February 20, 2012

Writing Prompt: Hunger Games Movie Casting

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Writing Prompt: Hunger Games Movie Casting

Attention Hunger Games fans! You’re gonna like this week’s Writing Prompt. It comes to us from ChattyAqua25 who wonders about The Hunger Games (rated PG-13) movie casting, which is of course, the movie based on the blockbuster first book of the Scholastic trilogy The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (for ages 12 and up).

ChattyAqua25 asks:What are your thoughts about The Hunger Games movie??? Will Jennifer Lawrence play a good role as Katniss??? Will Josh Hutcherson play a good role as Peeta???

If you want to get a quick refresh of the movie preview, check out the official Hunger Games trailer. And drop a Comment below to let ChattyAqua25 know your thoughts on The Hunger Games movie and casting. May the odds be ever in your favor.

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. BlueKitten215

    The movie is now on DVD.. However they did a More than AMAZING job on their roles!! Peeta was just who I imagened him to be. Then Katniss is that beautiful girl who isn’t very girly.
    GOOD JOB GUYS!! <3

  2. Jennifer

    I think it’ll be great, but it probably won’t have everything in the book like every movie that’s from a book.

  3. poseidonboggart2

    All of the actresses and actors did a great job. I think they deserve a round of applause. They were meant for the part they played.

  4. blackpanda93

    ok jennifer Lawererence is awesome so is josh hutcherson I SAW THE MOVIE SOOOOO AWESOME

  5. pinkbasilisk6

    Hunger Games is totally awesome! I’m number one fan!! The movie was great and all the actors did perfectly!

  6. PianoGirl6

    Hey people! Actually saw the movie a couple weeks ago… if I had to rank this on a scale from 1 to 10, it would one HUNDRED!!! Can’t wait for Catching Fire next year!!!

  7. pamela68

    The movie really made the book come to life for me. It was so awesome to be surrounded by an audience that chose to watch a movie with a powerful message.

  8. Kristen

    Just saw the movie, and while I think it was good, I really think the castings of Peeta and Gale missed the mark. Peeta more so than Gale. Josh Hutcherson has no chemistry. He does not make me want to root for him. They are not believable as a couple, and the whole point of their star-crossed lovers tale is that they are meant for each other. Nothing made me feel that. In fact, the whole film did not make me feel any of the excitement I felt while reading the books. Good, but could have been way better.

  9. coffeedolphin5

    I cannot wait until the movie! I haven’t really seen her acting work… But Josh would make a great Peeta but I was thinking more of the guy Spencer on Good Luck Charlie…

  10. christin

    you are totaly right about josh huterson,bailey.i hypoventlate ever time i say or others say his name i am not kidding

  11. Gabby

    i read the books and thought they were full of awsomeness so the movie will probably be the same. i’m looking forward to rue and katniss!!!!

  12. greendolphin203

    I cant wait to see the movie with my bff we love the books now the moive and we think the charicters and peta is AWESOME

  13. pinkipod149

    I do think that the movie will be very good, just because how good the books are. As for the roles i like the katniss girl, but the guy who plays peeta does and doesn’t fit the part. i would have thought of him to be taller and a tad cuter!

  14. tahsin

    i haven’t started the hunger gemes yet. but i hope it is an awwwwwwwsome book can’t wait for the movie.

  15. Hungerfan

    The casting is dreadful. Katniss should have been portrayed by an olive skinned teenaged brunette, instead we got a blond blue eyed woman. The actors chosen for Peeta and Gale should be reversed, and Woody Harelson is not the right choice either.

  16. Carly

    I think Jen will be great but at first when someone told me she was going to be Katniss I was like WHAT because I pictured Katniss as skinny as a rail and not nearly as fancy as jennifer usually is. but then when I saw the trailer for the movie I reaized that she looked just like my mental image of Katniss! And I think Josh looks just like Peeta.

  17. B Gingersnaps

    I should have gotten the role of Peeta. This is the worst day ever. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  18. gteam3

    i totally agree with minty beef…. u are exactly correct girl….or guy??? i cant wait to see the hunger games when it comes out MARCH 23 SO SEE IT!!!!!

  19. 99halle

    I only hope the movie is good. I just finished the book this morning and it is amazing! I found it kind of sad that she kind of lost control of her life.
    I just don’t want it to be bad like how Breaking Dawn Part 1 was and get bad reviews.
    I hope they stick to the book and not over fill it, along with the normal make a second and third movie of it.
    It’s so good, they don’t need to add anything or take it away, leave it perfect.
    I’m just sad Ididn’t find the books before!
    But I wish they’d find a way to make her less confusion. I didn’t understand how she can be fearless then fearful a second later. :(
    that’s my reply!

  20. P

    OMG Yes!!!! TOTALLY AWESOME CASTING! Especially because Josh Hutcherson is in it! I don’t know about Liam Hemsworth… yeah.

  21. ashton

    I honestly thought that the hunger games were great. I had to read the first one in 9th lit. but after that i was hooked. i still havent read any of the other ones but i really want to. I think Josh hutcherson would be great at playing Peeta. The reason why is because he is around the age that peeta and katniss were. Jennifer on the other hand is not. how are you going to get a older person to play a younger person. Honestly i think that they should have gotten someone else to play katniss. Someone younger, I just think it is easier for someone who is younger to play an older person than an older person to play someone younger. But that is just my personal opinion.

  22. paige

    im in the middke of reading this and i hear the movi is really good so far i cant wait till the movie comes out yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Onyxfairy5

    eeeek! counting the day!
    ok, so for this movie i really like the casting pics! i was worried they would get haymitch or cina wrong and the worst would be if they got katniss all wrong! but i actually like the people and hope they just get everything right!

  24. Gracie

    I think that the movie will be the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!
    i think they will BOTH be wonderful. as Katniss and Peeta:)

  25. makenna

    me and my mom both read the books and live them after twilight this is problem gonna be the best movie ever i told my mom that we were going to see the movie and theres no if,ands,or,buts about it

  26. Dolphins2

    Omigoodness!!! I can’t wait for the Hunger Games movie to come out! I am so excited! I think that Josh Hutcherson is perfect for the role as Peeta Mellark and I think that Jennifer Lawrence is an OK pick for Katniss. But I think that Katniss’s character is so. . . precise and odd enough to be very hard to act out, even if you are an amazing superstar! But i do beleive that the movie will be great. In fact, most everybody i know has either
    A) Read the book
    B) Is currently reading the book.
    So yeah, I really can’t wait and I hope the movie turns out to be really, really good, I know the book was! :)

  27. heartemerald7

    you guys know what a firt i thought the books looked boring but when i started to read i couldn’t stop

  28. leandra

    i agree i think that the hunger games movie will be one that is to never be forgoten i mean i most have read that book at least 20 times since it came out and me and me big sis are counting down the days until is comes out in theatres. i think that jen is a great actress and that after she plays this role as kattniss she will be legondary and same goes with josh as peeta and gale. although effie sort of scares me. but i love her acsent and i would never consider wearing those clothing in a life time. i consider myself most like rue because i am fast small and am great in the wild and i love climning trees. I almost forgott happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your faver


    I didn’t expect the movie to look like this but it still looks interesting!I just hope the movie is only rated PG because i Know my parents eont let me watch if it was rated R or even PG-13! I really wanna watch the movie because i was so obssesed with that book i kept talking about peeta and Katniss and i read like 50 pages a day! but then i stopped reading so i wouldn’t spoil the surprise for myself when my order from scholastic comes!! it includes the 1st,2nd,and 3rd book with the mocking jay pin! next i’m gonna get the tribute guide! i’m like one of the biggest fans!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Rachel

    Omg I love Joshua Ryan Hutcherson he is so beautiful. I have a lot of things Peets Mellark. I think he will play an awesome role in thr Hunger Games.

  31. harrypotterfan111

    I think that the movie will be legit. i think that Jennifer Lawrence will do an amazing job as Katniss but i thought that the role would go to someone else. I think Josh Hutcherson will do well also but I again thought that the role would go to someone else.

  32. Hogwarts4ever

    I can’t wait! I think the movie is going to be awesome! I think all the acters are going to be great as their roles! I’m totally obsessed with the book and I hope the movie is just as good!

  33. aquaathena148

    I cannot wait for it to come out. I totally loved the book. I’m actually reading Mockingjay right now. I hope no one , you know, dies in it… Yay!

  34. kiarra

    nice i like what you said in the story josh hutcherson$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. WolfJourney11

    I LOOOOVE Hunger Games!!!!! I’m saving all my money to go see the movie! Does anyone know if it’s gonna be in 3D? Anyways, I can’t wait for the movie, and I think Jennifer Lawrence would make a good Katniss! And I’m sooooooooo glad they made Josh Hutcherson Peeta! He’s my favorite actor! I also have a HUGE crush on him! I think he’s gonna be really good! He’s in Journey 1 and 2 and he’s really good in those! IDK much about Jennifer though. Anyways, I can’t wait!

  36. greentiger27

    i love the HUNGER GAMES series and cannot wait to see the movie! it stinks because im under 13 and my mom has to make sure it is alright:( I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I think the hunger games are really good since I read the preview stuff. I might even try reading them since I thought they were cool and if their going to be a movie that will be even better!!!! :-)

  38. bailey

    i love the hunger games series. i literally read them twice..(mom was mad)and i dont usually say celebrities i like just the guys in my school, but to b honest i love josh hutcherson!!!!!!!!!! he is so CUTE!!! im so glad hes peeta!! whu agrees?

  39. bailey

    i love the hunger games series and i cant wait till i see the movie… and i used 2 think this a secret but i totally love josh hutcherson. he is so CUTE!!!!i hope im not the only one whu thinks so!!!!!!!!!!i<3 josh hutcherson!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Annie<3

    I think Jen will b a great katniss but she doesn’t really go with who I pictured the role to go to but I’m sure she will be amazing. Same goes for Josh as Peeta.

  41. Calleigh

    my teacher said I am too young to read it (it was only in the high school library):(
    but I still read it but its confusing because in the movie Katniss is british kinda but peeta isnt

  42. Laurworld2

    I think that Jennifer Lawrance is a great actress and she is perfect for the role of Katniss Everdeen. She has so much compassion and is alot like Katniss. Sam Hutcherson is a great actor for the role. He can be shy like Peeta Melark and then really give it his all with a little thing he likes to call the element of surprise. I think that this will be a great movie.

  43. jibbit21

    the movie will be AMAZING!!! just like the first comment said, the books were totally amazing. i hope to see the movie on the day it comes out!! :D :P

  44. Potato Power

    Well I think that is the BOOK is good and there is a good directer then the movie will be good, like in Harry Potter for instance, book good, movie AWESOME!

  45. GNOletsgo1

    I think they’re okay casting. Also, I read THG when I was 10…depends on the maturity of the person.

  46. anneliese

    i also want to wacth the movie really bad i even waited an hour online waiting for a contest add to see the premire to come on again but it didnt :(

  47. pinkcobra23

    i love the HG book series and think they are the best books ever written, therefore the movie is going to ROCK! AND J. Law. is going to beperfect as will josh hutcherson

  48. Meghann

    I think they will be phenominal! I cannot imagine a better cast. Im actually surprised they made it Pg-13 due to the violence against children. I heard about all the other actresses wanting to be katniss, but when I saw Jennifer, I knew right away she was the perfect Katniss. Same with Josh Hutcherson. Im totally Team Peeta. I love josh hutcherson.

  49. maura

    I think the casting is pretty good. The only thing is President Snow. He’s not how I imagined him at all. The movie is going to be awesome!

  50. stuffedpickles

    The Humger Games is going to be awesometacular!!!! The only casting role that I don’t like is Haymitch- I always pictured hm sooo differant tham the guy who is playing him!

  51. EpicInk2

    The books were absolutely wicked so the movies should be even better because we don’t have to imagine everything it is there for us!

  52. emily

    I think that the movie will be good. Jennifer Lawrence is EXACTLY how I imagined Katniss. However, the violent-ish part kind of bums me out. I’m not one for violent movies, only violent books. So… I actually don’t know if I reeeaally want to see Rue die and all. Maybe I’ll wait a year to watch the movie or something.

  53. Junoelf1

    I was so darn excited when i heard that they were making a movie for it!!! i remember the day i saw the trailer for the first time. I stayed up in bed for 2 hours just thinking about what i had seen in the trailer! I hadn’t heard of Jennifer Lawrence until last year when i watched the Oscars. I believe she won an Oscar for best leading actress in Winter Bone, and i was really excited to hear she was playing the part. I was a little shocked when i heard that Josh would be playing Peeta. i hadn’t seen him in many recent films and had only seen him in films when he was a younger kid, Like bridge to Teribithia. I was very excited to say in the least. I’m excited for the great movie it will be!!

  54. tempestcat3

    I can’t wait for the Hunger Games movie, though I wish that they’d rated it PG. I think Jennifer Lawrence will do a decent job as Katniss, though she’s not as I imagined her. However, Josh Hutcherson really fits Peeta’s part well. I hope they’ll do movies on the second and third books too!

  55. PianoGirl6

    I have to admit that I was first doubting the Hunger Games movie because usually a book’s best parts are cut out whenever it’s transformed into a movie. HOWEVER, these actors are excellent, so I expect the best out of this motion picture. My hope is that they didn’t omit many of the book’s great parts.

  56. mintybeef

    I think the Hunger Games movie will be AWESOME!!! The books were absolutely legendary, so I expect the movie to be no different. Jennifer Lawrence has had a very successful career, and in my opinion, she would be perfect for Katniss! She even died her hair brown for the part!She’s won at least 5 awards for TV shows and movies, too. Josh Hutcherson is also a very good actor. Did you hear he was recently in Journey 2? He is perfect for the role because of his relevance to Peeta in the books. Tall, blonde hair and strong. ( Except he died his hair blonde for the role!) He’s been in over 20 films, so he has lots of camera experience, just like Jennifer. I think with these actors, the Hunger Games movie will be a success! Go Hunger Games!!!

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