June 16, 2014

Writing Prompt: I Am an Expert at . . .

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What’s your expertise?

Maybe you are a computer coding genius. Maybe you paint the best fingernail designs in your school. Maybe you make better cupcakes than Martha Stewart, can play Minecraft in your sleep, write poetry like nobody’s business . . . or have a talent no one would have ever expected. Or maybe you do something pretty ordinary … with a totally extraordinary twist!

For today’s Writing Prompt, we’ve gotta know:What are you an expert at?

Let’s see how many cool, crazy, funny, interesting answers we get. Leave your “expertise” in the Comments below!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. ziya

    I good at baking cupcakes because of my grandma she taught me how to bake. My favourite cupcake I made was a banana split it is delicious. I also like writing that’s why I make A’s in writing. I always write about my life are fiction stuff. I would like to have a cupcake show and book.

  2. Djfox

    i am excellent at making building and creating things because it is my hobby and that is what i am a expert at.

  3. purplevampire241

    I am good at drawing, basketball, writing stories, being creative, rollerblading, and making friends with others in which people might hate. I have a taste for music-especially 80s music, and older movies, I also like to read and write stories of my own.
    I like to make up my own characters and draw them out to give me a visual on how the person/character may look.

  4. Chloe:)

    I am very great at art, writing, and talking. We are writing a scary story in are at school and my friend says its really good. Here’s a couple sentences from it: “I quickly looked down to avoid seeing the horrors that linger outside my eerie hospital room.” I have also drawn a picture of Anna from Frozen and everyone says it look exactly like her! I love to talk too. To prove it, look at all the sentences I have wrote here. Thank you for reading (if you have)!

  5. Natalie

    I’m so great at school work. It’s so fun and my teacher is really awesome!:) ! :) !:) !:) ! :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Maya

    I’m good at:
    - writing stories
    - playing Crossy Road on my iPad
    - skating
    - speed and slap jack, the card games
    - songwriting and singing
    - having fun dancing crazy awesome to music!

    1. fallingrobe1

      I am good at:
      1. caring for pets
      2. singing
      3.making mac and chesee
      4. dancing the dance called The Robot
      5. writing
      6. minecraft
      7. keeping secrets.

  7. jordan

    i am good at minecraft i even broke a record. i am good at reading. i am writing stories. i am good at basketball/ softball/ football etc.

  8. athenabook130

    I’m an expert at reading and almost an expert at writing stories. I’ve written one book and am working on my second. I’ve read over 600 books, most classics. That’s more than most kids have read my age.

  9. vampireblack289

    We are all good at somethings. Sometimes we wish we could do other stuff.we are born being good at some stuff. I personaly wish to be good at……well I don’t really wish to be good at something, I actual wish to be a

  10. R

    I am 10, gifted at piano, math, I, believe it or not, write and publish books, illustrate, speaker, legos, any subject school, got into the top 3 on the school spelling bee, ect.

  11. N

    I’m an AMAZING poet and writer. I don’t write silly rhyming poems. I write hardcore. I have written dozens of vignettes, short stories, poems, essays, and I’m hoping to publish a book.

  12. athenatsunami13

    I can write, read very quickly, play howrse and animal jam in my sleep. I can also draw. I can also give speeches on Captain America… I can do other things… The list goes on!!

  13. jasmine

    my brother has a disability and my mothers boyfriend has spineabifada that’s when your spine is not connected and you to have to get surgery right away. I had a lot of people die in my life. And my mothers boyfriend is a anther. And I gust moved about a month ago so that’s my story.

  14. Minecrafting

    Im super good at minecraft and I enjoy it once I got full iron armor I also once built a giant house with my brother.

  15. lionchasing407

    I am good at playing the piano. I have been playing for about 7 years, and I am 9 1/2,but am also a math whiz. I have mostly gotten answers right, at pre-algebra. In conclusion, that is what I am good at.

  16. Lexi Lulu

    I’m really great at writing and being sarcastic….. Sarcasum apparently doesn’t come in handy when you’re talking to teachers….. But writing does! I’m also good at talking and being super dramatic. It’s my personality!! :D

    1. grace

      thats my exact personality!!!!!We could be twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  17. Terri

    My expertise is breaking up fights and giving people advice on how to end one. From kindergartners to college students, my advice is applicable

  18. Hamza

    I am an expert at playing video games like: Skylanders, Lego Batman 3.
    also some computer games.
    as well as iPad games, and of course I am an expert in science.
    I enjoy making new experiments and discovering new things, I am a fond of dinosaurs, T-rex is my favorite kind.

  19. Caleb

    I’m a expert on Pokemon cards and harry potter did I know that in harry potter and the chamber of secrets wasn’t built by tom Riddle aka lord VOLDEMORT but by Salazar Slytherin in 990 AD to 1992-1993 school year for Harry Potter! And I know 721 Pokemon on the pokedex Minecraft on the otherwise hand is a way to help me with survival of death of the zombies sheeeeeeeeeeeiiiirrrrrrrkkkkk!

  20. bookwormfairy31

    Reading, writing, singing.If you have a solo for a soprano(hi voiced singing female)i can do it but it might take a while.Also I’m writing my own book series.And I’m in an a capella group.

  21. Anna

    I am good at reading. I love being able to go to a place where charecters need the help of imaginary Anna. In my imagination, I can change the story I’m reading so that it has a happier ending.

  22. skatingmusic19

    I am really good at drawing and singing but i know you won’t believe me because i am writing i wish i can tag a video

  23. Taylor

    I am an expert at imagining stuff because I told my friend about my imaginary world and soon it became a huge game and I even got to play with people I have never played with! Even a few boys are deciding to play! All of my friends say that I have the best imagination out of all of them. That makes me feel happy. And whenever I am feeling sad or lonely I just go into my imaginary world and think happy thoughts! THE END!

    1. Megan

      my real name is Dorothy but I liked to be called Megan I love football but I don’t play. and I am a 17 year old girl…

  24. Mackenzie

    I am very good at reading because I love being able to escape the real world and go to Hogwarts or ride some rides at Horrorland. Being able to zoom into another world is what reading is all about and that is why I am good at reading.

    1. Caleb

      You like imaging going to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizzardry? Me too!!!!!!!!!! I’ve read all the books

  25. Tiara

    I am an expert at cooking, if you name I can cook it. My favorite dishes is pancake with sprinkles and Vermount syrup.

  26. werewolfdetecting25

    Hello guys, this is werewolfdetcting25 and for this question, I am an expert at art because it is my favorite thing to do

  27. hamsterdrama36

    I LOVE creative writing. That’s is one thing that I am particularly good at. I am also what people call a fish. I am an amazing swimmer and I particularly specialize a the butterfly stroke.

  28. B

    I am an expert at Minecraft. Me and my friend play it all the time. I’m really interested in learning how to code. I plan to take a mod-camp this summer. I’m good at making up jokes. I’m really creative like making up inventions and making up cool robot suits. I’d really like to learn how to skateboard.

  29. Lynne

    I’m good-ish at singing. I love to sing Ariana Grande, Paramore, and Lana Del Ray songs. And Dan and Phil’s Lizards duet! Reasons why I’m a FAAAAAIIIIILLLL! (yay!)

    1. Lynne

      And also, I love to do/am sorta good at doing makeup! I love to copy old magazine covers and advertisements! Once I attempted to do a punk-gothic version of Twiggy’s iconic drawn-on eyelashes and it actually turned out good!

  30. catblue5334

    i like to read and do math. and i also like to go to school. it’s super fun to ride my bike and go to the park.

  31. blueeagle2027

    i love running!!! it makes me feel free and it makes me feel good. it also makes me feel like i’m just sleeping, eating, and watching T.V. all day.

    1. blueeagle2027

      sorry on the febuary 19, 2015 at 7:38 pm i ment to say it also makes me feel like i’m NOT just sleeping , eating, and watching tv all day

  32. Candace

    Okay so I can sing like a canary. I have won several talent shows in my school life, and I was once invited to sing the National Anthem at a my friends’ show in Carnige Hall. I am also a superb dancer. I have danced with Bella Thorne before a huge concert. Not to mention I can cook pasta like nobody’s business….

  33. Qutie

    i am good at learning sports like basket ball and other things and when I run it makes me feel free and sometimes I get shy and don’t talk that much in class.

  34. Mikey

    I am really good at Math,sports,writing,computers,video games,fixing stuff, gadgets,reading and writing,test,reading,building stuff, and creativity.

  35. Marlee

    I am really good at Minecraft. I can build so many things that only and engineer could do. You can build, fight monsters, and survive of of food. In minecraft you can do anything that you put your mind to. You can do anything! The sky is limit. But literally you can’t build high up to the clouds but you can build mansions. It is so much fun! Minecraft is such a popular game. Most people are like um Minecarft is only for boys, well my sister and I play Minecraft and we are amazing at it. You can build castles, houses, and gardens. There is sometimes a random chance that you will spawn in a NPC (Non-player Charecter) village. I hope you join the quest just lik me and see what you have been missing out on!

  36. Matt

    My thing is reading.My friends call me a speed reader.I also looooooooooooooooooooove history. My best is WW2. I also like biking too

  37. Noah,

    I”m good at baseball,writing,animation,making characters,cartooning,basketball,math,writing,historian,science,
    and when I’m older I either want to be a animator like my animating idol Walt Disney,a baseball player like my baseball idol Derek Jeter,or a president like my favorite president Gerald R. Ford.

  38. Anonymous

    I’m doing algebra and number theory in fifth grade, I am writing poetry, I have been doing gymnastics for 7 years, I love art, and I write and sing songs for fun.

  39. sunshineprettygirl

    My talent is extraordinary, awesome, wonderful, and beautiful, it is singing. My class and school was amazed at my singing talents.

  40. Studyingwings18

    I’m really like Hermione, and also I can make a new bedroom out of stuff you already have!!!!!

  41. Kat

    I am a breaststroke master and have beat kids twice my age in races. I’m doing Algebra in 7th grade, and have a reading level of a highschooler.

  42. kittensaga14

    Like me! And sorry i haven’t been blogging I have so on my mind, also I have a guest with me so it’s complicated. . Also my sister is spreading family things. talk to u guys tomorrow.

  43. Anonymous

    I am good at skiing at alyaska and good with dogs. I am a good minecrafter I am trying to
    build a toy story adventure map on Xbox if eny one wants to help.


    I am so wonderful at making stories that my friends ask me after reading one of my stories, “How do you do that?”

  45. Unicornbrainy4

    I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at these things, but I’m good at singing, writing, and reading.

  46. Anonymous

    I am good at online gaming and also i am very good at reading. I can read way higher then I should be able to.

  47. skyblue253

    Well, I guess you could say my ‘expertise’ is art. I draw / paint / sketch constantly, and people around me say I’m pretty good, although I look at my own work with a perfectionist’s eye. Another thing I love is writing. I’ve written several short stories and am working on a novel. :)

  48. reagan

    I am an expert at helping my friends when they get hurt

    how I am telling the truth: okay my friend broke her toe pinky toe and so shes not aloud to go on the trampolie, slide, obstacle course,race at double down so I didn’t want to go either because it would be unfair because its also not her fault

    1. Lynne

      It’s not dumb! That’s actually super cool! I ♥ baking too! Just don’t try microwave fondue or pudding… It ends up a burnt mess if you don’t stir it every, like, 3 seconds…

  49. guitarrolling9

    I’m really good at math and reading. I’m four years above my math grade level and I’ve read an 800 page book in like nine hours. I’ve also memorized all of the Harry Potter spells mentioned in the series.

  50. applecupid12

    I am a expert in playing the violin.I love the violin.I am also a expert in making smoothies.I made a strawberry milkshakes last week.I love both things!

    1. Lynne

      I want to be the CEO of a major multimedia company. I get to work in the business and creative aspect of everything I love: music, books, film, and music again! Plus, if I actually did it, and had enough money, I’d want to donate a whole bunch of money- someone who eats full cakes for breakfast’s weight in gold!

    2. Megan

      I want to be a nurse. this is my last year in school so I can go to nursing school I a year and a half…. yay me I am so scared . I don’t know that much about college…..

  51. lionfairy155

    I’m an expert at doing art and understanding animals. One of my nicknames is The Turkey Whisperer!

    1. AYESHA

      and another thing computer, so like i am really good in the laptop, computer, iphone and electronics.

  52. kelsee

    im an expert at singing and sort of an expert at dancing but im also really creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Ziad

    Im a Expert at tackel football and im the quarterback at my football games im a really good freind and im a sports kid

  54. Chickenangel26

    I am good at studying. Sometimes I study for hours trying to understand what learned in the day. I am also good at reading. Reading is one of my favorite things to do after I have studied and finished my home work. I also entered the Sumer Reading Challenge and good luck to the people have also entered.

    1. guitarrolling9

      Well, I’m really good at math and reading. My math level is like four years ahead of my grade level and I read an 800 page book in three days. But I think I read it like three hours each day so I guess it was nine hours. I’ve also memorized all of the Harry Potter spells mentioned in the series.

  55. plainswhite13

    I can draw so well its hard to not smile at my masterpieces. I can also write randomness that turns into an amazing and hilarious poem or story ( with, of course, many puns ( : ) .

  56. chasingcobra485

    Well, I’m pretty good at tennis, school, reading (of course), writing, and tons of other stuff.

    1. Megan

      I am good at playing guitar and I dance. I love singing but I don’t think I am good at it but other people say I am a great singer.

  57. bulldogangel92

    i am a master at being happy I can annoy people though.Ican make people happy.Sorda like a clown.I talk a lot too.So I am also a master of talking.Well those are my talents.Hope you post this.Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (: (: (:

  58. Kirra

    I am a expert at writing.I am at the top grade at writing.I love it it is so fun that im smiling right now

    1. Anonymous

      im an expert at writing too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I love to make up stories and write fantasy, everyone says im creative.

  59. Teagan

    I am good at writing books, drawing, working at the computer, talking, designing, doing projects, and creating games for recess! :)

    1. tifftiff3217

      I’m a expert most on anything that have to do with art.
      Example:designing,drawing manga,sketching,painting.
      And fishing and swimming!!

  60. Peter

    My expertise is baseball. I like to see the people get struck out. Just kidding, I just like to watch the intense game and sometimes funny moments.

  61. amazingpurple66

    I am a expert at matching pitches in my chorus class. My chorus teacher is one of the best chorus teachers on the face of the planet. She thinks that I am the most best students in the whole chorus. I sang a solo for the solo contest which involved a lot of matching pitches in order the learn that song.(the song was “The water is wide”). I got a superior which is a high tittle. It is a hard thing to do but I did it.

  62. creekclimbing11

    Im actually an expert at dog grooming!!! It’s weird right? I started grooming when i was 7, after my mom attempted and failed at cutting my golden doodle, Toffy. Even with this umm… talent i want to be an author, veterinarian, and maybe an army general, don’t ask.

    1. plainswhite13

      my friends call me a wizard because i can untie knots so quick. now i know someone who shares the talent with me!

  63. Anastasia

    I am an expert at mekeup. Every time my family goes out I always put on some. Then people always look at me in a good way.

  64. midsummerbook13

    I am an expert at reading, because I log most of my books into a log I have.
    I am an expert at writing because I write stories or poetry almost every day.
    I am an expert at being organized because I like to think of ways to organize them, like color-coded, or different letters.
    I am an expert at swimming because I am very tall and have very long legs.

  65. AquaCat586

    I’m really great at HTML and CSS, and I’m good at Minecraft as well. I have a college reading level and I am in math 3 years ahead. I’m also a talented flute player and I write songs as well.

  66. kiwimelon16

    I’m reall great at art, drawing. Some people in my grade say I’m the best. But I also love love reading and writing, i hope one day ill be a author myself!