June 30, 2014

Writing Prompt for Book-Obsessed People

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problems-only-readers-understandWriting Prompt: Problems only readers would understand . . .

  • Problem #1: You’re on a long car trip and you just finished your book. There’s 1 more hour until you get there and you have nothing to read!
  • Problem #2: You’ve been waiting forever for the sequel of your favorite book to come out. It finally does . . . on a SCHOOL day!
  • Problem #3: Your mom returned a gripping, thrilling, totally awesome book to the library . . . before you finished the last chapter!

These, fellow Ink Splotters, are problems only a book lover would understand. You know what I mean, right? Well, we want to hear your problems . . . that only a fellow book lover would understand.

Leave your problems caused by book obsession in the Comments below!

Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. mermaidathena542

    1) When your reading in the car and someone tells you ” We’re here!” So you have to stop reading. ( Too many times)
    2) When your reading in the Library and the Librarian says that you have to check something out, and you can’t check it out cause you have too many books out. ( ONCE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, 5 seconds later… Aw man!)
    3) Your cousin who’s in high school recommends you a book…. that your mom won’t let you read.

  2. Robin

    I read so much in High School, sometimes I would read and walk to get a little more out of the story in-between classes. One day, I wasn’t looking where I was going and ran my shin into a planter I failed to step over in time. I hit my leg so hard it bruised instantly and the skin turned black.

  3. blackmoonlight163

    1. Having to wait FOREVER for a new book in a series to come out *cough* Heroes of Olympus (age 10 and up) *cough*
    2. when a book ends in a cliffhanger
    3. when family members buy you a book they THINK you’re gonna like, but you just don’t
    4. or when someone buys you a book out of a series you haven’t read and it’s the third or fourth book in the series, so you can’t even read it

  4. Marlee

    1. I love to read and I read them very quickly, so I always bring more than one book.
    2. I go after school and and hope the book is not sold out.
    3. Ask a friend who was also reading it if I could borrow it to read the last chapter.

  5. twilightslippers2

    Here are my answers

    Problem #1 –
    REREAD IT ! I have this problem , A LOT of the time ( eg at school , during lunch , etc. ) . I just go back and read my favorite chapters .

    Problem #2 – Be patient ! Just prepare yourself as much as you can , and take a deeeep breath …

    Problem #3 – Go back to the library , or find an ebook version online.

    Now for my problems-
    1) You got in trouble for reading when you weren’t supposed to .
    2) You missed the bus , because you got lost in your book ( this one actually happened to me ) .

    3) Your parents get mad at you because you forgot EVERYTHING else and went to read in your room

    I have the same problem . Try finding books that are nonfiction , but are biographies of real people’s adventures .

  6. librarydrama21

    I stay up all night until i finish the book im reading
    The Series of Unfortunate Events

  7. happyrandom18

    1) Your teacher takes your book away because you were reading during class, and you don’t get it back until the end of the day!
    2) You finish your book before the school day’s over, and your teacher gets mad at you for not having a book!
    3) Your mom gets mad at you for reading when you’re supposed to listen to her or do chores!

  8. Katelyn

    The second one has happened to me before, it was so embarrassing and I was at a major cliff-hanger! Ugh!

  9. Katelyn

    You go to the library to check out some more books. When you get to the check-out desk, the librarian tells you that you have TOO MANY books checked out and you can’t even put them on hold!

    (This has happened to me!)

  10. a

    i had 2 days for exams preparation, ad one of my fav series, secrets of droon slecial edition book to read.i decided to spend one whole day to my book.

  11. calmhotel4

    You are at the bookstore or library and there are too many books. You want to buy or check out all of them.

  12. bookworm869

    Book people probs:
    1) Somebody is trying really hard to have a conversation with you and you don’t know it because your are focused completely in your book.
    2) You are reading at school and you don’t hear your teacher give instructions because you are so engrossed in your book.

  13. mistearly12

    same here i love fiction stories and my mom wants me to read non fiction books because she wants me to learn real stuff.

  14. Anastasia ( lionunlocking20)

    I feel you GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:-(

  15. Anastasia ( lionunlocking20)

    I WAS SO CLOSE ON FINISHING A BOOK, BUT SOMEONE RETURNED BEFORE I FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Anna

    You try to take your book and read it while you’re eating dinner or going to the bathroom, but your mom says you can’t! UGGH!!!!!!

  17. creativereader27

    a big problem is my mom wont let me read as much fiction and I love fiction!!!!!
    also I don’t really have anything fun to read so can anyone tell me some great stories???

  18. midsummerbook13

    1. That’s never happened. I am a writer too, so I would’ve brought a notebook or my diary. But if I was really close to the end, I’d bring another book.
    2. I’d ask, no, BEG my Mom to take me to the bookstore after school.
    3. I wouldn’t talk to my mother until she apoligized. But knowing my mother, she’d never do that.

  19. kelsey j

    I was reading this really good book and I as just about to finish the second to last chapter before the book said to be concluded and the author said she wasn’t writing any more books for that series

  20. centaurposeidon110

    Hi! i was on a car ride when all of the sudden the nook i was reading on died. i had brought nothing besides the nook, as i expected it’s battery to survive the 5 hours. there was 2 hours left. i was DEVESTATED!

  21. coffeeship9

    Well to begin with I read this book called Junie B. jones sneaky peaky spying and it was very good. it was about this little girl name Junie B and she had a little sister she was spying on her while she was sleeping and got in trouble by her mom. Next she decided to do the same thing at her grandparents but this time she was spying on them instead of her baby sister and that’s some of the book check it out at the Public Library hope you enjoy it if you decide to read it!

  22. PrincessCaty

    Want to scream ‘AAARGH!’ because you’ve finished a series and have nothing to read.

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