be a bed? If that is what they call it! That girl keeps on looking at me! Is my fur not fluffed? She is hitting things on the flippy device over there, wait that’s a phone! My bad! Is that a string on my head!? Get it off! Hmmmm why is there a wait that’s a fan was about to say a swirly thing! But it’s a fan! Uh oh i’m getting dizzy! Oh no! Please don’t fall over please don’t! I’m fine…I think I might Faint!

  9. Ms.Nerdster

    If my computer could talk it probably be saying, “Gosh, she doesnt get on much but why, whenever she does it’s for hours? She says she’s just gona do hw and end up finishing in 2 min then on the web. Grrr. But I do got to say it tickles when she pushes my butons.” hehe

  10. 32mintchocchip

    My bed would say, OH MY GOSH! STOP SITTING ON ME WHEN THERE’S A PERFECTLY GOOD CHAIR RIGHT OVER THERE!and then my chair would say something along the lines of,OH NO YOU DON’T!I’M STILL WRITHING IN AGONY FROM THE LAST TIME SHE SAT ON ME!and then the bed would step in again with something like this,WELL SHE CAN’T VERY WELL GO SIT ON A TABLE!!!!my table would reply,WHY NOT?!I NEVER GET TO HAVE ANY FUN!!!SHE JUST THROWS THINGS ON ME ALL DAY LONG!!!!and so on.

  11. pebblesfruity

    this is really good .. its true .. if u believe this that i am saying comment this..hmm the possibilities

  12. .ac.

    If my keyboard could talk..It would have told me to: “Stop speeding up! Don’t you know, you’re causing me too much strain? Arr..Let’s try to trade places and you’ll see how much I’m getting hurt..” Ha ha isn’t it right?

  13. Pink

    The walls are multicolored stripes runnning across the wall. There is books, unfinished stories (by me) and a painting anywhere you can cram them. I can just see them, yelling my name, “Pink! Pink!” They’d say “finish us!” But i ignore them and write down the NEW ideas in my brain

  14. Maddie

    I am sitting on a chair eating Chinese. Whoops! I just spilled egg drop soup all over the chair and my jeans. What does this mean???
    He would probably say:
    Aww come on! You just spilled soup all over my leather! It was just washed and disinfected yesterday! Now my locks need to be cleaned all over again! (he must be such a drama queen)

  15. Charmfairy

    My room (the walls and ESP. the floor) would probably be groaning “Pick up this stuff, you lazy MUDBLOOD! Yeah! I know I use ‘Potter’ terms against you! What’s it to ya! And you better put that gum in the trash!” Or maybe it enjoys the stuff all over because it keeps it warm. Hmm, the possibilities….

  16. imaginarytodd

    my laptop says: “Gosh.. Stop typing! It tickles! Being on this red, fluffy bed ain’t a ride either… I miss those old days when you were in a box, relaxing, hearing the people rush throughout the store. At one point, you got tiredof being in dark and I can still remember the excitment when a light shone in the box… But now, I wish I was back.. Just stop typing! ACHOO! Oh no.. I cought a virus! My screen is turning black! My hradrdive is rnunnig low.. OFF”

  17. AwesomeDragon

    If my bookshelf could talk…
    Today I got wind of the fact that my owner is buying 9 new books!! Are you serious!! I already have books overflowing me!!! I am going crazy!! Why couldn’t I have been made into a table!!??
    That is what my bookshelf would say.

  18. Amanda

    Hey!!! I LOVE this post. It my textbooks could talk, they’d say “STOP OPENING ME ALL THE TIME. YOU WEARING ME OUT!”

  19. brandy

    If my couputer could talk it would say use me i have not been used sine yesterday and i woudl say to bad i going to play out side to see you latter

  20. rickriordanfan

    My walls would tell me that they want me to break out. Do something BIG. Like finally kick off my music career. I’m working at it. Recording and writing songs. It’s a lot of work, but I truely love it! My walls would tell me that I just need to give it 50% more. Be more daring do something else to get me OUT THERE. Maybe I should listen to my walls. They’re making more sense than my parents do sometimes. :) lol.

  21. Emmyluwho

    My couch says: “Okay, I know it was my destiny to be sat on and to feel squished and wrinkled, but could there be a different life for me? Oh, the pull out couch has so much more fun-it get’s to be a bed! So, Emmy, what do ya think? We can make a deal-if you go use all your ability to make me awesome, i’ll let you spill juice on me!!!”

  22. Candysplash

    My pens would say “Would u plz stop using us??? We no u luv writing, but still…..”

  23. Prispan

    I’m sitting on a hard wooden chair at the library in florida i can’t picture what it’s thinking with my bottom squished on it but I can tell you on thing it’s very UNCOMFORTABLE!

  24. stuffedmudkiptoy

    if my keyboard could talk…
    greasy bacon hand push all over my body. You talk about “don’t push me ’cause i’m close to the edge.” but if that applied to me then i would have died a long time ago. My sister lays by my side, she always tries to punch in cheese but i don’t let her. It’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it!

  25. audi

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    If my Clique Books could talk right now they would say Stop being utterly obcessed with me and be a normal kid and watch TV!!! Except thats im-possible as massie would say it these books are ah-mazing.

  27. sarah

    i totally feel you man!that is what happens to me all the time!we are so perfect for each other!we have everything in common!TOTALLY!!!!!!!

  28. Josephine

    If my backpack could speak it would say this, “Oh Jo, when will you learn to buy BIG backpacks when you want to cram A LOT of books in it? I’ve just heard you wishing that you could just swallow your books to memorize them and just get over with it. I’ve already done that and it ain’t no picnic! What to switch places? You would eat ALL of you’re books at once…”

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